Transcript and Whine, Part 1

Here it is, a transcript with some annotations.

Part 1:

Okay, good, we are good.

So, I wanted to, um, been thinking about doing an update lately and haven’t found the time, I’ve got some time right now, so I wanted to kind of just share some thoughts that I’ve had with everybody.

First off, I have, I just want to make this clear that even though our Facebook page is called Blessed Little Homestead, it’s not a homesteading page, per se. This is a journal of our life. It’s an extension of our blog where I journaled there and turned it into a Facebook page many years ago, five or six.

It’s not a homesteading page because the Nauglers are not homesteading, even using the silly popular definition of the word. They are simply camping on some shitty property and have it looking like third-world refugee camp (and that’s an insult to refugees, who at least try to keep their places neat). This is not something I just pulled out of my ass. I have been there. It’s a mess.

And, um, we share every bit of aspects of our lives, some of which is homesteading, most of it’s not. Most of it’s just the general stuff that happens in our everyday life.

So, um, I just wanted to get that out of the way because I’m tired of people saying, “Oh, this isn’t about homesteading.” No, it’s not. It’s about my life. So, there it is. If you’re interested, hey, welcome. If not, there’s probably three million other Facebook pages you can follow.

So, after, um, that, I wanted to also say that a lot of the people that follow our page do so because in some way they can relate, or they’re interested, or whatever it might be, and that kind of brings an issue up I’ve been thinking of lately and I wanted to, um, just kind of say out loud.

Everything that we do is nit-picked, and whatever. I don’t really worry about that too much. People, you know, don’t like what we made for dinner, or don’t like how we home school, or whatever it might be, but that nit-picking is just people’s opinions and that’s fine.

Please notice this. She says, “. . .we share every bit of aspects of our lives,” with a minimum of 47,000 people and then turns around and says, “Everything that we do is nit-picked.” As Larisa Baraldi (Charles) would say, “Let me ponder that.”

But I know that it happens to me, but I’ve noticed that it’s not just me that that happens to. Um, I was on a group the other day where a woman was complaining about her, her being attacked for some, um, body modifications that she had made, and people were really cruel to her, about that, and I just thought that was completely unfair.

But I know that I’m not the only person who people make fun of what they eat, or pick on what they eat, or you know, the Stove Top stuffing that we made the other night was somehow not organic enough for people. Those things affect our emotions and some people are more susceptible to them, and I just kind of think that social media’s great, and we have this huge network of people I have met online that I just probably would have never met otherwise, um, friends from other countries that I would have never met these people had it not been for this wonderful social media network.

Here. Go read it. This is why she gets criticized over Stove Top Stuffing Mix. She brings it on herself.

However, people lose this connection when there is just typing on a screen it seems, because, I don’t, I mean, there are people out there who will say, “Hey, that’s gross, what you’re eating, you shouldn’t eat those things, you’re starving your kids, you know, you shouldn’t do this or that,
there’s always those people, but it seems to be more prevalent and I think everybody might need to step back just a little bit when you see something on Facebook or wherever that might not fit your personal needs, try not to make the person who’s posted that feel this big [shows small amount with fingers].

You mean like that?

Or perhaps that?

Because it’s, it’s wrong. You just don’t do that. You don’t tear down people. Um, you know, my husband made a point the other day that the blogger, that blogs about me, is this sort of, you know, feminist, who claims to be this big feminist, but she tears me down every chance that she gets, and it’s not just, oh, well, because of this or that, she tears down my choice of hairstyle. She tears down my teeth, which I know, I have bad teeth. It’s genetics, it’s I smoked for years, there’s a lot of things that combine to that, um, but she tears me down.

On January 21, 2017, I attended the Women’s March in Lexington, KY with some friends, including Lisa Luthi. Nicole was outraged about that, for some reason.


She seems to be confused. Women should be treated fairly. I marched for that. Women should not be given a free pass just because they have a vagina. Fakes, phonies and grifters are still fakes, phonies and grifters even if they are women.

Here’s what I’ve had to say about her hair.

Nicole got pissed about this, but I thought it was funny as hell. I never mentioned her name.


But you see, Nicole made fun of the women, especially the women, who marched in the Women’s March. There were millions of us who marched around the world, and she made fun of us, made fun of how we look.  I responded here.

And I don’t understand why we are so hell-bent on tearing people down.

Speak for yourself.

So I just want to say, please, just, if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. I mean, seriously, there’s no reason to make someone feel bad about decisions that they’ve made, especially if they’re proud of them, like my hair or that woman’s body modifications that, you know, not my thing, but she loves it and I’m happy for her for doing it.

Yeah, like this.

Um, the other thing I wanted to get into was sort of what’s going on in our lives with some of the issues that we’ve been dealing with the past couple of years, you know, with our CPS case, which I will do that another day, I’ll go into all that another day, um, the business that’s growing just wonderfully has been doing so well and I’m so happy about that, and um, the fact that we still have these, I call them psycho-stalkers now, because they’ve evolved from just internet trolling to actually being psycho-stalkers and that’s one thing I did want to address today, um, part of the reason [unclear, mumbling] was that I posted about how I had let my business tax ID, I’m not even sure what it’s technically called, my registration for my business, as a. . . [cuts off]

Part 2 coming up when I get it done.  My obsession with this doesn’t extend to spending every waking hour on it.


Left Out

I got a message this morning.  I feel so badly for this anonymous person that I’m going to put the message here.  She asks a lot of questions, but provides no way to answer them.

I really think she meant to make a real comment and just wrote it in the wrong place.

Seriously, if you write me this sort of stuff, address “you people” and not just me,  ask questions, and do it in such a way that I cannot reply, I am going to make it public.

By all means, and in fact using all your means, Nonya, donate to Nicole and Joe.  Have at it.  Make lots of purchases of crappy little bows.  Buy a whole boatload of them.

Nicole and Joe would be very happy.

Me? I think I’ll opt out. Instead, we donated to a real charity where we know the money goes directly to benefit the kids involved.  Nicole spins this by insisting that we are benefiting the Sheriff’s Association (the parent organization for the Ranch) because she doesn’t want people to know what the charity is, or even that it is a charity.  Take a look at it while you’re taking Nicole’s advice and checking out both sides of the story.


A Big Kerfuffle

Well, that caused a bit of a stir, didn’t it?

Here’s some explanation.

First, I didn’t do this.  Lisa did this. It’s Lisa’s business.  She set it up, paid for it, you name it.  I didn’t even help.  Deb did make the logo.

Nicole is, of course, having a shit fit, and whining about how she just doesn’t understand any of this.

Consider a point that Deb made in a comment.

That, for those who don’t get it, is a knock-off of my son’s logo.  My son is dead.  Nicole likes to mock that fact.

Here’s Nathan’s logo so you can see what I mean.

Note: there was a question raised as to who created the logo first. I laughed. I created that logo below in the late fall of 2006. I used a web font called “Big Noodle Titling” which is copyright free.  I also used a piece of clip art (again copyright free) of a hat. I took both into Illustrator (a vector graphics program) and messed with them, a lot.  I pushed the hat to the point that it’s unrecognizable from the original, and roughed up the typefont.  I probably made 25 versions before settling on one.

The idea I had is that the “D” is a wall.  Nathan (the “N”) is sitting with his back to the wall and his knees bent and the hat pulled down over his head.

I showed Nicole’s ridiculous mock of it to Dave without comment.  He knew immediately what she’d done.

Nicole is very aware of this logo.  Al Wilson made us a large metal version of it and she knows this. She reads every word written here.

She does this kind of thing to be hurtful, to mock me, to hurt me.  It doesn’t.  I couldn’t care less.  She’s unoriginal, steals logos, steals names (you don’t think she actually invented “Blessed Little Grooming Company” or “Blessed Little Homestead,” do you?), and unimaginative.

We run a website for our son’s music.  Rest assured, I keep track of the renewal of both the domain name and the hosting service.

But that’s not even the teensy tip of the iceberg.  She costs people money in real life.  Real life damages. Ask Lisa.  Hell, don’t ask her. Go here and see for yourself.

It’s in five parts.  It’s video and a transcript of the bogus IPO claim that Nicole tried to put on Lisa.  You can see Nicole in action in real life.  Consider that the whole episode cost Nicole exactly nothing, but cost Lisa $5000 in lawyer fees.  Imagine how  you’d feel if it were you in Lisa’s seat.

Consider Al.  He’s had a situation ongoing where Nicole has contacted his employer, anyone who will listen to her, trying to have him fired for doing absolutely nothing except flying a helicopter along a prescribed flight path at a prescribed altitude. When she was told by his company that they had records of every move he’s made, that didn’t stop her. She has continued actively to try to have him fired.

And I could go on and on.  Well checks called on Lisa over made-up stuff, with enough facts incorrect that we know for certain Nicole initiated it. More calls to employers. Contacts made to elderly parents.  Taunting any critic who has lost a child. One of my favorites was the time she had a newborn baby gift set sent to a woman who was unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

So, yeah, Nicole is a bitch, and utterly deserves this.

But beyond that, there’s this stuff.

Jenifer is obviously new. She doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Nicole has not been “doing business” under the BLGC name “for years.”

Well, technically, maybe.  Two years.  More than one.

See the organization date?  February 6, 2015.

By law, Nicole was supposed to file an annual report once a year. That’s what “annual” means.  That means that the annual report for 2016 was due in February of 2016.

When did she file it, finally?

July 5, 2016.

Wanna know why it was so late?

It was late because she forgot.  She forgot and one of her critics reminded her about it, so she ran and did it.

This year, she forgot again.  Nobody told her.  Hell, I didn’t even know it.  This is not something I stay glued to by any means.  But along about October, I heard about this neglecting to file the annual report and started paying attention.  I wondered, frankly, if she was letting it go because maybe they were going to move or something.

However, it’s quite clear if you look at the state website what happened.

Nicole quit getting mail at the address listed on her account and when they sent her the notice, it was returned as undeliverable.  They tried to contact her three times. Each time it was returned.

Her annual report was due on June 30, 2017.  Read that again. That was six months ago.

A couple of years ago, I failed to get a notice to renew our vehicle insurance. I don’t know if it got lost in the mail, or if we misplaced it, or what happened, but I never saw it.  And I failed to renew our vehicle insurance.

It was terminated, and we got the message that had happened.

Dave went down to the insurance company, red-faced, and paid it and had it reinstated.

But you know what?  We’d been grandfathered in to a much lower deductible, a policy that they no longer write.  We lost that. We had to pay a reinstatement fee, and we lost our low deductible.

Shit happens.  I know that.  Everyone has done it at one time or another.

But this is Nicole’s livelihood. In addition, she is busy writing blogs telling us all how to manage fucking money, yet she doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with something that is very simple and very cheap ($15). She’s been obligated, since starting her business, to file an annual report twice and she’s forgotten to do both times.

In the comments on the other page, somebody used the dead baby as an excuse.  See why that won’t work?  June 30.  That’s when it was due.  The baby was still born on July 21.

We did not get to explain to our insurance company that we never got the renewal notice.  It’s not up to them to keep track of shit. It’s up to us.

Here’s a grand excuse.

Their property, the shitstead, is the address that Nicole used to register her business. I assume that’s because when she did it, she didn’t have a business address yet.

But this is a dubious claim.

For one thing, the shitstead’s mailbox is not at the shitstead.

See the little row of mailboxes on the road there.  That’s right at the intersection of the road the Nauglers live on and the main paved highway. Everyone’s mailbox is right there.  They don’t deliver to houses along that road.

Remember?  The Nauglers live in the wilderness.

When you live in the wilderness, mail delivery is not as convenient as when you live in town.  (By the way, I didn’t know this about their mail. I had to find out today just to write this.  I suspected it because there are no mailboxes along that road, but it took a call to the local post office to be sure.)

And then she accuses a “local” (wonder who?) of stealing their mail.  That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that particular accusation, and I highly doubt it.

At any rate, they quit getting mail at their house.

This is not fault of the state of Kentucky.  Nicole’s responsibility, as a business owner, is to let the state know if her address changes. On that website, they even tell you how to go about doing so.  She didn’t, so when they tried to send her annual report reminders, well, they couldn’t be delivered.

For months, they couldn’t be delivered.

As a result, Nicole’s registration and LLC went kaput.

You’ll notice, though, that nobody pounced on this the day it happened.  This all happened three months or so ago.  Nobody really noticed, frankly.

The name Nicole registered has been available to anyone who wanted it for quite some time now.

Lisa finally took it.  Why shouldn’t she? Nicole has nothing of value beyond a very used garden shed or two.

It’s not “being resolved.”  Lisa owns the name, legally.  Nicole let it lapse.  It was entirely Nicole’s fault.  They don’t forward mail forever.  And nobody “jumped on it.” It has been lapsed now for a long time.

See how she paints a very different picture of what happened? Nothing is her fault. It’s the mean post office that didn’t forward her mail forever. It’s the bad state that didn’t make sure she got the paperwork and hold her hand while she filled it in.  And it’s “being resolved.”

It will be resolved when Nicole changes her business name, since right now, she’s illegal.  For one thing, she is not an LLC registered with the state of Kentucky and hasn’t been for several months.

But that sort of crap, Nicole’s spin, starts the negative reviews on Lisa’s new page.

Lisa left the reviews up on purpose, to let Nicole’s humpers do what she knew they would do, flock over and leave negative reviews.

There’s more, but  you get the idea.

Remember when she threatened to kill Ranger?

When that happened, a few rescue groups found out that this woman was online threatening to kill her dog if somebody didn’t adopt it, and raced to the rescue.  That’s what they do.

When Nicole was, to put it mildly, less than responsive, they got very angry with her, and some of them went over to the business page and left some hilarious, quite obviously fake reviews.  They were absolutely funny.

Nicole was outraged.

She turned that into “the trolls are trying to destroy my business with fake reviews.”

But here are her humpers leaving fake reviews of a business that hasn’t even begun doing business yet.

One other thing.  I did, in fact, call the Kentucky Department of Revenue and speak with a guy there about sole proprietorships.  I asked him specifically about pet grooming.  He told me that if you operate as a sole proprietorship and you sell nothing tangible, you don’t need a tax number and you don’t have to register, but that if, as a sole proprietor, you sell so much as a bottle of shampoo, it’s a whole different story, and that you would need to establish an LLC at that point.

I was a little surprised, frankly, as I’d thought it would be very different.  Lisa was surprised, too.  It appears the law is different now, and yes, they are pushing people to form LLCs.  I’m not sure why.

Frankly, I am more inclined to believe the guy at the Department of Revenue who actually works there than Sonja Lear on Facebook. Or, you can just read Nicole’s blog and learn all about money management from her.

So, no, there is no lie being told. If you think I was told incorrectly, call and ask yourself.

But I suppose we’ll find out, since Nicole is getting all this “resolved.”

Sigh.  No stealing. The name was abandoned.

So what, Nicole?  The only thing that can help your kids is the state. I can’t do a god-damned thing for them, and you sure aren’t.  Want me to say it again?

The only thing that can help your kids is the state of Kentucky.

Just to finish it off, Larisa Baraldi cannot shut up and has to make another threat.  Noted.





Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC

Here’s the link to this page.

And here’s the story.

This is a new page for a new business.  It is a legitimate, legally registered LLC in the state of Kentucky.  Lisa Luthi has gone into business with some friends.  They believe that they have found a niche market for unique, often hard-to-find beauty products and cosmetics for both people and pets.

From her statement to me:

We will also be carrying unique one of a kind items to help life be just a little bit more fabulous. We will be donating a portion of our profits to organizations who support the teen LGBTQIAPK community because everyone should feel loved and everyone should feel beautiful.

Bare bones for now, the business is expected to launch in March, 2018.

Now then, before you ask, as I know you will ask.

What about the name?

The name of the business, as I mentioned, is legally registered with the state of Kentucky. What this means is that anyone else trying to do business in Kentucky using that name is doing so illegally.

I happen to know first-hand about this because I spoke with a representative from the Kentucky Department of Revenue. If you operate a business in Kentucky, and sell anything at all, any tangible item, you must collect sales tax. To do that, you have to have a tax number and be registered with the Department of Revenue.  If you sell stuff, whether online or out of your storefront, and you don’t collect and submit sales tax, you are breaking the law.

Furthermore, only one business can have a particular name at a time.  Once a business name is registered, nobody else can use it.  The LLC part isn’t what I’m talking about.  It’s the whole name with or without the LLC.

So go give Lisa’s new business page a look and a like.  The logo was designed by Deb Whitehouse.

UPDATE:  Here’s some more.



The Fake Victim

Here is where it began for me.  This was sometime in the summer of 2014. It was the first piece I put up on the now-defunct, but archived here, website called Romancing the Victims.

This was the first of many efforts to debunk the bullshit that Cathy Harris spews out.

From fake rapes to fake stories about speaking to the Pennsylvania legislature, I covered as much stuff as I could find, presenting the facts to the best of my ability.  My sole motive was to expose her as the liar she is, and stop her from accusing innocent people of crimes and intimidating anyone who objected to her crap.

In the process, her ever-dwindling cadre of supporters have called me every name in the book, from suggesting that I’m a serial killer to insisting that my extended family were all criminals or immoral or something.  I ignored most of it and just kept writing and watching and waiting.

On December 14, 2017, Cathy did something a little odd.  She posted the following note:

She also took her Justice for Cathy Facebook page from public to private and back to public again, which is nearly always a sign of scrubbing.

She’s typically sort of bizarre and a big drama queen, so I just took note and waited.

Then there was this:

Admitted to the hospital. My initial thought was, “Oh, golly, another fake suicide attempt.”  Cathy does suicide whenever she gets in trouble.  It’s a pattern, but she hasn’t done the suicide thing in several years. The last time, it was supposedly in part because I had written something that hurt her feelings but somehow I wrote it after she tried to kill herself.

This didn’t feel like that.  That time, she didn’t announce the supposed suicide attempt until well after it was over, and she never claimed any hospitalization.  This one just felt more real.

Of course, I have no way to know what Cathy was admitted to the hospital for or if she even was at all, but considering that she was still active on Twitter after being admitted, I am going to go out on a limb and say that it appears she was not in a psych ward.

So what in the world was going on?  Could she have had a serious relapse of her non-existent Stage IV cancer that was surely going to kill her five years ago?  Something else?

Well, yeah, it appears there was something else.

It appears that Cathy is in a bit of trouble.

Cue music here.  “Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley” comes to mind immediately.

So here’s a question:  what is an “unsworn falsification to authorities”?

When Nicole went to the clerk of court and filled out that bogus IPO application, that was a sworn statement she made in front of the clerk of court.  This was unsworn.  It means that Cathy had not been officially sworn in, but obviously made a claim of some sort with the intent to mislead some “public servant.”

When in doubt, ask an attorney.  In this case, ask a Philadelphia lawyer.

To put this in perspective, it’s not comparable to an “livestock at large” charge, or a “shitting in a bucket” charge.  It’s more like a “menacing” charge. There are repercussions with this, and they can be serious.

It’s basically a charge that Cathy did exactly what I have been saying for three years now that she does with some regularity.  She has been charged with lying.

From this second page of the docket, we learn that the offense occurred on December 13, 2017.  This was one day before she suddenly decided to take a break from social media (except Twitter) and then took her page private and then put it back public, and four days before Karen suddenly announced that Cathy was in the hospital.

A week went by before criminal charges were filed by the district attorney’s office.  The officer is named, and is apparently a state police officer, not a local one.

She got a summons yesterday, and has been ordered to submit for fingerprinting (I wonder if they would like some DNA with that—oh wait, don’t they already have that, and doesn’t she already have an open case of about ten years duration).

Her preliminary hearing is February 1, 2018.  This a public hearing. That means that a transcript will be part of the public record unless the judge finds some reason to close it.

I am looking forward to it.  You all know how much I love transcripts.

Oh, what irony this is.

Well, to paraphrase the old hymn, I know who I have not believed.

I don’t believe Cathy.



Not long after Nathan died, I had a dream.

It wasn’t just an ordinary dream.  It was more vivid than normal. In it, I was sitting someplace talking with Nathan.  He was clueless. He didn’t know he’d died. (That is something I am quite sure is true.  He never knew.) I was explaining, and he said, “You are shitting me.”

It was quintessential Nathan, exactly perfect.  Eleven years later, I can still see his dream-face, and hear his dream-voice.  It’s very easy for me to think of that dream-conversation as a real event.

I had this same dream, or similar ones, off and on for about a year. They became less frequent over time, and the vividness began to fade.

Since then, I’ve noticed that lots of people think that when you have a dream like this, it’s a sign that the dead person is visiting you, that they are coming to you in your dreams to tell you that they are okay or whatever.

Nathan was not visiting me.

Last night, I had a very short, sudden dream.

I distinctly heard a voice call to me sharply and urgently, “Sal—wake up!”  The voice was clear, just as clear as Nate’s was in those immediate post-death dreams. I knew exactly who it was. I woke up immediately and it all felt so real that I got up and went to check on the wood stove and make sure everything was okay. It was so real and so profound that I was awake for about an hour afterwards.

A common phenomenon among people who live together for a long time is that a surviving person will actually see glimpses of their departed spouse or partner sitting in their favorite chair or standing in the hallway or standing at the sink washing dishes.  They literally see this. They aren’t imagining it or making it up.  Or they hear the voice of their loved one, quite audibly, talking in the next room.

Their brains are creating those images and those sounds. Their brain is putting together the thing they expect to see or hear.  Brains are funny things, and memory is weird as hell.  This is just one of those weird things that it does.

So, did some dead person come to me in my dream and speak to me so clearly?

Uh, no.

The voice was Dave’s and he was sound asleep the whole time.




Say Nothing

How many of us were taught by our parents that “if  you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing”?

I bet most of us were.

This is not exactly a universal truism.  It’s okay, and even a duty, for example, to speak up if you don’t like what a politician who represents you is doing.  It’s also okay with regard to very prominent, influential people.  I’m thinking here of Jerry Falwell.  When he died, Chris Hitchens famously said, “If you gave Falwell an enema, he could be buried in a matchbox.”

Hitch had a right to have an opinion about Falwell and to voice it. Falwell lived for controversy, reveled in it, created it, and was especially nasty when it came to atheism.

But, mostly, and especially when it comes to a funeral, it’s a pretty good idea to just shut the fuck up if you can’t say something nice.

Several years ago, a man died.  He was somebody I knew well, and had known for many years. I couldn’t stand him.  I’d never liked him.  He’d never liked me.  I doubt he ever had a good word to say about me.  The last time I spoke with him (on the phone), he hung up on me. I called him back and hung up on him.  Childish, I know, but golly I despised him.

He died.  He died younger than he should have died.

I didn’t care that he died, frankly.  I didn’t even feel badly for his family because I believe they are all much better off without him.

But you know what?  I never said so publicly.  I said so to Dave, and that is it.  Even now, I’m not going to identify him.  It’s just not useful to say something like that.  There were a few people who didn’t like our son, and there was one guy who expressed that in public, in an online forum, in the days immediately after his death.  I read it. I know how it feels to read something like that, and I don’t want to cause anyone to feel that sort of pain, so I refrain.

If I don’t like the person who has died, and if they weren’t particularly prominent, or someone who was influential in my own life and/or the lives of people close to me directly on a large scale, the proper behavior for me is to say nothing at all.

Let’s go back to Jerry Falwell.  Hitchens said what he said in order to minimize the adulation that would occur with Falwell’s legacy.  He wanted to lessen Falwell’s posthumous impact, with good reason. He wasn’t saying something nasty just to be nasty.  He had a purpose in mind, a positive outcome he was reaching for.

What purpose could it have served if I said publicly I didn’t like the person that I knew that died?  What good could have come of that?


And I knew it, so I said. . . nothing.

The president of the Mormon church died.

Nicole is not a member of the Mormon church, by her own words. She left the Mormon church.

She did not know this man personally.  He didn’t affect her life directly, because to my knowledge, he didn’t change the policies or tone of the Mormon church in any way that led to her exodus.

So why does she need to say this?  Why even post it?  The only reason for sharing that link was to give herself a platform to say that she didn’t like him.

She doesn’t tell us why.  We come away with no more information than we had before we started. She just didn’t like him. [This, of course, opens up the way to a question: Does Nicole like anyone?]

Some people are going to judge you and they’ve never even met you.

Maybe Nicole ought to read the shit she posts.