Outright Lie

city council woman

First: baby in hot car story.  I have never once, ever, repeated that rumor here on this blog. Ever. Find it, Nicole. Find the place where I repeated that rumor.  [Comments by other people do not count, unless you want me to start holding you accountable for every comment your idiotic followers make. I’ll be happy to begin doing that.]

Second: saying you have “issues” with your business.  Find it, Nicole. Point it out to me.  Not only have I never said any such thing, I go out of my way and piss off my readers because I will not, absolutely will not, allow them to speculate about your god-damned fucking business.  It’s an off-limits subject here, and you know it.

So how are those two things the “same thing the blogger. . . tried getting the minions to do a few months ago”?

Prove what you’re saying. I dare you.

You insist that I am lying about you. Show me the lies, Nicole.  Point them out.

Nobody is bothering “your family.”  This is not and never has been about your “family.”  It’s about you.  And it’s about Dead-beat Beer-guzzling Joe.

Deal with it. Document if you like.  So am I.


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  1. Although it’s perfectly fine for you to attack other people’s business, then scream victim… I do believe you have a lot of just deserts to eat.. hope you brought your Apatite Nikki


  2. I don’t think she’s talking about you in the first part. I think the only thing she’s accusing you of is setting your little one eyed guys in yellow britches on her.
    You would think she’s would be grateful. They’re adorable. Like kittens.


  3. I would not believe a thing either Naugler has to say as far as I could spit! They lie, continuously.

    Beer guzzling Joe said this on Nicole’s page today. “Get this straight!! CPS has and continues to investigate us and they have stated profusely they support us we are amazing!!”

    Um..can anyone tell me what the hell that is supposed to mean? It just goes to show how delusional they are. How the believe the lies they tell themselves.


  4. I love how Nicole always screams “MY FAMILY! THEY ARE ATTACKING MY FAMILY” when in fact no one is ever talking about her family… well, Joe, yes. Nicole and Joe are abysmal failures at parenting, homesteading, and being neighbors.

    Not your family Nicole, YOU, it’s all YOU and that dip you hitched your broken down cart to.


  5. The woman can’t even keep her own lies straight. She just randomly posts whatever she thinks the leghumpers will believe.


  6. Really i would have LE go make sure that shed is still UP cause Nicky and Fatass done BLEW THEIR TOPS TODAY! Like the ole saying goes. “If you can dish it out you best be ready to take what you dish out. 🙂


  7. Within the hour of that post going up I ticked on the follow feature. This allows me (or anyone else) to get notifications of a new comment and follow along, in real time (or later), of what is said. Anytime anyone made a comment I got a notification all without actually making a comment myself. — that is what I mostly do follow along with little to no comments.

    I never dare say anything critical of Joe or Nicole on their pages. I have witness them delete comments that are critical or comments stay and Charles goes after them: bullying, rude, etc. I know she on BLH page has a dear fan post that states otherwise, but I have seen them delete. That’s the beauty of ticking on the notification and following along in real time.

    I watched comments on the post today in real time disappear and reappear. All because I’m sure blocking and unblocking took place on Nicole or Joe’s part. (I suspect more than one person has actual access to admin the Nicole page).

    I know many here feel that Charles is truly Nicole (or Joe). I have for several weeks, maybe a month now, have felt those assertions and feelings are correct. This is why I mentioned Charles above as part of the reason I will not comment on their page and why I just won’t block that profile. I see it as Nicole/Joe posting and thus feel it’s key to being able to see that profile so I can see the complete picture.

    I saw HUGE irony and chuckled every time Charles pointed out how the language used by the fake pages is nearly identical to the lady running for public office. I so badly wanted to reply to several of Charles comments with “Just like you and Nicole, huh?” — but didn’t because I know that would label me as apart of the “they” Nicole rants about. I don’t even like the BLTATM page or others even though I read them daily, just like BLH, because I know liking them would put me on the “they” list.

    Your other post the other day was spot on Sally. Just because you like or make a comment it doesn’t make you apart of the “they” and doesn’t make you a minion or in cahoots.

    I think you were right to make a post Sally, but I also don’t think you were really the target today. Nikki uses “they” a lot, but I think it’s just an imaginary they. Nicole’s target today was that lady running for public office. Why? Not sure.

    Nikki kept saying the lady running for public office had done this and that and was posting pictures to prove her point. The pictures however were screenshots of the fake business page. All I wanted to do was ask Nicole: Is how do you know it’s the lady running for public office? How do you know it was her behind the page? What prove do you have that it was her? And why is it her …. I was under the impression earlier it was Sally that was responsible for that page. … so when did it shift from being Sally to that other person?

    Of course I never dare ask Nicole directly on her pages. I see first hand what happens to people that are critical or ask legitimate questions. I see how they are treated.

    And seeing I know Sally will post this and I hope she includes the last part: Whatever language you use to speak with is your business. However if I knew nothing about you or the drama around you and stumbled upon your business page I would be immediately, immediately, turned off and never would use your business because of the language you used on your (business) page. Researching and pulling up your other account seeing the language would turn me off too, but especially on your business page. I expect a business page and business account to be professional. Using foul language, even if it is your page, is not professional. It is an immediate turn off for many.

    I do not live close enough to support your business, but I do support small businesses in my area and have chosen not to do business at certain locations or with certain people because of how they conduct themselves online … especially on their business pages. There is a professional way with dealing with bogus, fake reviews and a professional way with how to handle criticism. People expect to see that professionalism on business pages and not see its my page so I will do what the f. I want so f. off or any other vulgarity.


  8. When Nicole says “Leave me alone”, what she is really saying is leave my delusions alone. Lol


  9. Well Joe if CPS was profusely in support you two piss poor parents they how come you and the Mrs are not screaming – CASE CLOSED or have proof as in official letter to prove it.

    Sorry Bud but when CPS is done with you they send official letters. The only thing they might have signed off on is the fencing and the shitshed.

    Nicole just had to go there she could not keep quiet. The lack of negative attention got to her. She craves and thrives on negative attention more than she does chocolate (BTW she let us all know today is National Chocolate day) and babies. Hope she saves up a lot of money for the future to buy chocolate cause God willing her baby days be over.

    Sally she just can not accept the fact that she opened this can of worms with another person all on her own. She attacked that woman first on a fake page. So as usual she needs to find some place to put the blame. This time she is messing with someone who is biting back BIG time.

    GO DUSTY!!!!!!


  10. yo said Joe posted, “Get this straight!! CPS has and continues to investigate us and they have stated profusely they support us we are amazing!!”

    Isn’t that like, an oxymoron? They are amazing but are continuously *investigated* by CPS.

    I am a pretty amazing parent and I *never* got investigated by CPS. Not even once.


  11. I also don’t think you were really the target today.

    I’m the fallback target. She is mad at Dusty because Dusty “liked” a post I made on my own FB page to a piece I did on the other blog. That’s the one that Nicole insists is about “harassing a rape survivor.” It’s not. The Romancing blog is mainly about two women. One of them claims to be a rape survivor. I simply don’t believe her and I present lots of reasons why I don’t. (You know how Nicole does not believe Alex? Like that.)

    The other woman was never sexually assaulted in her life. She is a former professor at Bob Jones University and self-proclaimed “historian” and “whistleblower.” I think she’s a blowhard.

    The first woman has no family. The other woman is married with children. I rarely mention her husband and never discuss her children.

    But, Nicole is greatly offended anyway.


  12. Hopefully Sally will see fit to post this too. I don’t dare say anything directly because I will be accused of causing harm to your family.

    Nicole, when you use amazon affiliate links — like the one for the Story Of US — that is currently up and running on BLH FB page you are supposed to per Amazon terms and other laws label them as affiliate links. Failure to label them as affiliate links can (and often) results in being banned from Amazon affiliate program. It’s important to follow the rules of affiliate programs if you choose to use them as a means to supplement your income.

    That is why on several of the pages that use affiliate links correctly say affiliate link before the link is actually shared on social media like FB, twitter, etc Or a disclaimer is added to the blog post when an affiliate is used in a blog post.


  13. This is what happens when an Internet attention whore gets a cyber STD.

    They can smear all the salve they want to on the blisters and warts.

    Doesn’t help though.

    I think this is funny shit and am not even mildly surprised that the attention whores have added to their “fan club”.


  14. @ yo

    Maybe CPS is still involved with them so CPS can learn all about being great parents andd share that info with the masses! Joe and Nikki are doing a public service.

    I can’t even type that out with a straight face……


  15. In all my years with CPS, neither my colleagues nor I ever once spent 17 months, or even 17 *days*investigating a family because I thought they were awesome.

    CPS wants to close investigations as fast as possible. If they’re still involved, it’s not because they love sitting around the rocket stove eating goat jerky and enjoying the view from the port-a-potty.


  16. N&J are bullies. They bully their readers who disagree with them and probably family members as well. Now this sudden cry of leave us alone and let us be comes at a point in her “very public” life when she realizes that no one is buying her crap…nor are they feeling generous towards her little shit shack scam. None of us have ever bullied her family and from all that I’ve read, we prove her to be the liar that she is and Sally has provided a safe place for discussions of those lies. I laugh at her playing the victim card… Poor Nicole….wants to end all this criticism of her…she needs to learn to stfu…for real.


  17. I’m a little surprised that N hasn’t been sued for libel/harrassment/stalking prior to this. Also, because I am curious, I googled whether attorneys are provided at no charge for civil suits. Nope. How many bows will that take?


  18. She blatantly wants to close this blog. It seems to be all that she talks about or her mouth pieces, the sock accounts Tiffany and Charles, seem to demand for her. Almost all “arguments” these days seem to contain the line “tell your friend to close the blog”, sometimes they add in pages. “Close the blog.”

    Today it was revealing to read the sock, Tiffany, write that “they are trying to force you to…” It would appear the “They” is, and always has been, Nicole, Joe and their minions. They who would try to force the closure of this blog, be it directly or indirectly attempting to build their power to do so through leverage of other people or any means they feel are necessary. I continue to ask myself why it is so important to them.

    I also watch for the same “flip the script” I’ve come to expect from the Naugler camp. I watch for these things because, more likely than not, it is the next step in their plans. A blueprint, you could say, of their next move. As I have said before and I will say again, they always reveal too much.


  19. I deeply apologize that you got brought into this. I am, however, not one to sit and be the next Naugler victim. My email has blown up since this incident with more support and even more horror stories then I could have imagined. I am not sure what she was thinking by attacking me. But I am sorry. I am not a victim and having survived an actual abusive relationship and now advocate for anyone who needs legit help, this attack was disgusting on every level. And no one has to be victim anymore, including the kids. I am not your average politician and I asked her to stop and she continued on because I wanted to remain compassionate. Now her temper tantrum is definitive evidence in a lawsuit that will be filed shortly. Thank you for your time. And again, you are not to blame. As a blog writer myself, I appreciate your craft. Have a wonderful evening.


  20. @Beth M

    Joe would probably represent them, after all he’s supposedly a genius.

    Sorry probably should have warned everyone before I said that. I hope no one was drinking anything.


  21. All the Naugler talk of libel suits against the “trolls” is just lip service. They don’t have a pot to piss in, well, not until they were forced into getting one. Nicole needs to not only stfu, she needs to get off of social media entirely. She also need to stop breeding. What the world doesn’t need is another Naugler. Nicole and Joe “the pig” Naugler have made the Naugler synonymous with filth, abuse, trash, stupidity and the lowest of the low. The kids will have to go very far away to get away from the legacy Mom and Pop left them.


  22. This is off topic but it would be great if you did a blog on child labour. It’s always bothered me that the kids work so much in the salon and making bows and get paid so little. It’s like a chapter in a Dickens novel. It seems the IRS cares too:

    “The Internal Revenue Service will also check to make sure you pay your child appropriately for the work he does. In other words, if your child is doing work that you would normally pay $10 an hour to have performed, the IRS expects you to pay your child accordingly.”


  23. If CPS regard the Nauglers as being, “amazing”, they are speaking strictly of the children – those strong, resilient souls, who persevere, day in and day out, managing to inhabit a garden shed, 12 deep, nary a clue as to the great big world of opportunity that lie outside those 3 (sometimes 4) walls.

    I just read the book, “Room” by E. Donoghue. Now, it is not really my cup of tea. I prefer classic lit. But I am interpreting it for a Forensics team. It is heartbreaking. Check out the movie, if you have tissue on hand. It was around on the award circuit last year. I cannot help but relate the situation, to that of the Nauglers. This is because, the book is written from the perspective of a five year-old. His point of view is so naive, but creative. A child who undergoes such trauma often has a completely unique perspective. What appears to be Hell on Earth is otherwise a happy little world of their own. Of course, it is happy because it is so familiar, and “familiar” is comforting. Child Psychology, interesting!

    Mind you, I have always read Al’s posts as being a little off, when he says point blankly, “funny shit!” BUT finally, after all this time – I get it! I totally get it! What more needs to be said, at this late hour? These ridiculous online antics never end. They are twisted, albeit horribly unfortunate. And the Nauglers never learn to just, log off – to put the device down!
    So… Indeed…

    (Cheers, Joe and Nicole! I am drinking a tequila-barrel-aged sour ale, and about to light a completely legal joint. I will think of your disgusting ass Joe and laugh at you.)


  24. “In all my years with CPS, neither my colleagues nor I ever once spent 17 months, or even 17 *days*investigating a family because I thought they were awesome.

    CPS wants to close investigations as fast as possible. If they’re still involved, it’s not because they love sitting around the rocket stove eating goat jerky and enjoying the view from the port-a-potty.”

    Exactly Former Caseworker. Joe’s statement that CPS both supports the Nauglers and thinks they are amazing is quite possibly the most asinine thing that either Naugler has uttered. CPS does NOT think JoJo and BO are amazing. I worked for some time for CPS many years ago and I can safely say that it is likely the only reason the children were returned was because they bought the garden shed, cleaned up the property (a very loose definition of clean) and addressed some of the major safety hazards. CPS workers are very over-worked and the system is taxed which means that sadly, children are often returned to less than ideal situations. That is also why parents in these instances are typically granted physical custody only and not legal custody. In theory that means the children are still protected.
    Workers prefer that siblings stay together if possible which helps to provide stability and comfort. The large number of Naugler children would have made it impossible to have them all together – another repercussion of breeding irresponsibly.
    The State for some reason set the bar very low in the Naugler case. The children were not returned because the BO and JoJo are amazing. Hopefully when the children are removed again, it will be a permanent situation. Those children deserve a home that is warm and clean with access to clean water. They deserve a proper education, their own rooms, clean clothes that fit, the proper amount of healthy food, opportunities to socialize with peers their own age and parents who understand that children always, always, always come first. Now that would be amazing!


  25. It is interesting, but hardly surprising, why the closure of “the blog” is so important to Nicole. LOL. Primarily, I’m guessing, that this is the place her kids come to read which must make her life incredibly difficult as the slave labor begins the inevitable quest for freedom of thought and body. Questioning her authority is not something Nicole takes lightly.
    Secondarily add in the obvious effect on her followers that read here and soon realize what fools these two are and stop sending her their hard earned cash. Suddenly Nicole finds her self proclaimed importance plummeting dramatically when losing control, revenue stream and slave labor. The naked angry empress is left alone to scream into her iPhone at local politicians. Jojo steps in just because he can and there just aren’t that many cronies left to scream obscenities now.
    It is interesting that her increasing aggression is coupled with older kid’s breaking free, winter coming on and her continued ability to skirt significant consequences. Hoping there will be more significant consequences this time for both of them from this latest outburst and not more ‘Rinse and Repeat’.


  26. The politician asks Nikki, ‘Why me? Why now?’
    This young woman is actively achieving everything Nicole cannot attain but covets above all: power, politics and a success in life with a following, besides being a parent and a foster advocate. She is articulate and not intimidated by the antics of Nicole or Joe. Nicole is like a moth to the flame.


  27. The only reason a CPS caseworker, or anyone else, would spend 17 months telling a family they are “awesome” is because they recognize the need to butter up the parent(s) so they can continue to observe and monitor the kids without dragging along a police officer.

    Below are parents who were wrongly subjected to CPS attention. I grew up in Silver Spring, I was walking those same streets when the crime rate was much higher and the traffic controls were much less vigorous, riding the Ride-On buses all over Montgomery County, etc. when I was the same age as those two were in 2014/2015. Since then the property values on the homes in the area are now around $500,000 so for Montgomery County to insist that the area isn’t “safe enough” for two kids to walk around when they already WALK TO SCHOOL, is ridiculous.


    Comment from elsewhere, “In Montgomery county as long as you are within the 2 mile marker you have no bus to school. These are young kids in elementary and middle school. Will CPS now starting picking up all those kids walking along busy Bel Pre Road going to school?”

    Bel Pre Road is yet another major thoroughfare where many vehicles travel at a fair clip. Another famous area is Randolph Road where there have been pedestrian fatalities yet they haven’t installed a new signal and there are still kids who have to walk to school and that entails crossing Randolph. You never hear about the police or CPS investigating the families of those kids. Of course, the property value isn’t nearly as high as it is near downtown Silver Spring so maybe people expect to see kids who can take care of themselves.

    You know what’s sad? When I was growing up in the area you would see kids outside playing. Playing at the parks, playing in the schoolyards (before and after school, on the weekends), riding their bikes in the neighborhood, playing in their yards. Now you rarely see them outside at all just fooling around with their friends. It’s all structured activities and they’re ferried there by parents. It’s disheartening to see 13 year olds being walked to school by their parents. They can’t all be flight risks. I take heart when I see some of them whispering with their buddies and casting furtive glances at their shepherd. Maybe they’ll do something daring and tell them to quit doing it.


  28. Nicole is a liar. She engages in online gaslighting methods by doxing people, harassing people, using a body of favorable followers and sock accounts to hassle and try to discredit people who had legitimate questions that she did not want to answer, she engages in cyber bullying beyond anything I’ve ever seen. She did put a sell-by date on her dog, she proudly posted pictures of her muddy and filthy kids living in squalor, she did post pictures of her kids shooting a goat, she and her husband have more successful legal actions filed against them by the local populace because of their horrid behavior. Yet Nicole says that she has no part in these things and has no responsibility. She is a liar trying to brainwash her readers to forget recent history that totally condemns her. If she is like that with relative strangers on the internet, I have to wonder what gaslighting, brain washing, or other psychological manipulation she employs on her children.


  29. t it is likely the only reason the children were returned was because they bought the garden shed, cleaned up the property (a very loose definition of clean) and addressed some of the major safety hazards. CPS workers are very over-worked and the system is taxed which means that sadly, children are often returned to less than ideal situations.

    I presented the Naugler situation to a friend who is a deputy sheriff and he said that typically, all people have to do to get their kids returned is make some effort to do some of the things on the list of deficiencies. The conditions absolutely do not have to be ideal. He wasn’t even slightly surprised that the Ns got their kids back.


  30. “I presented the Naugler situation to a friend who is a deputy sheriff and he said that typically, all people have to do to get their kids returned is make some effort to do some of the things on the list of deficiencies. The conditions absolutely do not have to be ideal. He wasn’t even slightly surprised that the Ns got their kids back.”

    That breaks my heart. When did it become okay not to educate your kids?


  31. Educational neglect in many states is not valid reason to even call CPS/DCFS. Educational neglect is not even listed as a form of neglect and abuse.

    In other words it is not even consider neglect or abuse. If failing to educate was the only issue CPS/DCFS would have never gotten involved and the case against the Nauglers would have been closed immediately.


  32. I’ve never been one to watch much TV, and certainly not soap opera type shows; always felt real life was dramatic enough without watching made up drama being depicted as real life. After all, “real people” couldn’t possibly lives such crazy lives, so continuously, right?

    Boy, was I wrong. J & N certainly have their own real-life soap going on and I am almost embarrassed by how deeply I have been drawn to it. I am embarrassed for them as well, as they cannot possibly have envisioned the tangled web they are weaving or realize how ridiculous they look to the outside world. They are like children that just don’t know when to stop and leave well enough alone. Now, it seems, they have reached a point of no return and are just giving it their all to make sure their lives completely implode. All or nothing, right?

    Before bed last night I read the drama that unfolded between the local politician and Nicole (and some of her goons). I would not have known about it had I not been alerted by a friend who had apparently watched it unfold in real time. I am not subscribed to any of the Naugler pages or any of the “troll” pages so I was oblivious that anything major had gone down. It was all hours-old before I got around to reading and I couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief as I read comment after comment. (It’s likely I didn’t even get to read it all since Nicole gets all delete happy when someone calls her on her BS- but I read enough to get the gist of it)

    It’s almost as if J & N are oblivious to the damage they are doing to themselves and their children. Even if the outside world can do nothing but argue with them, it’s certain that some of their older children read some or all of their rantings, and how humiliating it must be for them. Or worse, how they may be brainwashed enough to think their parent’s actions are justified.

    Naturally, reading the posts and replies on Nicole’s page made my head spin in disbelief. And then I came here and read your blog post and some of the comments. Thankfully there are many voices of reason here.

    It’s just so crazy what can happen in a day’s time with these people, how dramatic it all is, and how J & N bring ever last bit of it on themselves. I just don’t understand how this couple thinks they are doing anything positive for the children they profess to love and care about so much. The injustice in the lives of the Naugler children is just so great it is gut wrenching to watch.

    I just don’t understand why Joe doesn’t go back to work. The elder Nagler children are already raising the younger ones. Joe could work nights and at least be on the homestead through the day, even if sleeping. Nicole could adjust her working hours (since she is her own boss) so only having one vehicle wouldn’t be an issue with two working parents. If both J & N were both working, back child support or not, they could rise from their level of poverty and afford those children a more stable life. Things as simple as water and septic would change their lives dramatically. If Joe were working and bringing in any income at all, even after child support got their portion, maybe Nicole could get back to providing regular schooling for her children.

    They just make absolutely no sense to me at all. How they can justify spending so much time on the drama, and not better caring for their children is just beyond me.

    Where there is a will, there is a way. I guess their will is just very off track.


  33. This is “funny shit”! Nicole complained last court episode about hating that the community targeted and persecuted them, forcing them back into court so often. So what does Nicole do, SHE STARTS another court drama! Honestly, by now do they have favorite places to sit in the court, know all the bailiffs by name and have a brass plaque with their names engraved at the end of one of the seats? Or is Jojo just mac’ n for another Hardee’s date? Indeed, very “funny Shit.” She is totally delusional. Sure tells you where a lot of their money is spent.


  34. Sculder&Mully, your synopsis is spot on!

    I’ve watched long enough, her routine is quite apparent. Nicole and goons harass a victim, most often someone that disagrees and/or criticizes Nicole. Although sometimes it could be nothing more than a “like” to a post or comment. When the victim retorts, Nicole twists and omits what led to the response. And tries to make out as the psuedo victim.

    As far as her wanting to hush the blogger up and shut the blog up, go figure. Too much fact checker, for her comfort.


  35. I guess “Forgotten Name” is now my name here. x.x

    This is the first time I’m telling this story. Only close family, friends, and our family’s doctors know about this. I dealt with CPS this past summer. I had loosely followed the Shit Story, but when dealing with CPS, I became very furious that the CPS up there failed so horribly.

    We made the decision in January that the older kids would not be returning to their public school. At the same time, my oldest son’s doctor wanted to wean him off his ADHD medication to see if he needed a lower dose or none at all. We tried to transfer the kids to a different public school, but the district denied us. We looked into the private school the older kids had attended for preschool. They tried to work with us, but until my disability came through, we just couldn’t afford it and it was too late to apply for scholarships. That left homeschooling as our only option. When we told the private school this, they not only crafted a plan for each child if I ever chose to enroll them, but they also gave me old text books and other materials.

    I went to all my doctors and told them what my family was doing. Their only concern as me over doing it. Since I was the “main” teacher, not the only teacher, I wasn’t too worried. My husband, my sister, and a few friends were all going to help. My pain doc switched me to an extended release version of my weak opiate and gave me 5 extra pills of the strong stuff just in case my flair ups increased.

    Our decision to homeschool was kind of an open secret. I spoke with many teachers at the public school for advice, but apparently word never made it around to the vice principal…until the last day of school when she asked my son if he was excited about the next school year. He went off on her as politely as possible. The vice principal called me right away and was flipping her shit. I basically told her that the school had 5 years to improve and I was done. I had to hang up on her.

    The CPS case worker was at my door the next day.

    Educational neglect because if I’m too disabled to work outside my home, I’m too disabled to teach my kids. Just ignore the (then) 3 year old working on a 1st grade level.

    Emotional abuse because seeing me in pain and my husband working two jobs was damaging. Just ignore the millions of successful kids raised by the disabled and/or poor.

    Physical abuse because the kids have chores. Expecting children to pick up after themselves is physically demanding labor. Just ignore that’s how most people are raised.

    Medical neglect because my son was not being medicated for his ADHD. Just ignore that his behavior improved as he was weaned from the pills.

    Parental drug use because parents shouldn’t take scheduled meds when doctors tell them to. Ignore the fact that I’d be stuck in bed neglecting my kids without them.

    I facepalmed so hard at all of this. This was the day after public school ended, so I hadn’t even had a chance to do ANYTHING yet. Thankfully, I ready had plenty of supplies and lesson plans ready to show her. I had to give the caseworker written permission to speak with all my doctors to see if agreed I was physically capable of homeschooling.

    As for chores, my boys are only responsible for keeping their rooms, the family room (their main hangout spot), and their bathroom clean. That’s it. I even come through about once a month and drop a “bleach bomb” on their bathroom since I won’t let the boys use strong cleaners. They’re occasionally asked to help with other things (load the dishwasher, take out the trash, etc.), but those are favors NOT their responsibility. My oldest son had just started mowing the small front lawn back then, but we increased his allowance to compensate him because mowing sucks.

    The medical neglect was taken care with one phone call to my son’s doctor. CPS was told I had just stopped giving him meds.

    While the case was open, my husband, oldest son, and I were drug tested twice a week. I obviously came up positive on every test. My scripts and letter from the pain doc weren’t enough. I was sent to be evaluated by an addiction counselor who thankfully certified me as “not abusing drugs” within 10 minutes.

    The emotional abuse was the one that took two months to clear. My kids had to see a CPS therapist once a week for two weeks to evaluate how much seeing me disabled has harmed them. My husband and I also went through psychological evaluations. Again, got the all clear.

    It was so stressful for my family, but I’m glad my county CPS is thorough. It made my heart break and my rage increase knowing that some places just don’t have the funding to save such horribly abused children.

    Unfortunately, it turned out just isn’t for my middle son. Does great academically, but misses “school.” Now that I recieve disability, he will be starting private school in January. Some kids are just happier in school. I offered to send my other kids as well, but homeschooling is working out great for them.

    tl;dr CPS investigations suck and are some times stupid, but necessary. Lack of CPS funding is hurting kids.

    The ShitParents are so lucky they don’t live in my part of he country. They’d so be in jail with their parental rights terminated.


  36. @Prolapsed Ovaries.

    After seeing this merry go round go round and round and round, with the same music, same patterns, same shit, different bucket . . . what else can ya do other than chuckle at the sheer insanity, the transparency, utterly inane behavior, rationalizations and deflections — and say “funny shit”? 🙂

    It is appallingly tragic. It’s unnecessary and hard to even grasp. But it’s happening, day in and day out. The same bullshit over and over. The same spins, and proclamations of victimhood (whilst dropping not so transparent threatening hints).

    They’re assholes. Comedic in their patheticism.

    And what do comedic assholes produce? Some funny shit.


  37. If anyone that follows this blog is one of “them”, then I really must be slacking. My cousin owns a business near hers. I’ve never asked him his opinion of her or the business. Anytime I’ve been there, I haven’t taken any pics for your viewing pleasure. I’m sorry for being such a poor excuse of a troll.


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