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Good golly, let’s get out the violins and start playing. Nicole is being all introspective and confessiony.

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Nicole “clashes” with anyone in authority.  I would never have known that. If there were ever a person who has embraced a two-year-old’s sense of autonomy (“I can do it myself”), it’s Nicole Naugler.

But notice how she words this.  She “clashes” with “authoritarians, those who seek to be authority and those who believe we should submit to authority.”

What about “clashing” with just plain old people who for one reason or another are in authority?

Like the police. Or the county health department. Or the courts. They are not “seeking to be authority,” they fucking are authority.

And it makes not one teensy bit of difference that Nicole doesn’t think they should be in authority. This is a collective society, and we as a group have placed them in those positions. Sometimes we as a group decide we made a bit of a mistake and we revise all that, but individuals don’t get to do that on their own.

You learn this in kindergarten, by the way.

Nicole goes on to say she’s an introvert.

Well, yippee.

And she needs to share. Isn’t that nice? Why would an introvert want to share stuff like this with the entire world?  I cannot imagine.  I’m pretty extroverted (except when I’m introverted) and I wouldn’t.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she doesn’t have any friends, by her own admission.

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Oh, gee, she’s taken an online personality test.  Meyers-Briggs, no less. The Number One Most Stupid Personality Test in existence in the entire world, in my admittedly not-particularly-influential opinion.

Just read that crap. Really. Read it.  It goes on and on with the most ridiculous bullshit imaginable.

Everything is lovely.  You’re “gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive.”  The thing is that nobody is “brutal, cold, simple, and rigid.” Nobody’s test shows that they are just an asshole, or a cruel jerk. Instead, they are “complex.”

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I am a Pisces. I have not a single shred of belief in horoscopes or planets aligning in such a way that they affect a single thing about me or my life, but this is a description of the supposed personality traits of a Pisces.

It seems that I am “intuitive” too. And “generous, compassionate, extremely faithful and caring.”  I’m never judgmental (go right ahead and laugh – it’s ludicrous), and always forgiving.


But see how similarly these things read?

fits everyone
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You can read about the Forer effect if you wish.

The MBTI (the test we’re talking about here) was developed by two women (a mother and daughter) who were housewives. You read that right. They were housewives. They had no training at all that would indicate they had expertise in any of this.

They aren’t the first people to con their way into print in the field of psychology, of course. Another set are the two women who wrote The Courage to Heal, which is a godawful book about sexual abuse. Those two women teach creative writing, which is clearly a great way to write psychology books.

But when it comes to Myers-Briggs, maybe Nicole should take the test again. About half the time, when taken a second time, people get a different result.

from BLH 3I’m going to come back to the “changed” stuff later on in another post. For now, just notice that she claims that she’s “changed.”

Funny thing, though. She describes how “you feel” when a policeman pulls up behind you.

Only I don’t feel like that. Ever. I have never felt like that.

Of course, I have only ever been stopped by a police officer twice in my entire life. Once, I had a tail-light out and was unaware of it. The officer followed me home so I wouldn’t get hit by a car (it was after dark). He was great.

The other time was in the middle of the night. I had rolled through a blinking yellow light near my home. There was not another car in sight. The cop was bored and wanted somebody to talk to him, so he stopped me. I was polite and we chatted for a bit. He chewed me out slightly. Then he too followed me home (about 2 blocks) for no discernable reason.

I got no ticket in either case.

So, no, everyone does not feel all scared when a policeman pulls up behind them.

But see how Nicole describes this fear and attributes it to “abuse”?  She was abused, poor baby. And this was all about when the police and CPS took her children away.

You know, they took her children after giving her ample warning (when you’ve been reported to CPS more than a dozen times, you’ve had plenty of warning that something is amiss someplace).  There was every evidence that they were in the process of fleeing when Sheriff Pate got there. They were living in a shed that might have been suitable for their goats, but not for their children. We’ve all seen the pictures. It was appalling.

The only thing that would have been surprising would have been if CPS had not done anything.

There was no “abuse of power.”

I, too, have heard the recordings. Nobody abused anyone, unless you want to describe Nicole’s behavior when she began screaming at her children as abusive.

What did happen is that duly appointed/elected authority figures in our society told Joe and Nicole Naugler that they were violating the civil rights of their children and that they could not continue to do that.

And Nicole Naugler had a temper tantrum.

from BLH 4“My life.”  “My choices.” “I need to be in control again.”

Me, me, me, me, me.  I am Thoreau.

Back in May 2015, it was about the Naugler children, not about Nicole and Joe Naugler.

Whether Joe and Nicole understand this or not is not relevant. Those children are not their property.  Those children have rights, and those rights were being violated. In my personal opinion, they still are.

But for Nicole, it’s all about her and everyone has to “embrace [her] journey” or else.

So far, her “journey” has led to a shit-strewn trash heap of a piece of property with no improvements of any kind, a small business (the one positive thing I can find in their lives), too many under-educated, neglected children for their meager income, a boatload of nasty attitude, a growing criminal record mostly on Joe’s account, and a bunch of social media accounts that make me laugh.

I think I’m not going to embrace all that.

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This description reads way more like Nicole than the other one, I think.





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  1. In addition, she was pissing and moaning about people being against them and out to get them years earlier. She chose to enlarge the audience. Why? I can think of at least 45,000 reasons.


  2. I’m on the cusp of Leo and Cancer. And, that’s all I’m going to say about me.
    Now, please allow me to give Mrs N. the lalaloopsey test.
    When Mrs. N. Had children, her world changed. She apparently is the only one who doesn’t realize that. That is not to say that having children, adopting, fostering, or not, should change anyone, we are all what we are, but families should make one more responsible for those we love and care for.
    Mrs. N. falls on the lalaloopsey personality graph edge, the edge off the bottom of the graph, hanging on by a thin thread.
    She seems to feel that she is the only important one in her family, she also apparently needs the pregnancy and birthing process to make her feel important. Her ‘journey’ seems to be the only important one to her. The ‘journey’ of her children? Well, they’re on their own once they can walk, and another baby comes along to make Mrs. N feel worthy and important again.
    Reading her blog entry made me so sad, all over again for her family.


  3. Loving how she is all knowing about her personality; loving the “I need to be a free spirit” and the PTSD bullshit from the CPS thing last year. I understand that’s gotta be tough even if you are the procuring cause of the children being taken away, but really? Living in a shit squaller with a retard of a husband and filthy kids and basically nothing that doesn’t suck…how does that not bring on some kind of crazy emotions? Because I can feel anxiety just thinking about what it would be like to be her for, 5 minutes….ughhh. Let me get back to my amazing life trying to make ends meet and not gain 20lbs every year while attempting to put something in my retirement fund so I don’t have to go to a crappy nursing home when I’m 70 and I have Alzheimer’s like my mother had….I’ll take that over shitshack and herpy derp hubby ANY DAY. (I really am thankful for my life and don’t want for anything, I have running water, septic and a roof. That’s pretty good considering some of the alternatives!) Thanks for sharing as usual Sally. You rock.


  4. The women who developed MBTI were mother and daughter–and at the time the idea came to them, the daughter Isabel was not married. They were able to test MBTI on approximately 5000 subjects after being given access by George Washington School of Medicine and follow their subjects’ progress for a few years. It is actually quite comprehensive. But it needs to be administered by a certified professional over the course of a few hours in two sessions and not done on a random internet site. We use it at my work with clients (all of us are certified counselors, psychologists, and social workers). It can be a useful tool. Not something to hang all your plans on, but a tool. As with all tools, it has its place and should not be given more credit than it deserves. In a tool box it’s kinda like a little wrench or something. You could do without it but it can be handy for certain things.

    Nicole would greatly benefit from therapy. I do believe her when she describes the trauma response associated with police encounters. And regardless of circumstances, most of the time it is traumatic for parents to have their kids removed by CPS–even when it’s the parent’s fault. But as usual I see absolutely nothing in any of her post that indicates she is taking responsibility for anything at all. So there’s nothing to work with and no chance of movement.


  5. Oh this post has so much meat, I imagine I will be back a couple of times to leave a reply.

    “You know that feeling when a cop pulls up behind you while you are driving?” “You know you haven’t broken any law, but you still feel on edge.” I can say I know that feeling, when I need to do a check on myself. I will immediately look at my speedometer. That’s because I can sometimes get a little lead foot and not paying attention. It’s very unlikely that I would speed more than 10 mph over the speed limit. But hey, technically 1 mph over is breaking the law. But no, I don’t break out in a sweat and get all paranoid. I’ve probably been pulled over about 5 times in my life. One was when I was younger, and I was speeding. The others were for expired license plate sticker, all in the company car. I wasn’t aware they were expired, don’t pay attention to it, the company usually manages those things. Never received one ticket. Warnings, that is all. I was polite and respectful and answered the questions. Provided my license and registration when asked. That was it.

    There have been a couple of times I have called 911 while on the highway. And reported unsafe drivers. One time, about a month ago, I was following a truck on a two lane highway. He obviously was very impaired, zigzagging into the opposite lane, even when oncoming traffic. Going off the road. When 911 connected me to the local police, I gave them my location. I kept following the truck. They were finally able to pull him over in a gas minimart. I pulled in and rolled down my window and said, “thank gawd for pulling this guy over, before someone was killed!” And they thanked me for calling and appreciated it. No problem, Mr. Officer.

    So there is two different interactions with law enforcement. I respect their authority in enforcing the law. And appreciate their response, when someone else is breaking the law and endangering others.

    Was Nicole also anxious, nervous, on edge towards the police….when she called the police to respond during the “vehicular assault” threat? What about the assumed drunk drivers in carts a couple months ago?

    When listening to Nicole’s audiotape of when the sheriff was following up on CPS call, what I heard was a patient police officer trying to diffuse the potential volatility Nicole was escalating. I know I’ve made this comment before, I thought it made for a very good law enforcement training tape. The Sheriff did a fine job of not letting things go amok, and everyone was safe.

    I’m enthused to read more comments. And plan to be back to discuss another part, the personality assessments.

    Enjoying this blog post. With just after dinner coffee tonight. No cookies this time.


  6. Was Nicole also anxious, nervous, on edge towards the police….when she called the police to respond during the “vehicular assault” threat? What about the assumed drunk drivers in carts a couple months ago?

    Good point. She didn’t mind one bit calling the dreaded, feared police those two times.


  7. Nicole’s blog entry today reads like a melodrama of a misanthrope, forced against her delicate nature to interact with the world and now wants to explain her “special” personality. Poor traumatized Nicole. I had to stop counting the number of times she said “I” and “me”, with nary a mention of her spouse, children.

    What of the social needs of her children? Any loving parent knows that each child possesses his or her own personality, and is not a carbon copy of the parent. Nicole does not have 11 “introverts” just like her… that would be a statistical miracle. Does she even consider the needs of her kids to interact with the world? That at least one of those 11 may have superior, natural athleticism and need to be in a sport? That unfortunate child can only dream of being on a real baseball team, or harbor a fantasy of swimming in the Olympics, or being part of a Girl or Boy Scouts troupe. Because Nicole is too selfish, and her angst and existential crisis is about her, 24/7.

    I was also taken by her statement about the abuse she’s suffered “not just from the state, but from the state’s minions who continue to bully, harass and emotionally abuse us….”
    By the “state’s minions”, I presume she is including the Guardian Ad Litem, CPS, the family court Judge, the judges in Stolen Watergate, Goatgate and Propagate, and the county health department. A veritable conspiracy by an evil cabal to emotionally torture and break Nicole down, like a prisoner of war.

    Laughable here is that governmental agencies, cumbersome and inefficient, could never orchestrate this kind of concerted “abuse” against Nicole. There is still a warrant out in Texas for either or both Joe and Nicole, yet neither has been taken to court in Kentucky, or remanded to Texas, for those outstanding charges. The gubmint actually doesn’t care that much about YOU, Nicole, nor Joe (which is why for years he evaded child support).

    This exaggerated misery and persecution complex goes from the mind of Nicole Naugler to the blogosphere. So imagine what she is telling her children. Hopefully some of them got the genetic card hand to see logic and past her paranoid, self-indulgent bullshit. I look forward one day to the tell-all book.


  8. Errata, I mean to say, “Poopgate”, not Propagate. The Nauglers have already done far too much of that.


  9. By the “state’s minions”, I presume she is including the Guardian Ad Litem, CPS, the family court Judge, the judges in Stolen Watergate, Goatgate and Propagate, and the county health department.

    Oh, I think the “state’s minions” include Al and me and anyone else who criticizes her. She has a very long list of Bad People Who Are Out To Get Her.


  10. The link to the snarky/accurate infj description seems to be broken. I’d like to have that source on file for some very special corn flakes I know.


  11. She doesn’t have friends because she has pushed so many of them away because of her craziness. If you do not tow her line and agree with her every word and thought you are a statist or a sheeple. She has had so many reach out and try to help her family through the years, so many people have tried to help those kids and even her and Joe. Yet they got no thanks. Food delivered wasn’t good enough. It’s infuriating. She needs to stop focusing on how she feels victimized and be a damn mother. Stop blogging, stop writing and give those kids the attention and love they deserve. It isn’t all about her, being a mom means it’s all about the little people you brought into the world.


  12. The link to the snarky/accurate infj description seems to be broken. I’d like to have that source on file for some very special corn flakes I know.

    Try it again. I hope I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.


  13. I’d buy a minion costume, but I rather enjoy wearing my “local hero” garb better.

    The cape and tights make me feel extra pretty.


  14. I agree. I think the “state’s minions” is very inclusive. More people in it than out of it. Pretty much anyone who does not absolutely adhere to whatever belief system or personal validation she requires from them that day.

    Is she really leading up to the “I have PTSD” self diagnosis too?

    Of course, she also lets us know it must be a self diagnosis, because, sigh, she can trust no one, because of the great “conspiracy” she would have everyone believes exists.

    Personally, I am thinking that those forensic tests that Joe has stated the state wants as part of the child abuse/neglect case are looming large In her mind. Time for getting ahead of the narrative and planting the seeds of her version of the upcoming saga.


  15. I was curious as a person had stated that they fixed the answers to their interview so it would show that they did not have mental problems. Lo and behold the psychiatrist that took time to chat with us was on duty. While chatting I asked him if there is a way a person could study up to answers questions to the test. He said they can try but in his experience they usually made the results less in their favor. So moral of the story is if you are going for a evaluation just answer the questions straight up and truthful.

    Well that might even be a problem for Nicole and Joe. They do not know truth from fantasy. They get it in their head even if it is so far from reality that they believe it to be the truth. So I guess they both are fucked if they study or answer what they consider truthful.

    Nicole is always bashing the police especially about shooting people. She should be thanking her lucky stars that she got a really good officer of the law like Sheriff Pate. He gave her way more time and put up with way more bull shit than he should have. She could have gotten one that would have complied with her asinine demands to shoot her.

    Both parents bring all the troubles on to them all on their own. They bitch about laws and rules and expect everyone but them to follow them. Why call the police if you think some one is stalking you online or driving by your house. Why expect and demand others to follow rules and laws when you don’t think you have to follow them.

    Reading what Nicole wrote about herself with that test was laughable at best. She really believe that shit. She needs to read the stuff that she post as none of it points to what she believes she is. Actually most of it is quite the opposite. Nicole #unschooling lesson for you Narcissistic and Borderline is what you need to be reading you hit both of them totally on.

    As for getting scared when she see the police = bullshit. Career criminals are use to getting stopped by cops. They usually get better with each encounter to give their bullshit story to try to get away with what they know they are doing wrong.

    Maybe Mama is hormonal you know pregnancy will do that to one.


  16. Magenta–I concur with you on the MBTI. For a ‘more accurate’ result it needs to be administered by a certified practitioner and that test is a long humdinger. It needs to be because the tests on the Internet are far too short and easy to game. I do believe there are limitations and it has gotten rather cultish in some circles but it is a fairly useful tool as long as it isn’t seen as some persona prescription. But in Nicole’s case there is a factor that makes her rare INFJ result highly suspect–she describes herself as having some trauma-based stress about the police and the government (she’s hated anyone telling her to abide by rules for years). Any practitioner will tell you that high levels of stress can easily throw the results of the test. Mental illness? Who knows, but she hasn’t submitted to her required forensic (or has she since she’s decided she has PTSD or something like it) her behavior and decisions are all anyone can go on. Apparently she has a lifetime of crummy choices (that she blames on others) that certainly include marrying or getting together with Joe.

    As far as I am concerned Nicole and the person she’s married to are worthless garbage and her bleating about how awful it is to be made to submit to consequences and her feeeeeelings mean less than nothing to me. Harsh judgment, yes. But they have had goodwill, money, property, housing, jobs, and business given to them that they have abused and trashed. They have abused the givers horribly. They have abused their neighbors horribly. Nicole hates the law but only the personal honor of their neighbors and the fact that there are laws and punishments are the only reasons that some kind of crazy vigilantism hasn’t happened to them. Maybe that’s why they laugh at the law. I promise that in some lovely lawless places like Somalia Joe and Nicole’s abuses of others would not be handled with anywhere near the restraint that they have enjoyed here.


  17. There is not an introvert in the world who would publish naked pictures of themselves giving birth, or even the latest one of her breastfeeding with her whole breast out. As an actual introvert, those pictures make me cringe.


  18. “My, my, my please get the smellin’ salts. I’m just a poor fragile lady getting abused by others.”

    This is what was going through my head while reading NN’s post. She tries to sound all innocent and fragile however…..


  19. I found The Courage to Heal when I was at a very, very bad place mentally. How bad? I walked back and forth in front of the book for about 20 minutes, terrified that if I dared to touch it, much less buy it, the floor would crack open and dump me into the basement of the bookstore. And I was time zones away from anybody who even knew me!

    At the time–this was when the original edition was still new–the received wisdom about child sexual abuse could be summed up like this:

    *The Electra Complex is real; you wanted it.
    *Psychology is a bad evil humanist thing, so phooey on the Electra Complex–but sex with the Man of the House is a privilege, so you must have been spoiled. First step to healing: remove your privileges. (Yes, I have with my own two eyes seen this in print.)
    *If you weren’t actually penetrated by a penis, it doesn’t count.
    *If you weren’t injured in the course of being molested, it doesn’t count.
    *If you experienced the pleasure reflex, it doesn’t count.
    *If you never asked anybody to help you, you deserved everything.
    *You’re going to grow up to molest children.
    *You have a duty to explain exactly what happened to you to anybody who asks, because they have a right to know. They also have the right to decide whether you were really molested.
    *No matter what sexual orientation you have, you are that orientation because you were molested. You are broken.
    *If you were molested, you should be ashamed of having lost your virginity. You are ruined.
    *If you experience aftereffects such as choosing sex as the primary way you interact with other people, attempting to self-medicate with drugs/alcohol, or falling into abusive relationships, you’re a bad person.

    The Courage to Heal took a hard look at this so-called wisdom and said, “Oh, bullshit.” And I firmly believe that reading that book saved my life. No, it wasn’t written by professionals in the field. Professionals in the field were too busy being hlepy. I still have the book, in two editions, and I can see its flaws now, but it was so much better than the alternatives at the time.

    I’m seeing something similar in the autism acceptance movement now. The received wisdom is that we are broken, wrong, cracked, incapable, a burden, a shame, a reason for our families to be pitied–and a hell of a lot of so-called early intervention is utter crap like “quiet hands,” which is denying an autistic child the ability to self-regulate by hand-flapping or other repetitive movements that bleed off tension. The people doing the hard work of figuring out how to live the fullest possible life without enduring this kind of nonsense are by and large non-professionals, and very often have autism. Hell, the basic assistance devices we use to calm our nervous systems were mainly developed by people with the condition. Not the pros. Are we making mistakes? Probably, but we’re better than the alternative.


  20. I had a bit of a wild youth that lasted well into my twenties. I’ve had more run ins with LE, good and bad, than Nicole and Joe could ever dream of. Shit happens when you’re having fun. Still, not that bad. I’m middle class and white.


  21. The Courage to Heal is probably the single worst book about sexual abuse that I have ever encountered and I have looked pretty seriously at the subject for several years now. If you follow that book’s suggestions, and do all the exercises it recommends, you will end up convinced that you were sexually abused whether you were or not. The book actually says that if you cannot remember abuse, but if you have any of the bazillion symptoms that the book lists (including migraine headaches (!!!) and a history of vaginal infections), you were abused. Period. This is just nonsense. According to those two women, everyone has been sexually abused and all men are abusers. Furthermore, there is nothing anyone can say in their own defense once accused. They are simply guilty. They literally say that the only thing an accused abuser can do is admit guilt.

    This is not the subject of this blog, so I won’t belabor the point and I know it gets people all riled up when I take this position, but I get just beyond angry with the fake victims I meet (and I meet a lot of them). They seem to always get the most attention and they make all the real victims look unimportant and insignificant and that gets me really pissed off. So the folks on my other blog who don’t like me refer to me as a “rape apologist.” (I get called lots of things by lots of people. I give not a single fuck.)

    The problem with the whole field of psychology (and that’s the bigger issue here) is that it is trying very hard to claim to be science-based, but actually fails miserably a good bit of the time. Unlike other fields of medicine, much of it is very subjective (you either have appendicitis or you do not, and an operation will quickly confirm the truth of the matter, but are you actually bi-polar?), the field is absolutely riddled with people who claim to be “therapists” with dubious credentials (preachers who never even attended seminary can call themselves “counselors”), and somehow even the pros seem to embrace all the woo in the world without much skepticism.

    I loved psych when I was in nursing school and scored the highest score in that segment of my state board exams, but I never worked in the field because I just couldn’t deal with the mushiness of it.

    It’s left to the consumer to beware when seeking mental health treatment. Some, maybe most, of it is great. But some of it is absolute hogwash.


  22. In today’s edition of the martyr’s message, poor, little special snowflake Nicole needs for us to know that she is gentle, caring, and terribly misunderstood. Allow me. “And I need to share”. No-one cares about your self-diagnosed mumbo-jumbo, you are looking for attention. ” I clash with authoritarians.” No, you never moved beyond the mindset of “You’re not the boss of me”. “Ignore it. But I can’t.” You’re right, you can’t and won’t let anything go because you thrive on drama. You don’t want to be left alone. “I need to be in control again.” This one is easy. Put your big girl panties on, stop blaming everyone else, and own your mistakes.

    @ Lisa, I think that you are absolutely right. Those forensic evaluations just won’t go away, and someone’s in damage control mode.


  23. I’m convinced the only people in that family that have PTSD are the children. I listened to the tapes. That woman is teaching her kids fear, constantly. Non stop. She’s constantly re-victimizing them with her freak outs. Can you imagine how stressed out and on edge those children are? She’s just a perfect bitch. I feel for those kids.


  24. I read her post and could almost feel sorry for her. But I can’t. The problem is these things are their own causing, and poverty isn’t a factor in their case. They were given about $45,000, and squandered it. If they had used that money to get a single-wide or double-wide, and set up a proper compost toilet, not a soul among us would likely remember them without being reminded.

    But still they push it. She wants the cops and court hearings to go away. They would have if they’d complied with cleaning up their intentional contamination. They chose not to. Choices have consequences. Some are good, and some are bad.

    While she derides the existence of authority and thinks we should have no laws, just guns and let people solve things for themselves (doing just that is how we get warlords like Kony), she loves to cite the laws to apply to other people.

    She talks so much about her own rights, but never even acknowledges that other people have rights to, that her own kids have rights. She’s got that handsome oldest son who is almost 18. Because she and Joe have forced the kids to fend for themselves, they haven’t had any education. Her democratic/Sudbury schooling teaches nothing. She’s stolen from her oldest son the right to choose his future by limiting him so severely that there are a lot of options closed to him now. Can you imagine the catch-up he’d have to do just to take remedial college classes. She’s destined him to a life of poverty because she won’t acknowledge that he had rights. She does. She does. Nicole. Not those kids. Not their neighbors. Nicole. Only Nicole.

    That doesn’t even touch on how she’s all but ruined his chances of finding a partner. How many young women are willing to date a man whose education probably tops out around 4th grade? How many young women are willing to deal with Nicole and Joe as in-laws? How many young women are willing to support Nicole and Joe and the other kids? You know that’ll be expected. And it’s all because Nicole sees herself as having rights and ownership of her children, while they have only what she says they can have.

    And she uses her rights and perceived rights to keep court cases against her and Joe active. Is the fight over the shit pile because she likes having it there, or is it because she wants to best the authorities? Is a pile of shit really the hill to die on?

    I still think she could turn things around if she wanted to. She’s too prideful though. A turn-around would mean admitting being wrong. Humble pie doesn’t fill the belly, but it can start to fill hearts.

    At this point, I can’t even hope. I can wish. I wish she would open her eyes and look objectively at all of this.


    Myers-Briggs tests are dumb. Find me a person who doesn’t think of themselves as intuitive somehow, or compassionate, or caring? Everyone does, and so all you have to do is find different ways to put that, and you get a test that makes people feel good. And if it makes people feel good, people like it. (Truth: My best friend is in the dating pool, and in her online profiles, she puts whatever her letters are, and she tells guys who message her that she wants to know what they are so she can see if they’re compatible. She wonders why she’s still single.)


  25. “There is not an introvert in the world who would publish naked pictures of themselves giving birth, or even the latest one of her breastfeeding with her whole breast out. ”

    Alexandra, I disagree. I am an introvert, very, very badly. I’ve backed out of going on a vacation we already paid for because I couldn’t handle the thought of being away from home. It’s pretty crippling for me, and I have a therapy dog to help me get through being out of the house. I go somewhere, my dog goes. Without her, my daughter’s schooling would suffer.

    Most introverts will still share some pics online. Not all introverts see breastfeeding as anything other than feeding a baby. I’m shy and insecure enough that I cover more skin than your typical mormon. I had no problem openly feeding my baby, and no problem with sharing pics of my baby falling asleep while finishing a mean. It’s a baby eating. That’s all.

    I think Nicole’s really an extrovert because she really goes out of her way to be the center of attention in real life while introverts tend to want to blend in and be invisible.


  26. She lost me after the first line. ‘She doesn’t want to control others’. The fictional blog fantasy she creates is what she does every minute of every day in an attempt to control the exposure of the hellish reality of their existence. That is controlling others, and that is what she wants, desperately wants in fact.
    Nicole’s current fiction tells me she’s now under the watchful and forceful eye of CPS with this probable pregnancy and fears the looming showdown with the county. She longs for the bygone days of breaking the law and running away. That’s her idea off freedom. How she spins this to her paying audience is now unfolding.
    They fled to KY to avoid “consequences” and now are stuck dealing with the system they chose. She doesn’t like it much and can’t run away, another “freedom” denied.

    Thoreau would vommit if he saw what they are doing to their little piece of this earth.


  27. My issue with psychology and these personality tests in general is that they sometimes focus more on excuses for behavior than fixing the behaviors. My personl opinion is that at some point a person needs to realize what acceptable actions in a society look like and then conform to those actions. In my opinion that is a huge part of the maturation process in humans. You take your personal beliefs and you mold them to fit into society somewhere.
    The problem with the Nauglers is you have a dingbat wife, and a pushover lump of a husband (in my opinion). They have isolated themselves to the point that they feel their ideas are good and everyone else (the minions) are bad. Nicole is jumping at the “explanations” provided by this “test” without even considering that a real psychiatrist would likely find a half dozen real psychiatic diagnosis between her and Joe. Which brings me back to that maturation process…..it is apparent that neither she, nor he, have really progressed psychologically beyoind the very point that they were at when they met each other 20 years ago. They still behave like teenagers who chuck the ideals of their parents into the garbage can and leave home in the middle of the night. The only difference I see is that usually by age 25 the realities of life have knocked some humility and grace into most people. The Nauglers have not yet interalized those lessons.

    One last thing…..one of the things I love about my marriage is that my husband is grounded so when I am prone to fanciful flights of BS he calls me out before I go too far into that land of crazy. Joe and Nikki’s union sorely needs someone big enough to honestly evaluate their situation and talk the other one off of the ledge, but if losing custody of their kids didnt give them that wakeup call I surely do not know what will.


  28. ..This was a paragraph in the BLH blog that bothered me the most

    INFJ is a natural nurturer; patient, devoted and protective. They make loving parents and usually have strong bonds with their offspring. They have high expectations of their children, and push them to be the best that they can be. This can sometimes manifest itself in the INFJ being hard-nosed and stubborn. But generally, children of an INFJ get devoted and sincere parental guidance, combined with deep caring.

    ….I must have INFJ!!..WOOHOOO…I pushed my kid so hard, it made him cry…He will be starting his Junior yr in college next month!!..just from the outside looking in, I haven’t seen that yet from these parents. How are they pushing them to “be” the BEST that they can “be”?…maybe I am just to judgmental…or maybe I am just an over achiever and want MORE for my kids….thanks for letting me rant..have a great weekend!!


  29. I can sum of her personality in one word with far more accuracy than that silly personality quiz: narcissist.
    Along those lines, I don’t think she’s feeling out of control over court dates, the incident last May, dwindling money, or even possible, pending forensic exams. I think she’s freaking out because her “fan base” is literally evaporating before her eyes and unlike previously this year, she’s struggling to reel them back in with pity, sunsets, and bullshit. Even the drama that she thrives on far more than her fan base is dwindling. Quickly. Let’s face it: her coveted internet facade IS her only escape from the ugly reality she built. Slowly but surely, iiiiitttt’s melting.


  30. I like the test however like everything else unless your compleatly honest -and have two hours to waste you won’t get true results. My results in the extended reading was dead on me,I don’t remember the letters anymore but as much as the info was great it left me with a now what? What was the point of finding out what personality we have? We and our loved ones already know what kind of person we are


  31. Amie: “My issue with psychology and these personality tests in general is that they sometimes focus more on excuses for behavior than fixing the behaviors.”

    A crappy counsellor would do this, as would an online personality test.

    These tools need to be contextualized and used judiciously. Otherwise we see people like Nicole doing just exactly what you’ve described.
    Behavioural work also has its place. It is generally good in the short term. For example: get an actual habitable dwelling for your kids to live in and you get them back.
    But it is useless without deeper work. It is vital to look at the reasons *why* things are the way they are for people. Looking at the reasons why is not excusing behaviour, it is getting to the root and viewing behaviour as a symptom. It is generally the only way to come to long term solutions.

    Of course, there is no way any of us could accurately armchair diagnose Nicole or Joe. I agree that she for sure exhibits signs of narcissistic personality disorder. There is a marked lack of empathy on really both parents’ part.
    (I happened upon the fb page of a mother who lost twin babies — they were born early and sadly passed away shortly thereafter–where Nicole was posting. Zero expressions of comfort after the babies passed and only a couple of coldly worded comments when the first baby was born weighing approx 1lb. The main comment Nicole left was to suggest a correction to the mother’s post, chiding her to include the fact that the baby was born ‘into the mother’s arms’ clearly as a political unassisted birth plug. The other comment was to ask if the mother had taken a photo of the second baby who was born in the cull. The mother replied that she was actually near death at the time so no, photography wasn’t exactly on her mind).

    I also have some theories about OCD as it manifests as hoarding and how that plays out when people seem to show those tendencies toward having kids — calling it being ‘quiverfull’. But I digress. It’s interesting stuff.


  32. @ magenta

    A weird variation of hoarding (in relation to so many children) also crossed my mind. Even devout, practicing Catholics will employ the rhythm method to try some attempt at family planning. Nicole certainly loves to educate us all on the birth process. Certainly she understand how fertility cycles work. The insatiable drive to have more children is beyond my comprehension.


  33. About her birthing process, she doesn’t believe in any birth control of any kind. She believes that god will provide a way and that they are to do nothing to control it. It’s sick.

    I love children, I have several of my own, I won’t mention how many. I’d like to keep most of the details of who I am private, as I don’t need anymore harassment. But back to children, they are wonderful but they are a lot of work. It takes money and time. Children deserve attention and love of their parents and it’s difficult to divide yourself when you have a ton. My husband and I got to a point where we realized our family was large enough and we did the responsible thing and made sure we would have no more children. It’s a simple surgical process. Oh course though using medicine or surgery to stop her from having kids would go against all her principles. She’d rather deny them basic food and housing, just so she can keep breeding like god wants her to.


  34. Sally,
    I am sure that after reading and ruminating the contents of this blog post, I will revisit with multiple responses. First, though, I wanted to address the introvert. N claims that she is basically an introvert because, you know, she doesn’t have a lot of friends. In school, she didn’t have friends. She was bullied in school like she claims she is bullied now. I see a pattern as probably all of you have seen. First, N fails to face the facts of her contributions to this absence of friends and she fails to understand the difference between bullying and disagreeing. To her, anyone who doesn’t support her is against her. For her, there are no neutral zones nor are there any areas where she will take instruction. As a result, there are a few characteristics that support antisocial behavior instead of introvert-like personality: 1) N doesn’t play well with others. Before her own shop, she changed jobs often and there aren’t any previous jobs in which she has maintained a relationship with the employer…same with her churches. 2) N doesn’t take constructive criticism well. If you try to explain something to her and she doesn’t want to face the truth, she will delete you faster than you can say shit shack. 3) N is a taker and doesn’t seem to give much. Look at her social media…go fund me…give me…I need…I am…. 4) N shows very typical narcissistic traits. Everyone owes her but she contributes nothing. 5) N expects others to sacrifice (her children) but she sacrifices nothing. We saw that when the children were taken and she and J started visiting local hotels. Also, she and J treat themselves to fast food but the children have to pay for their own. She will steal water; she will take from her employers; she will throw shit around her property without concerns for her neighbors; 6) N is impulsive and requires instant gratifications. Her behaviors that she has recorded and reported have shown that she doesn’t think through her responses nor does she identify her wrong doings as being wrong. As long as she benefits, nothing is off limits.

    Also, an introvert doesn’t seek attention. N commands an audience. She also posts pictures of intimate details of her life (birthing, breast feeding), she has no boundaries (no door on the shit shack, come one….), there are so many more but you know, you need only visit her social network places to see that nope, she isn’t really an introvert but closer to a narcissists.
    Now I am going to think about her confusion over nurture versus free ranging.


  35. I get the impression that she just loves babies, but loses interest in them when they aren’t babies anymore. Instead of accepting that she no longer has a baby and adjusting her expectations to the needs and abilities of a toddler (preschooler, etc.), she sticks with the experience of babyhood by having another baby. Meanwhile the next youngest is shoved off on the older kids. IIRC she made a post once in which she seemed to assume that the oldest son on the place would never leave, but just stick around in a Blessed Little Three-Sided Shanty of his own, continuing to take on the responsibilities the actual man of the house can’t be bothered with.


  36. @jeannie

    Our family is pretty involved in our church and I would say we have a pretty strong faith, but I have never understood people who use the reasoning that “God will give you what he wants” to justify bad choices. The Bible is chock full of people who made bad decisions and God didnt stop them. Part of the beauty (or downfall) of the free will granted to people by God is that they bear responsibility for the asinine situations they willingly put themselves into. Perhaps that is being judgemental on my part, but there is no question that if anyone should not be having more children, it is the Naugler family. Arrrggghhhhh!


  37. In Nicole Nauglers own words,

    Quote, “I want MY life back. I need to be in control again. I’m not going to hide, walk away. It’s MY life. These are MY choices. I need to be a free spirit. A sovereign being. Living as God designed me. I can’t live in this invisible cage. I’m not going to let others define who I am, whether supportive or critical. I’m tired and worn down, but that will not stop me. That’s not who I am. It never has been. My life belongs to me and no one else. And I will fight to protect it. And more importantly protect those who God has given me stewardship over. I will continue to follow the path I chose. To be the person I want to be. To leave the legacy I was meant to leave. Either you are here to embrace my journey and be a positive force or you need to get the hell out of my way.”

    ( I wonder if she is going to tell that to the Judge on Tuesday? )

    What a temper tantrum, she actually sounds like a selfish little brat. But keep in mind folks this is Nicole Naugler, the queen of smoke and mirrors.
    All the other blogs she has written on BLH these last two weeks, the tiny house blog, the home schooling blog and the new page “Stop The Harassment” and now this nutty self-diagnoses, pitty party. It is ALL simply deflection, a diversion as to what is really going on in NauglerLand.

    Court is coming up this Tuesday. Are her Leghumpers talking about that or those up coming Mental Evaluations ? No, they are not which is exactly what Nicole wants. Deflection, diversion, hide the truth. She might like to think she is handling damage control but the truth is coming out anyway.
    They can not hide from the Judge in Breckenridge County……… 🙂


  38. @magenta – I recall when she posted about the premature twin girls and despite not knowing this family from the next, I really and truly hoped they would both pull through. I felt so badly when one of the girls died. I didn’t realize the second little girl had died too. How sad for their family. I imagine they received excellent care but they were simply too premature, too delicate.

    Thank you for bringing them up, I had wondered about the outcome. Goodness knows Nicole gave them short shrift on her blog. It must be next to impossible for Nicole to permit other people to appear on HER page or play even the slightest role in HER life (her own children included). If you aren’t there to make Nicole look good, then you aren’t going to be there for long.

    I still vote for Borderline Personality Disorder, as long as we’re armchair therapists today. In the end, I hope to hell her children don’t walk out of the Shitstead and into the real world with a bad case of “fleas”. If anyone here does suspect they have someone with BPD characteristics in their life, do try bpd411.org It may not be the best fit, but you may learn something useful that you can apply elsewhere.


  39. Sally,
    Her claims of her suffering from PTSD really pisses me off. I have no doubt that she has some kind of anger over being arrested, but to be frank, throwing PTSD around as if it is a catch all condition for her feelings of helplessness after refusing to produce the children and yelling at the cop and pissing him off enough that he finally just arrests her. I suffer from PTSD and while I won’t go through the details of the reasons for the condition, I will say that I was diagnosed with this condition after spending years suffering with panic attacks so severe that I thought I was having a heart attack. Finally, one of the cardiac docs brought in a psych guy and so began the healing. I still wake up in the middle of the night, paralyzed by fear and there are times that out of nowhere, the flash of memory will overtake me to the point where I have to close my eyes and hold my breath….what I don’t do is run around the internet, screaming about the PTSD and how I got it. I don’t talk about the cause over and over because to be frank, that is very painful. I don’t post videos of what happened and even if there were videos, I wouldn’t post them because the gut wrenching pain is more that I want to relive again and again.

    I suspect that her children could have some effects, but the person who is responsible for their mental anguish is not the cops nor the government but their mother and their father. They are responsible for the situation that caused their children to be taken…so the helplessness that the children feel or felt is directly related to the lost trust that will come toward their parents. Eventually, the kids will realize that they lost the crap shoot on parents and that their parents did not always have their best interest at heart. That is the sad truth for those children.


  40. Melissa, In response to your question, “I wonder if she is going to tell that to the Judge on Tuesday,” I suspect that in her wee little mind, she thinks after taking these online personality tests, she is prepared for whatever they throw at her. She probably thinks that if she takes enough of the tests, she will learn and can predict the right answer to the questions of the tests that the psychologists will administer to her. She may also drag her results in to court, thinking that she can make a claim that not all personality tests are reliable and she is choosing to use the one she took online.

    Over the last few weeks, N’s desperation is showing and her emotional immaturity is also showing. Young teens and preteens will often resort to practice runs. You know, when they are caught doing something wrong, they practice what they are going to say. Poor immature N is doing the same thing. Her thinking out loud is as jumbled as her non-thinking responses to situations that really do require some heavy thought. Here’s a thought: Instead of taking online personality tests and instead of blogging and Vlogging and posting on FB, why not clean up that property. Engage in some constructive building of a much needed water containment system and a septic system. Have progress to show to the judge so that he sees compliance instead of defiance. N…quit acting like a child.


  41. I can’t find anything on Google but last I heard rainwater collection was illegal in Kentucky. But like I said I can’t find anything on it.

    Staying off the Internet and cleaning the property up just means she actually has to do hard labor.


  42. They will never clean up that property. They will never build a rainwater collection system, or a proper out-house. They will never, ever do anything. They are just camping out in a shed on a piece of property they rent. A year from now, this will all be the same. Except #12 will probably be on the way.


  43. Jeannie Waller,

    Little darl’in, I love your insight into these basic, ” Love Letter’s of a Mad Woman.”
    You must be one highly educated Chick…to catch all that bullshit at one time.
    Your my new hero…..:)
    And I mean that from the very bottom of my heart !!!

    New name on the BINGO CARD……… “Jeannie Waller.”

    She’s…kick ass !!!!


  44. They sell rain barrels at the Kentucky Fair for goodness sake. Rain water collection in Kentucky is not illegal, it is encouraged.

    Very few states actually limit rainwater collection. It’s just another bullshit way to get people all excited and riled up. It takes 30 seconds to look up on the Internet.

    The Internet is a wonderful source for the free exchange of knowledge. Use it for good, not silliness.


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