Other Documents Part 1

This is just a collection of the remaining documents I have relating to Cleo, the farm, Carl McIntire and the subsequent sale to Bethel Baptist Church.

There are a very few that I have omitted altogether.  As I’ve noted before, my source didn’t go to Princeton to get these documents and rummage through a bazillion dusty boxes.  Instead, the source hired a grad student at Princeton as a researcher, and that person collected the documents relating to Cleo and the farm.

There were a few irrelevant documents in the bunch, including several pages of the program from a ministers’ conference held in Cape May, New Jersey. Cleo wasn’t involved in that. There was also some correspondence between Bob Jones and a person totally unrelated to any of this, about a subject completely unrelated. I left those out just because of space.

I have no idea what this adding machine tape is about.

The insurance stuff is sort of hilarious. The Christian Beacon had one hell of a time keeping that farm insured.

Cleo was a slob.

I just want to point out again that Cathy lies a lot.  She does not have that document in her possession.  She might have a copy, just like I have a copy, but that document is in the archives at Princeton.  She went there and took a photo of it.

They had trouble finding the farm. In fact, I strongly suspect that GPS was invented solely because somebody despaired of that insurance company ever finding anything.

And the Christian Beacon seems to have tried to weasel out of their taxes, unsuccessfully.

I’ve tried to group these documents, so the next installment will involve checks and check stubbs.  Lots of them.

This is riveting reading, I know.



2 thoughts on “Other Documents Part 1”

  1. It’s a shame that Princeton doesn’t decide to make an example of Cathy. They have rules in place regarding sneakily taking photos of the documents in their archives. All of them can be summed up with, “Don’t”.

    So Lou and Elizabeth Tozar are her parents? Must have broken old Ed’s heart to lose his daughter again. This time to his wife’s infidelity. I wonder how her sister in California and her brother in New Jersey took the news. Maybe the whole family is undergoing DNA testing now to find out if dear old mom lied more than once.


  2. Happy New Year!

    I had a lovely NYE with some new friends in Limeport and we even met up for breakfast today. Saw some old wedding photos.


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