This is social media [sic] I’m free to express my opinion on [sic] individuals who post publicly.


You’re right.  You’re absolutely right.

I’m so glad you understand that.

You’re free. . .

So am I.  So is Lisa. So are we all.


16 thoughts on “Opinions”

  1. So, is she implying that she has spoken with Lisa’s ex-husband? Butttttttt NN don’t play that real life stuff! She doesn’t contact peoples’ family members! Or does she….


  2. “This is social media I’m free to express my opinion on individuals who post publicly”.

    Yes! Indeed! The most relevant comment ever!

    Cut and paste and make a bold banner of that Nicole quote!!!


  3. She just cannot leave the “suspended” thing alone, can she? Even after you explained it more than once in simple terms. She’s either that stupid or willfully ignorant.


  4. She just cannot leave the “suspended” thing alone, can she?

    She’s not the only one. Cathy and her little humper can’t either, and Cathy knows better.

    They do it on purpose because they can’t find anything else.


  5. So, is she implying that she has spoken with Lisa’s ex-husband?

    She is absolutely implying just that or that one of her humpers did it for her.

    She insists that she doesn’t pry into peoples’ personal lives, but here’s proof that she does. She’s done it to me. She does it to Lisa. Doesn’t matter who you are, if you get her ire up, she’ll do it if she can. Of course, to be effective, one has to actually give a shit about her doing this, and that’s a whole different thing.


  6. So Nicole is admitting she contacted my ex-husband? What a fucking idiot she is. Just more proof that she is exactly what people say she is. We didn’t even need proof like when she called Bethannie’s employer. She just gave it up herself. Who’s a stalker Nicole? You’re the stalker, imho.

    That is what the Joe and Nicole do. If they can’t bully you online then they take it to real life. I have an open secret for her. It still won’t work. It didn’t work when she accosted me in the hallway of the courthouse. It didn’t work when she dragged me to court for her bogus ipo applications. It won’t work next time we are in court. It didn’t work when they went after my mother and children or their calls to the bar association. It won’t work ever, because they are nothing but Insignificant little wannabe bullies pissing into the wind and shitting in white buckets.

    As to the woman who commented on her page yesterday. I’d never seen that name in my life before Nicole went off on her. No need to speculate Nicole on who she is or why she came to my page. I am sure, unlike me, you’ve studied her internet presence to the nth degree. Like so many others before her she went to your page, got burned by the Naugler heinous bullshit and went searching for more rational and kinder pastures. I welcome her as I have all the others before her and the ones i have no doubt will come in the future.

    Better a retired/suspended attorney with a pristine record than a couple of losers whose only claim to fame is that the state removed their children for their own safety and the eldest son has testified on the record that his father Joe sexually abused him while his stepmother Nicole did and has done nothing but emotionally abuse him and victim blame, imho.

    The long game. How’s it working out for you Nicole and Joe?


  7. Interesting to note – this was Nicole’s reply to her imaginary friend, Charles, who was the only one to comment on her post:

    If what she says is true then why are there only three people commenting on her page…. The same three people that have been commenting for years….

    More people would probably comment on Facebook if everyone didn’t already know that the Naugs stalk, harass, dox, and generally make nuisances of themselves to anyone who dares.


  8. More people would probably comment on Facebook if everyone didn’t already know that the Naugs stalk, harass, dox, and generally make nuisances of themselves to anyone who dares.

    And this is why there are more people who regularly participate here than on FB. On FB, Nicole and humpers can and do regularly get profiles put in timeout, or taken down altogether. Here they cannot do shit.


  9. Poor Mary, the woman hands out some truth and the deranged NN cannot wait to share it on fb and try to hand Mary her ass. I am sure some of it worked NN only for the reason that most of your humpers have the brain of a jellyfish.
    I thought my state was bad, but Kentucky has to be one of the worse. The whole CPS dept is a mess or those kids would have been long gone. I have stated before there may be one or two left that can be saved but the rest will look up later while working in the exciting world of serving fast food and wonder WTF happened. How would they get to work if they cant get a license, and we know none will ever have insurance, why? well look at mom and dad.
    Its safe to post here, I made the mistake of posting once there and lets just say it was a nightmare
    I give her this much, she and Jabba are shrewd, Keep a picture of the one you killed on the counter at the grooming shop in hopes of some poor smuck tossing a few extra bucks in the tip jar.
    Mark my words, donations (grifting) is down and I would not be suprised to see a picture of the poor childs resting place to drum up support with a sob story to go with it.


  10. I have a secret for Nicole. I encourage people not to comment on my page for their own safety, because I have witnessed what Nicole, Joe and their proxy/socks do.

    If Nicole or Joe had any idea of how many people message me and who they are they’d have an apoplectic fit. For Nicole and Joe that means you’d stroke out. Your brains would go boom.

    Trust and credibility are everything. Something the Nauglers wouldn’t recognize if it bit them on the ass that they are constantly showing.

    If it is so few people and no one believe s me then why do the Nauglers care what my opinion is or about my little ole page?


  11. So, Nicole can comment on other people’s public posts but nobody else can?

    This blog entry clears up the mystery of the 3 new friend requests that I received on FB today while I was at work from people that I have no clue who they are, as well as the 15 or so new faces that showed up on the People You Might Know with no friends in common.
    Good thing my profile is locked down tighter than a nun at a biker’s rally.

    Noble attempt but epic fail.
    I don’t add people that I don’t know…


  12. The Naugs made a little “real life trouble” for me, as well. I would love to disclose a delicious little story of how the tables were turned on them when they tried that nonsense, but I can’t. I will say, however, that it cost them. A richly deserved and appropriate consequence inflicted on them entirely by themselves. Priceless.

    To understand if the Nauglers are unreasonably reactionary, one has only to note:

    *their recordings of interactions with law enforcement
    *Q’s reaction to the Chariot fiasco
    *their fights with their previous clergy
    *their fights with previous landlords
    *their fights with previous employers
    *the fact that their grandchild and his mother have a restraining order against their son
    *the fact that Joe’s eldest son accused him of child sex abuse in court


    The Naugs are cowardly pieces of shit, but they do like to run their mouths and attempt to intimidate and “get even”.

    Tons of Bravado. Zero brains.

    People who constantly and recklessly pick fights eventually pick exactly the wrong fight, with exactly the wrong person.

    It’s kinda like playing Russian Roulette with your pregnancies. Eventually your luck runs out and there are really bad consequences.


  13. Poor NicNaug doesn’t get that she doesn’t really have paparazzi hanging out in the bushes to get a picture of her or her fat turd. Bless her pea picking’ heart. She has this idea that all of us, fans and foes alike, hang on to her every word because she is of significant importance. She doesn’t quite understand that the interest of those who post or blog a critique of her isn’t based on any honorable popularity that she or her fat turd have garnered; she doesn’t understand the factors involved that motivate rational people to make comment and critique on her many stupid assed posts. One has to wonder if she even gets that it’s her lies and misinformation as well as her blatant disregard for the constitutional rights and health of her children that raises the ire of civilized and educated folk. She is truly a female quixote character of incredible proportion. She is the only person I know who will post a picture of a shit shack made with sticks, sporting a white bucket with a toilet seat as if it is the grandest of outhouses, and she cannot even rationalize that the bucket of shit that is carried by her kids from the doorless-stick-gaping shit shack to a pile somewhere up hill is a cleaver humanure composting process instead of the ground contaminating, nasty toileting habits of people who have no fucking sense. She cannot even grasp the obscenity of that post where her sick babies were lying on the ground around a fire as one of the younger ones attempts to nurse them back to health. She braggingly post about sewing up a kid’s finger, treating burns, and who knows what else is acceptable. Every thing she does or attempts to do is done without the least bit of research and if someone offers to guide them, they are fucking offended. Her attitude is like oh holy shit, fat turd, let’s go live off the land and crap on that land and deny our children the basic rights owed them. and fat turd says, yeah man, let’s do that and I’ll stay home and like unschool the kids and you work and we will panhandle and make due until another big idea hits.

    But, you know, I sort of think that she knows. I believe based on her illusions of grandeur, it pisses her off that fat turd and her kids are unable to put into practice her grandiose homesteading, off grid living, and unschooling ideologies. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to go to work and think that maybe when she gets home there will be more than a white piss bucket parked in a lean to. Can you imagine looking at the shit shack and thinking WTF! Can fat turd not even build one little outhouse, dig one little hole, at least put up a fucking curtain…really! So instead of admitting their inadequacies, she posts pictures of these failures and says, this is how we do it…isn’t this grand. The thing about Quixote characters in fiction and I believe non fiction as well is that they are able to convince others to buy into their failures as successes. Look at the liar in chief…the unpresident…the pussy grabber. And it really pisses her off when we correct her and say, that’s not composting, that’s not gardening, that’s not safe child rearing practices. You know, she is just like the pussy grabber…she reports those who critique her or call out her lies and her mistakes to the FB people and the pussy grabber calls the news fake news and plays with the idea of shutting them down…wtf. I gotta stop my mac needs charging and I am too fucking lazy to go get the charger. LOL


  14. It has to take so much energy on both of there parts to wake up and the first thing you grab is your phone and check everything.
    The HATE they have for LE is palpable, this morning the post about the person in a walmart shot while waving around a (toy) gun, they seem to think that the guy could have been just talked down.
    I have a suggestion for you both, the next time you perceive a threat to you or your clan, YOU try to talk them down. I could care less if the gun was a toy, wave anything around me that resembles a gun and I want you on the ground. with a few holes in you, do stupid stuff get sane results from sane people.
    Looking forward to how to skin a coward this evening, Nicky, got your alarm set to hear it? we know you will 🙂


  15. I wonder what would happen if they spent one hour working with the kids and another hour working on their land.


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