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Nicole did a blog post the other day which I have largely ignored until now.  You can probably guess why from the title alone.

However, Nicole opened a door here.  And I will insert my foot.

We are going to have a guest blogger this evening.  I’ll let her introduce herself, but remember, this is about Nicole’s own public words. In the article linked to above, she pretty much trashed every employer she ever had.

I am not going to discuss her current business, the one in the title. This article is not about that. This article is an attempt to right a wrong, to give a voice to the person who was libeled in Nicole’s screed. Please keep the comments limited severely to what is discussed here and avoid speculation or commentary about her current business.

And now, I present the guest blogger.


Hi there, I have remained in the background for the most part and only occasionally commented on the blog. I have tried to not talk about Nikki and Joe and my personal experiences with them until now, since she opened the door. I’m going to step on in.

My name is Patricia and I own Pup Cuts and Nicole worked for me for 4 months from the January til April 2014 (right after Easter, right after her baby was born).

She came to me looking for a job because the person she was employed by was basically “treating her like shit” and “wouldn’t listen to any of her suggestions.” It was winter (a slow time for groomers) but I hired her anyway knowing that things would get busy again as spring came.

I gave her 75% commission, which meant for every dollar she made she gave me 25 cents, and because she had no clients of her own I would split the daily work and give her half.

What I got for my kindness was her and a “occasional child” (occasional means 2-3 every single day), the shop smelling like burnt popcorn, wood stove, and piss. They wanted to get water every day after the place at the park they got water from put a lock on the spout.

I came in one morning after the weekend and there was a mud path from the tub to the door that I got to mop as my customers were arriving that morning.

Joe and the kids would sit in the van in the parking lot and I had one longtime customer call me and tell me she would not be back because of that.

Her children basically treated me like crap, they stole from me and they stole from the seniors upstairs who left their supplies for their dances in the kitchen of the banquet center above me. I was outnumbered in my own business and was being walked on and treated like an outcast. I was not a happy camper.

The final straw was when a friend posted a picture of a dog who was groomed at my competition (and her ex-employer) and it was wearing one of my signature bling items that I had taught her to make. When I asked her about it she informed me she had the right to sell them to anyone she pleased.

So I drew up a contract and I said sign it or you’re out.

Then ole Joe pops up with his mouth about ALL the profit I was making from them… again.. for every dog I GAVE her out of MY pocket I got a 25 cent per dollar return.

Now let’s talk about the profit Joe.

My daughter worked at a hotel and they were hiring, so Missy gave him a good recommendation and helped him get the job. Joe showed up filthy daily, was caught numerous times doing their laundry in the business machines. This was a problem because when they went to put the sheets and other items on the beds, they kept finding straw and debris mixed in with the clean items. Joe really liked his job though; he would take nice hot showers daily, and would hang out in the rec room watching TV instead of being at the front desk, you know, the place he was being paid to be. Also whole cases of snack items that were going missing, that is all I’m going to say about that.

While Joe and my daughter were working together Joe asked to borrow $30.00 from her and her boyfriend to buy some pot. He was very open to us about smoking pot, and I personally don’t care as I think it should be legalized. Anyway, he borrowed the money and was supposed to pay it back the following Friday when they all got paid. Friday came and Joe didn’t have the money but would get it to them soon, but as time passed the kids realized they were not going to get their money back. Joe even threatened them, leaning over the counter at work and sneering at them said, “And what are you going to do if I don’t pay you.”

I finally had to confront Nikki about it and ask her for repayment of the money since Joe was being such an asshole. With a surprised look on her face, she whipped out that phone and after a curt conversation, paid me the $30.00. Joe had not told her about any of it.

So you see Nikki, it’s not always a good idea to put people on blast. You can color your lies any way you want for your leg-humpers.  This blog post only scratches the surface of the amount of shit I put up with for 4 long months.

Since you like to threaten people, and you know where I live, I would like to let you know that I have live video surveillance and if I catch you on my camera I will get you for trespassing. Have a nice day.

Oh and I was in the 4-wheeler with Sally Davis, and yes, Joe, you drank that beer.  I was the girl with the pink hair in the back; I waved, guess you didn’t recognize me.


And now you’ve heard the other side of the story.

Here is the contract that Nicole refused to sign.

contract 1

contract 2

contract 3

contract 4

contract 5

Nicole’s argument, in her blog posting, is that she should have been treated as an employee, not an independent contractor. This contract is fairly standard in the industry for an independent contractor, and it’s the path Patricia chose.  It’s completely legal.

This whole thing is a mystery to me, anyway, since as an employee, Nicole would have had taxes taken out of her pay and given right to the evil government.  Taxation is theft, she says.


As an independent contractor, she would be able to keep all the money she earned, and would have responsibility for filing (or not filing) her taxes as she saw fit.

So why was she clamoring for employee status?

Apparently she wasn’t.  She just wanted to change parts of the contract to better suit herself. Patricia refused, so Nicole refused to sign it.  Patricia then showed her the door.

As I’ve said before, Nicole is an asshole.





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  1. WOW!….I want to thank the guest blogger for sharing this. If this doesn’t open up peoples eyes to what is truly going on behind the scenes nothing will….


  2. Are questions permitted of the guest writer? I have one.

    Did your business lose money while Nicole was working there? If so, what tipped the balance? Fewer customers, higher energy costs if she was working different hours, the water or other factors?

    I’m surprised she kicked up a fuss about the bows. A non-compete clause is pretty common in a lot of different industries and jobs. A 20 mile radius is hardly anything at all.


  3. I’m sitting here after a long day of honest work laughing my ass off. I know Patricia and her brother. Good people.

    Oh man, this just gets more and more bizarre.

    I second Sally’s assessment.

    Joe and Nicole. You’re assholes.

    Have a nice day.


  4. As you can clearly see… I never told her she could. Not sell bows or bling … Just not to the grooming shop down the road..


  5. Well does not surprise me that Nicole was lying again.

    If Nicole told me she was a female I would have to say prove it as I do not believe anything that comes from her with out the proof to back it up.

    Sorry you had to deal with trash like that but all was not lost as you learned to be a bit more on the look out for the free loaders that stumble into our lives.

    IMO you went above and beyond with her.

    One question was Nicole as bat shit crazy when she was at your shop as she is now? I bet you heard it all cause she likes to flap her jaws and tell all even if it is made up lies.

    Myself I would contact a lawyer and sue her for libel. You might not get nothing even if awarded a judgement. But you will get satisfaction that the truth was exposed as well as Nicole exposed for the liar she is.


  6. I had started reading that blog by Nikki last night while I was at work. I has to stop because one my lunch break was about to end, and 2 it was just piss in me off. I never did go back and finish reading it. Doubt I even will.


  7. Great guest blogger. It gives me great satisfaction, just as an outsider glancing in each day, that my gut was right pertaining to the Nogs from the beginning. I tried to stop the anguish I felt each time I read her posts, saw the pics of the living conditions and the food the children prepare and how they prepare it, the sound of her on her videos, etc. etc., that I was stereotyping because they were poor. Then true colors surfaced with her anger if she felt anyone was defying their unschooling, homesteading lifestyle. Don’t question what off the grid is when you are constantly on social media showing off filthy living conditions. Never answer questions about the actual shitting in a bucket, throw it in a pile and call it compost! JoJo ranting and raving and calling every disagreeable woman the C word all the while living his faith based lifestyle! It’s so sad the children are growing up in that environment with roles models such as those. I pray CPS is watching and ready to pounce. And it’s good to hear from Patricia on a truthful history with The Nogs.


  8. Oh wow! The contract does not seem onerous; it doesn’t even exclude the children from the shop. I know N has claimed noise issues at the place she recently vacated. Did the noise level increase at Pup Cuts? And if so was it due to the dogs being over excited or the kids?


  9. “If Nicole told me she was a female I would have to say prove it as I do not believe anything that comes from her with out the proof to back it up.”

    Oh, there’s some pretty goddamded solid proof on her old blog.


  10. Oh, there’s some pretty goddamded solid proof on her old blog.

    I’m trying to forget that. 🙂


  11. Tekla to answer your question, yes I did lose money, in part because it was a very hard winter and trying to support two groomers on what would barely support one.

    Also I have a stack of about 15 customers who have not returned after Nikki groomed them. That’s in 4 months.. Think of the damage that would have happened if she was there longer.

    She still owes me half of the vet bill from when she got puff attacked by another dog after I fully explained that the dog was animal aggressive and how to handle him. No, she knew better then me and almost got my dog killed

    In the contract that I wanted her to sign I added a paragraph that said no children under 13 allowed in the shop after she had 8 year olds handling dogs and bathing them ( this upset me because an 8 year old is defenseless if a dog wanted to get stupid, and I doubt an 8 year old can really get a dog clean). Joe popped off with that was a good idea since I liked to groom vicious animals. You know like the one Nikki ignored my instructions on, who by the way, is an amazing groom dog and I had never ever had a single problem out of before or since.
    Also she never gave me my last weeks commission but 125.00 wasn’t going to ruin my life.

    Also she had major issues with the local law enforcement, I happen to love our local officers, I groom several of their pets.

    While she was working with me one of her daughters ran away and cps was called, also the famous police harassment video about the seatbelt happened and I was getting concerned about her being associated with my name.

    Also she lacks compassion, and refuses to use a muzzle and kept getting bit. So I’m not surprised she finally got bit good, just glad it wasn’t at my shop.

    She paid her kids 1.00 a dog to bath them, she would often have joe bring her McDonald’s , if what ever kid wanted some too they had to pay for their own, if not there was bread to toast, or you could have pop corn. How to make nauglerism corn; get a brown paper bag, fill with popcorn and oil and pop til it stinks up the shop.


  12. Beth the noise level did not increase that much, but I’m also in a basement in an otherwise empty building. The kids did drive me nuts though because most of my dogs are not used to people running around, and dogs being their nosy selves had a hard time staying focused on what I was trying to do


  13. Patricia, thank you for having the courage to speak out! The truth is hard to find when it comes to Nicole and Joe. They terrorise, abuse and intimidate anyone who refuses to allow them to take advantage of them. Anyone who was kind to them, which it seems, you clearly were. They say that for every story, there are at least ten more that are similar when it comes to people like them. They menaced one neighbour for water, are currently abusing the neighbour right next door to them and your story confirms that their version of events are lies. Everything they say on their page or blogs, in the court of law , are lies. Instead of working hard and being grateful to you, they abused your kindness and then slandered you in a public forum. Yup, they are assholes and third rate human beings. So much for their unschooling which they now call “quasi unschooling” on their page. It seems the only thing they are teaching their children is how to misbehave.


  14. Sally, me too.

    1) Fat Man In Orande Crocs, big hand blazing red on NN bare bum.

    2)The poop on the lil one when being born, yes it happens to some but that doesn’t mean it belongs on the net!


  15. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, of the information that can be made available about the “homesteaders”! Hmm more proof of their lies, and more proof of their thievery! Stealing from senior citizens, stealing whole cases of snacks from the hotel! What wonderful role models for those children…unschooling lesson of the day, how to commit larceny! Patricia, you are a better woman than I, because I would have said something, about the foul odors! Wood stove smell, in and of itself, is not so bad, but burnt popcorn and piss?!? Oh my…


  16. Those scenes that are difficult to forget are still burned in my brain, no lie. And to think their children took the pictures!, and had front row seats at the birthing/dog bathing/kid’s boat tub.
    I wonder where and when the next nauglette will be born?


  17. WOW. That’s the most lenient independent contractor contract I’ve ever seen, and with the most favorable terms for the worker. In my neck of the woods, a monthly space rental plus percentage, usually 25%, with the rates set by the salon, is normal, and only working during the establishment’s open-hours. Every non-compete clause I’ve ever seen was worldwide, not just 20 miles. Make something to sell through your employer? Then you can’t make those types of items, even on your own time with your own supplies, to sell anywhere in the world. I’ve also never seen a contract like this that lets you immediately take your clients with you when you leave. When my favorite massage therapist left the chiropractor, she had to wait six months before she could accept my business again. She couldn’t take anyone for six months that she’d worked on there.

    She had the most favorable contract I’ve ever seen handed to her on a silver platter. I have a business myself, and the contract my clients have to agree to is more restrictive, to be honest. MY CLIENTS.

    Also this backs up my concern that those kids are pretty much feral. Turning up smelling like urine and not thinking twice about stealing, and I doubt they have social skills. Can they survive in society?

    Patricia, what reason did she give for wanting to be an employee when she had so much given to her?


  18. To guest Patricia,I do remember you when this all started you had made a statement at one time .Thats when I knew Joe and Nicole are assholes .
    Sorry that you had to deal with them ..


  19. I live in the city, next door to a business. Mexican immigrants make up most of the staff. There are two different women, with their young children, who wait in the car, for a good portion of the day, while their husbands work. It is hot outside, and west-facing. Only, I know that they do this because they have no where to go, until their husband gets off work, upon which they begin a long commute home, across the border. If you dont understand their predicament, it might sketch you out. They are in their cars for hours, with children. I realized however, that these men are hard-laborers, trying to improve their situations for their familia, through honest work. And they do not even have a home here… YET!!

    In turn, I find it absolutely repulsive, that a white, able-bodied man in America, will not work to help provide for his 11 children, who lived in a retrograde shack until recently, when they upgraded to a garden shed. And Joe just sits outside the salon, watching his wife slave to make enough to support them all. He watches her labor!! And probably on his iphone, to boot. What a piece of shit! It is no small wonder Nicole is ill. I would be jaded as fuck, and I’d check-out mentally, which she appears to have done.

    After reading Nicole’s BLGC blog post, it was easy to determine that, in-between her previous, failed salon, and her present one, that she job-hopped through 6 salons in a span of 3 years. In summary, it’s just another blog-post that paints quite the unbecoming portrait. Like the picture of Dorian Gray, it just gets worse, and worse…

    Nicole has already replied to this blog post! She complains about independent contractors/1099 misclassification – that often they should be legal employees. But small business’s are hard to run, and expensive -Nicole should know that. Contractor status is easier on everyone. Even Nicole!

    On BLGC website, under “About”, there is a summary that reiterates a business plan. Which included, renting out booths! To who? Independent contractors! . Her real feelings on misclassification change, but only when it benefits her.

    “My salon isn’t just for me. Its for others who have a passion to have a chance to do what they love, share their talents with the community, and to be in charge of their livelihood.

    In addition to myself, I will have 3 other groomers in the salon. They will be true independent business. ” -Blessed Little Grooming Company


  20. Apparently theft of municipal water resources at a local park was part of their homesteading until that was locked down too. “Homesteading” and availing themselves of natural resources is looking like stealing anything you or I might own or have paid taxes to support that isn’t nailed or locked down, including Patricia’s intellectual property.
    It is most alarming to read about Joe watching her clients activities from the parking lot and Patricia’s straight up warning against trespassing. No wonder Nicole is alarmed with cars driving by, it’s what Joe did for purposes they are now afraid of, imo. They both need to be rehoused in a tax funded locked down facility for an extended period.
    Patricia so very sorry you have been victimized by these grifters and thieves. And thank you for your honest insight here into their methods. You honestly tried to help her and like so many others are reporting, they stole from you and abused the privileges you gave them.
    Thank you Sally for providing the Naugler victims a place to further expose them and tell their stories.


  21. After reading Nicole’s blog, “How we got here” is it just me or does it seem that she worked all over town in different Grooming Shops just to steal clients to start her own business?
    Sorry, but that is what I got out of that whole babbling nonsense.

    One other thing I’d like to point out is how Nicole still has not taken an responsibility for her actions when she was rightfully arrested for being disorderly. In her blog she talks of how her Grand Opening Day she was setting in jail and the effects that had on her life and family. But again she takes no ownership of WHY she was in jail to began with.
    Law Enforcement was only trying to do their job and both Joe & Nicole had plenty of time to address issues with CPS before it ever come down to any of that.
    But they would not allow CPS or Law Enforcement to talk with the children….it could have been that simple. But like everything else with Joe & Nicole they only make things harder on themselves and sadly for the kids too.
    That is just one of the many other reasons I feel they are unfit parents !!!


  22. Patricia, I think that is a very fair contract. I can understand why from a business stand point, that selling bows to a competitor would be a conflict of interest. Also, having children underfoot in the shop is an accident waiting to happen. A place of business cannot double as a daycare. The liability is real. I work for a small family machine shop business, my grandkids do not come to work with me. There are times when I wish I could help out more when they are sick as both their parents work. However, there has to be a clear line between business and family. People have to make hard choices. I actually used to patronize an in home hair salon. There was a lovely set up in that woman’s basement, separate from her home. Eventually she acquired a very agressive small dog. It would snarl at the door, bare his teeth and nip at my heels. I had to stop getting my hair done there. I was no longer enjoying a stress free visit at the salon. Unfortunately she lost many customers due to that dog. A business should be managed as professionally as possible. The customer should be the main focus and their experience should be positive. Nobody wants to pay for a service that they have to grit their teeth through. A dog salon is no place to take care of kids. I also wouldn’t want to pay good money to have a child do part of the grooming. Even if it’s just the shampooing part. Just my 2 cents. You did the best you could and I commend you for at least offering the contract and not outright firing NN. That was very fair!


  23. Sure, I noted NN typical method of addressing topics by deflection, her comments that are in direct contradiction to previous FB comments, and NN & a few leghumpers forgetting that previous owners’ response was a reply to NN bashing her on a previous blog.

    What shouted at me about NN blog is “so after a long day at work I come home and was planning to work on some blogs”. Not ” after a long day at work , I look forward to spending time with my children.”

    I so regret the reminder of the pic of her giving birth with her nekid butt pointed toward the camera.


  24. I have another question for you Patricia.

    When her kid(s) were bathing dogs for her, did the customers give tips directly to the kids? Were they permitted to keep them?

    Naturally, you may not know but I really hope that if a child WAS tipped by a customer that they got to keep that money rather than handing it over to Nicole who would then give them only $1.00 per dog washed.


  25. I made the mistake of reading  the latest blog posts.  I need to walk away but I just can’t!  I need rehab.  I think I thought I was waiting for them to get their comeuppance. I think I was waiting for the light bulb that I was sure would go off in their heads.  The moment when they realized that they are the ones who caused this.  That people aren’t just picking on them, that the “trolls” actions are actually reactions.  That they’re busted. I think I thought they were going to one day soon feel the blood rush to their faces and the adrenaline rush through their bodies when they realized they were wrong. That it was them all along. 

    That isn’t going to happen.  They’re not going to start making lists. They’re not going to assign chores. They’re not going to write up a curriculum or a schedule. They’re not going to build fences or rain barrels or bigger living spaces.  They’re going to keep polluting  their land with feces and garbage then move their shed  when even they can’t stand it any longer only to destroy that place too. They’re going to keep blaming everyone for everything wrong in their lives and produce 11 or more children who do the same. They won’t ever, no matter how long I wait, learn to follow through.  They will always find someone else to blame. They will never learn from their mistakes. I need to walk away.  I need to figure out why I keep coming back. 


  26. Thank you for the other side of the story to include not only how Nicole was employed, but also the treatment your business received in hiring her (request for water, kids working at the shop, Joe arguing about the profit) Thank you for including more details about Joe’s employment at the hotel which contained a clue that Nicole probably did not know what Joe had done. This seems to be a recurring theme IMO.

    When Nicole posted about misclassification in the grooming industry, I decided to research it (Nicole and Joe’s story has me researching a lot of topics, but not really more than other issues that arise in my personal and work life. I believe one learns more that way and obtains unbiased information). Before you wrote up the contract did you have an oral contract for Nicole as an independent contractor? If so, I am glad you put it in writing. I was reading that cases where oral contracts were in place it was a he said/she said thing and sometimes both parties were not clear what was said. One thing that was mentioned was to be clear that the worker is responsible for state and federal taxes. You do state that your business would not withhold employee taxes (a negative); would it be better to also state the positive?

    I also noted the statement that the worker has the freedom to operate in any other business regardless of proximity or competition (standard for IC). Nicole specifically states in her blog post that instead of coming to your business she should have taken a second grooming job. As an IC there was nothing stopping her from working at another business, grooming at the client’s home, or grooming at her place (I think she did groom at her place when they had a home with an indoor kitchen and bathroom, not certain if she ever groomed at the client’s home). But people who don’t read about IC will just think she had no choice but to work for only one person at a time.


  27. There are always two sides to every story…one that makes sense…and the other that stinks to high heaven. Most intelligent people with a lick of sense will know the difference. Thanks again for this post and the blog itself.


  28. Re: >>Those scenes that are difficult to forget are still burned in my brain, no lie. And to think their children took the pictures!, and had front row seats at the birthing/dog bathing/kid’s boatstub.
    I wonder where and when the next nauglette will be born?<<

    Has anyone else wondered if the children also have front row seats to the conception process? Something tells me these non-parents would be perfectly fine with having an audience and consider it #unschooling (health class, dontcha know!?)

    My heart sank when I read Patricia's comment that one of the daughters ran away… One can only speculate, but considering JoeNic's utter lack of morals and empathy, on display for the world to see, it was only natural that my mind jumped to a worse-case scenario. A blatant disregard for other people's personal boundaries is the *unashamed* way of life being touted and modeled by these two!

    I also observed the look of wariness in the eye of the daughter who was recently filmed getting a haircut. It is said that the eyes are a window to the soul, and those eyes spoke volumes. My heart aches for these children even if they do steal and smell like piss. What options do they really have unless someone finally intervenes on their behalf?


  29. Thank you, Patricia.

    I never wanted to judge those children, not knowing them personally. But I always had a gut feeling they were as P described. How can they not be with N and J as their parents? It’s hard on the heart to judge children. But as each year passes, they grow older and into the adults they will become. Not having any other examples of how to be a good person, they will become their parents all over again.

    But this sentence, in Patricia’s post, choked me up.
    “.. she would often have joe bring her McDonald’s , if what ever kid wanted some too they had to pay for their own.”
    This is heartbreaking.
    And it sums up what kind of parents Nicole and Joe Naugler are.


  30. Nicole was getting 75% commission, and that still wasn’t enough for her to not screw things up. I have worked on commission, that is way above the norm. Will she ever learn? Nope. Still an asshole.


  31. Hey guys,

    Long time reader, first time poster (I also read FJ, but have never posted there). The reason why I really wanted to post a comment was because of the reaction Nicole placed on her blog regarding Sally’s (Hi Sally) new post. It concerns the suggestion that the younger Nauglers go to school so that the older Naugler children can focus on their curriculum for two or three hours a day. And Nicole responds with: “Bwah hahahahahah. How about NO!”. The poster suggested that the kids are allowed three hours a day on a set curriculum (not necessarily set by teh ebil guvvurnumunt). And Nicole just laughs it off. The poster suggested that the elder kids might need the chance to work on their curriculum undisturbed, but noooooo.

    Nicole has also recently posted about going to the (ebil public) library with one of her girls and they got a load of books. Is the daughter not allowed to read three hours a day on HER set curriculum? I assume that, since their kids are homeschooled, renting books from the library means that THAT is the curriculum you choose. Sooo, if got this strait (Erika Supe joke), the Naugler kids are NOT allowed to unschool for as much time each day as they would like. Nicole decides what is and is not the right amount of time to spend on #unschooling.

    What if one of her children wanted to spend each and every day in the library. I know I practically lived there after school between the ages of 11 and 17.


  32. Re: >>What shouted at me about NN blog is “so after a long day at work I come home and was planning to work on some blogs”. Not ” after a long day at work , I look forward to spending time with my children.”<<

    Let's be clear. To NN's way of thinking, being a "mother" equates to taking pictures of HER children (i.e. possessions) and posting ego-infused pictures of herself birthing, nursing, and (cloth) diapering them. That is where it stops. Mission accomplished. Photos posted? Job done. Let them eat toast! She has minions and leg-humping-admirers to manage. The possessions (I mean children) are serving their purpose as props in this egg-donor-only delusional kingdom called #unschooling #homesteading (NOT). The REAL name of this kingdom is #NARCISSISM-101: A Study in Mental Disorders; but it is the nature of a narcissist NOT to know the truth; hence, the empress is truly naked (and not just in the live birth photos). Joe?? Oh! He is the court jester and male "concubine" there to service the naked empress when she needs a fresh supply of cute baby photos and blog material.


  33. Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your experience. I am sorry you endured that and hope your lost customers return and that you do not have to deal with the Nauglers ever again. You sound like you have a very kind and generous heart.

    May I ask what your initial impression of Nicole was? When she came to you, did she tell you a down-on-their-luck-no-one-will-give-them-a-break story, or did that come out later?

    As others have said I cannot believe she thinks it should be allowed to bring even one child to work with her. The only time I have ever seen a child at work with mom was a breastfeeding infant at a small hippie type health food store. No animals or scissors or machinery around.

    The whole story shows awful behavior (and I feel intensely terrible for those children, they did not ask for any of this and have so little control and their parents are setting them up for a lifetime of failure and frustration) but I think I am most disturbed by Joe sitting outside in the van with kids while Nicole works. That he cannot be bothered to even take them to a park to learn about plants and insects if they are trying to save gas money or something. That he obviously does nothing around the property…that he cannot even provide a source of legal running water for his family is disgusting. Nicole has said he can’t work because he would “only” be making $200 a week but that is a good deal of money that his family needs! If he were actually homesteading and watching 11 kids every day it would be one thing, but even according to Nicole he doesn’t. He isn’t otherwise employed, or disabled, but the property is a shambles and the children raise and look after each other. What does he really do, besides play on his phone and lie to and impregnate his wife?

    Thank you again, Patricia and Sally.


  34. To have read those books that Nicole claims that child read, she would have had to read for about 9 hours per day, not including potty breaks, meal time, or sleep, or play. Straight reading. And that is assuming that the child reads at the speed of an average college graduate, which is probably not the case.

    The bottom line is that Nicole and Joe are not educating their children at all. Zero. Nada. Nothing. No education at all. Just like they lived in 1716 instead of 2016. Back in those days, it was hard to gain an education. Most educated people had parents who were willing to pay for schooling. This meant that the wealthy folks were educated and the poor people were not, which led directly to the rich having undue power over the poor. That’s the world that Nicole Naugler would like to see come back.


  35. Nicole is dumber than a post. Why she would believe Joe would not lie to her about anyone or anything over the years is beyond me. Here is a little tip for you Nicole, if your spouse lies, steals, cheats and bullies everyone around him it should be no surprise that he does it to you. I wonder how many little naugletts are running about that you don’t even know about? I would bet good money he cheats on you every chance he gets. It is obvious he lies to you at every opportunity about many of his extracurricular activities. Not only do you have to slave to provide for you family because he is a lazy good for nothing prick but you have to suck it up and be humiliated by is lies on an ongoing basis. You either love this vile man with all your heart or you are just plain stupid.


  36. Berta,
    I have continued to follow the Nauglers because I hoped someday things would change for the better. I still hope that the family will move somewhere within walking distance of town so the kids can have activities and friends again. Maybe they can someday live in a mobile home that isn’t connected to the grid but has a real out house. At least a mobile home would have rooms for privacy and inviting over friends.
    But more and more it looks like the Naugler parents are only concerned with fighting about their beliefs and rights. I really wish they would walk away from all of it and focus on the amazing family they have. What a blessing to have so many healthy children!
    Anyway, for lack of a happy ending…I find myself trying to stop looking for updates on the Naugler’s story. Not doing too well with it yet.


  37. “This meant that the wealthy folks were educated and the poor people were not, which led directly to the rich having undue power over the poor. That’s the world that Nicole Naugler would like to see come back.”

    How ironic BLBlogger. Because Nicole would swear up and down she is for FREEDOM for all people and contrary to the class/caste system. Yet it is the advent of PUBLIC EDUCATION that paved the way for poor children to rise from abject poverty and find empowerment.


  38. Patricia, can you tell us what Nicole did when her daughter ran away? Did she call police? Did she seem concerned?


  39. ” What a blessing to have so many healthy children!”

    Who says the children are mentally or physically healthy, except Nicole and we know she is a liar. I doubt if she even knows if the children are healthy because she does not take them in for medical care, ever.

    The odds of these children not having any medical issues, dental issues or mental health concerns, not to mention developmental delays due to the chaos they live in is slim to nil.


  40. Patricia, can you tell us what Nicole did when her daughter ran away? Did she call police? Did she seem concerned?

    I can tell you. The daughter was picked up by a neighbor who brought her home and then notified the police. The officers came out to the property and were met by Nicole who recorded it all while screeching. They wanted to talk with the daughter out of earshot of her parents and Nicole (and then Joe, who showed up when Nicole called him) accused them of wanting to rape her or something like that.

    They insist that the daughter simply “went for a walk.” She was found something like a mile away from their property.


  41. BLB, you should post that video. I do believe that some of the new “victims” that have been commenting on The Blessed Little Homestead page are not aware of the circumstances that have occurred over the past year. They are unaware that Nicole has been grooming them for donations. That her page is designed for just that, donations and nothing more.


  42. “That’s the world that Nicole Nauglers would like to see come back”.

    Except for the community spirit of helping one’s neighbors, working for a living, and of course: sherrifs!


  43. @freedom fighters gone wrong: I find it hard to believe that there are recent “wrong side of the covers” Nauglers wandering around. J has absolutely nothing to offer in a relationship. I can’t imagine how low a woman’s self esteem would have to be to even consider such a match.


  44. Another NEW blog post. She is competing with you now, Sally. Who will have the last word? Ha. Blessed Little Blog is now the inspiration for Nicole and her Blessed Little Homestead.

    This newest entry is complete with constant, contrived attempts at manipulating your emotions throughout. It’s all about the children, she says. They were abused. They were wronged. (For once, Nicole isnt playing the victim herself.) And she goes on and on… releasing new, very revealing, very telling details regarding foster care, and her childrens feelings of insecurity, fear, and a loss of motivation.

    And somehow, she will not accept any accountability! None! Nicole and Joe are the reason their children were taken. They had their children so vulnerable, that it was impossible for Murphy’s law NOT to have happened. Take some responsibility, Nauglers! You fucked up! Admit it, and apologize to your children!! Apologize, start the healing process.


  45. “The odds of these children not having any medical issues, dental issues or mental health concerns, not to mention developmental delays due to the chaos they live in is slim to nil.”

    When supporters on the BLH page write how healthy and happy the N kids are, I always want to ask them how they know this? Same for their education!

    It also seems as if quite a few Naugler supporters are beginning to hop over the fence to get away from the insanity! Asking great questions and quite a few who have stated they will no longer click on the BLH FB page because of Drama Queen Nicole and her crazy rants that just don’t add up.

    (And I have a feeling the only reason trips to the library exist are because of air-conditioning and indoor plumbing for N & J)


  46. It’s hard for me to understand why those kids were returned, and why they’re still there now.


  47. BLB – on one of the recordings re: the runaway, didn’t Nicole or Joe state they were “camping” there and in response to a question about whether they had moved to their current site from (name of town) they lied and said that wasn’t them?

    They insist they did nothing wrong, so why lie about where they lived before?


  48. Those children have zero access to social media or the internet for that matter unless Nicole and Joe allow it. They totally control it. A Kindle Fire only can go online with WiFi (or a tether to a phone if somebody knows how to do that).

    How would the children know what is being said, for example, on Free Jinger? How would they know there was a Free Jinger site? How would they know this blog exists?

    If those children “know” that there are critics, it is because Nicole and Joe have told them so.

    Nobody did anything to threaten those kids in any way during the Blessed Little Excursion, for instance. Not one thing. I never laid eyes on those kids.

    The people that the children have seen go berserk are their own parents.


  49. @ Beth. Hookers don’t have to like their clients. It’s all about the cash.


  50. @Iam Terrified: The Blessed Little Three-Sided Shanty had a long, raised platform made from plywood, with a kind of windbreak that sort of worked if you lay flat. On one end of the platform was a bare mattress. The kids, all of them, were lined up like hot dog buns in a bag on the rest of the platform. Was there at least a privacy curtain between that horrible mattress and the bare plywood the children slept on? No. No there was not.

    Mrs. Naugler has some kind of Thing about making her children sleep in a pile. At one time they had a house, with bedrooms, and she blocked them off and made the children all sleep together in the living room. Then there was the Blessed Little Shanty. After that they put everybody together in the loft of the first Blessed Little Toolshed, IIRC, except for one of the older boys who moved into his own Blessed Little Mini-Shanty for the summer. Now the three oldest boys have actually managed to make the Blessed Little Shanty sort of organized, but the rest of the kids still have to sleep in the loft.

    The Nauglers also have some kind of Thing about not letting their children attend to their toilet needs in privacy. The current “outhouse” (bucket shed) has no door, and the last one didn’t even have opaque walls! Frankly I’m amazed that they didn’t pry the door off that Portajohn as soon as they set it up.

    @Blessed Little Blogger: I keep posting the Job Corps number (800-733-5627) and the link to that homeschool curriculum that can be adjusted to be 100 percent free Kindle downloads with a little work ( because I hope that the Nauglers sometimes get careless. Maybe the kids will see one of my posts. Maybe, maybe, maybe.


  51. Joe cares for no one but himself. Everyone else exists to serve his wants. People who are better off, in his mind, are supposed to give him whatever he wants. Part of the fun of it for Joe is to con and swindle people. If sources of conning or swindling dry up in an area, no matter. He’s got Nicole and kids to do his bidding. That’s their whole purpose of existence as far as he is concerned. Nicole is a very willing enabler who would rather perform the duties Joe expects than see her children raised, clothed, fed, housed and educated to succeed in life. Her priority is her codependency on Joe which, of course, works just great for Joe. The kids are the very least priority of their parents who seemingly regard them as nuisances and pawns for grifting. The only effectual ally the kids have is the law.


  52. I wonder where and when the next nauglette will be born?

    Have we got any confirmation on pregnancy? I know in a few videos there are certain angles where she definitely has the look of a round belly. I wish her baby making equipment would stop working already. Give that fertility to a family who deserves it. Ffs she is 40 and popped out 11 already, (hell even PA forgot in the recording how many they have) . Enough is enough. Just because you can produce like rabbits doesn’t mean you should :/


  53. RE: Iam Horrified

    The child who ran away & the child got her hair cut are one in the same sadly!


  54. I just want to say I have had he pleasure of meeting Patricia and becoming friends through this God forsaken story! I’m planning on making a visit to her in Kantucky one of these days! She is smart , funny and amazing to animals!!! I have the pleasure of seeing her wonderful grooming jobs on Facebook! She is a remarkable lady who didn’t deserve the likes of the nauglers!

    I just want to say here in SC I am blessed to have an amazing groomers who gets dogs on another level. She really is a doggy whisperer! I’m blessed to have her and she lives her life’s work taking care of unwanted animals just like Patricia! I would not hesitate to take my doggies to Patricia! She truly loves animals and lives that! Nicole couldn’t even be bothered to take care of her animals when her and fat ass were to good to live in the shit shack when the kids are in date care and moved into a hotel. One dog went missing and one was found dead. They claimed it was because another very sweet friend of mine drove 3,000 miles to kill one dog and kidnap the other! That is a crock of insane shit bucket shit ! Groomer Nicole Hingis so much of her own animals she left them to fend for themselves while her and lardass lived it up at the hotel ! I would never trust my animals to someone like that! We have 4 dogs , 2 cats , 2 gerbils , a gecko and a hedge hog. My part time job requires me to travel around 15 weekends or more a year! Every single one of those animals is boarded or has a sitter! Even the gerbils! We pay probably $1500 a year for our pets to be taken care of while we are away!

    Now I know Sally doesn’t want us to speak on Nicole’s business. . . [admin: then don’t] because God knows Hoe’s worthless crock wearing pedophile ass is not going to bring any money to that family so at least Nicole is trying. I guess you can infact bullshit a bullshitter!!!! Who knew!!

    So proud of you Patricia! I’m screaming from Douth Catolina in my most annoying crazy pageant mom voice “YOU GO GIRL!!!


  55. It the most recent “abuse” blog, Nicole cries that her heart was broken that a foster mom put her three year old in diapers.

    While I admit my three-year-olds were probably still in the pull-up stage at that point, at least s/he knew the basics of toileting.

    This seems to back up the thought that those kids are running around the woods pooping and peeing wherever they like.


  56. Sorry Sally! Won’t happen again. Sorry for my spelling y’all . When I get passionate I type faster than I think and the dog ate my last pair of glasses and new ones aren’t back yet!

    Kentucky Adjacent I totally agree. I think Nicole’s idea of potty training is to let them poop and pee anywhere . Their have been people who reported pretty much every place the moved from was covered in feces . Imagine being one of those foster parents having to deal with that.


  57. This seems to back up the thought that those kids are running around the woods pooping and peeing wherever they like.

    Maybe. But our son (he would have a fit if he was alive and could read this) still poopied in his pants when he was 4. I remember telling him that if he couldn’t learn to do poopy in his potty, then we couldn’t go to SC to visit his grandma. He really wanted to go, so he got serious and learned. LOL

    I also remember telling myself that I didn’t know a single college student who wasn’t potty-trained, so I quit fretting over it.


  58. Just out on her latest blog. It is hard to fathom that 11 kids were brought into this world, neglected and abused just because Nicole is still mad at her “authoritarian” Daddy. It’s like with every kid she bears, that she really does not want to parent, or can afford for that matter, is a stick it to her Daddy moment. You can’t tell me what to do! Nah nah nah nah nah! Grow the fuck up Nicole and keep your legs closed. It’s time to get over whatever it is that pissed you off over 20 years ago and start getting adult.

    This is a few lines from her blog. She is still so angry with her Daddy. – “I was raised in an authoritarian home. It didn’t work for me, as the child, and I didn’t want to be that type of parent, but I didn’t know any other way. Over the years I have done my best to become a more peaceful parent. And of course, I am still working. There are many aspects to my parenting style, and I say my, because Joe does parent a little differently, as I think is the case in most homes, maybe not. Who knows. He’s a dad, he does dad things.”

    What Dad things does Joe do? Sits outside whatever grooming shop for hours on end with the kids packed in like sardines. Why does he do that anyway? Just sit there with the kids in the van? It appears he has been doing that for years. Joe gets arrested or charged with something on a regular basis. Joe shoots off his mouth and chases neighbors down the road. Joe “quasi” unschools now because he could not even hack normal unschooling let alone homeschooling. Joe, eat Hardee’s every chance he gets. Joe has rarely worked and is not able to keep a job. Joe steals. Joe cheats. Joe lies. Joe yells about his rights. Joe does not too much of anything except make life miserable for his family. These are Daddy things Joe does and she is okay with it.


  59. We were told that three was the magic age with our son, so we really didn’t push it too hard until then. And by the time he was 3.5, it was basically done with a few accidents sometimes. We still did pull ups at night and stuff, though. Nothing wrong with that. If he wasn’t potty trained, he wasn’t. At three, it’s not a big deal and I feel like this is just indicative of other issues.


  60. Two of my kids who had been potty trained for a while started bed wetting when their dad and I seperated and I moved. From what his dr said it’s normal when routines are all messed up. What’s odd is more blog posts in two days than all of last year.


  61. What’s odd is more blog posts in two days than all of last year.

    She’s posting on the blog because she is saying really crappy things about people, by name, and if she did that on Facebook, she’d stand a chance of having her account shut down in twelve seconds. On the blog, she isn’t so vulnerable. In addition, she’s driving traffic to her blog where that beautiful big “donate” button is prominently displayed.


  62. In rereading Nicole’s post and this one, I feel I need to add to what I said and also rethink some of my original comment.

    Nicole states that Sally needed to pay attention since the IRS 20 factor was for the business Nicole worked for after Paper Cuts. Nicole, the paragraph you wrote did not indicate that; the beginning of the paragraph was generic and applied to all ICs in the grooming industry. This was probably unintentional, but it happened because of the way you wrote the paragraph.

    From Nicole’s post:
    “Before I continue my story I want to explain something. In the grooming industry many groomers are hired as independent contractors. This is illegal. The IRS 20 factor test makes this clear.” [No it is not illegal, just challenging. And you started out mentioning the grooming industry as a whole, not a particular business ]. “The other aspect is that the wages are unfair. While 50% commission sounds great at first, when you deduct all the expenses you’re really not making that much money. Independent contractors are responsible for maintaining all their own equipment and paying their own taxes and insurance. ” [Again, nothing to indicate that the 50% commission applies to a particular business and the last statement applies to all ICs]. “At this particular job I was running the entire grooming business by myself.” [Now you turn to this particular business and what you did there. No reason to think that your opening statements applied only to that business].

    Instead you could have stated: Before I continue my story I want to explain something. In the grooming industry many groomers are hired as independent contractors. At this particular business this was illegal and the IRS 20 factor test makes it clear. I feel at this particular business the wages were unfair; I received 50% commission which sounds great at first, …..

    And now I have some thoughts that may not be popular. I have been very upset with Nicole for posting the video of the accident with the neighbor in retaliation for the neighbor taking legal action about the Naugler goats coming on their property. It should have remained a private matter to be discussed with the neighbors, family, and friends or lawyer. Nicole definitely made inaccurate statements about the salon(s) she worked at that needed to be addressed/rebutted, did the other details really need to be disclosed? Are they not private matters? I am going to ponder this for a while (and understand that I cannot even imagine how it feels from your perspective, only empathize).


  63. As usual Nicole has circled back to another time she feels she was wronged.

    She can’t let go. Circle of victim hood. Day in day out. Miserable, lonely, poor beaten down woman who sleeps nights in a shed and runs fast as she can in morning to a real toilet, air/heat, clean water, refrigerated snacks…

    While her kids have none of those comforts during the day at what is supposed to be their home.


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