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  1. Pffft, ” it’s more than petty Facebook shit” because you shit in a bucket. Shit in a bucket and dump it on the ground. Horses can and do damage properties, but for someone who shits in a bucket your bar is low. Now I’m going to brush my teeth and wash my hands because you are nasty.


  2. Obviously it’s more than “petty Facebook stuff” because the neighbors don’t have a Facebook.

    They do have court orders requiring you to keep your livestock off their property.
    When you violate that, even once, it’s called contempt.
    Deal with it.
    Maybe some of that over 45k SHOULD have been spent on fencing, because it’s not like this wasn’t an ongoing problem before you tried to flee and abandon all your animals.


  3. Must rant

    Um, yeah working on recordings doesn’t work too well if you have nothing that you can edit to make Mr. Sneed look evil and you all innocent. Kind of like all of that evidence (screenshots and recordings) that your toddler messed up (eye roll) and that you couldn’t produce in court. Why? Because it never existed.

    As often as one or more Nauglers end up in court with well-founded grievances against them, why have they never produced a single conclusive recording that could vindicate them? All they show are either Nicole getting all histrionic or Joe sneering at the camera and attempting to use big words he doesn’t understand. The closest thing they ever had was a strange and incoherent shouting match with Linda Sneed after Joe did a brake check on her. There wasn’t any video, just stills for the video and extensive ‘clarification’ from manic Nicole on what “really” took place. Some pretty pathetic evidence, Nauglers.

    Here’s the situation, Nauglers. You have zero credibility. You have a huge reputation for being liars, thieves, bullies and stalkers. All I have to do is pay $35 each for Joe and Nicole and I will be rewarded with a pair of rap sheets that go from the basement to the roof with liens, bad checks, arrests, convictions and jail time spread across five states. Now you idiots are just getting creative with the way you guys break the law and mess with people. Raw sewage on the ground? Making your neglected animals nuisances to your neighbor? Joe leering at young women with his son in tow? (Well, Joe leering at young women in Breckinridge County isn’t the first time—maybe Glasgow Ky was). Including your kids in your stealing and intimidation tactics?

    Nauglers, between public records and the way you act on Facebook and every other setting, you idiots confirm every story ever told of how you people terrorize the populace everywhere you go. Five states. But You say you had no problem until Al Wilson. You had no problem until Sheriff Pate. You had no problem until Lisa Luthi. You had no problem until Sally Davis. No problem until Ron and Linda Sneed. Nauglers, are your lips moving? Must be lying (oops), clarifying for Facebook followers who have zero influence to vindicate you.


  4. Oh my, where do start this shit storm. They have notes that they follow when they are trying to tell their truth. Who the fuck needs notes? I had to testify in court as a witness for a family who were trying to get their son in-house treatment for his schizophrenia. He had been my student and had threatened to cut my legs off. I didn’t need notes. I didn’t even need to be reminded of the events. He threatened to cut my legs off; he was in my class; he was about 6’5″ and probably over 200 pounds; he jumped up out of his seat and started backing me into the corner; a student called 911 and another student yelled down the hall and four boys grabbed him, trying to get him away from me. All I said was the final paper is in lieu of the final exam and will be due that day on or before class time. But, supposedly they felt threatened with Mr. Sneed’s gun yet they need notes to give the facts. By the way, which facts. They were sleeping; she was at work; one kid was outside. They cannot even get their damn story straight. The horse got out a couple of times, three times, the first time…which is it? They stop mid sentence to complete their thoughts because they have to think back to what they said or may have said or should have said. Shifty eyes. WTF. They lie…do you know when NicNaug is lying? her mouth is moving….


  5. Don’t be a Blessed Little Homestead of Lies. You can do better. Your children deserve better

    Hint: when you have to keep clarifying your story as more evidence comes out against you everyone knows that you’re lying.

    Hint: when you have to revise your story because people point out the holes in it everyone knows you’re lying.

    Hint: in the case of the Nauglers it would probably make life easier for Nicole Naugler if Joe Naugler could just stick to the script. That he doesng makes for great entertainment but doesn’t help their stories much.

    Hint: telling the truth is easier, not just the right thing to do. You don’t need notes, you don’t need to try to keep track of your lies, you don’t need to go back and “clarify,” you don’t need to purge previous comments and posts, you don’t need to worry about what other witnesses have to say, you don’t have to worry about blowhards variating from the script, and you don’t have to worry about a major credibility problem so that even if you were to finally tell the truth everyone would think you are lying.

    Hint: children learn by example. Even the youngest children notice when their parents are habitual liars. Eventually they could become habitual liars too. They will even and especially lie to their you their parents.

    Oh yeah, and tell whoever was manning the sock “Charles” account the other day that I am crafting him/her the sexual prosthetic/toy that he/she publicly requested on the Nicole C Naugler page. It was interesting to look up the genitalia of Owls and I learned something new. Shall I send it to the shop?


  6. I was thinking .. They are always taking about calling the state police . Here in SC we have what is called Sled short for State Law Enforcement . I have lived in SC for over 9 years now and don’t have the first clue how to get in touch with them . I lived in Bama for 28 years before that . I’m not even sure what the state police were called there . I know there were state troopers that gave out tickets but not sure if that is the same think . I have never had to call the Sheriffs Dept here and have called the city police department twice . Once over a fight that was going on in the neighborhood and once because one of my son’s friends mom came over because she couldn’t find him. The most regular contact I have with law enforcement is maybe once or twice a year when I call *HP which puts you in touch with the highway patrol and that is when I happen to see a tree down in the road after a storm . It is not normal to have the sheriff’s dept and state police on speed dial !!!


  7. I can’t string words together so well this morning because my coffee maker is on the fritz, but let me make sure I have this straight:

    -Horse is loose.
    -Second oldest child goes to collect the horse, encounters armed property owner.
    -Child retreats to tell parents about problem.
    -Father then sends child back out with a bucket of grain while he calls 911, the state police, and mom.

    The parent sent the child back out to engage the allegedly armed property owner while he stayed inside his crapshack and called his wife for help.

    Do I have that right? Because, if so, that is shitty, cowardly, neglectful parenting from a shitty, cowardly, neglectful person.

    There are thirty million ways to handle that situation without sending your child to an armed man’s property, which he has the legal right to defend with lethal force if necessary.

    But that requires either displaying enough restraint to wait on the authorities to arrive, or the effort to keep the horse in its pen, or the balls to step up and retrieve the horse yourself instead of sending your child into potential danger. Or the foresight to look around and realize you live in a particle-board box and you can’t afford a horse.

    Those are just the ones I can come up with while waiting for my husband to come back with my damn coffee.

    Nicole and Joe can play all the stupid games and win all the stupid prizes they want and the internet wouldn’t give a shit beyond the occasional screenshot submitted to r/trashy. They would be left alone to their kingdom of tin cans and dollar store extension cords and have the privacy they swear they crave.

    But these chucklefucks aren’t playing with their own lives. They routinely put their children in harm’s way to protect themselves from legal consequences, collect crowdfunded weed money, or simply for clicks.

    This isn’t even “unparenting”. It’s stuntparenting, and those poor kids are all working without a net.

    I’m sure Nicole would tell you they are independent contractors. *eyeroll*


  8. She had a post the other day about a doctor that was in private practice and took no insurance. All you did was pay a monthly stipend. Now why in the world would she post about anything medical. she would never enroll in that type of plan for her Jabba or her kids. At one time I think she tried to be a half ass member of society, then something happened, she turned her back on her mother, for what ever reason. She hooked up with a criminal and slowly she spiraled down to the point her kids suffered because of it.
    She is posting xmas stuff and I believe she would love nothing more then to celebrate a xmas with her kids but she is so broke she cant and just passes the holiday off. She only has herself and her lazy ass husband to blame.
    I think 2018 will be telling on just how far they can get away with there shit. They could be decent people if they only tried to be productive members of society instead of the cockroaches you only see when you turn the lights on. Heres a hint, shut down your internet, Jabba, get a fucking job. and lose your attack dog Larissa , you know her, the veterans wife from Okl.


  9. If one of my children or grandchildren came to me and said my yippie dog was at the neighbors eating an apple off his tree and he was pissed and had a gun, I would not engage that neighbor. I would not send children are grandchildren to engage. I would call the local cops and explain that my dog is in their apple tree eating the apples and the neighbor has a gun and could they come and assist me in getting my dog back. But what this situation does is begs the questions: why do neighbors need protection when being confronted or confronting the Nooglers? No matter how they spin the story, they end up making themselves look like rambling idiots.


  10. She had a post the other day about a doctor that was in private practice and took no insurance. All you did was pay a monthly stipend.

    That is called “concierge medicine.” It’s very expensive. The monthly stipend is more than monthly insurance payments would be.


  11. @Former Caseworker: Depending on how tightly wrapped I knew the armed neighbor to be, I would presume that the first step would be to say, “Hey, my daughter says she saw her horse on your land from the edge of ours–can she come over with a bucket of grain?” (If he was a bona fide gun nut, I would instead call the cops.)

    But that would involve Martian concepts like “talking to people who don’t think you’re awesome,” “being polite,” “asking instead of taking,” and “forethought.”


  12. “Concierge medicine” also doesn’t cover you if you are in a car wreck and need a surgeon, or a bone set. Nor will you get treated for cancer for less than it will cost you with insurance. It doesn’t include treatment for a stroke or the therapy needed afterward to help your brain.

    Plus they have a family of 12 or 13 to insure. I don’t know how concierge medicine would treat him.


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