9 thoughts on “One Lie at a Time, Episode 3”

  1. I cannot imagine walking around with the amount of anger fat turd and NicNaug carry with them. Fat Turd can barely keep his head from exploding as he spews out Al, Lisa, and Sally…especially Sally. WTF! He should be so happy to have Sally write about his lies because the only thing that keeps his little shit life relevant is Sally’s critique and our commentaries. Oh my they do have anger, don’t they? I suspect that in all the years that these two douches have been harassing and hurting their various contacts (employers, communities, neighbors, family) no one up until now has ever fought back, but this time, fat turd and NicNaug picked on the wrong neighbors and got the attention of people who will not put up with their shit. Sally not only challenges their lies but she also laughs out loud while doing it…none of us trolls gives a flying fuck, so we laugh at her too and this is me laughing at fat turd and NicNaug…LOLOLOLLOOLOL. I laugh when I read how poor old NicNaug would do this and that but she has no money because fat turd doesn’t work. Oh now, that’s funny. I laugh when NicNaug displays her rats nest of hair and things it is a positive journey…I laugh when they talk about their “rocket” stove, their composting toilet, their garden, their list of to dos…..I laugh when they go to the creek to play when we really know they started stinking so badly they had to take the bunch to the creek to clean those nasty asses. Can you imagine the smell; no don’t….I laugh when she tries so hard to be smart and we all know she is as dumb as a bag of rocks. I flip them not one bird but two. I wish I knew how to type birds. You know the middle finger ones. I laugh when they try to threaten those of us who laugh at them. Oh and my son said, mama, let some hillbilly motherfucker (he didn’t say motherfucker, I added that for effect, because he is one of those kids who rebelled against his liberal atheists mother and is all up in the church and their shit) try to mess with you…I’ll go get cousin Ed and Fred (Ed and Fred are my nephews who are very shady) and will go pay a little visit to the fat son of a bitch (his words not mine) and teach him a little redneck retribution. Yep. My son loves his mommy so I can laugh out loud and point my fingers at them. But even without my son or even my old fart, I would not be afraid of that fat assed turd. You know, if you cannot bend over and tie your own shoes so you have to wear crocs all the time and your ass shows more crack than harlem, you cannot scare me. I know my way around lazy fat fucks.


  2. Ooh Jeannie. You had me laughing at fat try and NicNaug.

    Joseph Naugler and Nicole Naugler have always been the blessed little “agitating trolls.” What they feared most has occurred. The community removed the bridge they’ve been hiding under. Now the sunlight can shine in. Trolls don’t like the sunlight. It shows the truth, IMO, that they’re the liars and bullies, the encroachers and predators, not nice neighbors at all.

    It was all so easy. Such fun and games for the Nauglers. They played the victim card online when no one else was there to refute them. They haven’t handled being criticized or revealed very well have they?

    There is so much more. It’s only going to get better from here.


  3. While attending High School many moons ago I remember my Ag Teacher telling our Future Farmers of America Class Quote, ” For those of you who are going to inherit the family farm you’re all going to need to stick together and get along. Cause you’ll be seeing each other every week for the next fifty to sixty years.”

    The same can be said for neighbor’s in a community too !!!

    But the Naugler’s don’t even want to try to be good neighbor’s or fit into the community. Instead they’re abusive towards them, take advantage of their patients and kindness, confrontational and just plain – outright liars.
    The ONLY community they want to get along with is the on-line kind. People they can sucker, fool and con- outta money – by portraying themselves as victims. Trying to convince people that the locals and others ( Trolls ) are out to get them with hideous allegations and accusations- accusing people of illegal acts or wrong doing to over 47,000 followers.

    The Naugler’s do not even know who all these followers are, or what they are capable of – they don’t care – that they are potentially endangering other’s or even themselves with all this on-line chatter, gossip, pointing fingers and out-right lies.

    I agree with Al Wilson, the bullshit and lies have got to stop. I also agree with Mr, Sneed, that one day all this will come to a screeching hilt and just might come back to bite the Nozzler’s in the ass.


  4. The ONLY community they want to get along with is the on-line kind.

    She’s not even nice to her own supporters. She’s often bitchy and rude and nasty to them. I don’t know why any of them stay.


  5. I find it interesting that Nicole isn’t mentioning these wonderful videos and she hasn’t made mention of Sally’s blog lately. All I hear is crickets. Do you think maybe she has realized she’s her own worse enemy? I kind of hope not. I like it when she makes crap up and does her spin control. She should be a politician cause like them, she sucks at spin and is laughable.


  6. “She’s not even nice to her own supporters. She’s often bitchy and rude and nasty to them. I don’t know why any of them stay.” I’m glad you mentioned that. I was looking through comments on BLH just yesterday. She really loses her shit when people ask about how they wash dishes, keep things (fridge, freezer), and dispose of garbage. She gets asked this a lot. Those things are one of the basis of homesteading, just answer them if you, Nicole, are such a wonderful homesteader. They really aren’t hard questions. You can show people you have babies, a lot, you have chickens, etc but nothing that is really homesteading. You show no homesteading skills, none. Anyone can buy critters but you show absolutely no utilization. I think hoarding is a better description, not homesteading.


  7. And the truth shall set you FREE! What a pair of Blowhards! LoL they was meant for each other. LOL


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