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  1. For someone who screams we are trying to distroy her livelihood, she sure does not hesitate to do her best to try to ruin others. There is quite a list of people she has done this to. Ron is wayyyyy before any of us were involved.


  2. I haven’t watched ep 1 or 2 yet but I just wanted to say that I have a horrible crush on Al. I bet Ron was quite the looker back in his day too. I mean, I can’t swoon over Al and completely disregard Ron. Is it something in the water? Besides Naugler shit. Thank god for rain catchment, which Al’s looks almost as beautiful as himself.


  3. There should be a prosecution. All the willful, intentional, false reporting calls. Directly attributable to Nicole’s grudges.

    One day, the buck is gonna stop. There will be consequences.

    I imagine she has been pulling this sort of stuff her whole life.


  4. We hear today that when the children work at the shop its called homeschooling vocational training. I cannot believe that any of her followers believe that shit when we see the older kids taking care of the brood laying around on shitty blankets ,sick as dogs while she takes a pic of it. The woman is a fucking delusional bitch. Her humpers have really narrowed down to nothing ,but people who themselves have been reported to CPS for one reason or another. Shows hte type of people who follow her.


  5. I love this guy already and I love that he calls her Mrs. Nozzler LOL 🙂 You can tell when someone is lying, this guy is not lying. Look at his body language, look how he isnt throwing blame at others, the way Nic Nag does. Nicole goes flying her defensiveness around, and that is a dead give away of lying.


  6. When is she going to be prosecuted for the bullshit?😣

    To answer your other question, sometimes the spam software on this blog goes berserk and assumes you are spam when you are not. Hence, your comments were filtered out. I have no idea why it happens to some people and not others, but I check all of it.


  7. Exactly. She doesn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and make false allegations on anyone and everyone. I’m not sure she is even capable of telling the truth at this point.


  8. I was wondering why Mr. Sneed would be willing to put himself on camera and risk the wrath of the Naugler clan. Now I’m starting to understand. He’s been under fire from them regardless of whether or not he speaks up. Might as well get his side of it out in that case.


  9. poorkids says “You can tell when someone is lying, this guy is not lying. ”
    Is it bad that I have never ever heard an old person lie? I worked in a nursing home environment for 10 years, they were brutally honest lol


  10. I imagine she has been pulling this sort of stuff her whole life.

    Sure she and he have, non rent payment, stealing water and who knows what else. and remember, its never there fault, losers. Vocational homeschool training lol, Still laugh at that one.


  11. Remember when Nicole C Naugler realized that Ron Sneed had filmed the interview? She went hysterical and accused the “trolls” of agitating the situation. Why would she think Ron Sneed telling his side of the story was agitation if all the things she and Joe Naugler have said about their wonderful relationship with their neighbor were true? Maybe because the stories Joe and Nicole have been trying to sell are just that, bullshit stories.

    She has been torturing her neighbors online and off for years, imho. Photos, videos, audio recordings all carefully Naugler edited. Besides posting on her public pages and blogs she has even resorted to calling the news stations to do stories about it. One sided stories in which only Nicole Naugler, Joe Naugler and Naugler children feature. NIcole then also adds her commentary to the news station Facebook pages. Yet Ron finally responding becomes “troll agitation.”

    Blessed Little Homestead engages in online war, imho. The “other side” which Joe and Nicole have asserted does not exist has finally come online.
    This is just the beginning. There is so much more that will be revealed.

    The truth it’s hard.


  12. Hmmm…..so interesting that NN never told this story. Oh that’s right it would be hard to admit you are calling in false accusations about someones business when your piss ass crying like a little bitch about people posting false reviews on your business page. You and your life are such a joke…..and not even a good joke!! I would crawl in a hole somewhere!!


  13. If only every single official that has had to investigate every single false accusation had followed through with charges or consequences for the Nauglers. Or any official issue at all. They have skated by for far too long.


  14. For someone who hates the government she sure calls governmental agencies quite a bit.

    Someone needs to call the fire safety department for modular homes and such to come down and look at that fire trap of a cabin.

    Someone needs to contact the owner of where she rents her business. Let them know that she uses the place of business for things other than washing dog butts. Like cutting & dying peoples hair, bathing her family there, and using her place of business to let her uneducated children work.

    She once stated that she turns the gas off to save on heating bills. I asked her before I was banned if that means she bathed the dogs in cold water. She never responded.


  15. When Nicole or Joe speak, lies come out. What is interesting is the degree that they get bent out of shape over being called on their lies. They hate Sally, Lisa, Mr. Sneed, Al, anyone really who has called them on their lies and malice. Sometimes they are pretty blasé about their lies (Nicole blaming her children for her courtroom organizational and lack of evidence disaster). Sometimes they are quite indignant (Nicole’s reaction to Lisa’s lawyer’s question about the online grifting—I Do Not!). Why blame the kids so casually? Why get so indignant and lie about online grifting when PayPal can easily verify the donations? Heck when you could go to her blessed little whatever websites and see the PayPal button and the open invitation to donate? In all cases, the Nauglers open their mouths to avoid and deflect responsibility and try to impose their fantasy of blamelessness on others. The really bizarre thing is they feign this blameless lie for the gullible donating public while actively terrorizing those around them. Well, everything about the Nauglers is, to be charitable, bizarre. To be factual if the Nauglers up and disappeared into the night to some wonderful place with limited law enforcement like northern Greenland, everyone they’ve antagonized and tried to terrorize in Kentucky would celebrate with fireworks.


  16. Hello there, Miss Sally!

    I’m writing to apologize for the absurd note that I left here yesterday. I know Deb has informed you that it was just a silly prank, but I absolutely owe you an apology for having to read that bullshit! I legitimately broke out in hives when I reread what I sent. I felt dirty writing those words of affection for two deranged people.
    I’m so sorry that you were part of my hazing! I owe you!

    I have been following the Naugler mess since late Spring/early Summer. I vaguely remember hearing about the infamous Naugs back in 2015, when the children were taken, but never followed further. Then, while perusing completely unrelated Reddit forum, I happened upon a brief synopsis of the Naugler fiasco. From there, I got sucked into the Naugler Vortex!

    Before joining Debs’ new group, I’d never commented anywhere about any of this. I lurk behind the curtain, so to speak.

    Since those first few days, while trying to sort out who was who and what was what, I have read here, religiously! As soon as I wake and brew my coffee, I start my day here. I’m pretty certain I’ve covered the majority of your entries, including past posts and videos/transcriptions. I absolutely love your writing style! You are gracious, kind, smart, witty and above all, fair. Your integrity shines through even when sharing a harsh criticism. I respect the hell out of your honestly. I love the way your mind works and the way your thoughts freely flow. This blog is an addiction! After I go about my day, I come back and find myself staying awake, far too late, quite often, soaking it all in: The Naugs, your animals (beautiful Frances is the sweetest cow- even with a poopy tail), the way you take care of your home, the way you honor and keep the memory of your precious son alive, etctera… You open your heart and home freely to us and it is most graciously appreciated.

    I’ve even started falling down the Cathy Harris rabbit hole.

    I feel like I’ve come to know a bunch of you wonderful people, without ever speaking to any of you. I live in Rhode Island, too, at the other end of the state. Though here, that’s kind of a joke. It takes an hour, max, to drive from one end to the other.

    Thank you, again, for so eloquently sharing your thoughts on such various subjects with us. Your hard work and talent is very much appreciated!

    It’s an honor getting acquainted with such a great bunch!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Jen [Note: I edited out your last name because paranoia]


  17. The Ns are clearly absolute idiots. I mean I knew they weren’t the brightest of bulbs, but this is just idiocy. Their next door neighbor is a butcher, they should be ingratiating themselves to him as much as possible! A good butcher is worth their weight in gold. Imagine how much easier their lives would be if they could go to their good friend the next door neighbor butcher! My local good butcher is currently booked out to NEXT MAY.


  18. To be factual if the Nauglers up and disappeared into the night to some wonderful place with limited law enforcement like northern Greenland, everyone they’ve antagonized and tried to terrorize in Kentucky would celebrate with fireworks.

    Requires passports which would necessitate leaving children behind. You know, the ones whose births are undocumented (no, photographs don’t count). But let’s say they do figure out a way to get everyone onto a boat and head out for distant shores. They manage to land and strike out to spread Nauglering throughout the land. Then, they get into trouble of some sort. Guess what? They won’t be getting help from an American consulate and they would very much need and want it.

    A stateless person is someone who is “not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law”.

    The Foreign Affairs Manual instructs State Department employees to make it clear to Americans who will become stateless after renunciation that they may face extreme difficulties (including deportation back to the United States) following their renunciation, but to afford such persons their right to give up citizenship.

    Persons intending to renounce U.S. citizenship should be aware that, unless they already possess a foreign nationality, they may be rendered stateless and, thus, lack the protection of any government. They may also have difficulty traveling as they may not be entitled to a passport from any country. Even if they were not stateless, they would still be required to obtain a visa to travel to the United States, or show that they are eligible for admission pursuant to the terms of the Visa Waiver Pilot Program (VWPP). If found ineligible for a visa or the VWPP to come to the U.S., a renunciant, under certain circumstances, could be barred from entering the United States. Nonetheless, renunciation of U.S. citizenship may not prevent a foreign country from deporting that individual back to the United States in some non-citizen status.

    So if you’re lucky, you get shipped back to the USA to sit in a jail for quite a long time.

    Here’s an example of statelessness (Canadian lawsuit):

    Rejected adoptee launches $7M suit (Canadian couple send 9 yr old girl back to Romania)
    Toronto Star ^ | Feb. 16, 2005 | OLIVIA WARD
    Posted on 2/16/2005, 10:46:17 PM by FairOpinion

    Romanian-born girl sent home after 5 months Faced poverty, deprivation as a stateless person.

    Romanian-born Alexandra Austin, who was adopted by an Ontario couple but sent back five months later to poverty and deprivation, has launched a $7 million lawsuit against her adoptive parents, the Canadian and Ontario governments and Swiss International Air Lines.

    The suit, filed by Toronto lawyer Jeffrey Wilson, is also a landmark human rights case that aims to eradicate inequalities in the federal Citizenship Act that allow foreign-born adopted children to fall through the international cracks, becoming stateless if their new parents fail to apply for Canadian citizenship.

    “Internationally this will be a landmark case,” says Wilson. “It forces us to look at the issue of `What do we, the international community, owe to an adopted child?'”

    Austin, a slight, fragile-looking woman of 22, has been in a permanent identity crisis since she was returned abruptly to Romania in 1991, alone, at the age of 9. With neither Romanian nor Canadian citizenship, she lost entitlement to education, health care and the use of her original name.

    The civil suit, filed in the Ontario Superior Court, charges her adoptive parents with negligence, “reckless infliction of nervous shock, mental distress and abandonment of a child.” It is based on the income and benefits that Austin would lose over a lifetime as a result of the failed adoption, Wilson said. The total sum could exceed $7 million.

    “Nobody should ever do this to a child,” Austin told reporters yesterday . “I’ve lost my childhood and my identity.”

    Fourteen years ago, Austin was adopted by Ontario surgical resident Joseph John Austin and his wife Silvana di Giacomo. The couple is now divorced: he is a prominent doctor in Bellevue, Wash., near Seattle; she is a resident of Rome.

    But after five months in the Austins’ Ancaster home, Alexandra was driven to the airport and put on a plane for return to Bucharest. Shortly afterward, the Austins adopted a Romanian baby girl.

    Alexandra was welcome in neither world. In the Bucharest airport she waited for two hours, alone, until she was met by Stephan Tinculesco, the Romanian “middleman” who had helped to facilitate the adoption. He returned her to her mother. But the Romanian government refused to repatriate her, as her original documents had been changed to reflect her new status as an adoptee. She was issued with a Romanian passport, but listed as a Canadian citizen.

    Canada had accepted her as a landed immigrant when the adoption was approved. But as she left the country before her adoptive parents filed a citizenship application, she never became Canadian.

    Years of desperation followed, as Austin was denied the right to use her original surname, and her mother had no parental rights or benefits. Austin was denied medical care or education, leaving her with only Grade 3 educational level.

    “I do some house cleaning,” she said. “That is all I can do.”

    The Romanian authorities have also refused to grant Austin’s daughter citizenship, and the child has no right to state education or health services.

    Joseph Austin refused to comment on the case, and cannot be extradited when it comes to trial if he chooses not to appear in court.

    The lawsuit charges the federal government with violating Alexandra Austin’s rights and causing her harm by failing to grant her citizenship — urging that the law be changed so that future adoptees are automatically made citizens. It asks that Austin now be awarded citizenship.

    The suit also claims that the Ontario government failed in its responsibility to evaluate the adoptive parents and to follow up the adoption once Austin was in the province.

    Chilling, isn’t it?


  19. From these two videos and Mr. Wilson’s online presence, both Mr. Wilson and Mr. Sneed appear to be great guys that would be easy to get along with, as well as both being full of knowledge that would be highly useful for someone attempting to homestead, if you aren’t the lazy, disgusting, lying sacks of fecal material that Joe and Nicole are. If you poke at the dog long enough and hard enough, he is going to bite you, and it looks like the proverbial chicks are finally coming home to roost. I truly hope the consequences for their actions come sooner rather than later because every day those kids stay in that hell hole, they become more indoctrinated and harder to help.


  20. I’m writing to apologize for the absurd note that I left here yesterday.

    Jen, it was hilarious. I sort of knew there had to be some sort of prank going on just by the wording. And then Deb told me about the joke. Apparently, she got my alter ego (there is another person who has access to the controls on this blog in case I can’t do stuff) to remove some of them because she thought I might get royally peeved. But I wasn’t. It was just funny.


  21. Please tell me Jen was Leave Nikki Alone? I was really hoping that was a joke because if it isn’t….I’m concerned for that person’s educational needs.


  22. I’d just love it if the Nauglers would go someplace where they couldn’t grift any more or try to terrorize other people any more. And someplace with no signal for their internet. Dang, did I just describe Nicole’s version of hell?


  23. Phew! I’m so thankful you weren’t offended, Sally! I broke out with hives after I sent that malarkey!

    Jane, I was not Leave Nikki Alone

    Full Disclosure: I did go through the trouble of setting up a fake e-mail, but ended up using my real.

    Glad to be here! It feels great to be out!

    One thing that really jumps out at me, watching these videos, is the stark contrast in body language and delivery between the Nic and Mr.Sneed/Al clips.

    Nic is very rehearsed. She is nervous and seems paranoid. She often looks down at her notes, stumbles over her words…she’s trying to sell the bullshit she’s spewing!

    While both Mr. Sneed and Al, speak from their hearts. Their words flow. Their relaxed demeanor and direct recall of events is effortless. It’s easy to see they’re both telling the truth.

    It’s actually difficult to put into words, but very clear to see. I’d venture to guess that someone who had never heard of any of these people, presented with the video, would be able to easily pick out who is telling the truth and who isn’t.


  24. #SorryNotSorry

    If you want in the cool kids group you have to prove yourself!!!

    its THE NATION group….join if you dare…you have to answer 3 questions to even be considered.

    They are the elite Nationals and they worship me!



    Groups are fun as hell though!


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