Oh, Good Grief

So here’s the latest bunch of bullshit from Nicole.  I’m going to reproduce most of it here, because she’s naming names, including mine, and accusing me of criminal activity.

I want to begin with her opening sentence.

The tabloid blog writer and a crafty cyber bully/stalker are using the KY Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch to drive traffic to their defamatory and harassing blogs.

I want Nicole to explain in detail exactly how that works.  How am I using the Ranch to drive traffic here?

If you go to Ebay and look at stuff, you won’t see a word about the blog.  If you go to the Ranch’s website or FB page, again, you won’t see one word about this blog. So how am I using them to drive traffic here?

First, I am not “stalking, harassing, or defaming” anyone. She already tried to claim this in court with Lisa and failed abysmally.

Second, Nicole, please learn how to use possessive apostrophes. You don’t know.

Third, I barely ever drink anything.

I am glad to see that you are stating that you are the one who called us “internet trolls.”  We didn’t. You did.  We simply embraced the term.  And you stole “psycho stalker” from Cathy Harris.  Can’t you be original?

What we discuss here are the facts of your case and the merits of your lifestyle choices.  That is exactly what is happening. I’m glad you’re okay with that since you have no way to control it.

You’re right, last year I did put up a piece about the Ranch and designated it as this blog’s charity of choice.

I know you don’t have any experience with this because your blogs have never gotten enough traffic to bother, but when a blog gets to the point where it has a sustained 2, 3, 4ooo or so page views daily, it becomes feasible to monetize it.

Romancing never did that. The audience there was narrowly targeted and I never sought to expand it.

This one was different.

I had to make some choices, though.  One choice would have been to put ads all over it and make money on clicks.  I opted for a big NO on that.  It’s annoying as hell.  I also had to figure out, if I tried monetizing, where the money would go.

I don’t want it.  I never wanted it.  I have never made a dime blogging—in fact, it costs me money—and I saw no reason to start.  So supporting a charity seemed like a good idea.

But then the question was: which charity?

I asked around. I got some suggestions, like Wounded Warriors (a good idea and one I considered).  However, I really liked the idea of a Kentucky-based charity and one that benefited kids.

One day, I got a flyer in the mail from the sheriff of my county about the Ranch and as I was reading, light bulbs went off. I did some checking. My next-door neighbor was a deputy sheriff, so I asked him about it.  Good organization, he said. I asked some other folks.  Well thought of throughout the state, they said.

I looked at their website.  It’s well done, but not too well done.  It doesn’t look like they paid a huge amount of money to some flashy designer to make a website.  It looked like they actually spend the money on the kids.

And it’s a charity run by sheriffs.

This just tickled my innards, frankly.

So, I wrote something about it. Go read it.  It’s worth looking at in light of all this.  It was written July 23, 2016.  Nicole has had little to nothing to say about it in a solid year. She didn’t care.

Let me start here with Eulanda. Yes, Deb made a Eulanda troll, and I am the one who suggested it. It was adorable. Eulanda is adorable.  I think she is funny as everything. She is also mean as hell and says terrible things about me, so spare me the violins.  When somebody says publicly that she thinks I should serve life in prison for writing a blog, she’s open-season.

But notice that the big sellers are the kingpin trolls?  The first troll on Ebay was ME. It was hilarious. We have loved them, and they mock us. 

Nicole includes a screen shot which shows that the email address used on the Paypal account is romancingvictims.net.

Please go back and read what I wrote on July 23, 2016 where I mentioned that.

I own several domain names.  I manage Nathan’s website (nathan-davis.com). I also am the web manager for the movie website (we do not own the movie).  In addition, I have several domain names that are used simply to forward traffic to Nathan’s website (nathandavismusic.com, for example).

With each one of those domain names, I can have a certain number of email addresses.  In fact, here are the email addresses I am entitled to at just one of my service providers.

See that?  I have seven.  Actually, I have fewer than that. Dave has a few.  But I can have 3493 more if I wish.

I also have more than one Paypal account.  That’s because Nathan’s music requires that I have two.  There are good reasons for that which are too complicated to go into but yeah, I have two Paypal accounts for his music.  Each one has to be linked to a different bank account.  It’s just the way Paypal works.

When I set up Paypal for the Ranch, I did not want it run through either of those accounts.  So I made a new one.

Remember when I went on the cruise?  I needed to be able to check my email from the ship. I did not want all my email to download into my Kindle.  Instead, I just wanted to be able to go to my email account and check it. For that reason, I made all my email available only on the web. I logged into my email accounts (bundled) on the web and checked it there.

But this blog is not hosted by my main internet service provider.  It’s hosted separately, mostly because I got a great deal on the service because they were having a huge sale.

I had trouble right from the gate getting access to email from the domain name blessedlittleblog.com.  The problem was due mostly to my own internet provider and it’s terribly technical, but after discussing it with everyone concerned, we concluded that I simply cannot access BLB email on the web.  So I never used it.  It was just too much trouble.

However, several months ago, as everyone knows, I decided to let Romancing go. That meant, I knew, that I would lose the domain name and thus access to that email.  And I also knew that meant that I absolutely had to figure out the email problem with BLB.  So I did. I worked on it for several weeks, in fact, and finally got a work-around.

At that point, I changed the email address on that Paypal account to the BLB.

If  you click on the donate button on this blog, this is what you will see.

This is not new. It’s been like this for quite some time.

Okay, moving on. Romancing is not written to “harass a rape victim.”  If Cathy Harris is a rape victim, so is Alex, Nicole.

I  never had a donate button on the Romancing site.  That’s simply a figment of Nicole’s imagination.  It was never there. The entire website is gone now. It’s all housed right here.

And that leads me to “tax write offs.”

What in the fuck is Nicole talking about?

What “tax write offs”?

The Ranch is a 501(c)3 organization, which means that money donated is tax deductible.  Maybe I should have gone into all this earlier, but hell, who would have thought this shit would be flung about?

Here’s the deal with taxes.

If you donate to the Ranch, out and out donation, cash money, you are entitled to a tax deduction in the amount that you donated.

Here are the applicable rules about substantiating such a donation.

Nicole does not file or pay federal income taxes except sporadically, and likely has never run into any of this, and doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about.

If you donate more than $75 in cash to the Ranch, and if you want a statement saying that you did, there are two ways to get one.  First, contact me, if you donated through Paypal, and I will send the info to Tracy at the Ranch and she will send you a statement. The second way is to simply skip the Paypal button altogether and donate yourself independently, via the link I provided in the side bar.

When it comes to the $20 trolls, none of this applies.  It also does not apply to the stuff on Ebay.

That’s because you are not donating cash outright. You’re getting a troll here on the blog, or you’re getting something else on Ebay.  Those items have value. You’re buying something.

And when you get value for your donation, you have to reduce the amount donated by the value of what you received.

In the case of the $20 troll, $5 is for shipping and doesn’t count at all.  So you’re paying $15 for a troll.  Those are one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  You put a value on them. I can’t. I would say that the troll sitting right now on my computer is worth way more than $15, so I have no taxable deduction coming to me.

Ditto the art pieces sold on Ebay.

How do you value a one-of-a-kind sculpture? I’ll tell you how. You see what it sold for. That’s what it’s worth.  No taxable deduction.

Nobody gets one. Tracy doesn’t send me a statement saying I donated X dollars to the Ranch because she knows I am forwarding lots of bits of money from lots of different people.  I can’t deduct shit on my taxes without that substantiation from Tracy and she isn’t giving it to me.

Again, exactly how is the troll stuff driving traffic to the blog?  It’s actually driving traffic to Ebay.

Now the funds being transferred here are being sent from Deborah Whitehouse’s husband to Tracy Powell‘s husband.


No, you dumb fuck.

Tracy is getting the Paypal money via her own Paypal account, which appears to be in the name of her husband.  (Lots of people do that.) If you don’t like that, take it up with Tracy, not me.

And the money I am sending to Deb’s husband (again, that’s Deb’s Paypal account) is for shipping.

And yes, we all know you have a Paypal account.  And you know all about donations, don’t you?

But none of this applies to the Ebay stuff. Ebay forwards the money to the Ranch, not Deb. Not through Paypal.

Yes, Todd Pate is on the board. This is something I frankly did not know until yesterday when all this came up.  But there are a quite a few sheriffs on the board. In fact, the whole board is made up of sheriffs.

And Todd Pate is a sheriff.

You didn’t link me to shit, Nicole.  Lots of people read this blog.  Lots of people send me friend requests, more than you can imagine. And I accept most of them, unless they’re obviously from Bangladesh. One of those people was Todd Pate’s mother-in-law.  So what?

Do you want me to start combing through your pages, looking to see who comments and snooping about until I can link you to somebody who has done something, say, criminal?  I can, you know. I will if you don’t stop it.  And then I’ll blame you for everything they do or say.

And here’s where you made your big mistake.

Let me explain something to you, Nicole, in the simplest terms I can. You can insult me. That’s fine. I don’t care. You can and have insulted my husband. That bothers me more, but still, I can sort of ignore it.

You come after my dead child and insult him when he cannot defend himself and all you do is show that you are lower than whale-shit.

I more or less ignore that.

But now, you’ve gone after my friends. Real friends. In real life friends. People I care about.  It’s bad enough that you insult Deb. She’s out of your reach and she just laughs.  It’s worse that you go after Lisa.

But you’ve gone after the livelihood of a man who is like a brother to me.

Read that sentence again.


You’ve gone after the livelihood of a man who is like a brother to me.

You’re trying to get him fired.

You’re entirely full of shit and you can’t do it, because he didn’t do what you’re claiming, but you tried. You wanted to.

And I won’t forget.

Remember that.

Would you prefer that he keep his eyes closed as he flies?

You didn’t get a phone call back because you’re out of your mind.

Al’s flights are all mapped. They are traced. He doesn’t take that helicopter ten feet in any direction (and that includes up and down) without it being logged and mapped.  His employers can tell you everywhere he flew on any day and at what altitude, so go suck an egg.

Al is right.

You have opened a whole new playbook.

We’ll see how that works out for you.

Since Deb doesn’t live in Radcliff, I assume Deb didn’t take the photo.  I don’t live there either, and I assure you I didn’t take it.  Lisa lives in Louisville and if she went to Radcliff, it wouldn’t be to Walmart or wherever you were.  And Al is busy flying and watching your property from the air.

So fuck off, Nicole. You got notoriety.  You wanted it and you got it.

And there we have what has you all pissed off. We’re making more than you are.

No, Nicole. We’re using troll dolls to 1) send under-privileged children to camp and 2) make fun of the name you gave us.

You’re right.  There are not a few people sharing opinions. There are several thousand people sharing opinions, and none of them are good when it comes to you.

You keep digging. Perhaps you’ll finally get that outhouse hole dug at last.



51 thoughts on “Oh, Good Grief”

  1. She makes it too easy to laugh… LOL

    Im glad you were able to help kids with the charity money. Seeing people do good is a great thing.


  2. Nicole and her humpers are fond of claiming we “trolls” are jealous of her family, her business, her shedstead, her marriage, her happy, happy, happy blessed little life.

    But all one has to do is read her pathetic attempts to cause trouble for anyone who so much as blinks at her in a manner she doesn’t like, to see who is really jealous.

    Nicole, stop it. Just stop it. If you “just want to live in peace and blog on FB,” then, goddammit, do it instead of trying to bend your critics to your will.

    Nicole, you are not going to win. For every “troll” you try to muzzle, 25 more step up. There are hundreds, if not thousands of us.

    There is only one you, one Joe. You’re absolutely not going to win this “war of words.” You’re just not.


  3. One more time Nicole. A person doesn’t have to be drunk to be laughing and happy. I know the concept is foreign to you considering that you seem to be engulfed in a cloud of rage and bitterness. I don’t drink. I’m not an alcoholic. You are a liar, and it will come back to bite you in the butt.

    I am a very happy person. I wake up everyday happy. I laugh all the time. I enjoy my life. I am engulfed in a cloud of love and sunshine. It’s not because my life is better than yours. I have had my trials and tribulations. It’s an attitude. It’s what you give and what you receive back due to being a good person.

    I am also one very smart, dedicated, determined, and strong woman. I have explained before that because I am lucky enough to have these attributes I have spent my life being a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for other people. I do not tolerate nor do I bend to bullies. I stand up to them. I expose them. I defang them if necessary. I do what needs to be done until they learn that me and mine are not their prey. The best part is that I enjoy it as I enjoy almost everything else in my life. You’re not the only one having “fun” as you like to call your harassment and bullying of people.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for your live feed “connecting the dots” or any actual evidence you keep claiming you’re going to provide. I suspect the dots you are trying to connect are fleas. Your evidence non-existent because facts are facts and you cannot prove lies.


  4. I really haven’t been following all this here lately. I got myself a job, and have been busy with that. Plus I’ve got bigger fish to fry since we have taken a financial hit. My husband needs a new vehicle, and my car is at the body shop, cause my son hit a deer Saturday. So yeah when it rains it pours.

    Anyway what she posted today is completely insane. She is making a lot of accusations. This will soon come back and bite her in the ass.


  5. Even without your commentary, Nicole’s “proof of harassment” usually backfires. I tried to read that blog post earlier today with an open mind. It just kept looking like an anti naug post without much point.


  6. She is deranged.

    If only she knew just how many people all over the country view this blog and shake their heads in collective horror.

    Here’s a wave from Virginia, Nicole! I have nothing to do with Kentucky, nor do I know any of the “trolls” in real life. I do know, a shit ton of people who also sit back and spectate about your idiocy, laziness, and the abusive homestead cult of children you have bred. You sit there pontificating on FaceBook all day, sharing stupid memes, believing anyone actually cares about you or your opinion. Newsflash! When you have more children than teeth, when you have issues with many of your neighbors and community members, when you can’t even provide your children with basic necessities without CPS involvement, then your opinion is worth as much as the contents of your copious homestead buckets.

    Get a grip Nicole. The only bright spot in your life is the hours you get to spend scrolling FB from your on the grid shop. What life do your children have? Sure, they’ve banded together to form a cohesive group in response to your abuse and maniacal ranting, but what kind of life will they have in 10 years? Do you ever think about the life you are setting them up for? Do you even care? What happens when you are too old or too sick to work? What happens to your homestead and children then? You are one step away from life ending disaster and all you can do is tilt and windmills. Un-fucking-believable.


  7. I’m not even stalking….i have to get all my info here… I will admit, i miss being able to click on facebook and stalk my family and friends by reading their posts…its funny when you think about it…I do that to Nicole and i’m STALKING, my family and friends LOVE it…6 of one half a dozen of the other i guess.

    I do laugh at you…a LOT, because you are funny as hell

    My favorite Nicole Naugler move is exactly this….defending her right to suppress mine while being victimized by the authorities that have allowed you to continue to exercise those rights…

    whatever….toughen up


  8. She’s really grasping at straws now. Showing her true colors and lack of coherent thought. Get it through you notty, uncombed head Nicole…some people just don’t like you. Yes, you and that thing you call husband, not your kids. They do not have a choice. It must really suck to be so bitter, jealous and hateful, living life as if everyone is out to get you. Trying to get your victimhood all out there in print naming others and all. Thanks Sally


  9. Nicole must enjoy the pain of dropping a Cinderblock on her foot.

    Nicole’s mind must keep her up at night, rumbling and swirling until she has arranged the facts on her phone to suit her hate filled view of the world.

    All the men in my life would have healed that land by now.
    If Al had found himself, for some reason, stuck with that land, I’ve no doubt it would be gorgeous by now.
    Al probably would have turned all the metal waste into art pieces and created a pond full of fish and crawdads to feed the family.

    I’m betting the hatred Nicole shows for Al is actually misplaced hatred she has for Joe and the awful life Joe has helped her create.

    Nicole has to have a deep, possibly unconscious, burning hatred for Joe.
    Joe is nothing but a blow hard, useless slug.

    Joe has no belt or earned degree for knowledge in the martial arts.
    He claims to be teaching his children what he knows.
    I suspect it’s just a way for him to hit, and cause more pain to the children he is supposed to be protecting.

    Does Joe have any training in fire arm ownership?
    From what we’ve seen of his children’s use of guns, Joe knows nothing of gun safety.
    Guns leaning against trees, walls in the house, held together with duct tape and twine. Children holding their pet while they shoot it in the head.
    Joe is dangerously useless.
    Joe thinks it makes him look manly to strut around with a firearm strapped to his ample hip.

    Nicole keeps saying how wonderful Joe is.
    She brags about how Joe works around their land, how he cooks, and teaches the children every day…
    I’m betting, every once in a while he actually does a little something, and she’s just thrilled. For that moment Joe is close to Nicole’s dreams of what a good man should be, and she rushes to take a picture… of the canned chili he dumped in a pot.

    The reason you don’t see Joe doing any thing other than sitting on the ground pulling some nails out of a board… is because his actually doing something productive is few and far between.

    Nicole can’t take pictures of something that is not happening.
    Joe is a waste of fat molecules.
    Nicole is mired in her life with nowhere to go.
    Instead of taking it out on Joe, she takes it out on someone else.

    Al was her target this time.

    Look up the word “ricochet” Nicole.


  10. I believe she believes she has no fear of reprisals from anyone. The courts have done dick all to them, CPS lets them get away with wasting those children’s futures and lives. She can call anyone anything and nothing really happens. She can lie all she wants there is no consequences to it. She can harass the law enforcement and it’s not stopped. She can throw her shit wherever she wants and gets a probationary time to fix it, like that will happen ! She phones places of employment to bad mouth people, I mean I’m a very patient, forgiving person, I would have flipped and put an end to that!
    She considers herself all powerful because there have been no serious consequences to any of her words or actions and takes advantage of that. It will only continue until something serious is done to stop it, something to make her think twice about opening her big, malicious mouth. In my opinion words have very little effect on her other than to give her fodder for her game. Nothing seems to work on her it seems. She has free rein to injure, threaten, accuse unjustly. lie or whatever she wants. It’s sickening !


  11. Nicole – you petty, spiteful shrew – this convoluted conspiracy theory of yours has to be one of your most hair-brained attempts at “revenge” yet. You start out stating that $1500 was sent to the Ranch, and that you called them to express concern over the manner in which it was raised. Then, later on, you speculate that Deb/Sally/Tracy are really just pocketing the funds in their personal PayPal accounts. So, which is it, Nicole? Did the money go to the Ranch or are Deb and Sally masterminding a “get-rich-slowly” scheme by selling us adorable crafts? Straighten out your tinfoil hat and decide what exactly you are accusing them of.

    The bottom line is that mocking, criticizing, and laughing at you on the internet is not illegal, no matter how you jump up and down and proclaim that it is. You are not being “stalked,” “harassed,” “slandered,” or any other such nonsense. It was proven when you embarrassed yourself in court this spring. You are just a thin-skinned whiner who desperately wants to be taken seriously, and the only people who could possibly believe your claims are the ignorant, excitable leg humpers that you have cultivated a following among. You can encourage them to rally on your behalf, but no one is going to take them any more seriously than they take you.


  12. I happen to know that some people who don’t need troll dolls have donated directly to the ranch recently. I don’t know the amounts but that’s more money going to a good cause and Nicole can’t do a thing about it.


  13. Wait — she put your dog on a rehoming site???

    No, she posted my full name and address and told people I was giving away my dog. She’s posted my address a couple of times.


  14. Not the first time she called an employer to get someone who had a differing opinion fired. This is the same old shit she has been pulling for years. Nothing changes.


  15. It’s hard to keep up with her atrocities….i thought sweet little Minnie was up for adoption on a rehoming site…sue me…..WAIT…no


  16. I am really speechless. Nicole is just a vile, miserable woman and just wants to drag everyone down to her level.

    She can say she’s happy and just wants to be left alone all she wants but I know it’s not true. And that’s good enough for me. Plus her actions just show it.

    She babbles on about nonsense. You can’t get from the ranch page or the eBay page to the blog. She’s totally delusional, grasping at straws and making shit up. I’m assuming her calls never came today.

    Hey, Nicole maybe your life would suck so much if you focused on real life instead of calling people’s employers, calling the police for welfare checks on people you don’t know, and posting atrocious lies online.

    And Deb, I miss you. I love your stuff on eBay but I really wish you could join us on Facebook again. It’s a good thing you’re such an honest women. You know when Nicole gets booted she just makes another sock account or pulls one out of the closet. More proof of how much more honorable you are.


  17. Joe and Nicole are showing themselves to be exactly what they are. Nuisances. I believe that they’ve skirted the law for so long, they’ve perfected the art of being a nuisance. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know that they can waste others time with annoyances and they know it pisses people off. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This organization is full of law enforcement officers! She’s forgetting that fact. I’m betting that even if Jabba is a Narc (more than likely. There’s no honor among thieves.), there’s going to come a time, likely soon, when their behavior will trump any usefulness they may once have had. Keep on, Nauglers. Keep on Nauglering it up. If you were wonderful, down trodden people, we’d care about you. But you’re shallow, mean and have zero redeeming qualities. I hope the fall you’ve orchestrated by your own hand is hard.


  18. Lisa don’t sell yourself short, your life is much better than hers. I believe most of the rest of the planet have better lives than her. At least in true third world countries they don’t know anything else. But of course I believe at least most of us “trolls” are much better people. Sally can I have your ?, I’ll even come and get her. Lol


  19. Oh no! A large collection of random people – some of whom have become good friends, others who have not – have been so impassioned by what they see as transparent neglect at Blessed Little Homestead, that they have found a way to help under-privileged children through charity. It is impossible to spin that narrative in a negative light – not one that makes any sense, anyhow. This is why her explanation is convoluted and nonsensical.

    Worse, it appears she spent a lot of time slapping that mess together. The result, is Nicole, fanning the flames of her own dumpster-fire. More people can see that black smoke coming from her shed.

    The word, “dilapidated” comes to mind. Obviously, it applies to more than just the unfit shack for which they claimed dependency. (And no, I’m not talking about her ovaries, but count them in regardless). It applies to her state-of-mind, her sanity.
    …She comes off, more than ever before, as obsessed – ill.


  20. Nicole – you do remember that PayPal tracks the number of times you’re sent money through the year and the amount, right? Once it hits a certain number or amount the information gets passed to the IRS.

    Accusing people of money laundering and misusing charity funds is serious stuff. If you are going to make a serious accusation, then you should go to the IRS site, print out the form for reporting charity fraud and put your ‘persona’ on record. I would say reputation but that’s a laugh for another day.

    In addition, you’re now accusing pretty much the entire county legal system of conspiring to deprive you of something. Sounds like a RICO case. Go ahead, find someone to pursue it. That means you have to gather up all of your evidence and go to the state house. Maybe your car will make it there and back.

    I also want to point out that money doesn’t change people. It reveals them. You were given more than $45,000 and exactly what did you do with it? Oh wait, you say no one can ask you what you did with money that was donated to you. Well, I don’t see that you did much with it. Lots of fireworks.


  21. If you donate more than $75 in cash to the Ranch, and if you want a statement saying that you did, there are two ways to get one. First, contact me, if you donated through Paypal, and I will send the info to Tracy at the Ranch and she will send you a statement. The second way is to simply skip the Paypal button altogether and donate yourself independently, via the link I provided in the side bar.

    I’ve donated directly to the ranch in the past, for less than $75, but they very graciously sent me a thank you letter with all the information I needed for my 1040. They aren’t obligated to do that but I appreciated it.


  22. 1. The only positive feedback NN gets is from people who aren’t in her life except via Facebook. How pitiful
    2. We have friends that are like family & I would also defend them with all I have & I know they would do the same for us.
    3. Now her leg humpers are saying the trolls want them to move so they can get the land the N’s are on. Isn’t that the same argument that was made when they announced they were moving last time? New people, new naive, pitiful, gullible souls. That’s NN’s lifebreath right there.


  23. How sad and pathetic you truly are NN!! You have NO talents that are marketable like Deb so you are jealous as hell of her….. FAIL….. You try and blog like the great and wondrous Sally….FAIL….. Your Google law degree will NEVER get you in the same class as Lisa….FAIL….your sorry lazy piss poor excuse for a husband that is where your deep seeded jealousy of AL comes into play…..FAIL WOW just wow. How pathetic of a sorry human being are you that you would post LIES about these people who YOU yourself named them TROLLS!! You then try to tie these people to organized crime and blimish a place and a man that it’s sole purpose is to help children. You don’t give 2 shits about children or LE unless they benefit you or your cause!! Not even and especially your own!! It’s always about YOU!! You NICOLE are a useless excuse of even Joe’s favorite word!! VIRAL….THIS IS GONNA GO VIRAL….BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR!! Looking forward to seeing this whole new book you have opened! I just can’t stop laughing at you NN!!!????


  24. Now her leg humpers are saying the trolls want them to move so they can get the land the N’s are on.

    hahahahaha The land could possibly be reclaimed, but damn, the work that would be involved. . . you’d have to hire a big bulldozer.


  25. A med-evac helicopter often flies over my house, and occasionally lands in open areas nearby. Now I’m wondering why the pilot is stalking me. Actually, I just usually hope the patient inside is OK.
    The Ranch fundraiser is such a success that every Naugler child eligible could go to camp for free. Isn’t it sad and so telling that their mother would rather call and complain than inquire about a great opportunity for her kids?!


  26. Oh my word. I’ve been gone for a bit, I see not much has changed. Oh Nicole, just stop already, you’re making damned fool of yourself.
    “All the men in my life would have healed that land by now.” I loved this comment. I’ve said this before, we bought land that was awful dirty, took us 1 summer to clean it up. 1 fucking summer. Our first summer…because it was PRIORTY that our children NOT play in garbage. Mind you, summers are short here too. AND we both work full time, my husband works overtime every single week. STOP with the excuses Nicole, there is absolutely NO reason it shouldn’t be cleaned up already.
    “Now her leg humpers are saying the trolls want them to move so they can get the land the N’s are on.” This must go back to us “trolls” being jealous? I must have missed something, what are we suppose to be jealous of exactly? Shit everywhere? A shed? No teeth? Ya know, I am kind of jealous that she doesn’t have to sing the birthday song in her head like I do when I brush my teeth twice a day. That’s like 3 minutes a day I could spend not brushing my hair. No one wants your shit ass land. You’re not only paying super high interest but your buying price was probably at the least 2 times the amount the land is even worth. Know how I know that? Because I bought my house at a very low price because no one wanted to clean it up. 2 years later and it is damn near a fully functional homestead. Your kids desire a better role model, maybe consider sending them to the ranch.


  27. Oh I almost forgot! I’m sad to see there was no live video as promised. I just want Nicole to know that she makes me laugh really hard and I don’t think she is aware of this but laughing feels really good. She is so fucking funny! Ever watch those weird TV shows just to laugh? Alaskan bush people is a good example, the insanity is just funny as all hell. I hope she gets a show, I truly do, because the world is missing a good laughing opportunity. Maybe they’ll give her some dentures for the show? I’ve seen TV do some amazing make up work too but…..it’s hard to hide bat shit crazy.


  28. The Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch has been in operation since 1975. It operates solely on donations. None of the funds benefit any county or local sheriff’s department, in fact these departments personnel donate their own personal time and funds to sponsor the camp for underprivileged children in Kentucky to have the chance of a lifetime. The creation and sale of artwork with one’s on time and funds for the benefit of the camp can be compared with a PTA bake sale to send children on a trip. Nothing more. Get a life Nicole, there is no money trail it’s all legitimate unlike donations to a yard sale to benefit your privately owned LLC which should have been counted as income on your tax return IF you filed one.


  29. It cracks me up that Nicole’s little pity party rant against Sally’s blog actually directs her leg humpers here.

    Welcome to all the new comers to this site!


  30. Kendra – remember Kendra? I do believe there are some interesting comments from her regarding the Nozzlers and they were not very supportive!
    Well Kendra has apparently called … and I quote

    Funny that Nikki suddenly posted that she is sure that the money IS going to the ranch!
    There were some interesting conversations involving Kendra around the time that Viv and Eric were dealing with their altercations with the Nozzlers.

    I also see that Stacey did another of those funny posts with a weird question in. They are always something that anyone who follows on a regular basis would know. This time it was about the “assault with a vehicle” issue.

    I love watching the interactions with the people who post. They sometimes raise as many questions as the Nozzlers do!


  31. Actual quote from a leghumper: “Donate for what? Money isn’t an issue in Nicole’s life..”

    You can’t make this stuff up.


  32. God Kendra is just as crazy as them. Saying she’s going to contact the news in Dec after her wedding and school semester. I’m still lost in why she became a supporter.

    Seems the only person over there that has common sense and questioning things is Mr Joe Butler.

    I want to see her evidence of money laundering. Have you contacted the ranch to inform them of Nicole’s accusations?


  33. I donate monthly for life flight. Volunteers like Al that use their time to help take others in emergency situations to hospitals. What they do is invaluable, so I do not miss the $15 a month donation.

    Nic, stop being petty. Al is doing something far better than anyone else, and to go after that, puts you right at the bottom of the shit pile (Technically you were already there, but….)
    I recently had the search and rescue chopper fly over my house, multiple times during the night, looking for a missing old man. During this, my only concern was that they find the man (they did the next day) The idea of them flying over my property, and what they could see, did not cross my mind once.
    Thank you Al for what you, and your guys do.


  34. Messed up the quote bit from my post! AAAHHHH

    This is what Kendra said …..

    “Called Jerry Wagner at 606-782-0592 the boys and girls club do NOT know that they are doing this and are NOT ok with it. I spoke to them on the phone. This kind of crap will make people not trust donating to help children and is ridiculous. I will probably be contacting the news in Dec after my wedding and this semester is over so I can put it all together for them and they can see exactly what has been happening including the money donated which there is probably a record of unless she gave the money earned to them anonymously”


  35. Have you contacted the ranch to inform them of Nicole’s accusations?

    I didn’t have to. Nicole did that for me. Over and over and over again. They are concerned about it.


  36. To be clear here, Al works for a private, for-profit company. He is paid well to do what he does. He does not work for the county and the county does not contract with his company for anything. If he ever has to go to the Shitstead to pick up Joe’s sorry ass and transport him, Joe will get to pay for the privilege.

    Of course, he won’t. He’s Joe. They don’t pay for medical care.


  37. Well, Kendra doesn’t exactly tell the truth all the time. From what she said herself, she didn’t actually speak to Jerry Wagner. And yes, they know exactly what we are doing and it is fine. Nothing is anonymous. Nothing is nefarious. All the money went right to the correct place and is being accounted for exactly as it should be.

    The silly “cease and desist” letter was unsolicited mail sent to me. It’s mine. It’s my property. I can do anything I wish with it, including blowing it up and putting it on a billboard. It was simply hilarious to receive and this was a way to share the joy.


  38. That’s a privilege Joe can’t afford. My husband was air lifted from Breckinridge County to university hospital almost 6 years ago. He was on his bike and the Sheriff department believe he was ran off the road. Anyway we got that bill and it was over $40,000. Thank goodness for insurance, cause we only had to pay $20.


  39. Of course the boys and girls club would not know. It’s going to the ranch. Not to the boys and girls club.


  40. Got wind of this yesterday, and just had time to look at it this evening for myself. This whole thing is just such total Bullshit. Did anyone go back and look at the comments made on her Blog? Someone actually said that we Trolls are taking donations away from the family by giving to another charity, seriously her leghumpers really are that dumb !!!

    But it brings me to this subject, aren’t the Naugler’s the ones making money off our names? They have our names all over all over their pages, blogs and videos. There is a PayPal Button and a Donation Button right there on blessedlittlehomesteadblog. We are private citizens not public figures. Joe and Nicole get all the money from that and none of it goes for charity. She really has opened a can of worms, because IMO it is them who are making the money of our names on her blog.

    I’m in agreement with most of the comments made here. The revenge tactics against Al and Lisa takes things to a whole new level and there can be serious ramifications into Joe and Nicole’s latest allegations which is what I think they want. That way, they can run and play another round of “victim” and start -another- free ride- GoFundMe campaign.

    After all that is what they do and who they really are, “Professional Internet Con-Artist’s.

    Have a good one y’all….my ass is going to bed !!!


  41. Been following and watching. laughing mostly. Not so much anymore. First time posting.

    I’m a local. I know Al. He’s a friend and a good guy. I know what kind of crap the Nauglers have pulled with him. They probably shouldn’t have done this. He laughs most of their craziness off, but I don’t know if he’s laughing now. I wouldn’t want him pissed off at me. He has resources, ability, imagination, and the connections to make karma happen.

    Joe and Nicole, you might have stepped in one of your famous buckets by doing this. You’re not going to win this one. All of us in the local area know about you. We tolerate you. This actually pissed people off and I think you’ve made yourselves less welcome than before.

    Bad decision. Maybe the worst one yet.


  42. Calling Al’s work because he said he flew over is one of the craziest things that has ever come out of her mouth. I live close to both Al and the Nauglers for the past year and it’s obvious I’m in a flight path. I have had such low flying aircrafts they could probably see the color of my eyes when I looked up. WTF is she thinking. I would never call anyone’s employer and try to get them fired even if they were assholes like the Nauglers. That’s just low. Sadly it’s not even an all time low for them. They have no compassion, morals, or empathy for others.


  43. Still have to wonder what the kids think of all this, every fucking day seeing your mother and father play there games on the internet,, all fucking day. Al, thank you for what you do. I was life flighted once and it saved my life. Professional people who made sure I was ok the whole flight. I would not let those two put a band aid on a cut, we have seen the burns one of those kids suffered while momma got out her fucking phone and took pictures of it. Or sew up a kids gash with shit you found laying around the SHED.


  44. Someone asked Nicole if she would issue a receipt for a donation to her. That’s all very well and good, but you can’t write it off. A tax-deductible receipt from Nicole has the same weight as her ‘cease and desist’ letter. None whatsoever. Joe and Nicole aren’t charities, there is no EIN, you can’t deduct it as a charitable contribution.

    Well, you could try, but it won’t go anywhere. Might trigger an audit. So if you choose to give them money, you’re simply putting coins in their begging bowl.


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