Oh, Bobby, Did You Have To Ruin It?

Well, in what may be the only decent act of a lifetime, Bob Jones III apologized for his horrible statement about gays being stoned to death. BJUnity was successful with their petition. Kudos to them.  They were persistent, patient and they were finally heard.

But then. . .

Dear Bob,

No. That’s not how you do it. The rest of it is fine. You were so close to doing it right. I had such hopes that you might prove yourself to have evolved a bit.

When you have wronged somebody, and you have to apologize, you do not offer up your opinion as to their “spiritual condition.” You don’t. You STFU about that and say “I’m sorry.” You save the “sinner” stuff for another day.


Sally, somebody who has some experience with apologies

Update: And the story made the national news.


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