Of Course

A horse is a horse of course of course.
And no one can talk to a horse of course.
That is of course unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.

Go right to the source and ask the horse
He’ll give you the answer that you endorse
He’s always on a steady course

Talk to Mr. Ed

Theme to the television program, Mr. Ed

When you’re so poor that you live on marginal, crap land that can’t even support a decent garden, with no cleared pasture land of any sort, and you have no water supply, but have to haul it all in using white buckets, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

And when you’re so poor that you don’t even have a house but jerry-rig a three-sided shack that would just barely be housing for a couple of goats, and it’s so bad that your children are removed by the state and you have to go online and beg money from strangers, and you buy a garden shed to live in but squander the rest of the money on heaven knows what, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

And when you’re so poor and stupid that you refuse to use any birth control for anyone including your pets, and you keep reproducing like you don’t know what causes it, having one baby after another without even being able to afford the original two or three or four, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

Don’t you?

No.  You don’t.

Instead, you get a horse.

Because that is exactly what you need.   An animal that does nothing at all but eat and shit and hang out.  A great big animal that does nothing at all and is quite capable of killing you without meaning to do it. That’s what you do.

When you have been to court already because you cannot keep your animals contained on your property, and you have no fencing at all, it makes sense to get a horse, doesn’t it?

Ever buy one of these?

HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

Maybe not this exact one (this is the same printer we have), but one similar?

You know how the printer really doesn’t cost very much (this particular one is $72, which is the most I’ve ever paid for a printer), but the ink will bankrupt you?

Horses are like that.

It’s October.  In the fall, horses are often sold for a fraction of their value because the owner is going into winter and knows exactly what it is going to cost to feed that horse, and doesn’t want that expense. So he sells it cheap. Or even gives it away.

You know, a brown horse.  They’re a dime a dozen in Kentucky.

And often, when people want to dump one of these animals in the fall, they don’t even check to see what sort of place they are putting it. They don’t necessarily care. They just know what hay and grain cost and they don’t want to have to buy them.

I could make a list of what it costs to keep a horse.  It’s like cartridges for the printer. You can buy the OEM cartridges that cost $30 each, or you can go online and get the cheap knockoffs that have half the ink and leak for $10.  Or you can get really cheap and try to refill them yourself and have ink leak out all inside your printer so that you end up having to buy a new one.

But of course the printer isn’t alive, and the brownish horse is, at least for now, until Nicole goes online and threatens to put it down unless somebody comes and gets it in a week.

I don’t know about Breckinridge County, but around here, you know, in the Russell Springs area (since Nicole is doxing me), square bales of decent hay run about $4/bale in winter.  The price goes up as winter progresses. And if you have no place to store hay, you have to buy it frequently.  It’s far cheaper to buy the big round bales, but you have to be able to handle those and the Nauglers can’t.  And you can’t feed a horse the kind of shit hay that you can get away with feeding to beef cattle.  You have to buy decent hay.

A typical horse will eat about 15-20 pounds of hay daily.  An average bale around here weighs about 40 pounds.  That means it costs, using square bales, about $2/day to feed a horse. And the price goes up, as I said, the longer the winter goes on.  And that’s just hay.  Grain is extra.  Hoof trimming is extra, and woe is you if you don’t have it done.  When you have zero pasture, that expense goes on year-round. A vet will charge you about $100 just to come out, and you can’t take the animal in if you don’t own a trailer.  But of course, they won’t get a vet. They’ll just forage around and come up with “herbal remedies off the land.”

These folks are gonna have to haul water for a horse. Just the thought of doing that makes me cringe.  In winter, it freezes and you have to bust the ice.  Often.

Horses don’t “free range.”  They need a place to live.  You can’t just tie one up to the side of your garden shed like in the movies.

shed sticks

Please tell me that this is a shower shed and not a horse shed.  Please.

If this is intended to house a horse, I am never going to stop laughing.  What is with all the sticks?  Does bamboo grow in abundance on that shitty land?  It must.

Anyway, the Nauglers now have a horse, or at least it appears that they do. Somebody saw it tied to their garden shed as they passed by.

You know, because that is exactly what they need.

Maybe it was just visiting.  One can always hope.



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  1. Oh MAN!!! She thought Dog people were crazy, just wait till the horse people get wind of this!…You dont think the handsewn bamboo hut will contain the horse? LMAO i’m just getting visuals of how this is going to play out. Its like one big comedy of errors on how NOT to homestead. Nicole you do not disappoint, you have outdone yourself with this debacle. I cant, I just cant…#itsbetterthanabike #rideintothesunsetkid #winterscomin #whosgonnaputthisonedown #bambooforlife #mathishard


  2. Oh Oh Oh
    She thinks the fall out over Ranger was bad…. well she ain’t seen nothing yet. She knows she lives in KY and she knows that KY is big on horses. So if they fuck up with this horse – hell if they mistreat it, neglect it or do not get it vetting the horse people are not going to take too kindly to that. She will be wishing she were only dealing with the online trolls and not the horse people. Hell I think the Animal Rights people will join forces with the horse people so she will get it double whammy. Good for her!

    Nicole might want to do some unschooling on the care of horses.

    Horses are grazers and the basis for all horse diets should be
    hay or pasture (forage). Most horses can maintain weight by
    eating good-quality forage along with free choice access to a
    mineral salt block and water.

    Pasture and hay are appropriate forages for horses and can contain
    grasses or legumes, or a combination of both. Legumes
    include alfalfa, clover and lespedeza. Grasses and grass hays
    commonly found in Kentucky include orchard, fescue, bluegrass,
    and timothy. Weeds do not count it has to be grass if they are grazing.

    A 1,000-pound horse should eat 10 to 15
    pounds or more of hay or pasture per day. Horse hay should be
    dry, palatable, and free of dust and mold. Cheap hay will not cut it and you better make sure you check the hay for dust and mold or you will have one sick horse.

    Horses that are unable to meet their nutritional requirements by eating forage alone should be supplemented with concentrates. This is referring to grain.

    5-12 gallons of water a day. No scummy pond water will not do. When it is hot out they could need more. They should have clean water to drink at will at all times.

    Horses should have adequate space including daily exercise without danger of injury. Space should afford protection from the elements and allow room for horses to maneuver without fighting.

    Pastures should be free of hazards likely to cause injury and
    fencing should be in good condition. That means no nails or glass. If a nail goes in a horses hoof a vet visit is for sure.

    Stall containments should be large enough so that horses can
    turn completely around and lie down comfortably. Most
    horses can live in an average 12-foot by 12-foot stall if they
    have daily exercise. Horses should have at least 6 inches of
    clearance above their ears when standing in a normal position.
    It is important that stabling areas are well ventilated to avoid
    respiratory disease and infections.

    Shelter, either natural or constructed, provides relief from the
    elements. Natural windbreak can be found from tree lines or
    low areas; natural shade is primarily available under trees.
    Constructed shelters may include barns, 3-sided shelters, windscreens, etc. Constructed shelters should be free of hazards likely to cause injury.

    This is where the money comes into play. If they neglect to get vet care for a horse when they need it they will find out they can be arrested for neglect. Better study up on the things that can go wrong with a horse and learn how to recognize them.

    Horses should appear alert and without obvious signs of unattended injury or illness. A horse suffering with an acute or chronic injury or illness should be under veterinary supervision. Horse’s hooves should be maintained so that the horse can stand and move at all gaits comfortably and with a full range of motion. Cross your fingers that the horse does not get the heaves or laminitis. Colic is another bad thing too. Hope you have read up on what ailments are bad for horses that require vet care and how to recognize them.

    Horses require regular preventative care for optimum health. Horses should be checked thoroughly every day for injuries or ailments that may require additional health care or veterinary attention.
    Preventative care for the average horse typically includes
    an annual dental examination, annual vaccinations,
    de-worming every 2-6 months or as directed by
    a veterinarian, and hoof care every 6-10 weeks.

    The American Association of Equine Practitioners recommends
    basic annual vaccines for horses including Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis, West Nile Virus, Tetanus, and Rabies. Other vaccines may be appropriate depending on the use and location of the individual horse. If she wants to go with the stupid idea of no vaccinations with the horse they might not have it too long. Horses NEED their shots.

    Kentucky law requires that horses have a negative Coggins test (a simple blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia) within twelve months of a change in ownership or before transport (to shows, trail rides, etc). 12 months to get a test due to change of ownership.

    Well at least a horse is big enough that the dogs can not kill it. However they can tear one up pretty bad if they go after it especially the legs. Oh yes leg injuries are expensive to treat when vet care is needed. Some can be very hard to heal and daily cleaning requires a lot of running water. Slopping water out of a bucket over it will not do the job.

    She might also want to check on the laws for KY on wearing of a approved helmet for kids under the age of 18. No helmet and the kid gets hurt parents can and have been brought up on neglect charges.


  3. Sadly they do have a horse or will soon. A dear friend – a former long-time Alaskan, now living in KY – sent me a screen shot of a posting on a local trade and sell page (17,000+ members) that transport for a horse was needed. The request was posted by a Naugler child who added a phone number with the post and it is not the grooming business number. I have to wonder if Nicole pays any attention at all to her kids. As a parent I would be incredibly concerned with this and the child and I would be having a serious discussion on internet safety. That child would also be supervised any time they were online. My friend was so concerned about the lack of supervision that a call was made to CPS.


  4. If I lived in the US, regardless of the State, I would call rspca, or your American equivalent, to get that horse removed. You can’t really say rehomed, since there is no home to speak of.


  5. I really, really hope [child’s name] hasn’t bought a horse. I hope she has paid her money to someone offering sweat equity, riding lessons and the like. Somewhere she can muck out stalls, learn all the details of caring for, feeding, and grooming a horse, and realising the expenses, without being totally responsible for them.
    If she has purchased a horse, she still needs a saddle, bridle, blankets, brushes and combs, among other things. She seems like a nice kid, and I don’t want her to see her animal founder, become ill, or injured, and not be able to do a damn thing about it. I don’t want her horse to injure itself on the property, get sore and infected feet or annoyed by the dogs (or kick one) and siblings, and not be able to afford help.
    I really hope we are just being wound up by her vile mother over nothing, and that [child’s name] will not be hurt in the process.


  6. There are just not enough words to express how terribly insane N and J Naugler are. I just can’t even begin to comprehend how you would come to the conclusion that a horse would be a good idea in the wake of the putting Ranger down scandal. Like…. dear God.


  7. Maybe wilbur is staying in one of the shitstead’s ‘guest cottages’. Wasn’t that one of infamous plans? Like a dude ranch? Could be the lone ranger staying overnight, too.. what a hot mess drama maw and paw have become.
    Well, they’ve always been a hot mess, but, now..wow!


  8. A horse?! I swear the BO’s train of thought has to be “What decision/choice/action can I make/take to out-dumb the last one?” It’s like she purposely does the opposite of anything that makes sense. And make no mistake about it, the daughter will be fully responsible for the care and money associated with the upkeep of that horse. Not that that is a big surprise or anything. And I’m sure the BO will pass it off as some type of #unschooling lesson on teaching her daughter responsibility or something like that. In reality, a good parent(s) would know that the responsible thing to do when they don’t have monetary, proper land, food, or shelter resources for a horse is not to get a damn horse! Let’s hope it’s at least trained as the daughter will no doubt be responsible for its training if it’s not and that could be a terrible accident just waiting to happen. As it is, a horse just tied up on the Shitstead with roaming animals and little kids poses unnecessary danger and risk to the horse, other animals, and children. And we thought the BLH was full of shit before!


  9. Please PLEASE, let this not be true!
    When I was 10 and living in the suburbs I would go with my friend and we would muck stalls for a few bucks at the stables behind my house. I got it in my head that Jean (my friend) and I would go in together and get a horse. We’d alternate keeping it in our backyards. What fun that would be!
    Ya know that show “The Wonder Years”? THAT was my neighborhood in the 60’s. Post-war tract housing. 🙂
    My parents explained why getting a horse wasn’t feasible, & ‘I’, at 10 years old understood the responsibilities, logistics, expense, and ramifications of such an acquisition, and abandoned the idea.
    I was a child, and I got it! It wouldn’t be best for anyone, mainly the horse.
    I can only hope (it being KY and all) that there are minimum requirements in place (laws) for keeping horses and that this is a short-lived venture.
    Once again, this spells doom for an innocent creature no matter the outcome. And shame on the owners of the horse for abandoning it to the Blessed Animal Torture Grounds.


  10. It is just heartbreaking if they have a horse. Was there no homeschooling research on how to care for a horse or what it would cost? I can only hope that a local calls animal control or the SPCA. One good kick and that bamboo hut will gone. Heck, I could kick that over myself. And when the horse winds up sick, which it will, will it be dispatched with a bullet to the head? I feel so bad for A. This will not turn out well. This may also explain why Ranger’s days were numbered. They didn’t trust him near a horse.


  11. Wait what? These parents are mental, if they think this is even remotely a good idea. Around here, horses without a boarding fee, are nearly $300 a month.
    This Naugler’s money would be better spent in a savings account, waiting for the day when said person turns 18 and can escape.


  12. http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.kvma.org/resource/resmgr/files/ky_minimum_standards_care_hr.pdf

    I have to ask, if you’re going to get a horse that you don’t need and can’t truly afford to care for – why is building a shelter the first priority rather than FENCING?

    I will say this – the bamboo will provide air exchanges BUT it won’t withstand a kick and it splinters. That can lead to nasty gashes. If the young man who is building it would do board and batten instead, it would be safer.

    Find someone who can pasture board that horse and who has demonstrated they know how to take care of a horse over a period of time. It’s your money, eldest daughter, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish with your horse. Go and work at someone’s farm in exchange for boarding it there. You’ll make friends, learn new stuff and your beloved horse will be SAFE. Plus your little siblings will be safe too. Even the most bombproof horse EVER can startle and kick. Or just accidentally step on little toes.


  13. “Pastures should be free of hazards such as sharp objects, holes, and farm equipment.”


    Admissions of rubbish piles on the property. Rubbish piles that are beyond their ability to clean up. Rubbish piles that have glass, metal and other items too dangerous for the kids to clean up.

    I am a seer. I see many, many animal neglect and abuse visits to the BLH. Horses show neglect and starvation pretty quickly and dramatically. And I see the heartbreak of a child who was allowed to have something she will not be able to care for properly. It will not be her fault, it will be the fault of the adults who allowed it to happen in the first place.


  14. Do they have a truck to haul bales? Because you can’t haul feed in a car or van. Likely have to get it delivered. So, more money. A water trough? Horses have big heads and like to be able to see when they drink. Oops. Forgot that, too. $$$$ And let’s not forget that horse lovers such as myself will start raising shit as soon as they start seeing a ribby, starved horse, even from the road. Last time I phoned someone in on a starving horse, the owner paid fines and the horse was removed. Expensive. And let’s discuss horses and little kids. They don’t really like them crawling or walking around them all the time. It makes them nervous. Horses are not predator, they’re prey, hence the eye placement. So if horsey catches something startling out of the corner of it’s eye, it’s gonna kick out. Can do serious damage (broken ribs, legs ) to an adult, so we know a spooked horse can probably kill a small kid. Let’s see, what else? They don’t fit inside a garden shed. If they step wrong, they hurt feet and ankles ( really expensive ). Tack? Even used is expensive. So, yes. A horse makes perfect sense. I guess we know why Ranger disappeared now. They needed the chain to tie the horse up.


  15. Oh, one more thing and it’s REALLY important. Eldest Daughter, PLEASE get that horse vaccinated against rabies. Unless you have official copies or original statements from the prior owner with their vet’s phone number, etc. of work done, assume that the horse hasn’t been vaccinated against anything. You should also get a Coggins test done to ensure it doesn’t have EIA. If it has EIA, it will have to be destroyed.

    There are several vaccinations that can only be done by a vet in my state on horses (don’t know about KY): rabies, intranasal flu and WNV. At the very least, get the rabies. I’ve seen a horse that had rabies and it’s not good. You don’t need that life experience.

    I know she doesn’t read this blog, but I hope the information filters back to her somehow. I really do wish her nothing but happiness and fun with her horse, but they’re woefully unprepared and I think she would have MORE fun if she had the horse pasture boarded elsewhere and made some new horse-loving/horse owning friends along the way. Going out with a friend, riding double (bareback) on a trail is one of my happy my many happy memories as a lass. J and I both wore the craptacular helmets available at the time, jumped logs in the woods, ate PB&J sandwiches and Kool-Aid (we shared with the horse, of course) and generally had a marvelous time. It’s better with a buddy!


  16. Because you can’t haul feed in a car or van.

    Actually, you can. We do it all the time. Dave has hauled many a bale of hay in our SUV. It’s messy and we don’t like to do it, but it can be done. It’s not very efficient, of course.

    When we were buying square bales of hay for Frances, we had to buy one bale of every available type and bring it home and let her try it. (You cannot imagine how spoiled our cow is.) She would tell us which type she liked, and then Dave would go back with a flatbed trailer and buy 100 bales or so. We completely solved that problem because our hay now comes from our next-door neighbor’s field and it’s just like the pasture grass and thus meets her approval. She loves that hay.


  17. I think it’s an outdoor kitchen. Her son was building one in front of the shed. It couldn’t really have solid walls because of the smoke from the cooking fire.

    It seems like Nicole enjoys saying things (like getting horses) so she can confuse people and then point to how wrong they are later.

    It wouldn’t matter NOW if Nicole posted pictures of Ranger next to current newspapers as proof of life. The damage is done. It couldn’t be fixed by showing Ranger is alive and the trolls were wrong. The real issue she has to deal with now is the way she conducted herself to the world.

    She could write a lovely blog full of cute kids and a happy Ranger. But it won’t matter now. Everyone saw what she is like. How she treats other people is the lesson she taught with the Ranger episode.
    Nicole could show proof that she was working behind the scenes to get Ranger a new home and that she was just too busy or too private to explain it to everyone, but that just doesn’t fly this late in the game. The damage is done. It’s like a mom going bat crazy and screaming and throwing things at everyone while she makes the dinner. Then she wants everyone to sit down and eat like a happy family, enjoy the dinner she made and pretend everything is ok. (Be happy now. It doesn’t matter how I made you feel because I was working hard for you.)


  18. They are totally inexperienced in horses, hell they can’t raise chickens, goats,pigs, bunnies or dogs properly. I not only fear for the horse but for the children as well. One thing you will never forget is picking up a loved pet after it got to close to the kicking end of a horse, never mind what can happen to a free range child who may be curious.


  19. I think you have a very lucky cow! I actually was meaning a lot of hay. A bale, sure, but the amount they’ll need? Not financially clever. Plus, I’m pretty sure you folks didn’t also have at least a handful of kids in your SUV when you did it. ☺ I’d be hard pressed to believe they’ll run every second day for a bale. But, they’ll probably feed it scraps and leftover oatmeal. Oh lord. Can you imagine the shit? A horse with diarrhea is really something. Good thing they enjoy wallowing in feces. They’re about to get a ‘shit ton’ more.


  20. I actually was meaning a lot of hay.

    I know. But they will be forced to run up and down the road buying hay, probably from a feed store, every few days.


  21. Horses…
    You know they bite, Nikki? They do. Badly. A small child could easily lose fingers.
    They kick too. Just in the course of play, they will kick. One split second of distraction, is one split skull. They can lash out with a front leg and kill a dog, or a child.
    One moment, you are cleaning a front hoof, the next you’re on the ground in agony from a broken knee because someone shot a rifle.

    This will not end well.

    Horses are social animals. In some countries, it’s illegal to have only one. If they don’t have a partner, they won’t sleep properly. If they don’t sleep properly, they don’t eat properly. Both of these things cause behavioral problems. Cribbing, wind sucking, weaving, all not good. Also makes them more likely to break down fences and go looking for friends. They end up on roads and get hit by cars. People get hurt and lawsuits get filed. The horse does not survive.

    Horses need water and food. Copious amounts. They are picky about both. They will not eat bad hay, or drink dirty water. If you had running water at your place, that would mean dumping the water at a minimum of twice a week and scrubbing it out. That’s hundreds of gallons of water. If you don’t, the horse will colic. Not might, will. The horse will not drink from that pond.
    A couple days of not eating lousy hay, and it will be physically obvious.

    I would laugh, but I can’t. This is a massive tragedy waiting to happen. They will be lucky if the worst will be a seizure and another post court Hardee’s meal.


  22. Nooooooooooo! Oh gawd….no!! (in my Michael of The Office voice). Well here, he does it better..

    This isn’t going to play well in Kentucky. Kentucky horse country. What I wonder, did the person giving the horse check out the Naugs, do a property visit? Even the very basics of caring for a horse is missing at the Naugstead. The list of inadequacy is too long, to spell it out here.

    I feel assured, Kentucky eyes will be watching.

    Gawd, will the irresponsibility ever end?!!


  23. Nicole posted a picture of her daughter with a friends horse. The friends are hopefully going to board the horse for the Nauglers. Maybe the daughter will work around the friend’s place to help pay off food and board for the horse. That would be a good set up for her to learn about horses while leaving her horse in a safe place.


  24. Nicole made a passing comment in the last week that her eldest daughter had saved $1k and had big plans for spending it….I was hoping that it was not a horse for a huge variety of reasons, but it seems that it was.


  25. Do you know why no one suggested the bamboo shack was going to be a stall for their newest torture victim? Because even the dummies that follow Nicole around hoping to have their turn on her leg know that the idea of a horse staying contained in that shanty is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.


  26. I am not asking to be snarky, I sincerely want to know, are we certain a horse was seen at their property? I am hoping it’s not true. I am really, really hoping.

    I did not grow up with horses. I did ride though, I cleaned stables and spent my summers at horse camp. But I never owned one, I was a city girl so visiting was the closest I got. My aunt raised horses up in Canada. It’s a lot of work. My heart breaks for her daughter. Nothing good will come out of this.


  27. Off the horse-topic: Apparently Nicole is charging her eldest son rent. He is 17 and she has previously referred to his having found an off-“homestead” job of some kind. He is clearly an enterprising young man – he and his next-eldest brother repaired the original shack for their own use, and he planned, planted, and cared for a large vegetable garden with little or no adult assistance or instruction.

    I think it’s fine if he wants to chip into the household expenses – shoot, if it helps put food in the stomachs of his hungry younger siblings, I’m all for it – but that should be voluntary. Is it even legal to charge your minor child rent for living at home?? I suspect CPS might take in interest in this practice. The young man turns eighteen in a few months, and things change legally then – but he is still a minor until his birthday.

    Speaking of those hungry younger siblings, the younger daughter and her close-in-age brother have been foraging for acorns, which Nicole says they plan to prepare and eat. Poor kids….while acorns are edible, they require a lot of time-consuming preparation and can cause severe stomach problems if this is not done correctly. I cannot see Nicole having the knowledge or patience to do this correctly, or the willingness to instruct and supervise her kids in acorn-preparation. Joe? Forget it.

    Even if safely prepared, acorns and acorn meal products tend to taste quite bitter. If the Nauglers are relying on acorns for the daily bread, things must be even worse than suspected down on the “homestead”…Perhaps that’s the end game, make it look as if the children are so hungry that they’re having to gather acorns, so the gullible will come to the rescue.

    Kids eat acorns, parents eat fast food. What’s wrong with this picture??


  28. I would trust any of them with a pet rock, let alone anything living, even if it were as minor as a dandelion plant. The idea of them with a horse is horrifying.


  29. I wonder if they did any minimum research into what to do when an emergency arises. Got a vet lined out? I can promise that fat ass isn’t stitching the gash closed himself (and that horse will get a gash).
    If they somehow, miraculously, manage to keep what I suspect is an old pile of soap bones long enough, the horse is going to die. What then? Do they have clue one how to deal with 1000 lbs of dead animal who went down in the worst possible place? Can they legally bury such a large carcass where they are at, or do they have to burn due to a high water table or disease concerns? What is the minimum legal depth if they can? How do they burn a horse if they can’t? What if it’s too wet to burn? Is there a rendering plant? Do they have a pickup service? Is it an on call service, or are they going to have to smell a rotting carcass until the driver drives that route again? How much does it cost to dispose? What is the legal timeframe to dispose of the body?

    I got 4 different ways to dispose of a dead horse right now. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that one has to be prepared for.

    If I know I’m losing a horse soon, like I did a couple months ago, I can have a buddy bring up his excavator and dig a hole. My place is legally big enough to do that. The hole was 12 ft wide and 8ft deep. It was dug a week before the vet came out for the last time for her.
    The one last year was a different story. An emergency caused us to have her put to sleep. In the worst place possible. I have 24 hours to dispose. It was a Friday night, and the rendering plant driver only comes through Friday afternoons. Burning bans were already in effect. She was boarded at a pasture we didn’t own, too small to legally bury. My friend with the excavator was out of town. My husband was out, and even if I rented an excavator, I don’t have the skill to safely operate.
    Another option I had, was to have her hauled to the landfill 45 miles away and buried there. You have to call ahead so they dig a hole. The local tow truck company has a truck they use to perform this service. It’s a flatbed with a winch. It cost me over 500 to dispose of the body, and 300 for the vet.

    Wonder if she thought about that?


  30. The friends are hopefully going to board the horse for the Nauglers.

    If that’s the case, the horse was visiting the Blessed Little Property. I hope that is what happened.


  31. are we certain a horse was seen at their property

    I am as certain as I can be considering that I didn’t drive up there and look myself. Somebody saw the horse at their property.


  32. “If that’s the case, the horse was visiting the Blessed Little Property. I hope that is what happened.”
    If a horse really was seen tied to the shed (or whatever other outbuilding they have), I too hope it was just there temporarily, while final arrangements are being made to board the horse somewhere appropriate. But because it’s the Nauglers, and because they are so anti-doing anything the rational and wise way, I have my doubts.
    I am concerned for both the horse and for the smaller children, who are usually unsupervised and could well behave rashly around the horse. However, I do have confidence that horse lovers in the area will keep a close eye on things and if they believe the horse is being mal-treated, will not hesitate to contact the proper authorities.
    I know how much an adolescent girl can long for a horse of her own. My older sisters were horse crazy for years, while we lived in the suburbs. Then we moved to the country and they asked for a horse. They had to raise one-half the money to purchase the horse, plus the first 6 months of feed, which they did. My dad honored his part of the bargain and paid for the other half and they did their research, they looked around for some time and finally bought a 7-year old quarter horse. He became part of the family and lived into his later 20’s. He had a large field, two girls who curried him, exercised him, talked to him, loved on him. He had proper vet care, hoof care, etc. In his later years (after my sisters had long moved out), we moved him up to a neighbor’s field, with two female horses and he was happy as could be. It was a wonderful happy experience for my sisters, and I would wish the same for the older Naugler girl. Goodness knows, she deserves to have something of her own and a horse to love and care for can be a life-changing experience. But that homestead is not set up properly for a horse.


  33. I really want to agree with Bea on this one – that Nicole’s “hints” are mere horse droppings designed to generate commentary for her point-and-mock purposes later. I especially want to agree because the idea of keeping a horse on that place makes about as much sense as a keeping a horse on the moon.
    But according to Sally we have an eyewitness account of a horse seen on the property, and I’ve seen a screen shot of the listing about the trailer Annie refers to in her comment.
    The bamboo structure remains a mystery to me. On the BLH page there is a photo of Q. building something next to the garden shed on what looks to be a five-foot-high platform. Obviously that wouldn’t be a horse stall….but I can’t find anything identifying it as an outdoor kitchen, either. And I can’t tell if that platform is part of the same structure we now see, now hidden behind the bamboo siding.
    One of the Nog-Mocking FB sites likes to talk about Nicole’s “dog and pony” show. We already saw the conclusion of Act I, where Ranger fades to black. I really hope the show is shut down before the close of Act II.


  34. I think Nicole makes these poor choices intentionally. She likes to incite …to cause people to have an emotional reaction. She feeds on the drama and attention it brings her and she just won’t stop. In the end someone, or something is hurt, or even killed.
    We have 4 horses and I can attest to the cost. Our boys did 4-H, fairs and rodeo when they were younger. My youngest is 28 and he still ropes. Incredible expense, but we also trail ride and enjoy them.
    Boy, I just don’t know. It’s a scarey proposition for them to have a horse. Mighty scarey. If it’s true, I think they are in over their heads on this one!


  35. If you put most kids out in a yard full of acorns, they are going to gather them up by the bucket load and bring them to you and want to do something with them. That is usually after they have thrown them at each other, played acorn basket ball, used them as money and food in a “restaurant” and other such important childhood business. It is very normal for kids to want to eat them and not at all a sign of hunger!

    Yes, hopefully the horse was visiting. Maybe they are hoping he will keep the grass mowed.


  36. My heart really goes out to the daughter on this (as well as to the horse). She will do her very best to love and care for this animal. She appears to be a very hard worker. She has nothing (such as school) to distract her from taking care of a horse. I would put the odds of her being dedicated to caring for the animal as very high compared to the average young teen. I hope that she provides comfort and companionship to the horse that is returned to her a thousandfold. I hope she gets to feel the wind in her (helmeted) hair as she rides and that she gets to enjoy the silence as she takes the horse out, out, and away.


    It would appear from a review of the evidence provided by the materfamilias that the child does not have the proper environment at home to support her in this endeavor. There is a reason that children are not legally considered to be, well, adults. This reason is simply based on a lack of skills that allow for daily independent living. Guidance is required for major decision-making, because quite simply a child’s brain is unable to weigh information and estimate a probable outcome accurately.

    Telling a child, “Well, this is gonna be hard. This is gonna cost you a lot of money. This is what you need to do. I’m not taking care of this (hamster, puppy, kitten, pony) for you,” is generally not effective. You must lead by example. You must not allow your child to get in a situation of guaranteed failure. A risk of failure, absolutely. That is how we learn. But 90/10 chance? No. In addition to the high risk of failure, there is also the potential magnitude of the failure. Losing an entire nest egg of savings. Watching your animal get sick despite all of your love and attention and not knowing why. I can’t even contemplate the worst-case scenario of the potential for serious injury by a horse that Bethannie illustrated above; but if it were my kid(s), I certainly would be. This is why humans have an adult parent or guardian or two. It is not the fault of the child. A lot of kids want a pony; there is a reason that few actually get one, as Michele described so well above. This is not a situation similar to a child deciding to spend money on a carnival toy despite the fact that everyone knows it will broken or forgotten in two days.

    Sadness is what I feel. I wish the child the best.


  37. “A horse. A horse. My kingdom for a horse.” I’m feeling the Shakespeare today. Message to the blessed. So many locals follow this blog and the pages, you have no idea. When you go on about getting a horse they get curious. When you start dropping big hints about a horse, or four, they start looking for it. It can get a little boring in life and you’ve become both the entertainment and the bogeyman. Naugler watching is the pastime from horses to who pays when you go shopping. You’ll never figure out where the information comes from. You haven’t yet. You put yourself under that magnifying glass. Gets hot doesnt it?


  38. I have not read past the first dozen or so comments, but I hope that this is not true. If ‘recipe for disaster’ could be exemplified by one thing, this is it. We are in the middle of a big drought here and wells are drying up left and right and it is scary for us because we have livestock to water and winter is approaching. We have several head of cattle, but I would be just as worried if I only had a single one. We have several wells, electricity to run the pump for the main one, our property is surrounded by a running stream, and we are STILL sweating it. Big animals drink a LOT of water. I can’t begin to imagine how awful it would be to have to haul enough water daily from who knows where to take care of a horse.

    I do not know much about horses, but that is just the tip of the iceberg in what a bad idea this is. I know a bunch of the other problems with this scenario have been addressed.

    I feel bad for the girl, because this seems doomed to failure (hoping it is not true so much) and that isn’t her fault and she should not have to suffer for this astounding lack of sense. Then the poor horse (if I say enough times that I hope this is not true, can that make it not be true).

    Maybe this is just psychological manipulation from NN to see how riled up she can get people. Every new act that comes to light seems more and more like she is losing whatever tenuous contract she had with reality. The meme with the bad words on her business page shocked me.
    This whole situation is a train wreck that just keeps piling on. It’s horrible.


  39. Hopefully the horse will be used as transportation and stabled at her place of work.
    Hopefully the daughter is able to overrule any insane demands Nicole may foist upon her regarding her horse. There will be many.
    Hopefully the stay at home husband doesn’t try to ride the poor creature
    Hopefully the daughter clearly understands animals at the Sstead get unceremoniously dispatched regularly and on a moments notice and her horse likely will become dinner someday.
    Most of all I hope the free ranged unsupervised kids don’t get too curious about self educating themselves on horses.
    A lot of hopes, not much reality going on at the Sstead. I hope no one gets killed. I’m fairly certain there will be injuries galore.


  40. If you look closely at the picture of the oldest girl and the horse you will see she is younger.
    I am pretty sure that picture was taken back in the day when they lived in the Amish farmhouse.
    That was when the daughter is shown riding a horse.
    Look at her braids. Her hair was much shorter and was blond. Her hair is much darker and longer now.


  41. Nicole bleached the girls hair.
    They have a horse.
    I hope the girl is boarding it elsewhere and just riding it back and forth.
    I hope she doesn’t get her heart broken, how much can any one person take.
    I hope no children are hurt. I jumped horses for years. Ive been hurt. I’ve seen seasoned riders get hurt, and once killed, for a momentary distraction.
    For the most part small children and horses do not mix well. I have seen tragedy even with what was thought to be a child friendly horse.
    This is horse country. We all have a hundred “accident” stories. When you work around, ride or live among horses these things happen. It’s part of horse culture. You expect large expenses, and injury recovery time.

    Personally, I think the potential harm to the children and to the horse is too great a risk to take considering their circumstances and the parental distractions.

    As to Joe and Nicole, even a horse kick in the head wouldn’t knock any sense into them, IMO.


  42. If he’s 17, he isn’t old enough to sign a contract, therefore she can’t legally charge him rent. No, not even if he’s her kid. But expecting your minor child, to whom you owe a duty of care, to pay you for a feeble facsimile of that care–that’s a classic. Nicole just got five across on the narcissist bingo card.


  43. My eight year old goes to a therapeutic riding class once a week. He loves “his” horse to utter distraction. My parents have three acres and bless their hearts asked him if he would like his very own horse to live at Grandma and Grandpa’s. My parents are financially equipped to feed, vet and otherwise care for a horse. My son, who I repeat is EIGHT, used his iPad to tell my mother. “No. Horse need trainer. Horse need more horse to talk to.”

    Eight and special needs and he loves horses and understands enough about them to know what is an appropriate environment and what is not.

    These people make my stomach hurt.


  44. First, Schrodinger’s goat, then his pig, then his dog and now perhaps his horse.

    Can we get a mug shot of the horse with a newspaper, a la kidnapping victim? 😛


  45. I don’t see where Nicole was saying her son is forced to pay rent.
    I think Nicole was trying to show that her son is hardworking and responsible because he is using some of his paycheck to buy building materials to fix up the homestead. He wants to work and help the family. She is trying to show that her parenting style is producing amazing results.

    What is going on with her BLH page?
    Over 40,000 likes and less than a hundred people like three cute boys looking at frogs? Seems like the loving, compassionate family feel might have been snuffed out by Nicole’s attitude over Ranger.


  46. It is a bath house of sorts that is being built. Either a sink, or a tub. I know this because last week Nicole posted another “tour” of the “tool shed”/half-of-their-lean-to-shack/current boys room. In this video, as she pans across the disorganized shelves and piles of random tools, buckets, and bits, nearing the end of the video you see a bag of plumberx adapter pipes, with the pipes on the floor, shaped like a trap that is usually used for a sink, or a bathtub.

    Therefore, it is my bet that it is a bath house, outdoor kitchen, or -god forbid- an at-home grooming station, ready for business, when the present goes under.


  47. My grandfather owned an old mule that he used to plow our garden, his and my grandmother’s garden, and a few of the neighbors. Every once in a while, my grandfather would get in the mood for some pool hall camaraderie, so he would kiss my grandmother by and he would put a saddle on the ole mule and ride her about five miles to the pool hall. On one of his ventures to have all that pool hall fun, he also drank a little too much whiskey, so the owner of the pool hall called my mother, and we drove down to pick up my grandfather. While he rode in the car with my mother, my brother and I rode the mule. Because it was dark, our mom followed us; I’m sure she thought the car lights were needed for the mule to see but the mule was not keen on the car following it, so we followed behind the car. We got the damn mule to our grandparents and my brother took the mule to the barn and disrobed it and that was his contribution. I, on the other hand, had to feed it, check its water, and brush the sweat off of it. On that dark summer night, I learned that I was not a fan of mules. A few months later, my uncle won a horse in a poker game (we were that kind of family), and he rode the damn horse from the poker game and left it at our house. On a dare, I tried to ride the horse. Let’s just say the horse loved my drunk uncle much more than he loved me and it didn’t take long for it to throw me off. Since that day, I’ve never seen the worth of horses. Until my granddaughter fell in love with her friend’s horse. So, we bought her a horse. We don’t have to board the horse because my daughter lives on our farm and there’s a huge barn, pastures, a vet that makes house calls, and another guy who trims the hooves. Even with the excellent care that the horse gets, his only friends are cows and a few pigs and a few other farm animals. As a result, the damn horse became depressed and the vet said we needed to get him a friend…yep, we bought him a friend. Other than indulging our granddaughter, the damn horses have no value. They don’t even plow…they stand and eat food, are petted and brushed by the kids, they get the best apples and carrots and some sugar cubes, and they are getting their own barn built so they don’t have to share with the cows…my point is that I can almost guarantee that if the Ns bring a horse to the blessed dog murdering shit shack, the poor thing will be in for a world of neglect. In AR, you get a jail sentence for abusing or neglecting horses and dogs…maybe when the horses ribs start sticking out, the cops can pull up, get out of their cars, watch as animal control tries to figure out what to do, while N screams for the kids to run or they will be shot by the mean ole law man….those poor children.


  48. Yeah, at least our donkeys have a purpose. They do, in fact, chase dogs off. And they cost almost nothing to feed. (They share one small can of grain once a day, just because we’re softies and they beg.) Their biggest expense is hoof trimming, but the guy has to come do Frances’ hooves anyway, so it’s not so bad.


  49. “And it’s been confirmed. They have a horse.”

    Do they have a clean pasture? Do they have a fence? Please tell us the horse is being boarded elsewhere. Did they build a stall for it? I mean, how the hell can they get a horse? Do they have a hay barn? Are they moving out of the shitshed and giving the horse those digs? So many questions. Nicole, have you thought all this shit out? You’re going to have to make a whole lot more bows. $1000 isn’t going to go too far. We’ve all seen how horrible your money management is, you blew through $45,000 with nothing to show for it.


  50. It’s on the blog. Confirmed. I cannot believe she said her daughter is well aware of the costs…blah, blah, blah. I have a teenage daughter. She does a great job taking care of her housepets but ultimately as her mother I am responsible. Nicole will never take responsibility when something goes wrong. That poor girl, that poor horse. The stupidity is never ending. Hey at least we got an accounting of where some of the money went. And on the bright side at least the current shed won’t ever get repossessed since it’s apparently owned outright.

    Still though in the blog, no mention of a fence for the horse, no mention of a hay barn, no mention of a stable, no mention of a vet lined up. Half assed as usual. Poor horse, poor kids. Fuck you Nicole, be a damn mother, part of that is saying “no, we aren’t prepared for this”. It’s called parenting, sometimes it’s hard to say no but you have to do it.

    I will say kudos on the stove, at least the kids won’t be cooking outside in the mud all winter.


  51. So, a horse. Or course. Bad decision after bad decision.

    I sincerely hope locals take a massive interest in this poor animal’s welfare.

    And, of course, I hope CPS still has interest in the children’s welfare.


  52. Do they have a clean pasture?

    They don’t have a pasture, clean or otherwise. There is no fencing. There doesn’t appear to be a stall. There is no hay barn. (What a joke.)


  53. Unbelievable! Or actually believable for the BOs. There’s no way they can keep that horse safely on their land!? How in the world will they even get enough water for it to drink? Oh geez, they wouldn’t let it drink the pond water would they? Oh man, this horse isn’t going to last long at all.


  54. I have begun to view this as another example of Nicole’s games. She posts A got a horse and then waits for all the speculation for her amusement. How easy it would be to fill in the details of the plans for the upkeep of the horse, but no, not Nicole. Her droll and boring child milestone posts just don’t get her the attention she needs, and she is too obnoxious to maintain outside adult relationships so this is her fix. Start a major flame war if life get’s a little to boring for her. It’s all entertainment for her, not much else of any substance. Change topic and repeat endlessly.


  55. The pictures did not show up when I copied them

    You cannot post images here. You can, I think, link to images housed elsewhere (like Photobucket), although I’ve never tried doing that. I can put images in the comments, but I’m special. 🙂

    In addition, I didn’t approve your copy of Nicole’s entire blog posting. I’m sorry, but that violates copyright law. The law is that for purposes of commentary, you can quote parts of somebody’s work, but not the whole thing. As to what percentage constitutes “part,” there is no definitive statement in the law. The safest course is to quote as little as is necessary to make your point. To read the whole thing, the best bet is to simply go over there. If she blocks your IP address because you came from here (as she can do if she wishes) the cure is simple. Google “IP proxy”, pick one, go there and punch in the URL of her blog and it will take you there with a different IP address. Blocking a particular IP address from viewing a blog is a silly thing to do because it’s so easy to circumvent.


  56. I’m late to the game! I was just thinking, how in the world do they water that horse, winter or not, horses drink a lot. So I searched your blog to see and since you never disappoint, you covered it for me. You really do think of everything don’t you?
    I wonder if they got tack for the horse, tack is typically more than the horse itself. Believe me, I know. Especially since my horse is a mutt, he needs a specialty saddle (maybe just a really good, expensive saddle blanket if I’m lucky) because he has very high withers.
    I grew up running around our horses and the horse pasture like a nut job hyper kid and I survived. Don’t even ask me where my mom was, no one knows. I loved those horses very much, they are neat creatures.
    Someone told me once “a horse is like a car you can never shut off”. I’m almost 30 and just finally got a horse….they are expensive.
    Seriously, water? how? How cold does it get down there in the winter months? I’m WAY up north, very bitter, cold winters.
    In my state you legally have to have a 3 sided, roofed “shelter” for a horse. KY? No? It gets COLD and windy here though.


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