To refresh your memory, there is this.

[6:51 on Youtube video]

[kids chattering in background]

Joe: Have a seat right now. I have to tell you what’s going on.

[kids background noise]

Joe: Okay, listen. The state has kidnapped Jacob and [second oldest son’s name]. They’ve arrested Mom, okay, and they will be kidnapping you tomorrow morning. If I don’t bring you down to the sheriff’s office by ten o’clock tomorrow morning, they will put FELONY CHARGES out on me. And Mom.

So this is what’s gonna happen. Tomorrow morning, I’m going down to the sheriff’s office and I’m just gonna have to send you guys to the state for a while, until we can get you guys back.

Okay? That’s just what’s gonna happen, and there’s nothing I can do about it. (inaudible) force of a gun to dictate this. You guys understand why we live the way we live? You guys understand?

Okay, while you’re with them, you say nothing. You understand? Don’t consent, and nothing.

Child’s voice: What’s consent?

Joe: You don’t, you don’t agree with what they’re doing. Okay? You be reverent, you be decent, okay? All right? But. . . this is, this is crazy out of control. So, I have to drop you guys off at ten o’clock tomorrow. You will not be living with us for I don’t know how long.

It is not hard to see what is wrong with this.  Any parent worth the name would know what is wrong with this.

Except Nicole Naugler, who is totally oblivious.


It is not “harsh” in Nicole’s world to coldly inform a small child that the police are going to kidnap him.  This was said to small children who have spent their entire lives being told that the police are people to fear, that they will shoot you dead, that CPS is evil.

They’ve been interrogated and threatened by CPS before.

Yeah, Nicole, we know.  According to Joe, 20 times. Not so many, according to you.  But still, more often than most people.  And I’m sure they have been told how horrible and evil CPS is almost daily for years.

This is tantamount to telling a small child who is afraid of the boogeymen and the dark that he has to go spend an indefinite length of time in a dark place with several boogeymen  and nobody is going to help him.

But poor Joe. He couldn’t help it. He was just distraught and therefore he emotionally abused his own children and who can blame him?


. . . they have yet to be able to justify seizure.

Nicole, they justified seizure when they went to the court and the judge issued a removal order, you dumb twit. That day.  You just don’t agree because of your “rights.”

You know, if this was really true, why in the hell are you bothering with all the “I’m gonna sue people for harassment” bullshit?  Why don’t you put all your effort and time into suing the state?  If you’re right, you might actually get a very large payoff. Do it.  Put your money where your very large mouth is.

People have won suits like that before, you know, for wrongful arrest and stuff.  Do it, Nicole.

I dare you.

Prove us all wrong. Think how you’ll be able to gloat.  Just do it.




44 thoughts on “Oblivious”

  1. Making the CHILDREN believe they are responsible for protecting their parents. The parents don’t protect the kids in Nauglerville.

    It’s so clear now. Must be that voluntaryism stuff. No personal responsibility except what they WANT to accept.

    Fuck you Nicole. Fuck you Joe. You are horrible people


  2. Fuck you Nicole. Fuck you Joe. You are horrible people

    After listening to those recordings several times over yesterday, I couldn’t agree more.


  3. Nicole stated that “some idiot” stayed up “all night” transcribing. As the posts went up on the 3rd of January and today is the 4th, I’d say that Nicole doesn’t know how to tell time. It may have taken time to do it, but not “all night”.

    “Very open relationship with our children” is the weasel-way (with apologies to the Mustelid family – they take GOOD care of their offspring) of stating that Joe and Nicole take no responsibility for their actions that lead to more than one person, in more than one jurisdiction, to call the police and/or CPS about them. That whatever the hell Joe and Nicole want to do is far more important than delaying gratification and doing whatever the hell needs to be done to minimize or eliminate the chances that the police or CPS will ever be called.

    Clean up after yourselves. Don’t dump your urine and feces just anywhere. Return telephone calls, particularly when they’re from local law enforcement.


  4. I posted this on the other thread but perhaps it’s more appropriate here. The most ominous thing a out this whole situation is this: what does Joe not want his kids to tell people outside the family?


  5. That last line is the one that did it for me. Justify seizure? As if they are her property?!? I know hate is a strong word, but I loathe her and her horrid husband. Your children are just like you, humans with rights. So is Alex.
    She seriously is a waste of skin.


  6. She STILL doesnt understand that she is the reason her children were taken. If she had just shut her yap and given Pate access to the boys then he could have put in his report that she was being forthcoming and cooperative. She decided yhat she would rather be obstructionist and threatening. She left Pate no alternative but to report thise things to CPS. I personally have a huge problem with the way they raise thise kids, but apparently the state didnt. Their main problem was the parents attitude and lack of candor.

    Nicole escalated this situation. Like I said last night, she was warned exactly what would happen legally if she chose to act like that and that is exactly what happened. She is the reason those kids were removed. She should have folded like a cheap suit like tubbyy hubby and the would have been a much different outcome. Perhaps CPS would have opened an oversight case, but I do not believe Pate would have recommeneded removal. He sounded bordeline sympathetic to her.


  7. It was good to see at least one person challenge Nicole on her and Joe’s perception of their parenting skills. There is no way Nicole or Joe will ever admit they’ve done one single thing wrong as parents. Nicole’s most fervent leg humpers won’t see this either (because most of them have had dealings with CPS and probably are crap at parenting too). But reasonable people, especially people who are both reasonable and decent parents, will feel like the poster, Cassie. She’s being nice, but sounds to me like she was appalled at the way Joe handled the impending intervention by CPS, and further disturbed by Nicole not comprehending why his behavior was appalling.

    I hope the State of Kentucky will, at some point, permanently remove the minor children from those two. Please.


  8. I am frequently with parents as their children are removed from their care by CPS. As a Social Worker, it’s part of my job to advocate for parents and their kids. I have occasionally seen parents respond similarly to Joe here if they are unable or unwilling to listen to professional advice. But most parents really are able to keep their kids’ best interest in mind during pivotal moments. I’m talking about parents with active addictions, mental health issues, crisis living situations etc. They still tell their kids they love them and will see them soon and do what they can to comfort their children through these tough moments. They may, at other times, go on about The System and The Government being out to get them etc. but it is very very very rare to see a parent cling to that mentality at the time of removal and lay it on the children’s shoulders. If a parent does respond as both Joe and Nicole did, in my area they would have a much bigger hill to climb before they’d regain custody of their kids. This is because it demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to put the children’s best interest at the forefront. And that’s the absolute crux of the issue.


  9. CPS had “interrogated and threatened them (the children)” before, says Nicole, ergo “preparing” their children for “what the State did” was not harsh. Oh. My. God. Nicole has no clue that this is, quite starkly, emotional abuse of her children. Emotional blackmail.

    Nicole and Joe —- why the hell had CPS been on your back so many times before? Because of mean-spirited people who just want to make your lives miserable? Because you are “different”, because you won’t “comply” with “societal expectation” or “norms”, and people just can’t handle that?

    610 days later…. and you still maintain there was NO reason for your children to be removed from your filthy, environmentally dangerous shitstead? Your 3 walled shack where your children slept crammed together on a wood PLANK with no mattresses? Where you nearly froze one winter except for taking shelter in your van? Where you cook in an outdoor “kitchen” that wallows in mud, discarded nails and tools, where one of your sons got severe burns from igniting a rocket stove with gasoline? Where your homestead has trash strewn everywhere, where your animals polluted your pond, and your children walked barefoot in animal feces, where you gaily allowed goats to dance on your filthy mattress? Where your kids lived without any running water, decent heat, and nothing to shit in but white buckets? Where they ate from mystery cans, and laid sick as dogs around a campfire after contracting food poisoning from rotted pancakes or fecal contamination?

    The state had every right to remove your children. You disgusting DERELICT excuses for parents. I am still horrified that the state of Kentucky returned them.


  10. God damn Joe is one vile, repulsive piece of shit. That aside, the other part of that audio that bugs me is what seems to be a lack of response from the kids. Maybe that comes after he stopped recording but I know that when my kids were little, had my husband come to them and said their older brother had been kidnapped, that I had been arrested, and they would be kidnapped the next day, I know for certain they would have started crying and getting very upset immediately. They would have started asking questions immediately. They would have not sat their in silence. The whole exchange is upsetting on so many levels. Those poor kids.


  11. I’m imagining myself as a kid, hearing Joe’s words. I was already a worrier. I would have quite literally pissed my pants upon hearing that.

    Those poor kids. And a shout out to the foster families who sheltered them. Having been primed to fear “the state” and “the kidnappers”, I am fairly certain that it was not an easy ride for the kids or for the foster families.

    Sally, thanks for fixing my brain fart earlier as well.


  12. This is h.o.r.r.i.f.i.c. I had not heard this recording before! To say Nicole is oblivious is an understatement. Which mindset is worse? Is it worse to be this clueless about the emotional damage you have wrought on your children or to intentionally and maliciously abuse them in this and other ways? I don’t know which is worse, but the results are the same. Most people, unlike Nicole, would have the wherewithal to NEVER put this type of information on the internet, let alone defend the behavior. It is stunning to think she could be this oblivious, but it’s the only thing that makes sense! That doesn’t make it right or okay.


  13. “Nicole: I didn’t hire you to protect my family. I didn’t hire you to protect my family. I can protect my family myself. I do just fine. I didn’t hire you guys to protect my family. I am forced to pay for your services but I did not willingly hire you. If I need a bodyguard I will hire one.”

    Funny she didn’t feel this way about her neighbor at the grooming salon.

    She harassed the neighbor, and when she got a little taste of that harassment back….what did she do?

    She went crying to the police.

    About a situation that could have been easily handled with an apology and a civil explanation. (Or, you know, having the sense not to post the video in the first place.) Even if she was met with hostility….she had the option to retreat and send a private message explaining the situation. Instead, she poured more gas on the dumpster fire that is her life.

    What a hypocritical loonie dingbat!

    I wonder what self-defeating stupid thing she’ll do next? You know it’s coming. It’s like she can’t resist shooting herself in the foot. Repeatedly.

    Personally, I think it would be epitome of irony…. if Nicole really did try to take Sally to court (she won’t) and the judge looking at the case said…..what in the FUCK? How in the hell did you get your kids back? And made a few phone calls:)


  14. I get children have free will and can and able to make decisions, but it irks me when people treat children as little adults. They are not little adults and should not be burden with adult things.

    Yet, I do agree we coddle kids to much. I think it’s ridiculous that college kids needed coloring books, playdough, counseling, and no classes for a few days to deal with the election results.

    I think people have noticed how in general youth have a hard time growing up and being mature and have swung hard in the other direction. Instead of taking the moderate road they go to the other extreme.

    I believe the Nauglers on how they treat, talk about, and handle parenting is the example of going to the other end of things. No child should be making adult decisions. No child should have the worry of how to pay for this or that.

    In part the way Joe talked to them is exactly how you would talk to another adult about the situation. Exactly how the Nauglers approach their parenting; so of course they are not going to see anything wrong with it.

    They can’t comprehend sitting the kids down and saying. I love you. They can’t comprehend showing emotions such as empathy. They can’t cuddle and wipe away tears and help sooth fears because they don’t know how and because their children are not allow to be children.

    Nikki, I know you read here. Don’t mistake my words to mean they don’t have free range or burden with work. I don’t think there is anything wring with chores or helping out. It takes sometimes team work and that means sometimes kids have to pitch into. What I mean is your children are not allowed emotionally be children. From day one you put so much emotional burden on them that I’m sure it’s killing them. Children are not little adults.


  15. Roughly the kids ages there were 12 and under….. right? Roughly.

    12 and younger. He’s talking this way to toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary kids. Well 12 can be middle school … but young middle school.

    Nikki should share this transcript on her BLH page and remind readers exactly how old the kids are.

    She should tell them trolls have issues with it, because they feel Joe is not loving and using harsh abusive words and see what the lovely BLH followers and supporters have to say. When she shares the transcripts she should also inform them they are courtesy of the good for nothing lying troll blog. Give proper credit where credit is do.


  16. If you have your children’s best interest in mind, you prepare them by reassuring them everything is ok, will be ok, there is nothing to fear and you’d all be together again soon.

    And if the motherfucker was sincere about ‘standin’ up fer muh rights’ he would have resisted turning the kids over. It’s all about HIS rights till an ounce of flesh was required. Then the children are the ones who paid the price. He caved like a cheap suit as soon as he heard ‘or go to jail’. Did he have to scare them to ensure their silence? If not that, why? A good mother and/or father will do all they can to reassure their children of their safety and wellbeing. But not these two. Not them.

    A part of me died when he said those things and I heard one of the children whimper.


  17. Nikki posted on NCN page about how CPS was called. Home was deplorable, drugs, etc. Not her home but some other case in the area.

    She was asked if she would have called CPS knowing those conditions. Nikki answer. Nope I would try to contact other family members. SMH.

    She really needs to post this all on her BLH page so those followers can see it and get a clue.

    Listen, I don’t go around looking to call CPS. I called them one time in my whole life. One time. Many go their whole life never making that call. It was not easy for me. In many cases you can talk to the family or help them without involving CPS.

    However, there are times you have no choice. The child being physically beaten, is not a reason for her. Drugs and flith is not a reason for her. It really seems as if there is nothing that is a reason for her.

    Her idea of calling other family to come get the kids only works if you know the family. If you don’t know other family members? Then what? What do you do? Nothing as far as Nikki is concerned.


  18. Lots of parents have very open relationships with their children. In fact most parents I know are. But most also comprehend that information needs to be given in an age appropriate way. Children are not adults, they are human beings who need their parents to guide and protect them. Nicole uses this justification to put shit on her kids that they shouldn’t have put on them. The fact that she thinks what Joe said to their kids was totally appropriate speaks volumes. She doesn’t seem to understand that scaring children is abuse. She doesn’t get that children need reassurance. I know she has prattled on about how crappy her home life was growing up and I am sure it was but that doesn’t give her a free pass. Lots of us had abusive households, we don’t use it as an excuse to abuse our kids, we learned and grew up. It’s time she takes responsibility and starts parenting. The damage is done to the older kids but there is still time to give the younger ones a chance. Just start being a fucking mother. And if it means kicking deadweight to the curb then do it. He’s worthless anyhow. And this just proves even further that he is worthless. This is the man she has the nerve to call a nurturer. He’s not a fucking nurturer. In one of the children’s scariest moments he didn’t help them, he scared them further. What a fucking worthless asshole. Those kids deserve better. And if Nicole can’t comprehend that then maybe they’d be better off without her too. So sick of these people. They are just shitty parents, absolutely worthless shitty parents. Fuck you Nicole and fuck you Joe. And please Joe and Nicole, go get snipped, it’s free on medicaid and you definitely qualify. But no you don’t want to be whores to the state, you’d rather neglect and abuse your kids because that’s better than being a whore. Yeah fuck you and fuck you again. Poor kids.

    And yes I curse, not always but I do when I see shit that angers me and those two anger me so much. Oh and Nicole, the vast majority of your leghumpers are crappy parents too. Because good parents don’t have their kids taken.


  19. Interesting that the posted description on the mirror BLTATM page is “… a page that supports the Naugler family and is correcting the misinformation shared by Sally D, Lisa D L and their minions” and YET she uses a transcript supplied by these very people! Ha! I guess she is confirming that it is accurate!


  20. I just keep wondering why Joe recorded this conversation with his kids?
    Did he think the way he was choosing his words made him sound like a good parent? Or even a sufficient parent?

    Usually when people know they are being recorded they are on their best behavior. Joe may have been under stress, but this was not an “in the heat of the moment” conversation, he had until the next morning to pull it together and talk to those kids. This was an intimate conversation between a parent and very young kids about a sensitive subject during a very hard time, there was zero need to have recorded any conversation, let alone one where dad scared the living shit out of his kids.
    Joe was recording this, he had control of the conversation with his kids. He decided to hurt and scare them, and fucking put it on the Internet.

    Failure is too good of a word. Joe is a leech of a father. He sucks up any kernel of goodness or kindness in every single childhood memory created on the Shitstead. Although, I should give Ma credit too. She is also a leech.


  21. I just keep wondering why Joe recorded this conversation with his kids?

    Because of “viral.” He chose the most inflammatory words he could think of. And it worked. They cashed in “hugely.”


  22. My heart goes out to those poor children who lost the parental lottery the day they fell from Nicole’s hallowed trough and onto a filthy mattress…
    It’s clear that as parents, they’re both very disconnected from their children and the kids’ lack of reaction after hearing about going into state care speaks volumes. Nicole states that they have a very open relationship with them, but only because they don’t care enough about their emotional health to shield them from those things that they really have no right to be burdened with at such a young age.
    They would have no concept of CPS if the parents gave them the kind of care that they deserve, instead of making them live in third world conditions. They wouldn’t see law enforcement as the enemy if the parents didn’t plant that seed. I’m sure the children fear being without their siblings that they grew to depend on much more than being without N or J or the homestead, as the older ones seem to do all of the cooking and actual parenting to the littles.
    I hope the state removes those children for good and adopts them out to normal families so they actually get a fair shot at life. Real beds with actual mattresses to sleep on, an indoor toilet that flushes, clothing and shoes that fit, a refrigerator filled with healthy food, a formal education, friends and social opportunities that normal children have. They deserve so much better than what they have now…
    Poor little Nauglets.


  23. Those poor kids. I’m a preschool teacher. I’m very open and honest with my preschoolers. But, I don’t drag them into adult issues. Because they are kids, and don’t need to take on adult issues. If they do have to somehow be involved in the adult issues, I keep it as un-scary as possible. Because they are kids. And adult problems are never kids fault. So sad.


  24. Not necessarily appropriate to this thread, but I just read that the owner of [admin: I doubt she cares, but no name of the shop, please] is closing indefinitely from the stress of dealing with the Nauglers.


  25. just an addendum to my post above: The link is to an Oprah episode that covers the story of a young boy who was kept in a closet and severely abused all his life until he was rescued by Todd Pate. Sheriff Pate and the boy are reunited on the show after the now young man’s recovery.


  26. I would love to hear what the foster parents of the children could tells of how the kids were while in their care.

    I would also love to hear from Nicole’s mom. I wonder if she reads this blog?


  27. Chilren would be left with pedophiles and in abusive homes everyday if all their parents had to say was, no, CPS, you cant talk to my kid.

    How can she not see that?

    Your “principles” cost you your children, Nicole. And lets be real, you have no problem calling the law when you think it suits you. Shameful.


  28. Because of “viral.” He chose the most inflammatory words he could think of. And it worked. They cashed in “hugely.”

    IMO they had it all planned out. They wanted the kids to be taken. Jo started the Go Fund Me, the exact same day!!

    They are true con artists, and a good con, worth lots of $$$$, takes lots of planning. They basically sold their kids out for whatever a Go fund Me would raise!

    They are looking for another huge payday, and they have been planning non-stop!

    I wonder who their next victims will be??


  29. I want to make one tiny point because it’s been bugging me. A few times, I’ve seen both J & N cling to the idea that Sheriff Pate said he thinks their living arrangements are ‘pretty cool’ (but of course they don’t care what he or anyone thinks at all, no way). Pate is clearly skilled in deescalation. It can be really helpful to find a way to appeal to the person’s ego when they are about to lose it completely. A compliment or two is sometimes enough to bring about compliance.


  30. 1/55 I think “open relationship” means “We even let our kids witness our unwashed, smelly rutting.”

    So-Tired-Of-The-Bullshit, the kids had probably been prepared for this scenario, Jonestown-style.


  31. Sally, this hurts to see. I was just sent this link. Nicole, when Jacob was a baby. (Also has E in it as a baby). How can she be the same person? She was just stunningly gorgeous then. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kDFC3exlFYw/TZETnLWwilI/AAAAAAAAFA8/g_g_lOL-XgU/s1600/JE+soften+.jpg Then, compared to now. I’m floored. She could have been a fresh-face model. This, even more than their living arrangements, make is obvious how far the fall has been. Good people lose homes. They usually get back on their feet, and move on, battle-worn but okay. But she looks like she lost herself along the way.


  32. Beezy wrote, “I wonder who their next victims will be??”

    May I refer you to the post by Panda. I suspect the N’s regard that as a coup de main. Look it up, Nicole.


  33. Sleepless somewhere in the USA wrote “Her idea of calling other family to come get the kids only works if you know the family. If you don’t know other family members? Then what? What do you do? Nothing as far as Nikki is concerned.”
    This wouldn’t work in many situations because of things such as family may not want to deal with the drama from the parents if they took the children, you can’t just give someone’s kids to a family member, most people who abuse their children do it as part of a control issue (they love controlling others) and there is no way in he\\ that they would just let someone take their children and give them to a family member and take away their control in the process. Fighting for your kids does not always mean that you love them dearly, sometimes it means you love the control you have over them and NO ONE is going to take that away from them for any reason… The N’s love having the control over others… Do you really think N would let someone take her kids and give them to one of her family members?!? So why in the he\\ does she think others would let that happen?!? It just shows that she does not think things through and goes with the first thing that pops in her head and then has to go to extremes to defend the nonsense that spewed from her lips before she thought it through a little… I know you read this N, do us all a favor and use that brain that is in your head for things besides conspiracy theories and nonsense… You may just find that life gets a little easier and better when you think before you speak! They disgust me so much when it comes to how they treat their kids and how they think kids should be treated… Btw it is called a seizure when someone is arrested or taken into police custody (the kids were seized by the police legally)… I also pray children services sees her nonsense about finding a family member to take the abused child… Her ignorance is so ???????


  34. I’m wondering if the menaced shop owner has considered contacting the local media? Maybe WAVE3 would like to do a follow-up of their story from last spring. Or the local paper that reported on the “sewage” issues. The truth will set you free.


  35. For one brief moment, I had quite seriously entertained finding a dentist for her and paying for her to have her teeth fixed. I thought that perhaps if she felt less pain, maybe had some self esteem, she might just become a kinder person. Not now. Not ever. Because of her shitty behavior towards her work neighbor and her unwavering belief that her family is “fine”, I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.


  36. Re Beezy’s claim, above:
    I long entertained the theory that that the Nauglers set up the removal of their own children to orchestrate a cash cow and save themselves from homelessness (and likely jail for Joe). Consider:
    1) On the audiotapes of the infamous “removal of the children”, Joe and Nicole are emotionless in dealing with their children. They admonish the children to “be reverent” but stay silent. What are Joe and Nicole trying to muzzle?
    2) Yet Nicole is histrionic in dealing with LE. Todd Pate was calm, respectful, patient, measured. Did Nicole incite her own arrest? What better emotional fodder to raise money than 10 children removed by CPS, PLUS a pregnant mother arrested and “abused” by police?
    3) GFM timing was lighting fast. The Nauglers’ story went “viral” to news media simultaneously. There had to have been a large internet support network already primed “for the ask”. $45,000 is hard to raise even for legitimate charities, and yet this goal was reached in one week, to benefit a completely unknown, impoverished family “living off the grid”?
    4) Nicole was in midst of opening a pet grooming shop with Pace Ellsworth’s assistance. Did she need money that “Capistan” did not raise? No one ever investigated the legitimacy of Capistan, which was never registered as a securities or investment company, and from what we can tell, folded months after its “first” investment in Nicole’s shop. Pace Ellsworth is another voluntaryist, a perfect scam partner to help the Nauglers cash in from LDS, homeschooling and anti-government, “voluntaryist” social media groups. Was the GFM used in part to repay Pace and his investors?

    Many critics view Nicole and Joe as too dumb to have concocted this kind of con. Perhaps. But bilking other people is not hard once one has figured out the emotional buttons to press. For years the Nauglers entreated former friends and the LDS church to give them money, housing, food, housekeeping help, furniture, and more. They had a long running pity party and their well was dry. The removal of the children and GFM windfall gave them a brief but lifesaving financial reprieve.


  37. I’m.really mad that a business had to close due to ncn and her idiot husband being menaces. I’d move my shop.


  38. I don’t know the other shop owner or anything about her, except what type of shop she had and that she had the misfortune to have to deal with the Naugler parents. However, she seems like she just wants this whole mess to fade away, so she might not desire local news coverage. If she does re-open her shop, I hope she can find another location far away from Nicole’s grooming shop.


  39. She posted her business cards on her FB page. For her blessed little shack as well. Phone numbers & everything.

    I think she want people to call & harass her so she can show & tell the judge look what these people do to me.

    I sure hope no one takes the bait.


  40. In the audio, they sound like my oldest son (a very young teenager) when my family was investigated by CPS last year. He told me if they tried to remove him, he’d film them dragging him out and post it online. Perfectly normal reaction from a teenager, not an adult. Thankfully, I facilitated an e-mail exchange between him and the caseworker and he was quickly talked down. Poor caseworker was so overworked, but they took that extra little time to reassure my son. Turns out removal was never on the radar (the caseworker couldn’t outright say that), but they made sure my son had the information he needed to object to his removal the “right” way if it ever occurred.

    I agreed from the beginning that CPS was justified in nosing around a bit. Not to the extent they did, mind you. I was a physically disabled woman taking on the huge responsibility of homeschooling 3 very different kids. I had reservations myself and had they offered to cover to cost of private school, I would have taken the offer in a heartbeat. Turns out both of our biggest concerns has come true; my health has worsened. Middle kid starts private school next week (homeschooling wasn’t a good fit anyway) and my youngest MAY start pre-k in August depending on how my health is by this summer. It sucks to admit defeat, but hurt pride is better than hurt kids.

    I have to agree with all the posts nominating Pate for sainthood. I wish he’d come to my area and teach some of the cops in my area how to properly handle things. I swear a few of them are actively looking for a fight.


  41. “I’m.really mad that a business had to close due to ncn and her idiot husband being menaces. I’d move my shop.”

    That may not be possible without the owner paying money to get out of a contract. So not only is there the possibility that the business losing money due to closing for a time, it could cost still more to get away from Joe and Nicole.


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