The only reason Nicole posts this sort of thing is so she and Joe have a vehicle to write libelous statements about me.

Joe, you do understand that just because you didn’t use my name, the fact that you talk about a “specific retired nurse” is enough for this to be libel.

A vast improvement over this sort of bullshit would be if you and Nicole both took a bit of time, did a bit of god-damned work, and made enough money to pay the nurses that saved her worthless life.  Nicole could easily actually groom some dogs instead of having her children do it all. (It’s quite obvious if you look at the groom photos that inexperienced children are grooming those dogs.  Either that or Nicole is high or drunk. I do a better job on Minnie and I make no pretensions of knowing what I’m doing.)  And you could easily get a fucking job.

But no.  You won’t pay them. You’ll never pay them.

You’ll just demand that they work for you for nothing.  You’ll scream about how taxes are theft and then happily accept that stolen money as long as it’s used for your benefit.

Had I been working there when Nicole came in, she would never have known how I hate her. I would have taken care of her, saved her miserable life, and then punched a wall someplace where she could neither see nor hear me.  That’s how they felt, I assure you.  I  know. I’ve been there.  They despised both of you.

The difference between you and Nicole and all the nurses in the world is that they are educated professionals, and you are neither.

The nurses were ethical, but Joe and Nicole were not, since they didn’t pay them.  Nicole forced them to provide her with services, but then wouldn’t pay the fucking bill.

Faith in what, Nicole?  Really.  What?

The only things I’ve seen from Nicole and Joe are spite, vindictiveness, rudeness, sarcasm and narcissism.  Are those advocated by the world’s major religions?


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  1. I will always be a trained attorney. You will always be a trained nurse.

    Nicole Celeste Naugler will probably wash dog butts for the rest of her miserable life until she drops dead of overuse, and I suspect will always be a bitter bitch longing for something better and never getting it. Hint: the make believe world she creates online isn’t reality. It will never be.
    Joseph Naugler I presume will continue to get older and unhealthier while sitting on his ass in a shed in mud and garbage trying to convince himself he is a man.

    Chances are their children will leave and never look back. I wish those kids all the luck. They’re going to need it.

    All Joe and Nicole have are words and their word is meaningless.

    Grab Dave and let’s go to China in July. I’ve found just the right trip.


  2. Oh no! Not Joe/Nicole again.

    I was enjoying all your non-Joe/Nicole writing.

    Those two are never going to change. They have no self-awareness, which is the catalyst needed for change. They are so predictable and boring. So long Joe. So long Nicole.


  3. Oh no. Is Joe saying that HIS trust in the nursing profession is now undermined? It sure sounds like it. That is tragic, especially in light of the glowing praise he and his wife gave those same medical professionals for saving Nicole’s life. It is a dark day indeed for the nursing profession if this upstanding, graceful, hard-working ‘man’ has suddenly lost faith in them. Perhaps the next time Joe and Nicole find themselves in a medical emergency they will just stay home. Trust is everything, after all.

    And, of course he must trot out the c-word. Joe, you ignorant slut. You are a despicable human being.

    Sally, I agree that those nurses must have hated the Nozzlers. I would imagine that they were also revolted by them.


  4. I’ve heard of nurses saving moms lives after they had a stillborn baby cause they got no prenatal care and the baby died. The patient didn’t even pay the hospital bill with some if her $$$,$$$ 6 figure income.

    On a side note, I’ve been that bitch patient, in pain , needing extra tic , was the nurse agitated … yes, I knew it but I was very apologetic and sent flowers to them after my stay was over.


  5. On a side note, I’ve been that bitch patient, in pain , needing extra tic , was the nurse agitated … yes, I knew it but I was very apologetic and sent flowers to them after my stay was over.

    Nurses are very good at figuring out which patient is in pain or has some other serious misery (nausea, for example) and can’t help it, and which patients are just assholes. They know who is who. The assholes are in the distinct minority, but they exist. My guess, for example, is that Joe Naugler would be an asshole. He’s one in regular life, so it stands to reason that he would be one while in a hospital bed.

    They are the sort of people, in normal life, who say things like “Do you know who I am?” as though that means they should special treatment. They are the people who demand shit all through a restaurant meal and then don’t tip. They are the passengers on the cruise ship who drive the room steward crazy with special requests and then ask if they can remove the automatic tip from their bill. It’s not different when they get sick.


  6. Joseph Naugler uses the word ‘cunt’ because when he looks down for his balls that’s all he sees. Nicole took his balls years ago. She probably made a dog bow with them.


  7. My dad has been told there is nothing can be done for him – he is on comfort care now. He wakes up in the night and panics and takes it, meanly, out on the nurses and aides. I come in mornings and apologize and they all assure me they understand and nothing he says will affect his care. I believe them. And bless them – and I bring them chocolate and cookies. Nurses are amazing people.


  8. takes it, meanly, out on the nurses and aides.

    Yeah, not even close to what I’ve ever talked about. (I am very, very sorry about your dad, Claire.)

    I have a video someplace that was taken by a good friend of mine who is an anesthesiologist. His daughter was doing a science project for school and he wanted to let her get some video for it of him administering anesthesia. I was having a bilateral carpal tunnel release (both hands) and thus being given a general instead of local anesthesia. And he was my doc. So he asked me if he could film it.

    I said yes as long as it remained G-rated and they didn’t make jokes about me while I was asleep.

    So I have a copy of this video. It starts with him administering a local anesthetic for my IV stick (not necessary but good for the video). Then I go to the OR and they prep me and Jim says the usual “count backwards” and I did and the video continues after I experienced lights out. It’s weird to watch.

    My surgeon comes into the room and does a soft shoe dance for the camera. They then operate on both hands. Afterwards, Jim removes all the anesthesia stuff and wheels me to the recovery room where my co-workers meet me. I have no memory of any of this.

    What I do remember is that when I started waking up, I needed to get up. I needed to sit upright. I kept fighting them to sit upright.

    I don’t have to wonder if I was difficult, though, because I have video-proof of it. They all gathered around my gurney and laughed at me while I struggled to sit up and they kept pushing me back down.

    Nobody thought I was a jerk or bad or horrible. They all understand what drugs do to you. They also understand what illness does.

    Go into any restaurant and watch for a while. You’ll see that most people are decent and nice and basically good. It contrasts markedly with the occasional asshole. The asshole stands out. Everyone knows who he is. It’s the same everywhere.


  9. Nicole and Joe are vile. They have been vile for so long, they will never change. I hope at least some of their offspring escape at some point.


  10. Lol… I did the same thing coming out from under anesthesia…
    I really wanted to sit up… it was very important…
    As for Joe and Nicole…
    They’re just trying to justify in their minds why they didn’t pay their bill.
    Nurses, the Nauglers want to say, are not nice.
    Joe proves it by finding something ugly on the web,(perchance a misrepresentation of what really happened…)
    Joe probably has nightmares of needing emergency care and someone with a clipboard comes up to him and says “First, Mr. Naugler, we need you to pay your bill” .
    In the rest of the dream, everyone stands around laughing rather than stopping the blood from his $900 chainsaw wound.
    It’s all in Joe’s head… it’s how he has trained himself to think.


  11. OMG. I have to say this, since you brought it up. I have worked in a grooming salon, in Southern California. So this is speaking from experience.

    The finished dog grooming that My Blessed Little Grooming Company is documenting on their Facebook, is sooo terrible.

    More than that… Its fucking weird. Just bizarrely terrible! I mean, I’m simply speechless after looking at those grooming photos. Why would you document that garbage as your professional work?

    Although, I do think a good deal of it is done by Nicole. She has gotten progressively worse over the years, as her patience declines. Her pictures document that. Now she just lacks the patience required to properly groom at all. “I need to get back to my device – my precious! Check Facebook, stat! No time for fine scissor work, no time for symmetry! …This one’s done! Slap a piece of shit ribbon on ’em.”

    But yeah, half of that work is somehow even worse than Nicole’s far-below-average grooming – definitely done by a complete amateur with an untrained eye, or a child. In one of Nicole’s most recent posts wherein she gave a sad example of their unschooling drive home, she referred to someone at work as her “co-worker”. There is no one else she could be referring to but her daughter. Rip off… Hope those clients are getting a huge discount.

    In any case, in order to teach grooming, you have to have patience, and be able to make an example of your work. We already know she cant do the latter. But neither does she have the patience to teach – not when she doesn’t even have the patience to groom correctly! She misses their ears completely sometimes, or it’s as if she didn’t even pick up the scissors once.

    Bizarre. That’s whats supporting the whole family?! …Theres just no way.


  12. A very close friend of mine has had to have three surgeries and is horrified – HORRIFIED – at how she comes out of anesthesia. She gets up, pees everywhere, she’s belligerent and throwing things. This is NOT who she is that I’ve ever seen through 32 years of friendship. After the first one she tells the staff all about what happens. Warns them, really. Has someone bring fresh fruit to the nurse’s station beforehand because she really hates that this is what she does. Apologizes afterward. It’s terribly embarrassing for her.

    They want her to have another surgery. She’s trying to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. I don’t blame her for that, not one bit.


  13. I had surgery once, and the IV wasn’t working, and I didn’t get any pain meds through it afterwards for awhile. It was agony and I was a writhing mess. I knew something was wrong; I’d had surgery before and there’d never been quite *that* much pain, but I couldn’t communicate much beyond “It hurts, something’s wrong, it hurts”. The nurses, understandably, thought I was panicking or just crazy from the anesthesia, but still called the doctor. He prescribed a sedative, which didn’t work either, and I just stayed awake. My husband stood there helplessly. One of the nurses held my hand. Finally someone figured it out. Then a shit ton of painkillers AND a sedative hit me like a ton of bricks and it was lights out for a loooooong time.

    Even half out of my head, I tried to be decent. My mom was a nurse (just one of the lowly LPNs that everyone disparages, but she was still a nurse) and had terrible stories about bad patients. She never bothered describing the nice ones, because people remember the bad ones more. I did a lot begging and pleading that day, trying not to be a jerk so they would, you know, HELP ME.

    I pity the hospital staff that gets to deal with a post-heart attack Joe Naugler someday.


  14. Two years ago today I had a type A aortic dissection, airlifted to a hospital. Between the helicopter which was 13,000 dollars and the hospital ,that totaled over half a million, I am here and glad for every day above ground. I am grateful for the skilled surgeons that saved my life. There was no Jesus in the operating room guiding the surgeon, NO ONE except the skills of the surgeon and the grate nurses that cared for me after 9 hours of surgery. I bring this up because ,between insurance and my pocket, all the bills were paid, ALL, I OWE NOTHING. I am a firm believer that you pay your way in life. How fucking hard is that concept. She runs a business, imagine if someone decided they just fucking decided to not pay her. Remember she and Joey think society should be all voluntary.


  15. Well I came out of dental anesthesia with stitches and I was restrained.. apparently I hit the crap out the surgeon while he was cutting out my wisdom teeth… needless to say I offered to pay any medical off his.

    I came out of ent surgery yelling at how gorgeous the dr was… they couldn’t get me out fast enough.


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