Nothing to Hide

You gotta love the opening line.

People who support the violation of ones rights, Will usually say something like “if you got nothing to hide got nothing to worry about”

Apart from the atrocious grammar and punctuation, she is characterizing an entire group of people as those who “support the violation of ones [sic] rights.”

She’s starting off the whole piece with a pejorative.

Just because somebody supports the rule of law does not mean they support the violation of anyone’s rights.

But then, we’re talking about Nicole here. She thinks she is the final authority on the subject of rights, specifically hers.  She gives not a single fuck about yours, or about her neighbors’, or about the rights of anyone who happens to disagree with her.

“It’s not always about about having something to hide. . .” she goes on to say.

So then, sometimes it actually is about having something to hide?  That’s interesting.

But it’s other things.

You know, their privacy being violated.

What privacy?

Nicole puts everything online including birthing photos.  The only thing we lack is a photo of her using a tampon or menstrual pad.  We’ve seen everything else.

We also lack photos of her and Joe having sex, but I suspect nobody wants to see those either.

Having to defend themselves is inconvenient and expensive.


How about the inconvenience Nicole caused for Lisa? She had to drive to Breck and Hardin counties multiple times to defend herself against bogus ridiculous “stalking” charges that were thrown totally out of court after Nicole made a fool of herself on videotape.

How about the $5000 it cost Lisa for legal representation?  How about Nicole bragging and gloating about it didn’t cost them anything at all?  How about that?

And it’s just awful being accused of illegal activity.

You know, like accusing me repeatedly of “stalking” her.    That sort of thing.

But then she adds insult to injury by calling Al’s employers repeatedly. Not once or twice, but over and over and over again, not with new complaints, but continuing to complain repeatedly about something that is demonstrably false.  Even after being assured that what she is alleging simply didn’t happen, that’s not good enough. She continues to call.

Then she asks a series of questions, there at the end.

Are you OK with being investigated interrogated even though you have nothing to hide?

Dunno. Never happened to me, so I have no idea.

Have you ever been wrongly accused of a crime?

By you, yeah.   By Cathy and her bogus Beth James and all that bunch, you betcha.  By the actual, real authorities? Nope.  I’ve never been correctly accused of a crime, either.

Did you strongly encouraged[sic] to take a plea deal or did you fight it?

Neither.  Never happened.

Do you have friends or family. . .?


How concerned are you. . .?

Not even slightly.

Maybe that’s just because I’m one of those people who “support the violation of ones[sic] rights.”  Or maybe it’s because I don’t break the fucking law.




11 thoughts on “Nothing to Hide”

  1. Didn’t she, not long ago, say those exact words about calling Al’s employer? “If he’s not done anything wrong, he’s got nothing to worry about”.

    ‘Nuff said bitch.


  2. The game changed for me…meaning new rules…when she made a false CPS report on Lisa and repeatedly called Al’s work…

    you should have just apologized to me a year ago…then i would have disappeared ..poof…gone..

    now guess what



  3. I once had someone call the local health department on me because my yard was untidy. Some tall weeds here and there, a pile of limbs around back, etc. I trimmed the weeds and sent the limbs to the recycling place to be made into mulch. It was stuff that needed to be done but I hadn’t gotten to it yet. No biggie. When the health department worker came by to inspect we chatted about things. She confirmed that it was a neighbor who had called and that she was obligated to check it out. I passed the inspection and all was well.

    If an inspection happened right now would there be any problems? Maybe a few weeds in a fence row if someone wanted to be an ass about things but otherwise all clear. If you don’t live like an animal there are less worries in life.


  4. Isn’t that basically what Nicole Naugler said about repeatedly calling and harassing Al’s employers over the same false accusations? That if he didn’t do anything he had nothing to worry about.

    Shoe is on her and Joseph Naugler’s foot now. If they didn’t do anything then they shouldn’t have to worry, right?

    Oh wait. Joe and Nicole Naugler say they pled to dependency in their child dependency, neglect and abuse case.
    Joe Naugler pled guilty to menacing a woman, albeit with an Alford plea.
    In most probability Nicole Naugler pled to at least one of the charges incurred at the time of the her resisting arrest, albeit deferred.
    Joe Naugler pled guilty, albeit deferred, to animals at large.
    The Nauglers say the harassment of a woman charge in Hardin was dismissed.
    So apparently Joe doesn’t always plead guilty “under duress” to charges he contends he was “innocent” of.

    The thing is CPS didn’t come to their house out of the blue and inspect and interrogate. There was a criminal complaint of menacing for which Joe Naugler was convicted, served time and did probation. There was a call into CPS because children were involved in that criminal complaint. There were calls to the Nauglers from the authorities to make arrangements. They apparently didn’t. There was a visit to the homestead and we all saw what it looked like there on the news. There was further avoidance to make arrangements. According to Joe Naugler during the Chain Reaction Podcast he peed dirty and that contributed to the children not being returned after the emergency removal.

    Apples and oranges. Exactly how were the Naugler’s rights violated? Lest we forget, the Naugler children enjoy some very limited and basic rights too. Children’s rights aren’t the greatest in this country, but they do have some.

    How about the inconvenient expenses of the victims of the Nauglers? The many times the victim of the menacing had to go to court as hearings were postponed by the defense? Or the damages and expense of the free range goats and horse? Or the attorney fees and court costs from their bogus IPO applications? Or the taxpayers who keep footing the bills every time the Nauglers decide that the rules and rights of others, including their children, are of no consequence to them? So far the Nauglers have cost us all quite a pretty penny, IMO.


  5. I’ll play along too.

    Are you OK with being investigated interrogated even though you have nothing to hide?
    Not sure what investigated interrogated is, but well, I’m okay with being questioned if there’s reason to believe I committed a crime or know something that could help solve one. That’s theoretical because it hasn’t happened yet. More realistically, we filed our income tax online as usual last spring, and then this fall we got a letter asking for proof of our medical expenses. So we took the receipts out of the tax folder, photocopied them, and mailed them off in the envelope provided. I’m fine with being asked for proof of claimed expenses.

    Have you ever been wrongly accused of a crime?
    I’ve never been legally accused of a crime other than going through a stop sign once. I had done it and I paid the fine, then paid more attention to street signs while driving. The end.

    Did you strongly encouraged[sic] to take a plea deal or did you fight it?
    No plea deal involved in paying a deserved traffic ticket. No need to fight about something I did.

    Do you have friends or family. . .?

    How concerned are you. . .?
    Not particularly. I don’t have much interaction with police officers at all. Most recently was when they came to tell me my daughter was in an accident and had been taken to hospital(she was fine, just scraped and bruised). That was over 3 years ago. A year or two before that, my husband was asked to clean off the car license plate while he was putting some lawn mowing equipment into the back of the van. I think they wanted time to run his plate and thought he’d been in a fight (he’d had a bike crash a couple of days before and hit the pavement face first, breaking his nose and 2 teeth and looked pretty rough). he cleaned it off, chatted with the officers, and went on with his day. I’d say no skin off his nose, but well, there wasn’t much unbroken skin on it at the time.


  6. Hi Nicole,

    I’m a mom to NINE children. Seven boys & 2 girls. I am also a Grandma to now soon to be 16 grandchildren (three are on the way). When I was younger I had a licensed day care in my home (for 7 years). Never, not once has any authority ever been called on me. Not one complaint. Nothing. Nada. No CPS, no police, no teachers, no other parent. Nothing. Why? Probably because my husband & I are decent people. We pay our bills. We ge along with our neighbors. We don’t impose our beliefs on others. We don’t impose our lives on our fellow citizens, which means we are good neighbors, don’t play loud music, we pick up after ourselves, don’t let our animals wander (we don’t have any now, but we did). We help our neighbors, like if a tree fell on any of our neighbors property, we would help them by grabbing our chain saw (and if we didn’t have a chain saw, we would still help).
    We volunteer in our community. I’m active in the LDS church (my husband isn’t and never has been a member, but he supports me in my church & goes to all the activities, and helps other ward & stake members).
    We have a son who is in the government. The type of government where they interview everyone that ever knew you. Then they put your family under a microscope. We passed with flying colors and guess what? I wasn’t one bit worried!

    We have to go through audits almost every year, not because we have ever done anything wrong with our taxes. Nope. It’s because we own a few houses and property and donate a lot of money every year to various charities and organizations we agree with. We never worry about it. We just keep good records.

    Nicole & Joe, try being nice and decent. You’ll find life is actually enjoyable. Your children will be grateful, they will learn from you. Be what you want your children to become. Set a good example.
    Let them see you feeding the homeless or lifting another person out of misery.

    Why are you afraid of CPS, the police, the IRS, the person you pay rent to (I remember you wouldn’t let your landlord in, why?? What were you ashamed of???)

    So sad.

    I am seeing your not posting much on your blessed little page. You’re still posting quite a bit on you Nicole page. What are you afraid of your few supporters finding out about you? Are you afraid they will find out how you treat others? Or maybe how you spent money that was given you? Or maybe, how you grift?


  7. Did one of the kids write that post? The grammar was worse than usual. Some of the sentences did not even make sense.


  8. Do I have a problem being interrogated or investigated if I committed no crime?

    No problem at all. You see, lots of us hold security clearances of differing types as part of our jobs. In order to be granted a clearance you get to be investigated. If you are unwilling to be investigated—no clearance, no job. People who know you get interviewed or interrogated about you. If you have nothing to hide you are good to go. If you have something that you really wish you hadn’t done or would be seen as negative, it’s best to be candid about it and not hide it from the investigator. Many folks who have been denied clearances who otherwise would not have were denied simply because they lied about doing something or not doing something. It causes the investigator to question your integrity which would pretty much disqualify you for a clearance and hence, a job that requires one.

    Not that Joe and Nicole care. They seem to be content living in a cesspit garbage dump and spending their time being costly nuisances to everyone who comes into contact with them. The idea of them doing something that would require even minimal responsibility is dreadful to them. But they are so jealous and afraid of people do take responsibility and succeed in life that they try to terrorize those people. But here’s the reality check—the Nauglers live as they do, spend barely existing money on weed, walk around with matted hair, think filthy kids are somehow cute, spend more time in court as defendants than normal people can imagine, openly harass and threaten people, had their kids taken, and yet they expect to be taken seriously when they whine that their expanded Naugler-rights have been violated. They are nothing but malicious village idiots.


  9. CPS coming here? Well my dishes arent done, and my sons toilet is clogged and my husband has to go turn off the water, but he is busy cleaning up tree limbs from the wind. My sanitary napkins are filled to the brim in the bathroom, my thong is hanging over the bathtub toilet water dispenser so it can dry from hand washing. Im not sure if I left my sex TOYS out or not. I may or may not have remembered to LOCK the medicine cabinet, there is nothing defrosting for dinner, I have no Christmas lights up outside. Other than that, I havent showered, my hair is in a nasty bun, and I have clothes washing on gentle cycle, and 5 other loads waiting in line. I havent brought in fire wood for tonight.. SO come on CPS..

    I have alot of cop friends but that doesnt mean Im above the law or can get away with anything.

    Yes I have friends and family, quite a few, infact I consider two of my friends, Family.

    Interrogate away, Im an openbook.


  10. I have absolutely no worry of IRS, CPS or the police. My husband and I are law abiding citizens. We pay our taxes, we have great driving records. We pay our bills on time, get along with our neighbors. We have raised five children, three of adult age, college graduates, home owners. While I miss my adult children I don’t see daily, I never worry because I know we raised them well
    and enstilled values and how to be outstanding human beings!
    Living in fear of the things you, Nicole mentioned only shows that you have an emense amount of guilt!
    Guilt sucks! Looking over your shoulder in fear sucks!
    I like having no worries…..
    To NN and HH…… OBEY THE LAWS, take care of your children, provide them opportunities in life…… otherwise pay the penalty to live in America!!!


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