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Well, this is a relief. I will have nothing new to write about. I am delighted because I am busy.

op Nicole

Juxtaposed with the ad for the Blessed Little Bows, it just looks so. . .inviting, doesn’t it?


Frankly, I sort of wonder if Nicole wrote this or if someone else did. Surely a super “unschooling” mother knows that the correct usage is “I hope you’re up for the fun.”



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  1. Her follow up video refers to the post. It is certainly her. Please take care, she is so sadistic and narcissistic.


  2. Nice! Thinks she kisses her kids with that mouth? Oh wait
    What kind of personality disorder is it where people think they can do what ever they want with no repercussions? Other than egotism. This isn’t her first day. When You put something out there, there’s nothing keeping only the people who agree with you from seeing it. Every single post had been a rebuttal to her own offerings. Talk about insecurity and immaturity! Name calling? Really?


  3. She likes to think she’s a Christian. She likes to think she’s a homesteader, too.

    No doubt, by her own words and from her own mouth, how both of those are working out for her.


  4. Wonder if anyone reported her to FB. Must be some rule she’s breaking. I think she’s on the verge of a major breakdown. It’s no ones fault but her own.


  5. Hahaha! Sally, Lisa and others you ARE doing something good. Very good.
    Keep “bringing it”!
    Nicole is very used to pushing people around. She is not used to people pushing back. Sounds like she thinks it would be somehow helpful to meet at her place for a some sort of hair pulling nail scratching throw down. Tee hee. She’s nuts.



  6. Nicole is just pathetic. Speculatively, it does make you wonder if the kids are even there “there won’t be anything new about my family to blog about” or if Joe is even there. My rationale is this: her kids, on just about every blog about her and her husband (maintained by other than the Nauglers) have been off-limits; the kids are referred to in terms of compassion while few have anything but contempt for the kids’ immediate progenitors (rather than parents); why would she take her biggest grifting draw out of the picture; and why is she so upset if she doesn’t care (per her little vlog)? Joe has another court date. 19th, I believe. Hmmm.

    By the way, the verbal sewage that Nicole emits and directs towards Sally is probably much closer to describing Nicole, rather than a successful and respected blogger, homesteader, and mother–which Sally is and Nicole is so very not. Nicole relies on a carefully crafted image of…whatever she decides to be in that moment…and has always been rather aggressive in deleting comments that did not fit her agenda. Before she went viral with her husband this was relatively easy. But, when the Nauglers went viral, a number of people who had had live interactions with them spoke up with their very negative experiences with this family. This challenged the image and the PayPal income. They reacted aggressively towards those who would ‘just not shut up’ about their actual experiences and it was becoming apparent to all but the densest and equally desperate as the Nauglers that something just wasn’t right. People also saw, over the course of a year, that the Nauglers, despite their professing to ‘have plans’ and wanting to build a home, were actually determined to do absolutely nothing and wait for generous people (their prey) to finance their idleness. People also saw children who were actively being denied a chance at a life and this genuinely pissed them off.

    So Nicole cares about her kids as much as she ever did (as a means to generate PayPal donations only) but for some reason she is not going to blog about them? Yeah, right. Nicole and her husband are being held accountable for their dishonesty, wanton neglect and abusive behavior towards others. And she really can’t escape so she flings poop pies.


  7. A bit OT but, if she is having “noise” problems again at her new biz location, as she stated, speculatively she may then be forced out and lose her a/c, on grid living space.
    Actually living at the Sstead full-time with her kids and JoJo would certainly increase her anger levels to astronomical proportions, imo. She certainly would get hot over that and throw herself down screaming and kicking, as she did again today.
    Makes me wonder if something else is in the works besides CPS and poopgate, yet unknown.
    Or is it again just the nature of this beast?


  8. Did anyone see the 1957 movie, “The Seven Faces of Eve”, starring Joanne Woodward?

    It must get dizzying, having several facebook pages, and having a different persona branding for each page. I can’t imagine the Nicole on BLH blasting “cunt, cunt, cunt” and “fucking”. That’s the family style page, it’s not appropriate or allowed. Let’s see, this was on one of her personal pages. The public personal page?

    Well anyways, spicing up the nasty-gram with fucking, cunt, cunt, cunt, and game on bitches. For real intensity, try capitalizing all the letters. It means you are SHOUTING. For added effect.

    Don’t get mixed up, Nicole, when switching back and forth to your pages. That kind of talk isn’t allowed on BLH. It doesn’t suit the christian, homeschooling, mother of 11 children, branding


  9. Is she still playing the good Christian mom? Her personalities get so mixed up in my head.


  10. Her business is booming. She is the self proclaimed best. The trolls are attacking her business. The landlord complaining of too much noise. No wait, what day is it, which story is it today?
    Her homestead is thriving. She says so. Okay maybe not as fast as others would like? Wait, the property was trashed when they got it, they just couldn’t see for the tall weeds. Staying, going, staying, going.
    Her kids are happy, healthy and reverent. She says so. Move along. Nothing to see here. She isn’t going to showcase them any more. Concentrate on just her. What is her page back up? Is she talking about her child(ren)? Well, that didn’t last long.
    Her spirituality is thriving. At least she thinks so, but others may not is what she said. Don’t pay attention to the dirty words or hateful thoughts. That isn’t important she tells us.
    They don’t have to worry about the health department or a civil lawsuit. They composted the humanure correctly. It was impossible there was any run-off. It worked back into the ground as compost because that’s what compost does. She told us this. Why they were buying manure for the garden in April is a mystery. Stop thinking too much.
    She hasn’t a worry in the world and is confident. She did an entire
    Video about how she could care less what others think. She was very mean and vile, but she is the victim. She told us so by video. She visibly got madder and madder. She may have even snarled. She can name names and tell outrageous lies , but just remember the blog is the tabloid. Got you. Opposite Day.
    She didn’t mean for anyone to see that c word laden post about the blogger. I mean she blocked all the trolls. Like a hundred of them. So what if it was set to public? Only everyone else was supposed to see it. Addressed personally to the blogger? What? No, no she deleted it after awhile. No, she never deletes. She only bans trolls and things get deleted because that’s how Facebook works. What’s a troll? Depends on the day.
    Did you ask a stupid question? Did you ask a question she doesn’t want to answer? Did you question her narrative? Do your feet smell? That one is personal.
    Her page is popular. People find her interesting. She told us so. If she doesn’t like you though, if you don’t kiss her ass, you are obsessed.
    She’s not a bully. She says so. Did she just invite people out to the playground for a tussle? Did she throw down? She did what?

    Pick a story, any story. Just don’t believe any of them.


  11. Thought she’d just come after me, but I was wrong.
    I’m so sorry Sally.

    Thing’s are going to get ugly….it’s time to put up a fight for those kids !!!
    The gloves are off and she knew’s it.
    No more phone calls we are knocking on doors with every state official we can.

    Where are you Alex?


  12. Well now that we have a personal invite to visit the homestead and shop from the Queen Bee herself – maybe a road trip should be planned.

    Hey she can not call it stalking any more she issued a invite to the trolls. There is video to prove it too.

    Maybe we can make it into a hay ride trip and tour the country side while we sing songs, share some great company, jokes, laughs and good times. I will bring the popcorn.

    She sure will not win an Oscar for her acting abilities! She was trying so hard to cry and the tears just never appeared.

    Now there is crazy shit about emails being sent to her by trolls cause the trolls want another nauglette. Please let us hope for a intervention that her eggs have dried up. She can not support the ones she has now with out begging so why would the trolls want her to have any more.

    She did not plan on that video being saved off FB either.


  13. She didn’t mean for anyone to see that c word laden post about the blogger.

    I am blocked from the NN page where that post and the video were/are. She was talking about me, to me, directly and had me blocked.


  14. Yes she was Sally.

    She even admitted that she has trolls blocked from that page. She used that page cause she is a chicken shit but wants people to think she is a big shit.

    Also I am sure she took down NCN page and put it on NN page as she hawked the NCN page on BLH page and did not want the supporters/followers to see it. She knew that the word would get to the trolls if she put it on NN page.


  15. Melissa,

    “No more phone calls we are knocking on doors with every state official we can.”

    So you are saying that you have been calling officials to report the Nauglers? And now you are going to go to the officials in person?


    I think people have a right to disagree with how the Nauglers live and raise their children.
    Joe and Nicole like to talk about how most people can’t understand how they believe and live. THEN WHY DO THEY GET SO UPSET THAT PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT THEM? Isn’t that what they should expect? People have a right to discuss and criticize a public figure online. Especially one so bent on showing the world how different their lives are.

    But Melissa, you are talking about spending over a year of actively insulting everything she posts and seeking out government intervention. That is nowhere near the same thing as 99.9 percent of the people following this story are doing. The rest of us are just seeing what Nicole and Joe put out there and waiting to see how it turns out. Sally is just pointing out a public figures lies and preventing people from being fooled into donating without all the information. Sally doesn’t like the Nauglers but I don’t think she has been calling in reports to child welfare and the health department.

    The local child welfare is already involved with this family. Local law enforcement knows them too. The natural consequences of how the Nauglers choose to live and parent are theirs alone to deal with.

    My father was a minister. I had no voice growing up under my parents lifestyle and I still feel emotional about it. I think that is why I keep following this story. I wish my childhood had been different. I wish adults had been stronger and wiser. I think Nicole is focused on her public image and not on what is best for her and her kids. I hope Nicole can heal her family and they can find some peace.

    You seem very focused to ‘help” the Nauglers and it is an important cause to you. But is the way you are “helping” doing them more harm?

    I get that Joe and Nicole have done some vile things to anyone who disagrees with them. But it doesn’t matter how vile someone is, I for one don’t want to stoop to their level and darken my own life with obsessing over them and trying to get revenge. I hope you can find some peace too.


  16. Sally doesn’t like the Nauglers but I don’t think she has been calling in reports to child welfare and the health department.

    That is correct. I have never started any FB pages about them. I have never used a sock, nor do I even have one. And I have never called any authority about them.


  17. And as far as I’ve seen, Sally only responds to information posted by the Nauglers themselves. She does not provide new content. She only provides rebuttal.


  18. I was trying to say earlier that I don’t think anyone needs to ADD problems to the life of Joe and Nicole. They have shown themselves capable of making their own problems. They just seem to want to blame “trolls” and online hostility for all of their problems.

    But, which problem in the Naugler’s lives has been caused by strangers online who just don’t like them and their way of life? And which problems have been caused by the Nauglers all on their own?

    Joe threatened someone with a gun. The police get involved. Joe has court.

    Joe and Nicole were avoiding child welfare and wouldn’t let the police talk to the kids. The kids got taken into foster care. Child welfare now has a Naugler file.

    The Naugler’s neighbors find trash and poo after heavy rain. The Nauglers never got a permit to dispose of waste and show no proof of where they dispose of waste. The county gets involved and takes them to court.

    The Naugler’s animals are not contained to their property. The neighbor takes them to court.

    Nicole’s business isn’t soundproof enough and she needs to move. She has to spend money to remodel again.

    They have to live right next to the road and in view of the neighbors and passing traffic because the cabin couldn’t be moved further back. The son couldn’t fix the road by himself with a shovel and no gloves.

    Nicole is gone twelve hours a day from the homestead for work and travel. She is unable to oversee anything going on at home. Joe is not driven to build a homestead. The kids try to do the work to continue the dream they have of homesteading with mom.

    They can’t use their pond for swimming or fishing anymore. They haven’t asked a county extension agent or experienced person to help them fix the pond.

    Accept responsibility, try to fix the problem, do better next time.
    It’s what I tell my kids and myself every time we fail.


  19. I have and I have been open about it.
    I started a Facebook page because I felt threatened and experience has shown me that when something is open and in a public arena and the parties are known it lessens the potential of bad things being done. I proudly proclaim that I administer the page (with some invaluable help). It’s never been a secret. I don’t hide behind BLTATM.
    I went to the authorities, because I felt endangered for both myself and my child, and I wanted a record of it and assurances from the authorities that we were safe. Everything I have done was primarily for my own safety or the safety of those I know.
    I have not gone to CPS. I am very familiar with how the system works. I don’t know the children personally, and have nothing substantial to report. The same goes for the health department.
    As to my page, it is primarily something else entirely far removed from the Nauglers. I try to make it as intellectually stimulating as possible. There is just too much misinformation and willful misguidance online. In its small way it is anti the “cult of ignorance”.
    The page has its Naugler component, after all the page was started so that I could take my life back from those who sought to control it through online bullying, etc. The page seeks to report and counter some, not all, of the egregious acts and falsehoods publicly made by the Naugler adults. I try to keep it on track, but I refuse to do much censoring of others who want to report or vent on the page. Even then, most days, the page has little or nothing to do with the Nauglers themselves.
    You may not like my page. You may not like how I do things. You may think the page shouldn’t exist. You may think there are better things I can do with my time, the page really doesn’t take that much special effort. It’s fine. There’s lots of pages I don’t like either, but I firmly believe in free speech. Mine, yours, theirs. I also believe that if you are going to practice free speech you should also be willing to accept criticism and the ramifications of your words.
    My page isn’t going anywhere. Come to the page. Don’t come to the page. Tell me, civilly, what you think I’m doing wrong or right, what you like, don’t like. We can have a discussion, I will listen, we can learn from each other.


  20. Noped out at word 7 of the screenshot. If I want to hear vile physical insults I can go hang out at the bar and eavesdrop on the nasty old drunks.

    It’s illuminating that Nicole Naugler, apparently, issues misogynist putdowns.


  21. Child welfare pays attention to cumulative reports over time. Their resources are limited, but they are more likely to address cases with alacrity if they have multiple complaints, multiple issues and many eyes paying close attention. It makes a huge difference if elected officials take notice, both in terms of speed of process and resource allotment.


  22. Strangers who exercise their right to free speech seems to cause a great deal of difficulty for Nicole Naugler.


  23. Lisa are you Melissa?

    I really don’t know who has what facebook page or what the anti-Naugler pages talk about.

    I was just responding to Melissa’s comment that made it sound like she was going to become even more involved in reporting the Nauglers. Unless she is a Naugler neighbor, I am having trouble understanding what first hand information she would have to report. It just seemed like she was bragging about ramping up the online anti-Naugler campain in the real world. I think that is pointless. The Nauglers are making enough trouble for themselves. Why give them someone else to blame for their problems and get sympathy?


  24. Bea,
    No I’m Lisa.
    Not personal against you.
    I had a starring role in the video and as such felt a short explanation of how and why I have a page was warranted. Probably just my ego feeling a little bruised. My problem not yours. I feel a bit embarrassed for posting that.


  25. Each issue called in to child welfare is considered on its own merits regardless of how many people report it. If one person calls child welfare and reports that the children have no proper sanitation, the social worker will determine if that requires investigating.
    That one report by itself is enough. It will be given more weight if the caller has direct (not online) contact with the family.
    But every time another person calls in with the same concern, the hotline is clogged up with someone reporting something that will just be screened out for being a duplicate report.
    At least that is how it works in Oklahoma.


  26. Can someone fill me in? What happened in court? It seems whatever when on there really ramped up N’s already unstable brain. Makes me wonder if there was also a separate meeting with CPS and perhaps they brought down the gavel on N to not post about her children anymore.

    If only her video could be posted on BLH FB page so the remaining supporters could view the very real Nicole and her extensive vocabulary!


  27. Bea, I worked for many years in public health and I can tell you in my county it did not work the way you are describing duplicate reporting in OK. Multiple reports did not clog our system, and multiple reports did not get screened out. Perhaps just different systems IDK.


  28. Bea,
    Where I live, multiple reports to CPS are more likely to get attention. They aren’t just deleted as duplicates. Caseworkers need to prioritize, and multiple reports will generally cause them to look more closely at a situation.


  29. The neighbors have to test the water,blh compost and toilet will be inspected in about 2 weeks.


  30. [ ADMIN: Melissa, this is not your personal place to rant and rave. Please keep your comments to some sort of reasonable length and please quit yelling.

    I removed all that.]


  31. Old time farm girl wrote, “She even admitted that she has trolls blocked from that page. She used that page cause she is a chicken shit but wants people to think she is a big shit.”

    That reminds me of what my dad says. He said, “Look at ’em, chicken shit pretending to be duck shit.” Mean exactly the same but struck me as hilarious.


  32. “The neighbors have to test the water,blh compost and toilet will be inspected in about 2 weeks.”

    I do not envy the job of the human compost inspector.


  33. Utterly disgusting. I’m so sorry this piece of shit is trying to push salt in your wounds. I know you already know she’s pathetic, but it’s amazing how much further she can prove it day by day.


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