Not Responsible

Today was a special day for Joe. It’s his birthday.  Happy Birthday.

Unfortunately, part of that special day was spent in a special place.

The courtroom.

Wait? What happened? You can read about it here.

We’ve already discussed the goats.  There were further developments later as well.

For those readers that are unfamiliar with how things really work in the country and community — occasionally livestock create issues. Very occasionally. Rarely in fact. Sure. It happens. Critters get out. Gates get left open, even good fences fail –occasionally and rarely. When livestock get out, you drop everything you’re doing and you contain them. Neighbors pitch in and work together. We laugh it off and if there was in fact any damage done, we make it right.

That’s how responsible, conscientious, honest homesteaders do things. Because we know that next time, it could be our livestock that gets out and we want to cause minimal impact on rural relationships based on common trust and understanding.

Most farmers and homesteaders are decent, hardworking, honest people. Just the title “homesteader” tends to make most folk envision peaceful country settings where hard work and clean living reigns. That same mental image plays well as a facade if you’re trying to convince people to assume you’re one of those honest, hardworking, clean living homesteaders. Plays well on big hearts.

Like money making sticks on a kettle drum.

Homesteading entails responsibility and accountability to your animals AND your neighbors.

Think about this for a brief second.

What does it take to actually get law enforcement involved? It only happens in the rarest of circumstances. An individual has to ignore repeated warnings, has to blow off myriad reminders, has to basically not give a shit what their livestock is doing to the neighbors.  It’s extremely rare and it takes a special kind of irresponsible or incompetent wannabe “homesteader” to make this kind of thing happen.

A decent person accepts responsibility. A decent person owns his or her actions and makes things right.

A truly decent person would have admitted fault after being charged. But hey, that’s not what this birthday blog is about. It is after all Joe’s birthday, let’s cut him some slack.

He pled “Not guilty.” Basically the same as saying “This isn’t my fault, I am innocent, I didn’t allow my livestock to run free, I am not completely oblivious to the hard work involved with responsible animal husbandry, I am being charged for something I did not do. I am not guilty.

He’ll probably get a deferment. Probably skate out of this and chuckle. But here’s the deal; he’s in court on his birthday for repeatedly being an irresponsible and inept owner of livestock.  He may evade legal issues, but he won’t drink a Red Bull, grow wings and bullshit his way out of community opinion.

Why? Because we know. We see it. And they are proud to advertise their complete lack of actual animal husbandry skills.

Let’s look at this from a chronological standpoint. Let’s see if Joe and Nicole can’t explain their methodology. We can’t make this shit up.

Back in March of 2013 they admit that they are tying the goats up. That’s not really “free range”, but hey, it keeps them from straying. It’s also a great way to come home to a dead goat that has strangled itself at the end of a tie out.
Capture11Welp, that must not have worked. Seems they gave them free rein again. And . . . 20+ acres of yummy grass? (forget the trash, the demolished mobile homes, the forest, the pine trees, the roads . . . 20 acres of pasture in the wilderness)
Capture13Gah! That didn’t work either. Letting them run free causes issues. Whoduh thunk it? I wonder what these “barriers” were?
Capture14OK. OK. They’ve got this. They’ve got everything fenced. They have gates. They’re figuring this stuff out. And as an added bonus, they’re keeping CPS out too. Not that they’ve ever had problems.
Capture4Well shit. Maybe not. Sigh. What a tangled web they weave. Maybe they should weave fences instead?
Capture8OK, maybe they did weave something. A corral? Nothing wrong with a holding pen. If it’s used to hold. “Free range” however kinda negates that. Which is it?  Who knows. Maybe they corralled them to milk them?
Capture15OK, maybe they’re actually trying here. This was from a video on the blessed little homestead page. By the way, REAL homesteaders understand that LGD’s  and their mutt crosses should never be used to drive livestock. Unless of course, you want them to rid you of your livestock. But hey, she’s a dog groomer. She knows dogs.
Capture16Screw that penning and corralling and tying them out stuff. Gah, that stuff is work.  Let them figure it out. They’ll find a place to crash at night . . . when it snows.

Well that stuff doesn’t work either. Maybe Joe is a slow learner? Kinda special? Here we go again.  I thought they already did that? June last year?
Capture10Sigh. Never mind. I wonder WHERE they’re foraging? Maybe the neighbor’s soybean fields? His landscaping? Fly that free range banner baby! (cheaper than feeding them)
Capture7What happened to the fences and gates from 2 years ago? Did the goats eat them while foraging? At least they’re not dropping milk duds in the kitchen any more.
This is getting confusing. But I can begin to understand why Joe got his birthday present.

Capture17“Not Guilty”

Yeah. Right.

Happy Birthday Joe.


“Tall Strong Fences”

Capture3Capture18 Capture19 Capture20

This installment brought to you by “The Nefarious Please”


77 thoughts on “Not Responsible”

  1. This situation never ends well, for the livestock owners, the neighbors, or the livestock.

    The biggest losers in all this are the children who fell in love with the goats. And the rabbits. And the chickens. And the dogs and cats and everything else they have received and lost due to the parents irresponsible behavior.

    I won’t lie; this subject touches a raw nerve. Those poor children have gained so little and lost so much in their short lives. Their sense of self will be the one thing that is hardest to regain, followed closely by trust.


  2. Somehow, someday, Cps and the law will catch up to these people. Hopefully it’s not too late for the little ones. They were not given a choice in this. 2011 they had holidays, neighbors , friends, education, somewhat sanitary living…. all taken away by two adults who think they above it all. Thank god laws will get tougher.

    Keep reporting , thank god for those of us that actually give a damn.


  3. Let’s see – they refuse to take responsibility for letting their animals roam free and unprotected (at least one dog hit by a car, another dog lost, goats invading the neighbouring property, etc.) and causing damage. However, they take it upon themselves to suddenly hold a person responsible for damaging their car – MONTHS after they had settled it with the driver.

    They called it “vehicular assault”, no less. They wrote that there was a police officer involved, a statement taken, etc. Yet there is no case brought forward. I bet the insurance company of the other driver has also told them to take a hike, if they were foolish enough to try and make a claim now.

    They lived in Texas for a time. Perhaps they left because they’re all hat, no cattle. Well, that and owing taxes to the state. As honourable people, they should pay off that lien.

    Nicole C Button – Hays County, TX Result For: [BUTTON NICOLE C]
    Number File Date Type Desc. Inst. Date # Pgs. Book/Vol/Page Town Consideration
    5023201 08/10/2005 STATE TAX LIEN 1 OPR/02746/113 02746 113 $572.75


  4. Damn shame you had to spend you birthday in court, Joe. Homesteading is hard. It’s embarrassing and frustrating when the goats keep outsmarting you, the dogs claim to be autodidact learners but they just play around at goat herding. Neighbors are somehow blind to your charm and they want to blame you for for all the problems.
    But happy birthday, Papi! Hope you had a swell day. Watch out for those Milk Duds in the kitchen, appearances can be deceiving.


  5. Nauglers, you may choose to live among trash, debris and untreated human waste, and your unfortunate neighbor has to put up with it. However, you have no right to encroach on his land with your livestock’s uncontrolled ranging, noshing and pooping.

    The lack of respect for one’s community and the evident entitlement is a persistent theme. It dates back to their church ward experiences. Joe, wake up and smell the coffee, not the ganja. You could have avoided this fiasco with your neighbor. All it took was fencing. Or if you couldn’t afford the materials, then get rid of the goats. That’s a foregone conclusion now.


  6. Not guilty? Perhaps the Google School of Animal Husbandry forgot to mention the difference between “Free Range” and “Open Range”, or the fact that “Good fences make for good neighbors”.

    Once again a major failure, ignorance is no excuse. Man up, admit you are responsible for your animals and your actions, or give up the hoax and go back to the city.


  7. The BLH “High Commander” isn’t so commanding, is he?

    At least, not where the goats are concerned, anyway.


  8. Well, here you have it. Three years of posts about goats gone nuisance. And needing fences. Have fences. Gonna get fences. Fenced in. “All fenced, with two gates. To keep the animals in and CPS out”. Oh the irony, is it an invisible fence? The invisible fence, makes for another chapter in the Emperor Has No Clothes.

    BLB said, “Homesteading entails responsibility and accountability to your animals AND your neighbors.” So since Joe isn’t responsible and accountable, keep the nuisance on your own damn property. Good fences doesn’t necessarily make good neighbors. But it can keep nuisance neighbors from free ranging their annoying nuisance, including their animals.

    “A decent person accepts responsibility. A decent person owns his or her actions and makes things right.” And a “not guilty” is a punch below the belt, to the neighbor.

    I’ll leave that right there…


  9. Nicole appears to have pulled all the comments from her post about Joe’s birthday – most of them were innocuous “happy birthday” greetings. Wonder why?

    And I owe Nicole an apology: the link to the No Greater Joy ministries (the Pearls’ organization) was NOT posted by Nicole, but was listed under other sites her followers like. Mea culpa for not having initially spotted the difference (and it’s a big difference, though also telling in regard to the followers of the Nauglers’ adventures and misadventures). I am sorry I was careless, and accept full responsibility – Nicole has not stated anywhere publicly that her family is a follower of this organization or its (very abusive, imo) child-rearing practices or suggestions for husband-wife responsibilities and relationships.

    Also, going by what Nicole HAS posted about her family and parenting, her general philosophy would appear to be very much at odds with that of the hyper-controlling Greater Joy bunch – or perhaps it would be better stated to note that her version of control is at great variance with theirs. NIcole’s kids have a lot of physical freedom there on their “homestead” – they run around in the woods, go barefoot at will, climb trees, play with each other and the animals, etc. They are not “blanket-trained” or beaten with electrical tubes, as far as I can see. NIcole speaks fondly of them and fondly to them.

    But they are prisoners of their parents in many other ways, just as are those pitiful children subjected to the Pearls’ abuses. However, the Naugler children are “free” – free to catch communicable and preventable diseases, free to grow up with warped notions of how the American governmental system (at all levels) is designed to work, free from accurate information about history, free from advanced learning of languages, mathematics, and science, free from cleanliness, free from adequate sanitation, free from exposure to others who are decent people but whose ideas and lifestyles vary from their own, free from growing up in a clean and safe environment, free from having their own private or semi-private space within their home, free from being sheltered from adult matters of sex and reproduction and childbirth, free to do adult level work on the “homestead” , with the lack of adequate knowledge and instruction which guarantees failure…

    Well, you get the idea. I could go on. But at least Nicole did NOT post the link to the No Greater Joy Ministries, and that needs to be clarified and made known, as such accusations have appeared on other sites dealing with the Naugler family. Again, I apologize for my own carelessness in this matter, which I regret very much.


  10. ^^^ Is this message directed at me in regard to my previous post, or at Joe?? Good advice, at any rate!


  11. Blue Kentucky Girl,

    Hahaha. No, not at you, although I agree, it’s a good philosophy to live by.

    Just some more of that unsolicited advise I occasionally direct toward the Nauglers. It was my busy body ways that got me here in the first place, don’t you know? My horrific few comments to them consisted of saying they should concentrate less on demanding their rights, because none of the venues they were using within the court system was the place for it, and more on just doing what they needed to do to get those children back home ASAP. That there is a time and a place for it, and now wasn’t it. I didn’t say they shouldn’t fight those battles, just not at the expense of their children, there were better and cheaper ways to end up exactly where they ended up in the end. Oh well, such is life.


  12. Those are strong fences? What?! I guess I picture a strong fence differently because the fence in that picture is not stretched tight. And the wooden fences, I don’t see goats obeying that boundary.
    Also N&J could have done a simple google search and found this article:
    And the article is from a good source- tractor supply company a company that caters to farmers!
    I doubt this is the last birthday Joe is in court or in trouble and I doubt this is the last livestock issue they have with neighbors.


  13. The latest BLH post about tv is confusing. Her followers are commenting about how they homeschool and already spend time together all day just like Nicole’s family. Dinnertime isn’t as important if you are together as a family all day. Um..just a little problem with that though. She is NOT home all day with her kids and homeschooling them. She is away at work. Some of the kids come help her at work. But she is working away from home with a half hour commute both ways. They can’t even sit down for 15 minutes a night as a family and enjoy a meal together without the tv on when they haven’t been together all day? How do the little kids have time to talk to the family every day? Little ones aren’t as interesting as the tv and not as relaxing to listen to I guess. And what do you do with the little kids when you are watching adult shows like the Walking Dead? So sad.


  14. If you remember the video she posted of the new GARDEN shed, there was no table. There was a big ass out of tune piano and counters around the perimeter. They are not able to sit together to eat dinner.


  15. It’s seems hard to believe she is a true ‘Mainah’, first off, the spelling drives me nuts. Mainahs take true pride in the fact that they pronounce their ERs as AHs. And while I am from New Hampshire, I work in Maine, and have spent many of summers in Maine. She isn’t friendly, doesn’t give a care in the world about the community and certainly doesn’t seem to know even the basics of living the ‘wilderness’.
    I myself have NO interest in homesteading or farming but my grandparents and great grandparents both were farmers. They had chickens, cows, and bulls. At a young age I was shown why the phrase ‘run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off’ existed. I milked cows. I saw what a true farm ran like. It’s not easy. She seems to think that you can just have some random assortment of animals and say ‘I am a homesteader’! She has no respect for boundaries, and no respect for other creatures. (And certainly no respect to her neighbors or children).
    I have worked with multiple home schooled children (not unschooled, as the laws up here are stricter then KY) and every single one of them has way more grip on the world than her children. It concerns me that she really is attempting to get them to think in a certain way. Every home school child I have worked with has their own freedoms, and has made their own choices and the majority of them, were at one point given the choice to go to school.
    As many others, I truly hope that CPS does step back in, and either have them taken away or at least in a public school situation were problems at home could be picked up on.


  16. They arent Homesteaders, they are just people who coudn’t get a loan or an apartment. Its like White Trash with a great idea.


  17. Where I come from, ” Here in the real Wilderness ” had we had trouble making neighbor’s like the Nauglers and their goat’s were feasting on our garden or damaged our property in any way. We would not have called and giving any warning, nor would we have called the police or bothered the court’s with such matters.

    Sorry, but we would have shot them dead where they stood on our land, loaded their dead asses up in the truck and throw them out in the neighbor’s yard as a warning….not to let that happen again.

    Good neighbors would never even consider Free Rangeing goat’s…. that would just make them a Free Range Target !!!

    Joe and Nicole don’t know what they are doing….. End of story !!!


  18. Melissa, I think the court of public opinion will follow with your verdict from here on out too. Wasting everyone’s time and public funds so that Joe can stand up and read his manifesto to his neighbors in court, until the judge finally tells him to shut up and sit down.
    Amazingly stupid for the Nauglers to continue to irritate neighbors over such an easily resolved issue and fine, especially when you are depending upon them to support their business in a such a relatively small community. Bad for business all around. Umpteenth example of the adult units grandstanding trumping food in their children’s mouths. I wonder if all of their kids will be present in court for a homeschooling lesson on this occasion.


  19. To all who are not arguing/don’t care about TV use, “off grid” has multiple meanings.

    Some of these definitions may work for what we see…

    – The term off-the-grid (OTG) can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. (Btw, in a building used by some of the family, some of the time, at least several days of each week, there are pics showing a refrigerator, microwave and tools, plugged into wall outlets. There are sinks, water sprayers, toilet (implied), and washer hookup, all with city water connections.)

    – Term used to describe a state of being off of the internet, no Facebook, Twitter, Skype, AIM, Gmail chat, Myspace etc. The only exception being e-mail and phone calls (only school/work related). Generally used in cases of drama-overdose.

    – Off-Grid is a term used when cutting off all contact via internet and phone with friends and family for an alloted amount of time.

    – Off the grid =(adj.) Unrecorded, untraceable through normal means.

    – Off-grid is a new adjective which describes the situation of not using public utilities such as electricity, gas, water mains and sewerage. A truly off-grid home or building is completely autonomous in that it operates independently, not relying on any central supply of power or water.

    – Not connected to any of the main utilities (= electricity, water etc) and having your own power and water supply.

    And, this is a public safety announcement, not connected to the previous not-important research, especially for those who live in earthquake country, inspired by a picture I saw recently on the internet…

    Take a look at items you have stored and stacked high in your house and garage, and at your furniture too. If you have small children use an L bracket to fix dressers to the wall, so if the child pulls out the bottom drawer to climb, the whole thing won’t tip over on him/her. For all, use another L bracket or 2 (mollybolt if needed) to attach tall bookshelves, mirrors, and other furniture to the wall.

    Secure stuff on open shelves.

    One way to check for potential danger is for you to sit on the floor, and look around and up…if THAT fell or tipped over on me, would it hurt? Could it be deadly? How about for a small child/baby? Especially look over yours and your children’s beds. I’ve seen some heavy decorative items just hanging there. Pretty. But you can’t get out of the way if you’re asleep. Secure or move them away from the beds.

    Confession, I do use municipal water, sewage service, and electricity. I totally admire self sufficient off gridders. I don’t care about TV except that I enjoy hearing about other people’s lives, including their entertainment preferences.


  20. I cant even. They just posted pictures of the goat slaughter on BLH, and she said the “littles watched”! WTF? Those poor babies.


  21. @Bill: I live on the Ring of Fire, so home decorating magazines frequently make me shake my head. This Old House showcased a cottage bedroom that had a humongous old railroad sign, the kind that’s a big slab of wood with letters almost a foot high that have shiny marbles embedded in them, directly over the head of the bed.



  22. El Macho: It’s ‘look at what you make me do’, and ‘I can do whatever I like and you can’t stop me’, and ‘this ‘ill get ’em talking’. They are sick. It’s beyond being assholes.


  23. I wonder if all of their kids will be present in court for a homeschooling lesson on this occasion.

    I still think there’s something about the van that makes it impossible for them to transport the whole family in the one vehicle. It might be mechanical or maybe the seats are destroyed. Maybe they were outside the van and the goats or weather got to them. I can’t remember the last time she talked about the family all going together on some sort of outing.

    As far as off-grid, I think to the Nauglers and many of their followers use off-grid as sort of a euphemism for living underground, off-the-radar. Their ideal is to only participate in the underground economy and to avoid any documentation of their families so as to evade taxation and any rules and laws. I think that’s really the essence of what a lot of them mean but they just don’t want to come right out and say it on the BLH page.


  24. Wow, I just have to tell you this. Your blog is the most informative source of the actual facts. I appreciate how you back up the information with links and proof, to its original source. I have been following this mess, on and off for awhile now. I would take breaks from it out of sheer frustration. The Nauglers have a way of putting such a spin on everything. Thanks to you, I am no longer dizzy! No more jumping through hoops, hopping fences or falling down rabbit holes for me! Keep up the good work. I just read the “How To Butcher a Goat”on BLH. I don’t homestead and am uneducated on slaughtering animals. Is it customary to have a child shoot a goat in the head? Or anyone for that matter? How are animals usually put down for human consumption? Don’t misunderstand, I eat meat, I know someone has to kill the animals. I found the pictures disturbing. I wondered about the safety of the other kids while this was happening.


  25. I will forever be traumatized! That sweet little girl killing her pet goat. Who in the Hell does that?


  26. For all I know, their daughter was fine with killing the goat, but I got the sense from reading the blog entry that the underlying intent of the post was to make sure everyone knows that A*****l was the person who assumed responsibility for the goats and so it was her fault that the goats left the property and Dad ended up in legal trouble. I think the message has been sent by Nicole to A*****l that A*****l is responsible for their current predicament that has resulted in the goat needing to be killed and a need for them to get rid of most of the other goats. I suspect, though, that Nicole has done it in her emotionally abusive way where she can claim plausible deniability. I have no doubt that Nicole is perfectly capable of gaslighting her own daughter.


  27. If she runs a business, doesn’t she have to pay taxes?

    And the utter viciousness of having the child kill her pet goat because “it was her fault” is beyond the pale.

    Karma is waiting, and karma bites awful hard.


  28. If she runs a business, doesn’t she have to pay taxes?

    Yes, but only because she has to. As others have pointed out many times, her identity as an off-grid person doesn’t align with the reality of her life. She’s no less reliant on the grid for survival than many of the rest of us. And her needing the grooming salon for survival means she’s stuck having to follow the rules of the government. If she could figure out a way to run a black market, underground grooming salon, she would. She prefers agorism/counter-economics.


  29. Indeed, it was a special day for Mr. Naugler…

    …he took a bath!!

    (Needless to say, it was amongst the dogs. And like the dogs, he too took a special photo afterward!)


  30. Wait… Why not invest in an Almighty fence? LDS love fences! They love to fence in their wives, their children. Why not their goats?

    Perhaps, invest in a fence instead of another outrageous dog-salon-make-over. After all, that is the most expensive aspect of opening a canine salon; the special building, equipment, and aesthetic construction of the space – and boy is it expensive. To have to do that twice?!

    ( Disclaimer: This is not directed at anyone’s business in particular. Apologies if it breaks any blog-rules.)


  31. Sad Spiral
    I didn’t even let my brain go there.
    I want to vomit.
    Will someone please buy the rest of the goats off them so the children can be spared another slaughter.?


  32. El Macho
    I was just looking at one of the facebook pages and I see someone had the same thought. I’m reassured to know someone had similar suspicions and it wasn’t just my imagination but I would have been happier for everyone to tell me I’m crazy and that Nicole isn’t that horrible. So sad.


  33. Sad- it felt odd but I never even thought about that. I pray it’s wrong but I’m afraid your right. The timing of right after court can’t be ignored.


  34. Sad Spiral: Astute observations. I hadn’t thought of the entire group using “homesteading” to convey their “off radar” participation. Makes a lot of sense. No doubt goats needed to go, but I too saw this as plausible deniability for loading the daughter up with guilt and “consequences”. I’m sure a few tears were secretly shed and not by the self proclaimed BO. She is one cold sick manipulative bitch. Karma is a bitch too.


  35. Sad Spiral wrote, “Their ideal is to only participate in the underground economy and to avoid any documentation of their families so as to evade taxation and any rules and laws.”

    That is made more difficult by Nicole, as she has a business that is subject to taxation. When you have a storefront it’s more difficult to provide underground grooming. I guess you could go cash-only but that would still be problematic.

    Regarding the slaughtering of the goat – their parents permitted it to be done badly. No, you don’t generally shoot a goat and you most especially don’t do it when it’s HAND-RESTRAINED by yet another CHILD. You don’t hand-restrain them at all! Not only that, they didn’t drain the blood, they disemboweled it before skinning it, there was no evidence of clean water (and soap) anywhere – what could go wrong? Goats don’t carry zoonotic diseases anymore than cats or dogs too !

    The kids aren’t to blame for this bungled butchery. Their parents are to blame. For two people who seem to believe that you can become a heart surgeon via YouTube, they didn’t bother researching how to slaughter and butcher a goat, first.

    Adult male goat meat is NOT tasty. For someone to believe otherwise they have to have lost their sense of smell.


  36. “Things” are just that. They have no use for “things”, it seems animals fall into the “things” category. Chickens, bunnies, goats and who the Hell knows what the Hell else. Convenient timing of dispatching the goat. Perhaps he was the ring leader of causing trouble.

    I’m not sure how they have escaped tragedy in that bunch. Pure luck? Zip ties and duck tape on a rifle that their children use to learn gun safety? What the? Oxymoron much? Those two dumbasses are the Epitome of irresponsibility.


  37. Last week, Nicole posted a horrific story of torture and death of a 4 year old with a triumphant comment about what abuse look like. (Not in HER house)

    The other part of the story is that the child was NOT REMOVED from extreme danger soon enough. The mother made no changes when first indications of abuse surfaced. The little girl was murdered by her own family.

    “Leiliana’s paternal grandmother, Alisa Clakely, told KXAS-TV (NBC5) Friday that she believes Child Protective Services could have prevented the death.

    “I took pictures and sent them to CPS,” Clakely said. “If we had done something sooner, I don’t know. I don’t know.”

    This week, IN her house…An extention to any definition of abuse – Children who are forced to shoot their pet and eat it/watch it be eaten because the child didn’t have the adult resources to fence it, and dad got a ticket to restrain the animal, are abused. The young lady will never forget, and perhaps never forgive. Farm animals are raised for food, but this butchering seems more about retaliation due to the method and timing.


  38. Wait: This was the older daughter’s PET goat?? Good Lord in Heaven! Although Heaven and the Good Lord have precious little to do with the “blessed” “homestead”, though I hope they are looking out for those poor children and the surviving animals.

    I couldn’t bear to read the pertinent entry or watch the video. My cat ran off last night and didn’t turn up until well past midnight, and I was (briefly) a basket case. The idea of deliberately killing a pet is despicable. And to force the child whose pet it was to fire the killing shot, and to force her siblings to watch, is cruel and vindictive and hateful and hurtful and disgusting and vile. Just vile.

    The cruelty involved in having this child kill her pet – what sort of mind can even conceive such a notion, much less enforce it? And to blame the child because “her” goat got lose – well, was it ever adequately and appropriately restrained in the first place?? Who says she wasn’t upset by having to shoot her pet? Even if she didn’t cry or protest at the time, I bet her pillow was soaked afterwards. If she even has a pillow, that is.

    This is going to be a traumatic memory for ALL of the Naugler children who watched this atrocity, not just the child who was forced to fire the shot, and that memory will stay with them all for a very, very long time. Thanks a lot, Nicole and Joe. Great parenting, as usual.

    What about her sibling who had to restrain the goat? That child was highly endangered by a bullet landing within a few inches. Thank goodness the daughter is a good shot, although if her vision was impaired by tears…or if the other child had flinched, or the goat jerked…major tragedy could have resulted for both children, not just the goat.

    But no doubt the parents would then blame the children, as well as the goat. Good Lord.

    I hope CPS is taking all this into account. Why are these children still with their parents??

    Just so sick, in so many ways…

    Also – I can no longer read others’ comments on Nicole’s Facebook entries. I am not on Facebook, and have only posted here a few times, and no where else about the Naugler family and their misadventures. I have tried to make all my comments here factual, and quickly corrected the one major error I made, which was due to misreading Nicole’s Facebook in regard to the No Greater Joy ministries link (which was made by her fans, not by her, evidently). Are others still able to read comments on the My Blessed Little Homestead Facebook page?

    I can still read and see everything Nicole posts (though I don’t need or want to see some of the absolutely sickening things she has included, both here and on her “Nicole C. Naugler” Facebook page). I just wonder if Nicole has somehow managed to track down my account and semi-block me?? Or am I catching some of her paranoia?


  39. I neglected to comment on the irony of Nicole’s conducting a grooming business for pets – while forcing her daughter to kill her own pet, in the presence of her siblings. I wonder if Nicole’s customers know about this? Perhaps Nicole has also fired a shot – straight into her own foot.


  40. So they’re off the radar, but all over Facebook? How does that compute? Oh, right. Nauglers.

    I gather that CPS put the kids right back in the Blessed Little Hobo Jungle because the local foster care system is overburdened as it is, and with their history of being terrible tenants there is a snowball’s chance of them getting into subsidized housing. Okay, I get it. But will they please, please, PLEASE get them into public school at least?! Imagine being fed, warm, allowed to use all the hot water and soap you want, and given at least a few minutes of individualized attention here and there, six hours a day, five days a week, nine months per year. Sounds like the Big Rock Candy Mountain compared to where they are now.


  41. you forgot to mention they had to EAT it…a male goat!! and pretend they like it and smile nice for the camera….AARRGGHHH its demented


  42. El Macho, they had nothing to compare to the goat meat. Have you seen some of the meals prepared for them to eat? I’m sure he was told to “smile for the internet” in the picture. Another thing, this goat was supposedly bought and raised just for slaughter/food. How cost effective could it have been? They cooked the goat, ate the goat and whatever was left was disected or given to dogs. That was a lot of work, time and money spent on 1 meal. Can you imagine being a fly on one of those walls? I’m sure you would have a lot of company (flys).


  43. The Naugler children have been cutting up frogs and other local animals to eat. It’s not a new thing for them to see an animal killed. That’s probably what became of the left over bits of rabbit and chicken the dogs mauled. It is a part of farm life to kill and eat animals. And although the daughter wanted to raise goats, she probably didn’t care for the male. Obviously, they needed a male intact goat to raise goats. But there is nothing endearing about male goats. They stink and are very aggressive.

    The only responsible thing the Nauglers seemed to have done is try to sell the goats. But there is nobody interested in even taking a free intact male goat that hasn’t been wormed or vet checked and isn’t used to being fenced. So the Nauglers either have to tie him up with a collar and listen to him scream to be let loose, or sell him (no takers on that one), or make some use of his life when they have to kill him.

    It seems a bit dramatic for people to be saying that they made their daughter kill the goat to punish her. But I agree that having a teenager hold the goat while another child shoots it is completely irresponsible. Luck was on their side again. Anyone with the tiniest bit of gun safety knowledge would never have let that happen. Let alone be the dad who stands back and lets his wife take pictures of it.


  44. The only thing wrong with your theory is these kids are not being raised on a farm. And for those of us not being raised on a farm or in that culture of farm life there is nothing dramatic about the reaction.


  45. When I was a little kid I saw my grandpa shoot a big gander. Every child who was at the farm was gathered inside and we stood by a window and watched. It was going to be Christmas dinner. After the head came off that thing ran around for a good 5 minutes. I’m 63 years old and I still see that whole thing as clear as day.

    So if me remembering grandpa shooting the gander remains with me, what do you think the child who had to kill the goat will remember? I wouldn’t be surprised if they all come down with e. coli and or c.diff from eating it. Especially if hands weren’t washed with soap and water.

    Just makes me sick.


  46. I have to agree with ElMacho…they don’t “homestead”and they Don’t “farm”. They live in a “shed” in the country where they happened to be “squatting” before the kids were”kidnapped”…they ate the goat because its all they had and sadly to make some sort of a point….But, what else is new? I just hope they don’t get worms..same story, different makes me angry and sad. We live in the city but hunt deer and duck..Our children learned from an early age how to properly use the rifles as well as gun safety. In the right setting, under the proper supervision, I have no problems with young people learning how to shoot and even hunt. I would however, NEVER allow one child to hold an animal so the other can kill it…That is too dangerous in my opinion.


  47. Sorry, a little late to this Naugler/Donner party of 13… First off, I love the birthday picture (read: before court picture) of Joe, smiling like a gigantic idiot. “…If he ever met a stranger.” No, he’s never met a stranger, he treats everyone like their stuff is his stuff–water, land, etc. I might be missing something–what was the outcome of the court case?

    I can’t even with the goat situation. Not even close. Such a nightmare.

    Funny side note–in my real estate pre-licensing class this week the topic of “Land Contracts” came up. My teacher asked if we knew what one was…and I do thanks to this website lol. I couldn’t say that’s how I knew it. But I kept thinking of their shitshack and random trash and mud pits on their property in my head!


  48. I agree it can be traumatizing to see an animal/pet killed and skinned. But the point I was trying to make is that I think the kids have seen this MANY, many times over the years. It isn’t new, sadly, for the Naugler kids to wake up and find injured chickens, rabbits, baby goats, etc. that have to be shot because of the parents failure. Ma wouldn’t blog about that though. Doesn’t look good to post picks of livestock that is dying horribly because you failed to care for them. So this goat killing was not new for the kids. But I think she posted it to look good to her followers. To her followers, it will seem like her family is producing its own food. Wow, those goats are essential to the family (no), the parents are unschooling/teaching the kids important things (no), they are responsible livestock owners (no), it would be awful if some mean troll neighbor sued them and made them get rid of the goats (NO).


  49. I don’t know if any of you are Daily Kos readers but a newbie homsteader/farmer? posted a diary the other day. Some of you guys might find it interesting. I did, especially because this gal has been on her property and raising animals for food just a little bit longer than the Nauglers. One of the things that really stood out to me was when she described how she’s developed mutually beneficial relationships with her neighbors.

    I kill animals and then eat them.


  50. “Never met a stranger” means that the person is a friendly out going person who generally treats everyone they meet with the respect of a friend.

    This can be a two-faced person too. A person that doesn’t respect another, and/or another person’s property or things. And doesn’t respect boundaries. But they will chat up and act friendly, as a way to disarm. It then puts another person in a quandary, when boundaries are not respected. So a word of caution, when approached by a person that comes on like he has never met a stranger, there may be underlying motives.

    So there they are, free roaming animals. Goats, this time. And apparently over a period of time, a good while. No durable fences. Boundaries crossed, literally. Disrespecting the neighbor. And the neighbor’s property. And then pretty much does a gut punch, by denying it with a “not guilty”. Why lie, instead of being accountable for the lack of responsibility? When boundaries are not respected, Joe, there will be consequences. As apparently has happened times before.

    The “never met a stranger” approach has to be getting tired and worn, in that smaller community. Because there are probably fewer and fewer people that aren’t familiar with Joe. Reputation and trust are easy to lose, and harder to repair.


  51. If a goat were to go in the neighbors yard now, he would probably tie it up as evidence and call the police. If the police take the goat, there are added charges and fees for feed. And a lost court case. That would get Joe’s goat, so to speak. He would rather eat 🙂 the cost of a tough, bitter tasting buck than let anyone prove him wrong.


  52. Being born and raised on a rural farm as a child, I can tell you in all honesty there is a huge difference when it comes to slaughtering an animal than what we have seen from the Nauglers.

    Slaughtering was normally done in the Fall. The animals selected were pinned up for week’s before hand. We would check the animals for any type or signs of sickness. They were feed the finest of our gains and hay and brought fresh water three times a day. All of them where checked by a Vet two days before slaughter. When our Vet called us and gave us a clean report….it was slaughter time.
    As I have said many times before (the Nauglers don’t know what they are doing) or they would have been blogging and posting about this goat slaughter for weeks before hand.

    But this Goat Killing seems to be more based on COURT than homesteading, learning, or even for food. Which is why I feel so sorry for the little girl having to kill her pet when all her parents had to do was build the pet a proper goat pin.

    But instead of building a goat pin these City Dwelling, Urbanists, Flatlander wanna be ” Homesteader’s ” would rather traumatize their daughter and the rest of the children as well to get a point across to their neighbor’s rather than man up….like real men do !!!

    This play pretending, homesteading, garden shed thing, has gone to far. Those kids are having eat like children do in 3ed World Countries….. eating a male goat….nasty just nasty.


  53. Sad Spiral Thank you very much for posting the daily kos article! I found it a very refreshing stark contrast to BLH. A beginner on a tight budget with less acreage but has done alot more in 3 years. A very informative and very open/honest article with step by step on how and why of what they have done/are doing. The comment section was even better! Open dialogue, an exchange of differing ideas and opinions. Very refreshing to actually see a learning experience in action, also very inviting to ask questions. Looking forward to Auntie B’s next article! Thanks for sharing!!


  54. yes thank you sad spiral…what a great Blog, its everything the Nauglers should be doing but cant because who will manage the online presence?

    Melissa i’m sure they googled “how to slaughter a goat while your child holds it and another one shoots it while all the other siblings watch” so i;m sure its fine, your way is far too labor intensive, they are practicing spontaneous parental slaughter training.


  55. I still can’t get over the broken rifle. I just can’t. Someone tell me there is someone closer paying attention.


  56. El Macho…….another fan of your posts here…….loved your comment..’they aren’t homesteaders, just white trash with a good idea’ i would add ‘but without a clue’


  57. Bethanie…..I think people are and do pay attention, but every time someone asks a questions or raises an objection on blh or other pages, they get the boot. My thoughts and support go out to the locals who have had to deal with them IRL. I hope they know there are many folks who support them[the locals]. BLH is deceptive, I seriously doubt that they have all the support they claim because they delete any questions or opposition. I hope newbies to homestaeading would look around because the Nogs BLH is NOT what you do when trying to homestead and learn from others.


  58. @Melissa: Actually in the Third World they generally let the dogs take care of a billy goat carcass, because that stuff is rank. Also, the billy goat only exists to make more goats;* no billy, no more goats. So if you had to kill your billy goat for meat, you’re frickin’ starving, and if you let it die of old age and then had to eat it, you need to go find a foreign aid depot stat.

    Third Worlders also tend to have somebody out there following the free-range goats around all day to keep them grazing where they should. And, you know, off other people’s land.

    *Except in parts of sub-Saharan Africa where billy-goat fights are a national sport, with big money and posters and everything. No joke.


  59. They didn’t bleed the animal.

    They hung it without bleeding it.

    Aside from greatly reducing the quality of the meat, the animal may very well have suffered. Just because it dropped and subsequently spasmed, doesn’t mean it was dead.

    Their next door neighbor is an excellent butcher. This is one of those times that not pissing off everybody in the community would have been very beneficial.


  60. I know I’m leaping from topic to topic here, but did anyone else read her theory on unschooling (Nicole C Naugler on facebook) by letting them play video games and watch you tube all day? She says you can learn a lot about your child by what interests them in the video game or what they watch on YouTube. WTF? Lets call it what it is dummy…its UNparenting not UNschooling.


  61. I would like to preface, this is just my thoughts and opinion. I’ve kept from commenting on Facebook pages, but the thoughts have persisted since the billy goat killing.

    This whole killing and eating the billy goat named Shepherd, is disturbing. Some darkness, blackness to it. Mentally unhealthy. So the goats are essentially farm animal pets, minimal homesteading benefit. If they were farmed for benefit, their care would be managed to get production. Properly fed, vaccinated, and fenced. The unfenced pet goats have wandered over to the neighbors, over time, and have been a nuisance. So Joe attends the scheduled court date and pleads “not guilty”. Somewhere within a short period afterwards, there is a vblog and photos and narration by Nicole. A “Goat Killing”(“Butchering a Goat”). So since the daughter is the primary keeper of the goats, she gets to choose which one is the symbolic sacrifice and persecuted. Under the ruse of a goat feast. Apparently no previous planning, as these goats have minimal homesteading benefit. Apparent because Shepherd is a non castrated billy goat, non vaccinated, with probably a poor diet for making good goat meat. The photos of all the little children, target shooting for practice, with a broken cracked stock rifle. The symbolic of the daughter shooting Shepherd point blank in the head, while another sibling holds his back end. Then the series of photos and video of the children making entertainment in the hanging, gutting, skinning, dissecting the innards and organs.

    All in the ruse, supposedly homesteading. The dark and blackness of the timing of this pet goat execution. Children with a cracked stock rifle, some not properly holding the rifle. The daughter who is the main keeper of the pet goats, getting to select the chosen one. The lack of safety of the sibling holding the goat as she shoots the goat in the head. Oh, and a notice too, while the children are target shooting. It looks in the background, is the neighbor’s house and property. One hopes there was caution for stray bullets, so close to another house in sight and young inexperienced gunners. Improper field dressing the goat.

    This all feels mentally unhealthy. Dark and black. Like a pet goat execution and sacrifice.

    Just my thoughts and opinion. And glad for this blog, where there is freedom of expression. This has been a little heavy in my thoughts. The vlog and photos are certainly not what I would share with my children, who appreciate guns and hunting. And have a respect for animal farming.


  62. Concerning the goat slaughter..the best advice I got when our family was homesteading for the first time was never let your kids do something that YOU are not willing to do. Butchering especially. I didn’t want to butcher the chickens. Hated it and still do, I do it along with my family because homesteading is a family affair. Besides that, getting my hands dirty allowed me to understand the entire process so that if my kid had questions/concerns, at least I understood where he was coming from. And if I didn’t have the answers, one of my neighbors did. My neighbors would only help out if we as the parents put forth all effort first. Worked out great. What I see with the Naugler parents is how much they want to live that idealistic lifestyle, but dont want to actually do it themselves [thats what the kids are for amirite? /end sarcasm] When I got out there and did the work right along side my kid, then he had no real excuses to offer up as to why he couldn’t [pull weeds, butcher or pluck feathers, cleaning pens….tedious chores that had to be done] Another thing, I learned basics of what to do and NOT do very quickly.There are a number of things that had I not done it myself, I would not have known to tell my kid for safety, etc. Read all you want and watch YT, it may give a basic understanding, but not until you DIY, do you really get a better practical understanding. If Nicole took to homestead skills the way she does teaching dog grooming/business skills to her kids, then she would be better off IMHO.


  63. “Lord of the Flies” comes to mind. Just substitute “goat” (scapegoat??) for

    Child Protection, where, oh, where ARE you??


  64. Blue Kentucky Girl wrote, “Child Protection, where, oh, where ARE you??”

    In the weeds and overwhelmed is my guess.


  65. “Never let your kids do something that YOU are not willing to do.” See, that’s where you don’t understand the great plans of the Nauglers.

    No, wait, go further back. “The best advice I got…” What is this ad-vye-see you speak of?


  66. Freejinger admin did a great summary when renaming the topic after “Goatshit everywhere” needed updating. Also TY to all on the homesteading links, very good reading. Lisa on FB has a link to another great homesteader. Over and over the interdependence and respect for neighbors is repeated in these other blogs. That and the polite comments are such a relief. The stark difference in attitudes and gratitude towards local neighbor’s knowledge and help reinforces the reasons the Nauglers will continue to fail until they learn to cooperate and respect their neighbors. I believe they have been running away from state to state for so long avoiding this basic interdependence born from respect and cooperation of others along with other problems. I doubt the 40 y/o’s can change. Still hoping for better for the kids and hoping they are one day able to break free of this damning cycle.


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