Not My House

We have a little brou-ha-ha going on.

It seems that somebody (and I swear I do not know who it was) drove past the Blessed Little Shitty Property and took a couple of photos of the Blessed Little Garden Shed and Blessed Little White Bucket Bathroom.

And Nicole is absolutely apoplectic. How dare they! She wants everyone to call the police, but be careful because the police rape people.


Oh, yes, worried for their safety. Because a person driving by with a camera is so dangerous, especially when they took no photos of the children, or even of the animals.  Just the back half of the garden shed, and a blurry photo of the white bucket shed (it’s not an outhouse, since there is no hole).

How is that okay?  It’s not okay. Nope.  Can’t drive down a public-access road (and it’s public-access, Nicole, even if you keep yammering about it being “private,” as though somehow you own the fucking road), can’t take a photo from the road, can’t make any public comment about what you saw from the road.

Nope. That is “stalking” and “doxxing” and “trolling.”  It is “illegal,” according to Nicole and her silly followers.

[As an aside, how many photos has Nicole posted that she thinks are these great works of photographic art done on an iPhone?  She freely admits to having stopped along the side of the road and taken them of other people’s property.  How many?  Dozens, I would guess.]

But let’s return for a moment to last summer.


I would like to say something here. My husband and I have visited Al Wilson’s farm, and he is describing it very accurately.  The barn roof is visible from the road, but not the barns themselves.  Nor would it be possible to see a person who is up near the barns from the road, certainly not enough to identify them, or determine that the girl is “cute.”

In order to have seen Al’s daughter, she either was down near the mailbox, or if she was up at the barn, Joe drove into the driveway onto Al’s property.

Furthermore, the fact that Al has security cameras is not obvious from the mailbox.  I knew it because he had told me about them, and about the security gate, but none of that is visible or strikingly noticeable from the road.

Al and Joe

So, let’s get this straight.  Joe Naugler went to Al’s property, stopped and watched Al’s daughter (whether or not she was visible from the road is really not the issue) long enough that it made her nervous and she went and told Al about it, and consequently Joe threw that at Al in a private conversation and added insult to injury by saying that his son thought Al’s daughter was “cute,” and Joe is gonna file a lawsuit for “harassments”?


And it’s all bullshit, because the mailbox is visible from the road.  Only the barn roofs are visible, Joe.  You are simply wrong.

But then Amanda chimes in with “It’s not illegal to look.”

No, it’s not.

Think about that, Nicole.  I know it’s hard to think, but try.


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  1. If I didn’t think she was full of baloney I would have more sympathy, but every weekend there is a new contrived controversy coming from her posts, IMO.

    After all, over 6 months ago they first published photos of my home inside and out on their various pages, along with my name and that of my child. I was not amused to say the least, and I spent months visiting all kinds of police and county and federal prosecutors.

    Granted I don’t live my life out in public, constantly publishing photos of my children, home and business willy nilly all over the Internet, so my reaction may have differed.


  2. First comment.

    Are they going to sue Google for taking aerial photos of the property, or the wonderfully goofy Google car for driving down the road and taking pictures ?
    These two have more screws loose than a failed rollercoaster.
    It’s got to be hard to hang on to such tenuous threads of sanity.
    Oh yeah, Nicole, that hairdo is not dreads. It’s a lazy person’s filthy head. Take a real shower, comb it out, wash your kids in a shower too, and grow the hell up.


  3. I’m going to be completely frank — and in doing so, dispel any misunderstanding –stop any potential speculation.

    What Joe did was in fact very creepy and uncalled for. However, even though I despise him, it’s only fair to state the facts.

    My daughter was in fact down near the road. She was doing the annual washing of our vinyl fence. To my knowledge and per my daughter’s explanation, they never entered our driveway or property.

    They say they were heading to the lake and I have no reason to believe that is a lie. They DID slow down and have a good hard look at the place and my daughter indicates at her as well. She said it was very creepy, but she dismissed it as just that. Creepy. Just like it would be creepy for me to slow down and stare at the Naugler’s place. To stalk them or ensure they knew I was “there”.

    That is something I will not do and have not done.

    What really creeped her out is the fact that afterwards, they were headed in the opposite direction and slowed down again. This alarmed her. Then they stopped at the base of the driveway. This really caused her to wonder. She told me that she actually stopped what she was doing, looked at them. held her hands to her sides, shrugged, and mouthed the words “what the?”

    She came in and told me about this and I immediately contacted Joe. The following is the discussion.

    This occurred July 26th. I replied again on August 1st.
    Al Wilson
    It would seem you have taken an interest in my farm? I have been apprised that you stopped at the driveway after driving by a couple of times?
    Jul 26, 2015
    Joseph Naugler
    lol….. we were headed to the lake and the spirit told me to look left and we recognized your red barn from the welding pics… on our way home from the lake we stopped to see the mailbox..
    my oldest son thought the girl working on the fence was cute
    we have recently put surveillance cameras up too
    we are having a bbq open house pot luck goats meat get together on august 1st…. you and your family are very welcomed.
    Jul 26, 2015 · Sent from Web
    Al Wilson
    I hope your potluck goat BBQ was a rousing success. I was unable to attend. I was conferring with a lawyer on the front porch for few hours that is rather disgusted by this debacle. Enough so to offer me pro-bono representation. Not that I’m concerned.

    Your mention of the barn being visible from the street is one of those things that isn’t going to work out well.

    The mention of the young girl crosses lines that you shouldn’t have.

    If the “spirit” tells you to come up the driveway. Don’t listen to it. If the spirit guides you to come anywhere on my farm. Don’t heed the “spirit’s” advice.

    There’s plenty more between Joe and myself. All equally nutty.

    Fact. At that time of year the barns are NOT visible from the road. I have pictures I took the same day to prove it. I also took a video. They are visible now. The leaves are gone. Pretty simple.

    Fact. You cannot see the mailbox when traveling in the direction they were at more than 20 mph.

    Fact. There is a sign indicating I have video surveillance. It is a bit UP the driveway but could be seen from the road if someone was looking for it. (and had good eyes) It is opposite and distant from the mailbox.

    Joe and Nicole, I know you read this blog. I resented your BLH blog allegations of me stalking you (please note the past tense) I have NOT stalked you. I posted your phone numbers in a private group when individuals said they were getting threatening phone calls. Those phone numbers came from the WAV3 slideshow.

    I have not stalked you. I have only been up Whitworth Lockard road twice in the last ten months and I have taken zero pictures. Think about it. Wouldn’t an asshole “stalker neighbor” like me have spread that stuff all over the internet by now?

    I have kindly asked you to remove the allegations and you refuse. I give zero asses of rat regarding your followers or commando militia buddies or your local friends with extensive dockets. I also (now) give the same regarding those ridiculous accusations. Why?

    Your victim bullshit is just that. If you want to continue to insinuate that decent folks are trying to undermine you . . . have at it. Read your own memes Nicole. Recently you posted one that said something along the lines of “You never look good trying to make someone else look bad”

    How do you think you look in this community when you accuse me of stalking you? I’ll break it down for you. Leave the allegations there. I don’t give a shit anymore. I did discuss them with the county attorney and he indicated that he felt pursuing criminal prosecution was not viable. He indicated I certainly had the option to consider civil litigation.

    I have never sued anybody. I hope never to. I do find your threats of litigation a mix between amusing and disturbing.

    G’head and screenshot this for your future groundbreaking case.

    I still feel that you have failed your family Joe. Just an honest opinion. Doesn’t make me a stalker. Doesn’t mean I’m harassing your family. I’m saying YOU need to do some serious introspection.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Your friendly neighborhood bloviator extraordinaire.

    PS. Sally, I can send you photos of the road, the mailbox, and the convo if necessary should anyone find this whole thing hard to believe 😉 Hope to see you back soon. The milk fed pork is beyond delicious!


  4. My daughter was in fact down near the road.

    And there you have it.

    Joe did not, in fact, drive onto Al’s property. He did, however, stop and lurk on the road, enough to unnerve Al’s daughter.

    Please explain to me, Nicole, if you can, how what Joe did is okay, and how some unknown person taking a quickly done photograph from a car on the road of your shed with no children or even animals present is not okay.

    The ball is in your court.


  5. The men who kidnapped me drove by my Grandmother’s house TWO times before they took me.

    AL WILSON, protect your daughter at ANY AND ALL COSTS and to the death if you have to from this pervert and his sick follower’s.

    And for GOD SAKES Alex… something. File changes in your home state. Kentucky had no jurisdiction to do anything when you came here and testified. Alex you have to file in YOUR home state not here in Kentucky.

    Please come forward Alex and put a stop to this and help your brothers and sisters….. Don’t give up !!!!!


  6. Valerie Tharp Ross, and Amanda McMahon,

    Ladies, in my opinion there is a special place in HELL just for people like you !!!!

    How on earth can you support such crimes against children?

    How can you people even sleep at night?

    These children have NOTHING, they played in MUD on Christmas Day and sleep in the RAFTERS of a shed with less than 3 foot overhead. They eat crap that none of us would even feed our dogs. None of them have ever even seen a general doctor or a dentist. They have ZERO education, their parents are to busy trying to tell all US other Americans how to live and how bad our government is…..because life did NOT hand them the FREE RIDE they think they are entitled too, and are not willing to even work for.

    And YOU SUPPORT Joe & Nicole in this madness while they are destroying each and every one of their children’s lives.
    Honestly, tell me how in the hell do you people even sleep at night?

    Your supporting Child Abuse and Neglect. WHY?

    As a Child Advocate, I fully understand the law’s and how they got their children back. One of them had to have gotten hurt while in States Custody for the State to have lost it’s case so soon. Giving the Nauglers Attorney all the cards to play it out in their favor. I’m not an idiot and Joe Bloom isn’t either. We figured this out months ago.
    Having a complete understanding of how the Law’s work in this State, I understand how they got them back.

    However, what I do NOT understand is how you Valerie and Amanda can just set there with your own children all safe and sound, and believe and support each and every WORD that comes from Joe & Nicole’s mouth, while the Naugler children are forced to live in such adject poverty.
    Seriously, homeless people have it better than these poor children do… can you support that?

    Again Alex, please talk to authorities in your home state and PRESS CHARGES !!!!
    We all know Nicole tried to discredit you BEFORE you even came to Kentucky…..when she wrote, “The Stoy Of Alex.”
    She wrote it because she knew you were coming one day. And in the letter she ADMITTED what Joe did to you… that and the rest of your paperwork to the State Attorney General in your home state where it happened and PRESS CHARGES.
    Any half ass Attorney could read what she wrote about you and see how she is CLEARLY trying to discredit you and is trying to submit a Criminal Defense for her pettttiefile hubby…..who she is in complete and total control over.
    Which makes me believe she knew what he was doing to you and did not even try to stop it. Who knows maybe she even cheered him on or gave her consent to do it. The post she wrote about you Alex has me convinced that she knew what was happening.

    Go talk to someone, get your paperwork and go file changes.
    Let me ask you something Alex. Do you really think he STOPPED after doing that to you?
    Even Nicole admitted in her post that Quote, ” Joe was becoming the man THEY accused him of.”

    Stop him Alex……put an end to this and file changes.

    Valerie and Amanda, I mean this from the bottom of my heart.
    ” Bit$h’es kiss my A$$.”


  7. Whoever took the photo of the Nauglers’ shed and outhouse was merely reconciling perception with reality. There is nothing heinous about photographing the Nauglers’ home from the road. It’s no different than when paparazzi take photos of celebrity or political figures lying nude on their yachts.


  8. “Please explain to me, Nicole, if you can, how what Joe did is okay, and how some unknown person taking a quickly done photograph from a car on the road of your shed with no children or even animals present is not okay.”

    For the same reason that having thousands of followers on your blog is good but anyone who criticizes what they’re reading and seeing is a stalker.

    Plus Joe is a prophet. Everything he has ever done or will do is okay. He can do no wrong, right Nicole?


  9. Tekla reminds us the Joe is a self-appointed prophet. Hmmm.

    Surely he must have seen this coming and took precautions.



  10. Joe’s theocratic America will eliminate all unapproved photography in the United States once he becomes the prophetic leader of over 300 million people. If you take pictures of cool Christmas light displays, interesting or rare architecture, or a picture of the home where you grandparents used to live 30 years ago he will have you immediately thrown in theocracy jail complete with five gallon buckets to poo in labeled composting toilets.


  11. Melissa-“One of them had to have gotten hurt while in States Custody for the State to have lost it’s case so soon. Giving the Nauglers Attorney all the cards to play it out in their favor. ”

    This makes sense. I recall reading somewhere that one of the boys had an accident on a bicycle and was taken to the ER. I also recall NN commenting that the foster dad was very concerned about the boy being hurt.


  12. Al, greetings. I waited to let you tell your story since it is not my place. Now that you’ve told it, I will add my two cents.

    Al wasn’t intimidated. He is just not that sort of man. As such he almost brushed off the “close encounter”. I am not easily intimidated either, if you all hadn’t noticed, but I did see the dead seriousness and inherent danger in the situation. I’ve seen the likes of Joe before in many a courtroom. In my opinion Joe just isn’t that smart and he isn’t that original, but he is potentially dangerous, particularly to the right type of victim, someone he thinks is vulnerable. Young girls are perceived as and can be vulnerable. I was afraid for the child.

    Forty year old men have no business stalking young teenage girls. I don’t buy into that red herring of Joe’s that it was for his boys. They weren’t in the driver’s seat, they weren’t in control, they didn’t send the text

    In my opinion, as a retired attorney with experience in such matters, what Joe did was intended to intimidate and scare that girl and her parents.

    Who goes online and looks for a man’s internet presence because of criticism or slight online disagreement? Who finds the man’s sculpture page and studies the photographs to learn what he can of the man’s property so that he can find it in real life? Then drives around looking for it. I’ve been there many a time, in all but winter, it is not an easy property to find. That, in and of itself, is very creepy and very stalkerish. Ok, so we have established that Joe sought out their home, what happens next goes beyond the pale.

    What 40 year old man slows his car down, so slow and so obvious, that he actually gets the attention of a young teenage girl busy doing chores? This is not a quick drive by. This is a deliberate act demanding it be noticed. Just in case the point wasn’t sufficiently driven home, Joe comes back again, and more than slows down, he stops to make sure that girl has been properly forced to note his act.

    A 40 year old man who has been accused of sexually abusing a child family member on the local and national news. Who has also been in the news, accused and charged (and later convicted) with menacing a woman and asking his kids to bring him a gun is slowing down, stopping in front of your property and making sure a young girl notices him. What are you feeling right now? Do you want to protect that girl? Now imagine you are her father or mother? How are you feeling now? How do you think he wants you to feel? What was the purpose behind his actions?

    Don’t worry, he will reveal that in very thinly veiled threats in the subsequent texting. The purpose behind his actions was not a good one, it was not an innocent one. It had to do with harassment and intimidation tactics and perhaps something far more sinister. It had nothing to do with his teenage sons. This is not just my opinion, I consulted other attorneys about it, just in case, as a family friend I was a little too biased. Just in case, as a woman, I was a little too biased.

    This is the very essence of what happened. Joe did not choose to use his intimidation tactics man to man with Al. He chose to go after an uninvolved (unknowing about any internet nonsense) vulnerable young female child. What kind of man does that? What kind of man cannot look another man in the eye and speak his differences? In my opinion, a cowardly bully who sneaks around to do his dirty deeds.

    The funny thing is I know that young female, and she is strong and mighty. Joe, in my opinion, doesn’t know jack shit and probably never will. It’s hard to know anything when you are so pig ignorant and lazy, IMO. Don’t be fooled though, people like Joe can be dangerous. Not in a courthouse (go ahead follow through and sue me like you have threatened again and again), not in the light of day, not in front of witnesses or even just in front of real men, theirs is a sneaky back door kind of dangerous. You know the type. We all know the type. Doesn’t take a fancy education to know, just experience.


  13. For the apologist Valerie Thrap Ross. How dare you? Shame on you. I can pretty much guarantee that your sons would not find this to be normal behavior that they would gladly accept happening to their daughters, nor indulge in themselves. You are always asking for proof. So, if you can get even one of your sons to read this post and the comments and agree with you that this is the normal behavior of 40 year old men toward young girls I will publicly apologize for saying that you are an apologist bitch,

    What are you advocating in your over zealous defense of Joe? That this is the “normal” behavior of men? Is this what you taught your own sons? Is this what you would teach your granddaughters? Is this the life you would have for young girls? Even in the best case rose colored glasses scenario you try to spin this into it is subjugating and objectifying girls and women, and this is not the scenario you would imagine it into being. Not by a long shot.


  14. Ok, so I’m imagining as if in the young girl and her parents’ shoes. She’s doing chores, closer to the road, at the family homestead. She lives out on a quiet country road. So if like mine, most people driving the road are “on purpose”. They live there, coming to visit someone, or an occasional Sunday driver. So Joe does all this rather odd and alarming as Lisa and ultimately Al, have described. I understand this young lady’s feeling of vulnerability. Down close the road, away from family and anyone to take notice that she may need some help. Yeah, that’s creepers, a 40 year old man is old to a teenage girl. Side bar, but I bet most of you ladies can recall a creeper incident with an old man, when you were a teenager. And knowing my Dad, I knew what he was capable of in protecting his daughter, if I went to tell him about the incident. Daddy didn’t take to creeper old men playing on the vulnerability and naivety of his young lady daughter. And Al’s daughter, I imagine hasn’t followed the Naugler viral story on social media.

    So then when she runs back to the house to tell her parents about the bizarre and creepy activity that has alarmed her, I am sure Al was on defcon alert. Because he knows Joe has been charged with menacing two women. He knows that Joe’s oldest son was on local TV News coverage, giving personal testimony of Joe’s abuse and sexual abuse when he was a small child. Joe is going after Al’s most vulnerability, his daughter. His child. To send a message of intimidation to Al.

    And then Joe reinforces his message of intimation, in the text messaging. That he has creeped on Al’s social media space. The photo with the red roofed barn. Joe describes finding his home, based on the photo. The mailbox, to confirm he knows his address. And the surveillance cameras, Joe acknowledges that. Knowing that Al would get that Joe had a good long look at his place, to spot the surveillance camera sign way up the driveway. Then he says a real creeper to another man, that he has just scared his daughter. That his son said Al’s daughter is cute. Wrap all these messages together, because they were all together. And that’s what Joe figured was a real fine intimidation.

    What a creep, a fucking creep! Yeah, for those women attempting to validate that one statement standing alone, as normal man behavior, that is despicable. What man tells another man, that he has no association with other than abrasion on social media, all these things and top it off with son saying Al’s daughter is cute? Oh I think Al read Joe quite well, Joe was intentionally attempting to intimidate Al. No, I think Al was the quite normal man behavior, given the circumstances. Exactly the way my Dad would of reacted. No actually if it were my Dad, he probably would of gathered up my brothers and they would of “takin’ care of business” all up his ass.


  15. Thank you Lisa.
    No this is not normal behavior.
    This is very dangerous behavior, from both Joe and Valerie. Also please be reminded that we have no knowledge who Valerie really is, if Valerie is a male or female, and ALL of the reasons Valerie defends the Nauglers.

    Valerie, you are encouraging a dangerous and unstable man with a history of violence. A man who is also teaching this same behavior to all of his children, both male and female. Another Naugler legacy of ignorance and abuse that is being fostered and ingrained. Looking is one thing, what Joe Naugler did was far beyond that, despite your attempts to minimize. How can you be so absolutely sure that this man will never further act out on his threatening behaviors, so much so that you encourage this behavior. So much so that you are constantly willing to rigorously and quickly defend him? Following this story, it certainly does not appear there is any lessening of Joe Naugler’s ‘antisocial’ to be polite, behaviors.
    Valerie, Please do us all a favor and skip the silly impartial rhetoric, you are extremely transparently partial to all and any Naugler insanity.
    Valerie, you and Joe are both very heavily invested and dangerous where women and children are concerned. jmo


  16. Typical Naug behavior, victim shaming. They did it to their own son, why wouldn’t they do it to a stranger. Don’t ya know they’re the only victims around.

    That aggressive wildebeest knew exactly what he was doing to Al’s daughter and to Al. Joe is the kinda guy who thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, but in all actuality he makes an ass of himself every time. Transparency. Which leads me to Val. Shame on you. How dare you make light of the feelings of discomfort and unease that Al’s daughter experienced. No, it’s not ok for men to intentionally make women uncomfortable. No we shouldn’t just nod and say “boys will be boys”. Pathetic. Get your head out of your ass lady. Your shtick of turning a blind eye and brown-nosing is old. I giggle every time you seek out validation from Nicole and it goes unanswered. Shot down! Until in benefits the Mrs.
    They’re all mentally unstable. Imo.


  17. Shame on all of you!! Valerie has been the voice of reason for most of it. Sticking up for anyone who was being attacked no matter what side they were on. And Lori ? She’s the one that would publicly tell everyone even nicole to knock it off. The original explanation from the nauglers was it was the boys that saw her and turned around for a second look because she was cute. Normal or not I have a beautiful teenage girl it friggin happens all the time. Teenage boys are no big deal -however there were two sides to that story do you really believe Valerie with as vocal as she is would ever support joe intimidating anyone expecially a teen I really don’t think so. Lines were crossed everywhere stories that were nothing were blown into outrageous stories consistently. Why wouldn’t her first response be that this was another of those. She has such a kind and wonderful heart and you’ve pulled her down until you made her physically sick. But whatever it takes right?


  18. But whatever it takes right?

    Notice, Crystal, that I have allowed your comments and have never censored you, unlike Nicole who censors and bans willy-nilly. However, “shame on all of you”? Shame on me? Would you mind quoting the thing I should be ashamed of?

    Valerie commented publicly on social media. I used that quote, not to poke at her solely, but as an example of the sort of silly, stupid remark made by her followers. If she cannot stand being criticized for her public comments, she probably shouldn’t make public comments.

    I am not responsible for the supposed health of Valerie. I have never interacted with her in my life.

    However, I have read the exchange between Al and Joe Naugler where Joe taunted Al about the whole “my son said your daughter’s cute” thing. It was intended to intimidate Al. Period. That’s how Joe operates. He did similar to me on my own Facebook page. And there were not “two sides to that story.” There is the exchange between Al and Joe. It’s clear and simple.


  19. I was so cranky about all the shame in Valerie posts and the Valerie’s a bitch crap I did not make myself clear. That’s my fault. The two sides ment we were told one thing then the rest of the story came out. Valerie’s comments were from the version we were told and yes teenage boys look they stop turn around and even whistle sometimes. That wasn’t what happened however. It pissed me off to no end to see so many tear her down so quickly when she’s the first one to stand up for anyone. The quote you posted of Valerie IMO isn’t bad. That’s what a normal person does if you feel for the saftey of your family you get a restraining order. I don’t understand how you make them aware without making a police report but that’s not my business. What she’s being shamed and called a bitch for is saying it’s normal for teenage boys to gawlk. After all this time we have all been talking they should all know Valerie’s stance is kids are off limits. She would never say it was ok for joe to intemidate Al’s daughter


  20. She would never say it was ok for joe to intemidate Al’s daughter

    And that may be. If so, then Valerie can come over here (she’s more than welcome) and say that, just like you’ve said it. I will not bite her head off nor will I permit anyone else to do so.

    The restraining order stuff is just ridiculous. Nobody has ever threatened the Naugler family with anything except public ridicule.


  21. I’m sorry Val has health issues. I’m sorry that anyone stooped to name calling. I do not believe that one has anything to do with the other.

    Your friend “Charles” has called me (and many others) a bitch and significantly worse many times and none of us became ill.

    I can imagine the stress of dealing with Nicole could be enough to make anyone queasy, but unless you are eating her pancakes it shouldn’t have any bearing on one’s general health.

    Please send my best to Valerie and I wish her a speedy recovery.


  22. Joe, an adult, was driving. He drove by, stopped, turned around drove by again and stopped. That is creepy. The kids do not drive. Valerie made excuses (Lori did not)for Joe’s, IMHO, creepy behavior to a underage girl. The boys were not in control in that situation, Joe was, he is an adult, he knows better.

    Stop making excuses for Valerie. She has been far from fair. Famous Valerie qoute from under multiple pictures of Lisa’s house and the page . “They constantly gang up on this family then turn around and call foul if anyone does something similar to them. It reminds me of schoolyard bullies!” Based on that qoute (I have the screenshot), it’s safe to assume Val was all in favor of the doxxing, therefore in my opinion she is not a voice of reason. Unless you think it’s cool to post photo’s of people’s houses and families Crytsal and you condone that behavior.

    Perhaps if Valerie is in poor health and the Naugler situation is making it worse she should just walk away for her health. No one is responsible for her health except her. Deactivating her account is a bit dramatic. If she wants to make comments on a public forum anywhere about anything she has to put her big pants on and deal with criticism from anyone.


  23. Since much of this deals with me . . . I’ve never had an issue with Valerie. I’ve never addressed her regarding any of this. I challenge anybody to disprove that.

    However, defending his creepy ass actions and Joe’s implied (or perhaps completely innocent?) notice of my daughter defines the players in this saga.

    Joe had ZERO reason to mention her and doing so was an asshole move. Anybody with any common sense would know better and I agree with Sally 100% that it was a subtle hint.

    It was an asshole comment and it’s purpose was noted. If he said it innocently, he’s an idiot. This is my daughter we’re talking about and he should NOT have brought her into the conversation. Joe, again, if the “spirit” moves you to step foot on my farm, it will not be a blessed day. The voices in your head aren’t giving you good advice.

    Perhaps it’s time to release the ENTIRE correspondence between myself and Mr. Naugler to put things into perspective.

    Those of you defending this Cretin are dead wrong. For dozens of reasons, you’re championing the wrong cause.

    That said, I’m very sorry that Valerie was second guessed or called out. If she defended the actions that day, she needs to reassess her battles.

    Joe, Nicole, since you guys read this . . . that was a fire you should not have started. I gave Joe a chance to explain to me . . . eye to eye. He declined. That opportunity still exists and I would like him to explain. But it should be face to face and not behind a keyboard. However, I’m not wasting a lot of time again. Fool me once, shame on you.


  24. Nicole’s followers just don’t get it, do they?

    When someone makes a crass, vulgar or hateful remark, one does not have to verbally express agreement to agree with the comment. As wonderful as FB might be, the FB engineers didn’t offer a lot of support on posts. Your options are limited. You can “like” a post, expressing, apparently agreeing with it. You can see it, realize it’s wrong but say nothing, apparently also agreeing with it, simply by failing to call it out as wrong.

    Or you can do the right thing and call it out as wrong, mean spirited and ugly. If you don’t, you might as well agree with it. Because you did by saying nothing or by ‘liking’ it.

    If the morning-after pill has you under the weather and feeling bad, maybe your conscience is telling you something.

    Check yourself at the door.


  25. You don’t understand what I’m trying to say or I’m still not doing a good job of explaining myself. It’s not even about the nauglers it’s how Valerie, the woman who constantly sticks up for everyone, was treated. Most if not all of you know how she is and that she constantly says how important it is to speak kindly to eachother. I would have thought someone she stood for would have stepped up and said something, anything even a wait isn’t this out of character for her?


  26. I do hope whatever ailment Valerie is dealing with gets better. Hopefully she has healthcare.

    Imagine how sick someone could become if:
    You were threatened via private message
    Pictures of your home were posted for sheer intimidation factor
    People stated they wanted to “staple your face to the floor”
    Your name was added to a list of haters, aka cunts
    You were harrassed about your dead child
    Pictures of your children were doxxed
    Your employer was contacted to get you fired due to difference of opinion
    Your teenage daughter was intentionally creeped on by a grown man (at the same time teaching his teenage sons behavior like this is acceptable)
    You were called many colorful names like, cunt, whore, old hag, Just to name a few
    Shall I go on?

    Yeah, I too am feeling sick…


  27. The Emperor Has No Clothes.

    If voice of reason means the same thing as apologist in the topsy turvy world of Nauglerville then you all have more than just drunk the kool-aid. You have lost your ability to reason.

    When you lay down with dogs do not be surprised when you pick up fleas. While it is true that Valerie has had a more reasonable voice than many in the Naugler camp that is not saying much. She has condoned and at times participated in their heinous acts. I will use only myself as an example. Perhaps she should have condemned the photographs of my house published by them, a house my minor child lives in. She did not. She participated. Perhaps she could have spoken up and condemned their statements of a road trip to visit me and my child. How about when they were publishing things and locations of my elderly mother, my grown son, brother and sister. Threatening my safety and the safety of my minor child or my other family members. This they did openly on their pages, not behind closed doors. Picking me apart professionally, physically or mentally. Right, I am a big girl so I can take it. The same standard should apply to Valerie.

    Let’s now just look at the topic of children. Perhaps she should not have condoned or turned a blind eye to their publishing, and inherent threats, against many of the critics children. Sometimes even participating, often deleting and changing her comments when she was called on it, and yes I have those screenshots too. Photographs with disgusting commentary published time and again by the fans. Perhaps she should have paid better attention to the friends she chose to keep. She did not.

    For months Valerie has been chief apologist to a couple whose credibility is more than suspect, it is practically nonexistent. While it is true that Valerie has had the more reasonable voice it is not saying much. It is like saying the least crazy person in the asylum is not insane. She has been a full participant for months. She chose to believe the unbelievable. If there is shame to be doled out than that shame belongs on the Nauglers. They chose to do the acts, they chose to lie about it. Valerie chose to believe it. Valerie chose to blindly support it, even at times to participate in it.

    You don’t kill the messenger that points out that Emperor has no clothes, you blame the tailor who lied that the clothes exist. You blame the Emperor who chose to believe such a blatant falsehood. You blame the people who went along with it or encouraged the lie. You do not blame the person observant enough or brave enough to point out that the Emperor is naked. Even a child knows this to be true.

    Many of the critics have kind and wonderful hearts. Many of the critics have suffered both physically and emotionally from the acts of the Nauglers and their fans. Where is your sympathy for them? Where is Valerie’s sympathy for them? Has reason and empathy broken down so completely that you can only think of yourselves? Shame on you then.

    I am not sorry. I did not attack Valerie. I did not publish photographs of Valerie’s home or family. I did not personally attack Valerie’s profession or family. I simply called her out for her words that she chose to publish. I simply pointed out that she was an apologist for heinous acts.

    What has made Valerie so upset, did she realize that she had been lied to by the Nauglers? Is she upset because she was making excuses for the inexcusable? Is she upset that she invested so much time in defending a couple who neither deserve nor need her defense? Perhaps she is simply upset that she was called on it? Perhaps she is upset because she was proven wrong? It is not my place, my responsibility nor do I care to delve into the internal thought process, intention or reasoning of Valerie. That I leave to a Valerie. I simply look at what I can know, and that is the external actions of Valerie. She chose to make those statements. I chose to point out that in my opinion such statements were apologist.

    End of story.


  28. To Crystal,

    There is a great distinction between the words I and them.

    I take umbrage at your statement “stories that were nothing were blown into outrageous stories consistently”. While I don’t doubt that has happened in this sordid tale, I disagree that it happened to all or most stories. I would note that the ability to distinguish between the truth and falsehood is not that hard, but it does take some effort on your part.

    I also would like to note that this many months in, it should have become readily apparent which “players” do so and which do not. If anything, many people have been consistently honest and understated in the revelation of said “stories”.

    Once again, a consistent problem has been in the inability of certain people to understand that people are individuals and not a collective “them”.

    Learn to rise above the mass hysteria of either side and learn to distinguish between people. Learn to recognize which people have said or done what. Know where to lay blame, and where to not lay blame. We are each and every one of us individual people who are responsible for our individual acts, not the collective acts of others for whom we have no control or responsibility. We, very obviously, do not all agree nor condone the actions of each and every individual regardless of which “side” they fall on. Learn to recognize and analyze the evidence right before your eyes. It is simple.

    I do not put the onus on you because Joe chooses to call people cuntish trolls. I do not assume that you think of critics as fuckfaces because that is what Nicole calls critics. I do not blame you for publishing photographs with my house and publishing that you are coming to pay a visit to your bae. I, automatically assume you are not responsible for such acts, that you are above such heinous things, unless you choose to actively publish, participate in, or encourage said acts.


  29. You don’t understand what I’m trying to say or I’m still not doing a good job of explaining myself.

    I understand exactly what you are saying. What I am saying is that you are not Valerie’s cheerleader or protector (or are you?). She has been capable of posting all sorts of comments about Nicole’s critics, so if she does not wish to be criticized herself, she can come right over here and say, “Wait. I didn’t have the whole story. I would never defend an attempt to intimidate like that.”

    Only she didn’t. Instead she posted a whiny thing about how she is deactivating her FB account because of “the blog Sally writes.” I didn’t write anything to speak of about that woman, and I resent the hell out of getting blamed for her ill health (if that is even true).

    And you do need to be aware that I do not have a bunch a file folders collecting screen shots of all the supporters. I ignore most of you. I rarely save anything you say, because it’s not important to me. Nor do I have some sort of grading system to determine who is a “good” but ignorant supporter and who is a sock (a lot of them) and who is just a nasty person. So there is no way I could have said “Wait, this is out of character for Valerie.” I have no idea what “in character” would be.

    And all that said, let’s talk about you, Crystal, since you’re here. If what Joe did is not acceptable, why don’t you say so? Or have you and I just missed it? Why are you defending people who stoop to that sort of crap? Why are you defending a woman who would lie about her neighbor’s daughter (there was no vehicular assault) and call her a “crazy bitch”? Do you think it’s okay to dump raw sewage on your property? (The health department doesn’t, I assure you.)


  30. Crystal wrote, “The two sides ment we were told one thing then the rest of the story came out. Valerie’s comments were from the version we were told and yes teenage boys look they stop turn around and even whistle sometimes. That wasn’t what happened however.”

    It begs the question: Why do you believe *anything* the Nauglers say? They lie or insinuate all the time, announcing they are being harassed, stalked and threatened. Then, like Paul Harvey, you get “the rest of the story.” And the rest of the story is that little of what they are insinuating is true.

    Why is it you continue to defend them…until they are proven to be lying? Looks like it would be the other way around. Don’t believe them until it’s been proven they aren’t lying. Trust is not given, it’s earned. And if that trust was money, their pockets would be empty (like they are now unless they get some new donations.)

    Do I have any sympathy for Valerie? No, not really. I’m not going to pretend I do. I tried having reasonable conversations with Valerie. But once Nicole frowned on her, she just smiled and Liked Nicole’s comment about banning me. I don’t think Valerie is the honorable person you’re trying to defend.

    If she can’t stand the heat, she needs to get out of the outdoor kitchen.


  31. TY ^^^^^ all Excellent advice I would like to add:

    Crystal, You have chosen to support a family and their beliefs and their supporters and you come here and write on this board that we, who are in opposition to your views, are not “speaking kindly to Val” and that has made her sick. And your rationale is that she believed the (ONE) side of the story she was told.
    You also say, “She would never say it was ok for joe to intemidate Al’s daughter”. And that somehow we should all know that.

    Crystal, Val seems to have made up her mind that what happened was not intimidation, based on the one side she chose to believe. She chose to come here and post her views. She was called out on that and now doesn’t like that, and apparently neither do you and you fault the language that was used.

    I find it childish that you or Val would then go on to say that this has made her ill. Remember I said “childish”, nothing more. Why do I say childish. Because at this point in your lives, if you are old enough to write on this or other boards, then you and Val should have learned by now that, first, if something is making you ill, disengage. Second, don’t blame others for your problems. Thirdly, attempting to manipulate feeling of guilt with words like, “you should be ashamed of yourselves” for certain behavior or words you disapprove of is condescending and arrogant and never helpful in ‘discussions’ with adults. Forth, don’t adopt problems that are not yours.
    If this is the first time you are reading this advice, and the very wise advice of the posters above, please take some time to seriously examine these issues. These are some time proven strategies that work very well for maintaining one’s health. I do respect you for posting here, we simply disagree and this is of course JMHO.


  32. Of course it’s not ok! None of the doxxing of anyone is or was ok. I don’t really do Facebook anymore and have been so busy from the flood I missed all most all of it. I saw the pictures of the shed and the posted and I thought you even said it felt creepy. Shoot I even got worried when bethanie posted a pic with her address on it. There has been way too many lines crossed, way too many names called, and lives being picked apart and belittled. There should be no need for anyone to have to put on there big girl panties and deal with being called a cunt, have their home and address be displayed, and never ever have anything said negitivly about their children. I understand people get heated and things were not proud of get said shoot I was even rude as heck and very much so regretted it the next day. Here’s what I support: you don’t have to have running water or indoor plumbing to stay clean. Stuff happens and every little thing shouldn’t be brought up and thrown in someone’s face. You don’t have to have power or an air conditioner. Sharing your mistakes is a good thing it hopefully will keep at least one person from making the same one. Composting toilets are ok even homemade ones with dirt if handled correctly. Playing with duct tape even taping three kids together at the waist is ok.. Until someone has to use the bathroom. No one has to be perfect we can even screw up big time. And those who are it would be nice if you shared how it was done instead of just criticizing. There are so many wonderfully talented people on all sides of this and I know most have great big hearts who want nothing more than for everyone to succeed and have productive happy lives. Shoot one of my favorite pages is a non supporter page I just scroll threw the parts about the nauglers. I am still rambling I’m sorry. Attacking people is not ok, posting pictures and making fun of people is not ok, and whether or not the info is public posting address and pictures of homes family ect, all this name calling and bs is not ok. No one is a cunt ever!


  33. you don’t have to have running water or indoor plumbing to stay clean.

    I agree with that. You do not.

    Stuff happens and every little thing shouldn’t be brought up and thrown in someone’s face.

    Generally that is correct. Stuff happens. But people generally do not go on social media and blogs and talk endlessly about the “stuff” that happens with the sole idea to garner sympathy and donations. If you do not understand that is the Nauglers part-time job, you’re not following this.

    You don’t have to have power or an air conditioner.

    Nope. You do not. It’s fine.

    Sharing your mistakes is a good thing it hopefully will keep at least one person from making the same one.

    If Nicole and Joe ever admitted making a mistake, that would be a first. She sometimes says things like “Oh, that wasn’t the best decision, but. . . ” It’s always “but.” And the “but” is always somebody else’s fault. The state. The church. Some employer. Family members. The IRS. The customers who haven’t come. The “trolls.”

    Composting toilets are ok even homemade ones with dirt if handled correctly.

    No, they are not. NOT. First, it is not a “composting toilet.” For the last time (hopefully), read the god damned pages and educate yourself. It is NOT a composting toilet. It is a supposed compost heap made of raw sewage. And we have zero evidence that it exists. Nicole just waves her hand and says, “Oh, it’s composting.” I call bullshit. It’s not. Those kids are dumping raw sewage on the back of that property. That is what is happening. Composting raw sewage is not something that can be left to fucking children.

    Playing with duct tape even taping three kids together at the waist is ok.

    Don’t care about that and have never commented on it.

    No one has to be perfect we can even screw up big time.

    That’s right, but I have never ever ever ever ever asked perfect strangers to get on the internet and give me fucking money to pay for my mistakes. I ate them.

    And those who are it would be nice if you shared how it was done instead of just criticizing.

    Go through this blog and read. I have never criticized what they are doing without offering a solution. Their “outhouse” is deplorable and reportable. It’s a public health menace. They have no idea how to garden and don’t want any advice from any one. They do not know the first thing about keeping livestock and ditto.

    The truth is that they really aren’t interested in any of that. They are homeless people squatting on some rent-to-own land who were forced by CPS to get a rent-to-own garden shed because their living conditions were beyond anything acceptable. And they got what amounts to a year’s income for a lot of people by begging online and squandered every last dime of it. And they responded to criticism by telling me that they hope I die, threatening to hit me and my husband, and mocking my dead son. Do you think for one second I feel sympathy of any sort for those two people?

    Attacking people is not ok, posting pictures and making fun of people is not ok, and whether or not the info is public posting address and pictures of homes family ect, all this name calling and bs is not ok. No one is a cunt ever!

    It isn’t. But public commentary and public criticism of someone’s public blog and public Facebook pages (not personal pages – she doesn’t have one of those visible in case you haven’t noticed) is fair game. And she is perfectly free to criticize my public words if she wishes. I give zero fucks.


  34. While everyone here is being thoughtful and civil except for a “fuck” or two, Nicole is angling to get a backhoe to remove the trash which they did not know was there when they bought it because of underbrush. Would be interesting to see the number of care packages she receives each day.


  35. While everyone here is being thoughtful and civil except for a “fuck” or two

    Fuck is a great word. I like it and use it often. “Fuck you” isn’t so nice. 🙂


  36. Yes, if you are going to post in public forums you need to have your big girl panties pulled up tight. People will call you all sorts of names.

    Where was the outrage when Donny C called everyone cunts, bitches and doxxed everyone that said a negative peep about the Nauglers?

    Where was the outrage when Michelle F doxxed Cheri by posting screen shots of her past evictions or the other activity linked back to her IP address?

    Why is there only outrage when it happens to supporters? Way worse has been perpetrated by supporters. Why aren’t you outraged out the people you support for letting it happen and encouraging it? Why are you outrage with the people in your own circle? Why does the outrage only happen when Valerie’s feelings get hurt?

    Maybe Val is a cunt, to someone. Maybe she is bitch, to someone. Get over it. Val has now found her voice as Anette, good for her.


  37. There was outrage there was many messages to shut down whole pages. I know because I messaged several times to stop the bullshit to those pages. Every time I came acrosed something wrong I spoke out about it. Every time someone brought it up later when I didn’t see it I expressed my feelings and apologies to them that it could even happen. I found so much of what was being said horrific. As did val and I did see her speak out so very many times. It really doesn’t matter and I can tell you 100 times what happened to non supporters was horrific but still over and over I’m asked why it was ok for it to happen. It was NOT ok.


  38. I assume Nicole has long experience in “trolls”, she’s had a social media and blog presence for quite some time. In looking back at the older BLH blog, one could see the troll presence. I also assume that the ammo in her way of dealing with trolls isn’t new, just since their big viral sensation and celebrity. It was new and enlightening to me. Doxxing, socks, using IP addresses as locators. Using personal information gleamed from these tactics as ammo to threaten people on social media, because they are trolling or critics or non supporters. In thinking about this, why would someone go to those extremes to attempt to silence any or all of these types, these individuals? Why would someone go to this extent to identify the admin of an opposing page and threaten them? Why would Nicole give a fuck? Why is it her mission to silence these people? When she has stated several times that “trolls” have zero effect, zilch on her. They don’t matter.

    As someone who has been paying attention and following, I’d like to throw in my two cents and tell you why. It’s because truth is a whisper. And then the truth gets revealed over and over. And the voices get louder.

    Without reverberating all, it can be simply stated, “The Emperor Has No Clothes”.

    Please don’t shoot the messenger(s)…..


  39. ” yes teenage boys look they stop turn around and even whistle sometimes.”

    The ones who are being raised by good parents, don’t do it in front of them and not get into a WORLD of trouble. That is NOT acceptable behavior to pull in the presence of one or both of your parents, or your sister(s).

    You’re choosing to condone it because you’re excusing it. Joe was driving and Joe was in control of where they went and how long they were at the location. Joe is using his children as an excuse to indulge in behavior that he knows is creepy OR Joe is lying and neither of the kids said anything about the girl washing the fence. Regardless, what Joe did was wrong and it didn’t rise to the level of menacing – yet. It was an example of truly crappy parenting though IF it’s true that there was one or more of his kids in the vehicle. If not, he’s a liar. Your pick, neither of them show Joe in a good light though.


  40. Just a thought and off topic a bit, considering the bears in Kentucky and living close to the (gag) BLHS, carrying bear spray and pistol would be recommended. Bear spray works very well. The pistol for the rare times it doesn’t work ?


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