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This is a fake.  It’s a mirror-page on Facebook mimicking Nicole’s business.  I am not going to provide a link.

I want to say something about this.  The reason I want to say something is that whoever started that page thinks it’s a great idea to link to this blog.

I cannot stop that person from doing that.  But just like I make public commentary about Nicole’s public commentary, I can do the same thing with this.

To the person who started that page:  Bad idea. Very, very bad idea. I would very much appreciate it if you would refrain from linking here. I am not associated with this, don’t want to be associated with it, and actually refuse to be associated with it.

I understand the outrage. I understand what Nicole does. I’ve been the recipient of a good bit of her garbage.

But I am not – repeat: NOT – going after her business, now or ever.

I have permitted a few comments that skirt around the business, most particularly from Patricia, who has personal experience with Nicole. I have not commented on those.  Patricia is free to say whatever she likes here because she can back it up with first-hand knowledge and because I believe that Patricia understands the principle I am trying to exhibit. I am not going after Nicole’s business.

I did not have anything at all to do with those (hilarious) reviews that were put on her page. I don’t know who did. She brought that entirely on herself when she asked for help with the dog and involved a rescue and then was rude to them. I am not the only person on earth who is outraged by the behavior of Nicole Naugler.

I have had nothing to do with anything that could ever be construed as criticism of her ability to do her job, or her ability to earn money, or even about her work ethic when it comes to her job.

My criticism of her is about her parenting skills, her cavalier attitude regarding the welfare of her children, her online grifting and begging and hinting for money, and her portrayal of herself as some sort of back-to-the-land homesteady person which she clearly is not.

Now, any questions about this?  Have I made myself clear?


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  1. its in poor taste to go after someones business.

    who ever it is.. there are lines that need not be crossed..


  2. Abundantly. Never doubted it.
    I hope the business flourishes. Not on the backs of underage children (who should be learning instead of doing bookkeeping, washing dogs or sweeping) but on her own merit as a groomer. Bringing up what Nicole herself said she set out to do: supplement income by allowing independent groomer(s) to use her facility and get a cut of their fees. That is what the vision of the original BLGC was when it opened in 2015.


  3. I also had nothing to do with the majority of those reviews, a few were from a mom’s group, but I believe a troll group must have been alerted as a majority of those reviews were left by people I have never seen before.

    Whoever solicited them, props to you, but it wasn’t me. I’d take credit if it was.


  4. This is the only legit income that family gets. IF they hurt you in any way WHY on earth would you go after the business and make them kids SUFFER more then what they already are? If you got a problem with Nicky or Joe go after THEM not what supports them poor kids. 🙁 IF its a joke its not funny. 🙁


  5. Courtney White, you are my hero! Thanks to NN, I was introduced to that “mom’s group” – it was love 🙂

    Anyways, just wanted to say that. Also, that I had/have no part in this new page either, it’s in bad taste to go after the only thing that feeds those children and gets them out of the shitstead for some time.


  6. You always keep it classy in what can be a sea of muck.
    I come to your blog to feel clean again!
    Thank You


  7. So let me get this straight
    This women neglects her children
    The husband threatens everyone
    There is doxing, unethical practices and fear
    She openly attacks the businesses and livelihood of other people
    And has for a year
    Everyone sits in the shadows afraid of repercussions
    And her business is off limits
    Not in my book
    The kids are off limits
    She can’t continue destroying the lives of others
    It has gone on far too long
    I understand your position but Nicole opened that door hundreds of times before and now she has to walk through it
    She needs to be held accountable
    If she wanted that business to succeed, she have built it with pride and ethics
    Not on fear or the destruction of others
    The fake reviews, though hilarious, were out of line
    Creating a mirror page, just like she has done, is nothing short of fighting fire with fire
    Yes you can give me the argument that it is sinkin to her level
    But she should have concentrated on building her life with her second chance
    Not destroying everyone else
    Her rules are not fair or even human
    And no one does anything but complain in closed groups or creates malicious Facebook pages in response – it is not helping
    Your blog is public
    For public consumption and shared everyday across hundreds of pages
    Some of those pages are outright attacking the kids
    That is what happens when things go viral
    If you have nothing to do with it
    Or collusion on any part – you can not be held accountable by others actions
    If you allow the naugler camp to control you to that extent – they win

    So there is my opinion


  8. I would not be suprised if Nicole is behind said fake profile. It is not the first time. She was caught out using a personal profile, that she had claimed was created by trolls earlier in the year. When she took her pages down after one of her schemes/rants backfired. There is also a mirror of BLTATM currently. Either being run by Nicole/Joe or Charles. Which makes it convenient that this mirror grooming page has popped up. Always trying to be one step ahead of the blowback and control the narrative. Only problem with that is the Naugler’s have become so predictable with their online pettiness.


  9. The fake page was in response to her attacking a woman who is running for city council. This particular woman’s children were threatened by apparently both Joe and Nicole. It was a bs attack. Sure responding by stooping to her level was wrong but I understand. Nicole has brought this on herself though. She is a train wreck and if her business fails it won’t be the first time. People have tried to help her but she is an evil bitch. She has turned on everyone that has ever tried to help her. It sucks for the kids because the state failed them, they shouldn’t be in the shitstead. Their parents failed them. Nicole is a horrible mother, a horrible person and a horrible business owner. She needs to get the fuck offline, that would solve a good part of her problems.


  10. I would never have believed it was you, Sally. You’ve made it abundantly clear that the kids and business are hands off. As it should be. And I’ve never read anything derogatory about the children from anyone. It’s amazing that the people that read here are so empathetic to those kids, yet Nic and the Hutt shit on commenters. They have no idea how well the community could have benefited their children. It’s sad when parents isolate their kids like that.


  11. If my children were threatened by J or N I would not be retaliating with a FB page. I would be right at the police station with proof. Both J and N are on a short leash, legally. I would make sure they were hauled in. Fooling with FB when your child’s safety is at stake? That is BS.


  12. Beth M, I totally agree as well. Facebook is for entertainment, dumb little flame wars, cat pictures, and PSAs. But when things get serious in real life, real life supports and interventions are required. That’s what forms much of the basis for critique of the Naugler adults…they let everything –even serious matters that impact their children–play out as facebook drama.


  13. The commentator said she was trying to be compassionate because she was thinking of the kids. She gave Nicole and Joe a chance and a year later this is how she is paid back. Hopefully she will now contact the police. And if my kids were threatened I wouldn’t be compassionate, my first call would be to the police.


  14. I wouldn’t put it past Nicole to have set up that page to make you look bad. “See, world? Look at what Sally’s doing, and proof is the link!” Great way to make herself appear prosecuted.

    I’m getting more on board with Miss Bliss. I have a small business, which is why I use my one of my middle names here that no one else but the people here know, and why I won’t give my first name here. How I conduct myself publicly reflects on my business because I own my business. It is mine. It is me. I reflect on what is mine. I don’t want my comments here linked to my business.

    We all want Nicole to feed her kids, but I think it’s also fair to let her behavior reflect on what she does. Her choices show the kind of person she is, and since she wants people to leave living beings in her care, her behavior is no small issue. She’s flippant about animal care, neglectful toward her children, and all around rude and entitled, and since she likes to dox people, if I were a client, I’d be nervous about leaving a genuinely earned negative review in case she decided to go after me online.

    Her clients are taking on a lot of risk, and it does them no good to protect her. Actions have consequences, even for business-owners with kids.


  15. Hello Nicole! My name is… well that doesn’t really matter… and I’m here to officially claim responsibility for your lovely reviews. See, I shared your Ranger bullshit story and comments with a REAL troll group and let them go hog wild. All this time you’ve been calling every critic and naysayer a troll when in fact you had no idea what a real troll is. I’m happy to give you this lesson and promise you that this is only the first warning wave of an impending tsunami. You are not untouchable, you are not exempt from repercussions, and you sure as hell are not prepared for what is headed your way. Watch your step, watch your back and I hope you seriously heed my warning. We are the real trolls and we never forget.


  16. I wouldn’t put it past Nicole to have set up that page to make you look bad.

    Nicole did not. But yes, Nicole would link me to it if she could. She cannot since I had nothing whatever to do with it.

    We all want Nicole to feed her kids,

    My position re: the business is not entirely altruistic. There are legalities involved and I am the owner of this blog. I am the one who has to answer for it. I write the rules, and I really want you guys to quit skating so close to the edge. No criticism of the business. Period.


  17. I hate to say it but fighting fire with fire seems to be the only thing Nicole and Joe understand and respond to. The perpetual teenage drama Queen and impaired King of the kingdom of “bringing a nuke to a fist fight” may have met their match.

    I think I will stock up on snacks for this one.


  18. Going after the Blessed One’s business serves no purpose. She is the sole adult wage earner, and her very large family depends upon her income. As a fellow small business owner, I wish her well and hope she prospers.

    However. Despite her assertions to the contrary, it is pretty clear that the Blessed One reads this blog. The following is directed at you, Ms. Naugler:

    If I say that I have used a groomer for the past 20 or so years and never have I seen child labor there, I am not criticizing your business. It IS a criticism of your piss poor parenting.

    If I point out that you appear to be very much on-grid at your business, with almost all of the conveniences of modern life (hot and cold running water, flush toilet, electricity, heat and a/c, a refrigerator, washing machine or dryer (I can’t remember which), microwave, fish tank), I am not criticizing your business. This is not a reflection of your skills as a groomer or business owner. It IS a reflection of your hypocrisy.

    If I say that I am appalled by your failure to educate your children and the squalor in which your children reside, I am not criticizing your children. I AM criticizing your choices as a parent.

    If I say that I am disgusted by the GFM, Paypal, and less than subtle hints for handouts, I am not criticizing your children. I AM criticizing your grifting and expectation that people should give you their hard earned money while you mock them for being slaves of the system.

    Your life choices are just that. Your. Life. Choices. But, when you make every little blessed thing in your life (see, what I did there) public on social media, you don’t have the luxury of crying foul when people criticize. Or write a blog.


  19. The FB page has now changed its name. Frankly, I find it creepy and gross like all the other anti-naugler FB pages I’ve seen. But this one’s especially creepy and sort of threatening. :/


  20. I think service reviews should be just that, reviews of service. So, the “troll” attack that happened on BLGC’s FB is not something I participated in or would ever condone. By all means, spread the word about Nicole and her ridiculous behavior, but not by giving a review for a service you have never received. It makes you look as unbalanced as she is.

    I reported the the mirror page because that is just dirty business any way you cut it. I don’t care if you consider it fighting fire with fire or not. It looks as though the page has either been removed by FB or taken down by those who created it; good riddance.

    I appreciate your level headed approach to enlightening the masses, Sally. Integrity is a rare thing these days.


  21. . It makes you look as unbalanced as she is.

    Do keep in mind that there were almost as many fake positive reviews as there were fake negative reviews. Many, if not most, of the positive reviews were from people who live out of state and have never met Nicole.

    The whole Ranger debacle really angered people. And that was entirely Nicole’s own fault.


  22. I find the late 2014 “accidental” stomping and crushing death of the two week old runt pup, Peanut, to be sadder than the Ranger saga. Who in their right mind leaves a palm-sized newborn pup scampering in a shed with a dozen people? Small mammals need to be contained in sufficiently roomy and comfortable enclosures for their own safety. Blaming Peanut’s horrific death on the children is yet another example of the adult Nauglers refusing to take responsibility.


  23. It would appear that Nicole, JoJo and Chuckie have messed with the wrong people – people who have money, resources and connections. This truthful blog Sally will be the least of their worries now. I almost feel sorry for them – almost.


  24. They might not necessarily live out of state. Radcliff is a military community. So on that point most military families who have Facebook don’t change where they live for security reasons.

    Some of those fake negative reviews were completely uncalled for.


  25. Fuck Nicole… She has had this coming for a long time. I hope she has her big girl panties on, she’s in for a wild ride, these people are no joke.


  26. I’m a little late to this party. So let me get this straight. The blessed and their hate page went after a local politician in order to demand that this blog be taken down? They are so incredibly busy being happy, healthy and living the dream that they study Sally’s Facebook page for anyone that likes any old post she puts up. They then dox whoever likes a post on Sally’s Facebook page looking for something they think they can use as leverage to silence this blog? Yup, Joe and Nicole are sure living the dream, in batshit crazy lalaland.


  27. andatje wrote, “I find the late 2014 “accidental” stomping and crushing death of the two week old runt pup, Peanut, to be sadder than the Ranger saga. Who in their right mind leaves a palm-sized newborn pup scampering in a shed with a dozen people? Small mammals need to be contained in sufficiently roomy and comfortable enclosures for their own safety. Blaming Peanut’s horrific death on the children is yet another example of the adult Nauglers refusing to take responsibility.”

    I do too. How hard would it have been to find a wooden solid-sided box, or a crate or hell – even a little airline travel kennel to keep that puppy safe? The woman is a groomer FFS! I can’t believe she couldn’t get her hands on something. The death of that puppy wasn’t the fault of your children. That one is on you and Joe.


  28. They might not necessarily live out of state.

    My bet would be that no more than two of those fake 5-star reviews would come under that description. When Nicole began to bitch about the bad reviews, there were a bunch of 5-star reviews posted all at once. What are the odds that all of those were military? Those were out of state leghumpers.

    The point here is that Nicole was perfectly happy to accept the 5-star fakes, but outraged at the 1-star fakes. Fake is fake.


  29. While I don’t endorse going after her business, I think there is some merit of the notion that N doesn’t quite understand the difference between internet trolls and blogs that invite discussions that lead toward learning and contributing. Internet trolls “sow discord on the internet by starting arguments or upsetting people by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community” (Wikipedia). Because Sally’s blog was created as a place to objectively analyze and to deconstruct N’s bull shit, it cannot be described as trolling. We don’t go to any of her FB pages or blogs for the purpose of “sowing discord” in the traditional means that trolls use. In fact, most of us have been banned from her social networking spaces because she doesn’t like being confronted with the truth. But, what she does is trolling. She does visit blogs and FB pages with the intent of trolling, and, in fact, she has taking her desire to “sow discord” outside of the internet by trying to get anyone who disagrees with her fired from his or her job and even contacting family members of those she has set out to hurt.

    Now this mirror FB page that was created as a means to taunt N through her business, well, that is an example, somewhat, of trolling. I have no thoughts about whether the creator of the mirror page has crossed any line or not because N has done some very bad things to some folks whose only crime was trying to provide N and her readers with some truths.

    Because we all know that N and her own trolls come here to read and sometimes comment, I see no need in making comments on or around her social networking cites nor do I see any reason to follow any other anti N blog or page because commenting here allows me the chance to strategically deconstruct N’s totally whacked out way of life and she comes here and reads and cannot delete any of my comments. I finally stopped using my last name because there were some creeping friend invites with creepy messages coming through my FB friends request. Of course, I delete them once I go to their page and snoop around a bit.

    But back to her business….N doesn’t need anyone else running her business because it looks as if she is doing a stand up job herself. Bless her heart…she is such an idiot. And the horse…holy cat shit, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…horses are not for poor folks or ignorant folks or children who have parents who are idiots. N says that the daughter researched all about horses…but she has her horse tied up…and no shelter for it….the unschooling lesson here will be when the poor horse is injured on that junked up property or drinks water from that slimed up pond or isn’t fed enough of the food that grazers require or it kicks and hurts one of the kids and pa idiot takes a board to it….the lesson will be brutal and the horse will probably end up being shot in the head. Sad, sad, sad…on a good note, my granddaughter’s horse loves his new friend (a gal horse) and they so a lot of scratching each other. The vet assured us that both are fixed so there will be no more horses…and my granddaughter, so far, loves all the work involved. But, she has older brothers and her parents who supervise her so it’s not all left up to her. Let me stop…my daughter as a parent compared to N as a parent…well, it’s like comparing a very experienced presidential candidate who has tons of experience and service to someone who has a 200 word vocabulary….


  30. I find the fake mirrored page and the fake reviews really off-putting. HOWEVER.

    Do any of you remember Amy’s Baking Company? She went public on a TV show– Kitchen Nightmares or Restaurant Makeover or something– and then got a ton of hilariously fake Yelp reviews? This is just what the internet DOES when you show your ass in public.

    You’re not special, Nicole– you can’t dish out public harassment and not expect to get it back in spades–and I’m surprised it took two dead dogs to get the professional internet trolls into the fray.


  31. People who actually support the Nauglers are dropping off their page almost as fast as the ones who have figured them out. One follower comment about how all they ever see in their feed is the drama. “Recently…. I have noticed in my news feed it’s more about the drama. I don’t go to ur page it’s just what I’m seeing in my news feed….”

    Nicole replies within an hour, “That’s because that’s what people comment on. I wrote two blogs and posted several links for discussion and photos of my family. But, this is what draws attention….”

    The response from the follower to Nicole is priceless, and something I’ve seen time and time again, “Possibly. However, u haven’t commented on anything positive I have said or any other advice. I’m sorry people have made u so defensive. Taking a break from social media might do ur heart some good…”


  32. Let’s cut to the chase.

    The Naugler adults are raging assholes. Joe is a worthless lazy asshole. He “manages” the “homestead” he takes care of the children while his wife (who is no dummy) squeezes anal glands and makes dogs pretty, (make sure that gets to the FBI) Nicole tries desperately to be a breadwinner while she simultaneously pecks away at whatever internet device she has to defend her family “honor”

    Everything is the fault of everyone else. They make that clear by dropping names. Dropping names has got you where? (heavy hint)

    Sally has been very careful NOT to in any way attack their business. As have I.

    But they accuse her of it. The “tabloid blogger”. (that actually translates to “teller of the truth”)

    Joe and Nicole . . . get a lawyer. Get someone that will think they can make a few bucks off of internet harassment. Watch how it works out.

    Gamble what little you have.

    Bring it.



  33. “Do any of you remember Amy’s Baking Company? She went public on a TV show– Kitchen Nightmares or Restaurant Makeover or something– and then got a ton of hilariously fake Yelp reviews? This is just what the internet DOES when you show your ass in public.”

    I didn’t see it when it originally aired but I did see it a few months ago on YouTube. It was breathtaking. Seriously. She and her husband were absolutely nuts. Also, the restaurant has since closed down.


  34. Tekla,

    I remember ABC on Kitchen Nightmare and all the online reporting that made her story viral. I had to watch the videos again, just for good measure, and believe Amy and Nicole were cut from the same cloth. LMAO While I watched her melt down on the screen all I could hear in my head was Nicole screaming…….”you can’t kidnap my son. Shoot me.” Yep, two peas in a pod.


  35. Maybe Nicole is upset because she didn’t get a reality show. She and Joe act like they’re on a screaming reality show all the time. She likes to do a heavy internet sigh and say she doesn’t want the drama anymore. That is her biggest lie of all. Drama and contention are like oxygen mixed with the drug of your choice. No, I make no accusation that she is on drugs of any kind except facebook.

    She cannot handle criticism at all. If drama is like air then criticism is like kryptonite though anyone who has ever done halfway well in life has received criticism and learned from it and to deal with it. Maybe she cannot handle anything positive in life as she strives to ruin the positives that are in her life such as her children. I’ve been around the kids at one point. Through no fault of their own they will have a very difficult time going from being un-raised to being faced with a generally organized and generally civilized society. I think their parents can’t handle anything civilized. It exhausts them and then they go on their rants, internet rampages, and lower the bar ever further in their decisions. Nicole and Joe can’t handle life. To escape life they live in a mud/feces pit and call it freedom. Okay, no.


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