Not Fade Away

2 years

If I had to pick a single statement that Nicole has made about Shitgate that proves that she is not capable of properly managing a human waste disposal system, this would be it.

She’s saying that you can’t see two years worth of “humanure” because compost just goes back into the ground.  Here we are in her own words.

compost composts

Nicole Naugler has never composted anything. Ever. Not an eggshell or an old squash or dead leaves. 

Here, taken just a few minutes ago, I present one of our old compost bins.

bin half full

It’s made of pallets (we “repurpose” stuff too – that makes us “real homesteaders”). There are, as you can see, some vines growing on it. But you can clearly see that it comes up nearly to the halfway point on that pallet.

old compost

And here’s a shot taken looking down on it.

We’re not sure how old that compost is.  However, it is at least 4 years old. This is one of our old bins. The guy who helped us build these died in a car accident in 2010. We had several and filled them over time, but we quit using them and began to dismantle them about four years ago.  Pallets don’t last forever.

She won’t show photos of the Blessed Little Compost Heap because it doesn’t exist.  They have been dumping feces on that property everywhere. I know it. The health department knows it. Nicole knows it. Joe knows it. Her kids know it.

We all know it.

Except for a few dumb followers who themselves haven’t ever composted an egg shell.


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  1. These are the same people who think animals randomly crapping in the woods is the same as a family of 12 spreading every manner of human waste and bodily fluids on the very property they live on. The property that has a neighbor so close they could both stand outside their home and have a conversation.

    These people are the same who compare treated human waste that is made into sludge to untreated raw waste that is carrying God only knows how many forms of bacteria and disease. Then again…God isn’t the only one who knows. We have people who spend years in school studying to get jobs that ensure our water and ground is safe.

    These are the same people who think our tap water isn’t processed before reaching our homes.

    These are the same people who use flush toilets and have garbage men come and pick up their trash in convenient trash cans. Most have zero idea how their garbage is processed at the dump to avoid illness and disease that could be spread by insects…flies for example…into their local communities. They don’t know what happens to their waste after they flush the toilet. They don’t know it is sent to be processed and is not dumped into a tank as is and then recycled into our tap water.

    Enough said.


  2. Again she’s claiming no inspection. Though I believe that there was a confirmed inspection (though not confirmed by NN) before June 1. Am I correct?


  3. Nicole hashtagged a recent post of hers, in regards to #dumbingdownamerica

    Yes, I see dumbing down America. It’s those peeps grasping reality tv likeness, on social media. BLH. They aren’t there for the homesteading tips, shares and discussions. Or homeschooling. Or off the grid. Or religious fellowship. It’s for the unreal, reality show drama.

    Viva the #dumbingdownamerica crowd! (sarcasm intended)


  4. By the way, I’ve learned more about composting, farm animals, off the grid, and uber bunches more interesting things here on the blog. Nothing on the Blessed Homestead fb page compares.

    I appreciate all the people commenting too, in adding to the discussion. Very informative!


  5. Second verse, same as the first. It seems to me that the Naugler adults remain unwilling or unable to connect their own actions with the consequences of their actions. Materfamilias continues to post her every vapid thought online, along with pics of her kids. Yes, people may take notice when you do that. Everyone has a trigger in this case and mine is the refusal to take the kids out of harm’s way if she truly believes they are in danger.

    I was harassed online to the point that legal action was successfully taken against the perpetrator. However, the first and best piece of legal advice I received was to delete all social media accounts and deactivate the relevant email addresses immediately. I had already done so, and frankly it had immediate, positive results in several areas of my life.

    When this all happened, my very first thought was to protect my kids from this lunatic. My life was threatened by a person who lived one state away and knew where I worked. There is nothing in this world that, to this day, would compel me to post any identifying information about myself or my kids online, including photos, five years after this happened. Life is peaceful now. End of.


  6. Proof she’s not doing it properly is when she says the ‘compost’ composts and “worked back into the ground” all by itself. Human waste has to be contained for composting and if it was properly contained, there’s no way it can just “work back into the ground”.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”


  7. Compost is the creation of something new and useful from stuff that’s otherwise waste. It’s a form of recycling. The stuff does’t just disappear into thin air. Jesus fucking Christ, Nicole.


  8. Good grief, I don’t even compost (yet) and even I know that’s not how it works! You need shovels, buckets, and a schedule in order to work that compost back into the ground where it belongs, hopefully in your vegetable garden. Speaking of which, Mrs. Naugler, it’s July. What are you harvesting?


  9. You know what, Mt. Everest has a problem with human waste.

    “This week, Ang Tshering, president of Nepal Mountaineering Association, warned that pollution — particularly human waste — has reached critical levels and threatens to spread disease on the world’s highest peak.”

    ” Everest even has a sewage problem. When base camp’s outhouse barrels are filled, porters haul them to open pits near Gorak Shep. Meanwhile, above base camp, most climbers straddle small crevasses to relieve themselves. The result: The peak has become a fecal time bomb, and the mess is gradually sliding back toward base camp. In 2012, Swiss climber Ueli Steck told me that he won’t even boil snow for water at Everest’s Camp II, because he thinks the lower boiling temperature at that altitude won’t kill germs.

    So, how much waste are we talking about? As much as “26,500 pounds of human excrement” each season, “most of it bagged and carried by native Sherpas to earthen pits near Gorak Shep, a frozen lake bed and village at 16,942 feet,” according to Grinnell College.”

    Exactly how can Nicole state, with a straight face, that the amount of waste her family produces in a year simply disappears without a trace?

    People produce up to half a pound of excrement or feces each day. If you eat lots of high-fiber foods such as vegetables, beans, and cereals, which the body can’t completely digest and absorb, you will produce more feces than if you eat lots of easily digested low-fiber foods, such as chocolate.

    See that? If you eat a high fiber diet you produce MORE than half a pound per day (more or less).

    Allowing for little people let’s say 2,200 pounds of feces (not even including urine) per year. About 6,600 pounds in three years. That doesn’t disappear through the magic of composting. It would be more like Mount Manure than not.


  10. I’m always still surprised, or not really, that people still believe everything they read on the Internet and especially Nicole’s posts. She thinks she and her family are celebrities when in all actuality they are just curiosities. And no one on her pages being of sound mind would shit in a bucket and go dump it in their yard and let their children go play by it!


  11. (I need to reiterate how much I value this blog which provides the opportunity to respond without being stalked by gun-lovin’ voluntaryists)

    This is so irritating. Quoth Nicole:
    “The burden of proof lies with the state. I don’t have a requirement to prove innocence. That’s basic civics. C’mon people. Where’s your backbones?”
    An understanding of basic civics would give you knowledge of the concept of a *permit*.
    A permit is like an agreement : I have these things in place to protect the community and environment, I have shown this to the fascist overlord permit grantors, I now have PERMIssion (see the root of that word?) to do _____.

    Society has come up with the apparently intensely complicated concept of permits in order to prevent people from contaminating the universe with human excrement and other *toxins* by doing things like, oh, I dunno, piling it raw on the ground for years.

    Let’s go with the ridiculous assertion made by Nicole. The burden of proof has been met: you don’t have a permit. Therefor you don’t have permission.

    It’s really not that complicated is it?


  12. That flippant little line about the compost working back into the ground was, IMHO, the final give away that there were no humanure compost piles, and that despite asking people about humanure, posting ad nauseum a link to the humanure handbook, Nicole still had no clue how the system works.
    They’d had the porta potty less than a month, so where did the previous months poop go? I actually read the book. She obviously did not. It takes a much longer time to properly compost.
    Never mind conflicting stories regarding composting toilets, one pile or many piles depending on the day, videos of the property with no compost pile in sight, or bins rather than tarp on ground tarp covering the pile bullshit. All just more bullshit to deflect from the obvious, they were not composting shit. IMHO.
    All of it is moot anyway as regards the current charges. You either have a permit or you don’t. You either are abating the nuisance (thus the porta potty) or not. Simple. The county just has to show there was no permit, never even an application for a permit. They don’t have to prove a negative. The Nauglers to win that question would have to produce a valid permit, which the county somehow overlooked (not likely).
    The turdis, I would hazard to guess, is a permanent resident of the homestead now, or at least until they stop making payments or move on.
    Just think, two and a half months of turdis rental would pay for a permit for a permanent solution, but an actual humanure compost system would take planning and actual work, and we have all seen how that works in Nauglerville.

    By the way did you notice how long it took Charlie boy to dox the Leslie commenter? “Are you a vet or a vet tech?” Same old sordid tale, same heinous behavior. They are the trolls and their minions and always have been, IMHO. They fool very few people for very long, and those they do fool continuously are a special group of snowflakes.


  13. Can they even get a permit since the land belongs to KY Land Co.?
    I’m just wondering what KY Land Co. Feels about all this.


  14. The crazy is bubbling to the surface like lava in a volcano ready to blow. She’s not trying to hide it like she used to.
    Its amusing to watch the new supporters rally and then trail off. I was one of them at one time. It didn’t take me long to see the truth. Thanks to Sally.
    I’m glad the kids are free range and they can escape their parents until its time to be filmed for Facebook or take a sweet family picture.
    Indiana better batten down their hatches.


  15. Joe Bloom, her statement about her kids stood out in my mind also. Thinking back I recall her saying something months ago also about her kids understanding the meaning of sacrificing for ideals, and it all fits. She and Joe envision themselves as freedom fighters bravely fighting for a noble cause, (freerange shitting) using civil disobedience. She has indoctrinated her kids into believing in her delusions also. What a descent into hell these kids must suffer daily. I have a great #unschooling recommend read , _Don Quixote_.
    Abject extreme poverty spun as civil disobedience by creative fiction writer and propagandist, Nicole Naugler.
    (Bring in the clowns-send snacks?)
    Please explain, NCN-comedienne, why do we no longer see any pictures of you utilizing your pond in this sweltering heat?


  16. Nicole C. Naugler shared Photography Is Not A Crime!’s video.
    2 hrs ·
    I don’t condone sniper attacks, but I’m not surprised people are beginning to fight back. You have to understand The colonist to didn’t shoot parliament and the king they shot his soldiers who enforced unjust laws.
    That literally makes me feel sick. She sounds like she is condoning shooting the police, just not in a sniper attack.

    The Nauglers say things like this, post pictures of their kids shooting guns, and then say they don’t understand why the health inspector won’t come to their property. Maybe he recognizes that they are crazy and that they obviously care more about their beliefs than they do their own children.


  17. Anyone else notice how she subtly and not-so-subtly companies herself to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr ? Because it’s not insulting at all to compare civil rights, the end of lynchings and segregation, millions marching on Washington … To refusing to get a permit for your human shit disposal system.
    Talk about delusions of grandeur.
    She’s actually pinning her ridiculous situation to the plight of black people in America and their experiences of police brutality.

    She’s posting about killing to fight unjust laws during the American civil war. I desperately want to post “OMG Just get a permit already”.


  18. If you are doing nothing wrong, why don’t they understand?

    “Cause they’re ignorant… They’re ignorant!”

    Nicole Naugler seems to enjoy using this same logical fallacy made so famous by Michael Jackson. I hope Joe uses it in court.

    Great post, Sally! It readily demonstrates and deconstructs the logical fallacy Nicole uses to explain and excuse herself from providing very simple proof of their proper humanure compost.

    “In philosophy, a formal fallacy (also called logical fallacy) is a pattern of reasoning rendered invalid by a flaw in its logical structure that can neatly be expressed in a standard logic system, for example propositional logic. An argument that is formally fallacious is always considered wrong.”
    (For more: )



  19. Pretty sure kids still swim in the pond. It’s hot, they’re kids. They don’t think about what could be in the water.
    She just doesn’t publish it anymore.
    Maybe CPS made it one of the many conditions? No swimming in the polluted pond.


  20. Her ‘down with the police’ posts today, of all days, just shows how depraved Nicole and Joe are.

    You know they are cackling with glee. They’ve done it before.


  21. FB Refugee,

    Do not underestimate the older children, especially the clever girls who have to put up with so many boys. They may be somewhat “indoctrinated”, or influenced, but they are still teenagers, and raised in the guise of Nicole’s heavily condescending sarcasm, to boot! Surely, even a fly-on-the-wall could not possibly count the inordinate amount of eye-rolling that must go on! And even more so with every anarcho-capitalist rant – or in other words, all the live-long day, and forever more, eye-rolling.

    Parents. How droll, thinketh the female teenager!

    I find it very sad that Nicole describes how the eldest “transcribes” her words onto Facebook, while she drives. In an effort to please Mom and have her attention, said efforts are done so through Facebook! Aligned with Mom, fighting trolls on FB, bonding by way of laughing at them. Sickening! Get off Facebook, Nicole! You have 27 acres! Go for a walk with your children, leave the phone at home. Mom of the year. ::vomit::


  22. Yep the Rosa Parks comparisons. Maybe NN you are not reading this correctly ? Rosa fought for her right to SIT where she wanted , not SHIT where she wanted. IDK. Maybe you just misread your history website?


  23. Prolapsed O’s, Great encouraging words! Thanks. I really do believe that there is a great deal of hope and possibility for a much brighter future for these kids once free from Nicole and Joe. Teenaged girls sure can be quite a handful (ha! Understatement) but for these girls, a saving grace. Never considered before how much this physiological and psychological developmental stage may be the salvation for many. Good insight Prolapsed O’s.


  24. You’re right Sally. Manure just doesn’t disappear. According to Nicole, they have been composting their raw, untreated waste for 2 1/2 years. Why is it that they had to BUY manure for the garden when they should have a readily available supply?

    Nicole would have us believe that they have a compost pile covered with a tarp. When the eldest boy made the video of the property line, he said that there was compost “piles”-plural. I find him more believable then Nicole. I think they are dumping the sewage along that hillside where he was walking pointing out that there was no smell. You can easily see how that waste would travel downhill with every rain and in that small creek running downhill to the neighbor’s fields.

    It’s beyond me how anyone could find any truth in Nicole’s changing narratives.

    I wonder while abating a nuisance if joe and Nicole will be ordered to clean that shit up.


  25. I doubt the prosecutor will make them clean up. He gave them the Porta Potty out, and as long as they use it, that will be that. The county has shown great leniency each time to the Nauglers. i can tell you that wouldn’t be the case in my state.

    Like many an overburdened criminal prosecutor he will make it into a neighbor dispute to be handled in civil court. Their time their dime. I have heard from several credible sources that case is coming soon to a town near you.


  26. Nicole posted a video on BLH made by a man that lives in a tiny house and composts his own “poop”…he takes us through the entire process…he even has an enclosed area he dumps the buckets in when the buckets are full. The area is neat and tidy…It irritates me that she posted this because it may give people the impression they do the same thing….since she refuses to show her viewing public where the buckets are emptied, I can’t help believing that they DID in fact, dump there “poo” directly on the ground..she would score more points by making a video like this than sharing pictures of her chickens…but, thats just my opinion of course…


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