Not A Public Service Announcement

The below photograph has been altered to protect the identity of the innocent. I replaced their faces with cartoons. Otherwise the post that Nicole Naugler ran in a local group of almost 17,000 has not been altered in any way shape or form.



Well, I can tell you, beyond a doubt that Nicole Naugler is spinning and lying, and telling falsehoods in this post she added to a local group.  These are the innocent victims filmed by Joe Naugler on his court date for the pretrial hearing in his criminal charges the other day;  Fondly referred to as goat-gate.  These three people were standing outside the Breckinridge County Courthouse.  After the trial — Minding their own business — Chatting.

As they stood there, away from the insanity and drama,  Joe, walked up to them and, cell phone in hand, poised and positioned, smirking his idiotic smirk, to let them know beyond any doubt that he was watching them. Documenting them. He said “and these are the people that came to visit today”  (If they have the guts to release the actual video, it will confirm this)   It would appear the “in your face” filming was meant to intimidate the individuals. When it didn’t elicit the response Joe needed, Nicole took it a leap forward.

Nicole and Joe do indeed know at least two of these people. One of the people is the complaining witness/victim of Joe’s previous criminal conviction for menacing.

Let’s stop and think about that for a second. Joe has a protective order stating that he is not to contact, harass, or intimidate this witness to his previous criminal trial. (The one he was found guilty of). Yet he found it prudent to walk up on them and ensure they knew he was filming and documenting them.

One thing that Nicole very conveniently fails to mention is this.  As if Joe and Nicole have not harassed her enough in this past year, she had the great misfortune to have business at the courthouse that day, unaware that Joe was in court yet again for neighborly criminal misconduct.  She was there for a different reason. When she saw friends in the courtroom, she naturally sat next to them. To sit a spell and catch up with neighbors.

Nicole and Joe also know another of the people in the photograph, and Nicole admits that.  What she omits, is that this is the neighbor and father of the young girl that Joe stalked at her family farm last summer. Her dad is the same man that has repeatedly stated he believes Joe is simply a “failed man, husband and father” We’re talking about a guy that has 23 years of military service to our country and has not succumbed to these kind of intimidation tactics. Why was he there? Good question. He was there because of these allegations. And then some more ridiculous accusations.   He was there because he wanted to see how in the world Mr. Naugler could ever justify his alleged involvement regarding the goats and how Joe was going to claim that he was responsible for “colluding” with the neighbor.

Joseph Naugler. The “failed man, husband, and father.”

Not Joe, but rather the man pictured is the man that said it. Yes it infuriates Joe, but maybe the guy in the picture has a point?

He was there because he had been defamed on the internet and wanted to know how Joe was going to continue besmirching his name. He was there because he fought for our rights. He was exercising his own, as well as providing moral support to a fellow retired veteran and friend who was the criminal witness for that day’s criminal action (goat-gate) against Joe.

The third person was there as a court watcher.  She now gets to watch her back whenever she goes to town, because, well, because Nicole is a liar and a vengeful wench.  I think it was driving Nicole and Joe crazy that they couldn’t identify that one person, so they posted her photograph with a pack of lies.  Something to get someone to identify the woman.  What could Nicole say to do that, surely the truth would not have gotten her anywhere?

Lets not forget Cheryl Dewitt an administrator on the local Meade Sell n Trade.  Without her choice to allow Nicole to post this very unorthodox and uncalled for post this problem would not have arisen.  She is the enabler in this endeavor.  Even when contacted about the nature of Nicole and the nature of the photographic post she chose to allow it to stand.  She removed comments identifying Nicole’s vengeful act, then advised people to personally message Nicole with the identifying information.  It was a very poor choice and not very community minded.  Shame on her. I can only hope Cheryl understands the liability she has opened both herself and this community page to.  Not worth it.  If I were her I would apologize and make it right publicly on the page and within the community.  It might just save her.

These pictured people have not been stalking Nicole or her family, certainly not her eleven children, quite the contrary. These people have not harassed the Naugler family at all. They have not threatened, they have not endangered the Naugler family, business or any such nonsense.

They have voiced their opinion. They get to do that. Guys like the complainant and the man pictured fought for us so that we can have freedom of speech and the ability to exercise our legal rights.

What they are are simply good and active participants of their community. They are victims and critics, they see through Nicole’s bullshit, and if you ask me the only thing Nicole actually feels has been threatened is her bottom line.

The above post epitomizes everything that Joe and Nicole are.  Joe can’t post this stuff, he’d probably end up in jail, and, let’s face it, Joe is scared of jail.  He sacrificed his children over his “rights” fast as could be when threatened with jail by the county.  So the man of the family had to step up.  Thus in trots Nicole to do the dirty work.  Just as immediately after Joe’s latest (failed) plea deal in criminal court (goat-gate) Nicole was online posting falsehoods and photographs of that complainant neighbor’s property and family, she couldn’t let another opportunity pass by where she didn’t attack more of her perceived enemies, aka, Joe’s victims.

The above post that Nicole made was to a local group with 16,000 plus followers in our small community.  I know — different county, but in Kentucky we have an abundance of counties and this page is from a very closely and interwined county. It is an inflammatory post, one could call it a “call to arms”, based on very  frightening and completely false allegations.  This goes far beyond simple defamation, slander or libel. Quite frankly this post and any others that may exist are potentially dangerous to the victims, as well as damaging to our community.

Are you starting to understand what Joe and Nicole are yet? What vipers they are in our midst.  Even with protective orders in place, probation and time on the shelf they will exact their revenge.  Joe can’t and apparently won’t jeopardize himself, but Nicole can do it.  No stone goes unturned, no act of revenge is too big or too small, because being a good neighbor is hard.

Courtesy of the “Nefarious Please”


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  1. Just when you think Nicole and Joe have reached the zenith of stupid, idiotic and evil doings, they do it again. That’s all I have to say. Drops mike and walks away~~~


  2. So how do they think this is going to pan out? Do they think that, after eleventy backfired attempts to harass and intimidate local people into letting them bully, steal, litter, and neglect their animals and children, that the eleventy-first is bound to succeed?

    I dunno, maybe Mr. Naugler wants to end up in jail. Hot water and soap every day, laundry done for you, and meals not cooked by a tired, grimy kid who’s trying to figure out what to do with 7 unlabeled cans…


  3. I am the man pictured on the original post (which has been deleted) to the Meade County Sell-n-trade site.

    I have never harassed or stalked these people. I welcome their police report


  4. I know all of the victims of this latest wanton behavior. They are longtime, hardworking, well respected members of the community. They did not recently locate to take advantage of the goodwill that is so abundant in our community. They give to the community and do not ask return. They have never stalked or threatened anyone.

    The only threat to those children are the parents Joe and Nicole Naugler.

    Shame on the enabler, I for one will make the fact known that you promote this kind of activity not only on your site but in your person. If not for your inaction in allowing that post to remain, you yourself engaged in the same wanton behavior.


  5. Al, you called it last week. Predictable. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see the ” pushed my pregnant belly” inflammatory statements dragged out again too. She definitely escalates when she thinks pregnancy will protect her. Sympathies locals, on this persistent pestilence that has descended upon your community.


  6. FB refugee, is she pregnant? Seriously having child number 12 when her husband refuses to work to take care of the other 11?
    They live in a shed!

    Please tell me she’s not.

    As for the rest, I wish I could say I was surprised, but nope.


  7. Wow. Just wow.

    What fucking idiots. I hope Joe goes to jail.
    The fact that the county let’s them continue their ridiculous vendettas against ACTUAL hardworking people and respected community members is sick.

    One of these days someone’s going to get hurt because of their escalating paranoid delusions, and it’s terrifying.


  8. Joe and Nicole are a menace to their children, a menace to their neighbors, a menace to society. They are a menace to themselves, but I don’t care. They are adults and in a free society are ultimately responsible for themselves. They want to live like and act like animals? That is their problem.

    It is when their heinous behavior bleeds over onto their children, onto their neighbors, onto their community that it concerns me, and it should concern you too.

    The people they are so viciously attacking and endangering with their public lies and their frequent calls to arms are my friends and my community. These are good people being harassed. People who give selflessly to our community. People who would literally give you the shirt off their backs if they thought you needed it. Not because they too don’t need it, because YOU need it. They are the type of people we want in our community. They are the type of people we all wish we could be, that we aspire to be.

    Just imagine for a moment being the vulnerable children of the self proclaimed Blessed Ones, who are far from blessed or even civil. Petty criminals who have no problem encroaching on your rights, stalking children to get to an adult, who live like animals and act like the basest that human nature has produced. Self proclaimed Blessed Ones who go out of their way to torment or harass anyone they feel has slighted them, anyone who has the audacity to stand up to them and say no more. Joe and Nicole flout the law at every turn and respect no one. They take no responsibility for their own heinous actions and will run online to lie and call in the militia to protect them from their own heinous acts. Close your eyes, imagine you are one of their children, and think of the ramifications of even slightly disagreeing with them. They claim their children are reverent. I think the children are more likely scared and beaten down, hungry for everything from food to knowledge. This is our community. These vulnerable children are our responsibility, and we are failing them.

    By the way, I was there for the goat-gate criminal pre-trial. Evidence and testimony not only showed the pervasive and continuous destruction to the neighboring farm, but harassment and threats to the neighbor’s person and his family. Really, do you honestly think Joe would have taken a plea agreement that not only included a no contact order toward his neighbors, no alcohol or drug use, if it was an occasional wander by his goats and dogs? That is two criminal plea deals in less than a year for harassment and threats Joe has made toward his neighbors. Have Joe and Nicole learned anything from this? In my opinion, not much of any good. They have just learned how to finesse their harassment and intimidation tactics, but certainly not stopped doing them.

    Anyway, I was there. Where is my photograph? Nicole can go online defame me and announce not to “believe the ambulance chaser”, but they are too afraid to post a photograph of the tiny little lady with the law degree. Wonder why?

    All of the above is, of course, just my opinion based on my observations, experience and knowledge of the heinous couple and their shenanigans.
    For further details and documentation of the acts of the Blessed Ones over the past year I humbly invite you over to my Facebook page Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions. I started the page to counter the attempted intimidation of myself and others by Joe and Nicole and their many fake accounts and directed camp followers.


  9. Bethannie, Only rumors at this point. She has posted leading rumors, we shall see.


  10. Police report for what? What did these people do. Its a public courtroom. Can’t file a report for someone just being in public. There was no closed court. Get over yourself fatty…the law is not on your side.


  11. It’s typical really if you think about it. This latest “scare” tactic albeit a new low, is not surprising considering the source. NN always seems to pull something out of her rear end when she isn’t getting enough (money) attention.

    I find it insulting that she claims her 11 children are in danger from other people. The truth lies behind the shed door.


  12. Par for their course. Consequences of their internet addiction and complete lack of responsibility have peaked and it’s time for them to bolt again. Just like they do. Every. Time. When they are fully exposed, they have no choice but to move on. And, of course, part of that pattern is blaming everyone else (or in this case pointing fingers in a different direction and blaming) to try to distract the simple truth: who they are/what they did.
    read her past blogs. See the patterns. Second verse; same as the first. She’s just louder this time due to more attention on their story. She has to cry (or type) victim louder than ever this time because she has invited more people to watch her life crumble due to her own choices and behaviors.
    Poor kids. They are in the tightest of spaces watching their mother completely unravel (again), being exposed to complete paranoia and nonsense, and have to know a big upheaval is right around the corner. Yay, summer, eh?


  13. Ok, just rumor then.

    That’s a good thing. I’m not sure her casual following (Read: the ones with money) would be pleased with news like that.


  14. Her post to Meade County Sell-n-trade is very concerning and alarming! I am surprised the admin finds this an appropriate posting. Riling a potential mob mentality public lynching with harsh untruths, “…children who are in danger due to threats by these people.” This is extremely bold and liable, accusing people she claims she doesn’t know, as dangerous and threatening to her children!

    And the photo. Captured in front of the county courthouse, by Joe? Joe, who was in court for nuisance activity towards the neighbor. Joe, who was sentenced with a no nuisance and no contact, rather long time order.

    A short description of who Joe and Nicole are, their character and integrity. Lisa said it so well, it bears repeating. “Just imagine for a moment being the vulnerable children of the self proclaimed Blessed Ones, who are far from blessed or even civil. Petty criminals who have no problem encroaching on your rights, stalking children to get to an adult, who live like animals and act like the basest that human nature has produced. Self proclaimed Blessed Ones who go out of their way to torment or harass anyone they feel has slighted them, anyone who has the audacity to stand up to them and say no more. Joe and Nicole flout the law at every turn and respect no one. They take no responsibility for their own heinous actions and will run online to lie and call in the militia to protect them from their own heinous acts. Close your eyes, imagine you are one of their children, and think of the ramifications of even slightly disagreeing with them. They claim their children are reverent. I think the children are more likely scared and beaten down, hungry for everything from food to knowledge. This is our community. These vulnerable children are our responsibility, and we are failing them.”

    I do hope these three community citizens will seek the appropriate authorities in taking action against her, in concern for their safety. And hold her liable and accountable. False accusations of dangerous threats to children, is uncool and very alarming. Attempting to rile a lynching mob, is criminal. The admin of that local sell-n-trade page, should also be held accountable, for enabling and encouraging.


  15. The only people who are a threat to their 11 (maybe soon to be 12) children are their own parents. I will be disgusted if she is pregnant again. Her followers should be too. Joe has finally strung up his own fat ass. He should be thrown back in jail. Nicole and Joe Naugler are an abomination. Their antics disgust me. I sincerely hope that CPS nails them once and for all. These kids need to be rescued!

    Joe and Nicole, stop using your kids as a shield to hide behind while you do your dirty work on and off the internet. Internet antics are bad enough but it has spilled into the community causing harm to others.

    I think Joe & Nicole have finally done it. They are lucky it is 2016 because in days gone by they would have been tarred, feathered and thrown out of town.

    They try to fight the law but the law will win every time. The latest lies on that community page reveals a deranged, mentally unstable, desperate woman. Why she is so desperate remains to be seen. I am sure a crisis is about to unfold with the Nauglers holding out their hands begging for not only money but to save themselves from themselves. Don’t be a sucker and allow them to con one more nickel from your purse.

    As for the administrator of that community page, she should be relieved of her duties pronto.

    If the Nuaglers want revenge because their children were removed with good cause by CPS they only need to look in their mirror.


  16. The inflammatory post that Nicole put on Meade Selln Trade is libel against the persons in that photo. And would be actionable by them. The administrator of the Meade page is also liable for aiding and abetting Nicole’s attempt to rile up the local community, by not shutting the post down immediately. Instead she eagerly offers “Can I repost this for you, Nicole Naugler? It would be seen by more people that way!”

    The administrator’s subsequent deletion of the post and backpedaling occurred because she finally understood there could be legal action against her if she did not.

    Joe KNEW when he took the photo that one of the three persons was the woman who he menaced while attempting to steal water. (So did Nicole, yet played her post as if the woman is some unidentified person.) That woman has a protection order against Joe Naugler. Joe appears to have violated that court order and by definition, his probation. Could he be sent back to jail for this?

    This escapade is frightening. In Nicole and Joe’s “voluntary” world, we would soon see town lynch mobs with frenzied people carrying torches, tarring and feathering, stringing up people, burning crosses on lawns. Based on hysterical Facebook posts.

    I hope the persons libeled seek legal remedy for Nicole and Joe’s actions. These two will not stop their reprehensible behavior until the law gives them consequences.


  17. This fits their MO of hit and run. Joe knew the identities of the people he was menacing at the court house but just had to go after them after his humiliation in court. Just the bully he is.
    Nicole realizing his violation, posts the picture pretending neither of them know the person in the picture, (yeah right), and tries to rally her troops. (Doesn’t she ever get tired of attempting to clean up after this slob?) I am confident the locals know what will be the best course of action here and do whatever is best. I wish them all good luck.


  18. Just when you think they can’t stoop any lower, they do. The only danger those poor kids are in is from their deranged parents. Hopefully local law enforcement can keep a close eye on these two and take appropriate action to protect the children and innocent citizens before something really bad happens.


  19. And even after posting this photo to a local group, saying that her children are “in danger” and after claims of being threatened by those in the photo, Mrs. Naugler feels it is acceptable to allow one of her minor children to post a science question on the Blessed Little Homestead Facebook page.

    I do believe that this minor child posted the question less than an hour after the above. This is the same page where there are many heated conversations about Joe and Nicole, the fact that they are grifters, live in filth, and can’t care for or support their own children.

    If Mrs. Naugler truly believed her children were threatened, if her argument about being a victim were true and the Nauglers had done no wrong, and if she really believed her children were in danger, why would she allow a minor child to have access to her Facebook page?……..or did she?


  20. So, Joe most assuredly knew the identity of 2 of the people (Al and one of the women). Nicole also knows Al’s face by sight and probably one woman. That means that they both lied. Tells you all you really need to know about Joe and Nicole.


  21. “I have 11 children who are in danger because of threats from these people.” NN

    What? Say that again. 11 children in danger, you say?
    And you say they are in danger because these 3 people made threats against them?
    Wait. What threats have they made?
    Oh, not really threats but harassment?
    Well, not really harassment against the children but against the parents of these 11 children. Not really harassment but you just don’t like them?
    So, it’s not that you just don’t like them but it’s that they are productive members of society and you don’t like that they are successful?

    Let’s call it what it is. Childish behavior that can have far-reaching consequences to these 3 innocent individuals. Physical harm can occur from no more than what you’ve said about them. You’ve involved even more people in your quest to discredit and libel these people and anyone else who calls BS on your special kind of crazy. This one went too far.

    There will be consequences. But not the ones you thought there would be.


  22. For those of you who are local, is there any chance that someone will take the bull by the horn and get Joe for the probation violation of harassment? He’s the photographer, he took their photo without permission. She, of course, is just as culpable but she wasn’t there.


  23. I have a question

    what is the general feeling in their county? What is the ratio of supporters to non supporters? I mean, people are still using her to groom their dogs and wash their babies right? No? just hers…oh ok. Its hard to keep up with her Non supporter battles because she deletes the BEST responses by the time i get there to read them…thats not exactly true…Charles Smyth aka Jose’Ole(Joeseph and Nicoles celebrity name) pronounced Hoe Zay Oh Lay…has some pretty entertaining comments. Are there reports in local papers? What is the general overall feeling when the topic comes up at breakfast? I have no one to talk to about it up here in New England and its torture. There are so many things going on in this story, so many layers, and lies, innocent children, animal slaughters…its like Game of Thrones meets Petticoat Junction. Thanks for keeping me in the loop Nefarious Please


  24. Even the N adults know that publically putting up a “Wanted Poster” will have repercussions, but they are disenfranchised, desperately broke, in a rage state, and not thinking clearly right now. OR, they are being manipulated by one of their radicalist anti-whatever groups. (All speculations could simultaneously be true.)

    Even tho the yard sale site Wanted Poster is down now, the defamation has already occurred, and the pictures are most likely throughly distributed and being talked about everywhere. Threatening 11 children is pretty upsetting, so retaliation and vilification of the pictured people, and divisiveness in the community are credible dangers. This kind of inflammatory call for action, using the children, got the Ns, and perhaps their anarcho voluntaryist leaders (oxymoron, huh?) a bunch of attention and money last time. I think they risked their children’s freedom once and that they will do it again for their political purposes.

    At an anniversary of a high stress event (DCFS intervention), escalation of feelings of anger, alienation, retribution, hopelessness, etc. when there are unresolved severe emotional/mental issues as well as the ongoing effects of deepening poverty is not uncommon. It’s scary and particularly disturbing. I assume that the authorities are aware and involved. I also assume that the people in the picture are adequately “lawyered up” and taking care. Stay safe everyone!


  25. If these three people were threatening the family and potentially putting the 11 children in harm’s way why hasn’t Joe or Nicole gone and filed a police report?

    Vigilantism is illegal and will land them right back in the legal system, as the defendant, not the plaintiff.

    I’ll answer my own question. They haven’t filed a police report because they have NOTHING on which to file that isn’t a complete waste of the police and legal system’s time and money. Filing false reports can also land you in trouble. Filing a false report is a Class A misdemeanor. Go ahead Joe or Nicole, take the chance. Put yourself on the line rather than trying to get others to do whatever it is that you feel must be done. If you have real evidence, file it.

    Or is this the equivalent of stating someone messed with the contents of your vehicle when you were staying at the motel last year but didn’t follow up with a police report? If anything had been stolen, you should have reported it. I bet the motel had CCTV and could have been helpful in identifying the person or persons who messed with your car and its contents.


  26. An addendum to my earlier post:

    Falsely reporting an incident
    (KY. REV. STAT. ANN. § 519.040)
    No more than 12 months’ imprisonment;
    No more than $500 fine


  27. Let’s hope they file a false report and get the book thrown at them!


  28. Please, it won’t be so above board. It will be something nefarious and insidious this way comes. (Sorry to Ray Bradbury for that one). -The Nefarious Please


  29. Tekla wrote, “If these three people were threatening the family and potentially putting the 11 children in harm’s way why hasn’t Joe or Nicole gone and filed a police report?”

    Damn, they were right there at the courthouse. How far away is the police department or sheriff’s office from the courthouse? If these 3 individuals were threatening the Nauglers, why not make their report right then and there? Why not make a report or a complaint while the ‘criminals’ were in plain sight and could be easily arrested for making threats against your 11 children? Making sure your children are safe is more important than anything, right? So make sure these ‘criminals’ are not allowed to “make good on those threats!”

    I can’t stop shaking my head at the behavior of those two people who are supposed to be adults. It’s like a living and breathing comic book. And THEY are the cartoon characters.


  30. This is just one of how many times they have said they are going to file a police report?

    People who hate and bash the police are sure quick to throw out that they need them to do something for them. Again I will say all police departments be it State, County, City or Village stick together. They look at each officer as a brother or sister no matter what department they work for. So bashing the Sheriff department is like bashing the State police. I can just imagine the snickering that goes on after a call comes in from the BO. Nicole and Joe you might as well save your, the LE and courts time and stick your ideas of filing a report where the sun don’t shine. But then again if you do file and it is proven you filed a false report then be prepared to spend some time at the crow bar hotel. After all you both have conditions on you that prevent you from breaking the law, Nicole one and Joe has two of them.

    Speaking of two. Ever heard the saying 3 strikes and you are out. Well Joe you now have two little pesky conditions on you and before the same judge. Pretty sure they are not going to take the next one so lightly. You might find yourself going past Go with out collecting $200 on your way to jail. No you can not use your get out of jail card either.

    Most stay away and refrain from orders contain a clause that the party it is on can not use a 3rd party (that would be Nicole even though she is not directly listed in the order this clause covers her and others) to harass, intimidate, contact or stalk the person that the order is protecting. Posting of the picture with one of those parties in it make Nicole a party to breaking the conditions of the order. She could be held liable too as well as Joe. Truthfully I hope she is as she is a grown woman and knows better. She knows full well what she is doing when she does it but does not care as she claims she has rights that allow her to do that kind of stuff. I guess she did not learn from when she got arrested for resisting arrest that she does not have all the rights she claims or wants to have that instead there are laws that keep her from exercising some of her convoluted rights.

    Stupid is as stupid does. Not only did Joe violate the stay away order he did it in front of 2 other people. Then he let the Homestead Mrs post a picture of it under her name to show proof of it. She can not claim she took the picture as she was not there that day. They can not claim that the son took the picture as 3 people saw Joe do it and heard his comments while doing it.

    People are not trying to conspire against the parents they do not have to as they both post all their stuff online for all to see. Both of them are too stupid to even be sneaky about stuff.

    Keep crying wolf Nicole cause it is going to bite you. You have worn your welcome out in a fine community all on your own with out the help of anyone but you and Joe. Do the community a favor and move you hate the people in the community claim they are out to get you, harm your kids and so many other accusations that you will never live in peace there. The fine citizens of the community are not going to forget how you made those precious kids live, they are not going to forget how you treated them, they are not going to forget the lies you have told about them and they are not going to forget the crimes no matter how small you have committed.

    Guess Nicole and Joe bit off too big of a chunk of the goat this time. Now to grab some popcorn, sit back and watch them try to wiggle out of this one…. cause it is not going to be easy they pissed of the rattlesnake this time.


  31. I have many thoughts on this post.

    But after reading all the comments I lost my thoughts on the fact she might be pregnant with number 12. The thought of that makes me physically ill.


  32. In regards to the Mrs. having been impregnated again, in the one-room shed, amidst their 11 children… It is no wonder the two eldest moved to the other side of the property, into a place to call their own. It is inappropriate to have relations where your children, young and old, can hear or see you, never mind being in the same room. In fact, many consider it child-abuse. The visual gives one chills.

    And, on the topic of another Naugler pregnancy, as well as their taboo view of medical-care… One wonders when the last time Mrs. Naugler has seen a Dr.? Having had a dozen pregnancies at-home, under no medical-care whatsoever, with one on the way, at her age, is major cause and concern for immediate medical-care. If you havent noticed, my screenname is Prolapsed Ovaries, and it is for this reason!! One is aghast at the idea of those children only having the chronically-unemployed Joe Naugler has their sole living guardian because Mama’s Ovaries fell down through her weakened vaginal-muscles and bled-out there in the KY wilderness. Why does the Mrs. tempt fate, at the risk of leaving her 11 children alone in life?


  33. To Joe and Nicole Naugler

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    Where will your children be if both of you are unavailable due to serving a sentence for your vindictive post?

    It’s not your first lie, won’t be your last, just like homesteading you can not seem to learn from your mistakes.

    Run, pack and leave as fast as you can. Further legal woes are inevitable through your own actions.

    To Cheryl DeWitt

    Your lame apology and disclaimer of responsibility does not protect you. Think about that.

    To The Victims

    Press charges, take legal action, it’s your right.


  34. What’s Next said, “To The Victims..Press charges, take legal action, it’s your right.”

    Not only your right, but for your and your family’s personal safety! Prompting misguided vigilantes with lies and deception, is very alarming! Contact the local LE soon, if you haven’t already.

    Who photographed these three people, anyways? Oh nevermind, I see now. Stalking idiot! And now threatening and harassment.


  35. Prolapsed Ovaries wrote:
    “One is aghast at the idea of those children only having the chronically-unemployed Joe Naugler has their sole living guardian because Mama’s Ovaries fell down through her weakened vaginal-muscles and bled-out there in the KY wilderness. Why does the Mrs. tempt fate, at the risk of leaving her 11 children alone in life?”

    I think Nicole would see herself as some kind or martyr if she died in childbirth. IMO she is slightly suicidal, who wouldn’t be? A deadbeat husband, 11 kids you can barely clothe or feed and maybe more pregnancies to come. She does not seem to have a mothering bone in her body. Having babies is her way of validating the empty shell of a woman she has become. A way to get attention, sympathy and beggin bucks, nothing more. She is pathetic.


  36. What’s Next wrote, “Where will your children be if both of you are unavailable due to serving a sentence for your vindictive post?”

    Only one teetering block in the wall is holding Humpty Dumpty up. Whether by deliberation or accident, those kids would be better off in foster homes than with either of these two. The Commonwealth of KY let those kids down once, I don’t think there’ll be another chance for the adults.

    So, just keep it up because “all the king’s horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.”


    Agreed. One tiny, teetering, crumbling block holding it all back.

    How big of a splat will Humpty Dumpty make?


  38. Apparently the latest, in Nicoles world, 40 years ago it was ok to live in cars and sleep in hay lofts…1980-ish? wait what? She bets the kids loved it! YEA, YOUR KIDS WOULD! That would be a step up….holey-shit shes fuckin warped. She needs a handler, like they use in the circus.


  39. Again she takes it out of context. Nowhere does he indicate in anyway they or any of their THREE kids “LOVED” living in a car, or obviously they would not have been working so hard to build their home. And whoaaa, the gentleman selling the cement mixer, he actually used it to build stuff. The man worked physically Nicole, you side stepped that part too.
    And the authors of the “Pure Living for Life”, are actually homesteading very successfully, and blogging away with honest and polite conversations, including their finances.
    How she could even link this article is a joke.

    Pure Living for Life
    “He and his wife lived out of cars while they built a barn, they lived in the loft if the barn for years while they built their house, they had three kids in tow, they were able to build a beautiful home, and they had numerous luxuries built themselves including a root cellar, awesome solar water heaters, heated floors, and even a Snorkel hot tub (assembled LONG before they had a house, and he said they loved it!)!”


  40. Wait, what happened to ignoring the haters? Not engaging in drama? Better yet, not producing drama? Short-lived it seems, kinda like all those “plans”.

    Oh the transparency of lies. It’s right there in front of people. It’s not difficult to spot.

    Nicole states that she doesn’t know the women, she needs their names. Then she goes on accusing the women of stalking her and the family. Her children are in danger. From these women. Whom she doesn’t know. But she is certain they are stalking the shed and business. Nicole needs to know who they are. The women, who she doesn’t know, are posting online about her. How would she know this? She doesn’t know who they are! Desperation. Lies and false accusations.

    And Al, well c’mon that’s a given what that beef is about. Big poppa Joe just mad cuz he’s jealous of all the badass qualities Al has that he doesn’t. Not capable. Damn pride. Coulda, woulda shoulda…

    No one want to endanger your children. It’s quite the opposite. Your children deserve better. I can only imagine the cloud of negative energy that hovers in the shed, day in and out….I don’t see it clearing in the near future.


  41. ” I can only imagine the cloud of negative energy that hovers in the shed, day in and out….I don’t see it clearing in the near future.”

    Not unlike the other cloud for everyone downwind of their unbuilt waste management system. No photos of one in existence and goodness knows Nicole seems to believe that if it’s not captured and posted online, then it never happened. Children lugging multiple 5 gallon buckets of urine and feces 100 yards or more to some undisclosed portion of the property isn’t sufficient. She doesn’t even pretend that they use the old pipe leading to the septic field.


  42. This morning, Mrs. Naugler goes onto a “troll” page to comment, but then blocks the page so they cannot reply. She says in part,
    “Your ignorance is not my responsibility nor do I owe you or anyone else an explanation. …”

    Only, she posted a vlog an hour prior, beginning with the words,
    “I wanted to a quick vlog today, on, just some of the things, that, I guess we call them, the trolls, have been discussing
    just because its part of the story, because these people have interjected themselves into our lives to where sometimes they have to be addressed…”

    [No, Mrs. Naugler! They do not have to be addressed! Anyone with common-sense would have signed-off of FB for a while, out of respect for their family and their vulnerable, exposed children!]

    And in this vlog she addresses “rumors” (more like photographic-evidence) of the trashed BLH. Only, as she pans around the land, there is still trash, tires, nails(!), spread across the BLH. Here, in a video meant to dismiss “rumors” (again, actual photographic-evidence), she instead confirms them visually as well as audibly. ?

    What?! Why this video?! Its so idiotic it is obscene. It hurts to watch.


  43. I just don’t understand how she thought making that video would help her. Kids do make messes thats true. However, its up to the parent to make sure they clean/tidy up after themselves. When my son wanted to build something I encouraged him too..I also encouraged him to finish what he started and if he ran out of daylight…find a tote, bags or boxes for the excess them away or make a neat pile…Yes, you need nails to build things…No, you don’t leave them strewn all over the ground to be either ground into the mud or have another barefoot un vaccinated sibling stepping on them..I also never allowed my kids to litter…pick up your trash ffs….sigh…


  44. how about that blessed little death fort? She really is oblivious to whats happening around her…shes proud of her land.


  45. I’.d like to know what happened to all that money that was donated to them to upgrade/improve the homestead. Between 45-100k and this is the best to show?? [nicole’s vlog]


  46. Well, while that piece of land could be attractive, given proper care, it isn’t now, any more than it’s “virgin forest”, as one of the “supporters” recently claimed. It is a very young forest, growing up in what was probably a pasture or cut-over land previously. Some of the undergrowth of the area near the structures (is that the earlier “cabin”, where the older boys are now spending much of their time??) appears to have been removed.

    But it’s a muddy mess, with severe erosion in the “driveway”, logs lying in the driveway, what appears to be splintery pieces of scrap wood and plywood lying on and barely below the surface of the muddy ground, along with that little “random shoe”, as Nicole terms it. She did not pick up that little shoe, although I would think shoes would be an essential part of her children’s play attire, given the nature of their “playground”.

    I would be very surprised if those very young woods did not have a great deal of poison ivy. My own Kentucky woods (where I do not live) are filled with it this spring, unfortunately. It’s a native plant, but as with invasives, I am going to try to eliminate it from the trails and picnic area in my woods (which are much more mature and considerably cleaner than the property shown here. If I find or create trash, even someone else’s “old trash”, it is picked up and disposed of properly).

    Like Nicole, I strongly believe that children need outdoor playtime and opportunities to use their imaginations. Allowing them to build “forts” is fine. So is playing in the natural world, something not enough children get to do these days. That’s why I invite and welcome children from my own family and friends’ children to visit my own woods. It’s great fun to explore, pick up rocks, wade in creeks, etc. But any child who visits my property is supervised by responsible adults, unless they are there without my knowledge (like Nicole’s place, mine is also posted, but for very different reasons).

    None of my turtles are in danger of being devoured by hungry children.

    I digress. What is NOT fine about the Nauglers’ woods and trails is the embedded trash, mud, and generally dilapidated state of affairs, along with the apparent lack of supervision of the children, both during and following playtime. Nicole just now missed that sturdy little shoe? It looks as if it has been sitting outside for some time, and Kentucky’s spring weather has been chilly and wet this year. Who is supposed to be wearing that little shoe? Is he barefoot instead, or does he have other shoes?

    This vlog clearly illustrates serious cognitive dissonance on Nicole’s part. Those with this disorder tend to cling all the more strongly to their idealized perceptions when reality’s contradictions are pointed out to them, and will also cast blame elsewhere for undeniable issues. Anyone working with someone with this disorder to try to improve things must tread very lightly indeed, and treat the individual with utmost respect, in order to keep from making matters worse and the affected person more entrenched in their dysfunctional views and habits.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think cognitive dissonance is all that’s going on with Nicole and Joe. But I am not therapist, and so won’t attempt any other diagnoses. However, in Kentucky, those who represent a danger to themselves or others can be hospitalized and treated, even if it’s against their own will. I do think that Nicole loves her children as best as she is able, but I don’t think she is capable of caring for them in ways which do not endanger their health and well-being, nor is Joe capable of caring for the children in ways which keep them safe.

    I hope the Commonwealth of Kentucky is keeping watch over – and track of – the events of the last month of so, and I wish the powers that be would check out the children’s living conditions, the animals’ conditions, and the status of the pond, play area, and most of all, that reeking “humanure” heap.


  47. Is Joe in jail?
    Her latest blog shows her supposedly showing the kids play areas while she wanders in brambles and saplings behind the shacks and you clearly can hear kids in the background playing elsewhere. Obviously the mud pits she’s showing are not frequented often. Her rambling mumbling dialogue is distant and weird, she’s almost reminiscing to me.. In the meantime she is going from FB page to page defensively posting but blocking responses. Making her statements and leaving. She doesn’t sound well. I’m hoping the psychiatric forensic evals will help yield a court decision more favorable for these kids.


  48. FB Refugee,
    It is pathetic how she is trolling her critics pages. Sadly she is still putting her boot up the wrong people’s ass. After watching that video she clearly needs to be putting her boot up Joe’s ass. He has not done anything around there this past year. Garbage everywhere, still no running water, no larger cabin for her and the kids.
    When on earth is she going to wake up?

    She needs Family Court for a whole other reason….like a Divorce !!!


  49. The vlog is disturbing on many levels. Yet, if Nicole has proven anything, it’s her ability to manipulate and spin. She’s already admitted they’re not happy with the property or placement of the shed, graciously donated to them. While she places the blame on others, it’s obvious the ongoing deteriation is due to their own priorities, or lack there of.
    The vlog, imo, was just another post leading to a request for help in moving. Property is trashed; we have no privacy to do whatever we want; and the community doesn’t like us. Sounds a lot like the last 5-7 times they’ve bolted. Just a little louder this time, but still the same old, same old. Help us! help us! Won’t you please help us find a better place to neglect our kids while we play on the Internet?
    if joe was a real man, he’d single handily pick up and move every muddy item they own to whatever new property or rental they intend to trash on the next chapter of their story.
    And, what’s going on with the other pig?


  50. Yeah Mel, and how many times in Nicole’s life are her and the kids going to have to start over because of Joe’s laziness, bad temperament towards others, drug use and grim out look on the world, before she see’s the light of day and is done with him and his bullshit?

    Her voice in this last video to me truly sounds like a helpless, abused woman. There is just something dare in her tone of voice in my opinion.
    Her Mother or some other family member or members need to step up. Nicole and these kids are in way over their head’s with this hot head Joe !!!

    If I was in her shoes, I’d give him his walking paper’s, take the kids and go stay with family for awhile.

    Sounds like she is loosing it fast….where in the hell is her extended family?


  51. Nicole has repeatedly rejected offered help from her family. A few of them continue to post comments from time to time on her FB pages – always very cautiously worded comments.

    I hope as the children mature, they will reach out to their extended family. Just spending a summer with Grandma or Aunt or Uncle would be such a good thing for them…and something Nicole could easily rationalize as being to her children’s benefit (seeing other parts of the country, getting to know relatives, and so on) while it would relieve some of the pressure on her.

    Of course, if the older kids went to Grandma, no one would be left to do the cooking, assist with baby care and dog grooming, and so on. But the three or four elementary aged kids could certainly go visit, and that would be in everyone’s best interests.

    Nicole stated on her birthday that Joe always tells her how beautiful she is. Apparently that compensates for everything else Joe does – or fails to do.


  52. Month after month we all keep talk about this, without really addressing the real problem in this families life, the real root of the problem, the heartbeat and heartache of all their burdens and problems JOSEPH NAUGLER himself !!!
    “The manipulator, big bag of wind, the failed Provider, failed husband, dope smok’in pothead father of eleven children, who he has failed everyday since the day of their birth.”
    We all can see it, But why on earth can’t Nicole see it?

    If she doesn’t see it, her extended family must have seen it by now. Look how far all this has went !!!

    For the love of God, why are her people not doing something about it and helping these kids?
    Why hasn’t her family just loaded up in a couple trucks and go put their foot down and rescue their loved ones ? If Nicole had a way out with all the kids, she just might go !!!
    At this point, know one would blame her and the kids if they up and left Joe.

    And who knows, maybe that is just what Joe needs to get his shit together !!!
    Because as of right now, it seems they both are a mess and don’t know what they want and maybe Joe needs sometime alone to regain himself, work on himself, rethink thing’s over. Because honestly none of this is working out for him or for the rest of the family.

    Maybe time apart is just what they need. But either way it is way past time for both their extended families to get involved. Especially for the children !!!!


  53. Blue Kentucky Girl, in my opinion her people need to stop making comments and need to just come and pay their family a visit. These kids really need someone right now. Joe and Nicole are not thinking clearly, too much has happened and it is apparent they are having major problems.


  54. Exactly what good does it do to post and block if she is trying to get a message across? Once she blocks her posting disappears as well lol. Well she sure showed us lmao. She showed us she is a coward and a moron. She demonstrating why the courts and CPS will never be out of their lives. She is demonstrating that she is unable to standby the courage of her convictions. Wonder if she says that to the courts and CPS?


  55. Maybe no one can step in and maybe those who have known them best (family) see this as more of the same. I’ve only followed this for a year, she’s been at this for a lifetime, just perfecting her game. I’m not sure if she is sicker now with her lack of integrity and dishonesty. She is so highly manipulative and cunning, at this point this appears as simply more of the same, another staged ploy for money. She truly believes she and her kids are absolutely fine. Different, but fine. I’m starting to see her as a hoarder, but a hoarder of children.
    Laws really do need to be written to keep up with the fringes of society who seem to be flocking to places to escape child protective agencies. I read the term, “Y’al Qaeda’ , describing some of these groups appropriately I think. Radicalized with a lot of crazy mixed in as they prolifically bring along the next generation.


  56. This thing is just so heartbreaking and every day that goes by I know the children for suffering. If the State can not do something at this point, I was just hoping the extended families of these children would. In my humble opinion, they really should step in and do something now.
    If someone or something don’t give in soon, I fear the worst is going to happen. These children’s parents truly are unstable.


  57. Melissa, I agree 100% I used to read these pages always thinking, ‘these kids are lost’. But as this ‘seems’ to continue to be going downhill, I now keep thinking there is hope in the form of LE and CPS rescuing these kids. I think the kids are suffering too. I am not too optimistic about any form of family intervention or rehab of the parents, although it certainly appears her mother keeps on trying, much to her credit. A (grand)mother never gives up and her love and concern are painfully apparent.


  58. Nicole is now (perhaps always was) all about Nicole. If you believe her to be abused, that’s still all about Nicole.

    Joe may be abusing her but as long as Nicole doesn’t believe it to be the case, or refuses to do so, there is nothing anyone can really do to help her or the children without jeopardizing them all. Her family have to both keep the door propped ajar, invite her to share a cup of tea, listen to what she has to say and not make decisions on her behalf. Joe (may) already be making decision on her behalf – there is no point in providing more of the same. After all, her family would do it in order to take care of her and the children and provide them with safety. That’s what Joe has said as well.

    I certainly hope that the offer is always standing for kids to visit their extended family but I doubt Joe or Nicole would permit it to happen. After all, they’re socially isolated from peers for a reason. Neither Joe or Nicole are going to risk any of the children having extended time away where they may relax their vigilance and open up about what their life is really like. Even if it everything were peachy.


  59. Nicole has a job, a lazy husband, 11 children , a large piece of messy land filled with mud, no appropriate sewage system for 13 people, no proper place to cook and no easy access to clean water. Medical care is expensive. No way to school them all.
    Who wouldn’t go mad with all this on her shoulders. A person can only do so much.

    Nicole is stubborn, and,I think, brainwashed by her lazy good for nothing husband, Josheph. She loves him. Many women love men who are no good for them and the world in general.
    I think all of Nicole’s post and angry post are really a scream for help. But Nicole doesn’t see the help she really needs, thanks to Joe’s constant ugly but saintly influence.
    Nicole is a drowning victim who grabs at anything to save herself. She grabs at all the wrong things and is slowly going under.

    Nicole is actually beautiful. That picture of her standing behind her wares at the dog fair is stately.

    Given a better life with a good and decent husband, even with a dozen or more children, we would have never known about Nicole and her children.

    I don’t feel super sorry for Nicole, much of this is her own making, and choosing. But I do think the only way any of this will get better for her and the children is to get rid Of the saintly manipulator.
    I hope the children know that Mother’s Day is coming this weekend, and think of something sweet and special for her.
    As for Father’s Day…mud comes to mind.


  60. @Melissa, sorry I am not buying it, I have been reading about the Naugler family from DAY ONE when the news broke that the kids were rescued by CPS and Joe is not the only issue…Nicole in my mind is as big if not bigger issue than Joe, just my 2 cents you don’t have to agree.

    “Month after month we all keep talk about this, without really addressing the real problem in this families life, the real root of the problem, the heartbeat and heartache of all their burdens and problems JOSEPH NAUGLER himself !!!”


  61. Nicole is the one that wears the pants in the family.
    Her mother said that Joe asked her to come and help with the kids and Nicole put a stop to that.

    Sad to say with out lazy Joe there IMO life for the kids would be worse. The care and running of the household would be left to the older children even more. Nicole would have to work to support them and with out Joe there some one has to care for the kids. Only saving grace of Joe being gone the baby factory would be shut down. I highly doubt no man in his right mind (local) is going to take up with Nicole especially with a slew of kids in tow.

    I am sure that both grandmothers would love to be able to go and swoop up their grand children.

    Not sure that Nicole’s mother would have the space for them all in her place and probably not the fund. Not sure that her mother is even stable enough health and mentally wise to care for any of the kids. Maybe a couple of the older ones that could help her.

    As for Joe’s mother I am sure between her and extended family there they could house all the children and afford to take care of them. But she is scared to death of Joe as he has made threats to her if she gets involved. I read that she took those threats very seriously.

    Joe has family that supports the crazy shit they are doing. At least a sister that has been very vocal in the beginning of how well loved and care for the children are. Not sure she would be a good one for the kids.

    Also these kids especially the older ones are so brain washed and with lack of social and educational skills they would be a handful and more. Just getting their health (shots and stuff) up to date would be a great task. Schooling is another big factor. Then add the problem of no birth certificates for several of them and Social Security cards.

    As for either of these parents supporting their kids even if ordered by the court if they were living with extended family it would not happen. Joe is still paying child support on his grown son Alex.

    I do agree something has to happen but until they screw up really bad the state is not going to do dick shit.

    I guess we all could hope for a divine intervention of fertility as that would prevent any more kids being birthed to suffer at the hands of these two wackos.

    It is sad that it is going to take some huge to save these kids. But give Nicole and Joe enough rope they will do their own hanging. Now that they went viral and made themselves public figures they can not hide everything like they did in the past. Each time they go to court they get better known in the system and that will not be working in their favor. IMO the deferment that Joe got for goat gate was the rope to hang himself. I am sure that the court system knows he can not and will not be able to maintain for two years. I do not even see her maintaining for another year and few more months.


  62. Side Note: Today is Sigmund Freud’s 160th birthday. “Poop” BLB’s headliner, a Naugler anniversary and Freud all on May 6th! Perfect!


  63. One repetitive thread has been the Naugler’s exclaiming about their rights. Their disdain for our government. It’s all about them. No one’s rights supersede the other one’s. That is their failing to a fault.

    Children have rights to live free from neglect and abuse. A right to an education. A right to be represented with a birth certificate and social security number. Neighbors have a right to be free of menacing, harassment and nuisance. Community citizens have a right to gather at the courthouse, free from vigilante threatening, as what this blog post is about. Neighbors and all citizens have a right to public access roads, it’s not the Naugler’s private road. Children have a right to proper seatbelting, while in a moving vehicle.

    It’s not all about you, Joe and Nicole. Respect other people’s rights. Got it??


  64. All of Nicole’s pages are currently down with exception of her personal FB account which has blocked many critics. My mind wandered to worst case scenario, thinking that Joe landed in jail again. There are rumors he has allegedly been drunk and behaving scarily in the last few days. If so perhaps she unpublished everything due to being so overwhelmed and unable to monitor the criticisms on her pages.

    On the other hand, Nicole could have just been given a Facebook time-out (not the first time it’s happened). She would not voluntarily close down her pages just because it is actually a good idea for her and her family.

    Meanwhile, heavy storm, possible tornado are predicted for their area today. I hope the children are safe! If the rough weather does pass through their area, you know that a literal shitstorm will be flying. So sorry for their neighbors.


  65. Dawn, what other accounts are still up? Joe’s account is still up and running….I am thinking it was a FB jail thing. Same shit different month. If a tornado ripped thru their area, I wish the kids safety, but the parents can …..[fill a blank]


  66. Whoa, Nikki don’t flipped her shit. She posted the name, address, DOB and SSN of both parties involved in that minor vehicle incident last October.

    Joe is noted as the victim (person hit). The officer noted that there was no visible damage to either car, Joseph AND Nicole Naugler declined to press charges and BOTH parties declined an accident report.

    So, in retribution for her next door neighbor complaining to the county about the river of shit, diapers and sanitary supplies running down the hill onto HIS property – she releases this information. Wow. That is some kind of stupid.

    Joe’s information is there too, but I bet no one really wants to aspire to what Joe’s got going on. Still, she shouldn’t have done that either.


  67. I’m blown away right now!! She deleted ALL the comments from her supporters to take that info down, that she could get in SO much trouble, and there were at least 20 comments…i took screen shots… (It’s raining here so I’m stuck inside) …. She’s loosing it…. Someone better call the NickNack PaddyWagon


  68. read it for what it is and respond accordingly. Sounds like at first glance that the nogs up the FB anty…. your move non-supporters, trolls, etc. whatcha gonnna do now??? Me just posted the info…i gots me sum suppoters….whatcha got…..see….I showd them….i showd pruofs. I got me some real proof that people harrassed us…..see i showed pruof.~NIC~


  69. From the local news media (abridged).

    “The Health Department says it has received several complaints from neighbors that the Naugler family is disposing human waste above-ground, which is against the law.

    Environmentalist Jeremy Hinton with the Department says the family was sent a letter earlier this month. They have been given 20 days to stop doing that. The deadline is next Sunday.

    If they don’t, the case could go to the County Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges.

    He says the family claims they have a self-composting toilet, but they don’t.

    Hinton says the EPA has been contacted and may test the water sources nearby.”

    On her FB page (BLH), Nicole wrote, “1~Jeremy Hinton never came to inspect the composting toilet set-up.”

    She says it’s a composting toilet set-up, but when questioned by the county, they claimed it was self-composting. Strike 1!

    The deadline for cleaning up the mess is next Sunday (15th or 22nd?) – but in any event, there is human feces running down the hill onto their neighbor’s property. Strike 2!

    How bad was the mess the county found? Bad enough that the EPA may test water sources nearby. Strike 3!

    It would have been smarter to dig a nice deep hole, Joe.


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