NorwayHell, yeah, America.

Let’s notice Norway, why don’t we?

Police in Norway hardly ever use their guns.  Isn’t that terrific?

Why can’t we be like Norway?

You know, Norway.

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Please note:  In Norway, neither Joe nor Nicole Naugler would be permitted to have a gun at all. I think that’s a great idea.

storagegunsHey, Nicole, I am all in favor of adopting most of Norway’s gun laws.  We’ve been there. I like Norway.  It’s a lot like Alaska (the scenery).

Norway is a constitutional monarchy, but basically is a socialist democracy.  You know who’d fit in really well?  Bernie Sanders.

And me.


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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!

    Pardon me while I catch my breath and wipe my eyes.



  2. Count me in on that list too.

    But, only if I have my own space heater, I hate the cold. That hate is one of the biggest reasons we have electricity and gas.


  3. Nicole also posted a meme that indicates a community garden is a form of anarchy.

    Not so much.

    “The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) works with the community to establish gardens across the District. DPR currently has over 30 community gardens under its jurisdiction.”

    Those gardens have been more successful, year after year, than any garden that Joe or Nicole has ever tended. Now I’m limiting my definition of garden as being to raise food. Perhaps Joe does have a green thumb with some other crops.


  4. I love Bernie Sanders. I hope he runs in 2020. Our house is still stickered up, and our car, and my purse.

    I also love shooting guns. I was raised hunting and with a on of gun-safety rules. When I was old enough, my dad put me in a gun-safety class just to make sure he didn’t miss anything (he didn’t), and when I got old enough for a hunting license of my own, before I could go away from camp on my own with a gun, I had to go through a hunter’s safety class with an emphasis on gun safety. I was so proud to be the top-scorer.

    So yeah, I love shooting, and I believe in the second amendment.

    But the second amendment does NOT mean letting every asshole who wants an AK47 to have a hundred of them. WELL-REGULATED MILITIA. The second amendment’s second and words are literally “well” and “regulated.” Idiots like the Nauglers and the current NRA (the NRA of my youth was sane and good and emphasized responsibility, and what’s there now is a hundred shades of WTF with an emphasis on guns for all without exception, even dangerous felons) who like to claim “mah cons-too-shnul riiiiights” need to read just the first three words. The first is “a.” Surely they can read “a” to get to “well regulated.”


  5. I get really tired of comparisons between seeming European Utopias and the United States of America. Norway has a population of just over 5 million. That’s less than 2% of the US population. Norway has a population less than Minnesota, one US state, with area almost twice the size (Norway’s area is less than 4% of the US). There are so many other different variables beyond area and population too mention. It’s the proverbial apples and oranges comparison. Or blueberries and watermelons.

    Some things don’t scale up.


  6. Some things don’t scale up.

    Please lighten up a bit. The entire post is intended to simply mock Nicole.


  7. “Well-regulated militia” indeed. We have one: it’s called the National Guard. And it’s no coincidence that our militias, so-called, are heavily populated by military wannabes and washouts.


  8. Norway’s gun laws sound very similar to ours here in Australia. It’s laughable (or sad) how many Americans seem to think we can’t have guns at all. Of course we can, we just need a reason to have them, and are restricted in what we can have. After our last huge massacre at Port Arthur, the government scratched it’s head and said “You know… we really need to do something about all these guns”, and we the people pretty much replied “Yeah, fair enough. Righto then”. And so it came to pass.

    Nicole is an idiot without critical thinking skills.


  9. Myopia, I love the “Righto, then”! I can hear it from my Aussie friends! I’m in Canada and contrary to popular belief, we have lots and lots of guns in our country. Hell, we’ve got at least eight long guns in our gun safe right now. (I think. It might be more. I don’t really know. ) I also don’t have one neighbor that doesn’t have one, if not several. We hunt for game to eat. We also know it’s a big, wild country with lots of wildlife and some are dangerous. But we’re also a socialist democracy, basically. It doesn’t occur to us that we’re in mortal danger from our fellow countrymen because that’s not the truth, so we don’t need to carry. And our police don’t need to shoot very often because most of us don’t put their lives in danger. Again, this is simple nikki just being simple. Norway is still pretty great, though.


  10. I am quite confused how a community garden is a form of anarchy. We have a beautiful community garden organization in Fairbanks, with the plots right downtown. The cost is $80 per season, with $40 of that being refundable if all requirements have been met. Those requirements are simple and pertain to use of community tools, weeding, harvesting etc. Nicole and Joe would never be permitted to be part of a community garden like this. Their desire, and I do believe it is a desire, to fight with everyone over everything would have them booted in a hot minute.
    I have applied for a plot this year and am working on a plan to use the harvest to make meals for our city’s most vulnerable citizens – homeless elders. I made friends with one wonderful woman last summer and she identified hunger and a longing for good healthy food as her greatest wish. I hope to make that true for her, even in a small way. Just simple traditional meats with veggies. My way of honoring elders,
    The other thing about this post is my experience as a Canadian citizen. I had guns in Canada because I was a hunter and trapper there as well. In order to own a firearm, I had to go through a gun safety and hunter education course. Nicole and the hungry hippo would rant and rave about that of course, simply because they are idiots. However, the courses were excellent and it was also a great opportunity to network with others. I didn’t feel oppressed….I felt educated.
    I also had to take another course to own a pistol which is a restricted firearm in Canada. As a trapper I was permitted to carry a pistol on my line. The course was excellent and when I was new to it all, it gave me lots of information and I believe made me a safer gun owner.
    I do like being able to purchase firearms here and I own several. They are all used for various reasons. They are also safely stored when not in use. No child will ever visit my home and “accidentally” get their hands on a gun. Our firearms are well maintained – none are zip-tied or duct taped – an explosion waiting to happen.
    If I have a gun on my person or in my vehicle and I am stopped by the police for whatever reason, I immediately inform the officer as required by law. It has happened twice and the officer took the gun during our conversation and gave it back to me at the end of our contact. He wanted to go home to his family and so did I. No big deal.
    Nicole and Joe are idiots. They should never have bred. Their children should be taken. They should both be sterilized and then sent to live on some remote island where she can be an INJF or whatever the hell she calls herself these days.


  11. The rule should be, no duct tape holding guns together and gun rules from YouTube. ..and NOT having your child shoot their pet goat.


  12. “It’s laughable (or sad) how many Americans seem to think we can’t have guns at all.”

    I got that idea from Australian nationals I know who always talk about how you can’t have guns in Australia and no one misses them whenever there are reports of mas shootings.


  13. I lived in Norway and you know what else is illegal? Hitting kids. There is hardly any violence from native Norwegians and zero violence in the playground. The kids there are kind and really do use words rather than hitting. This is another lesson the rest of the world could learn from them.


  14. ” Norway has a population of just over 5 million.”

    Yes and Canada has a population of about 35 million, Australia has a population of 23 million (2013), India has a population of about 1.25 BILLION and had 3665 documented gun-related deaths in 2014 ( and yes, I’m well aware that India has a huge assortment of problems of its own but a staggeringly high rate of gun-related deaths isn’t one of them. At this time.

    I’m not familiar with this source but it may underscore Sally’s point nicely:

    We own guns and we’re fanatical about safety. To the point that we don’t have any bullets at this time for various reasons.


  15. She talks about other countries in little memes but she knows nothing about those countries. The shit her and Joe have gotten away with wouldn’t fly in Norway. So yeah fuck her ignorance.


  16. “I got that idea from Australian nationals I know who always talk about how you can’t have guns in Australia and no one misses them whenever there are reports of mas shootings.”

    Here are some of the reasons you can have a gun in Australia:
    Sport/target shooting
    Primary production
    Professional hunting
    Handgun or clay target shooting (including licences held on behalf of juniors)
    Employment as a security and/or prison guard
    Official, commercial or prescribed purpose or for a purpose authorised by an Act or Regulation.

    Generally, people here just don’t have guns in their homes though, because we have never felt the need to. I’m happy not to have any, to be honest.


  17. So, now we know that Norway would be a Naug-utopia.

    Umm, I wonder if our voluntaryist wanna be has looked at the tax rate in Norway compared to the US? As far as I can tell, it is 45%, vs the 25% rate that she would pay in the US if she actually filed taxes (as if!) we statists do.

    Nicole, feel free to emigrate to Norway! Can you imagine how many of Kentucky’s public service resources would be saved if they did not have to utilize them to keep the Profat and Nikki in line?

    Specifically, I am referring to the following: The police that have to deal with her crazy ass… know the ones that “shoot people”, yet she calls frequently to resolve the disputes she creates almost daily?, the court system left to deal with their Naug-noxious antics and ignorance, the Health Department (dropping untreated shit on the ground is, in fact, NOT COMPOSTING), and the evil kidnappers in CPS that sell children. Those resources.

    Share the wealth and pleasure of dealing with the Naugs with Norway! Nikkers, I am sure that you will find the peace and quiet (Ha, ha!) you crave there.

    Bye, Felicia!


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