No Reformation

First off, Camille is slacking off.  This story is, what, a month old and she’s just now finding out about it?

But, late or not, the Queen is on the job.  She’s outraged. And she has all sorts of inside information that the rest of us peons and non-nobility have no access to.

On her Tumblr page (where this came from), she goes on to list from her trusty annuals which line her new bookcases all of Adams’ achievements while at Bob Jones Academy, and even for some reason, tosses in a long screen shot about him having participated in a mock trial. Well, he apparently wanted to be a lawyer, so why is this odd?

Anyway, she is here to tell us that she, Camille K. Lewis, knows the identity of the unidentified people referred to in the GRACE report. She knows.  “Alumni” told her.  That’s interesting. She’s revealing what she knows about the identity of those unidentified people in the GRACE report. Even though it’s supposed to be a big secret.

She doesn’t care.

Confidentiality doesn’t matter to this woman.  She’ll tell all if it suits her. Remember that, Michelle O’Dwyer and Rebecca Davis and the rest of you suckers who don’t understand how toxic this woman is.

See, according to Camille and her “alumni” sources, Adams was a case in the GRACE report.

“Alumni reports” state this, identify him.  What in the hell are “alumni reports,” you ask. They are people telling her shit. She’s doing research. Just like she did with me.  She doesn’t vet this “research,” she just uses it.

She might be right in this case.  I’m not disputing that. My point is that she doesn’t give a shit about confidences or about the fact that Boz kept the GRACE report anonymous (except for people he considered “bad,” and those he didn’t mind one bit calling by name, unless of course, they could potentially sue his ass for liabel).  Camille does not care about all that.

So, if Camille is correct about this, Adams got tossed out of BJU, after having graduated from the Academy, for approaching other students for sex and sexually-related stuff.

They expelled him.

Please note that.

He never returned, but apparently went on to get his undergraduate degree elsewhere and then went on to law school.  I suppose he never once, in all that time, approached anyone for sex, so those schools are totally blameless here.

One other thing I would mention.  I wish I had a nickel for every gay young man on the Bob Jones University campus who approached some other student with sexually-charged comments.  I wish. Remember, Adams at that point would have been barely out of high school himself. Some of those Bob Jones Academy students were boys he’d attended classes with. I assume, since Boz used this little story, that Adams was over 18, but he wouldn’t have been far over 18.  This was not a 40-year-old man coming on to minors.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t illegal, but he wasn’t an old guy, nor was he trying to have sexual contact with young children. He was a gay guy, in a sexually repressive environment, and the boys he interacted with with were slightly younger than he was, at least some of them were.  I bet he also came on to some older guys as well, but they wouldn’t be mentioned because that wasn’t useful in Boz’s narrative.

Anyway, back to the GRACE report.

And here we have the evil, awful, terrible Jim Berg, and look what he had to say about it.

Read it again.

And again.

Here, read the whole thing.

She goes on with screen shots of Bob III’s comments which are more ambiguous, but remember this is the GRACE report

I’m going to say it again because it needs to be said.

BJU voluntarily hired GRACE.  Nobody made them do it. And even Jim Berg, the scapegoat and evil person, acknowledges that this particular incident was not handled correctly.  They should have called the fucking police.  Berg acknowledges that.  In fact, I’m not sure what more he could have said to admit wrong, and we are only reading the parts of his statement that Boz wanted us to read (remember that when you read the GRACE report—it’s really the BOZ report.)

But that’s not enough, of course.

Jim Berg should commit suicide. That’s what they want.  That’s what one of the moderators at TSG  actually said.

That wasn’t a random comment. That was from a moderator. And just so we’re clear here—regardless of what they try to say now, there were only about three moderators on TSG, ever. Cathy Harris was one, and is now the sole moderator.  Camille Lewis was another. There was a third whose first name consists of three letters.  I have my own theory about who he is.  That’s pretty much it.  “Mark,” if real, was an extension of Cathy.  And this remark reads like Cathy.  I don’t think the three-letter guy ever posted anything.

Regardless, Camille was an administrator and you bet she saw this and said nothing.

Remember, at the time this incident happened, Camille Lewis was a professor at BJU. She was a loyal employee. She loved them. She thought everything they did was wonderful.  If you’d presented her with this situation, she’d have supported the steps BJU took down to the letter.

She’s changed, obviously, according to her own words.

Going by Jim Berg’s own words, so has he.

But that’s not enough.  It’s not enough because change isn’t really what Camille or any of these other people want, is it?


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