No. Just No.

Dick Harris confessed to kidnapping and trafficking me.

Really?  That’s news to me.

My checkbook was stolen. It was a nightmare.

Oh, that’s the explanation for all the bad checks.  Cathy’s checkbook was stolen.  Poor thing. And the person who stole it was the woman she lived with off and on for years.

Poor Cathy.

I was sick after the bone tumor surgery. . .

Oh, I see.

Here she was, with Stage IV terminal bone cancer, and undergoing extensive bone-saving surgery to remove the tumor and save her life, and her roommate steals her checkbook and Cathy, who is good and kind-hearted, just takes the rap for it.


Well, there’s a problem.

First, let’s establish when the “bone tumor surgery” supposedly took place.  Hell, let’s ask Cathy herself. She ought to know.

These two pages are actually backward. This is the second one.  But I am putting them in this order to show where this came from. This is, as you can see, from an old Yahoo Groups email list called  “Chondrosarcoma.”  That’s the supposed bone cancer that Cathy says she has, Stage IV, terminal.

And you can see that is, or was,  Cathy’s email address.  It matches the one Cathy has confirmed on the letter from Harris.  The email messages are cut off on the right so you can’t see the whole sentence, but that’s irrelevant because the information I want isn’t on this page.  The date is relevant, of course.  February, 2006.

One very interesting part of this is that Cathy discusses her family (the Harris family) as though there is some genetic link in all this cancer.  She doesn’t say that specifically, but that’s the impression I get from what I’m reading.  I find that sort of weird.

Gretchen quotes Cathy.  “I don’t want anybody to think. . . doubts, struggles. . .” etc.   The message where Cathy said that is below.

And here we see the sentence (again cut off on the right) that Gretchen quoted on the first page.

But the pertinent part is this:

I went to PA and had surgery. . . left proximal humerus on January 11.

Note:  She does, in fact, say that it was the left arm. I was told that it was supposedly the right and obviously I was told wrong.

January 11.

January 11, 2006.  She doesn’t say “last year,” but just January 11.  And this fits with everything else I’ve been told or have found about the trip to Pennsylvania for her purported surgery. Early 2006.

So, she has surgery on January 11, 2006, returns to South Carolina, where her roommate steals her checkbook  while she is recuperating and writes bad checks, and Cathy is arrested for this. . .

. . . in July, 2005.

These bad check charges are listed with more than one page, so I have grouped them by case number.

Bad check case #I488706.

Bad check case #H887348.

Bad check case # I389818.

In addition, I fail to see how it’s possible that Cathy was recuperating from extensive surgery in September, 2005, and therefore just wasn’t up to dealing with pesky things like criminal charges, and then managed to get hurt on the job just a few weeks later.


While we’re at this, here are some of the evictions.

September, 2005 (it wasn’t a very good month).

And 2006 doesn’t appear to have been much better.

Maybe she’s getting evictions mixed up with bad checks, since that eviction notice is dated right after the supposed surgery. There are no other bad check charges, certainly none in early 2006.

Oh, and taxes.

There’s more, but it’s mostly traffic stuff, including failure to have insurance.

There was no reason for me to bother posting all this stuff earlier.  I’ve had it for years and never did anything with it until now.  So why now?

Because Cathy Harris is accusing somebody of criminal activity. That person deserves to be exonerated if she is innocent.

Maybe it’s hard to keep straight exactly when you had imaginary surgery?



16 thoughts on “No. Just No.”

  1. This is funny shit.
    I cannot wait for the inevitable attempt to spin this.
    Maybe she’ll have been so delirious from the extremely extensive surgery and treatments that she got her dates wrong?
    Such an extensive surgery, often not successful in less dire cases than stage 4.


  2. Dayum.

    If you ever needed proof Cathy is a liar and very little she says is in any way truth… It’s right here.

    #TheCreeper #isActually #JustTheTruth #andKarma


  3. Normal function of the upper limb is seldom restored after limb-sparing surgery for tumors of the proximal humerus. The literature suggests superior shoulder function is achieved in the short term with reverse total shoulder arthroplasty compared to other techniques when performed for conditions with rotator cuff deficiency. It is unclear whether this superiority is maintained when reverse total shoulder arthroplasty is performed for tumors.

    Yet, somehow, Cathy’s shoulders are remarkably even and symmetrical.

    It’s a miracle, or something.


  4. I wouldn’t doubt that the person who told you it was the right arm either saw her right arm bandaged, or she favored it, or Cathy told that person it was the right arm. It was quite some time ago and it’s difficult for Cathy to keep the story straight.


  5. When I state seeing her arm bandaged, I don’t mean to imply that she actually had limb-salvaging surgery on it. Just that she had it wrapped up so she could try and convince someone that she had had surgery of some kind.

    Maybe she did have something done to that arm, but I don’t believe it was to treat Stage 4 Chondrosarcoma.


  6. Bethannie you’re going to love her spin. Cathy Harris says she did it on purpose. 🤣. She put the wrong dates down simply to draw Sally out and reveal that the purported email from her adoptive father had been illegally stolen from her and now she is going to prosecute the person who she alleges stole that email.

    She claims she has filed a complaint with the federal government and expects she will talk with the FBI on Monday. Even if we were to overlook that we think that the entire story of “stolen and illegally accessed email” were true, or that she has actually filed a criminal complaint, or that any crime has occurred at all, or that her adoptive father was even the author of that email and it wasn’t written by Cathy herself, or any of the fantastic things she claims, she has a small problem with her entire story. It’s called the federal statute of limitations. That ship sailed a long time ago.

    This story is almost as fantastic as her claim that… oh hell pick one. How anyone can believe anything the woman says is beyond us.

    Calling Officer Mumbauer and Angel Morrison are on our list of unraveling the puzzle of Cathy Harris’s story. So far the information, or rather lack thereof, that we have been gathering puts the lie to most everything she has claimed.


  7. One little correction. The document she is in a twist about isn’t the letter from dad (which was real, btw), but it’s the exchange on the chondrosarcoma Yahoo group.

    Both the letter from Harris and the group conversation are real. Both were printed from Cathy’s email account. I have more. (Wanna see, Cathy? Think back about what you might have printed out.) But the question is this.

    Who did the printing? Who pushed the print button? And then how did I end up with the documents? Just for the record, I am not the only person who has copies of all this.

    Cathy does a whole lot of threatening legal action without actually doing anything about any legal action. Hell, they were going to make sure I went to jail years ago. They had the FBI visiting me and the whole deal. So far, my neighbor the deputy sheriff is the only law enforcement officer I’ve seen in years.


  8. She’s seriously digging one hell of a hole.
    The FBI has better things to do than deal with this chicks crazy ass.

    I’m trying to remember the term for “I fucked up on purpose and you fell for it, ha ha ha ha ha! Now you are mine to toy with!”
    But I can’t. I do think the cure involves a padded cell


  9. Yeah, because she totally remembered that she made that comment about having surgery in January 2006 on that forum and set a trap so that her roommate would totally print it out because it’s so valuable to have statements like that.

    It’s sort of like the idea that Obama’s parents put a fraudulent birth announcement in the Honolulu paper because they totally knew he’d one day run for president.


  10. First, thank you Sally- your blog caught my attention with the N’s, and I have found this entire saga a fascinating bonus. I had never heard of IC3 before, (the entity with which Cathy indicates she is working) so looked it up. It appears to be a site to report cyber crimes- and part of the info requested is the financial damages. I don’t know how printing emails would generate a financial impact in this instance. Will be interested in how the investigation plays out.


  11. Hi Cathy – How can I be stalking you when I told you where I would be, what I would be doing and how to readily recognize me? Apparently Officer Mumbauer couldn’t be bothered to set up a stakeout and nab me for…doing what, exactly? Buying $40/lb imported cheese isn’t illegal. Nor is it illegal to view you as a liar and state my opinion.

    You’re a liar. I don’t believe for one minute that you had Stage 4 chondrosarcoma. I don’t believe you had limb salvaging surgery on it. I don’t believe you were hospitalized “for months” with 2nd and 3rd degree burns as a result of Cleo deliberately pouring boiling water on you (which would be extra-stupid if she were pimping you out – and no, I don’t believe she did that either). I don’t believe that Mr. and Mrs. Harris are pedophiles. I don’t believe that you were raped in Philadelphia, the rapist was tried and convicted because you still haven’t named him.

    Happy Holidays!


  12. So now she’s saying she LIED to that nice woman in the Yahoo group? The woman whose son died in 2007?

    What a bitch you are, Cathy. Please quote me on that.


  13. No mugshot for me yet. Why didn’t Officer Mumbauer take your call seriously?

    Yes, years. Here’s why I wrote “years”. Scroll down to the screen shot comment by Beth James. The one that Cathy hasn’t corrected.

    You know what I think? I suspect Cathy had surgery on a rotator cuff injury but that wasn’t flashy enough for her. Possibly hemi-arthroplasty (total joint replacement surgery).


  14. Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma accounts for approximately 10% of all chondrosarcomas and shows an increased growth rate and rapid metastatic spread in comparison with ordinary chondrosarcomas. It arises most frequently in the 5th and 6th decade of life. Anatomically, the femur, pelvis and humerus are the most common sites of involvement. Dedifferentiated chondrosarcomas are more aggressive than grade III conventional chondrosarcomas.

    Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma

    Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma is highly lethal. It is associated with a 10% survival rate after 1 year. Even with early surgical treatment, disseminated hematogenous metastasis occurs in most patients.

    Now that you are an 11 year survivor of Stage IV dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma Cathy, why aren’t you fundraising for more research into it? What about being the face of success for the program that performed the surgery and all the follow-up treatment? You could be discussing the modalities with newly diagnosed patients and be a beacon of hope to those who have recently received the bad news. You don’t need to be a real nurse (R.N., M.S.N., N.D.) to discuss what you endured and your successful treatment.


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