Nikki is Mad


This is an angry rant.  You’re welcome to go listen to it.  In fact, I urge you to do so, so you’ll understand where I’m going with the next few posts.

Nicole just rambles in this. It’s not about any one thing, except hatred of me.  It’s about everything she’s ever been pissed off about.

I’ll start here, simply because this is easy and quick.


I was, in fact, going to visit the next-door neighbor, who I had never met in person, but who I “know” from interaction on the internet.  This is a crime?  I knew Al Wilson from interaction on the internet until the day that he and his wife and Dave and I met up for a real-life lunch.

The neighbor had a new baby. I’d never met the neighbor in real life. I decided to go with everyone else who was going.

We were at a gathering at somebody else’s house. A cookout.  It went on for hours.  It was still going strong when we left.  I knew some of the people there in real life and some I “knew” from the internet and some I’d never met before at all.

I wouldn’t have stopped there in front your shithole had I been driving. I would have driven right around Joe the Beer Guzzler standing in the road and gone right on.  But I wasn’t driving.

And I took no photos of anything. I did not have a camera with me.  Dave did not have a camera with him. We left our cell phones behind because they were charging so the GPS would work when we drove home.  It was dark. What would I take photos of?

For the record:  I have been down that road twice.  Once several months before the Blessed Little Excursion.  Nobody was home. That trip was pure curiosity on my part. I just wanted to see the place from the road. I blog about it. Why wouldn’t I want to see it? We did not stop. Ranger and another dog attacked our truck. Nobody took any photos. The other time was the Blessed Little Excursion.

I have mentioned, I think, that I was in Breck County on other occasions because I have friends there, and didn’t even consider going by the Shitstead.  Why should I?  Nothing has changed. It’s a shithole and remains a shithole.

But that’s okay.  Continuing to repeat the lie won’t make it true, Nicole.  It will cause some folks to believe it, but I give zero fucks about that.


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  1. Amazing how the mirror page is down now that she outed herself. And there was no incident remember? Oh now there was an incident but it wasn’t her kid in the car. Deny deny deny until she’s backed into her filthy corner then she believes she’s had enough time to formulate a story to spin it in her favor.


  2. She has to continue the drama, she’s being stalked. For someone that documents everything, whereas the proof?
    Or do i just wait to see what GASS posts? Must say, got a great laugh reading the comments on the mirror page. She’s definitely worried. If they are so benign, why all the worry?


  3. there is no such thing as bad publicity Nicole. Driving people here only clears the murky waters that is your life…thats it. Thats how I found Sally, you were bitching about her one day so I went to see what all the fuss was about.


  4. The mirror page is gone. Only thing about that page that irritated me was that they put my head on Nicole’s gross body. Otherwise it was amusing to figure out which of the Blessed family was playing commenter that day or hour. Who they would bring in when they felt that they were out of their league. What outrageous lie they didn’t dare post on BLH or NCN so they used the mirror page to do it. Dumbasses.


  5. There were two rants this morning from Nicole. This is the second; the first was Nicole’s attempt to explain the baby-left-in-car rumor. What’s funny is that even if it happened the way Nicole says in her video post (a client’s baby was left in the car while client and Nicole chatted inside the shop), the person who reported that to police was in the right.

    Rant # 2 is the one posted here by Sally. I’m guessing that Nicole is needing to rant about Sally because yesterday there was a positive mention of this blog on the Great and Secret Show’s Facebook page. 🙂


  6. Nicole can stomp her feet and make those gawdawful videos with that grating, unnerving voice of hers all she wants, she is not to be believed. Since when is the public road her front yard? Her video about the baby in the car is also ridiculous.

    Bottom line, Nicole, who never reads this blog, your credibility is shot all to hell by your own doing. You have lied repeatedly since you took your life of victimhood viral for the world to see. I have been stalked for real. He landed in jail but that did not stop him once he got out. I moved to protect myself and my daughter. I did not whine about it on fb. I did what I had to do to be safe. You on the other hand, you Nicole, are not being stalked, Your kids are in danger though. They are in danger because you neglect them. You neglect their basic needs so you can play games in your imaginary social media world. I urge you to get off of all social media and stop these shenanigans. Do your job as a mother instead of begging for attention. You’re pathetic! Honestly, Nicole, you are the most immature forty year old woman I have ever seen on social media. You act like you are 14. Grow the fuck up!


  7. “she turns everything to make it look bad”

    Well, an artist can only work with the available medium.

    She seems upset.


  8. Between the nutty Nickers and the motion sickness she tried to give her viewers moving that camera all over the joint (guess she was at the laundromat or her salon), dude I want to throw up. I’ll tell nutty Nickers one thing, I do remember her, I have met her, and I certainly had no love for her or what she did to other people. Nutty Nickers manically goes “what, what did we do ?!?!?!?” Stalking, bullying, property damage, just to start. Her practice of sock accounts and whack-job attack on anyone who dared to suggest that she has ever been wrong or to ask reasonable and innocent question “so Nickers how did you use the money we donated?” started later. I’ll take Sally’s well-researched observations on Nutty Nickers over Nutty Nickers shallow memes any day.

    And nutty Nickers getting bent out of shape over Sally visiting an internet friend? Oh the horror! Well it would be it if was Nutty Nickers and a well-meaning leg jumper actually saw the filth she has her family live in. The neighbor stopped his truck on the road outside the Naugler dump and got out and pulled something out of his pocket and got back in his truck. Well, never let a profitless reasonable explanation pass when a potentially lucrative conspiracy theory will do. I guess nutty Nickers had a lot of time on her hands.


  9. LMAO funny how she bashes cops but but but now she is claiming they were called and got there in seconds. Bull shit.
    Also another part that shows she is lying…
    If a customer was at the shop why was Joe there. He is usually at the shitstead doing much of nothing. Why was Joe there cause it was their baby in the car not the customers like she claims.
    Not buying it for a second that it was only seconds and the cop was there. It takes longer than 30 seconds on the phone when one calls the police. Think about it if you have ever had to call them or 911 you are most likely on the phone longer than 30 seconds. Okay the police or 911 take the call get the information then dispatch the police. Even if there is car right in the area it takes longer than 30 seconds.

    Last of all now days what stupid ass would leave their kid in a car even if they can see it. Lots of kids have been kidnapped cause their stupid ass parents left them in the vehicle while they hopped into the store and the car has been stolen with the kid in it. Nice try Ma, nice try.


  10. The Internet brings all sorts of strangers together. I’ve been a secret Santa to someone I’ve never met, I’ve met up at a marathon with someone I’ve never met, I’ve been invited to the very small wedding of two people who I’d never met (and felt very honored to be so), and they themselves met on the Internet. And I’m not even active on Facebook or other “big” social media sites.

    The hypocrisy of N. accusing Sally of stalking or whatever accusation du jour because she was visiting someone she’d never met is astounding when one considers that N. relies on support from people she’s never met.


  11. She said on her NCN page that the police were there in 5 minutes. That’s a huge amount of time to leave your kid in a car alone. While the “customer” was picking up her dog she couldn’t have watched the car the entire time. She had to get out her wallet to pay, pick up the dog, & then walk towards the front of the store. One more thing…I don’t think there is any way that the other store could see a kid sleeping from their vantage point. They would have had to walk to the car. NN & the customer didn’t see that???? So much for her saying the child was “supervised” the entire time.


  12. Heck my kids are 15 and 14 and I still don’t like them being in the car alone. If they don’t come in with me, I shut the car off and take my keys with me.

    Oh I guess I pissed her off pretty good. She’s cussing at me. Now I’m just ignoring the whole thread.


  13. Does Nicole realize that what she’s essentially saying is
    “I posted something on the internet. Another person commented on it on her blog and she doesn’t agree with me! That is horrible! Clearly that person must be crazy!”

    This lack of self-awareness is would be funny if it wasn’t so worrisome.
    (Hint for Nicole: If you don’t post publically, people couldn’t comment on it. You might want to try it out one day.)

    And Joe went over to the shop that called the police and told them it was a “dick move”?
    That’s not how you get along with your neighbors. That’s how you escalate things further. (“Further” because if the shop owners were targeting Nicole and her business with this instead of trying to keep the child safe, Nicole doesn’t seem to get along with them – or why would they do it.)
    Instead of going there and using profanity ,you tell them “Hey, I know you called the police on my client parking in a fire zone with her sleeping kid in the car. I’m not sure if it was really about the kid or if it was aimed at me. I want to be good neighbors with you, could we sit down and talk things over?”
    Improving things.
    But that’s something Nicole and Joe just aren’t good at.

    See Nicole, I’m commenting on something YOU put on the internet. There might be a pattern. Really.


  14. One of the most fun trips I took was flying across country to Toronto, to meet up with a group of women who became friends through a fan forum for a tv dancing show. I am still in regular contact with several of those ladies. I know a couple who met on a writers forum, now happily married. Many people meet on line. Maybe Nicole sort of forgets it’s modern times, what with the outhouse, no vaccines, no running water, and no schooling for the kids.


  15. Passive begging?
    Let’s talk about heating your home.

    We have been using wood for several years. We like it, but it is labor intensive. – big daddy needs the exercise…so why have able bodied men…I guess.

    At the salon we have gas heat. We pay $67 a month just for service (remember that post?!) this last months bill was $87. $20 for gas usage and $67 for the service to provide the gas usage. 2 groom dogs cover that cost. In the colder temps it may take 3 or 4 grooming appointments to cover the bill.— well find a way to get more people

    Wood heat can be inconsistent and does require baby sitting– well big daddy can do that.

    We bought a new wood cook stove, but it won’t keep us warm in the lower temps, it’s great for fall and spring tho and for cooking in the outdoor kitchen. We purchased a larger stove for the cabin. It’s bigger than the one we had last few winters. Which means longer stretch between loading. ..— you have no insulation…big daddy could have been doing that….or another boy on the homestead.

    We would like to use geothermal heating when we build in a year or two, but it can be costly to install. It usually pays for itself rather quickly.

    How do you heat your home? Is it efficient enough for your needs? What would you like to change?


  16. At the beginning she says that Sally Davis, whom she has never met, briefly passed Joe one day on the road and said, “Do you know who I am”. Sally, wasn’t it Joe who said this to everyone that night? Like he thought he was some sort of CPS celebrity?

    Also, at the 28 second mark it sounds as if she says, “did you get that, audience, if you need it”.
    Am I hearing things?


  17. Wow…such a busy day and time to do a rant…lol. this is just embarrassing…

    “You need to stop Sally you just need to”

    “You wanna go down that road, do ya huh huh”…sounds like annoying Dory.

    Next subject….first it was your son who saw said man,then it was his girl friend…
    SO WHAT!!! a public road in front of your house is just that..

    Proof? You want other people to show proof? I don’t think you should be throwing that around nicnag..every document you show backs up everything that has been said on this blog.

    You want to heat your house? Tell big papi to get up and chop some wood, lord knows that place need clearing.


  18. Aw, the mirror page is gone?

    I enjoyed seeing Joe & Nicole getting their asses handed to them by some very funny commenters… And trotting back for more of the same.

    I also liked the weird little interludes where it was just Nicole and her socks talking. Talking to herself. I always read those comments in Golem’s voice from LOTR.


  19. Shrill and flinty in the beginning, barely holding back the violence and cursing. Then the softer, concerned voice. The appeal for your mental health. I’m imagining what those kids go through. Can you imagine being played like that at home, all day, every day? I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


  20. I have some wonderful friends that I’ve met online. Some I have never actually met even though we’ve been close friends for almost a decade. And several that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in real life. We’ve travelled cross country many times and every time I close to an where a friend lives we make plans to meet up. It’s nice to get to know people in real life. I am grateful for all the online friends I’ve made through the years. They add to my life.

    My kids have done the same thing. On one trip we went an hour out of our way to some little town in Idaho just so my son could meet his friend in person. I honestly don’t see why Nicole has an issue with this. It’s kind of weird to care about other people meeting people, unless it’s jealousy.


  21. I don’t understand why they don’t have insulation in the cabin. Last year we decided it was time to insulate our garage. We would only use it for storage but my husband decided to turn it into his workshop. So one fall weekend we cleared everything out. Donated a whole bunch of stuff and reorganized the rest. My husband, myself and a couple of our kids put up insulation. Then we put up panelling. We also put in a side door. It took both Saturday and Sunday. It’s not a big garage, just a standard two car city garage. It took some time but it was a simple job. It wasn’t too expensive either and we haven’t even had a gofundme windfall. It’s amazing what a difference it’s made. It was 10 degrees here with a windchill of -15 the other day and my husband was nice and toast out there with a heater going.

    The point of this is that we all that labor and that large amount of money they received there is no reason why that shed isn’t insulated. Unlike Joe, my husband works more than full time, so basically Joe has no excuse besides laziness. They had the money, they had the time, they are just pathetic.


  22. I don’t understand why they don’t have insulation in the cabin.

    We lived in an RV for several years, as I think I’ve talked about before. One thing that happens when you live in a very small space is condensation. In winter, it can get really bad. Bad enough that water literally runs down the windows. The only way to alleviate it is to ventilate the space.

    We always kept several windows cracked for ventilation even though that meant it cost us more to heat the RV.

    And mostly, we got out of there if we could and drove south.

    With 13 people in a space not much larger than our RV, I cannot imagine the amount of condensation they deal with. That may well be why they left a lot of the place uninsulated. It might sound nuts, but it probably isn’t.


  23. That makes sense. I guess that is what happens when you live in something that was designed to be lived in, especially by more than a dozen people.


  24. Every time I think of their cash windfall, and the sad little garden shed they grudgingly spent a small amount of money on, I just shake my head. I bet they could have bought a used but decent double wide manufactured home and had it placed on the property, with money left over. But no, cheap ass Joe and Nicole, spent the least possible on a damn garden shed, more suited to housing tools than people.


  25. I went back and viewed that calling out Sally video again. Have to do that some times with the rapid pressured speech to make sure I really am hearing things as she says them.

    Sally you have been called out and told you are sick and it has to stop. This is not normal behavior. LOL that is coming from a woman who does not have a shred of normal behavior and would not recognize normal behavior if she saw it. Yup she told you like a mama would.

    Earth to Nicole if you did not post your shit then no one would have anything to write about. You are to blame for it as you put all of your dirty laundry out there for all to see. You pimp your kids out with all kinds of pictures most of the time they are filthy dirty. Yes kids play and get dirty but I have only seen one picture of them with half way decent clothing on and actually cleaned up = family picture. I grew up on a real working farm and we did get dirty some times really dirty while working and playing but we cleaned up. We would not be allowed at the table to eat with dirty hands period. You let your kids wallow in all kinds of crap. Sorry honey but your behaviors are not normal or even semi normal.

    LMAO she is going to call Sally out every time she post something. I guess she will be a very busy person doing that.

    Also to note Nicole claims she does not go to other pages and read. On her chicken picture she made a comment that she thought most of them were hens. Well she was set straight on that on another page and she scrubbed her comment. So much for not reading other pages. I know myself I post stuff just to get her goat and I am sure others do too cause we all know how she is going to react and it is good for a good laugh. Nicole when are you going to realize many times we are playing you cause you always supply us with lots of laughs. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Nicole your behavior is not normal it really is not and you really do need professional help. Do your kids some justice get those forensic evaluations done on you and the homestead husband and get treatment for the sake of your kids. If you love them as much as you claim you do then you would get well for them. Having a mental health diagnosis is not life ending actually it can be the opposite. You will like you better and your kids will appreciate having a normal mother again like they had a few years back.


  26. It’s all on a par with their constant inability to understand that a thing that kind of looks like another thing is not in fact that other thing.

    A garden shed that is decorated on the outside to look like a house is not a house.
    Neither is a thing with three walls that animals can run into whenever they like–at least, not in the part of the world where the outside has to be kept on the outside for reasons of health. Three-sided huts in parts of the world where hypothermia is not a thing are not relevant.
    An outhouse with a bucket in it that gets dumped onto an untended pile on the ground is not part of a humanure system, even though humanure systems do depend on outhouses with buckets in them.
    Some sticks that provide neither privacy nor shelter do not constitute a wall even though they are nailed to boards in a vertical way.
    A similar arrangement with no gate in it is not actually a fence, even though it surrounds what is called a yard; it does not keep anything in or out.
    A bowl-shaped object with a hole in the bottom through which you can see flat dirt is not actually a sink.
    Unfinished plywood is not a food preparation counter.
    A plan is not a result.


  27. Sally: “One thing that happens when you live in a very small space is condensation. In winter, it can get really bad. Bad enough that water literally runs down the windows. The only way to alleviate it is to ventilate the space.”

    That is what gable vents louvers are for. That cabin could easily have been insulated and vents put in. The vents eliminate that condensation, plus with burning wood as their heat source, the air would be drier.

    I worked for one tour company in Juneau and the owner built these cute little cabins for staff. They were small and had good, air tight wood stoves. The one error his builders made was not to install these vents. Juneau is VERY wet and with two people and wet gear drying in those small spaces, everything got moldy quickly. However with the installation of 2 gable vents in each cabin, the problem was solved.

    The reason the shed is not insulated is because Nicole and Joe pissed away $45,000.


  28. This is part of N’s post off BLH…..At the salon we have gas heat. We pay $67 a month just for service (remember that post?!) this last months bill was $87. $20 for gas usage and $67 for the service to provide the gas usage. 2 groom dogs cover that cost. In the colder temps it may take 3 or 4 grooming appointments to cover the bill. The one good thing about gas heat is if the power goes down you still have heat. Unless you have an electric furnace, like we do, then you are out of luck. (Unless you can wire to a generator or solar panel)

    The first statement she states she has gas heat and that the good thing about gas is that if the power goes out, you still have heat. The last statement she states they have an electric furnace…in that power…no heat unless you have a generator. Who would run a generator with no ventilation? All those gas fumes would need to be going out a window which you would want to keep closed to keep the heat in…. Does she realize when you have gas heat, you need both gas and electric in order for it to run. The gas for the heat…..the electric for the blower. I have gas heat ….in September, the blower went….I had to replace it….$700…..I was glad it went out then and not the middle of winter. You may be wondering why it was running in Sept….it runs both the heat and a/c.


  29. @M Rigatoni,

    I have wondered about that too. The Nauglers have never really tried to really establish themselves or settle down and keep a home. They have always rented and defaulted or lived on the sympathy of others. They tend to trash anywhere they live like they know they’re just temporary. So when they got the land they are on with their original shed (that they got rid of and put up their three-sided lean-to to replace it) I thought hey, maybe they are trying to grow up a bit. Alas, no.

    I tend to believe that the Nauglers like to keep themselves mobile so they can move to fresh pastures when they exhaust the goodwill in their area. Nutty Nickers’ freak out with Gotta Move Now was a reflex from those days when that is precisely what they did. I don’t believe that they had the slightest intention of actually remaining at their property as long as they have. But now they have CPS, the county, a salon, and have completely destroyed any local willingness to facilitate their parasitic lifestyle. I think their options are rather limited a great deal due to going viral and alienating most of the people who tried to help them. 18 months ago they could have made some good investment in a real
    Home. But they don’t think that far ahead. They don’t think beyond immediate gratification (hence a shed, bazillion pregnancies, horse, porta-potty, zero accomplishment on improving that dump they live on, stealing water, menacing, stalking, ranting about evil responsibility on facebook, you get the idea).


  30. Damn she’s still going on a rampage. Now she says law suits will be filed and 2017 is when she takes her life back.


  31. The last statement she states they have an electric furnace…in that power…no heat unless you have a generator.

    Running an electric heater on a generator is probably the most impractical thing I can imagine.


  32. When you were riding down the road past the shed, Nicole says that it was you who said “Do you know who I am?” Wasn’t it Joe who said that to your group of people ? Although I’ve never heard it she says she has audio of the conversation “if you need it.” Is Nicole trying to buffalo people into believing that ?


  33. When you were riding down the road past the shed, Nicole says that it was you who said “Do you know who I am?” Wasn’t it Joe who said that to your group of people ?

    Yes. And yes. And no, there is really a recording of part of the conversation, not the whole thing.

    Joe came out in the road, and stopped our vehicle. Kyle got out and walked around and introduced himself. Joe said, “Do you know who I am?” like he was the fucking King of England.

    They argued a bit. Kyle then offered Joe a beer. Joe happily accepted.

    Later on, Joe turned his attention to me, and I mocked him. I repeated what he’d said.

    But of course, either Joe didn’t record the first part of the stop or they edited the recording. I have no idea which it was, but there were several witnesses.


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