13 thoughts on “Nicole vs. Nicole, Round 2”

  1. A hard swallow lol,, But could you imagine her ass on a lie detector, that thing would look like the San Fransisco quake on the Richter scale


  2. This is my favorite video so far. It’s extremely powerful.

    If a picture tells a thousand words then video can reveal the truth, even that of a pathological liar with borderline personality disorder and narcissistic tendencies (not a psychiatrist/psychologist and not naming anyone specifically just a random observation). It seems video can provide a window into someone’s essence. Where lie detector tests often cannot discern whether a sociopath is telling the truth or a lie I’m thinking body language and microexpressions of an arrogant sociopath comfortable on their own turf can.

    This is fascinating. It’s like watching a good episode of 20/20 or Crime Watch Daily. Only better. Nicole Naugler has always revealed too much and now it’s “coming back to bite her on her butt.”


  3. Body language is a powerful type speech unto itself, and window into a person’s temperament and character.

    Nicole should have no problem finding truth in this video. Experts were sourced from TED, one of her favorite online educational tools 🙂

    Very well edited, entertaining and illuminating clip. Oh and I will never be able to see a lobster claw again without laughing.


  4. To watch Nicole Naugler’s tells is fascinating. Such common and easy to distinguish mannerisms that people use when they are lying seem to prevail. Deb didn’t even have to go deeper into micro-expressions or, for that matter, into the conflicting evidence that Nicole and Joe Naugler provide themselves.

    Do you know what it reminded me of? When Alex testified that his father Joseph Naugler sexually molested and physically abused him in the news. At first Joe and Nicole put out a very lawyerly statement, but Nicole couldn’t leave it at that. (I bet she was just a joy for her attorney, not.) Nicole Naugler asked her followers to look at his eyes and his mannerisms to see that he was lying. She had quite a few of her followers commenting about it and one even worth a blog post about it at https://whengovernmentfailsinkentucky.wordpress.com
    I guess that Alex isn’t one of the many victims that Nicole is insisting in her video that people should believe.

    Nor I suppose the woman who was the victim with a no contact order issued by the court against Joseph Naugler as part of his criminal menacing conviction. Nicole noting that the order wasn’t against her proceeded to “expose” and vilify the victim on her public pages and blogs. Nor Mr Sneed and his family who have had a “no contact” order from the court to prevent Joseph from harassing or bothering them. Once again Nicole noting the order wasn’t against her proceeded to vilify her neighbors on her public pages and blogs. Nor the mother of her grandchild (and her grandchild) who seem to have current emergency protective orders against Nicole’s eldest son. After some online attacks it seems Nicole stfu about this one. I wonder what it took to keep her quiet? Nor any of the many people who claim to be victims of the Naugler adults. My guess would be that when Nicole insists that “all” victims are to be believed, what she really means is that “she and only she” should be believed. What else is new?

    By the way I have an android phone too. Took me less than 5 minutes to download audio from it onto Facebook. Granted it was unedited. So why is it that she can’t, won’t, provide the audio from the conversation with Mr Sneed? 🤣🤣🤣. Yeah, right.


  5. I do the crab hand thing when I get really fired up. I’m not lying, I’m refraining from murdering my husband.


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