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  1. That’s rich, she called the shop neighbor the “blonde gorilla”and questioned why she wore so much makeup.


  2. That’s rich, she called the shop neighbor the “blonde gorilla”and questioned why she wore so much makeup.

    She sure did. Throughout that whole thing, she made fun of her appearance, her shop (the nature of her merchandise), everything.


  3. I have a small business. It is also considered a service industry business. You still have to pay social security tax & show what your intake is. You also have to file one for your business & one for your personal.
    There is no getting around it. My business doesn’t make a huge amount each year but it still has to have a tax return filed.
    And that’s why we pay an accountant every year…
    NN is an audit waiting to happen


  4. Woot! I was hoping someone would make a video like this since as I watched Nicole’s latest I was like, WTF? there’s evidence all over the place that contradicts at least half of what she’s saying!


  5. Wow. She sure works hard if she has time to do (what I’m assuming) was a Facebook Live or YouTube live video. >_<


  6. For the 2016 tax year, if your income is $5 or more, you may not owe any taxes but you still have to file a return to show you don’t owe any tax.

    When you say you are in compliance, Nicole, are you claiming you are actually filing a return that shows your income and exemptions/deductions? That based on an income tax return filed with both the state and federal government detailing your income and exemptions/deductions, you are in compliance? Or are you saying that you’ve figured it up in that beautiful mind of yours (that can’t even remember to file an annual report with the state of Kentucky) and have determined you don’t have to file a return?

    I would suggest that you hurry up and file a late return for every year since you’ve been in business, Missy, because failure to file a return carries some pretty stiff penalties, not to mention fees and fines. Witch hunt? Oh, honey, you ain’t seen a witch hunt until you try to explain to the IRS that you know more than they do.

    Not that you have to prove anything to me, I’m willing to bet you can’t show a copy of that 2016 return you filed with the IRS, can you?

    There’s way too many people who know you’re lying about this.

    Did you know the IRS pays whistleblowers?


  7. She doesn’t have that many dependents. Just a few she can claim, since the rest are undocumented. It is hilarious that she thinks it and therefore it is.

    Besides, isn’t Joe in charge of the marketing and paperwork? After all, even and especially, it is THEIR business.


  8. Soooo….

    She doesn’t make enough income to need to pay taxes yet her business is doing wonderfully well? In a few years with the way her business is going then she’ll make enough to need to pay taxes? But her business is thriving?

    Am I missing something here or did the federal and state government become extremely charitable to income producing businesses with some threshold that had to be exceeded in order to require taxes? No income then no taxes, fine. No reporting income and no taxes—kind of illegal. Not enough income, no worries no taxes? My hair is turning strange colors with me trying to make sense of a thriving business that makes so little income that it does not need to pay taxes. To me that is a business that is thriving on zero income. That is like saying that bankruptcy indicates good financial health. Somebody help me understand what Nicole is talking about and possibly returning me to my old salt and pepper. I may be wrong, I am no tax guy.


  9. Hi sorry to bother you, love your blog and Francis, do you by any chance know what happened to blessed little trolls and their minions? Thats always my first stop when I check out the naugler train wreck.


  10. what happened to blessed little trolls and their minions?

    It’s down, at least temporarily. Lisa finds it difficult to start a new business and do that too. And it really is a business, in spite of Nicole’s protestations otherwise.


  11. She said she doesn’t owe taxes because of all her dependants out way her income. How is she able to claim them without SS#? All the tax forms I have filled out required my children’s SS# to be claimed. My bet is when the children were in care they were all given SS# and she is keeping quiet about it to save face. Maybe I’m am reaching, but it’s the only thing I can come up with.


  12. If that poor dog Maggie is chained up all the time, she actually is better off dead. That is the more humane choice. Instead, they make her spend her days chained up – it is extremely cruel.

    Maggie frequented the neighbors for respite and the Nauglers actually think animal abuse is the better alternative!? …How about building a fence, you complicit assholes!


  13. Excerpt from “Why Chaining is Cruel”:

    2. Are tethered dogs otherwise treated well?
    Rarely. They suffer from sporadic feedings, overturned water bowls, inadequate vet care, lack of exercise, and extreme temperatures. They must eat, sleep, and eliminate in one small area. Grass is beaten into hard-packed dirt. Chained dogs and are easily ignored by their owners.

    3. Who says chaining is inhumane?
    -U.S. Department of Agriculture: “Our experience in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act has led us to conclude that continuous confinement of dogs by a tether is inhumane. A tether significantly restricts a dog’s movement. A tether can also become tangled around or hooked on the dog’s shelter structure or other objects, further restricting the dog’s movement and potentially causing injury.”
    -In 1997, the USDA ruled that people and organizations regulated by the Animal Welfare Act cannot keep dogs continuously chained
    -The American Veterinary Medical Association stated “Never tether or chain your dog because this can contribute to aggressive behavior.”
    -The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concluded in a study that the dogs most likely to attack are male, unneutered, and chained.
    -According to the Association of Shelter Veterinarian’s Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters, “Tethering is an unacceptable method of confinement for any animal and has no place in humane sheltering. Constant tethering of dogs in lieu of a primary enclosure is not a humane practice.”


  14. what happened to blessed little trolls and their minions?

    Since we’re on the subject, how about The Nation? I can’t find it.


  15. Just thinking out loud. I’m working on a business plan and I’m no expert. Sales tax seems a bit straightforward. You sell stuff, you collect it and pay it. You can’t deduct kids or claim poverty. Is a Nicky special on the books somewhere?


  16. I made at least two posts on http://www.blessedlittleblog.com/doggone-it/ regarding the car hitting their dog. The dog that was in the road rather than on their property.

    The veterinarian stated the rate of speed at which the car was traveling. *Scoffs* I’d love to see that necropsy report. After all, that would require someone laying out a decent sum of money. Plus here’s a little thought for Joe or Nicole. A vehicle traveling at 35 miles per hour that struck anything would engender forces that are TWICE as high as they would be at 25 mph. That’s because the force of a collision increases exponentially with speed. If someone were driving at 50 mph, the forces are FOUR times as great as they would be at 25 mph. At 75 mph they are NINE times greater than at 25 mph.

    Here’s a nice example.

    With an increase in speed, that force goes up exponentially, not on a nice, smooth curve. The math is pretty simple: Divide the weight of the vehicle in half. Multiply that by the square of the velocity. In terms of kinetic energy, that translates as 45,464 foot-pounds for a 3400-pound car hitting a stationary obstacle at 20 mph. Plow the same car into a tree at 40 mph and the amount of energy quadruples to 181,855 foot-pounds. If you survive that, you’re just plain lucky, as the odds are very much against you.

    So 45,464 ft/lbs of force on a 50 pound dog if the driver was going 20 mph isn’t going to end well for the dog.

    Oh – even easier. Just plug in the numbers. Hint: 1 pound is approximately 0.45 kg or 1 kg is approximately 2.2 lbs. 1 mph is approximately 0.45 m/s or 1 m/s is about 2.24 mph (there’s a pattern here). Whichever is easier for the individual to use.


    Just to help clarify that little matter.

    I’m sorry their dog was hit by a car, but the fault lies with the owners not the driver.

    I’m sorry their boxer, Angel, was shot but again, the owners are responsible for their dog. She was shot because she got aggressive. Doesn’t matter why she frightened the family members to the point that she was shot – she should have been at home. She was the responsibility of Joe and Nicole Naugler, the adults in the family. Now, maybe if she had been wearing a collar with a tag someone might have tried to catch her and call the county (she was vaccinated for rabies and licensed, right?) or the owner (if she had a tag with her name, theirs and a number to call). You know, unless she was behaving too aggressively for someone to take the risk of getting bit by a dog of unknown vaccination status.


  17. CPA here, tax accountant for a living. I just thought I would drop a note to clarify on the tax front because I’ve seen a lot of comments about whether or not she pays her taxes.

    Her business is more than likely a single member LLC (or a disregarded entity), so that would be reported on schedule C of a 1040. She would not have a separate tax return to file for the business. A previous poster stated that she would have to pay social security taxes and that is correct, all of her business income would be subject to self employment tax (which consists of both the employee and employer portions of social security and Medicaid taxes). However, that tax can be offset by both the earned income and child tax credits, both of which she would certainly be eligible for with the large family, even if only 2-3 kids have social security numbers. A portion of both of those credits are refundable, so not only can those credits pay her self employment taxes, but she can also receive a check from the government without paying a penny.

    So what I’m saying is, it’s entirely possible that she has been “paying” her taxes (filing, not paying a dime) and that she gets a check after filing.

    I’ve been following this story since it first came out. Thanks for the great blog Sally.


  18. CPA here, tax accountant for a living.

    Thank you for the information.

    Of course, she is no longer an LLC, and hasn’t been since early last fall.


  19. She said she doesn’t owe taxes because of all her dependants out way her income.

    She said she didn’t owe. She did not say she actually filed anything. Her undocumented children do not count, any more than an undocumented immigrant counts. Those children are basically illegals.


  20. In the eyes of the IRS, it doesn’t matter if she’s an LLC or not, her income from the business is treated exactly the same (and must still be reported timely).


  21. Nicole Naugler and Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC.

    Being an LLC is NOT the required bare minimum to do business in Kentucky.

    An LLC is created to protect the personal assets, ie: white buckets, of the business owner(s) from being attached should a lawsuit or financial obligation from the business arise. It is also used when more than one person (but not spouses) are the owners or members of the business.

    She can do business as a sole proprietor. It’s free. That IS the bare minimum. No incorporation required at all. That is if she does not have outside partners/members in the business (Joseph Naugler does not county’s spouses may be partners in a sole proprietorship).

    So when she is trying to tell you how she is a voluntaryist who is reluctantly doing the bare minimum required by the state she isn’t being exactly truthful. She was either using the corporation in an attempt to protect her personal assets or she has had partners/members that she isn’t talking about.

    If she has outside partners/members she has opened both them and herself up to personal liability should someone put a claim in against the business.

    Great video. I enjoyed it immensely. I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of Black and white before video to the mix. So much better than the original. I can’t wait for Round 2.


  22. Those children are basically illegals.

    I wish to quibble over that point slightly, if I may. They are citizens but only if they can prove it. It appears that Joe and Nicole may have chosen to jeopardize their children’s futures by not registering their births. So they’re possibly stateless.

    Alecia Pennington went through this and there have been posts on Homeschoolers Anonymous regarding identity abuse as a means of controlling your children up to and into adulthood. Cynthia Jeub has discussed it too.

    Here are a few links: https://homeschoolersanonymous.org/2015/02/18/identity-as-means-of-control-results-from-the-2015-survey-of-identification-abuse-within-homeschooling/


    I have no idea if this is the case for all of Joe and Nicole’s children or not. It would be a shame if it were true though.


  23. . They are citizens but only if they can prove it.

    Of course they are, but essentially, right now, in terms of rights, they have none. That’s exactly the position the Pennington girl was in.


  24. In the eyes of the IRS, it doesn’t matter if she’s an LLC or not,

    Yes. I wasn’t really arguing the point at all. I just wanted to make it clear that her LLC went away last fall. She keeps using it as though it’s real, but it’s not.


  25. Today on Nicole FB page she has a little meme up about customer for her grooming business. Does she really think disrespecting customers is a good idea??
    I think she should post it to her business page


  26. On January first, Nick posted a pic of a dog that read 2979th appointment of 2017.

    If that number is true…and she charges an average of $30 for each of those appointments…she made $90,000 in 2017.


  27. Did you know that if I hit your dog that is on the road, off of it’s property, and it damages my car (great Prys are big dogs!) I can sue the owner for damages? It happens a lot these days. If it causes an accident, oh man, that would sink a person financially.


  28. Yes if I accidentally hit your unrestrained dog in the road you will in all probablility be liable for damages. It doesn’t matter if it is the first time your dog got loose or if you habitually have loose pets, although a habitual offender may find themselves liable for extra damages as well as criminal citations. It’s not the pets fault, it’s not the drivers fault, ultimately it is the responsibility of the pet owner to keep their pet safe and to keep the public safe from their pet.

    We had a sad case recently where a woman hit a veteran’s dog that dashed into the road. The veteran did not feel that he should be liable and took it to court. He lost. I felt bad for the veteran, but I also felt bad for the driver who has to live with the trauma of having inadvertently killed a dog.

    I suspect a dog the size of the Nauglers caused some damages to the vehicle which hit it. I also suspect that if whomever hit the dog had known whose dog it was they would have gone to the trouble of making a police report and made a claim for any damages incurred. Just something to think about when Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler accuse yet another person of being the “one” who hit their dog. How many people have they publicly named and accused now? I can name several. Perhaps, Mr and Mrs “you owe us an apology” should start making some public apologies of their own.

    Since the Nauglers are so fond of speculation and to my knowledge no one has ever come forward to say they hit the dog maybe Joseph Naugler hit his own dog. According to Joseph’s own testimony on the Chain Reaction podcast he kept testing positive for marijuana in his system during this 8 week or so time frame. Joseph Naugler even stated that his positive tests for illegal drugs in his system were a contributing reason for the children not to be returned home by CPS. Many studies show that marijuana has been proven to have an adverse effect on driving ability. Lonely hungry dogs who felt abandoned may have rushed out into the road when they saw him coming. Nicole states that it was Joseph who would return to the Blessed Little Homestead to tend to the animals. How would Nicole Naugler know the truth of the matter? She wasn’t there. She was at the hotel or wherever. When Joseph Naugler took and drank the beer in the road there were multiple witnesses. Nicole was not there yet she insisted and continues to insist that Joseph did not drink that beer. The same goes for the actions on the day which resulted in the criminal menacing conviction for Joseph. Nicole wasn’t there then either. (Since they claim that they record everyone for their documentation I have always wondered why they didn’t produce any audio tapes from that day.) I suspect there are a lot of things that Joseph does not tell her.


  29. Jane quoted up above and that is true. This is how the Nozzlers work. Since the dog got hit by a car and is dead it was their dog and they blame everybody in the world for that dead dog but THEMSELVE. IF that dog had bit a child and caused LOTS OF MONEY in doctor bills then them two would go to their grave saying that was not their dog and they are LIARS. That’s how them two roll. Nicky you are such a hypocrite along with you,re pig you call hubby. Oh and that Ratsnest on you’re head is to DIE FOR wish I could groom my head that good. Now you know why my dogs would NEVER EVER step paws in your stinking shop. 🙂 Chew on that for the day. 🙂


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