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Nicole driving to work, crying, with a cold (I thought their super-healthy lifestyle meant they have strong immune systems and what not).

This was brutal.

All right. I decided to do a quick update this morning, um, while I was driving to work. ‘Scuse my voce. I have a cold or allergies or something and I did not sleep well last night, so I probably look horrible but I don’t care how I look.

So anyhow, today, today is two years from the date that this whole ordeal started, um, two years ago today, we got a call (crying). . . someone called. . .(unclear) notification, I can’t remember how, I think we were called in for something else.

Anyways, there was an anonymous call in to CPS from a woman who has now since identified herself. Her name is Sondra Johnston-(unclear last part of name), she lives in Irvington, and um, she’s never met my family, she had never been to my home. She only knew, um, my husband from an acquaintance. I worked with her, uh, step-brother.

And, anyways, she made an anonymous call, uh, to CPS with some false accusations which prompted an investigation, because in CPS, here in Kentucky, if you make an anonymous call, you can report whatever you want, and CPS is obligated to look into it. But, uh, people call all the time when they’re pissed off at their neighbor and anyone who has kids is subject to this because all you’ve gotta do is make someone angry and they go, “I’m gonna call CPS on you” and it happens and they have to investigate.

CPS came out to the house with the sheriff and a state trooper while we were not at home. They went onto the property and took photographs. They did this without a warrant, um, and without probable cause because an anonymous phone call is not probable cause. But they did so.

Um, after that inc- after that happened, I spoke with the case, the worker, um, Jennifer What’sHerName. I spoke with Jennifer and they told me that they wanted to sit down and talk to the children and I said, and with us, in the home, and I said not without a warrant because I am invoking my 4th Amendment rights.

And they said, pretty much, okay fine, tried to convince us but nothing happened, but later on that afternoon her supervisor called me and said she wanted to sit down with just my husband and I. Again, I declined, invoking my 4th Amendment.

At that point, I had gone back to the home with my, um, two oldest boys, and I noticed the sheriff was sitting in my neighbor’s driveway. When he saw me pull into my home, he came over to my property and met me at the end of my driveway.

That conversation is recorded and posted if anybody wants to hear it.

What happened then was the sheriff and I had a discussion about the situation. Not once in that, I believe it’s 20 minute- conversation, it’s pretty lengthy, not once did he express any concerns about the condition of my property which he had toured that morning. He had no concerns about my children, his only concern was that I was not cooperating with his investigation, which I have a 4th Amendment not to. I have a 5th Amendment right not to. I have a, I think it’s the 7th, I can’t remember off my head, and, um, we do not have to do that.

We are legally ob – legally privileged, I guess at this point, it’s not a right anymore, it’s a privilege to not comply. And not without court orders. And he didn’t have any at that point. There was no reason and not once did he communicate any concern for my children, in fact, in the recording, he says it’s kinda neat how we live, he just didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t cooperating, and he specifically cited things that I posted on Facebook. He cited things like “Flex your rights.” You can Google this. Go on Youtube and type in “flex your rights.” “Ten ways of dealing with police.” He specifically cited that article. I want you to watch that video. It’s an hour long but it’s really worth watching.

And I myself did not follow some of those guidelines in there. I got a little too chatty, but that is what it is.

Um, but when I left my property, I asked him if I was free to go and he said yes. When I left my property, he was still sitting there. Because he didn’t leave, and I got maybe a half a mile down the road when he pulled me over. I handed him my license and registration, like you’re supposed to do at a traffic stop, and he then continued to say that he was going to be taking my children.

And I asked for a court order again, I asked for a warrant, I asked for a court order. He did not provide that. He told me that because he was the sheriff, he didn’t need to provide me those things, which, um, is completely false.

So, that’s what happened that evening. I was in my car. I told my children, you know, reminded them of their rights, of not to have to, they don’t have to talk to police, they don’t have to answer questions, and, um, they voluntarily went, um, my oldest one was a little more voluntarily than my younger son was, went with the police. I verbally opposed that.

I was sitting in my car. I was quite loud. I was yelling. I was frantic. Um, but I was sitting in my car when I was warned that I was going to be arrested, and I continued to verbally oppose the abduction of my children, and I was ripped from my car and arrested. (crying again)

I was about five months pregnant when they grabbed me and they pushed me against the cop car to handcuff me. When they did that, I instinctively pushed back, as anyone would do, and then they cited me for arrest, um, for resisting arrest.

In fact, when my husband asked the sheriff what I was being charged with, he told him he would think about it on the way to the police station. He was just looking for something, and he did. I sat there in booking for thirty minutes while the sheriff, Sheriff Todd Pate, Googled criminal charges to pull up on me. And he actually had to change his disorderly charge because he had the first one wrong.

So, that’s a big concern of mine, because I don’t think law enforcement should enforce laws that they don’t understand. If you have to go back later and Google to find out what the person’s charges are, you obviously made a false arrest.

But that’s what happened.

Our case is still open. It’s been two years. Our children were returned after eight weeks, and I’m gonna talk more about that on another time, but the only thing that CPS found in their two years’ investigation, two years’ investigation, mind you, two years of monitoring my family, two years of investigating my family, two years of visits, monthly visits, talk to the children, meeting with the children, all of this, the only thing that CPS has found is that we did not register as homeschoolers.

Can you imagine the state taking your children for not registering them? For not registering them. Do you understand how asinine that is? For not registering. There was no harm inflicted, no potential harm inflicted. Registering is registering. It’s a filing form. It has nothing to do anything that actually happens or doesn’t happen. It’s filing a form. And that’s what we were, and that’s what it boiled down to is all they could found. Our case is still open because closing it would mean they would have to admit they were wrong and that’s never going to happen.

I don’t think our case will ever be closed until maybe my children age out. The youngest one on record was [child’s name] because [other child] was not born, so he’s not in their files at this time. Um, and hopefully we can keep it that way.

But, [child’s name] is three, which means fifteen years. They’ll probably keep it open for fifteen years, because that is, um, that seems to be the stalling tactic. They have done evaluations, they’ve tried looking at different things. They’re now talking about, as I’ve stated before, filing a rights [NOTE: this is unclear] to try to isolate and find something else that may justify in some way their actions. They’ve had two years and they still have not been able to come up with anything to justify what they did that day.

We’ve had to take a plea deal with coercion of threats of contempt, in family court, in criminal court, it should have been separated. But the county attorney, Bradley Butler, brought our criminal charges into our family court case because it’s all the same people, small town, you know how that goes, and said that because we weren’t cooperating in our criminal charges, because we were both contending our criminal charges, that he was gonna hold us in contempt.

Contempt is whatever the judge says, whatever the county attorney says, it’s whatever they make up. If you disagree with them in any way, that’s called contempt.

And at this point, the children had already been returned. I was about a month away from having [child’s name] and I was looking at six months jail time if I did not (starts to cry again), if I did not sign that paperwork. So I had to sign the plea deal, saying that I was guilty of whatever, and that the sheriff was justified and blah, blah, blah, because if I didn’t, I would have had my son in jail.

That’s a hard decision to have to make. Because when you know you’re innocent of something, when you know you’ve done the right thing and you have to admit you’ve done wrong when you haven’t, only because you want to try to save what semblance of sanity you have, there’s no way my children could have gone back into foster care. There’s no way we could have allowed that.

And, um, having [child’s name] in jail, that would have just been, that would have been horrible, because they would have taken him immediately. Sorry (continues to cry)

But this is the system that we’re all fighting. You know people say, oh well, if you just did this, if you just took care of your kids, only bad parents get involved, I can assure you that I may be biased, but even CPS who has investigated us profusely, has not found us to be bad parents.

We were never charged with abuse. We were never charged with neglect. None of our paperwork ever says that. The judge, the guardian ad litem, um, [name of GAL]’s the guardian ad litem in our county, she made as part of the plea deal was that we lived in a dilapidated home, which is dependency.

Dependency means whatever they want it to mean. Through no fault of our own, we lived in a dilapidated home. That’s exactly what the paperwork said. We had to plea to that. Which is fine. We were living in a dilapidated home. We were working on it. We had plans to build a bigger home. We were working on those things.

The cabin that we were living in, it was safe. I know it was safe, we lived in it for a whole winter. It was clean because we kept it clean. It was small. It wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it was safe. And even the caseworkers that came the Friday after that my kids were taken, the two caseworkers that showed up with my attorney, because we were finally able to organize that, if they had just waited a couple of days, said that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was, and came into court that Monday and recommended my children be returned.

The guardian ad litem opposed that for eight weeks. The guardian ad litem is the reason my children were in custody for eight weeks. Even Todd Pate sat on the stand that day and said, they’ve broken no laws, I see no reason the children shouldn’t come home, but yet the guardian ad litem kept saying, well, what about this, and let’s check this, we need to look for this, we need to look for that, and for eight weeks, went on witch-hunting. When she finally saw how much it was breaking down my children, not that she ever met them, she never once met them, but when she saw the reports of the caseworkers reporting how it was affecting my children, she finally agreed, if we bought that stupid prefab cabin, wasted our money buying a prefab, instead of waiting until we could build a better one, cause CPS only said by the time winter comes, and my rule was before the baby was born, so it would have been way before their deadline even, but we had to buy that prefab to get our kids home.

And even then, after that, she kept pushing to have things dug, and have things dug, and have things dug, and she still, she still pulls up things, like she’s concerned that our non-conformist life is endangering. We’re concerned that because we don’t live like everybody else there might be some damage done. Like, now, not conforming is some form of child abuse or something.

And she wants everything looked into to make sure. So if you’re even a little bit different, you do things a little bit different, and when asked about it, when my attorney said we have a right to not do these things, we have a right to seek medical treatment how we want, we have a right to educate how we want, we have these rights, she said, not when you’re in front of the court.

So that’s going to presume that we’re getting to a point in our society where we, um, getting to a point in our society where your rights exist only until they get you into court somehow. And it’s not hard to get someone into court. Even with basic criminal charges, in Kentucky. Um, like for example, the harassment charges on my husband.

You have a pre-trial conference with the county attorney. The county attorney has no interest in looking at the evidence. She just wants to make a plea deal. Are you gonna take our deal or not? No, we’re not. Would you like to look at the evidence? No, she says. She doesn’t want to look at the evidence. She just wants to know if you’re gonna plea deal.

I talked to three attorneys that we looked into hiring for our case. All of them said it’s almost impossible unless you take it to jury trial to get charges dropped in this manner because all they care about is plea deal, plea deal, plea deal. Well, what they do is they just keep resetting your court date, so after the third or fourth court date, most people say, fine, I’ll take the plea deal, cause I can’t afford to miss any more work. Well, Joe doesn’t work and I’m self-employed, so missing work isn’t an issue. We just reschedule our business. So, we can fight things, and we’re gonna fight things.

But back to our case, that’s how they pulled it in the case, they just kept holding things over our head, using pressure of, um, more criminal charges, and other issues that had nothing to do with our children, um, such as the contempt charges. We don’t even know what they would have been but we know they would have filed them, and we could have fought them, but we would have had to fight them from jail. We would have had to fight them without our kids. And that wasn’t, that wasn’t an option anymore.

I don’t know what will happen, um, it’s very strange right now that our CPS case is open and we do not have a pending court date, um, sorry my phone keeps when I turn, if they just kept resetting for a while, we’d go back, and they’d be oh we need to look at this more, and we need to do this now, and we need to do that now, and just dragging it out and dragging it out and um whatnot and, but now there’s no court date. We’re just waiting for somebody to decide to do something and figure out what’s going on. We have petitioned to have our case closed, and we get ignored, we get the run-around, but today marks two years. Today, two years, done. We need to be done with this.

So, I’ve been kind of leery about releasing recordings because I know the retaliation (starts crying yet again), not only from the courts but from people the courts have, um, rallied and organized possibly, I don’t know if I want to go that far to say that, I don’t if that’s exactly what it’s been, but it’s not, it’s not unreasonable. I know how some of these people work.

But the social aspect of how people view our case, well, they must be doing something wrong if their case is still open, so I’m justified in my actions in assuming that these people are abusive parents, because otherwise the CPS case wouldn’t be open, which is anything but the truth.

So this week we will start releasing our recordings. Um, we have recorded everything except for what happens in closed family court. Kentucky is one of fourteen states where family court is closed. Um, all other states, um, like neighboring Indiana, their family court cases are open, so they can be open to the public, so the public can know what’s going on. But here, in Kentucky, that’s not. So we have all of the documentation from everything except what happens inside court where we’re not legally allowed to record.

So, those recordings will be start coming out this week. Um, I don’t know what day or time. I’m trying to get them uploaded to a good source. If anybody knows of any good source that we have, we were going to put them on Youtube, but I’m just not sure I want to use Youtube, maybe something else. Um, suggestions are welcome.

But, and I know I sound worse than I usually do because my nose is congested, my throat is sore and I was crying and I’m tired and that’s just where I’m at. Take it or leave it.

But anyways, um, I’m gonna sign off here, just talking while I was driving to work and we’re at work, so I will update again, probably tomorrow, if not Sunday with some more info and I should have, I’m hoping by then that we have the, um, the audio recordings from the first CPS visit, um, the first CPS phone calls, actually, I’ll start with the phone calls of the May 6 and, May seventh we went to court, May 6 we had, um, May 6 in the evening the older two boys were taken. May seventh in the morning my husband had to, um, bring the other children to the sheriff’s office, and then he went and bailed me out of jail and we went to court late, we were like ten minutes late to court because I was in jail

But we got to court and so we have recordings we had on the phone calls up to those times with any workers and then Friday morning, because that was Wednesday, Thursday court, Friday morning my attorney and the two caseworkers came out to the house, and then that weekend we organized, my caseworkers were able to organize a visit to where my children and us could be together at a neutral home for the weekend, and
CPS had actually thought that, um, and actually had told us, and whatnot, that they fully expected the children to be returned on Monday.

So when we went to court on Monday (crying again), we had full, we walked away thinking we were just going to see them that afternoon and we didn’t. Obviously. So that was really hard. But, um, like I said, I’m gonna sign off, I’m gonna continue this story, I’m gonna try to blog it some, I’m really bad at writing these days, I just don’t have the energy to do it and videos are a little easier even though I get really emotional but they are easier, so I will update the rest of the story. I think I want to go a little more in detail because it’s still, because the case is still open, um, I think it’s important that we really start addressing these things and really bring these issues to light, not only for ourselves but for so many other families that the CPS corruption in all states, not only CPS, but family court corruption in all states is getting to the point where everyone is vulnerable. I’m hearing more and more stories of, of people’s kids being taken, um, just this morning, I was reading one of an infant who was taken because her mother declined a voluntary procedure and the mother declined it, and CPS took a baby from her.

[grabs a roll of toilet paper and tears some off and wipes eyes with it]

And um, this happens every day. You bring your kid to the doctor because they’ve got, you know, they’re ill, and the next thing you know you’re being charged with child neglect and child abuse because your child got sick and now parents are afraid to bring children to the emergency room for, um, you know, bumps and bruises because they know CPS is gonna accuse them of something or take them or something. The incidence of this is so high that it’s now become a risk in parenting, you know, what do I do.

There was a video just yesterday of a Delta agent saying if you don’t comply, foster care is gonna take your kid. I mean that’s the threat level that we’re at. It’s just a default, do as I say or we’re gonna take your kids. And um, it’s not right, and um, I’m gonna be a lot more vocal about that and I’m gonna be exposing a lot more of our recordings and our side of the story in hopes that not only it helps our case, but it helps somebody else’s.

So anyways, I will talk to you later.


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  1. For the love of all that is holy, why does she want to try this in Facebook court of opinion? On some level, she obviously seeks the attention, but that child in the back seat surely wishes this was over.


  2. Man she’s on a roll today. Even to where she called Bevin out for being at the Kentucky derby, instead of doing a CPS audit.


  3. I have already posted on a Facebook page about the CPS findings. As I have stated before, both educational and environmental concerns were found to be valid since they are listed on a substantiated investigation notification letter.

    I thought the sheriff did say he would give her the court order (ECO), but could not find it and told her so. I don’t think I still have that recording and cannot confirm this.

    Interesting that she brings up the Delta agent. I read that they compensated the family, but am not aware if they are providing training to their agents on what they can and cannot say to passengers.


  4. Does she not understand that the GAL’s job is to act in the best interest of the kids? It’s not to prevent them from getting their kids back or even delaying that, it’s not the GAL’s fault that the family lived in a stick/tarp hut. That is through their own inability and unwillingness to provide for the kids they already had long long before they reached the number they had two years ago. It’s clear and evident when they got in over their heads through the pictures she’s posted on her own page. Say what she wants if the GAL said the shanty wasn’t fit for kids and the kids weren’t returned until the parents decided to buy a garden shed and that’s exactly what happened, the kids were returned once they weren’t going to be living in a I won’t even say delapitaded “house” it was a stick hut.


  5. The most infuriating part of this is when the phone slides over and shows one of the children in the van with her. THIS is one of the reasons why your CPS case is still open, Nicole. You’re an emotionally volatile basket case who lacks the common sense and good judgement to keep adult conversations out of the earshot of your kids.

    I am not sure what the laws are in Kentucky regarding recording and releasing phone calls, but I would really like to see the shit hit the fan if/when she posts phone conversations with CPS workers. If she thinks that this move would help close their case, she’s more delusional that I thought.


  6. Hey Nicole, try Rutube! I’ve heard that there is this red headed podcast troll that uses this site. Good luck. I love hearing about your family. I just donated money to your PayPal account. I hope it helps you during this next year while you try to get your CPS case closed. Fuck the gubmint!


  7. Pretty sure Joe admitted that the reason the kids were kept by the state for so long was because he kept testing dirty for drugs. I think it was on the youtube podcast he did. Nicole didn’t mention that, I’m sure it just slipped her mind. 😉


  8. That was painful to listen through. I can’t believe you transcribed it!

    N. is getting rather paranoid to even suggest that the court is behind organizing people against them. She seems to forget that the vast majority of people would have no idea who the fuck they are if THEY hadn’t sought out attention. Without them going to the media and social media in the first place, they’d at most be a very local oddity.


  9. I do feel for N/J. They are looking at almost two decades of monitoring on the horizon if they continue to behave and live in their current manner, and it can’t be easy.

    On the other hand, I really believe that they have the ability to be done with all of things in two years if they humble themselves and do anything and everything necessary to assure Child Services that they are intelligent, competent, responsible, and caring parents. They don’t appear that way to the 99.999999%+ of the population that aren’t their sycophants. Yes, this would mean having a larger home, a proven adequate and supervised homeschool curriculum(or better: public school enrollment), well child checks, and shutting down their blogs. But in my view that is worth doing if it means you know the saga is over.

    Just posting everything online about their court cases with child services alone is a massive red flag. If parents are combating with the case workers, those case workers will be on the defensive lookout. These people don’t look for a chance to steal kids, and the goal is family reunification. The second biggest issue is the lack of birth certificates and SSNs for the kids. This in essence makes these kids illegal aliens in their home country.

    The N’s are their own worst enemy.


  10. This poor kid in the backseat being exposed to all this crazy yet again. Kiddo must be pretty scared and confused about what all is happening and why it’s happening.

    I’m not a weird nanny state parent but, is driving and recording a rant a good idea with a child in the car? Is that safe for others on the road? Did I hear raining on the windows?

    Is she so delusional that she thinks her tears seem authentic to anyone? Emotions that turn on a dime.
    I am really excited about all of this “to come” that she plans on releasing. It feels like Christmas, but just like Christmas I’m pretty sure it’ll end in mud.


  11. OMG, that was a massive undertaking….thank you.

    Ok…right here:

    “she finally agreed, if we bought that stupid prefab cabin, wasted our money buying a prefab, instead of waiting until we could build a better one”

    It would appear that Nicole has become disenchanted with her 384 square feet of particle board bliss. Remember when she loved her little prefab “cabin”?

    My guess? The extreme moisture load of all those breathing people, the lack of ventilation, and the reality that the thing wasn’t built to house 13 people daily, year round….is starting to take it’s toll on above mentioned garden shed. Particularly the moisture….which is hell on pressed board.

    Can’t be much fun in the summer, either. Hard to open windows and cool down when there really aren’t any to open, and no insulation to keep out the solar gain of that roof. Kids must BAKE in those lofts in the summertime.

    Sure sounds like Nicole is gearing up for another GoFundMe, don’t you think?

    This new revisiting of all the past glories with new camera ready tears and new recordings….reeks of exploiting the anti gubment crowd into DonationPalooza.


    What can we tell from the hatred of the “prefab cabin”? No way of telling for sure….but to me? This strongly suggests they’re broke as a joke.

    When it happens….remember I called it.


  12. So I looked up what the legal definition of what “dependency” meant.
    Nicole was stupid to bring that up…
    I certainly would not have known.
    Lisa can describe that term and what it means much better than I…

    Nicole tells on herself with her documenting, and is foolish to think people don’t remember things she’s posted in the past.
    I’ve listened to her videos. I’ve not heard one that did not make her sound foolish, over reactive and just plain lying, often by omission.
    Now she is foolishly going to post more? The word “dumbass” comes to mind…
    People have been calling her “narcissistic”. I’m surprised “masochist” has not been added to the soup of diagnosis. ?

    Both Joe and Nicole use their intelligence to hang themselves. Both are greatly lacking in common sense.

    Nicole failed to say the family courts err on the side of children, that the police can take immediate possession of kids they think are in danger without a warrant,
    Sleeping arrangements were inappropriate. Cosleeping has been recognized as a neglectful activity, having resulted in infant deaths recently in Kentucky.
    They kept the children longer according to Joe because Joe wasn’t coming clean from his weed habit… Joe told the world that in a previous video.
    Caregivers with drug habits have contributed to child fatalities recently in Kentucky. Another form of neglect.

    Nicole has conveniently forgotten she has told us via picture, video and her word that
    that her “dilapidated house” was a glorified leanto, with out proper sanitary conditions, that conditions of their property was hazardous and unsanitary where the children ran barefoot, and the littlest sat in questionable hazardous mud dressed only in a diaper, …
    …that medical care for wounds that needed proper sanitary care and suturing, were gleefully handled in this unsanitary environment (I clearly remember Nicole documenting this and later talking about how this child came to her and complained of pain, and how they relieved his pain by draining the wound.)
    Also I remember Nicole documenting a horrible burn one of her children got from starting a fire with gasoline. She showed pictures and demonstrated her love by reminding her audience that her children learn by doing, and he won’t do this again…
    I’ve no idea how the Nauglers continue to treat, what in the average home would be medical emergencies…
    Both had to go through Psychiatric evals. Nicole’s wild woman “my rights” behavior that Nicole herself documented and posted, probably greased the wheel on that requirement.
    These and her documentation probably contributes to the court keeping an eye on these marvelous, caring, loving, parents.

    Nicole is now blaming CPS for their living in the garden shed and not in the wonderful house they would have built…
    But but but (sorry) they got all that $45,000 Gofundme money, because CPS kidnapped their well kept children who lived in a “dilapidated house” because they were going to build something grander, with the money she was making from her business… but now she’s stuck with that shed because CPS made them buy it in order to get their kids back. Poor Mama all that effort for nothing.
    I just made myself dizzy with all my runalong sentences.

    I end with this quote from Joseph and the “magical pants” after Al asked Joe how he could live in a garden shed with all his children with no running water or flushing toilets.

    “It might be al that I just don’t have the same goals as you. I do not desire that which will only doth rot and wither away”.


  13. “It might be al that I just don’t have the same goals as you. I do not desire that which will only doth rot and wither away”.

    I suppose by that he means that he prefers that his surroundings already being rotted and withered.


  14. This was painful to slog through.
    We’ve seen how well you document Nicole. Generally so well you implicate yourself. We’ve also seen the follow up on your big plans. None. Ever. There was never going to be a house. That wasn’t your money you spent either so quit crying about being forced to waste it. Do you think we don’t know that $45k buys a lot more than a shed?
    Your case is still open because you don’t provide even the most basic shelter and care for your children. Do you truly beleive CPS has the time or means to pick on you for pleasure? You live in worse conditions than people in third world countries, then blog about it like you’re proud of it. That’s why your case is still open. If CPS didn’t check every month you would have gone back to living under a tarp in the mud.
    You’re addicted to the attention from your supporters and the trolls. You’re not happy unless you’re talking about yourself and fighting someone who disagrees. Here’s your fix. Now you can sleep tonite.


  15. Two points real quick:

    1. Nicole was told by Pate numerous times that he needed to speak to her kids or he would have no choice but to tell the court she refused to cooperate and the court would be left with no choice but to issue an immediate removal order. That is what her recordings show. That he was reasonable, and clearly explained protocol to her, and that she escalated the situation by refusing to comply. If you follow Naugler logic, no one would ever be able to intervene in abuse cases, because the parents would simply slam the door in the sheriff’s face and tell him to go fly a kite. That is ignorant, and so is refusing to allow your teenaged sons to speak to the police if there is nothing going on.

    2. It has been raining for days. You live in a tiny, musty, muddy “cabin” with a dozen other people. I am honestly surprised allergies are all you have contacted, Nicole.


  16. I have nothing to add. N+J are self admitted losers.
    Oh, yes, I just remembered… there was another child in the cardboard windowed van with Nicole, not just the one with the cap, looking down. One behind Nicole, one who wears glasses…? If you can abide it, check it out again…
    Oh, and thank you Sally for all the mind numbing transcribing you do. You’re the best!


  17. “It might be al that I just don’t have the same goals as you. I do not desire that which will only doth rot and wither away”.

    I took the above statement by Joe to mean he does not desire material goods in order to be happy. ? Isn’t he a gem?

    Well, bully for you, Joe-boy. Running water and flushing toilets are not counted as material items by most people. They would come under necessities in the sanitation and hygiene category, something you obviously know little about. In fact, material items would be the Dollar Store rubbish you and your little wifey purchase for the kids every so often. Cheap disposable crap.

    Honestly, the delusion is strong with these ones.


  18. That 25 minute drive to work would have been better spent chatting to the child in the van
    No sane person behaves like NN did today in front of a child
    Most people want to protect children from that stuff
    Cps/guardian ad litem DO YOUR JOB protect the kids from that horrible situation


  19. You have more patience than I do. I couldn’t watch to the end. I was distracted by the hole in her sweater and the scratching. Why are they always scratching???


  20. One thing I found interesting was that NN said her timeline on a new cabin was before the baby was born, not winter as told to her by CPS. Seems like she was telling us she had given JN an ultimatum. Once again that 4 letter word comes about, plan. They have a plan for a cabin, a plan for a water catchment system, a new plan for a bigger garden, a plan to have a shower/bathroom with solar heated water, a plan to get all their evidence together for the numerous lawsuits….
    A final note, your children should not be stressed out by their parents every minute of every day. I cannot imagine the anxiety levels of those poor kids. Your children do not need to know all the details of every PERCEIVED problem you have. Let them be kids. They have enough strikes against them without the ulcers, sleeplessness, anxiety the N’s have given them.
    I guess they think that makes up for birthdays…


  21. “And even then, after that, she kept pushing to have things dug, and have things dug, and have things dug, and she still, she still pulls up things, like she’s concerned that our non-conformist life is endangering. We’re concerned that because we don’t live like everybody else there might be some damage done. Like, now, not conforming is some form of child abuse or something.”

    “But back to our case, that’s how they pulled it in the case, they just kept holding things over our head, using pressure of, um, more criminal charges, and other issues that had nothing to do with our children, um, such as the contempt charges. We don’t even know what they would have been but we know they would have filed them, and we could have fought them, but we would have had to fight them from jail. We would have had to fight them without our kids. And that wasn’t, that wasn’t an option anymore.”

    So, I want to pull these paragraph statements and talk to them. Speaking to “non conforming”, relative to laws.

    Yesterday, in the comments on BLH to the video post. A commenter: ” Why did you decide not to register them for homeschooling.” Nicole’s response: “I am not a conformist. It was my way of opposing unjust laws. We are in compliance now, however. I was strongly convinced to comply. wink emoji.”

    So, Nicole’s way of opposing in her opinion ,unjust laws, is to do the non conforming. Breaking the law. She knows the laws, apparently, and chooses to ignore them and do what she wants. Or in her term, non conform/comply.

    And there you have it. From her statements above, her contentious and contempt. Criminal charges and other events landing in court. Uh, Nicole, that is a contentious environment for your children. A mantra that impacts those children, and can have mental/emotional detriment. Growing up, arbitrarily self choosing to violate laws that one deems as unjust laws, is not the way to navigate life. You are the parent, the guiding light and responsible person to these children. Yes, it is neglect/abuse.

    I hope CPS stays involved with your children, for as long and longer. While you keep up your non complying disregard for laws. And justice will do it’s thing. Martyrdom fail…


  22. “…..if we bought that stupid prefab cabin, wasted our money buying a prefab, instead of waiting until we could build a better one, cause CPS only said by the time winter comes, and my rule was before the baby was born, so it would have been way before their deadline even, but we had to buy that prefab to get our kids home.”

    Gawd, that reeks of gratefulness. (snark). If one looks back on BLH posts prior to May, 2015, she was continually begging for donations. Even a few dollars, to purchase some nails. They didn’t have two nickels to rub together, according to her fundme pleas. I assume the items listed on the GFM, were what they thought CPS required in returning the children. Acceptable housing, a newer van, laptops and electronics and books for the children’s educational needs, and more. I think the GFM changed from Joe to Pace, and from legal fees to those items, when there was uproar.

    Instead of waiting until we could build a better one, before winter? ffs. That fucking “plan” has been going on for more than 3 years! Nicole even did a video this time last year, of the proposed cabin build site. Gonna be building it a little at a time, starting soon. lol.

    So there you are, all you empathetic fundme donating, good peeps. She bought a stupid prefab cabin. “Wasted our money”. I guess “our” can mean errbody’s money. Just send more, she’ll make sure not to waste it this time.


  23. “Through no fault of our own, we lived in a dilapidated home.”

    Well, in the two years since then they haven’t built a cabin. They hadn’t built it in the 1 or 2 years they had been living there already. So yes, it is their fault (Joe and Nicole).

    Exactly whose fault is it if not their own? Did she think that a dwelling just springs up overnight, like Jack’s beanstalk?

    “The cabin that we were living in, it was safe. I know it was safe, we lived in it for a whole winter. It was clean because we kept it clean.”

    Except it wasn’t a cabin. It was a lean-to and it wasn’t that clean because we saw the pictures and video taken by the news crew you had follow you around on clean-up day. Plus the video from the news crew taken from a helicopter when this hit.

    Sheriff Todd Pate isn’t an attorney, so he’s not as conversant with the laws as an attorney. Plus, if the man testified in your favor or at least in a way with which you approve, why the hell are you so vile towards him?

    “Um, we have recorded everything except for what happens in closed family court.”

    In light of your organizational skills and knowledge of the law that was seen when you went after Lisa, I doubt you will be very convincing. Carry on.


  24. This:

    “and now parents are afraid to bring children to the emergency room for, um, you know, bumps and bruises because they know CPS is gonna accuse them of something or take them or something. The incidence of this is so high that it’s now become a risk in parenting, you know, what do I do.”

    Why would a parent take a child to an emergency room for “bumps and bruises”?

    I took my kids to the emergency room (in most cases, urgent care instead) for the following: a nasty hand laceration, a severe allergic reaction, a broken arm after a bad fall off a horse, and flu with vomiting so bad the child was becoming dangerously dehydrated and needed fluids. Oh, and a tiny metal shaving stuck in an eyeball.

    I don’t recall ever being accused of child abuse, or having any fear of the doctor.

    Then again, I’m not an argumentative paranoid shrew who knows better than the doctors…with a rat’s nest on my head and holes in my clothes who doesn’t believe in health insurance. And while my kids were sometimes dressed in thrift store clothes, they were always clean and in good repair and their shoes weren’t falling apart and stinking of decay.

    There are mothers in third world Africa who keep their kids clean and their clothes looking and smelling nice. It’s a matter of good parenting. It’s a matter of caring about your children and caring how people treat your children.

    The basic lack of common sense involved in the typical Naugler picture of a child whose face is covered in food astounds me. Hey Nicole? Guess what happens when your baby falls asleep with food on his face? Flies come and lay eggs. On your baby’s face. Isn’t that cute? They also lay eggs on the straps of your baby’s car seat, and bacteria and mold grow there, too…on all that smeared food that you don’t bother to clean off the kid, never mind the straps that will rub against his skin next time. I know! Let’s take a picture! Gross.

    Here’s a clue. When you live in a closed space with a shit bucket and several children who are not yet toilet trained and no washing machine….there’s an odor. Probably one you’ve gone nose blind to. The odor gets in your clothes, your hair, your bedding.

    If your children didn’t look exhausted, if their shoes weren’t falling apart, if the whole household didn’t smell like a nursing home, if they could bathe without taking an all day trip to the dog tub…..
    ….if their parents didn’t look wired on anxiety tighter than crackheads ALL THE FUCKING TIME…..maybe, just maybe….no one at the doctor’s office would look at you sideways? Ever consider that?


  25. shes critcizing someone for being at Kentucky derby instead of helping kids? Kind of hypocritical. Out and about doing bs stuff and not actually doing any work on the homestead to improve the living conditions? Why build more in other places but not your own home? If someone can install 3 things in one day why cant thins help accomplish building more beds on the blh? Or another room?


  26. So, that’s what happened that evening. I was in my car. I told my children, you know, reminded them of their rights, of not to have to, they don’t have to talk to police, they don’t have to answer questions, and, um, they voluntarily went, um, my oldest one was a little more voluntarily than my younger son was, went with the police. I verbally opposed that.
    If your children have been raised in the environment that we see, rights, rights, cops are horrible people, rights rights. And they STILL chose to go voluntarily, there are definitely issues deeper than you pretend there are. They probably were thankful someone finally stepped in and took them. The state really screwed up when they returned them because all that did was reinforce your idea that they can’t/won’t do anything and you’re providing adequately. At least they’re not giving full parental control back to you two slugs. They’re probably dragging this out because your care plan is so extensive that trying to allow you to accomplish it in a reasonably short amount of time would be impossible.
    One thing is for sure the state doesn’t have time nor resources to keep sending a caseworker to monitor good parents parenting.
    I also have come to the conclusion that Nikki keeps setting these fires on social media because where else would she get the smoke for her never ending smoke and mirror show.


  27. Oh yes, CPS forced them to buy that one garden shed. They wouldn’t let them buy anything else. No second garden shed. No double wide trailer. No pre-fab house. It had to be that one, small garden shed for 12 people.

    Oh wait, or, more likely, did CPS say they had to have a home of some sort to put their kids in before they got them back? And instead of making plans and getting started and putting something on that concrete pad they’ve shown in videos, which could have been started within days of losing the kids, did the Nauglers fight and argue about “their rights” instead? I distinctly remember N. saying in some video or another that they didn’t want to start a permanent cabin without the kids’ input. Did they delay too long, and when they finally realized the only way to get the kids back was to have some sort of 4 walled shelter, was the biggest garden shed they could find the cheapest, easiest, fastest solution they could come up with?

    Given how long the making of the crates at the business seems to be taking, they’re looking at another winter or two in the garden shed before a whole cabin can be built. Hopefully they won’t be trying to make it exclusively out of donated shipping pallets and small trees chopped down from the “homestead.”

    It is interesting that they don’t seem to recognize the discrepancies in their own versions of the facts–was it nothing but school registration or was it “dependency”? Was it “dilapidated” housing or positive pot tests? Just the GAL or does the judge have no power in her own court room?


  28. A few points (sorry if they have already been covered).

    Did the unanimous known person who called into CPS tell CPS that Joe was abusive to her in front of his children and that he TOLD his children to grab a gun from the car???? That alone would cause me to call the police & CPS!!! Would that reason alone cause the sheriff to come out & want to see & talk to the children?? She didn’t need to know you or have met your children to base her reasoning on how the children were being raised because Joe showed right then and there to her what was going on, he was abusive to two women in front of his children, he was stealing water, he told his children to grab a gun. He showed his children that being abusive to women is ok, using guns on two women is ok and that stealing water & trespassing is ok.

    And no Nicole, Sheriff Pate doesn’t think it is “kinda neat” what ya all are doing, he was trying placate you. I am sure he doesn’t think it’s neat that two parents go on about their “rights” when he is more concerned about the children & what’s going on with them.

    Nicole you do post pictures of people homes EVEN when one of the people came out and ask what you were doing & told you not to take pictures of her property. Yet you still posted pictures of her place and gave us all a lesson on why it is your right to do so. Can you even say that maybe you are slightly a hypocrite? You stalk & dox people all the time. You’ve done it to me. You have Charles do it all the time.

    Your “cabin” would never have been finished before winter!! Who are you trying to kid??? Where is your bigger cabin now?? What money was wasted on the big cabin that was planned because you were forced to buy the shed before the kids were taken?? How could the money been wasted on having to buy the shed when YOU HAD NO MONEY BEFORE THE KIDS WERE TAKEN??? Why is there no new cabin now?? You don’t need donations as you clearly stated the cabin was in the plans before CPS & the donations. It was early May & yet with fall and winter just months away no building was under construction. The new cabin was to be built before the baby was to be born in October. Why was there no proof of that even in the works?? Why are you laughing at CPS over that? Was your new bigger cabin just going to be a tent or something?? Why wasn’t the new cabin being built if it was already in the plans? Why didn’t CPS find the new bigger cabin foundation or any beginnings on it when they came out??? Where are your reasoning skills???

    You weren’t living in filth when CPS came out?? Did you not notice your mattered? Did you not notice the place where you all slept?? Did you not notice the kitchen pictures you posted or the sick kids picture you posted??? It’s like you are the cat lady or hoarder who doesn’t see the mess they are living in.

    Thank goodness for CPS making you & Joe spent donation money (I donated) on the shed. Had it not been for CPS directing you on how to spend it the money I am positive the bulk of the 45 plus would have been spent at the dollar store & on fireworks.

    You were driving in the rain & videoing this stupid drivel. Your kids were in the car. You kept looking at your fucking self in video. You paid more attention to something that happened two years ago then to the children in your car or the other people on the road. You were clearly not in the right mind to be driving on the road. I hope someone shows this to your highway patrol. You showed your children it’s ok to mess with your phone while driving!!! You are the mother & as such are responsible to set forth a GOOD example on how to conduct your life! Just quit being selfish.

    [Admin: LOL Off limits, but you knew that. ](Sally, I know these two are off limits, I just wanted to see how she responds to her own hypocrisy & drivel & I wanted to give her back some of what she throws at people who disagrees with her).


  29. [Admin: I’m sorry. Business-related. I think people have been slipping comments like this by me and I’ve been reading rapidly and not noticing. This is just off-limits. ] And it seems to me that N should be spending this week gathering pieces of paper to stuff into her bag instead of recycling two-year-old news. Time to go a courtin’!


  30. Kentucky is famous for three things. Bourbon, fried chicken and horses, specifically the Kentucky Derby.

    You bet the governor attended the Derby. It’s his job. He was busy representing the entire state. Every citizen in the Commonwealth, not just a handful of bitter special interest snowflakes who cost the Commonwealth money through their own actions.


  31. Thanks for the transcript. I just want to grab Nicole by the shoulders and scream at her. The big, evil guberment isn’t out to get your family, you idiot! The only enemy you have is yourself!

    Our CPS case was closed in only a few months. It would have been closed earlier, but the people CPS wanted to evaluate us weren’t able to schedule us quickly. We were polite to our caseworker and their supervisor even when they were being, in our opinion, a bit stupid. I’m happy to know our local CPS I thorough, but demanding we keep more junk food in the house seemed like a stupid thing to focus on when all my kids are in the 80th percentile for higher for height and weight. We bitched PRIVATELY to ourselves and started keeping more Doritos on hand.

    As for building a suitable living structure, that should be no argument. One of the reasons the case is still open I because these idiots think a halfassed leanto is appropriate housing for their kids.

    I’ve mentioned it before, but my oldest son designed (and partially paid for) a play house for my youngest son. We built it this week. Fully up to code with electicity (3 outlets and a ceiling fan w/light fixture) and water hookup (outside sink and hose hookup, but can easily install inside water). It has 1 double window, 2 standard windows and I fully insulted. I’m waiting for the removable window fans to come in the mail to make sure the place isn’t a sweatbox. We had help from an electrician, a plumber, and a roofer and we also paid to have the siding and storm shutters professionally installed. If we put in a bathroom and a kichenette, I could easily rent I out as an efficiency. Planning and prep began in the fall lead by a young teenager with me overseeing. With just half of that GFM money, they could have had a really nice livable structure custom built in a month or so.

    As I said before, they don’t want to do anything that requires actual WORK. They seem to me like lazy teenagers who have resisted growing up. When my teenager acts like this, it pisses me off, but it’s age appropriate. The worst that’s happened is he didn’t have a clean shirt once (and he employed the Febreez method) and our trash wasn’t on the curb in time for pickup a few times. No long term damage. But an adult couple behaving this way, especially with kids involved, is dangerous! My son has me to remind him and scold him in an effort to help him eventually learn how to adult. Since the Nauglers insist on acting like lazy teenagers, the “evil” guberment is left with no choice but to be the ones who needs to make them adult enough to keep the kids safe.


  32. I’ve had to take my kids to the ER twice.

    Eldest had febrile seizures. Turns out the toddler had an asymptomatic ear infection at 15 months. Released within two hours.

    Younger ran into a door jamb and got a gash on the forehead that needed a few stitches. Kid was 4 or so. We still call it the “Harry Potter scar”. Released after the stitches and tetanus booster. All three of us got 2 popsicles apiece from the hospital staff.

    No CPS involvement.

    It helps to not be a braying jackass.


  33. Someone offered to BUILD THEM A HOUSE on-site, for FREE.

    They wanted money instead.


  34. 45k could have easily bought a used mobile home, or even a house kit. Most house kits start on average around $33 per sq ft. Let’s say they got a 1k floor plan; that’s not even 35k.


  35. In October 1999, the Commission on Guardians ad
    Litem recommended the following as the responsibilities
    of a guardian ad litem:
     A GAL should determine the facts of the case
    by interviewing the child, Cabinet for Families and
    Children family services worker, family members,
    therapist and others as necessary, and by reviewing
    reports and other information. When interviewing
    a child is impractical (due to age or other circumstances),
    inspection of the home or place of care
    and/or an interview with the foster parent or
    caretaker is an adequate substitute. If these events
    do not occur, perhaps due to hostility toward the
    GAL or other safety concerns, the GAL should
    document the reason the action did not occur.
     A GAL should meet with and observe the child,
    assess the child’s needs and wishes with regard to
    the representation and issues in the case, and explain
    the proceedings to the child according to the child’s
    ability to understand.
     A GAL should appear at all hearings concerning
    the child.
     A GAL should make recommendations for
    specific and clear orders for evaluation, services,
    and treatment for the child and the child’s family.
     A GAL should file all necessary pleadings and
    papers, and maintain a complete file with notes rather
    than relying upon court files.
     During the term of the appointment, a GAL
    should monitor the implementation of court orders
    and determine whether service(s) ordered by the
    court for the child or the child’s family are being
    provided in a timely manner and are accomplishing
    their purpose. If a GAL believes services are not being
    provided in a timely manner, or if he/she believes the
    family has failed to take advantage of these services,
    or if the GAL believes the services
    are not accomplishing their purpose, he/she should
    file a motion for appropriate relief. The GAL should
    assess whether the Cabinet for Families and Children
    is making reasonable efforts as defined in state and
    federal law and should challenge the adequacy of
    those efforts when appropriate.
    Responsibilities of a Guardian ad Litem
     Representation by the GAL continues so long
    as the appointing authority retains jurisdiction over
    the child.
     Consistent with the Rules of Professional
    Responsibility, a GAL should identify common
    interests among the parties and, to the extent possible,
    promote a cooperative resolution of the matter.
     A GAL should consult, as necessary and
    consistent with existing rules of confidentiality,
    with other persons knowledgeable about the child
    and the child’s family to identify the child’s interests,
    current and future placements that would be best
    for the child, and necessary services for the child.
     A GAL should submit, as ordered, an oral or
    written report to the court.
     A GAL should advocate the child’s best interests,
    but advise the court when the child disagrees with the
    attorney’s assessment of the case.

    Nicole needs to read up on the GAL’s job, you’d think she would, but it’s more fun to pretend you know everyone’s job. Then again, we’ve seen her prowess in the courtroom.


  36. That alone would cause me to call the police & CPS!!!

    Joe created, by his actions, a situation where the person felt she had to call the police. Every adult in Kentucky is considered a mandatory reporter when it comes to child abuse, and telling a minor child to “get the gun” in confrontational situation is considered child abuse. The person had no choice about calling CPS. The call was required by law. I’m sick and tired of her being blamed for this.


  37. Point 3.

    This wasnt the first, ahem, “prefab cabin” put on that property by Ma and Pa.


  38. This wasnt the first, ahem, “prefab cabin” put on that property by Ma and Pa.

    That is a very good point. The first garden shed predated the great CPS visit by about a year. They weren’t “forced” to get it.


  39. The comment about parents being afraid to take their kids to the ER is such bullshit.

    I’ll admit it, my kids have been to the ER a ton. More than I would like. I have five active kids. Now that they are all teens and adults we rarely ever go to the ER. My kids have gone for several broken bones. A few too many for my comfort level so I took my daughter to the orthopedic surgeon and wanted to make sure there wasn’t something wrong. There wasn’t. We had had two kids break wrists within a week of each other. Yes, I was nervous. Our pediatrician was on call at the ER both times, she laughed. Several kids have had stitches, one had staples in his head, and that was terrifying. There have been skateboarding incidents, bike incidents, roller blading incidents, trampoline incidents, snowboarding incidents, flipping off the monkey bars at school incidents (that one required reconstructive surgery). So I have accident prone kids and I have never once hesistated to take them to the ER or the doctor, ever. They get sick or injured they go to the doctor. They answer questions, there is no hesistation, it’s okay. Never once has anyone ever accused us of abuse because doctors and nurses aren’t idiots, they know kids get hurt, it happens. Are there parents afraid and who avoid emergency care or regular checkups? Probably. But I have to wonder why that is and what they are hiding.


  40. I guess I just wanna know why Miss Dani’s teenaged son bought his little brother what sounds like a sweet and elaborate play house?

    Sounds cool. What’s the backstory on that?


  41. Joe said that CPS would not return the children until he was drug-free. It took 8 weeks before he was clean. The kids could have been returned two months earlier if not for Joe’s illegal drug habit.


  42. Interested Bystander made an important point–someone offered to build a house for them and they Nauglers rejected the offer. Nicole waxed lyrical about her pre-fab “cabin” when she got it though she was wistful that it wasn’t what she wanted. Now she says CPS made her get “that stupid cabin.” It’s a shed at best and nothing more than a stop-gap measure for the Nauglers to graduate to more suitable housing. But they have had suitable housing and have made a point to trash their suitable housing. Something tells me the garden shed domicile isn’t doing too well. It has to be beaten up, moldy, termitey, and rotting. Most people’s garden sheds out here get wet, moldy, and rotten eventually without a dozen people residing in the structure. The Nauglers certainly aren’t spared from this.

    Nicole is bitter because legal matters have not gone well for them, nobody is praising her celebratory snake hair or her crusade against ‘da man’ in ways that count (monetarily), and I think her family’s pretty close to being broke. The Nauglers are amazing in the sense that they keep doing the same things over and over, worser and worser, and expecting beautiful outcomes.


  43. someone offered to build a house for them and they Nauglers rejected the offer.

    I know somebody claims that. I have strong doubts that it is true.


  44. Somewhere….I seen someone offering to have themselves and a group of people come build a house for them. I’m positive it’s still sitting out there as a comment on one of her BLB posts. I just started looking into this last fall, I went pretty far back in the BLB posts and I remember seeing it. She’ll see this and spend all day looking for it to delete it now. On that note, I was pretty disappointed to see the scrubbed up comments on the latest live video.


  45. The Nogs have many weapons. Guns are not cheap. Much of the GFM money was likely used for this reason. No one should give them a dime.

    In a recent tragic case, in Joliet, Il a home was condemned following the death of a toddler.It was a house with walls and a roof and indoor plumbing. No way is the Nog excuse for shelter adequate housing. Anywhere else, those children would likely be in state custody.

    I comment very little because the entire Nog saga is just unbelievable and at times makes me ragey.


  46. Somewhere….I seen someone offering to have themselves and a group of people come build a house for them. I

    I’m not saying that someone didn’t offer. I doubt that the offer was sincere.


  47. Ah, the saga of their lousy (probably true at this point) domicile. They had a shed. It was returned because it did not please Medusa. It was repossessed because the Nauglers signed on the line and somehow expected that they didn’t have to make payments.

    Then came the lean to. Sorry, Medusa, the Appalachian trail boasts nicer lean tos than that pathetic structure your hubs built. Actually, many of the domiciles on the show “Alone” are better than that lean to you guys built. Yes, CPS, regardless of Medusa spin, understandably found the housing to be atrocious and understandably insisted that you provide a real shelter for your children.

    So, the latest installment has been the current garden shed paid for courtesy the well-meaning people duped by Medusa and rubber-lipped Ewok. Fireworks also paid for courtesy of the same folks. Darn this blog! Medusa can’t just say events happened how she wishes they had without her readers being tempted to come here and see the unsavory bits she left out.

    When the present domicile shed disintegrates, what will the next domicile be? The shop?


  48. Parents have rights, yes, but children also have rights. Really, ALL of this would have been avoided if they’d let the authorities talk with the kids. Talking with the kids is part of how they determine if there’s probable cause for more action. It’s part of the investigation! Yes, a parent can “invoke right” and demand a warrant, but if you make CPS get a warrant, they’re going to take the kids because you’ve shown you’ve probably got something to hide. Weigh the options.

    That conversation is recorded and posted if anybody wants to hear it.

    It shows Pate tried very hard to avoid needing to take anymore action.

    Our case is still open because closing it would mean they would have to admit they were wrong and that’s never going to happen.

    No, it wouldn’t. Closing a case means the issues were resolved, not that they never existed.

    The cabin that we were living in, it was safe. I know it was safe, we lived in it for a whole winter.

    No one dying doesn’t mean it was safe. It’s a miracle none of the kids died in that shack of sticks.

    if we bought that stupid prefab cabin, wasted our money buying a prefab,

    You BITCH. People donated tens of thousands of dollars for you to build a better home! That wasn’t money for you to vacation with, which you did since the shack of sticks wasn’t as good as a hotel. You DID NOT earn that!! Stop making it sound like it was your hard-earned money used to buy the shed! That money wasn’t a gift for you to do whatever. It was to BUILD A HOME. It was handed to you. You are an ungrateful shame to humanity.

    Like, now, not conforming is some form of child abuse or something.

    What you see as conforming, sane people see as knowing how to coexist in civilized society.

    we have a right to seek medical treatment how we want, we have a right to educate how we want,

    Here’s how it works. Your kids have a right to an education. Your right, as a parent, is in how to provide that, not to decide whether or not it’s provided. Your kids have a right to medical care. Your right, as a parent, is in how to provide that. If your kid has cancer, you can choose from the available medical options, but you can’t choose to deprive your kids of all medical care.


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