My Little Lawyer Friend

The following was originally written as a comment, but I think it deserves its own page.  So I asked the author, who Nicole refers to as my “little lawyer friend, if it could be reproduced here.  She agreed.

I present Lisa Luthi as a guest blogger on what is involved in a civil lawsuit.


Please note that all of the following is my opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice. AKA “don’t try this at home.” Think of this comment as an incomplete, quasi-tongue-in-cheek, potential outline of what civil lawsuits can be like.

Has anyone kept a list of all the people, agencies, counties and states that Nicole and Joe have said they are suing? It seems every week they add to the list. “The lawsuit papers are all filled out,” or something like that.

At an approximate $225 for filing fees and service per lawsuit the initial minimal costs can add up. It would appear from their statements that they have now entered their “litigation phase” and rather than spend time with their family, building their homestead, business or bridges with their community, they are going to spend the next several years purposefully and voluntarily gracing the courthouses of the commonwealth instituting and involved in what I believe are frivolous and wrongly motivated lawsuits.

It would seem that rather than using funds to improve the family situation they intend to expend those funds instead on chasing after their perceived “enemies” or anyone they imagine has wronged them be it based in reality or self-delusion. Priorities, I suppose. It may very well be time for me to look up who owns Hardee’s and buy some stock.

Might I suggest that some kind and gullible person Amazon gift them (don’t forget to use the affiliate program for the Sheriff’s Children’s Ranch-send a kid to camp please) a copy of Kentucky Rules Of Civil Procedure (approx. $400) and Kentucky Rules of Court (approx. $200).

They will most probably need several thousand dollars worth of gift cards for the printer company for all the screenshots they think they will need.

Hint: in circuit court you have to provide the copies to the court and opposing counsel of any evidence that you are allowed to submit. So triplicates of each screenshot if not more.

Hint: that “evidence allowed to submit” phrase is a loaded statement. That’s where the book regarding civil procedure comes in. Not quite as cut and dry as criminal law, civil procedure involves some pretty complicated concepts and a ton of cross referencing.

Hint: the costs of a lawsuit can be found in the copy room, man power, in expert testimony, private investigators, forensic accountants, court reporters for depositions, in all kinds of expenses that far exceed the paltry filing fees.

Hint: information that had heretofore been confidential or protected under other laws may become part of the lawsuit record and available to the public.

Might I suggest a careful perusal of the rules regarding authentication, discovery and hearsay.

Hint: playing a partial audio tape from your phone doesn’t cut it. Refusing to provide documents such as tax returns, bank statements, financial books, etc because you haven’t done them or don’t have them doesn’t cut it.

Hint: due to the ease of forging or “manipulating” evidence the law is rather persnickety about proper authentication. I can assure you that authenticating screenshots is not a cheap affair as even with a deep discount this has cost me a pretty penny during this kerfuffle and the company I hired has barely scratched the surface.

While Mr or Mrs “Kind and Gullible” are at it might I also suggest they gift any number of books regarding judgements and collecting judgements. Also a perusal of KRS Chapter 427 might be a good start.

While one might think that they have nothing to lose because they think they are judgement proof few people actually are. Unless they are willing to own absolutely nothing of any value, that is not exempt per the rules, into their dotage, or have an ownership or potential ownership interest in any real property, own a car that isn’t a beater, work or have a business (please see piercing the corporate veil and other relevant law) during the lengthy period that a judgement is collectible, nor have any bank accounts, PayPal, square, gofundme or any other for a number of years.

In Kentucky a judgement is good for 15 years, but then it can be renewed. It can be legally moved to another county or state following the debtors. Garnishments (KRS 425), attachments and judgement liens (KRS 426) , oh my.

Bankruptcy (see Federal law) has morphed over the years and is no longer the “get out of jail free card” too many think it is. Imagine every penny that comes your way having to be paid into the court and then the court paying your obligations. Many people simply fail at following through on a bankruptcy.

So yes, legally, you can get blood from a turnip for years and years if you are motivated enough.

Let us also not forget some fun legal concepts such as contempt, sanctions and punitive damages. A jury of your peers isn’t what you would think it is, imo. Either party can call any and all witnesses for deposition and trial if their testimony relates to the lawsuit at hand.

Of course there is that pesky thing call cross examination. Often where the wheat is separated from the chaff. The burden of proof far exceeds that which one would provide to a hand picked Facebook audience.

Also I’d like to note that attorney fees and collection costs are recoverable, and the interest rate on a judgement was 12 percent the last time I looked.

Last but not least, should the plaintiffs somehow manage to prevail on whatever causes of action they are trying to cook up, imo, in any of the myriad lawsuits threatened there is the question of provable, properly documented and legally recoverable damages. A rather high bar to hurdle, imo, when you seek the limelight only to find that you have made yourself infamous.


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  1. >>when you seek the limelight only to find that you have made yourself infamous<>ease of forging or “manipulating” evidence<<
    A Nicole Naugler specialty. She is the queen of lies and spin.

    Thank you, Lisa, for the brilliant post. You excel in communication skills and your writing is superb.


  2. Your last statement is the lynch pin, isn’t it? Even if they find a sympathetic judge they have to prove they have suffered monetary losses because of your alleged harassment. You don’t get compensated in court for hurt feels.

    Happy that justice prevailed! I just wasted an entire morning watching the entire court proceeding and am still shocked that she did even have her documents ready to go after all of this time. What a waste of time and money for you, Lisa.


  3. ?

    I have offered amazon manytimes, and I get no answer. I think they would just return any gifts for the $ since that is what Im told is done when things are gifted/donated.


  4. Lisa,

    Thank you! You painted a clear-yet-detailed picture that was very satisfying to read.

    Thanks, Sally, for making it a post on your blog.

    I almost hate to put such a dopey question here, but I have to know: Were those COLOR copies Nicole brought into the courtroom?


  5. I enjoyed this guest comment/blog very much. Most people, thankfully, have little to no actual experience in being sued, suing someone, or being involved in courtroom proceedings. I have worked in civil litigation in California for over 25 years, first as a legal secretary, then an office manager, and now office manager/paralegal/bookkeeper/you name it! One of the reasons working in this field appealed to me was because there is a procedure that must be followed in the law. There are statutes as to how long you have to file a complaint, a time frame in which you must properly serve your complaint or answer a complaint served on you, time frames for serving and responding to discovery, etc. It’s a logical, statute-driven process.

    As Lisa pointed out – the costs add up, sometimes pretty quickly. It’s not just the initial filing fee (which, btw, in California is fairly hefty: $435 per party, to file a complaint in civil court if you value your case over $25,000; and $370 per party to file a complaint if the value is under $25,000. If you want your case to eventually be heard by a jury, you have to deposit $150 with the Court early on in the proceedings. If you want to subpoena any sort of records that could then possibly be used as evidence in your case, you’ll easily shell out hundreds of dollars, even for a few records. Add in attorney’s fees, court reporter’s fees for any depositions, plus the time and disruption to your usual life, it all adds up pretty fast.

    Any money the Nauglers spend on frivolous lawsuits is money taken away from much needed household expenses, such as food, water, clothing. I don’t know if this is a sign of desperation on the Nauglers’ part — as in, their on-line donations may be dropping to very low levels, so they are trying to generate an income stream by suing and hoping to prevail and get some big awards. Or maybe it’s just the next logical step in their long road toward a complete and utter breakdown of their reality. No matter what they do, they will retain a certain small group of loyal supporters – people who are misfits just like them, or so lonely and isolated that reading Nicole’s FB pages is the closest thing they have to friends and comaraderie (sad if that’s the case). But they’ve already lost the bigger war – most people who came charging to their defense years ago have had they eyes opened to the truth and they won’t be fooled again.


  6. Yikes, those bills are certainly going to be piling up for the Naugs. They really should just drop this and take care of their family, which they won’t. So sad.


  7. I’m still baffled that they allow cell phones in the courtroom, let alone allowing them to be turned on and used. How do they insure she isn’t taking pictures or video?


  8. Catching up on all the blessed Littles today and to check in here, too, when I got notice of the new post! Just wanted to express a thank you for continuing the blessed little traditions and what not.

    I also wanted to note an observation I’ve made over the last 2 plus years. It’s not really hard to carry on with one’s life, even while maintaining an online presence. You just carry on with your life. You participate in YOUR life and ignore everything else…if that’s what you want.

    I’ve heard that tired old line, “The ‘trolls’ say they will leave me alone if I just get offline but I’m just defending myself and those around me! I’m just documenting the harressment!”

    News flash! You don’t have to get offline, you don’t have to stop documenting the ‘harressment’! You can keep chronicling your life on the ole’ homestead. You can keep saving screenshot after screenshot after screenshot forever. Who gives a flying fuck?

    The mistake you make is participating in stirring the shit. It’s one thing when you’re ignoring the ‘trolls’ publicly (all while saving screenshots out the wazoo if you want) and it’s another altogether when you actually participate in stirring the stink by publicly posting your screenshots just to further fan the flames of troll warfare.

    These days, people (judges and juries are people, too) assign blame. 100% one party. 80%/20%. 50%/50%. Do you see where I’m going here? If you want peace of mind, go ahead, hold those two buttons down at the same time and then sit down with your children to discuss their day. Wash the dishes with one of them. Watch the stars come out. Read a story together. Draw pictures. Roll in the grass. Giggle over the accidental fart. Forget about the internet, FB and your cellphone. Step away from yhe cellphone! Live in the moment with the people who should mean the most to you, your family.


  9. Meet her burden of proof? All she has to do is bring a pile of screen shots that she has printed to court, and tell the judge that they aren’t organized because her toddler dumped the bag. And provide an incomplete, unauthenticated recording. I mean, it worked for her in family court. Oh, wait.



  10. Lisa great post, TY. Happy you have been so clearly vindicated and the court video has shown what utter and total fools these two are.
    I do think Nicole came to court prepared…in her mind that is. Problem being there was NOTHING to prepare or bring in but a pile of worthless papers. The paper shuffle was hilarious as she pretended there might have been something to find, loved the cut to the judge and your table, everyone so bored and politely patient, I swear I was waiting for someone to open up a bag of chips and a soda and prop their feet up, (and then her quip, ‘my toddler emptied my bag’… lmao.) So many ridiculous Naugler moments exposed.

    It really seemed a “saving face” moment when she spoke about the civil suits, after the verdict, but who knows as they may be gambling on a big payday. Loved Bolus asking her if she made money off her Facebook page, and his skillful retorts when she began her tirade. It was epic!
    I keep recalling Mr. Snead’s comment many moons ago during the car incident, ‘you folks are always looking to sue someone ‘, to which JoJo vehemently denied. Seems he had them pegged from day one. From your outline of expenses, seems like a very stupid way to gamble on a payout, but then these are the Nauglers, so there’s that.


  11. Bravo!

    Lisa, that was a wonderful breakdown in the basics of civil court. A nice lesson for the layman. Hopefully Nicole will read what you have written and take it to heart. It would be best for her to just move on and work on the homestead and the business and forget the silliness of frivolous civil suits that she will never win.


  12. I think the Nauglers live according to some kind of weird anti-logic devoid of personal consequences or costs. Something for nothing is all they are attracted to. They have a silly and childish notion of the law and legal proceedings and they can’t even qualify as unprepared and amateur. I had to laugh because much of the time in that IPO business was spent on Nicole rummaging through her immense tote bag trying to find the wealth of evidence in their years of “documenting” (and failing), in Nicole’s attempts to get sympathy with her emotional episodes, and in Joe being told over and over he couldn’t play counsel to Nicole. These people don’t have a pot to pee in but they are going to file civil suits. Right.


  13. Thank you, Ms. Luthi for your insight! I think someone must have told the Ns’ that money could be made via civil lawsuits and they saw dollar signs and hopped on that bandwagon, similarly to the way the Westboro Baptist Church gets their income. As much legal researching she has been doing, she completely skipped over the phrase “Burden of Proof.” Maybe someone could screenshot a definition of that phrase and send to her. Is there any way she could be charged for filing frivolous lawsuits and wasting the courts’ time?


  14. It seems to me that the people against whom she’s made false claims, which she’s admitted, can sue her for their legal expenses. It’s all documented!


  15. Very interesting. I’m a layman and this taught me how very in depth the whole process is. And I’m aware you just barely skimmed the surface. But, I’m afraid, as with everything else that could be construed as good advice, they’re likely going to think “Fuck you” and barrel forward. I’m frankly fascinated by their self destructive actions. I’ve known junkies with clearer thought processes regarding self preservation. (As an aside, those same junkies pulled back from the brink at just the right time and one is a famous author. The rest have lovely lives, too. It CAN be done. ) Hint, hint.


  16. It’s kind of a shame none of her unschooled kids are tech obsessed, so she wouldn’t have to resort to using her phone to record a podcast. I’m sure my son could show me how to download a podcast as it’s being played using my computer, without using a phone or any other device. If the audio was unclear, I know he could clean it up nicely for me. And no, he learned none of that at school, although he’s now studying electronics. Odd how even public school students can take an interest in things and learn them all by themselves.

    Civil lawsuits sound like a rather difficult and slow way to get some money. Probably putting those same hours into a more productive business would be more effective for most people.


  17. Want to bet The Blesseds pay for printer ink or copy services as a business expense. The IRS would not like that.


  18. Sheer luck,

    First: I want to say you crack me up. Kudos.

    Second: The screenshots she submitted. I don’t remember if they were b/w or color. The minute I saw them I had to bite my tongue from laughing out loud. All those screenshots. All that bullshit testimony from Nicole and this is what she produces?

    It was a visitor post to my page. A silly meme war. It was not about the horse/criminal charges incident as Nicole testified. Not even close. It was alluding to the “alleged” incident of her adult son and his woman following the elderly neighbor in their car. Nicole should know this as it was during the same time period as her post about said elderly neighbor stopping in the road and “pulling something from his pocket”. That would have been his camera phone. Nicole tried to spin it as some dangerous act or sinister setup. We were laughing at Nicole’s predictable antics. We were trying to warn the young lady’s family that this wasn’t healthy for her and the baby.


  19. Lisa, in Commonwealth of Kentucky, under what circumstances can a prevailing party enter a counterclaim to recover attorney costs?


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