Mr. Nutterbutter

John Oliver is a treasure.

Start here with a video. 

Just watch the video. It’s not terribly long. It’s a segment of Oliver’s show about guy who owns some coal mines.  You need to watch it to understand the rest of this.

The man, Bob Murray, didn’t want Oliver to do the piece, so he sent him a cease and desist letter (a real one from a real lawyer, because he has enough money to convince some idiot lawyer to actually write such a thing, unlike my little gem.)

This led, within days, to Murray actually suing John Oliver and everyone else he could think of.

The judge, after considering the matter, something that I suspect didn’t take very long, has dismissed the whole thing.

This case is an illustration of something I’ve said before. Reading court stuff is sometimes just plain fun.  Seriously, it is, or rather, it can be.

The ACLU of West Virginia submitted an amicus brief (amicus curiae means “friend of the court”, so it’s basically somebody standing up and saying, I have an strong interest about this and I think I have information that might be helpful to the court) in the case.

Don’t be put off by the fact that it says that it is 16 pages. It is, but you don’t need to read them all. One is a title page, several more are things like a table of contents. There are really only 10 pages that are meaningful.

They are a totally hilarious ten pages.

Here’s a teaser.

If you just can’t bear it and cannot read it and won’t read it because you are sure it will bore you to death, well, here is a summary. But you’re missing out.

Made my day.

Eat shit, Bob.



6 thoughts on “Mr. Nutterbutter”

  1. Hahahaha…

    “Apparently because Plaintiffs’ delicate sensibilities were offended, they clutched their pearls and filed this suit.”

    I’m enjoying the image of very serious-minded lawyers playing “rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock” in order to have the fun of writing THAT line. Bonus: it’s just the opening!

    IIIA1 “All of John Oliver’s Speech was Protected by the First Amendment. You Can’t Sue People for Being Mean to You, Bob.”

    Or you, Nicole and Jabba Joe.


  2. John Oliver is my favorite person!

    This was a great episode, but my favorite is the episode where he ripped Alex Jones up one side and down the other. Involved a taint wipe.

    I was thrilled to see the stupid lawsuit get tossed


  3. Kiss my grits Nicole Celeste Naugler, you catty little thing.

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    As an aside Nicole Naugler you might want to stop holding yourself out as Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC. It’s called defrauding the public when you use a corporate name that isn’t your own and we don’t want anyone to get confused so we have done our civic duty and reported to the proper agencies for resolution. (You might want to look up the fines and penalties, just saying, it’s a potential shit ton of bow sales.) Seeing how I’m a retired/voluntarily suspended attorney, don’t take my word for it. I suggest you talk with your own attorney about the matter.

    Tell you what since I’m feeling generous tonight I’ll save you the trouble of stalking our FB page.


    We have some pretty nice stuff and we haven’t even officially opened yet. Wait until we do it’s going to be awesome.

    Many thanks again to everyone who has participated in our soft sales. Best friends and customers ever.


  4. I’m sick in bed, and this caused painful coughing spells from laughing. Thank you for sharing this. Making a note to contribute to the ACLU.


  5. Sounds like Bob Murray should be listed as a vexatious litigant. Someone who routinely lodges meritless law suits which have little chance of winning, sometimes to purely harass, cause grief to, or shut down an opponent.
    I love John Oliver.


  6. (You might want to look up the fines and penalties, just saying, it’s a potential shit ton of bow sales.)

    I have to ask – a shit ton or a metric shit ton? LOL


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