Mothering? Is That What She Calls It?


Even when Nicole posts articles about parenting that she thinks will bolster her carefully crafted image of “Mother of the Year”, she is so disconnected from reality that she does not see that the articles invariably show her up as a failure.

Fun fact:  they did win the Ranker contest for “Absolute Worst Parents of the Year 2015”.

imageTake the above article Nicole posted from Renegade Mothering.  If you just skim Nicole’s post you can almost hear Nicole patting herself on the back and telling herself, and you, that she is perfectly justified in her abject failure as a mother.  Then you open the article and read it, something Nicole has admitted she rarely, if ever, does.

She should have read it.  The blog authoress lays out just what her responsibilities as a mother are.


Let us compare these responsibilities to Nicole’s reality.


If by provide for you mean beg, borrow and steal, then Joe and Nicole have got this one.

Begging seems to be a way of life with these two.  Everyone is probably familiar with the viral big payday.  I believe this one brought in close to $45,000.

Fun fact: doesn’t appear that they adhered to the below list of expenditures for that money, but hey, they will tell you, it’s none of your business how they spent your hard earned cash.  Sadly, they are right.  They can pretty much tell you whatever story they think will milk the most money from you, and then do what they want.  It’s become an ever increasing problem with unregulated personal charitable donations.

imageYou didn’t think there was just one GoFundMe did you?  There are, have been, and will probably continue to be all kinds of ways for them to get that last dollar from your pocket.  They have been at this for so long, there are so many examples to choose from, I could only include a small percentage.

imageLookee here.  They can even get other people to raise funds for them.  Their dear online friend, fellow Voluntaryist, spokesperson and all around swell guy, Pace Ellsworth, has been very active in both their cause, their fundraising and even her business.  Even on his business page he is asking for donations for them to “pay off their land”.

image“Send us more money.”  What?  You feel uncomfortable sending strangers money?  Not a problem, they take goods too.  They are not going to sit idly by and let that whole vast untapped market of potential donors pass them by.  No siree.image They have even mastered the art of subtle begging.  Child’s birthday?  Or maybe the child is just feeling blue?  This cute book would make him so happy.  Just click the little picture and it will bring you straight to a wish list of hundreds of things Nicole and the kids want.  They did a similar subtle beg for seeds when posting photographs of the children working hard on the garden meant to sustain the poor dears, but how many photographs can I post in one blog post.
image Why bless her heart, as if anyone could stop this juggernaut of online begging.  It appears to be the only full time continuous profession they work. It also appears as if some force has hindered their recent money flow from strangers on the Internet.
image Cash, Bitcoin, goods, repurposed whatever, they will gladly accept it all.    Fun fact: this is before the children were removed.  This is self sustained living off the grid at its finest according to Nicole and Joe.

image  Hey, even a dollar.  You’re a stranger?  No problem, just say you are a friend or family so they can squeeze every penny out of this.

imageAs regards “borrow” or steal please see the previous post about water.  Like a bad neighbor, the Nauglers are there, helping themselves to your water and who knows what else.

Fun Fact:  Pace Ellsworth also set up a donation page after the birth of the last baby for baby stuff and additional insulation for the shop.


Nurture is a more subjective concept, hard to quantify with photographs.  So just let me leave this photograph here.  Almost all the children are sick with food poisoning, well that is what Nicole wrote.  Luckily one or two of the children didn’t eat the rancid pancakes and are not sick so they can nurse the sick ones laying outside on the ground, and bring them water.  The goats help too, I suppose they are eating up the vomit?  Nicole is too busy taking photographs and writing about how this will teach the kids to ask her before they eat something.

Fun fact: Nicole actually claims to have cooked that day.  Pancakes, that Nicole says made the children ill.



There is nothing as luxurious as putting on nice clean clothes straight from the dryer.  This is not like that.  Not even close.
image image Fun Fact:  Nicole advertised a clothes swap on her pages.

image Bonus, you even get to write your name on your very own dirty laundry basket that holds your supposedly clean clothes.




Joe and Nicole haven’t been very successful in the grow your own food department.  They rely on the children to plan, build, plant and care for the garden with little to no guidance, because “unschooling”.  Let’s face it, starvation is a mighty motivator.  For a more in depth look at the issue, click here.

Animal husbandry, another failed endeavor.  There have been photographs and posts about rabbits and chickens.  A few photographs here and there of newly hatched chicks.  Followed by posts about how the rabbits and chickens have been eaten by their dogs, again.  So many plans, so little execution of those plans, nor for that matter, success.  The goats?  There is a separate blog post for them too.

Fun fact:  Joe and Nicole sneak off for fast food.

First let’s take a peek at Joe and Nicole’s custom kitchen.  Talk about well thought out and executed facilities.  Isn’t it Pinterest worthy?  It gets better.  Remember Nicole doesn’t like to cook, so rarely, if ever — does.  Joe seems to whip up a can of chili every once in a blue moon.  The children do the majority of the cooking in this rugged outdoor kitchen.  Even the littles have been photographed sweating and cooking over this lovely open fire pit of potential explosion.

image Here is an example of one of the meals cooked for the family by the children.  They’re just children so cut them some slack.  It’s not like their mother is teaching them or anything, you know, that unschooling thing again.

imagePlus there is only so much you can magically wizard into edible food when all you have is botulism in an unidentified can.

imageIt could be worse.  After all they do have a wide assortment of mystery cans to choose from. Thank goodness for the free food pantry and the kindness of strangers.



I have no words, but I don’t need any.  As they say, every picture tells a story.

Fun fact:  only Joe and Nicole had a mattress, the children got plywood.  They also got mud for Christmas.



Joe and Nicole throw around words and concepts such as homeschooling and unschooling.  Taking the children to the shop to wash dogs, unschooling lesson.  Having a child do the books for the business, unschooling.  Ordering things from a business catalog, yup, more unschooling.  Building a doorless hut for the shit buckets, you’ve got it, unschooling.

If you glance at this post, it almost looks impressive.

Then you look at it a little closer.  Nicole can’t tell you how the children learned to read or to do math?  No, I suppose parenting isn’t hard at all, if you’re not actually doing it.  The really frightening thing about this post though, doesn’t have to do with education, it has to do with problem resolution.  Nicole handles it the same way she does with a friend or neighbor.  I’m just leaving that be for right now.  Future blog posts will enlighten everyone as to why I find this so chilling.


Well, there you go.  She doesn’t teach them to read because she finds it can’t be taught.


Well, she did notice this child could read.  Of course she did.  The child was reading her Facebook comments, something extremely necessary to Nicole’s very survival and validation.  How excited Nicole must have been, another fan.


Don’t be too alarmed.  See, her children can write.  She had them write the state on why they don’t need no stinking education.  Well, okay, not exactly compose it, they copied it from the HSLDA.  Extra bonus points, Nicole did throw in a little unschooling lesson about screwing the man.


Fun Fact: Joe and Nicole aren’t too well versed in spelling, grammar or punctuation.  Same goes for math, history, politics, etc… Joe also claims to have earned an AA from the University of Phoenix and to have done in depth studies in psychology that have been rejected by the mainstream, because, oh screw it even I can’t type this with a straight face, he’s a controversial genius.


I haven’t written much about Joe and his parenting skills.  That would be because Joe just doesn’t appear to do much.  Fatherhood, I suspect everyone will agree, is more than being a sperm donor then retiring to sit on your ass getting high and watching your children do all the work.  I have heard from several reliable first hand witnesses that he does scream orders at the children peppered with an occasional, some have said frequent, observation that they are “stupid fuckers”.  As to Joe’s eldest son, Joe’s rights were terminated, which is no easy feat.  That young man has publicly stated that Joe abused him physically, emotionally and sexually.  That young man is grown now, and Joe still hasn’t paid off his back due child support for the short time he was obligated to support the child.  Meh, I don’t see Joe getting father of the year anytime soon, unless the award is for quantity and not quality of parenting.

The Renegade Mothering blog writer ends her post with this advice.  You shouldn’t care, unless of course, you rely on the kindness of strangers to financially support all your poor decisions, abject failures and nearly a dozen children.

imageBrought to you by the “Nefarious Please”.


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  1. One child cooks most of the meals…because he likes to do it ? I love cooking, but not always over a fire or without running water. Not cooking every single meal …every day… for a dozen people. Maybe he knows from experience that nobody else can be depended on to provide food for all his hungry younger siblings, himself, and his working mom (who commutes half an hour). What would the family do without him? How can he feel like he could ever move away? Poor kid. 🙁


  2. Visible names on the laundry baskets.

    @Bea: Yep. It’s a common tactic with these entrapping parents: parentify the oldest kids, so they will feel overwhelming guilt at the thought of escaping without their younger siblings, but of course they can’t escape with their younger siblings because they’re not legally the parents even if they do all the parenting. A further refinement, suitable for when there are younger siblings old enough to leave without the police getting involved, is to step out of the way of the oldest siblings just enough to let them earn some money, and then develop a sudden need for it before they have saved up enough to get a place to live for themselves and the sibs they want to rescue.

    When you have no honor, no shame, and no sense of your children as people separate from you, it’s easy.


  3. I become more and more upset about the naugler parents every day. They get the razzie award for parenting, the razzie being rotten and covered with goat shit. And, they’re damn proud of it! I seriously wonder if there isn’t some bad cognitive disorder that the Mr and Mrs are sharing.


  4. I pray everyday that somehow those poor kids can escape that hell hole before it’s too late.


  5. Nefarious Please—I have been watching the Naugler drama since it broke, and have read and seen most everything on this story. But still, this blog entry shocks me. The aggregate of the Naugler “parenting”.

    Joe the bully, bolstering himself by demeaning his own children. What a pig. And making them do all the work around the “homestead” while he sets on the porch toking weed and drinking beer. No wonder his girth is exploding. What a sloth, what a hideous role model.

    And his better half is a fear-mongering, hysterical attention-seeker. Narcissist. Nicole ignores most of her kids, leaving their ears filthy, their noses crusted, little bodies bitten up by bugs. She is ignorant of how her children learned to read. I know from eyewitnesses that the children often reeked of urine. One boy was seen to have fleas jumping off him.
    But…… she’s a legend in her own mind, cultivating social media imaginary fame.

    You revolting, white trash losers, slowly decimating eleven innocent children.
    I will pray tonight that CPS rescues these kids away from your vise grip of brainwashing, abuse and neglect.


  6. Yesterday I rushed to the local Chidren’s hospital, because our son and daughter-in-law’s first baby was admitted to NICU for a intraventricular brain bleed that had caused the fluid in his brain to back up . This beautiful baby was born at 31 weeks and brain bleeds are fairly common in preemies. He will have surgery for a shunt today. I’m terrified but can’t tell my son and his wife how worried I am, because I don’t want to add to their extreme worries.
    Why do I write about this?
    While on my way to my car that I had hurriedly parked in one of three parking garages, I got lost. Too tired to care too much, I made a comment to one of the people who were standing in one of the elevators I took on my quest for my lost car.
    She answered. “You sound like a nice person”
    She then walked with me down another strange corridor and told me this sad, practiced rather complicated story about her and her daughter and how hard life was. She said she really could use a “little help”.
    She wasn’t using the Internet… She wasn’t sitting on the corner with a tin cup.
    She clearly was looking for vulnerable people to tap.
    I did not want to be mean to her… But I decided I’d let her know that I also had a situation, in an exhausted effort to get her to leave me alone.
    I didn’t tell her what my ” situation” was…
    My situation is that I choose my charities carefully. I also have no problem helping out my family, friends and their friends. I’ve donated to online request as well. But these were people I was familiar with. I’m not stupid.
    I don’t give to strangers who approach me in hospital corridors asking for money.
    BUT, I did tell the nice lady working at the information desk that this woman had approached me for money. She immediately called security.

    Nichole is far more practiced in her begging.
    Her followers are vulnerable people.
    Nichole is skilled at playing with the hearts and minds of her touches.
    I think some are truly sweet people who actually believe her stories. Others have had run-ins with CPA or the local law enforcement…or IRS…and seem to enjoy her online company.
    Her pictures are just as skillful. I find them, for the most part, charming…(except for the goat execution by the children)
    What Nicole doesn’t like are the more intelligent insightful folks who quickly read between the lines and have kept track of her stories.

    I suspect, my lady beggar would not have been happy with my reporting her.
    The woman who approached me did not seem the least embarrassed to ask me for money. I don’t see Nicole as the least bit embarrassed either.
    Nicole’s children are living a nightmare that they did not make.
    Their convincing and irresistible mother tells everyone her children have a wonderful and special life by killing and eating good ol’ billygoat, Shepherd.
    Could there possibly be work going on in the background to rescue these kids.
    My little grandson, hopefully, will escape brain damage because the quick action of all the wonderful, skilled, caring doctors and nurses.
    The dear Naugler children are being slowly brain damaged. Where are the people who are supposed to rescue them.
    Will these professionals wait until irreparable damage is done?


  7. @MIM, Sorry to hear what is going on with your grandson. Your family will be in my thoughts & prayers.

    Sadly I fear irreparable damage has already reached the older children, there may still be hope for the littles. We can hope & pray right. I can’t believe what these “parents” have subjected those children to, it’s disgusting to say the least. There have been times I have wanted to snatch Mrs Nognut through the screen by those nappy dreads (no even) an & knock some mfing sense into her. She needs to drop the dead weight, Mr Nognut in deep well somewhere.. I worry about one of the young ladies on blh becoming Pa’s next victim. This whole situation sickens me.


  8. I couldn’t agree more. Add to that a dash of identification abuse (the lack of any legal papers identifying the child by name and age) a dash of no or low education or marketable skills, a dash of isolation, a dash of unreasonable fear of the outside world and you have the recipe for enslaving your children for time on end. From the desk of the Nefarious Please.


  9. I’m going to address Joe and Nicole directly, because as much as they say they NEVER come over here to read it, it’s obvious they do. As my grandmother used to say,” you know how to tell when they are lying? Their lips are moving.”
    My beef is with you Nicole.
    I’m not sure where your mother is but if you were my daughter I would sit you down and tell you to stop the madness, it had gone far enough. You must be exhausted keeping up the lie, because we have all lied, big ones and small ones no one is innocent of it and its tiring.
    You have some amazing qualities to keep people supporting you in this pipe dream. Can you focus that talent on a more realistic goal?
    Now lets talk about your children. I worry. I worry about ticks, I worry about mosquitos carrying illness living next to that dirty dead pond. I worry about nutrition and undiagnosed illness and the long term effects of these things. But most of all what kind of legacy are you leaving? Have you thought about that?
    Stop punishing the children for your anger at the world.
    You can change today if you want, it takes some strong character to do so, but everyone can….if they really want to. Baby steps. Do it. For your kids.
    And Joe….
    If you were my son in law. I would have taken care of your unparenting style after the first child, in the form of a “close relative ass beating”.
    Now is the time
    Before you can’t turn back
    Before a real tragedy happens, you have been lucky and dodged so many bullets, but if I know anything it’s, you can’t tempt fate forever.
    Nicole, look at your babies…REALLY look at them, in their eyes, is this what you want for them? You can achieve the lifestyle you so want, but not this way, you have to see how people have done it before you and learn from their mistakes. It’s called being human.
    Wake up honey
    Very soon you wont have any more choices because whether you like it or not, the children have rights, just like you, just like you obsess about…rights. And you have become their all powerful ruler that has taken those away… Just like you obsess about.
    Its not too late to change.


  10. MIM, Prayers for you and your family, and all the doctors and nurses caring for your beautiful grand.
    Good posts on beggars. I don’t understand how some people are SO able to ask others for their had earned money. That used to be frowned upon. I have recently come to a crossroads on this issue when an adult child from a very wealthy family set up a Gofund me. His situation is sad, but his family is wealthy and they live large. He is also able to get a job and has an Masters. Why is he going to his hard working friends with his hand out? The begging issues today seem to be so much more prevalent with the young with Facebook and Gofraud Me. Is it now easier to ask hidden behind a computer and more successful today because great numbers of people can now be approached through social networking? Apparently it’s working and Pace’s statement above is very telling. Professional beggars and fraudsters all. My silent reply, “get a job!”


  11. They admit to years and years of CPS involvement with their family, yet they see nothing wrong. How many jealous neighbor’s can one family have? In how many locations and states? It’s not as if they have stayed put in one place and just got the repuation in the community as “those people”. They are frequently on the move, yet find themselves in the same position over and over again, They are constantly reinventing themselves. They have not always been the off-grid free-ranging spiritual family they currently portray themselves as, yet people were even then concerned for the welfare of their children. People have continuously been concerned for the children’s welfare, for most of the children it has gone on their entire lives.

    Over and over again I see ideology cherry picked and used only to bolster the parents personal agenda. It seems to me their personal agenda is them, just them, not even the children.

    The children are left holding the bag of their parents self obsession. Isolated, purposely angered and frightened by the words of their parents, bound by religious teaching unique and imagined by their father, poorly educated in either academic or actual farming, animal husbandry, building, sewing, survival skills, etc. Crippled by their parents desire to not have any public records of their very existence.

    What are these children going to do? So far I have seen very little evidence of the children’s ability to be independent and self sufficient. They could be, but when your parents continuously burn every bridge around you so that there is no one to reach out to what do you learn? Only the words and deeds of your parents. Only the skills that your parents have, and those aren’t many. You can discover it all on your own, but that is time consuming and failing over and over again could potentially be a life threatening event. If, as of today they had to really go self-sufficient, they would starve.

    I don’t wonder why CPS removed those children. I wonder why CPS gave them back.


  12. MIM, I will keep your little grandson and your family in my prayers for the best possible outcome. Little ones are resilient and it sounds as if he is receiving excellent care.

    So Pace Ellsworth refers to the Naugler’s land as “virgin Kentucky wilderness”.

    This cut-over, at least third-growth, thoroughly trashed place is far from “virgin wilderness”. For those interested in what REAL Kentucky virgin forests look like, check out Lilley’s Woods, one of the few places left in Kentucky that really is a virgin forest. Claiming that the Naugler spread is such is both ignorant and arrogant, but sadly, it will help convince those who are also ignorant. and who don’t bother to check out things for themselves.

    For that matter, you don’t try to farm or even grow a vegetable garden in a “virgin forest”. You could cut the timber, but that would destroy its virgin state. Spreads of virgin forest of any size are extremely rare in Kentucky, and thankfully, those few which are left are mostly protected – but this certainly isn’t one. Even if it had been, those “free-range” non-native goats would have destroyed its virgin condition. You can’t run goats in a virgin forest and expect conditions to remain undamaged.

    Think of terms for that which is as far from “virgin” as is possible to get – and you’d have a more accurate description (I don’t like to use such words, but you can catch my drift. Questionable virtue forest, perhaps).

    Of course, treated properly, even severely abused woodlands can recover considerably, given enough time and care. The Nauglers claim that much of the trash on the property was there when they moved onto the land. They’ve now been there how many years; three, perhaps?? We know they had a public clean-up day shortly after the children were removed last summer – but how much trash is left, and how much is “original trash” (sounds like a band) and how much is “acquired trash” (another good name) since the Nauglers arrived? How much has accumulated since last summer’s clean-up day?

    Have the Nauglers consulted any foresters or sought any advice about caring for their woods? Have they done any independent reading or research on this topic, perhaps? Or have they just let it grow up in blackberries (at least that could provide some food), scrub oaks and pines, bush honeysuckle, euonymous, and other invasives common to Kentucky?

    How about the soil? It appears to contain a lot of red clay, as is common in their part of Kentucky (which is not my own part of Kentucky – I am not a local) and it would seem to be acid rather than alkaline. The Nauglers brought in a few bags of potting soil for their garden – have they added any fertilizer (please, not “night soil”!) or even applied wood ashes from their stove and outdoor kitchen to help sweeten the soil? That would require no investment of anything but labor (of course, we know just whose labor would be required. Not Joe nor Nicole’s). Have they taken soil samples to the local county extension office for free testing and resulting suggestions for improving it? I have not read that they have done any of these simple things.

    But given that the Nauglers’ major supporter confuses this “homestead” with “virgin Kentucky wilderness”, I am not optimistic about his – or their – knowledge of anything concerning agriculture, education, construction, agronomy, forestry, or much of anything else connected with the Nauglers’ stated goals.

    Of course, stating a goal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s truly what you intend to do….that requires much too much hard work and admission of when you lack adequate information and skills to fulfill that goal and need to seek help elsewhere.

    And that, the Nauglers just ain’t gonna do.


  13. @MIM – I hope your grandson does well and this is the last of the far too exciting moments that preemies can provide. I have my fingers crossed!

    I don’t suppose Nicole takes responsibility for anything, ever. I mean, other than asking for people to send them stuff.

    They’ve been on the property 2 or 3 years now but no photos of the humanure system they SAY they have set up. They take photos of everything else and post them on the internet (Jacob taking photos of Mom in labor, butchering a goat, etc.) but not the humanure system. Yeah. Right.


  14. MIM….thank you for being a loving and caring grandmom and thank you for supporting your children. My thoughts and heart/prayers/hugs go out to you and your family.


  15. MLM sending prayers for your grandson and family. This wears on the whole family.

    I don’t understand why CPS has not come in and taken the children. There must be other counties that have fosters that could take them. The visible living conditions are deplorable. The shit pile is growing, summer is coming, and I imagine the warmer weather will increase the smell.


  16. amulbunny……..cps gave the kids back because the parents were compliant. They wont take the kids away as long as the nogs are compliant. Foster parenting….LOL!!!!! If the states held parents to the same degree they hold foster parents….welll……we’d have a genuine foster care crisis.


  17. And there it is… On BLB… Her unofficial announcement that they are unhappy and possibly moving on. It’s apparently even too dirty for them,not their fault, of course. But she will keep us updated at her discretion.!! Wait what?! I mean I’m happy for the neighbors but come on kids, when people are being intrusive get the hell off Facebook dummy. In addition the neighbors are making it difficult for you to live peacefully, it’s really hard when you’re neighbors livestock wander into your peaceful homestead, or the neighbors steal water from your well…we get it…. NEXT!!


  18. I’m pretty sure court didn’t go so well for her or her goats and more than likely they are behind on the land payments. Those rent to own people don’t play if you get behind on payments. Holding my breath for the next GFM to pop up.


  19. Congrats locals, you have just won the lottery. Your property values may now recover, and the summer of pestilence courtesy of the Nauglers may have been averted. City folk you’re OK, but for the rest of us, pray you don’t live in a down wind, down stream remote wilderness area where pot growing is “acceptable” and laws on unschooling are lax. Alaskans you’re probably safe too.


  20. The comments about the state of the property and the efforts at cleaning up may be directed at my previous post here. If so – well, Nicole, I really do wish you and your children the best. I am sorry that things have been tough for you. But some very simple changes would make a huge and positive difference for your family. I have been very critical of you recently, but I am not being snarky here at all, or sarcastic, or anything negative at all – just offering some highly positive, realistic and do-able suggestions.

    Send your kids to public school, or a good private school in your area, if one can be found. School will be out in a month, but they could still go – and you and Joe could use the time they’re in school to make some progress with your various projects. The older ones could still help out on weekends and after school. They’d qualify for free breakfasts and lunches (which most schools provide very discretely), and the schoolbus would collect and drop them off at the end of your driveway. They’d also get some academic testing to help with homeschooling or perhaps unschooling later – you could find out what areas are their strengths and where they might need help, and their special gifts and talents would be identified. They’d meet other kids, be with caring adults, and I doubt if their teachers would be terribly demanding, since they’d be starting so late. But they’d still benefit enormously. It would widen their horizons, and even if they didn’t particularly enjoy it, they’d at least know what school is like, not a bad thing at all. But I bet they would enjoy it!

    Your smaller children would probably qualify for free preschool, kindergarten, Head Start, or similar programs, and Head Start may continue through the summer. They are bright children, and this would be of great benefit to them. You also have a school-aged child whom you suspect is mildly autistic – he could get assessed and start receiving any special help he might need, and might also qualify for tutoring, etc. during the summer months. He does not appear to be severely impacted, fortunately, and has some obvious skills in place, so use this time to help him build on those skills and get some help with the few deficits he may have. You’d also get pointers for helping him at home.

    This plan would leave you with only two small children to care for during the day, for the next six weeks or so. They could go to work with you as they do now.

    Your eldest son might want to take a pass on school for now – he can always take the GED exam at some point, and I really think that would be the most practical thing for him to do. So he and Joe could work the land big-time while you take the little guys to work with you and the middle kids are in school or preschool for the next six or so weeks. Sounds like a win-win to me.

    Even if you plan to give up your current “homestead”, you’re going to have to be careful how you do it. I don’t think you can leave Kentucky as long as the state retains legal custody of your children. Finding a place for a family as large as yours also will be difficult. But if you do find another in-state location, make a clean start: do not offend your neighbors this time, and don’t start out by asking for online financial help.

    Figure out how to provide standard requirements for healthy living – that doesn’t mean being on the grid; it just means a ready supply of clean water, heat, lack of obvious danger in your children’s environment (no broken glass, open fires, unfenced bodies of water, rusty nails, etc). Adequate shelter is a must – no more handbuilt sheds until you can afford to built something larger and more comfortable and safer. See if you can find a good used mobile home with three bedrooms instead. Make sure it has adequate exits and fire extinguishers throughout (I hope you have several fire extinguishers on both levels of your existing place). Such trailers are usually extremely inexpensive – check CraigsList (good free stuff on CL, too, just be careful how you collect it).

    If you are thinking of moving elsewhere by the end of summer, start educating yourselves NOW. Do it the old-fashioned way, with help from your county agent and books from your public library. Books there will have been carefully selected for accuracy – online stuff is all over the map and there’s lots of completely inaccurate, very flawed and actually dangerous suggestions there, in addition to good stuff. Figuring out which is which, especially if you do not come from a farming background originally and don’t have previous first-hand knowledge, can be very difficult. Library services are free, so use them.

    As noted, Joe and your older son will have plenty of time to work that garden if they don’t have to keep an eye on small kids for most of the day. Hit the library and your county extension office first and learn more about how to make things grow. Give the goats to the humane society or a non-profit/non-governmental animal shelter if you cannot sell them, or give them away to someone who can take care of them. CraigsList ads are free, so try that if you can’t find another way to deal with them.

    If your family is not already on food stamps and WIC, get on them. You qualify, it’s free, and even if you don’t care for the government, you still have eleven mouths to feed, not counting yourself and Joe and the animals. Some groups have referred to using government programs of this kind as “bleeding the beast”. I personally would not view it that way at all, but it might make it more tolerable for you, given your beliefs. Your kids will be much healthier and stronger and less likely to get sick.

    Put the stove ashes on your garden. Absolutely cost-free, and they will enrich your soil. Put some on the “humanure” pile, too. Actually, quick lime would be better for the latter, although you probably couldn’t use it as fertilizer then (which is not a good idea anyway – far too much danger of disease).

    Get rid of the television and put the money into sturdy enclosed shoes for your kids. Goats and other animals have been pooping all over the place, and it’s dangerous for kids to go barefoot in it. They are at risk for hookworm right now, along with other diseases carried by animal feces, even if they wash their feet before coming inside.

    Get some mosquito controls in place now, before the season gets underway. It’s going to be early this year, and ZIKA is very dangerous for everyone, not just pregnant women and their offspring. At least get some bug spray for yourselves and the kids, and dump out any standing water in containers regularly to keep mosquitoes from breeding.

    Call the health department and get some help with your toilet arrangements. They can advise you on how to build a safer outhouse, with a deep pit below, that is much more sanitary than your present arrangement and does not require hauling buckets of you-know-what into the woods regularly.

    Get some battery-operated fans for your cabin, especially for the lofts. Consider putting screened windows into each end of the cabin to help ventilate the lofts. It will be stifling up there otherwise this summer – and hot weather seems to be coming early this year. It was close to 80 in my part of Kentucky yesterday, and it’s just April now. Get some screened doors on the cabin, too, and add screen to all existing windows to discourage mosquitoes and other insects. Do the same for the boys’ cabin.

    Get some cheap folding cots for your kids and put them to use at night. You can fold them and store them in the lofts during the day. Put washable sleeping bags on top, and roll them up during the day. Wouldn’t they – and you – sleep better that way and be more comfortable, and healthier eventually from enjoying sound, uninterrupted sleep in their own cozy beds?

    Check out the existing well with the health department – it won’t cost much, if anything. Even if the water tastes bad (it is likely to contain iron, given all that red clay in your area), it may still be fine for bathing, laundry, dish-washing, and watering your garden. You’d need to spend some money to get it checked and to install a bucket and rope or hand-pump, but you’d save lots of $$$ in the long run and life would be much, much easier. No more hauling water from town or neighbors; baths every night, clean dishes, ability to hand-wash clothing on site, and healthier crops. Think how nice that would be for everyone…

    Check out the old septic tank, too – find out what it would cost to have gravity-operated toilet installed using it.

    Also get a rain barrel going to catch run-off from your roof. See if your community has a grant to help with the cost – many Kentucky counties and towns do. Again, fair expense at first, but it will pay for itself both in cost and ease of living, and it’s a very “green” solution. This water could be treated for drinking and bathing, etc., and would lack the bad taste found in some wells. You can even attach a garden hose to a rain barrel and run it out to the garden. Water from the sky is free!

    Please don’t discount these suggestions as high-handed, unrealistic, invasive, too governmentally controlling, etc. They are sound, workable, cost-free or very low-cost, and would pay for themselves in many ways. They are also in the best interests of your children. I hope you will consider them, and even if you reject some of them, think them through without citing other online quasi-libertarian/anti-governmental/back-to-the-land sources which may not be founded in reality. Your reality isn’t too great just now – but it could be so much better, with some positive changes and choices.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


  21. Good sound advice. I would add being a good neighbor isn’t hard, you don’t have to make friends with your neighbors, all you have to do is mind your own business and keep yourselves and your animals on your own property unless invited. The Nefarious Please


  22. It’s only a short drive from the shop to Indiana, the land of no homeschool requirements…at all. Also, it is the land of no previous child welfare involvement. Maybe this move will involve a trailer with bedrooms and a toilet and participation in scouts and church. I truly hope so.


  23. It doesn’t surprise me that she is making noise about not being “happy” with the property and blaming it on others…What I wonder is, Isn’t Joe on Probation? Is he even allowed to leave the state?…


  24. No matter where they run away to, it will not be long before CPS is knocking at their door again. They will do the same shit in a different state and the results will be the same. Joe and Nicole just can’t seem to help themselves.


  25. Now that Joe and Nicole went viral and her love of being a public figure online they can run but they can not hide.

    Does not matter where they go we can follow.


  26. Who, when presented with a clean pond already stocked with food fish, proceeded to let children and livestock ruin it while tossing random trash into the water?

    Who, with two dozen acres at hand, concentrated all of the family’s activities onto a small patch that then became a mudpit?

    Who, I say, who let goats, chickens, and (gag) dogs wander all over that mudpit, adding their delightful effluvia to the mix?

    Who, with a septic tank on site and tens of thousands of dollars available, did not so much as put a one-holer box over the intake for that septic tank, instead making their children haul buckets of feces from a doorless outhouse to a heap of untended sewage?

    Who, with the aforementioned tens of thousands of dollars on hand, never got around to fixing the well, after complaining that it wasn’t as desirable as a well they could have dug themselves (pause for hysterical giggling)?

    Who, with dozens of acres of polewood for building on and the internet just a swipe away, bought a garden shed (twice), plunked it down in full view of the neighbors because that’s where the truck could put it, and proceeded to complain when people noticed the squalor?

    Who never, as in never, seemed capable of picking up a dropped tool, piece of trash, or hint?

    Well I just don’t know. That land turned out to be such a disappointment. Time to look for the better place that just has to be out there.

    And it is out there–until the Nauglers arrive.


  27. Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers for my new grandson.
    He did very well in surgery. By the time I left NICU, he was being rocked by his mommie, next to his very relieved daddy. I believe in the effects mass prayer and consciousness and I’ve no doubt your prayers and the prayers and well wishes of family and friends affected towards a good out come. I’ll sleep better tonight.

    On another note.
    Is anyone surprised to read Nicole latest post about how the land has tricked them and is a bigger mess than she realized… And now her neighbor’s are “harassing her”?
    Does she realize how asinine she sounds?
    Nicole does not disappoint.
    Another crafted line to the vulnerable.


  28. Well, well , well….. Hanoi Joe & Hanoi Nicole are NOT HAPPY and might be moving on.
    These two, I swear can not even admit or tell the truth !!!

    It’s the Cabin people, they told the court’s they were going to build a better bigger new one. It is on their Case Plan. The court’s have given them almost a year to get it done and make all those other “Homesteading Dream’s” come true out there in the wilderness.
    The truth is their Case Plan is coming up for Review and that Cabin has not even been started yet. They are out of time, and I’m sure that is what they are NOT HAPPY about.

    The court’s still have Custody. Remember back in December 2015 Hanoi Joe was complaining about how the GAL was asking the Judge for a Mental Evaluation. This thing is not over !!!
    Just last month Hanoi Nicole stated that she regretted buying the smaller cabin ( shed ) and that they should have went ahead and built the larger cabin before the kids came back home.
    Remember now, she has always stated that the smaller newer cabin was just a stepping stone.
    Stepping stone to what?

    The larger bigger cabin is on the Case Plan. They and their Attorney told the State that the family was going to build it. It’s not there or has even been started. The State has been entertained enough. Meaning, no cabin, no kids.
    The only way the Hanoi’s can keep the kids is to build that Cabin or move into a house. Moving is the ONLY WAY to get the cabin build-off the Case Plan.

    They are such lier’s, they have to bend down to the gov’ment, da’man to get Full Custody back of those kids.
    For the life in me I can’t believe it took them this long to figure that out. But then again the Hanoi’s are not dealing with a full deck of cards either.

    It is what it is….have a good one !!!


  29. Runaway dog(s). Dog hit by car in the road because the dog’s OWNER couldn’t be bothered to confine it to the homestead in some fashion.

    Dead chickens due to (hungry?) dogs. Dead rabbits – at least no one mentioned butchering the rabbits for dinner. Dead goats due to letting them roam and then finally upsetting the neighbours to the point that they had you served. So it was Billy Goat BBQ – yuck. I’m surprised no one thought to turn him into Shepard pie.

    THOUSANDS of dollars given to them and they couldn’t be bothered to rent a bulldozer for a day or two to deal with the trash.

    7 months from stocked pond with fish for dinner to nasty filthy cesspool.

    Happy Earth Day, Nicole and Joe! You did a really lousy job of being good stewards to your land and animals.


  30. 1. I do not support the rights of the parents to withhold regular medical checkups and emergency care.

    2. I think children should be allowed to form friendships outside the family (youth groups, boys and girls club, scouts).

    3. I believe Alex. I don’t know for a fact if it was Joe that abused him. Very young children can be confused about who hurt them. I still believe Alex that he was hurt.
    But besides these serious issues, the Nauglers have a right to parent their children as they see fit.

    I think they are angry people who use others to get what they want. I wouldn’t want them for neighbors. But my opinion doesn’t decide how other people are required to raise their children.
    The problems that people complain about with the Nauglers are not anything child welfare would or should be involved in.

    A large family living in a one room shed/cabin, no beds, no running water, no indoor toilet, torn clothes, dirty children, bug bites, not eating vegetables, the parents asking for donations online, dad only working odd jobs, kids doing all the homestead work, kids helping mom at the shop, not vaccinating, unschooling, police hating, government hating, military hating, obsessed with Mormon zealots/militia, no garden, repeatedly failing with livestock.

    I would never raise my children this way. But I have seen plenty of poor people who do (minus the online ranting). I would like a better life for the kids and I hope the Nauglers make that choice.


  31. @Bea: You forgot that the children aren’t allowed to have any school. I don’t care what pretty name Mrs. Naugler hangs on what she’s doing to them. She isn’t allowing them to have any school. No, Mrs. Naugler, not allowing the children an education IS NOT what unschooling means!

    Also the identity abuse: how many of those kids can actually prove on paper that they’re American citizens, as old as they say they are, and related to Mr. and Mrs. Naugler?


  32. How does cps work in ky? Here your case is still open for 6 months after you are investigated/get your kids back. They got legal custody about 6 months ago if I’m not mistaken. It would be pretty stupid for them to leave now but it sure sounds like they are going to. They just moved the salon and the property isn’t that bad it just needs help. They have wooded areas, the pond, and cleared areas. Homesteading takes hard work you can’t expect anything to come easy. Even the relationships with the neighbors can be repaired to a point.


  33. I suppose there is a chance that Joe plead “not guilty” to postpone the goat case until he had moved out of state. He would be done with that court case unless he ever lives in Kentucky again. They don’t extradite you to another state for a warrant for failure to appear in court. The fact that Nicole shared information about them leaving probably means they have already found a place and started moving.

    She doesn’t have to move the shop to move the “homestead” out of state. The shop is within commuting distance of the Indiana/Kentucky state border.

    Eating the goat was probably the only option if they are moving very soon. It is difficult to find a buyer for an adult male goat.

    I just want to clarify that while I do believe that most of how the Nauglers choose to live is not illegal, it is difficult to watch a family struggle like they do. Their story keeps drawing me back because even though the parents beliefs have caused everything that has happened to them, it is the children who are suffering and the children who have no freedom or choices.

    I am thankful for this place to vent frustration over just how hard those choices are making life for them.


  34. Dear Joe and Nicole, For the sake of your children, I want you to very much consider what will happen to them IF they become PERMANENT wards of the state. Your state and mine are both going through major review of cps practices. [’ foster care crisis’ article series…. for all the nitty gritty in my state…read the comment section as well.] What everyone at the top agreed on is an overburdened, underfunded system where people at the top knew of abuses going on [especially in group homes contracted out to places like Youth Village-nationwide co. based out of Tn.] Over worked case managers especially with initial intake. Our case worker had 22 cases just as bad as ours. Her duties were intake and the first 3 months, then it got handed to another more long term case worker. I became a foster parent out of desperation for 2 teens that my son knew from school. I don’t regret making the call and being willing to provide them a temp home. [I didn’t have a big enough house for it to be long term] The parents rights were terminated at a fam court hearing with the teens present. What the kids told me was that mom decided to give up her parental rights rather than fight it. They became permanent wards of the state. I cannot begin to describe to you what those kids went through emotionally. But lets say the judge decides and not mom/dad. What happens after that? What incentive does the state have to ‘care’ about a kid who is officially a ward of the state? Resources are stetched thin as it is. Think about all those cute pics you shared Nicole. If yiou lived in Oregon noone is goona giive a shit about your state owned kids. Especially the over 12 kids…..girls in system are a commodity here, same in KY from what I read. Harsh as it sounds, its a reality here. Dont believe me, look it up. State owned kids are throw aways here. Think about that. Think your kids went thru hell before…..wait until the state no longer has to worry about reunification. Come to oregon and let me show you around!


  35. N/J….I could give you horror stories if you want about the ‘throw away’ kids I encountered since I been here. Look into it more if you dont want to take my word for it. Thats the life your teens will go through. Im not saying all is bad but the worst case senario is being a perm. state ward teen that deemed ‘hard to place’ Both my foster kids got put in that category and ended up on the streets after being bounced around. Is THAT what you want?


  36. Does anyone here really believe Nicole’s reasons for wanting to move on? I think she thought they would get enough money to pay off the land debt and shop debt from GFM and other sites. Don’t know what she pays per month for land or on shop but its hard to believe they are not many months behind. Sooooo time to move on.


  37. They won’t find better….. They only regained Physical Custody of the kids. The State still has Legal Custody, which means they can take Physical Custody at and time if the parent’s do not work their Case Plan.

    The children’s cases is still on going and has been for months. But you will not find their cases on anymore because the Judge SEALED the cases month’s ago….when my little click was filling under the Open Records Law to get copy’s of the case….he sealed them real quick. However, we were able to get a few page’s under the Open Records Law before he sealed them.
    Joe and Nicole lied when they told everyone they had Full Custody in November. Look back at Joe’s posts in December…. He is bitching about the GAL wanting a Mental Evaluation done.

    I can’t say anymore…. but trust me….they where supposed to build that Cabin….this thing is not over.


  38. They got lots of money from several GFM accounts. Not that they will ever admit to it.
    Also they got money sent to them through other avenues. Not that they will ever admit to it.

    They are pulling the wool over the eyes of Pace and his friends too I am sure that they did not know about the other GFM accounts. Sad that Pace and his investors are going to be just a few more that the Nauglers have taken advantage of along the way. They seem good at using people and burning bridges. They did it with the church – who that claims to be a Christian screws over a church and takes advantage of them. Hats off to the church people most of them are quiet on the subject. But thankfully a few of them have spoken up to show what kind of users and people Joe and Nicole are. For those that believe there is a special place for these two in their after life.

    It would not be shocking that they blew through all of the money. Sorry but two new salons in less than a year. The money for construction on one alone is enough to set anyone that has a bank roll back let alone some one that does not have two Lincolns, a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of. All that expense had to come from some where vs some one. No way with a land mortgage, shop rent and 11 kids to support with one income is there a bank roll with them. They are also estranged from both mothers neither who are rich by any means that would back them.

    Now the neighbor problems. A neighbor can only be nice for so long before enough is enough. It was bad enough the damage the goats were doing to the neighbors property but IMO the assault with a motor vehicle that was blamed to the neighbor’s daughter was what pushed it over the edge. Joe and Nicole can not get along with any one no matter where they live. Like Nicole has said “Shit is about to get real!” Looks like the fat lady has sung and sung very loud. One can only fall into the shit pile so many times and come out smelling like a rose. It might be that luck is about to run out of the Joe and Nicole with legal problems. They can only plea ignorance so many times before the judge is going to call them on their “bull shit”.

    Nicole is trying her hardest to keep the real facts of moving away from her followers. They are dropping like flies as it is can you imagine what it would be like once they find out the real truth and it sinks in about Joe and Nicole? Hell it will be like walking past the shit pile with a fly spray fogger the will be dropping so fast and hard. It is sad cause there are some followers that really believe all that she is hand feeding them. IMO some of those followers hang on to her every word hoping to be just like them with the picture that Nicole paints. So she is being deceitful to them too in a round about way.

    It is about time that Nicole sits down and does some real soul searching. She needs to be truthful with herself for the sake of her children and admit that they are over their heads, failing at every thing and figure out a better way to do things. First off she needs to put the kids first, then herself second as she is the only bread winner of the family and last of all she needs to cut the fat so to speak = kick Joe’s ass to the curb he is dead weight on the family and refusing to support the kids he fathers.

    They can move but they got their wish by going viral every one knows them. It is hard to hide a big family so they will be known where ever they go. Thankfully in this day and age with computers records can be brought up rather quickly so they can not hide from those either.


  39. At this point I find her followers just as obnoxious. Open your eyes ding bats, jump ship, it’s sinking fast.


  40. Poor kids wrote, “Remember a few weeks ago on blh Facebook, maw asked if anyone knew of any foreclosed homes?


    There is still the problem of qualifying for a mortgage. Unless they have been making the payments on the land, I doubt KY Land Company wants to deal with them again.

    Of course, maybe they will finance another place for them. After all, Joe and Nicole haven’t built up any EQUITY in that land. So if they walk away from it, just like all the other prior hopeful owners-to-be did, they’re starting all over again and the land company doesn’t owe them a dime. Very profitable for KY Land Co., yet another setback for Joe and Nicole. I doubt they have paid off the new Blessed Little Shack, but they may have done so. Perhaps someone will purchase it for $1000 if they’re lucky. I doubt they will get that much for it but stranger things have happened.

    All of this because they refuse to build decent fences to keep their goats off of other people’s property, a humanure system or get the septic checked out/working – or at least build a one-seater over the pipe used to clean it out and refrain from falsely accusing the neighbour of attempted vehicular assault. Seriously, she says there was a police report made (at the time?) and the officer listened to the person who hit the van state it was intentional and blew it off? Riiiiight. In a pig’s eye, Nicole.

    They refused to rent a bobcat or bulldozer for a day or two to deal with the mess they knew about and later the messes that they SAY they didn’t know about. What does it cost down there to rent one – $400/day? So, knowing that there are fields of glass and rusty nails, they think having their unvaccinated children running around in it BAREFOOT is a fine and dandy idea. Even when one of the kids does get a nasty cut or burn, they don’t take them to the doctor for a tetanus shot. How about risking your own life rather than a child’s?

    I doubt they can repair relations with the neighbors because that would require a serious investment of time, patience, HUMILITY and hard work. None of which describe Joe or Nicole.

    Poor kids indeed. I’m not talking financially either.


  41. Latest MBLH Facebook entry has to do with “agency” – a quoted paragraph about how important it is to make one’s own decisions in regard to “mothering”. Nicole has bolded the following passage:

    “Don’t accept someone else’s interpretation of how you should be spending your time. Make the best decision you can, then evaluate it to see how it works.”

    So, how’s it working for you, Nicole? In addition to evaluating your decisions, when they clearly do NOT work, don’t you think it just might be a good idea to consider and maybe even try out others’ ideas and suggestions??

    And maybe even give a few of them a try? After all, putting sturdy shoes on your kids, screening the windows, putting ashes on the garden, digging a deep hole for the outhouse, etc. really should not impede your “agency” or free will whatsoever – even if someone else did suggest them first.

    Go ahead and do a few of those things I suggested – they won’t affect your quasi-political/sovereign citizenship views one iota. But they will lessen your children’s exposure to real danger and malnutrition.

    On the other hand, keeping your kids barefoot and unvaccinated and running around in filth with glass and old nails imbedded in it, allowing free access to your shed for mosquitoes and flies and stinging instects, ignoring common sense and free fertilizer for your garden patch, and allowing the existing outhouse facility to continue to exist as is, along with continuing to add to the pile of the “produce” of that outhouse – isn’t exactly being a good steward of the land, or a good parent of your children. But you are “free”, you say…free to make your own decisions, poor as they are. Your children may also be “free” – free to develop tetanus, free to catch cholera, free to catch worms, free to catch ZIKA, free to lack adequate fresh food…but they’ll be free, all right. Just like you and Joe.

    Nicole, the main thing you seem to be “free” of right now is common sense and any ability to listen to others whose views differ from your own, and to thoughtfully consider those views. You also seem to be “free” of the ability to see Joe as he is, not as you wish he would be – no doubt his compliments of your beauty impair your vision. You are also “free” of the ability to take a realistic look into the probable future of your children, and what their chances for happiness will be in the real world.

    So – just go do one thing. Hit a good thrift shop and get sturdy enclosed shoes for all the kids, and make sure they keep them on. Those good little shoes just might save a life or two. I am not kidding or exaggerating when I write this, believe me. Death by tetanus is horrific. Please spare your children. You and they can still think as freely as you like, even when wearing shoes…


  42. I was unaware of the December 2014 and January 2015 online panhandling efforts. Since another probably more discreet Naugler “capital” campaign is looming, it may be insightful to compile all the internet fundraising efforts into a single blog post.

    Note that Nicole has not stepped forward to correct her supporters who are under impression that they purchased land with conventional financing. She never bothered to simply say, “We cannot sell the land because it was acquired through a land contract. Title does not pass to us until fully paid.”

    Further, when Nicole is asked an uncomfortable question, she typically employs “Truth about the Nauglers” favored deflection technique of asking the inquirer what he/she knows about situation in question. Her supporters cheer her on. Of course, these are the same supporters who insisted months ago that there was no difference between a land contract and conventional purchase.

    Melissa, I was wondering how a guardian ad litem was still in picture if the Nauglers regained legal custody of their brood. I guess Nicole was lying she originally claimed CPS had no problem with the lean-to they were living in. Later her story changed to CPS required better shelter by winter, forcing them to buy a garden shed.

    None of these unfortunate events occur because they have a “different” lifestyle. You can lead a counter-cultural lifestyle smack dab in middle of suburbia. As long as you keep your animals fenced and your property maintained and your kids reasonably well cared for, no one c-a-r-e-s. Still it is very sad to learn of inevitable uprooting of the children once again.

    The internet is a double edged sword. It allowed them to raise tens of thousands from people but its history cannot be fully erased.


  43. In defense of Nicole (and I can’t believe I’m writing this), I do think she is a pretty woman and I want her and the kids to get all the dental care they need. I’m a HUGE believer is dental care for everyone. Joe is right, for once, to tell his wife that she is beautiful.

    As my youngest child said years ago (age 2?), while stroking my cheek, “Mommy boofull.” The kid is right. Everyone’s mommy is beautiful. Yours, mine, Nicole’s mom, Nicole, etc.

    These women and girls are beautiful too – no matter what happened to their faces:

    Fire and acid attacks aren’t limited to India. They’ve occurred in the US (there was a case in P.G. County, Maryland that is memorable and relatively recent), South America, Russia – anywhere someone is vicious and has access to accelerants or acids.


  44. Waaaaa momma waving her pity gfm party. Where is this harassment of your kids? That woman was trying to pass you. Ps your van doesn’t work anymore…You should have gotten it fixed.

    New nog blog is up


  45. The new nog blog is whiney and full of more deflection. “It’s all Al’s fault she’s having problems with the neighbor”. Do they really not understand how the world works? They publicly bashed the neighbors daughter called her names, blamed her for the stalking photos. Said over and over that it’s on, then tried to press charges later after saying not to at the time. Did they really think they would still be welcome to graze, come over ect? Fuck no! Al may have been the messenger but they fucked that up all by themselves. I don’t care if my daughter was in the wrong if someone did that to my daughter I would tell them to stay off my property or be shot too.


  46. The asking for donations goes much further back than that. Even while living off of the generosity of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there are requests, both blatant and subtle, for further donations. Rest assured the public online donation requests have been documented and will be forthcoming soon in a blog post. It’s just that the begging has been so constant and for so many years that I was considering how best to portray the subject. I have come to the conclusion that a simple, yet extremely long, blog post simply listing the requests for donations accompanied by the evidence will suffice. I may break some of it up into the reason Mrs Naugler was requesting donations at the time. Doing so will show things like the multi year requests for donations to build the “real” cabin, which never materialized, although I suppose if said cabin had actually been built it would have been harder to get further donations for it. I will try to get this post out this week. Maybe it will coincide with a new and improved donation drive from the Nauglers which I feel is surely in the works as I write this. -Brought to you by The Nefarious Please.


  47. Does anyone else read her Facebook comments and know which aliases are her and Joe? I counted 2 new ones on the last post. Her supporters are decent people with the wool over there eyes…


  48. If the kids were as traumatized by foster care as she claims, they must be petrified right now. Seems they’re doing everything they can to create a new incident right around the one year anniversary. Wonder if they log off Facebook long enough to acknowledge their kids feelings on it. Best case scenario: they’re gonna be packing up their parents crap and starting all over again. Worst case scenario: they’ll be shuffled to different strangers homes all summer. Again.
    If I was on a family court’s radar, or on a close tether, I know I’d be avoiding controversy or upsetting neighbors like the plague. Maternal instinct would kick in to save my family. But I guess in this case “save our family” is more about pity and go fund me.


  49. Interesting that Nicole and Joe are so upset that Al is associating with their neighbour. The two men have a lot in common, both have lived in the same community for a number of years and her neighbour is a butcher. I thought she was all about the freedom to associate with whomever she pleases? Or not? No one is forcing her to be friends with the neighbours, although it would have been wise given how her goats were free-ranging themselves over to feast upon their vegetation rather than Nicole’s, nor is anyone preventing her from doing so.

    If in the course of conversation the neighbour decides that he’s not interested in associating still more with the Nauglers, well, he’s an adult and entitled to changing his mind. A retired military man. If a voluntaryist can’t be forced to associate with anyone he doesn’t like (or made to stop sizing up marks with his stated “friendliness”), neither can the neighbour.

    Whoa, a butcher who processes animals (in Al’s case, a steer) and who permits free passage on HIS private road. Remember, if it’s a private road for Joe and Nicole, it’s a private road for the other residents. None of whom are charging out to stop people from using it or interfering with commercial trade.

    The man was friendly enough when he gave the Nauglers homemade summer sausage. Which they accepted and didn’t complain about. They never wrote that they gave him anything in return, with the exception of the nuisance goats.


  50. There are many of her supporters that are or have been down the same rabbit hole that Joe and Nicole are in. Involvement with CPS and children being taken. Many of them have at one time or another posted their hate for CPS.

    Yes there are a few good kind supporters but they are far and few in between. The good ones have seen the light in the rabbit hole and went to it so they could get away from the madness.

    There are some I think that are hanging on in hopes to see the magical change for the better. I hope they have snacks cause that is going to be a long wait.

    I do find it funny that there are a couple of good friends that defend. However they only seem to defend with words. Where were those good friends other than Amanda (whom by the way has seem to fallen by the wayside) on clean up day. Why are those friends like April not there physically helping clean up the prime wild wilderness?

    There are some supporters that have given good and kind information only to be jumped on by the rabid supporters so they have either left or are just readers now.

    It is ironic that some supporters have posted that they are tired of hearing Nicole make her whinefest post about how everyone is treating them so badly. Go read her most recent blog there are supporters there giving advice and really good advice. But as with past behaviors I guess it is safe to say that is falling on deaf ears.

    Copied and pasted from BLH blog – this post is the winner of the week!
    Suzanne Rodgers April 24, 2016 |
    Dearest Blessed Little Homestead Mama,

    My advice is – if you are to keep public your popular blog and fetching Facebook-pages, in spite of these troubles that have stemmed from such sources – that you must speak and act more gracious and humble, in His name, and quickly. He has given us grace, and it is a powerful tool. Show the public, critics included, this incredible gift, and you will instantly feel a more fulfilling peace.

    If you are not prepared to show grace and humility in the face of followers, neighbors, and critics, I suggest you question your motivations for having such a public witness to your everyday strife. Protect your children, shelter them, for they are gifts from God. They need-not be exposed to the ungodly words and acts witnessed online, from not only your followers, but you just as well. You are losing too much by continuing this online charade. Back-to-basics, remember? You have an abundance of joy! Enough for eternity! They do not. Share your grace. Those who witness your sincere, humble grace will change their perspectives!

    For I do not think anyone has “inside information”, no more than anyone else. This is because you publicly post every detail, however private. Perhaps you do it so routinely, you may forget the words you leak so freely, or have lost them to the slow decay of time. But I digress. Let the Lord in and find peace for your family, away from the poison that can be found in such a social-media frenzy. Unplug! You have His light – it is brighter!

    Blessed be,


  51. In nauglerland terms……., I think it would be easier to blame it all on the neighbors than it would be to explain the land contract. Pure speculation, theory and opinion on my part…….Limited use land contract [hunting lease to own land ] is a lot cheaper to get into than a ‘live there’ contract. Either way, IF they CANNOT put any type of permanent structure on their property [including perimeter fences] until its paid off, then I think they have themselves in a pickle as far as explanations, especially if it was under a limited use contract. IF it ever got paid off, then they now would have an asset. That would then tie them to the area and open them up to all sorts of naugler unpleasentries, like taxes, liens, sole responsiblity for damage, etc. Easier to blame others for why they have to move [and get out from under potential legal obligations] than it is for them to face the consequeces of land ownership. Also, if the courts, cps, etc were not fully aware of the terms of their contract, welll that opens up more stuff they probably wouldn’t want to deal with or explain. Just my opinions and thoughts based on all I have read.


  52. Oh, Nicole and Joe, you may want to reflect on how you quickly scream about suing people may affect your kids’ chances of finding employment locally. No one is obligated to hire them and your litigious natures are splashed across the internet. Again, when you declare that you’re going to “go viral”, then don’t be surprised if it work both in and against your favour.


  53. Nicole admitted on BLH facebook that they still have an open child welfare case. So she has been lying all this time about their involvement with child welfare…and chirp…chirp…the followers just don’t seem to be able to see it. The STILL have an open child welfare case? Really? In the past, Nicole claimed that the only problem was that they had failed to register for homeschooling. Her followers were appalled that such a sweet family had been torn apart by the evil, government system of child welfare and police, just because of a lack of paperwork. Everyone was happy when custody was returned and the Nauglers were finally vindicated as having done nothing wrong. Over and over again, people have pointed to the fact that the Nauglers got their kids back and that proves that the court found nothing wrong with how they were living. Umm…well apparently Nicole didn’t bother to share the fact that the court found their “house” to be unsatisfactory for the children to return home, even for the summer. The kids are still awaiting a forensic interview. Those are done to help determine if the child is safe at home. Makes me wonder what other requirements the state is imposing on them.


  54. Nicole and Joe…………..Just because the courts may be ordering a forensic evalution does not necassarily mean you would lose your kids. And NO thats not an unprecedented event in FC. Happens alot out here and just because you end up with issues doesn’t always mean bad things. So lets say that the courts determine that you have to attend anger management, parenting classes, biweekly or monthly counseling for a specified period. So what. Its like I told my kid, just becasue you have to TAKE a class does NOT mean you have to beleive in what they are teaching. Likewise, just because you might get a label [major depression would not be out of the realm for Nicole or post partem depression] doesn’t mean you’re bad. Digging in your heals and being non compliant at this point would not be a good idea. One year jumping thru hoops you don’t like or believe in is nothing in the 20 yr picture. Think about it.


  55. Bea, youre wrong about one aspect [if ky law is the same as every other state I have been in], the children already had mental evaluations when they were in foster care. Standard procedure, mental ,medical and an educational backround is done on each kid entering forster care. The courts can order evals on the parents. Sounds like the nogs are refusing that.


  56. No, I think Nicole meant the kind of interview that is not routine in foster care. The kind done by an expert trained to identify victims of abuse when the child is afraid to reveal information. In my state, every child is not asked about sexual abuse. It is not standard to ask a foster child who touched their bottoms at home, etc. Although once a child has been in a good foster home long enough, they may feel safe enough to tell someone they had been abused.


  57. Nk, I just went back and read Nicole’s blog post again. I think you are right. I was wrong, it does sound like she means that she and Joe are going to be evaluated, not the kids. Thanks for pointing that out!


  58. I just watched the video Nicole posted of the accident that happened near their propert.
    I’m guessing Joseph was not about to yield right of way, he slammed on the brakes causing her to “tap” him as she tried to pass. He can declare he slammed on brakes because of a pot hole he hadn’t been aware of… But there’s no mention of that now, and I’m guess there was not one there.
    So his reason for hitting his brakes is questionable. The best the cops could do is see that both were at fault, or no fault.
    Joseph and Nicole must think that the person who rear ends someone is always at fault.
    Apparently there was no damage or there would have been pictures in Nicole’s account.
    Also apparently the “tap” was so light that only the children noticed it. Joseph didn’t feel the “tap”… Or he would have said he and Nicole felt it, rather than the children saying they felt it.
    I also see Nicole has cleverly altered the video that would show just how Joseph was behaving. There is no mention of the lady hitting the naugler car twice.
    Nicole did show a picture of two peoples arms when Joseph( audio only) was talking about “assault”. The picture shows the lady with her hands at her side and Josephs hand pushing her!…. Nicole will have to delete that picture in an attempt to make her story more believable to her supporters. I’m betting, though, the supporters will let that slide.
    Most of the people who would watch that video would question why Nicole tampered with the video.
    Only those who want her to be right regardless of the truth will ignore Nicole’s transgression.
    My heart goes out to their neighbors and the “daily” mischief of these two.
    My heart breaks for the children. Their parents have made a terrible world for them.


  59. When I first learned the plight of the Naglers I felt terrible for them. At first appearance it seemed as though they were a struggling family being harassed due to their financial difficulties and the hardships caused by extreme poverty. I have since wised up.

    As the months have passed I have found out more and more about their past behaviors, none of which they seemed to have learned from. I have watched and read as Nicole and Joe continue to blame their hardships on others instead of owning up to their own failures, learning from them, and growing better from them.

    I have watched as they claim to accept no assistance from the government, and yet I read other places that they do indeed receive food assistance. And although they claim they do not ask for assistance, they appear to have no problems at all begging for money , and other material donations, online, from the general public, by way of social media.

    Lets face it. They needed a home to live in. They need running water. They need a toilet or at the very least a real outhouse. They collected thousands of dollars from strangers to make this possible, and yet a year later, they have none of these things. How angry the donors must be about the purchase of a shed and a bunch of electronics and of course, one of the most expensive chainsaws on the rack. And let’s not forget the remodel of not one, but two grooming shops for Nicole.

    In the small time the Naglers have been in the public eye they’ve still not cleaned up the mess on the “dream property”. No gardens have produced fruit. Animals are never kept long enough to serve any real purpose. And their children are still running around dirty, barefoot, in ragged clothes, on property still piled with trash, human and animal excrement, and a sewage laden pond. And somehow, that’s everyone’s fault but their own.

    Nicole and Joe both are quick to respond to criticism, casting the blame on everyone but themselves, and yet they haven’t the time to respond to anyone offering a sympathetic word or helpful advice, unless of course it’s to criticize the offer.

    Joe and Nicole have no one to blame for their situation but themselves, and it’s hard to watch their children pay the price for their parent’s ignorance, inabilities, and refusal to do the right thing. It’s even harder to watch them blame everyone around them for their own shortcomings.

    The only satisfaction there is for those of us who were fooled in the beginning, and felt sorry for them, is watching their supporter base dwindle, and seeing that many of those that do remain, aren’t worth giving the time of day anyway.

    With the suspected impending move coming, I am anxious to see when the GoFundMe accounts will start back up, begging for funding to move the brood. It will be interesting to see if they are able to dupe the masses as they have done in the past or how much resistance they might meet.


  60. Does Mrs N seriously think her personal page is free and clear of moles/trolls. I beg to differ there is still at least 1 person on NN personal fb (not the homestead or her public blogger account ) that does not support her or her way of life. Think of the good ole day NicNog, the SM days, someone can’t be trusted to keep your secrets. Good luck figuring out who it is…


  61. This is what I believe happened regarding the “tapping” by the neighbor. She was hurrying to get to work and came upon the Nauglers driving leisurely along and would not pull over for her to pass. When she attempted to pass, he slammed on his brakes hoping she would “tap” his car and he could collect insurance payment because the one who is behind “is always at fault”. There was no damage but an officer was called anyway. He did not file a report. It was after this that things blew up with the neighbor. I hope they get a mental evaluation and get help in order to keep those suffering children.


  62. It’s just getting old. Now she will hook up with all those anti- bully groups for the new go fund me because they are no longer safe. They have no desire to homestead or go off grid. They are camping and playing that’s it one long camping trip. It’s time to grow up and take some accountability.


  63. Did anyone else notice how crappy the van sounded? It seems like they really could have used the insurance money for repairs.


  64. Yes that van did not sound like it was running well at all. They probably take care of that like everything else. Which is half ass. They seem like the type that just put gas in and do not maintain instead drive it into the ground.

    As for the video IMO it is still pictures with a video sound track. So since it has been altered who knows what the real story is. Likely there is a huge spin on that and was edited in their favor. Although IMO the photo of Joe pushing on the woman with his forearm does not bode well for him.

    It was refreshing to see that she was standing up to him. Prophet Joe thinks every one should bow down to him as he is a self claimed Saint. Kudos to the woman for giving it back to him.


  65. What’s really sad is reading through old blog posts of hers. (around 2012 or so)

    She outlined all of the activities the kids were doing (scouts, trips to the library, church, etc), all of the things the children were working on learning (using real lesson plans, or so it seemed), and the books the children were currently reading at the time.

    The children were clean, they had a garden that was actually growing, and they at least had a warm, clean living space.

    It’s sad and disturbing how far from that their family is now, and the fact that they find nothing wrong with what they’re doing. I think homesteading is wonderful, but that is not what’s happening now, at all.

    I’m so glad I found this blog, at least it’s a place where you can have a discussion or ask questions without being silenced. I only hope they get their stuff together for their kids.


  66. You know, there are photos of small cabins basically one step up from a shack that were built by people in the Great Depression that had more to offer than the summer shelter currently used by the two older boys. I commend them on what they’ve done with it thus far. I do hope that if they wish to remain in it for the winter that they build a fourth wall and seal all the gaps between the frame and the ceiling. There are slave quarters still remaining that were better built.

    Joe states he’s a friend to everybody, Nicole insists that it’s just the people she’s named that make her life miserable yet there is no local friend with similar goals and a plot of land who has offered to take the family in for any time whatsoever. You would think that after the years they’ve spent in Kentucky and at least 3 that they’ve lived in their current location they would have gotten tight with someone who has similar goals and lifestyle. Apparently this isn’t the case.

    When people use the words “all”, “everybody”, “nobody” and “never” they’re lying. Or they’re teenagers.

    Speaking of lying, where is the photographic evidence of the humanure system, Nicole? You make a point of photographing and documenting pretty much everything else but not that. I still think it would have been wiser to set up a one-hole incorporating the old septic tank rather than making children lug buckets of human waste uphill to dump somewhere on the property.


  67. Firstly, a “Forensic Interview” in regards to a family/child services case, is usually always one conducted with a child; first alone, and then with the parent present, if necessary.

    Secondly, regarding the new fork in the twisted road that is the Naugler Saga… Wasnt it just a few weeks ago that Mrs. N posted a “This is where our new cabin will go” video-tour/vlog. Obviously, given the recent admittance to troubled waters/not-feeling-the-homestead-anymore, it feels as if that video was premeditated in order to lead “someone” [cough cough:: big brother ::cough cough] on, because putting an idea out there on FB/BLH of the possibility of their leaving their locale, means it has been stewing for some time, including the time of said vlog.

    So why, then, post that video-tour of the “new cabin” location? I fear it was only to remind the naive and those who are watching in a county office from afar, that there indeed, still is, a “new cabin”, coming “soon”.


  68. So now I see they are having a yard sale to offset the cost of the new shop and would appreciate donated items… that I say “HELL NO”…..same answer she gave a few hours ago in regard to helping out the kids. They don’t want any help for the kids….fine…don’t give them any….including any care packages or donations to their Amazon lists. I have plenty to donate, but wouldn’t trust it getting to the kids. There aren’t words to describe animals like them….they aren’t even counter culture….more like sub culture. The mother seems to be looking healthier and cleaner…..can’t say that about the kids. What LB stated is true…..their life looked more stabilized 3-4 yrs ago. It has just been on a downward spiral since. Who buys land w/o checking it out? Especially when all the junk was up in the front? And now out of the blue…..they don’t feel comfortable living there….when all along they were stating just the opposite? This isn’t adding up. Maybe they know they will lose the kids once this testing has been done and it will give them an easier out, although I wouldn’t put it past them to take off in the night. It is disgusting and unfair that unfit people like these can procreate


  69. Asking for donations, to a business, to offset the cost of moving the business.

    No. That’s ridiculous. It also belies Nicole and Pace’s assertion that she’s a red-hot business woman. That is a business expense and one that can be written off as a business expense. Do so. Or reach into your business account and pay for it yourself. After all, your customers have paid you money and now you want people to give you items to sell to pad YOUR business’s bottom line rather than selling on their own to take care of their expenses. That takes chutzpah.

    Maybe Pace and the other investors regard this as business savvy. I disagree.


  70. Chaos in NauglerWorld seems to be swelling into a tsunami.
    Goatgate to be heard court tomorrow. Needing to raise money to keep the business going. Continuing issues with CPS and compliance. Business neighbors not so happy.

    My hope is that continued State oversight will ultimately result in the Nauglers leaving this homestead for a domicile with water, sewage and seeing these children in school. I haven’t given up hope that there is a way out for these children, if the parents could get psychiatric treatment, counseling and Joe actually worked. It’s a longshot, but I hope.


  71. What I’m stuck on, is what Nicole said about why they made a quantum leap several years ago. The romanticizing homesteading, minimalist, off the grid, back to nature type of lifestyle. The gist of her comment is why keep putting it off, and just do it. YOLO. All these romantic plans, when they moved to the property. The video walking tour of where the permanent cabin was going to be built. It’s kind or ironic, three years later, and another video walking tour of where the permanent cabin is going to be built. It doesn’t appear the momentum of that grand thought of don’t waste time away, just do it, got much further than romanticizing it.

    Yeah, years go by in a blink of an eye. Kids grow up. And all those why keep putting it off and make the quantum leaps turn into could of , should of, and why didn’t we in the YOLO of life. Meanwhile the children will have spent their entire childhood with their parents romanticizing whitebucket shitshacks, human feces waste piles, no running water, sick ponds, mud, un(no) schooling, social isolation, planned permanent cabin annual video walking tours, and alienating neighbors. Time those kids will never get back, gone up in smoke (and mirrors).


  72. It would seem that Joe and any child 16 and older would be required to look for and accept work to be on food stamps. NOT going to happen. So they just take donations from people instead.

    What are the basic eligibility requirements?

    Work Registration
    Anyone in a household who is 16 to 60 years old and can work must register for, look for and accept work. There are some exceptions to this requirement.


  73. At this point, whoever donates to their cause deserves to be scammed.The information is out there if they want to seek it out….I was a previous supporter, because of the media spin, i believed they were singled out. But when Nicole complained about this blog and put the link up I had to see what she was talking about, I had no idea there was another side to the story, a more accurate side. Lets hope this happens to others. i’m suspect there are a few dissenters here like me.


  74. ElMacho,
    I believe many of us were fooled. But thanks to this blog and Nicole’s constant ranting, many eyes have been opened.

    I have several friends who live off the grid and they are all appalled at the conditions these people live in, especially with the littles. They are not wealthy people who had loads of capital to start with either.


  75. nk – Joe opted not to pay the fine. Instead, he’s subject to a no-contact order for some period of time – I don’t know how long. Long enough to make life a bit uncomfortable I would imagine. Seems to me he should have paid the $25 and penned up the goats rather than contest it.


  76. Well, this way he can continue with the innocent BS. ‘He aint gonna pay for something he didn’t do’, goatS, my guess. Absolutely love this outcome.
    They aren’t going to abide by this ruling, it’s just a matter of time. So how many PO’s are out on them now, the goat neighbor, the water neighbor, how many more… Wonder how the BO will spin this, besides send more money… total asshats.
    Did he have to pay court costs? Legal fees? ‘Send more money, we’re persecuted….’


  77. Kentucky Bred, I feel like calling it “plans” is being overly generous. Plans involve defined steps. They have ideas that never even advance to unimplemented plans, let alone actual action.


  78. I want to know how everyone gets the updated information, the hearings, outcomes ect….


  79. Sorry El Macho, I’ll clarify.

    BlessedOneIsOffHerRocker asked, “I want to know how everyone gets the updated information, the hearings, outcomes ect….”

    My complete reply is


  80. As to the family court proceedings, all information regarding that has come from Mrs and Mr Naugler’s own postings, with some educated guesses based on a working knowledge of the law and the system.

    As to public court proceedings I attend them, and get the information first hand.


  81. Lisa & Tekla thank you for responding. I read a good deal NicNut’s postings but sometimes (most times) she gets long winded with excuses and blame, so I stop reading with intent to go back where I left off. It doesn’t happen very often. ?


  82. OMG…she really did! WTF is wrong with her. What is she going to do with these things when she moves? She said she was preparing to move right? A Pig in the chicken coop so it can adjust…to what? being a chicken? This is her way of saying she doesnt have proper enclosure for the poor creature i’m sure. And then she wants everyone to tell her how to take care of it. Unbelievable.


  83. That pig will break free out of the chicken coup in three shakes of a lambs tail and Hungry Hippo will be back in court for violating a court order.


  84. I’m wondering why they don’t cut some of the hundreds of pine trees with the new chain saw and cut notches in them to make a log pig pen. It’s what our ancestors did.



    She just…she actually managed to top herself!

    I’m literally laughing over here. A PIG. She bought a PIG.


  86. Unschooling lesson yesterday was government/court.

    Tomorrow it is going to be how to raise pigs. Heck they might as well throw in butchering a pig with it cause it is going to come to that.

    I will leave this link for them to save the trouble of them looking:

    While reading that page look what I found –
    “And then, of course, there was the occasion when they escaped into my neighbor’s yard and I had to chase them around… in my pajamas… when I was nine months pregnant… by myself…. in the dark. I was pretty much ‘over-them’ at that point.”

    Only a stupid person would get a animal and then ask how to take care of it. Only a stupid person would get a animal and not be prepared to house or pen it. Guess they are going to find out that pigs are worse than goats when it comes to trouble with neighbors. Yes the goats may have eaten crops but the pigs will dig up the ground doing much more damage.

    The stupidity seems to keep marching on with these two like time marches on.

    As for them moving – not buying that. IMO it was setting the stage for a pity party for donations. Well that did not work so then she makes a post about a yard sale for the business. I guess they are slow at learning that many people have caught on to their begging and have to keep on coming up with clever ways to beg.

    What begging theme is next? Going to leave this out there to see what suggestion might come up.
    My guess is one where Pa is in the slammer and Ma needs funds to help support the kids. Hey just saying you know there is that stay away order in place.

    Oh speaking of stay away order – It did not take Ma much over 24 hours to start work on breaking that one. Read the comments that supporters are so nice to make and she thumbs her nose back at them. Sorry Nicole you are not always in the right.


  87. Awwww Well Holy Crap, I’ll be damm….a PIG and 30 Chickens !!!

    The Hatfield and McCoy Fued started over a PIG, a court battle and a crazy love sick woman.
    The Clay County Kentucky War’s started over than less than that…… I think.

    Hummmm….. What the hell are they thinking?
    Right now the neighborhood holds the keys to Hanoi Joe’s room over at the jailhouse for the next two years. Because he refused to pay a $25.00 dollar fine…LMAO
    People who have been on a two day drunk would have made a better decision than that.

    Looks like,” The Breckenridge County Neighbor War’s ” has just started.


  88. I am telling you and I hate to say it but Ruby Ridge or Jonestown is coming. Many many years ago NicNut threatened to lock them (her, hefty hubby & the kids) inside their “home” and set it on fire if CPS ever came to take the children. Something bad is brewing & I mean really bad. I can feel/sense the unrest. They went and bought those hens & the pig as retaliation, or to “stick it to the man” I feel for Al & Ron & their families, I feel certain that they can stand up for themselves but how much bs can one take before blowing up. If the NogNuts plan to “move” then fu*/!,& do it. That plot of land is a ticking time bomb!!!!


  89. Auntie Mame says:
    April 27, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    I’m wondering why they don’t cut some of the hundreds of pine trees with the new chain saw and cut notches in them to make a log pig pen. It’s what our ancestors did.

    What? Plan ahead AND work well in advance? This is Joe and Nicole we’re discussing. You know they can’t bothered with all that noise.


  90. Nicole now states on her Blessed Little Lies/Sins of Omission/Spin Homestead page there are “rumors” that their goats destroyed the neighbor’s crops. Of course she will not address this on her Facebook page, fearing imminent criticism that she will have watch for like a hawk, and delete.

    There are no rumors. Joe Naugler showed up in court prepared to win with “evidence” that he did not even present. He was given a choice to pay a $25 fine for the goats wandering onto neighbor Sneed’s property, destroying vegetation…… or agree to a protective order that prevents him, his family and animals from contact with the neighbor within 500 feet. That includes any harassment that would encompass flipping the bird, throwing garbage, insulting, etc. He opted for the more restrictive consequence… no contact.

    Nicole, you can keep spinning, but the Emperor has no clothes.


  91. BlessedOneIsOffHerRocker,
    Looking back at everything as a whole from day one, several other’s and I have felt this thing comes down to the Nauglers wanting to have a real STAND-OFF with police.
    Maybe for the Militia group they advocate so publicly for, or maybe because little green men are telling them to…..who knows?
    But for whatever reason, they are out to prove something to the world and they want the whole world to see it too.
    The children and their needs seem to be the furthest thing from their mind’s and they just seem hell bent on revenge at everything and everyone without taking any responsibility for their part in why their lives have turned out the way that they have. It must be easier for them just to stand and point fingers at the world.
    I take that back…not the world just Americans !!!!
    A good example of this delusional way of thinking is take the junk piles all over the property. They blame the previous owners for the mess. They don’t take responsibility as a buyers to have inspected the property more closely. Or even knowledge the fact that they had the money to rent a Dozer and cleaned the property up. But instead they choose to waste money on hotels and eating out when their children were in Foster Care.
    Could a Ruby Ridge or another Jonestown happen? Maybe, or maybe not. But one thing is for sure…..they are not making good choice’s now and have not in the past either….and we all know this Train wreck is not over….they are out to prove something and they want everyone to see it.
    It is what it is !!!

    If I were in the neighbor’s shoe’s I think I’d call the Judge’s office and let them know of this retaliative purchase of a pig and thirty chickens, that seems to be a malicious intent to harass. Because they were purchased so quickly after a final Judgement has been made and an Order put in place.
    Due to the nature of the Order, the Judge might very well go ahead and send Hanoi Joe to jail to cool off.
    Idk ???


  92. I have had concerns about this turning into another Ruby Ridge since they chose to make their sad sob fictional story go viral. Their warped thinking and evident hatred for the government is very concerning . I fear for the children’s safety. For the life of me I cannot fathom why CPS returned those poor children into that environment .


  93. The older boys worked hard to build that chicken coop.
    I’m betting the boys are none too thrilled to have the new piggy confined there.
    Chickens do not need to be slogging around in mud and pig poop.
    Little piggy will soon make his own door to get out if he’s hungry or scared by a thunderstorm tonight.
    I suspect they did a bit of goat “bartering” for the pig.
    Someone has got to be laughing their head off at the stupidity of the Nauglers taking this pig home.
    I grew up on a farm. We were always, as children, told stay away from the pigs. There was one sow who was considered, by my grandfather, to be “down right evil”.
    Her stall and yard was near the smoke house across a little bridge. Under the bridge lived a snapping turtle that my grandfather would poke a big branch at just to see the turtle snap the end off with one chomp.
    I stayed away from that part of the farm.
    I cannot believe the adult Nauglers who try to act so intelligent have not taken the time to visit farms and talk to honest to goodness farmers about the care of their animals.
    But, this is the same woman who said “An artist could spend 8 hours on a sculpture and sell it for $100. Another artist could spend an hour on a painting and sell it for $1,000.”
    I’ve been following because of my useless concern for the children. Now I’m fascinated with how incredibly stupid their mother and father behave.
    Are they for real?????


  94. Did I read correctly on BLH, that the Nogs are going to move? Where on God’s green earth to? What happened to all that GFM money? Wasn’t that raised to build a cabin? It’s been awhile since I checked in on this story? Nothing has changed. They just added a shed in place of the stick house!


  95. Any bets on which will happen and in what order?

    *Pig gets out.
    *Pig eats pullet.
    *Pig bites child.
    *Pig is fed something that is no good for pigs.
    *Pig gets sick, because filth.
    *Pig gets heatstroke, because idiots.
    *Pig goes up for sale.
    *Pig is butchered ineptly and wastefully.
    *Pig just…stops being mentioned one day.


  96. Pig gets sick and dies because of heatstroke and wallowing in contaminated water and filth after having eaten a pullet or two due to starvation. All animals dead within 2 months, except dogs after having their bellies filled with chicken also. Maybe that’s the plan too. Chickens for dogs. Anyone else notice Nicole’s black eye and bruised arm, mysteriously wearing sunglasses and not showing up in court. She’d never have missed that opportunity to grandstand and even tried to BS her attendance at first. Stress is showing up more and more in this family. I agree, they’d love some big stand off but I’m thinking LE is way ahead of this
    and they are so incredibly stupid even others who profess similar ideologies are “unavailable”. I have to echo, poor kids, poor animals.


  97. Even her supporters are like wtf? A pig? Really? She is getting a lot of sound advice from them, all of which she will take as then telling her what to do even though she asked for their advisement. Do you think they lay awake at night thinking of things that will make their lives more disgusting? It’s like we our showing the world we can do what we want, because that’s what we want… They remind me of toddlers… In reality is this behavior called something? I know someone wrote something about Narcissism that was interesting.


  98. Elmacho, It could be anything like….Narcissistic, Bi- Poplar, Split Personality with touch of Skid’s O with lots of friends.?
    No wonder they are putting off having those Mental Evaluations done. It is in telling what the State Phycologist and doctors would find.


  99. I suspect the mental evaluation results would be very unsettling if anyone reading here was privy to them. Not that they would be able to share due to privacy laws. In the end, it doesn’t matter what label is slapped on Joe or Nicole. They’re a mess.

    I feel badly for the kids and the animals. It would be a different matter if any of the kids joined 4H or FFA and actually learned how to take care of them and succeeded in getting things set up for the animals. I doubt either Joe or Nicole would permit them to do so.


  100. Melissa, I keep looking at that lil’ pig and can’t help feeling sad that she has been sent to suffer at the Hanoi Hilton. It won’t be pretty.


  101. Tekla,
    Your right about no one here would be privy to read the results of the Mental Evaluations. But honestly do you think the Hanoi Nicole wouldn’t actually blog and bitch about it for months? Me think’s not…..?????
    One of her twelve personalities will tell all !!!!
    One of them always does….

    FB Refugee,
    Your right it is sad, and it is not going to be pretty either nothing is over at the Hanoi Hilton.
    However this little piggy is not going to go to market…. and this little piggy is not going to stay home….it will not have roast beef…. as a matter of fact it more likely is over at the neighbor’s house right now….having a little fun.

    O’Well maybe their supporters will start a GFM for Hanoi Joe’s commissary money he’s going to need over at the County lockup.
    Those dented Can’s are expensive !!!


  102. Tekla,
    Your right about no one here would be privy to read the results of the Mental Evaluations. But honestly do you think the Hanoi Nicole wouldn’t actually blog and bitch about it for months? Me think’s not…..?????
    One of her twelve personalities will tell all !!!!
    One of them always does….

    FB Refugee,
    Your right it is sad, and it is not going to be pretty either nothing is over at the Hanoi Hilton.
    However this little piggy is not going to go to market…. and this little piggy is not going to stay home….it will not have roast beef…. as a matter of fact it more likely is over at the neighbor’s house right now….having a little fun.

    O’Well maybe their supporters will start a GFM for Hanoi Joe’s commissary money he’s going to need over at the County lockup.
    Those dented Can’s are expensive !!!


  103. Is it just me, or does it seem like the BO has decided to stay on the homestead to prove a point, get even or an ‘I’ll show them’ attitude? If so then good, maybe the parents will get a little more productive. And more animals for food? A running bet in our household going on that says those animals don’t live long enough to be food for the humans. Poor little piggy and someone needs to know that chickens need DRY ground in their coop. I wish the kids and animals good luck in all this.


  104. @Elmacho: I’ve posted some things about narcissism. Any diagnosis is only useful as a predictor of future behavior, but narcissism seems to fit what they’ve been doing.

    The central motivator of a narcissist’s action is what professionals call narcissistic supply. This isn’t attention, the way we think of attention. That is, it doesn’t imply that good things happen to the narcissist. Narcissistic supply is the experience of having others oriented toward the narcissist. They could be angry, scared, longing for love, grateful, infuriated, exasperated, puzzled, disgusted–anything. The point is that they are oriented toward the narcissist.

    Narcissists need narcissistic supply the way neurotypical people need water. I use the term “neurotypical” because there is medical evidence that at least some narcissists have malformed brains, with deficits in the parts of the brain that become active when we age out of the me-me-me, now-now-now phase of baby- and toddlerhood. This phase is important in early life because babies and toddlers can’t survive without constant attention from adults. But when it sticks into later life, you get a narcissist.

    Anyway, this need is so urgent that somebody with a really bad case of clinical narcissism will do self-destructive things in order to get their narcissistic supply. The biggest burst of narcissistic supply Mrs. Naugler got recently was about the goats getting onto other people’s property and her husband going to court. A close second: the stench and filth of the Blessed Little Homestead. And don’t forget the outrage on behalf of the children who made pets of the livestock and then had to kill them.

    Welp–a pig will be even more of a pest to the neighbors, comes with a stench all its own, and can become a pet too! Voila, another truckload of narcissistic supply!

    The fact that children are getting hurt wouldn’t matter to a narcissist. Clinical narcissists don’t think of other people as people any more than babies and toddlers do. We are sources of things the narcissist needs or obstacles, and that’s all we are. Narcissists don’t have conversations; that would imply that two people exist in the world. They use words to get stuff.

    Sure sounds like Mrs. Naugler, doesn’t it?



    Since there is a lot of discussion about narcissism, here are some selected tidbits from Online counselor about the inevitable getting older and narcissism, mostly from the adult child perspective. The whole article is interesting.

    The Aging Narcissistic Parent
    By: Beth McHugh
    The person who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder finds the aging process more difficult to deal with than the average person. Looks fade, the body no longer responds like that of a young healthy person, and the mind is no longer as sharp as it once was.

    All this contributes to an increasing sense of entitlement of the behalf of the narcissist. Entitlement simply means that the person believes that they are entitled to special treatment; in fact, they should get it as a matter of course without having to ask for it. Many teenagers display this trait but happily grow out of it to become mature adults who see that the other person has needs and rights of their own. No so with the narcissist, because in the narcissist’s world, no-one really exists except for them. All others are there to do their biding and those who will not bid accordingly are dismissed, despised and discarded.

    It is this latter behavior that is so frightening to a child. The very thought that if they do not go on pleasing the narcissistic parent they will be ignored and therefore unloved is terrifying. Hence the narcissistic parent has a powerful hold on the emotions of their child, even when that child has become an adult with children of their own.

    It is tempting to make excuses for the behavior of an aging mother or father who may be living on their own with failing health. But in dealing with the aging narcissist, this normal sense of human compassion will be used as a tool by the narcissist to exploit and manipulate their well-meaning adult child.

    The adult child must create boundaries to protect themselves from the increasing onslaught of unrealistic demands from their frail narcissistic parent. They must especially protect themselves from the deadliest activity of all: hoping that with increasing age and frailty the lifelong self-absorbed parent will finally see their child for what they are: a real, separate person, who deserves all the love that they were denied for their entire lifetime.

    Who wouldn’t want a loving parent who, at the end of their life, acknowledges their love and pride and gratefulness for their child. One of the most painful wounds that the child of a narcissist has to overcome is accepting the reality that this will never happen. It’s a very deep pain and a very real one.

    Visit our forum on Narcissistic Personality


  106. Jenny Islander,…….Can you put that in lay terms?? What does extreme narcisism look like on a day to day basis? I looked it up 15yrs ago thru the NIMH and few other official sites just so I could see what it meant. I had 1 family member get diagnose narcisitic w/pychosis tendencies. I had to go look that up. Scary, but Nicole fits what I remember. Narcisism in and of itself is not always bad. Its the extreme and the psychosis factor that makes narcisists dangeruous in an usually underhanded way. [from what I read years agio and having dealt with one.] Its also why that the extreme ones seemingly lack a ‘maternal instinct’. Lack of empathy among other attributes. It does explain alot.


  107. @Jenny….I have someone in my family that has similar traits, too many kids to care for, chickens ducks and dogs, all of which are disposable and replaceable, all while her children suffer, and it breaks my heart every day. They (her and her husband) react the same way when approached with opposition. Then they will acquire more animals to prove you wrong…or so i thought,its just for attention of any kind. I think you hit the nail on the head…i have my very own non Viral version of the “Narcissistic Nauglers” I am dealing with…its uncanny.
    I dont see any end in sight for either family


  108. El Macho, I don’t care how you get along with the adults, but please try to maintain a voice/ presence for those kids you spoke of. It makes a difference [for the kids]. I went thru alot of secretive and open abuse when I was a kid and learned early on what to say and not say to outsiders, especially authoritative figures. The people who made a genuine differnece in my life were the adults [and parents of friends] who spoke another way of life to ME. I didn’t realize at the time, that laws kept well meaning adults from getting me out of my hell, but those people were there for me in ways that I couldn’t fully understand or appreciate until my adult years. Just being a voice of care and concern, even if you cannot do anything legally, can make a difference. And sometimes you gotta bite your toungue with the adult relatives, for the sake of the kiddos. You seem like a good person, I wish you luck and patience with your family and the kiddos.


  109. Do you know the differnce between the Nauglers and money? The ability to hide…..what you do, what you do for a living, and what you do behind closed doors all the while living a life and /or lie. The lie is what you present to others. The life is what you live to try to convince others of the lie. Add some serious money to the Nogs and I seruiously [imho] doubt the kids would grow up much different emotionaly than I did.


  110. I was keeping my mouth shut for the longest time, I had to finally call social services, it was after much discussion with the family about the living conditions of the children. but they figured out it was me and have not spoken to me in 2 weeks. This was someone i spoke with 3-5 times a day and our kids are best friends….it really sucks. This blog has actually brought some clarity to my decision as hard as it was. My husband and I call them the Nauglers in front of the kids so they dont know who we are talking about. I wish things could be different, they lie about everything (just like the real Naugs) They trivialize things…like dead chickens, or animal feces (just like the real Naugs) And now the kids are isolated from the family (just like the real Naugs). I have been out of the loop for 2 weeks…maybe she got a damn pig! I just realized….I am related to Nicole Nauglers Doppelganger!!!


  111. Melissa,
    I agree whole heartedly with what you have said. She cries now for people to “leave her family alone”, if I’m not mistaken her & hefty hubby wanted this to go viral! Well the nuts got what they wanted but it came back and smacked them in the face. Also if they truly wanted to be left alone assinined crap like the pig & chickens/hens they bought right after A) Killing Shephard (Goat), B) Court where a no contact order is placed C) JoeNut makes the stupid decision not to pay a very small fine $25 & pen the goats and other livestock that may be still alive up. Would of made there life easier. But no hefty thought he’d a bad ass and “fight the man” Not only that but purchased several new animals who will be hard to contain due to their lack of knowledge on the subject combined with the fact they are lazy. I also think they want a “show down” with LE, filmed and everything, thats true viral to them, I just pray that when it happens LE lives are not taken. ?


  112. @nk: Keep in mind that I am a layperson and everything I learned about narcissism I learned because I was trying to figure out my own toxic family. Also, everybody has a narcissistic moment now and then. We are speaking of people who can’t not be narcissistic. It’s the foundation of their personality–a cracked foundation. Hence the term “personality disorder.”

    I could write a whole essay about what it’s like to live with a narcissist, but I would be here all afternoon. Here’s a Bingo list instead. Draw a 5×5 grid, with PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE!!!! as the free space. Pick 5 items total from each category (I,M,R,B,N) and write them in the 5 columns. Then see how long it takes you to win!

    1. Deliberately Deprived of Food/Sleep
    2. Never, But Never, But NEVER On Time
    3. Kidnapped/Imprisoned by Own Family
    4. Puberty = Dirty/Bad/Nasty/Slutty/Liar
    5. Systematic Physical/Social Isolation
    6. Physical/Medical Neglect
    7. Calls In the Powers That Be (The Frame-Up)
    8. Holds Pets/Siblings Hostage to Your Compliance
    9. Covert/Overt Incest
    10. Threatened/Attempted Murder
    11. Mean-Spirited Middle-School Humor
    12. Munchausen’s By Proxy
    13. Well-Off Family Raises Child in Poverty
    14. Leaves/Puts You In Harm’s Way
    15. No Such Thing as Privacy

    MINE! MINE!! MINE!!!
    1. Actually Says “I Own You”
    2. “Grandparents’ Rights”
    3. Entitled To Your Money/Possessions/Work/Medication
    4. Takes Credit For Your Successes
    5. You Make the Payments, They Hold the Title
    6. Identity Theft
    7. “Have a Baby For Me”
    8. You Owe Me $$ For Raising You
    9. Involuntary Organ Donor
    10. Every Gift Has Strings
    11. Your Happy Occasion Is Their Spotlight
    12. Tries to Have You Declared Insane/Incompetent
    13. Tu Casa Es Su Casa
    14. Sabotages Your Education/Job/Health to Keep You at Home
    15. The Parental Stalker

    1. Honestly Thought You Would Never Grow Up
    2. The Golden Child/Scapegoat Straitjacket
    3. Child = Collector’s Doll
    4. Breaks Your Picker
    5. Treats Child Like Adult/Treats Adult Like Child
    6. Hoarder (The Comorbidity Tango)
    7. Less Bad Than Own Parents = No Need to Change
    8. PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE!!!! (Free Space)
    9. Competes With Own Child
    10. Gives You Hell For Being Sick/Injured/In Crisis
    11. Literally Blames You For Being Born
    12. Liked You Best When You Were Tiny & Naive
    13. I’m Not Wrong! REALITY IS WRONG!!!!!
    14. Preplans Your Life Before You’re Born
    15. Forgets Your Basic Needs as a Human

    1. Whines, Wheedles, and Begs
    2. Responds to Preschool-Level Discipline
    3, Gifts = Things Narcissist Likes/Random Junk
    4. Has Meltdowns
    5. Throws Tantrums
    6. Go Away! (But Don’t You Dare Leave!)
    7. Invites Self Along (Third Wheel on the Honeymoon)
    8. Must Be Right Up In Your Business At All Times
    9. Foul Habits, No Shame
    10. You Have to Be Their Mommy/Daddy
    11. Magical Thinking
    12. Pretends to be Helpless/Incompetent
    13. “Helps” By Messing With Your Space
    14. Loathes you in the Morning, Loves You in the Afternoon
    15. Makes Up Stories About Your Life

    1. You’ve Got Troubles, They’ve Got a Stage
    2. Moves In to “Help Out,” Turns You Into Their Butler
    3. Put Down Phone, Come Back Later, THEY’RE STILL TALKING
    4. The Con Artist’s Perfect Pigeon
    5. Loves to See Own Face (Selfie Wallpaper)
    6. Every Inconvenience is a Personal Attack
    7. How Much Can I Jerk You Around?
    8. Treats Objects/Pets Like People
    9. Does Basic Parenting Thing, Wants Medal
    10. Only Parents When Narcissistic Supply May Result
    11. How Dare You Have Fun?!
    12. Projection
    13. Gaslighting
    14. Triangulation
    15. Does Cruel Things, Blames You for Being Hurt


  113. Just remembered that I referenced “Lord of the Flies” in my post about the goat slaughter. I wrote something like, “Just substitute ‘Kill the goat’ for ‘Kill the pig'”.

    Oh, dear. I hope this didn’t inspire Nicole’s latest venture. Poor little piggy…or do I mean, “Piggy”?


  114. NICOLE C NAUGLER said on her facebook page…..”Do you know what the pig and the chickens are for? Food. Breakfast lunch and dinner. Maybe even midnight snacks.

    Keep it classy Kentucky


  115. ^^^ ElMacho: I think you mean, “Keep it classy, NICOLE”, rather than “Keep it classy, Kentucky”.

    Please don’t blame the entire Commonwealth for this individual – who is from Maine by way of Texas, not Kentucky, after all – and her wretched behavior and choices.


  116. Because even 15 people can finish off all that pig meat before it spoils in the Kentucky heat.

    Nicole, why are you wasting time on pigs and chickens in the first place? Bags of lentils are cheaper, full of protein, and much less troublesome. Or do you imagine that keeping pigs and chickens doesn’t cost anything?

    Oh hell I bet she does.


  117. More on the above.

    If the Nauglers had actually been proving up the land in the past–what, is it three years now?–instead of spreading filth and garbage around and braying about their rights, then chickens and a pig would be their best choices for livestock. On a well-run subsistence farm in that climate, it would be possible to feed both a flock of chickens and a pig off the produce of the land with some kitchen scraps. Housing the chickens and the pig could be done with some scrap materials and systematic daily work. Doctoring them would still cost money, though, and so would keeping the meat they couldn’t finish in one sitting.


  118. I only said it that way because the original joke was ” keep it classy SanDiego”…. I’m not that girl that thinks everyone in KY is like the Nauglers. #ifyouhavetoexplainititsnotfunny


  119. I stay as quite as I can..I try to look at both sides..(even though I have been deemed a “hater”) I can not,because I am a sane human being who knows better,,and today Mrs. Naugler denies and makes excuses for her husband when someone asked about the no contact order..she denies it!..and says the people in the court room…REAL LIFE PEOPLE we have all chatted with..are liars?!!!…and that she will “explain” more next week in her blog? are you kidding me?,,,I am speechless,,I think that needs to me my new profile name,,,speechless…


  120. @ElMacho, not everyone has seen the movie “The Anchorman”, ya know, just so you know that might be one of the reasons why you joke didn’t play out so well.


  121. @Jenny Islander– that Bingo list says it all.

    Funny to read about. A misery to live with. The deepest pain that family members experience in living with a Narcissist is futility. Absent intensive therapy which the Narcissist classically resists, she is never able to see herself for what she (or he) is.

    Narcissis fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water.
    In the case of Nicole Naugler, it became a dirty, murky, very toxic pond.


  122. @EmmyD… Thank you joke police…i wasn’t expecting a headlining offer at the joke factory,I was just making an observation on her lack of class. Maybe you missed the point of my original post, I will try to be more literal instead of tongue in cheek, but its going to kill me.#snarkyforlife


  123. I have watched Anchorman too many times to admit. Stick with funny, funny rules. On the other hand Kentucky Pride. Too many hillbilly jokes during the sordid tale and they are New Englanders for goodness sake. “Keep it classy Garfield” probably would have played better. 🙂


  124. Just a little word of advice to those who are having to deal with someone who has a serious Mental Illness.

    If they are not YOUR directly responsible for this person then by all means you have the right to walk away. Life is short, it important that you don’t allow someone you are not responsible for to take over and control your life. Your own family needs you, so don’t get sucked in by the mentally ill by their bullshit or mind games.
    Walk away if you can.

    But if you can not walk away and you are responsible for this person then don’t let them Jack you around with their BS and mind games. If you’re responsible for this person then get them help. Get them to a Physician or Mental Health Provider as soon as possible.
    If they refuse, then go to your County Judge and force this person into a Mental Health Provider. That let’s the other person know you do care and want them to get the help they need. They might get mad at first but in the end after care and treatment, they will see how much you do care.
    You have to do something, thing’s can not go on as they are without some kind of help. You have to think of yourself and family too and all the other lives around you and this person.
    Take control, take charge….and don’t ever give up until they get the help they need.

    Hope this helps someone….


  125. Yeah, I know…..I got words all tangled there in the beginning of my comment.
    I’m babysitting my brother’s 4 month old….lols

    O’My Goodness…. she is a handful and I have not had to care for a little one in over twenty years….. Lols !!!!

    She is fun…..


  126. Melissa, Enjoy the little one today! 🙂 Wish I could have more or at least be around relatives that need a sitter every once in a while. I think thats what drives me the most nuts about people with lots of kids who don’t truly understand or appreciate the gifts ‘from above’ they have been given. My one and only is the BEST blessing to ever happen to me. He is old enough to leave the nest and I will miss it when he is ‘officialy’ gone.


  127. An article came across my husband’s FB feed last night about his friend’s death and the impact that its having [comments] to his gaming friends and his IRL friends. Im glad to see that Chance’s story is getting out there. Chance was 21 yrs old when he committed suicide in January. We didn’t know about it until March, when my husband finally looked at all his messages on FB. I kept telling him one of his friends was dead, but he wouldn’t listen. Chances death was not discussed on the gaming pages/chat…..My husband [Frank] did not know that memorial pages were being set up on FB for Chance….he doesn’t use FB except to get to his game. Some nog supporter doxxed me and hubby and sent messages out to not only hubby and me, but to Chances family and his other pages set up. I knew in Jan, but not WHO died. It all blew up in march. I would have to send an FOIA request to FB to get the messages , just to prove a ‘sock’ account by the name of JP was the main person who went after us and Chances family. JP was one of 4 accounts by the same name. All I can remeber is going completely nuts as he read off his messages. My husband still feels guilty for Chances death because he didn’t keep up with FB. and the hate mail we were getting from the nog folks. I am truly sorry I blew up at Sally and several others during that time frame. If they could have access to our bank and gaming accounts and tease us about a death of a friend and worse tease OTHERS…..again, I am sorry. It was NOT you Sally and I am sorry I took it our on you [and others].


  128. El Macho….I laughed at the KY joke, I got it!! I was both in the north, raised in the south and watched a movie the other night that teased ky in the same vein the most NE folks used to tease NJ folks. No harm no fould, local stuff. Tell ya what Hollywierd teases either NJ or ‘ Kentucky bred’ [they used to] Push comes to shove, we would all stick up for each other. Most people who are worth anything in PA have a ‘house at the Jersey shore’ New Englanders have alot of stock in the land they tease. its funny to me because of my family. Ky is no differnent than Georgia, Alaqbama or the FL panhandle. You are good in my book. Maybe some of those ‘born and bred/never left home state’ should get out more.


  129. Hey, , let’s all lay off putting down states – and other posters – and focus on the topic at hand, okay?

    For the record, I have a graduate degree, am widely traveled in this country and abroad, have lived in Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio – but am still a proud Kentuckian by both birth and long residence-by-choice. And yes, it does get old to be ragged continually (often by those who’ve never spent a day in this beautiful place), about our supposed propensities for bare feet, incest, illiteracy, and so on.

    In this case, I was unfamiliar with the TV show cited as the source – or rather, “inspiration” – of the original comment, so didn’t get the reference. As the Nauglers’ origins are far from the Bluegrass State, it looked to me like yet another instance of inappropriate stereotyping of Kentucky and Kentuckians, and it felt like yet another put-down of both.

    Actually, even if I HAD caught the “stay classy” reference, it still would not have struck me as funny at all, given the Nauglers’ origins.

    Am I overly sensitive? Not usually…but it gets old. Very old.


  130. Blue Kentucky Girl, Hello from across the nation! I’m learning more and more about Kentucky as this saga seems never ending. I’d love to hear more about your state. ♡ I’m guessing that we’re more alike than different.♡


  131. Pretty funny. The world is a small place. In the end we are all just people trying to get along, all different and yet all the same. I still think Anchorman is funny. The Nefarious Please (I forgot to sign off before).


  132. These people are the kind that really should have their children taken away. That’s not something that I’d usually say about anyone, but in this case it’s absolutely true. The kids would be so much better off.
    They are living in filth & squalor, and it seems the older kids have taken on the parenting role for the younger ones…
    These people have no accountability for their actions.
    These kids are being robbed of a childhood, and they are not being taught anything except to be little slaves.
    These kids don’t stand a chance for a normal life.
    The Naugler’s are nothing but self entitled, lazy, and ignorant.
    I hope there’s an end to this idiocy soon.


  133. Searching Google for “Naugler Go Fund” in the past few days gives this post as the top hit!


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