More Evidence

The original piece about this is here.

At the time that I wrote that, all I had was the image that Cathy had provided.  Here it is again.


As you can see, Cathy has obscured the year, along with the signature and the routing numbers across the bottom.  I know Cathy did the obscuring here, because that’s how she does it – with that pixelated shit.

At the time, I had no idea how Cathy got that check, or what it was for, or anything much. Cathy, of course, wanted to prove that Carl McIntire was raping her from sometime after she was kidnapped at age three until she was a young teenager.  He was paying Cleo monthly rape money.

Well, I now know exactly what the check was for, why McIntire was paying Cleo money and everything.

Here’s the check, without the obscuring.

See the date? The year?  1966.

That’s why Cathy obliterated it.

This check is clearly marked as “monthly payment thru December 1st.”  That means that the check covers some multiple payments that occurred monthly.  Those payments, those months, would have been prior to December, 1966.

Cathy was born in July, 1964.

She was three in July, 1967.

She was 2 years, five months old when that check was written. Remember, the check covers some number of months prior to December 1966 (five, to be exact).

The check had nothing to do with her. According to her own story, she hadn’t even been kidnapped yet.

I have the rest. I have everything that shows exactly what the check was for.  The signature is that of Maurice E. Bryson, who was the treasurer for the Christian Beacon, Carl McIntire’s newsletter. There was a very good reason for him to be writing Cleo Smith a check. He wrote her a lot of them. (This is interesting to me, because I thought that handwriting was surely a woman’s.  I assume Maurice was not a woman. )

All in good time.

For now, let’s understand that Cathy Harris knew perfectly well that this check was written in 1966 and had nothing to do with her.  She knew this.  She also knows exactly what that check was for, just like I do.

But she obliterated the year and presented the check, knowing what she knew, knowing that she was lying, to paint this stupid story that Carl McIntire was paying Cleo to rape her.

And just for the hell of it, here’s the back of the same check.

Cathy Harris is a pathological liar.


18 thoughts on “More Evidence”

  1. Cleo Magsam Smith.

    Boy, am I pleased with how I was able to trace how her family’s surname was misspelled at various times in the census. But I had it right!

    Stuff it, Cathy.


  2. If I ever need a PI, I’m coming to you, Sally.

    Well, I’m slow, though. Really slow.


  3. I love those mystery movies on the Hallmark channel. This story would make for a great script. Sally you might be slow but you are a great detective 🙂


  4. Well, I’m slow, though. Really slow.

    So were the retreating glaciers but look at our Great Lakes! And the Finger Lakes region. Go for the beauty, stay for the wine tours. Lake Superior is amazing.


  5. Wow Sally, good detective work! I hope some of her followers make it over here to see this. It’s disturbing how they make Cathy out to be some sort of hero for the cause and blindly worship her.


  6. So Cathy is pissed off that the woman who isn’t related to her, but raised her, didn’t leave her “enough” money in the will. Even in the reply that Mr. Harris sent to her it sounds as though she’s always felt very entitled. She’s 53 years old. Get over yourself.

    Newsflash: Cleo’s money and property was HERS to give away.

    Cathy is also free to dispose of her money and property as she directs in a will.


  7. This is great! Awesome job, Sally!

    O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! –Walter Scott


  8. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    While looking around on facebook, I noticed the tangled web quote on a page. I know it’s a very common quote but I wasn’t expecting to see it. It was posted before I made my comment, but I didn’t see it till after. It fits Cathy and Nicole perfectly though.



    Start here and work forward. And that isn’t really about the Nauglers at all, except tangentially.

    For a sort of intro, you can go to Nicole’s own blog entry about the stillbirth.

    I tried very hard to be kind to her until they put up the GoFundMe, at which point I sort of lost patience with them.

    The short answer is that Nicole sowed to the wind and reaped the whirlwind. She had bad complications during labor and the baby was born dead. She spent a couple of days in ICU. She now has no new baby and a huge enormous hospital bill which they cannot pay and won’t apply for help to pay.

    It’s been a zoo.


  10. I seen this coming when she managed to stay pregnant for what seemed liked 12 months..Not real surprised by the GoFundMe either.
    The only difference is the fact that they don’t have the followers in their back pockets anymore.
    Medicaid and Joe getting a job would be to hard for em, they like handouts much better. I do hate it for that poor baby; the fact that he had to endure that mistreatment while being inside of her..but I also have to wonder if he’s not better off now? Kind of a slippery slope since I’m not certain how to properly word it and don’t want to say the wrong thing and sound heartless.

    Ah, Nicole. Karma is an ugly thing my dear. You’ve stirred the pot for so long; I know your arm is tired from all the stirring. But, I must ask you; How’s that spoon taste sweetheart?


  11. don’t want to say the wrong thing and sound heartless.

    It’s been said. It’s certainly been thought by nearly everyone watching this disaster.


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