March 13 Court

[While this video appears to show Nicole in the driver’s seat, I think maybe it’s a reversed image and Joe is actually driving with Nicole in the shot-gun seat. She does not appear to be moving her arms like she was driving, but instead looks like she’s holding the camera out in front of her.]

Big sigh.

NICOLE: Good mornin’, everybody.

Um, a quick update. We had court today for our IPOs that we filed, um, for those that don’t know, the short of it is my husband filed an IPO on Eric, um, after

JOE: (out of view, driving perhaps) Numerous threats

NICOLE: Numerous, continued threats, um, those, for whom, as for the link, I posted them before. Anyways, you’re familiar with that, so,

JOE: Not just threats like, “Oh,”

NICOLE: Yeah, “keep an eye on the target,” “not forgetting,” “teach people lessons” [Waves Joe off, who continues to try to talk] Anyways, I’ve posted about that before.

And then they in turn, um, filed reciprocal IPOs on my husband, both husband and wife, Vivian and Eric did, and then, um, sorry with the ums, that same day I filed one against Vivian because she was videotaping my family at the laundromat.(1)

JOE: And your business

NICOLE: So I filed one on Lisa Luthi who runs Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions, co-authors the blog,(2) many other pages, and fake accounts that has been harassing me. She’s the one who recruits, um, people for her pages, has contacted every neighbor that I have(3) and tried to instigate.

So anyways, we had court today for that, um, Lisa has acquired an attorney, the Martins have acquired an attorney, and um, we are gonna just represent ourselves, because, I don’t see the need of spending money on an attorney who could say the same things I can.

But anyways, sorry, I’m trying to catch my breath

JOE: There were a lot of people in the courtroom

NICOLE: There were a lot of people in the courtroom, um, Sondra Johnston and Bethany Long. Bethany Long is the groomer that is in town here. I don’t know why she’s involved. Some days she sends me messages just saying she’s supportive and apologizes, the next day she sends me messages that, you know, she’s crazy and just goes on and on, but . . .

Sondra Johnston, who was the one who called CPS on us last year and started this whole fiasco

JOE: Made the anonymous call, never been to our property or met our children, made that call and all this got started

NICOLE: Yeah, she never even met us, but she made the anonymous call(4) that got this all started. She was there today. Lisa Luthi was there, of course, with Courtney White. If you’ve been following my story, you know who Courtney White is. When she said her name, because I don’t recognize her face, um, when she said her name (starts crying)

JOE: And this is what gets me as a husband. This is what gets me.(5)

NICOLE: These people just won’t stop terrorizing and won’t just leave us alone. All I’ve asked is just to leave us alone and they just stop.

JOE: If you’ve got a problem, call the ABC, uh, government agencies like you already have, numerous times. I’m sorry that they don’t find any fault in us, that we haven’t breaking any laws, but you cannot be vigilantes, you cannot keep harassing us into a situation.

NICOLE: But they continue it.

Um, Lisa’s lawyer has asked that, um,

JOE: Jurisdiction

NICOLE: They were talking about jurisdiction because I live in Breckinridge County even though my business is in Hardin County. Anyways, it’s been reset for March 27, so I get to go to court

JOE: And Martin, their lawyer asked for the RPD, Radcliff Police that were on the scene to come.

NICOLE: Yeah, they’re gonna call more witnesses.

JOE: Which is basically a delay tactic, so they can keep agitating(6)

NICOLE: But the IPOs are still in, in order, the temporary ones are still active, so Lisa and Viv and Eric still have their restraints on them, (7) which means they can’t come to us, they can’t come to our homes or our business or follow us about, out and about in public.

Um, thankfully, when we left the courtrooms, the bailiff gave us a 5-minute head start and made the other parties stay until we were clear of the courthouse.

JOE: Even their attorney got yelled at by the judge.

NICOLE: So, um, it’s just escalating behaviors, the fact that they’ve brought in somebody from northern Indiana who has been actively stalking since day one, I have screen shots of her, um, making comments about my children’s foster care, the care they were getting, claiming to have inside information and claiming to have connections.

So the next two weeks, I guess I’m gonna be working on, and if anybody, anybody who watches this video, if you have anything you’ve seen or heard in the last two years, ’cause we’re going back almost two years now, to May, that involves Lisa Luthi, or Courtney White, or anybody else who may or may not show up next time,(8) um, please send it to me, URLs, copy links are great if they’re still existing, if they’re screen shots those are great. I’m gonna compile as much evidence as I can. The judge will only hear some of it because her court is limited to the IPO. I just need to show the judge how serious this is for our family.

JOE: And on another note, uh, we’ve already had, uh, dozens, if not hundreds, of people, probably about a hundred and fifty people (9) so far who are involved from the beginning, who have been doxxed and stalked and harassed by these trolls from the beginning, just for being supporters. Uh, you know, people getting private messages, you know, to back off or else, people having their addresses, the exits they live on off the interstate posted in an intimidating fashion, uh, you know, your Facebook pages being shut down because trolls, you know, complained or whatever reported.

Um, we would like anybody, anybody and everybody, who has been affected by the trolls since May of 2015, like I said, we’ve already had several dozen,(10) I would say probably about a hundred and thirty-five,(11) I think, by now


JOE: People that have sent us the evidence of, of people that are sending them messages saying, “Oh, I know people, if you don’t, you know, stop supporting the Nauglers, I’ll call in favors,” you know, people, you know, have in their private information displayed, I know we had some gentleman from, uh, a group called the 3 percenters, they had their credit report displayed

NICOLE: Yeah, they pulled his credit report and everything

JOE: Uh, so we’ve gotten all that. I want anybody and everybody, if you will, it can’t be remained anonymous, these things, if we have to use them for court records, we can request that they stay sealed for the. . .

NICOLE: And you can submit them directly to the Hardin County Attorney, if you wish. Um, or the Breckinridge County Attorney,

JOE: Or the Breckinridge County Attorney

NICOLE: because we will be opening cases, we have open cases, and will be opening more cases, uh, in both counties.

JOE: As this continues to an actual, we given them plenty of warning, this will continue to a civil suit. This will, uh, we have, we have, we have no other card, that is the card we will be playing. At this point, we are just exercising and exhausting all our legal options, um, just to show in the civil suit that that is exactly the steps we’ve done, because the defamation, the slander, the libel, the constant agitation, the collusion, uh, the mob-like collusion and the, uh, mob-like instig – I mean, we’ve, they’ve written a blog about groups of them driving by our home to visit a person they’ve never met, my neighbor, they’ve never met before, they’ve written a blog about it as if, oh, whatever. But the fact is is that, they came from all over the country, and they, they mob-mentality in a lynch-style through my property, past my property to intimidate us.(12)

NICOLE: [Clearly cutting Joe off, because god damn, how could he get any stupider] And they continue it.

Uh, I’m gonna answer some of the questions.

Um, Cheryl Stanley says that there’s cyber laws. There are laws applied, that we qualify for this, but we are told by the County Attorney that this, for some reason, doesn’t violate those laws.

JOE: Now, I want to add, and I don’t care that I’m adding it, there was a la – what was her name? – that ran for city council – I want her – what’s her name?

NICOLE: Dusty June

JOE: Dusty June ran for city council in Etown. We have screen shots. She made it clear she did an attack business page on us, she made it clear that there are people who on the inside, the inner circles, as she put it, that we have pissed off. Uh, and are now targeting and persecuting us. And we have actual evidence of this targeting and persecution, not just from locals, embedded from attorneys, recorded conversations from attorneys, but also from how it’s affecting us. And we will get into that at some point.

NICOLE: [unclear remark]

But if you have anything, like I said, you can send it to us, um, the Hardin County Attorney, or the Breckinridge County Attorney, or both, um, both are accessible. I know the Hardin County Attorney’s a little more difficult to get in touch with, [looks down repeatedly to read her phone while driving] but, um, I’m gonna sign off for now, I need to take brain break, that was just way too much

JOE: Yeah, my wife’s starting to

NICOLE: emotional at once (commences crying again). I don’t know why these people won’t leave my family alone but they’re, they’re trying to tell the judge that somehow I’m harassing and stalking them. Um,

JOE: Us showing them harassing and stalking us is not harassment and stalking them. We don’t drive by their home. We don’t get in touch with their neighbors

NICOLE: A drive, like, she lives, I guess, in like northern Indiana or something like that, like far away from here, but she showed up at court today, and um, so that puts a whole ‘nother wrench

JOE: And she stood up there next to

NICOLE: as an assistant attorney. She’s trying to practice law in another state which I don’t know if she has a license to do so or what her role is, but that would be brought into question as well but her intent is clearly, uh, malicious as the other one’s.(13)

[Sigh] I don’t know why they care. I wish they didn’t. Maybe they could care about something else, but um,

JOE: I mean, they’ve already gotten, like I said, they’ve called every state agency they

NICOLE: What’s happened is is that they don’t agree with, with our lifestyle, and they had hoped back in last, back in 2015 that the state would remedy and make it go their way. They didn’t go their way. Our children are back, we’re living our lives, and these people are getting more and more frustrated which makes them more and more aggressive.

JOE: I think it goes a little bit deeper than that. I think there’s some narcissistic disorder(14) involved here. I think there’s some Stockholm syndrome,(15) and there, there are other things that I can definitely lay out from a psychological viewpoint.(16) Uh, uh, what I see is a bunch of people for two months, uh, trying to, you know, most of them were politically motivated,(17) there were a few locals who just thought we had embarrassed the community, uh, who had it out for us, and when the children were returned, no criminals charges were filed, uh, it, when we were allowed to live the exact same way we were allowed to live, uh, they had to eat what I refer to as crow, and their egos, uh, due to narcissistic personality disorder, just couldn’t handle it and they have spent the past couple of months trying to vindicate every reason, uh, why they’re doing what they’re doing, uh, and the only thing they’ve come up with is getting my neighbor to complain about my goats or uh, getting, you know, the health department about our composting, and come to find out, after all the ordeal that we were just composting without a permit.(18)

These are just citation issues. That’s all, that’s all they, all their effort has only come up with an harassment citation. These aren’t even criminal charges.

NICOLE: They’re violations.

JOE: They’re violations, and, and that makes it even more frustrating because, if, if, we were the horrible people they say we were, our business wouldn’t be growing the way it’s growing. I mean, people who actually know us wouldn’t love us the way they do. Uh, you know, our children wouldn’t be who they are. Uh, our twenty-three years of marriage wouldn’t be what it is. Um, um, you know and they would obviously be able to get more than that, I mean, I get it, the guy’s a trained, a retired trained Marine, he’s been trained to kill people, he got in my face and you know, he’s a little bit taller than I am, but I never once in the recording you can listen to, I never once respond with, you know, hey, you know, blah, you know like most gorilla men do like they’re trying to instigate me to. I don’t. That frustrates them even more.

NICOLE: Yeah. They certainly keep escalating it.

Uh, [sigh] I’m not sure what else we can do, someone suggested contacting the media. The media’s not really going to do, uh,

JOE: Well, we’ve got some things in the works, uh, a publicist, you know, a book, we’re trying to get a book together,(19) and that’s fine and dandy, uh, uh, the media locally, uh, uh, I mean, they, they wanna get involved, we’re not sure if we want to, um, you know, we’re looking at some avenues, you know, maybe the Dr. Phil show, uh, Alex Jones,(20) uh, maybe getting a

NICOLE: Yeah, we’ve been inquired, but right now, we just (unclear) to document. We don’t really want to do all that. We just want to document.

JOE: (talking all over Nicole, so very unclear) . . . the children. . .going to a more public platform, uh, and this has been hard on the kids as it is. I mean, it’s, you know, we’re just posting, our page was just a quiet little page to post about our lives in a busy, you know, a busy economic environment, you know, where family don’t really get to see each other that much, and the friends we’ve acquired. Our page started , it was fourteen hundred people that liked our page in April of 2015. You know, and then it jumped to this, and what we’re doing now is just documenting everything and basically posting on this for self-preservation, I guess for the most part.

NICOLE: Yeah, right now we’re just into self-preservation

JOE: And we’re trying to find that fine line between protecting ourselves and protecting our children, you know, from

NICOLE: Because they are escalating to try and drag our children as I posted the other day. Uh, uh, they’re just making more and more outrageous calls to CPS which I will be addressing here in a little bit.

JOE: Anonymous calls

NICOLE: Anonymous calls. Just call CPS and say whatever they can make up and then CPS is like, well, we, because our case is open, well, we have to let you know about this. Of course, our workers, who’ve been to our home, and the people who work in the agencies who’ve met our children

JOE: Like, uh, one of the things recently was a call, there was other allegations, uh, but one of them was that, uh, [child’s name], our sixteen-year-old was living at the shop. And, uh, the caseworker said, uh, she gave me an hour notice, she said, hey, but we don’t care, she comes out once a month, so we’re like, yeah, just come on out(21) and uh, she comes out and [child’s name] goes down to, uh, open the gate so she pulls up and she tells me what the call was about, and that it was anonymous, and she’s like, I thought it was funny that [child’s name] was the one that actually opened the gate for me. Uh, and I told her that we have videos, that we have security cameras at the shop, we can, uh, nobody’s living at the shop and I’m not even sure if, you know, uh, there are no restrictions on how long or how, er, what the guidelines are for running our business. You can run a 24-hour business

NICOLE: Even if he was at the shop at night or whatever, I don’t understand

JOE: what law would be broken

NICOLE: Right. They, um, no one’s living at the shop. We have perfectly fine at our house, we kind of like our house, even though you might not like it, we like it and we live there.

But, um, yeah, we’re just trying to hope we can get some more, um, defense up, and more proof that hopefully we can get these people to stop. Uh, I was just really bothered that they have escalated it.

If you have any agencies that you think maybe might be interested, then feel free to contact them, and they can, you know, go through their information and look up what they need and see if they can help or not. Um, I honestly don’t have the time or the energy at this point to go around trying to find people who may or may not help. I, I ask on my page and that’s about as far as I go, am willing to go, because I have way too much to focus on. I’ve got, you know, the homestead, it’s springtime, we’ve got to focus on that,(22) we’ve got the business that’s just booming, um, I’m gonna have a baby in a few months and we’ve got to be prepared for that.(23) I just want this other stuff to go away. People keep perpetuating it. It’s going on two years and all they do is drag it out, um, our issues

JOE: [talks over her, unclear]

NICOLE: It’s not even anything new, it’s just the same stuff, and they’re just trying to instigate more people by posting false information

JOE: It’s funny, I did a, a podcast a couple of weeks ago and they went over and tried to say all sorts of horrible things about me and they were like, well, do you have any proof of it, oh, and they’re like, well, just look, just Google their names and look over the internet, and they did and their response was, it’s just you guys saying the same stuff

NICOLE: Asking for credible sources and they’re the only source, so there’s

JOE: Yeah, saying that Sally Davis’s blog is a credible, you know, source is ridiculous. Uh, (laughs).(24)

NICOLE: Yeah, and they, say the other side, if you want the other side, you can call the sheriff’s department, you can ask them whatever you want, you can call CPS, you can ask them whatever you, you want, I mean, that’s the other side of the story. Sally Davis, Lisa Luthi, Bethannie Horn, Al Wilson, all those other clowns, aren’t the other side of the story. They’re just spectators. And, um, that’s, that’s what it is.(25)

So, anyhow, I will post any other additional information in the comments if you want to follow up on anything, if you have any to private message us. . .

JOE: And again, I want to, uh, reiterate how grateful we are for our support. The fact that we have the support that we have and we’ve made this public, uh, we believe does keep us somewhat safe and does help us, uh, I mean, it’s just a testimony. It really is. It’s a testimony to the human spirit, uh, and to how we need each other. Uh, and uh, we love every single one of you. We pray for all of you, uh, and we tell our children, uh, and it shows to our children the support we get and it’s a great testimony to our children and our family. Uh, so thank you. Thank you very much.(26)

1. If I remember correctly, the assertion was that Eric videotaped while driving past the laundromat. I saw that video and I do not remember seeing any people in it. Just a building with some vehicles in front of it. You know, something like a video of a business with a dog out front.

2. Lisa does not co-author this blog.  Nobody does.  I was gone, as most everyone knows, last spring for six weeks on a transatlantic cruise, and during that period, Al Wilson was administering the blog. He accepted volunteer submissions from people, used some of them, didn’t use others, edited some of them, and posted the ones he chose to post on the blog. All those submissions were signed “The Nefarious Please.”  They are quite easy to spot.

Anything else on this blog is something I wrote unless I specifically say otherwise.  I really am perfectly capable of doing this all by myself, like a big girl.

3. The Nauglers have a neighbor on either side of them. The second neighbor is a recent addition.  Nicole’s business is in a strip mall with several other businesses.  This is false statement, just plain false.

4. If it’s anonymous, you don’t know who made it.  The fact that the Nauglers know who made this call makes it, by definition, not anonymous.

5. Gag me with a spoon.

6. Right.

7. She fails to mention that Nicole and Joe also still have their restraining orders in place as well.  This works both ways.

8. Here we are.  Send Nicole screen shots or links to anything anyone has said anywhere who may or may not show up in court.  Anyone.  Anyone who may not show up. Nicole, do you want a copy of my entire Facebook page for all time?  Should I send you screen shots of the whole thing?  After all, I “may or may not” show up in court.

9. 150 people. That’s a lot.

10. Oh, it’s several dozen. That’s not quite so many.

11. Wait. It’s 135.  Yes, I’m laughing.

12. We “mob-mentality in a lynch-style.”  I’m not sure which is better, that or “milk sandwiches.”

13. Proving intent is very hard to do, Joe.  You might research that a bit.

14. Joe said this: “narcissistic disorder.”  He didn’t spell it. Thankfully.

15. Joe once took an online course from some place like the University of Phoenix and now he thinks he’s a psychiatrist. He needs to look up “Stockholm syndrome.”

16. You can?  You can definitely lay them out?  You’re not doing real well so far.

17. My involvement with all this has nothing whatever to do with politics.  I find Nicole’s and Joe’s political bullshit to be just that—bullshit, but that has nothing to do with where they dump their waste or how many people sleep in a small shed intended for a lawn mower.

18. Really?  That’s all it was?  Then why are you paying for the Porta-Potty?

19. I laughed.

20. And I laughed again.

21. Notice how cavalier Joe is about this.  They just told the caseworker to “come on out” because you know, they are just so open to CPS visiting them.  Notice the irony here?

22. Focus on the homestead?  If they do, it will be the first time in three years.  Focus on what?  Planting a little garden?  Nicole isn’t going to plant a garden.  She doesn’t do shit like that.

23. When you are going to spit out Baby #12, and you’ve had most of them unassisted, exactly what is going to take almost five months to “prepare”?  I mean, do you need to re-arrange the furniture and paint the nursery?  Do you need to find that pair of scissors to cut the cord?  What?

24. And I was starting to get really offended because I wasn’t mentioned.  But Joe didn’t disappoint me.

25. Oh, Nicole. Thank you so much for that little blurb. All nicely recorded on video. What a gift that statement was.

NOTE: Comments are fine. I am going to moderate them pretty heavily though, and I’m not going to be very open about why I moderate what I moderate.  The cases have been continued until March 27, and I have reasons for being careful about this.  Please bear with me.  I know this is cryptic as hell and I apologize for that.

Just go ahead and comment. If I have to scrub some of it, I will do so without telling you why.  Forgive me.


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  1. You can take notes from NN on how to scrub comments. She was a busy bee scrubbing away on her video today.
    Al, has he even said anything in weeks?! She is obsessed with him! I don’t blame her 😉
    Her reply to the driving while video taping was a lame effort. A video of a cop singing, really? They have invert, mounted, hands free cameras, try again dumbass.
    Did she scratching, rub, and touch herself a lot in this video too? It’s why I can’t watch them anymore.


  2. 1) Does anyone know if there were enough seats in the courtroom for all of the Naugler supporters? I realize that there are dozens…or hundreds….or one….and that many live out of State. However, the prophet himself once said that the community, except for a couple of people, loved and supported them. I just hope that those folks were able to get a seat.

    2) Where were the children?

    3) Nicole, your hair loss is very concerning. Honestly. I mean that. I don’t like you at all but your physical deterioration is alarming and sad. Please see a doctor. I believe that health care for pregnant women can be found for free.


  3. I am constantly flabbergasted by the N’s willingness, or should I say compulsion, to air their dirty laundry in public as if somehow, they are not responsible for their problems. I would be mortified if I had been hauled into court for dumping poop, child neglect, menacing, etc. and yet, they share this information freely as if these are the kinds of things that happen to everyone! I would not be able to show my face, much less post a video. Also, if the N’s are so hell bent on filing court cases, it seems to me (because I like to watch that law stuff on TV) that there are grounds for slander and libel cases against them. They just love to document; sometimes that will bite a person in the butt! Thanks for the transcription!


  4. Poor Joe and Nicole “The Thugs” Naugler. I haven’t laughed this hard in months!
    Their game isn’t working so well this time around. To many smart people out there in Lunch Mob Land.


  5. I listened to their rant a little bit, mainly because I didn’t know if you would do this or not. I know Lisa and Viv are being very quiet about this, unlike the Naughlers. Not like I expected them to.

    All I really have to say is I hope there was some changes made to how many feet they have to stay away. It’s not fair to Viv that she had to close her shop because of them.


  6. I tried brushing off her last video. Told myself she was just tired after a long hard day of work. This latest video was not taken after a long day of work. It was not even taken at the end of the day. Yet, there she sat struggling to breath! I am not a medical professional, but that does not seem normal to me.


  7. Isn’t it ironic that the Nog’s have been claiming for years to have been documenting everything and have all kinds of evidence of corruption within the county, state, government agencies and against the “Troll Phenomenon” but today turn to their supporters asking them for evidence?



  8. Thanks again for transcribing this. I know you say it’s pretty easy to do but you have to listen to it in order to transcribe, so for that you are some mythical goddess creature.

    One small note. I don’t know the exact year Joe and Nicole were married but they haven’t been married for 23 years. They got married in order to be baptized mormon and it was after a half a dozen or so kids. I don’t really care about other people’s marriages but they lie about the stupidest shit. I mean sure they’ve lived together for 23 years or so, except when Joe was impregnating another woman. Oops that one doesn’t look so good written down, does it? Maybe I’m being BEC but it pisses me off because my 23rd anniversary is in 2 weeks and I despise fibbers.


  9. Is it just me, or did Nicole try to shush Joe when he said something about the judge yelling at the lawyer? I wonder why?


  10. 23rd anniversary

    And a happy one to you.

    Yes, I noticed that but forgot to mention it. They may consider (in fact, they probably do) that legal marriage is meaningless because statism, but they have not been legally married for all those years.


  11. Ya know, if the teenager was staying at the shop, even if only for a night or two at a time, I completely wouldn’t blame the kid. My teenage son spends the night in the workshed whenever his youngest brother has a sleepover. Hell, sometimes I wish I could join him!

    In general, people aren’t out to get you. You might run into a crazy person or two, or more likely someone who’s just a dick to everyone. But a large group of people actively out to hurt you because they don’t like your lifestyle? Very, very, VERY unlikely. I’m pretty sure one of my husband’s co-workers is trying to make my husband look bad so he can get my husband’s higher paying position. Is there a horrible conspiracy trying to undermine my family? Nope, just one asshole who doesn’t feel like earning a promotion honestly. If it’s a bunch of random people with ambiguous motivation, I highly doubt the issue is from outside the family.

    Then again, I may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome!


  12. Stockholm syndrome? Is he referring to the sex slave statement from the first sheriff video? Illuminati confirmed? Bueller?
    Good night nurse! There are teens in my family that know that those 2 terms are in no way related to one another.


  13. Thank you for the transcription. It was a very definite pleasant surprise to see that you did it.

    I don’t necessarily lead a similar lifestyle to the N’s (unless I am looking at it through my very prim and proper mother-in-laws eyes), but it is very different from how my husband and I (originally city people) grew up, and different from all of our old friends. We have an old house, a garage full of random stuff that may or may not come in handy ever, assortment of livestock, and to be honest I am a crappy housekeeper. Yet never ever have we had people coming after us because they did not agree with our lifestyle. We did get a certified letter one year from the town because I forgot to license our dog, but I am pretty sure that it was not a personal vendetta from the selectmen.

    Anyway, thanks again for the transcription. I want to give you some sort of award or maybe a crown for doing it.


  14. “At this point, we are just exercising and exhausting all our legal options, um, just to show in the civil suit that that is exactly the steps we’ve done, because the defamation, the slander, the libel, the constant agitation, the collusion, uh, the mob-like collusion and the, uh, mob-like instig – I mean, we’ve, they’ve written a blog about groups of them driving by our home to visit a person they’ve never met, my neighbor, they’ve never met before, they’ve written a blog about it as if, oh, whatever.”

    Oh my god. No one can go meet someone they’ve met online in person. Ever. Particularly if that involves driving past wherever the Naugler’s are hiding in the bushes.

    “But the fact is is that, they came from all over the country, and they, they mob-mentality in a lynch-style through my property, past my property to intimidate us.(12)”

    “Mob-mentality in a ‘lynch-style'” What the blood hell does that even mean? Through my property? Their property does not extend to the road. If it did, then they should maintain it. Grade it. Pay for loads of gravel. Maybe there is need for a culvert.

    “I think there’s some narcissistic disorder(14) involved here. I think there’s some Stockholm syndrome,(15) and there, there are other things that I can definitely lay out from a psychological viewpoint.(16)”.

    It would really help if he knew what NPD is and if there is Stockholm syndrome – then who was held hostage and developed an alliance with their captor? No Joe, you can’t and you underscore the fact that you got your associate’s from a diploma mill.

    You know, for people who have years of ‘documentation’ of every single slight, insult, speculation and comment that hurt their feelings, it’s weird that they want ‘evidence’ submitted to the court by outsiders. They keep insisting that they have iron-clad evidence.

    “Uh, our twenty-three years of marriage wouldn’t be what it is.”

    Well, it isn’t 23 years of marriage and there is a child who was conceived when Joe and Nicole split up. I bet he feels that the kid’s conception magically occurred. I mean, it’s not like he had ever heard of a condom at any point in his life up to that point. They’ve had ugly things to say about the mother to that child but you know what? Joe had some sort of relationship with her and if she was on the wrong side of the line – well – he chose to pursue her. Says a lot right there.

    Should have heeded Lou Reed’s song “Walk on the Wild Side”. No risk of pregnancy.


  15. I don’t know if it was the camera angle, but it looked like Nicole’s hairline is receding at a fast pace. Also, in most instances, court proceedings are open to the public, as long as they follow certain rules. Nicole always acts like it’s a big deal when other people attend these hearings. She’s probably annoyed that there are witnesses who can contradict her version of events.


  16. Is Joe supposed to say off social media?
    We don’t see him because Nicole kept the camera on her self…
    I’m pretty sure Joe doesn’t have a stand in…


  17. Thank you so much! It’s been awhile. I needed a good laugh! Nicole, fuck off with the fake crocodile tears. The only thing you are afraid of are people smarter than you. That is just about EVERYONE! Only an idiot would have 12 kids with a loser like Joe. I can’t believe this broad is having another bay.


  18. Sally if you don’t post this it’s ok because your sandbox, your rules.
    [Admin: Sorry, I had to edit that out. 🙁 ]

    Also I love how NN glosses over the intimidation she & others did to Courtney. I remember hearing how poor Courtney was in real fear for herself & her unborn child. What they did to her was unconscionable. It disgusted me & I cannot understand how one mom can do that to another.


  19. I made it as far into this nonsense as these two holding up their 23 year relationship as the gold standard. You live in a shed, poop in a bucket, and eat slop that most people would not even feed their livestock. How in the world is that an accomplishment?

    My credit was completely decimated after a divorce. I have been remarried for 7 years. We have purchased a home, own four vehicles, and we are taking a cruise next month. We also managed to raise 4 kids with no help from anyone. Pretty good for only being married 7 years.

    If the Nauglers think how they live is a success then they need to seriously step their game up.


  20. What the Nauglers don’t seem to understand is that it’s perfectly legal for people who don’t agree with their ideas to read their public posts and respond critically to those posts at other sites. That’s not “stalking”, it’s called free speech, and it’s legal in America. If Nicole employed any free speech on her page, there would be no need for alternate sites.

    These folks were InterNational news, after all! They’ve maintained their strangle hold on social media, hell bent not to be forgotten. Well, Naugs? You got what you asked for. We didn’t forget you. We read your posts. And it’s perfectly legal if we find them entertaining and wish to comment…whatever the hell we want to legally comment….on an independent board.

    It’s also perfectly legal if members of the community want to attend public hearings. The only reason anyone’s even remotely interested….are your Herculean efforts to “Make it Go Viral!” So, there you go. Who created the public interest? YOU DID. You got your wish. Strangers are interested. That’s legal.

    I’m gonna talk about some stuff that is NOT legal….not because I suspect that anyone here has done these things, but because they’re good things for everyone, (Nauglers included) to keep in mind.

    Stuff that isn’t legal. Stuff that people should knock the fuck off if they’re doing: These things include:

    1. Posting blatant lies about people is illegal. For example: Saying the kids cut your dogs ear off while grooming, or that Nicole gave you Herpes, or that Sally stalked you at your home …..these type of comments are NOT legally protected because they are lies. They’re libel. Don’t post lies. Ever. It’s illegal. (To be extra special clear…I don’t know of any dogs who were ever injured at the salon, and have no reason to believe Nicole has ever had/has Herpes, Sally didn’t “stalk” anyone, she drove with one friend to visit another friend and witnesses and a map can verify that.)

    On the other hand, saying something like…. Nicole’s bad decisions are biting her in the ass….is allowable, because not only can that be substantiated with factual examples, it’s also just one person’s opinion. Opinion is free speech. Even when it’s negative opinion. Like Nicole calling us all “Trolls”…is as legal as can be, because it’s a silly name and an opinion. Her calling us “stalkers” is not legal, however, since there is no evidence (that I know of) that any of us have engaged in this crime. Saying someone has committed a crime they have not committed is also libel…and is illegal. So, Nicole might want to watch her butt on that one.

    It’s perfectly legal to shout from the mountaintops, I think Nicole C. Naugler is a heartless bitch who neglects her kids. I can show you photos that inspired my opinion. I can also say, “Joe’s son accused him of sexual and physical abuse”….perfectly legally, because Alex did in fact accuse Joe of these things, and there’s video evidence to back that up. I cannot say, “Sally’s kick-ass computer skills and knowledge of extreme cold survival prove she’s a secret Russian hacker!” I can say I suspect it, though:)

    Other stuff you CAN’T legally do: leave bad reviews on their business page. Don’t do this. It’s dumb, and if you’re not a client, it’s libel. If you honestly WERE a client and didn’t like the work, that’s fine. But no fake reviews. It’s illegal.

    A HUGE NO_NO….Any lies to county agencies. VERY dumb, and very illegal. I really don’t think anyone has done this, so I feel bad even mentioning it, but I wanted to pass along this resource:

    If you notice something you feel you should report, please READ THIS FIRST.

    Pay close attention to Pages 5 and 6 that discuss when it is, and is NOT appropriate to call protective services.

    Another Illegal NO-NO… Unwanted contact. Don’t call, write, text, message, email, send smoke signals, slip notes under the door, etc. if you’ve been asked not to. No means no. If they don’t want contact with you, it’s illegal to force it. It’s also assholish…and reminds me of something Nicole would do to her business neighbor…… don’t.

    Unless you have a restraining order, you are within your rights to go any public place you’d like. But this one is touchy, so be careful. Yes, you can go into Nicole’s shop if you sincerely want to use the self grooming station or look at what’s for sale. It’s actually a really nice self grooming station, and a very good price for what’s offered. It is illegal to go into Nicole’s shop for the sole purpose of checking them out. Don’t do that shit, it’s creepy and could legally be considered stalking. (again, I don’t know that anyone has…just sayin)

    You are within your right to attend public court on cases that interest you. You are within your right to go anyplace public you’d usually go….but for fuck’s sake, never follow the Naugs on purpose. Who the hell would want to, right? Again…illegal, so just don’t.

    Not even going into their bizarre assed ideas about people honking and driving past their house, letting the horse out, etc….because, frankly, I think that’s paranoia and drama and passing the blame, and we’ve seen pics of that God-Awful pen. (but if anyone did that stuff….just saying… it’s illegal as hell…don’t!)

    All of this said….Just because you have expressed your dislike of the Nauglers and their choices publicly, does not mean that you are not allowed to be anywhere near them if it is someplace you would typically go. And if you happen to be a court-hound….you’re allowed to go to public hearings.

    You do your thing, let them do theirs.

    Feel free to legally speak your mind here. As long as they want to maintain a public presence, the public is within their right to comment, discuss, question, keep an eye out, and laugh.

    And Sally…by all means….trash this sucker if you want. Edit the shit out of it. It’s all good!


  21. Thank you! I thought my head was going to pop off when he was yapping about “Lynch mobs” and Stockholm Syndrome! He obviously needs both of those things explained to him. What’s the phrase? If you can’t dazzle them with facts, baffle them with bullshit. Or something. The point is, one needs a rudimentary understanding of psychological terminology to be even remotely convincing when armchair diagnosing a group of people from one’s van. Otherwise, one just sounds like an idiot. Hey Nicole. Jabba is a moron. Best get to practicing getting your hand up that puppet’s ass just right, or it will keep saying stupid things.


  22. With her gasping for air it might be a sign of chronic pneumonia, all that sweat andout a humid lawn mower storage shed. Her digging at herself miht also be a sign of lice, same clothes, it appears her hair hasent seen water in years


  23. Wow, that “psychological viewpoint”….

    Deflection: Joe, you’re doing it wrong. Good Lord. The “trolls” have Stockholm syndrome? Sorry, but you can’t simply flip everything that people have said about you around and expect it to ring true, or even make the remotest goddamned sense. This is yet another of those “I know you are, but what am I?” comments we hear so often in Nauglerville. It’s so lovely to know that while your children don’t get traditional classroom time, they are not missing out on seeing traditional middle-school behavior daily displayed by their own parents.

    From her videos it seems seems Nicole usually wears makeup at the shop, but never on court days. I suppose it suits her victim role better to look pale. Not to mention that when one is planning to cry, makeup would just get in the way. Yeah, that sounds snarky, but I really do see a pattern here.


  24. Yeah, chuckle to self, shake head a bit, re-read what the Ewok and Medusa said, start giggling.

    So the Ewok is claiming to be a JD or just as good as one and a psychiatrist diagnosing everyone who stands up to him with personality disorders and Stockholm Syndrome? His gift for the gab isn’t as good as it was a number of years ago when he was trying to appear trustworthy. The glib and once-capable talker is stuck getting creative with milk sandwiches and lynch-style. One wonders what educational heights he, as the stay at home dad, has brought his kids to. Trying to take this Ewok and Medusa huffing and puffing and weeping and requesting the documentation they supposed to already have seriously is like trying to take a butterfly seriously when it says it commands the universe. The Nauglers really missed their calling. Instead of being blogging and begging homeless nuisances going for over active reproduction, they could have been comedians. The world will never know what it missed because I am definitely laughing at them.


  25. Note to all persons named per #25…Nicole just blew her entire case out of the water!! Case closed!!


  26. Look at that! I received an honorable mention. Shame on them. Oh wait, they have no shame as long as they can play the victim card. And yes, I would say that to anyone who asked.


  27. And Sally…by all means….trash this sucker if you want. Edit the shit out of it. It’s all good!

    No editing from me. You said it all well.


  28. The mob gave the troll in the road a beer. The troll let them pass.

    The troll and trolless are bringing lawsuits. Zillions of lawsuits. Criminal. Civil. Defamation. Libel. Slander. The troll is a statist. The trolless loves law and order. They have $$$ in their beady light sensitive eyes. The bridges they’re going to buy with that money and then burn down.

    They’re suing a mob. Would that be a national mob or a worldwide mob?
    Will I finally get a cease and desist letter.? Spelling and grammar mistakes included? I can’t wait. Address it to mob member #46,312.


  29. “They’re just spectators. And, um, that’s, that’s what it is.”

    Hark! What a gift, indeed! She finally admits it, that we – all of us – are merely spectators, commentating on what she voluntarily shares with 45k followers.

    When she shares material online, she is no longer in control of the narrative. Thus, she cannot police social media, for anything anybody says about her – its impossible, and out of their control.

    Honestly, she is straight mad. The poor woman is ill! And this disgusting husband perpetuates it. Get your wife some medical care, you piece of shit, Joe Naugler!


  30. Thanks for this, Sally.

    Re #21

    JOE: Like, uh, one of the things recently was a call, there was other allegations, uh, but one of them was that, uh, [child’s name], our sixteen-year-old was living at the shop. And, uh, the caseworker said, uh, she gave me an hour notice, she said, hey, but we don’t care, she comes out once a month, so we’re like, yeah, just come on out”

    The hour’s notice detail made me pay attention. Why mention it?

    Is it possible they were really given prior notice of the visit… or maybe they asked for some extra time? Enough time for Nicole to put the teenager in the car and get home from the salon before the caseworker showed up? It’s a half hour- 45 minute drive, am I right? (I might be wrong).

    And then have the kid in question open the gate for her… oh, the irony. :/


  31. The hour’s notice detail made me pay attention. Why mention it?

    The same thing occurred to me. I assume it has occurred to many of us.


  32. @KatataFish – a very good analysis of what is legal and what is not. I would like to touch on the calls to CPS. Nicole has put enough photos out there that would cause a reasonable adult to be very concerned for the health and welfare of the children. And here is where the KY toll-free number is very valuable. They are an intake line and ask a bunch of questions and take the information. That information is then compared against the criteria they have for whether and investigation should happen. Calling as a reasonable adult, with a valid, non-malicious concern will not get you into trouble.


  33. I’m speechless…well not really.

    More just in shock at these fake videos of her whining from the other side of the fence when she does the exact same, and calls fake tears when karma comes around.


  34. Joe, I just googled this for you so you wouldn’t have to.

    “Stockholm syndrome
    Psychological phenomenon first described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors”.


  35. Hey Al you are slacking on have troll meetings.
    It is about time we have one so we can make plans to fund raise for all if our civil suits.
    I will bring the popcorn.


  36. Do you know what gets my husband, as a husband? If our child or I have unmet needs. I think that what gets Joe is someone challenging him. He’s neglecting kids, and doesn’t like being called out on it. Has anyone every challenged his assertion that he’s an expert in psychology?

    I would love to see them go on Dr. Phil. I’d pay to see that.

    So Joe tries to make it sound like all this fame just happened to this quiet little loving, peaceful family. Sally, am I dreaming up him saying “this is gunna go viral” and then posting stuff trying to make it go viral? Did I take some drugs I didn’t know where bad when I read that one of their FB pages is labeled as entertainer? Hey, a note to Joe: I stopped my “fame” at just being an extra on some TV shows. I stopped it there because I didn’t want tens of thousands of people or more to know me or watch my family. I didn’t want the consequences of going viral in this world. But you sought it out, and you and your wife keep posting posts and videos asking people to do this or that for you, and you keep doing the actions that will keep people watching. If you both want quiet lives, then STOP POSTING. All you’re doing by posting is giving us stuff too interesting to stop reading. Stop posting, and there will be nothing for us to see, and we’ll move on to something else to read about.

    Sally, I’m surprised there’s no note on Nicole telling people to call CPS for the other side of the story. Her followers probably think that CPS can talk since she’s telling them they can just call.


  37. “There were a lot of people in the court room.”

    Why the surprise? You asked for supporters to rally around you both. Oh – you saw that there were more people supporting the other side and you’re upset. Well, maybe if you two weren’t so quick to take offense or to publicly state when you are offended and call people trolls and add to your personal ‘enemies list’ (so like Nixon!) you wouldn’t have so many ongoing problems.

    Joe – now that you have publicly stated that the road is “your road”, are you going to finally put some money and SWEAT into maintaining it? If a tree falls and blocks the road and your driveway YOU are going to pull out your chainsaw and clear it away – right? You’re not going to leave it to the retired military man next door, the one who happens to be in his 70’s or so. Nothing like a man who brags about his Krav Maga and wrestling skills to let a man about 30 years his senior take care of a problem. Wouldn’t even send one of the boys down to help.

    That’s not being a man, Joe. You’re little more than an Eptatretus goliath.


  38. If the allegation was that a minor was living at the shop, why didn’t the caseworker show up at the shop? Is it standard procedure to interview the parents at home about the allegation first?

    And I also wonder about Joe saying Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe he meant that he and Nicole really really love their stalkers and harassers who have not left them alone (made them feel like captives).


  39. 21. Notice how cavalier Joe is about this. They just told the caseworker to “come on out” because you know, they are just so open to CPS visiting them. Notice the irony here?

    I finally stopped laughing enough to type. This makes me want to go back and listen to the loooong conversations Joe and Nicole had with law enforcement because they didn’t want anyone talking to their kids without a lawyer.

    It’s like a toddler having a fit for a cookie. At first the fit is like an hour long. Eventually, the kid figures out that the fit isn’t working so well and the fit gets shorter and shorter. Now Nicole and Joe just let the social workers come out every month, and whenever they want to talk to the kids.

    They probably could have prevented their kids from being taken if they had just let the police or social workers talk to them two years ago.

    If the state has any brains, it will visit the Nauglers every month for the next 18 or so years.


  40. Joe is still hoping to be on Dr. Phil! I wish they could be on Judge Judy. She would shut that shit down.
    The local media is interested. Well I bet they are after the many impassioned comments they
    received after their last round of publicity. But Joe forgets they were 95% anti Naugler comments. The other 5% were people who were new to the situation. Their comments made it clear they were not experts like we are!
    Well, I’ll be waiting for their new publicist to announce the book.
    I am also idly curious if the son is spending nights at the shop to act as security.

    Thanks again Sally. I appreciate all your hard work. There is a blizzard here in NY, and if I don’t lose power I plan to spend time reading here and your other blogs. I am fascinated with fundie culture, long story.


  41. The child opened the gate for the social worker? What gate?

    There is a gate (or at least a chain – I don’t remember an actual gate) at the end of one of the driveways.


  42. Medusa and the Ewok seem to forget the vitriol that they and their little horde of socks and enthusiastic voluntaryist supporters heaped upon people who offered another side to the Naugler narrative of innocent victimhood when they went viral. Harassment, doxxing, stalking, threatening–such terrible things that Medusa gets all weepy about on cue and the Ewok gets upset about on cue as a dutiful husband. But guess who does all of those terrible things that they are soooo upset about–Medusa and the Ewok. Unless one is constrained by a personal or religious code requiring forgiveness of the Nauglers, sorry, Ewok and Medusa nobody has to forget or forgive how you treated them. Regardless, nobody should have to be a responsible and better off doormat for the Nauglers to predate upon anyway. As long as the Naugler victims act according to the law, I would say to the Nauglers “deal with it.”


  43. Is it standard procedure to interview the parents at home about the allegation first?

    I think it probably is in most cases, unless they have reason to believe that the child is in danger from the parent.


  44. Last night I watched a episode of the Yukon men, in that episode they caught a Lynx, not only did they use the fur but ate part of the Lynz. If you want to see what a real homestead is, catch th show The Last Alaskans, they survive off the land.
    Today the humpers are asked what they do about raising animals for food but she does admit to going to the store. NN, you do not run a homestead, you slaughted a goat that you took pictures of, you could not have saved any of the mmeat since you have no power for a frig. you eat from dented cans with no label. Soetimes I wonder if the kids dont wake up everyday and wonder if is this what life is, living in a world of crap and mud while my parent rattle on about the power of the state.


  45. Sally, I’m surprised there’s no note on Nicole telling people to call CPS for the other side of the story. Her followers probably think that CPS can talk since she’s telling them they can just call.

    Yesterday was a long day. I was tired. I missed that. Obviously, nobody can just “call CPS” to find out anything about the Nauglers. But you know what, she asked people to call agencies that “might be interested.” So have at it. Call agencies if you think they might be interested. Nicole said to just do it.


  46. Sorry I made you edit Sally! I knew I was almost over the line & you were right for taking the statement out.


  47. So many good comments here.

    I’m pretty sure this has been pointed out in the past, but I forget if it was this blog, or a podcast, or someplace else, but the whole indignant “oooh, evil neighbor making ANONYMOUS calls to CPS” bit Joe is so fond of flinging out is absurd: not just because he knows who called, but because every call is anonymous as far as the parents are concerned: CPS is not going to tell a family the name of the person who called – am I right? Joe only knows who called in 2015 because the person revealed this information to Nicole. (Nicole had screen shots up on her own blog.)

    Count me as another who found it interesting that Joe mentioned the one-hour courtesy call from the caseworker. I don’t know anything about how CPS visits are done – I did a really minimal Google search and concluded that for an ongoing case unannounced visits are probably not that common and reserved for imminent-danger situations. But I’m pretty clueless in this department.


  48. I wanted to address two of the Naug’s statements, one on lynching mentality and the other on their desire to be on the Dr. Phil or Alex Jones show/plus the book deal.

    On the lynching mentality, they said, “But the fact is is that, they came from all over the country, and they, they mob-mentality in a lynch-style through my property, past my property to intimidate us.” Poor idiots have no idea what a lynch-style entails. If he studied psychology as he claims, he would know that lynch mobs don’t drive by and intimidate or take pictures or follow. Lynch mobs attack and torture the victim of the lynching for hours, sometimes days. It’s not a hanging but an act of torture until the victim begs for death. BTW, the youngest person in the USA that was lynched was only a few minutes old and the oldest was like 96, I think. The minutes old victim was kicked around between a group of men while the mother was hoisted up in the air, beaten, hoisted again and after her baby came out of her, in her agony, she watched as the men kicked her crying infant until it died. I hardly call someone driving by a laundry facility the same as beating, burning, dismembering, raping, hanging, etc.

    Then Joe says he would consider going on Dr. Phil or Alex, whoever the hell Alex Jones is. Of course he would consider going on one of those shows because the public figure that he envisions himself deserves a national audience. The only way that I would even dare think either would entertain an idea of having him on would be to try and allow him to see the error of his ways. Now, he and NicNaug would be a perfect fit for Jerry Springer. They are, without a doubt, the right entertainment for his audience of super duper redneck, back hill, ignorant, inbred fools. And I doubt a vanity publication would even consider publishing a book of the dribble that pours out of their mouths. Plus, vanity presses need money up front and then the Naugs would need to put an effort into selling the damn books. I can only imagine the expert advice they would give on “homesteading.” Can you imagine a “do it yourself” humanure composting site illustrated by pictures captured from other than their websites? Or a picture of a tanning process, minus the tanning process…first you kill the animal like this here; then you hang the pelt up like this here; then you wait till it starts to stink; then you toss it in the garbage pile. Dumb shits. I’ve been tanning hides and pelts a bit here and there and there’s a process that involves more than taking the hide off of the animal. There’s scraping and salting or braining, and more scraping, and pulling, and stretching, and smoking, and softening, and on and on. I can tell you that it takes more than an afternoon. And their expert-like attitude about unschooling, well, it won’t fly because the first book review on Amazon would close their shop right damn down. The only thing they are pretty expert at is making babies that they let the older kids raise. Yep…I have a sister that loved being pregnant and had five every nine months until her uterus was following her about the house from room to room and then reality hit when I left for college and she had no younger sister to come take care of her kids. Life’s a bitch, then you marry, then you die…damn straight. Having said all of that, what the fuck is wrong with those two?


  49. whoever the hell Alex Jones is.

    Oh, if you have never enjoyed the spectacle that is Alex Jones, you have missed it. He’s a lunatic right-wing crazy talk show host and/or video maker. To give you an idea, Donald Trump appeared on his show and told him what a great guy he is. Google “Alex Jones loses his shit” and you can watch stuff all day. I’m sure that most of his tirades are contrived. He’s an entertainer, first and foremost, but makes Rush Limbaugh look reasonable.

    Alex Jones never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like. He embraces them all. You name it, from 9/11 Truthers to chemtrails, he loves them all. He’s the one who said that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were “demons” and he knows this because he was told that they smell like sulfur.


  50. Holy Batshit gopher nuts….Alex Jones is a nut job gone viral. WTF? People actually are fans of his? I’ve always found Rush Whats-his-name a real idiot but there’s a bigger idiot in the right wing circus tent. The problem with wing nuts is they lie and believe their own lies and they lie to make a buck so the only way you know they are lying is to realize when their lips move, they lie. Same, same for Trump and his court jesters.


  51. People actually are fans of his?

    The president of the United States is a fan of his. Take all the time you need with that.


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