If you want to see the article Nicole links to, it’s here.

It’s a toss-up as to how much of it is true, how much is fabricated or extrapolated, and how much is a blend of both, but it’s, of course, written to incite people to be angry and outraged.

But I don’t care about the link.  I care about what she said.

This is why regular mental health checks should be mandatory for all law enforcement.

You gotta love these wide, expansive pronouncements.

Nicole and 45 have a great deal in common. They are both prone to leaping onto stuff without thinking about the ramifications of what they are saying, and they are also prone to believing everything they see, provided it reinforces their already-determined positions.

The only difference between them is gender and money and position.

This is why regular mental health checks should be mandatory for all law enforcement.



I can only think of one reason.

They are armed with deadly weapons.

And Nicole is afraid of those deadly weapons in the hands of those people.  She is afraid that one of them will use his deadly weapon, that is easily available to him, to hurt her for one reason or another.  She is afraid that he will somehow see her as a threat to him and shoot her.

She’s not afraid of his power to arrest her. She’s afraid of his gun.

When Pate came out and took the boys, this is what she snapped at him early in the conversation with him.

Nicole: Because they can, because they have the authority, because you guys are the state, because you guys are the ones with the guns, the ammo, the weapons? Is that why?

She is afraid.

The truth is that all the law enforcement officers in Kentucky, as part of the hiring process, have a mental health evaluation done.  It’s routine and normal.  I suspect it’s routine and normal across the country to require a psychological evaluation along with a physical when law enforcement officers are hired.

But that’s not enough for Nicole, because she is really, really scared. She wants them to have to have one “regularly.”

How regularly?  Once a year?  Once a month?  Once every five years?  Every day?

She doesn’t say.

She is just skeered of them.  Terrified. She is so scared that she posts endless shit about bad things they’ve done (supposedly).  It’s like a virtual Niagara Falls of bad cops that streams down her Facebook page.

But you see, I am afraid of guns too.  I freely admit it. I am scared of them.  I don’t want them around me, ever.  We own one .22 rifle which has no other purpose than to be here in case we need to put down an animal or shoot a predator like a raccoon.  I have no idea where it is right now.  It’s not in the house.  The bullets are not housed anywhere near it, because Dave promised me he would keep them separated.

This is Joe Naugler.  He is not a cop.  He’s just a regular guy. The only time I have ever met him face-to-face, he came barreling out of the weeds into a public road yelling at me and my companions for taking pictures of his family (which we were not doing). He has lied about that whole event.

He lies regularly about me and my family.  He has a menacing conviction and served four days in jail for it, and the offense involved threatening an older woman with a gun.

He is carrying a pistol while at some friend’s house who has bees.  He has on a hat with a bee net.  They had all the children there with them, along with the friend’s children.  So there were several adults and about a dozen children present.

What was he armed for?  Why?  Did he think that he might have to shoot at the bees?  Did he worry about about bears?  No self-respecting bear would come within a mile of all that activity. Was he afraid of honey thieves?

Why was he armed?

If Nicole’s fear is centered around the gun that police officers carry, what about my fear of that gun pictured on Joe’s side?

I am afraid of Joe Naugler carrying a gun.

He has already threatened to kill me.

Nicole has threatened to kill me.

I am afraid.

This is why regular mental health checks should be mandatory for all law enforcement.

What about gun owners?

What about Joe Naugler?




23 thoughts on “Mandate”

  1. We literally had an alarm system installed and purchased a gun because of our run in with Nauglers.
    No joke. My husband had concerns and wanted to be protected in case they came around. They are that delusionally crazy.


  2. I am afraid of Joe with a gun simply because he is an idiot, impulsive and has zero understanding of firearm safety. We’ve all seen the photos of the zip-tied and duct-taped rifles. That he would use a weapon like that, even for practice shooting, is crazy. That he would let his children use it is neglect. Guns are not toys. Their purpose is to kill. Period. I cringe every time I see photos of them shooting or where a gun is just leaning against a wall or a tree.
    I have guns. My husband has guns – a few of them belonged to his father and have sentimental value. The purpose of my guns are to kill. I hunt and I trap which means when I pull the trigger, I aim to end a life as quickly and humanely as possible. I live in an area where running into a grizzly is a real possibility (and has happened) and where being charged and chased by 1,500 lbs of angry moose has been a reality. I don’t wave my firearm around and posture. I prepare to shoot or shoot. Because of that purpose, I practice – a lot.
    I also carry a pistol. I don’t wear it on my hip as some silly, fake show of force. It is concealed. I do that because of having my life threatened by some sovereign, militia types a few years ago. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction thinking about a couple of them, sitting in a maximum security prison for the next two decades. I don’t take wearing that pistol lightly. I had to come to terms with the idea that if that gun ended up out of its holster and in my hand, that I was willing (and able) to take a life. It is not some movie. It is not a pissing contest. Joe doesn’t understand that. One day he might. He will run his mouth and wave his gun around at the wrong person.


  3. Very good, Sally!

    I agree. Since Nicole’s position is that all police officers should have required regular mental health check ups, ordinary Joe(s) packing heat should also. A menacing charge should be an automatic trigger for mandatory regular mental health evaluations.

    I fear gun toting people with anger management issues, drug and alcohol abuse, and with violent records like menacing and domestic violence, in public places much more than a police officer.

    Yes! Regular mental health evaluations of gun toting Joe E. Public!


  4. Is he even allowed to carry a gun? I know Kentucky is open carry but I thought Joe had a felony conviction or a DV conviction? If that’s the case, he is not allowed to even have a gun.
    They are so ridiculous. That gun probably cost a few hundred dollars and it looks like a nice fitting holster as well. They ain’t cheap. And…..its getting colder in our part of the state. That fire pit they call a cabin scares me to death. They are so careless and just take things for granted. Fire will have no mercy on any of them. Someone, somewhere should be able to at least see to it that their living situation is a bit safer. There is no happy ending with this bunch. Those poor children don’t stand a chance.

    I think I strayed off topic….^^^^^


  5. musherpeg said, ” I had to come to terms with the idea that if that gun ended up out of its holster and in my hand, that I was willing (and able) to take a life”.

    That is the same advising my friend’s father told me. A retired police officer. When I got a gun permit classified for personal protection. When I make the decision to pull the gun from the holster, it is not as a warning or a threatening match. It is to stop the physical threat with deadly force. And to come to personal terms that I am willing to shoot to kill.

    I conceal carry, also. Display for intimidation or showiness, not needed.


  6. Wow, @Miss Bliss, I don’t think I knew you had an experience with them. It sounds scary. And @MusherPeg, I’m in the same line of thinking as you. Granted, we’re in Alberta and it’s relatively safe where we’re at. But we’re in the country and there’s some weird people that creep around once in awhile, robbing houses and farms. Plus, there’s been a large increase in cougar sightings in the past few years. We don’t hunt very often. So if one of our guns comes out, it’s for a good reason. We take that very seriously.
    Now, regarding the shitfarmers line of thinking, they’ve had more contact with the police than anyone who isn’t married to a cop has had. Have they been shot? No. And she’s been a confrontational big mouth, per her own recordings. She just hates cops and she finds things to feed her hatred. She knows she’s not going to get shot even if she begs them to do it. Their gun pictures are just for show.


  7. Judging from the holster, hand grip, and size of the gun my best guess is- Joe is carrying a Compact Glock 26 Gen 3 (9MM) designed for concealed carry. My husband and I both have one and several other handguns, shotguns, AR15’s, AK47’s, semi-automatics, and other hunting and tactical rifles.

    However, we own businesses where we have to provide our own Security for our company and I travel a lot so I have a concealed carry permit. My three son’s are also in the Military and are all qualified Sharpshooter’s. Every year after Thanksgiving Dinner we brake out the guns and hold our own “Top Gun” event. Last year my daughter out shot the boy’s…lols…she is a Veterinarian.
    But she added a new part to our event that set her over-the-top and WOW’ed us all with her “Tranquilizer blowpipe darts.” The boy’s could not do it so she won hands…LOLS
    ( She evened the playing field, said she was tried of loosing.)
    In this aspect guns can be fun during a sporting or family event so long as everyone knows how to safely handle them and in our family we all excellent and above average marksman.

    Like millions of other families my family has owned guns for generations, I was raised around them my whole life and not afraid of them. Being raised in the mountains my father taught my brother and I how to Hunt when we where very young out of necessity, and that is why I taught my children.
    That being said, I would never consider taking a firearm to a friends home- on their property- or around small children. Even and Especially while around Beehives that could be potentially be really dangerous. As we all well know Nozzler’s can cluster-fuck -anything !!!


  8. lmao . Dumbest shit spewed out of her mouth yet ( or maybe not its hard to pick) . What about wackadoodle gun owners who think need to protect their house,er shed from trolls and wolves ? or they already had mental health checks mandated by CPS so their good right ??


  9. they already had mental health checks mandated by CPS

    We only have their word that those were okay. They apparently were not found to be frothing-at-the-mouth, admit-to-mental-hospital psychotic. That leaves all sorts of other stuff.

    I demand that all gun owners undergo mental health evaluations regularly, in order to keep their license. That, of course, necessitates requiring that gun owners be licensed. You know, like car drivers.

    [I’m being slightly facetious, but I actually think it’s a pretty good idea.]


  10. We own guns, We just dont feel the need to flash them around, the first time I saw one open like that was at a salad bar. I thought to myself, yep gotta watch out for those damn onions. you never know which might be the bad onion


  11. I believe in order to own a gun (especially concealed carry) you should prove proficiency. My mother has a concealed carry license and I don’t think she has any proficiency whatsoever with a firearm.


  12. Simply owning a gun…. makes it statistically twice as likely that someone in your home will die in a firearm homicide.

    Unless you live in the middle of abject wilderness….owning a gun will actually make you LESS safe, statistically.

    If you have a gun in your home, you’re much more likely to die from domestic violence. Your children are exponentially more likely to die in childhood from a gunshot injury. And you are far more likely to suffer someone in the household committing a firearm suicide.

    If you have a gun and you want to be safe, no one, under any circumstances should know you own it. DO NOT advertise your guns with NRA stickers, gun magazines, reloading equipment left out, or targets left on obvious home shooting ranges. These things are the NUMBER ONE reason homes are selected for burglary. Criminals WANT to rob homes with guns, because they are valuable on the black market. And contrary to what the gun porn magazines love to tell you….you won’t be home waiting when the burglars break in in the middle of the night…and you won’t give them a big surprise and get to play sheriff.

    Why? Because they’ll case your home for weeks, know your habits, and break in during the day while you’re not home. And they’ll work in teams with look-outs who have cell phones. While two guys are in your house finding your guns….another guy will be watching you through binoculars from the parking lot of your workplace, and know exactly where your car is parked, so he can alert the others if you leave work.

    Advertising that you have guns is like drawing a huge red bullseye on your house for robbery. It’s stupid to share that information with repair people, delivery people, kid’s friends, and all the other people you don’t think about who come to your house and see that shit.

    You’re statistically SAFER if you don’t own guns. If you feel you must own them…for fuck’s sake…keep your mouth firmly shut about it. Don’t have an obvious shooting range. Don’t leave targets up. Don’t put up decorative gun racks and cases in public areas of your home. Don’t put up gun stickers on your house or vehicle. Don’t talk guns with strangers.

    And if you go to “gun shows and swap meets”…be vigilantly aware that any vendor making small talk about your collection might be casing you. And if he gets your driver’s license, it takes seconds to take a photo of it and have your address for a couple of months down the road when you get robbed and won’t connect the dots. He might even give you the deal of the century….just to get that address. People LOVE to brag at gun shows. It’s a terrific place for gun thieves to do reconnaissance work and find the best marks.

    If you have kids, for fuck’s sake have a gun safe AND teach them gun safety. If you live in a rural community, teach them gun safety even if you don’t have firearms…because chances are at least one friend will have guns in their home.

    This post isn’t pro or anti gun. This post is meant to say….use your head. Look at statistics if you want to be safer.

    And if you do decide to have guns? Strongly consider every precaution I’ve outlined to keep your home from being robbed and keep guns out of the hands of criminals.


  13. @Melissa – if I am ever in your part of the world, I want to come to one of your family dinners! LOL.
    Seriously though, I was a volunteer Big Sister for several years and my Little Sister loved to hunt and trap with me. One of our favorite activities, other than actually being outdoors, was to take her .22 rifle and go to the Fish and Game indoor range and target shoot. She learned to respect her rifle and there were rules, including not using it when no adult was present. That kid was a great shot and could take apart, clean and put together her rifle with her eyes closed.
    When she was old enough, and with her mom’s permission (also an avid hunter), she practiced with my pistol. When she was present in our home, the firearms were locked away and when we went camping (remember the bears?), she knew where the pistol was and because of the practice, she knew how to handle it if I was injured and unable to protect her. Other than that, she was not allowed to touch the pistol on our trips.
    My Little Sister understood muzzle direction, the safety and never to trust it and most important, to always assume a firearm was loaded, even when she knew it wasn’t. The Naugler kids likely haven’t been schooled in any of that since Joe has demonstrated he doesn’t have a clue either.
    One morning, on a grouse hunt, she pulled the trigger and had a hang fire – a potentially dangerous situation. I was just behind her and she calmly kept the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and handed her rifle to me. I was able to clear the weapon and she went on to catch up breakfast. I doubt the Naugler kids have been taught any of this – likely Joe doesn’t have a clue how to handle these situations. How they have not killed one of them is beyond me.


  14. I love how there are a whole bunch of photos of Joe because he’s actually for once sort of doing something. Exciting day!! Watching someone else work on their completed project is as close to activity as Joe gets.


  15. You’re statistically SAFER if you don’t own guns.

    I spent years taking care of gunshot wound victims. Sometimes I watched, helplessly, as they died. Sometimes we saved them.

    But I will never forget the night one of the trauma docs and I were chatting and I mentioned something about Nathan. He asked me how old he was, and I replied (he was in his teens). The doc then said, “Do you own a gun?” I said “no.” He said, “Good. NEVER own a firearm if you have teenagers. Ever. Doesn’t matter if the guns are kept locked up. Kids figure out how to get in gun safes. Doesn’t matter if you teach a child not to touch them. Children disobey. Just don’t have one in the house. Teenagers are impulsive, and impulsivity and guns are a fatal mix. His girlfriend breaks up with him and he thinks it’s the end of the world. He makes an F in history and figures he has nothing to live for. Don’t own a gun.”

    I never forgot it. I’d seen enough to know he was right.


  16. I have a gun. I have a number of them ranging from Indian Mutiny antiques to my .357 Magnum. The issues I have with Joe Naugler packing like are these: why? Does the situation with bees warrant carrying? Not really. It was a dual photo-op showing Joe being “industrious” for the camera and showing that he’s a badass because he’s got a gun so don’t mess with him. It was to intimidate and send a message. When I carry, nobody knows it except a cop. I would just as soon not draw attention to myself. When I carry, there is a potential I might need to take a life. As I value human life and am aware of the consequences if I ever have to take a life, I don’t do that lightly.

    The other issue I have with Joe packing like that is that he is legally able to in spite of all of the crap he’s done. Joe and brood have trashed homes, stalked people he didn’t like, stolen from people, harassed people and threatened people on the internet and in person with bodily harm or even death. Not someone any reasonable person would think should come near a gun because he acts like he’s a risk to use it for purposes other than lawful recreation and legitimate self-protection. So why does he get to carry a gun legally even though he’s done these horrible things? He doesn’t get prosecuted. He does these things knowing that most people will just be glad he’s gone away, ignore him, forgive him, or that the cost of filing charges would exceed the damages so they don’t bother. Joe knows this and knows exactly what he’s doing and counts on people not prosecuting him. It makes one wonder…if charges had been filed for the places he’s trashed, the stalking he’s done, the stealing he’s done, the threats he’s made, would he be able to own a gun? Would his children be living in squalor? Would his neighbors be suffering the abuse he hands out? Maybe and maybe not. But I know this much. Joe Naugler counts on a free pass for all of the crap he does. And so does Nicole.


  17. He looks ridiculous! LOL. Like a penguin with a damn gun on it’s hip. So awkward. Most of my family has their permit to carry and you would never know. Because they….conceal it. As much as I LOVE making people uncomfortable I will not be walking around with my shirt pulled up and around my gun, pants up to my belly button. I’m not sure he knows shit about a quick draw, therefore I wouldn’t worry too much. Look at the position of the gun, do you think he could easily reach down and whip it up? No. It’s a tad too high. He would be fumbling. Nice try being scary Joe.


  18. This is a recent post by Joe. He made the effort to go back and edit it to add the /were in the sentence “Well, there are/were a few out there…”

    It should be recorded for pure entertainment value alone. It deserves an award for most nonsensical comment yet. LOL

    Try and try as they insanely must, but to no actual prevail… I mean it’s out there wrapped up with the trolls and their minions wasted time and vitriol and the “internet never forgetting…”, but no one bought or is buying their bullshit…

    Well, there are/were a few out there, purely off of the trolls opinions and satire, from sallys blog…, Lisa’s activism and “connections” and Facebook post claiming to “expose” us and “warn” others about us…, and debs podcast… and let’s not forget als earned local county influences…, who have bought “it”… and where damages can be proving…


  19. Joe Naugler counts on a free pass for all of the crap he does. And so does Nicole.

    That includes health care and also relying upon everyone around them getting their vaccinations so none of their kids will find themselves ill with measles or any number of other serious diseases.

    They’re moochers, takers, fear mongerers and not only that – they lack any number of skills that would be useful if society goes into a meltdown. Well, Joe at least would be a hearty meal.

    They’re not even real preppers. I imagine a lot of people have read about this man, but I’m going to link an article anyway. Read it to the very end (even more heartwarming).

    Can anyone picture Joe or Nicole being so well-prepared, warm, gracious or kind to anyone? To the point that (read to the end of the article!)?


  20. He’s built like a chubby kindergartener. Like an oversized 5 year old with a silly hat and toy gun. I know the gun is (probably) real and he’s stupid/crazy enough to be dangerous in the right situation but he’s just absurd.


  21. Okay, here’s the thing about those who carry weapons, I want to see the weapons because if it is concealed, I don’t know where that one person is who might pull the weapon to stop a bee from flying or a cricket from jumping. Plus, I just don’t want to be around anyone carrying a gun and that includes cops. Guns scare me.

    In AR, guns are everywhere because this is a hunting state. My son has guns, my daughter has one that she, like Sally, has on her farm to put down an animal that needs to be dispatched, my grandsons have guns. My grandsons’ guns are in a gun safe at my son’s house. Many, many years ago, when my son expressed an interest in hunting, I took him to a gun safety class that was being sponsored by the local sheriffs department but was mostly being taught by a pediatrician..go figure. Back then, women weren’t the ones taking boys to these types of events and since it was, I think, a three week class, all those men had to get used to me being there.

    The first night of the class, when we introduced ourselves, I explained that my son wanted to hunt and I knew that that my brother-in-law was the man who would take him hunting and that he knew about guns and would teach my son everything he needed to know, but I thought he would forget that I might need to know a little something too, so this class was meant for me to learn how to safely house a gun. All of this was previous to my old fart, who knows quite a bit about guns and saved me from a wild coyote that the old fart was certain was stalking me to drag back to its bitch’s den to feed to her babies. He also dispatched an armadillo that had been hit by a car and was suffering so but least I digress more on with the story.

    So, all the men present and the teacher began making sure I knew how to store bullets and how to keep the gun out of reach of kids, but the pediatrician said something that could have been true but maybe he was just saying this but I followed his instructions. He said, treat your son’s gun like a dangerous drug that you don’t want your kids to take…like a dangerous drug others may want to take. In the hospital, we use three locks to keep those kinds of drugs from getting in the wrong hands and to keep everyone around honest. Lock the gun in the gun safe, lock the gun safe in a room that is just for the gun safe, and lock the room in a house–three locks, he said. So, I bought a very expensive gun safe that my son uses to this day and the room that I used was a reinforced walk in closet that is now a tornado room at my daughter’s house (she lives in our old home), and of course, I locked the shit out of my house because I was a single parent and we lived way the hell out in the boonies.

    The only time I should have considered using the gun, I was too afraid to get it because the intruder wasn’t in my house but on the porch fiddling with the window and my son and daughter were both away at college, so I called the cops then my brother-in-law and they both got there quickly and caught the poor drunk fool trying his best to open my window. Turns out, he had lived in my old house for years growing up and had gotten drunk and came to my house, forgetting he didn’t live there, but I sort of doubt that story and he did have to go to jail for a while, so maybe he was just looking for a house to pass out in or steal from.

    Another important lesson on gun safety was to always keep the guns clean and in good working order. My brother-in-law, son, and husband clean their guns and replace springs or other things when needed and never would any one of the men in my family or women in my family consider wrapping duct tape around a gun to hold it together, like the picture of the fat turd’s gun that NicNaug posted a while back. And, in answer to why he was armed…maybe he is one of those men with really small hands and sometimes he needs to make his hands look much larger and he thinks showing a side arm makes him look all big handed and strong. Like the gun will remove eyesight from that big fat belly of his and those little bitty hands. You know how awful it must be to try and figure out where his little pee pee is under all that fat…OMG, I almost threw-up on my sofa, just typing pee pee in reference to his more than likely, well, you know, small hands and that other thing. Gross. I must stop now before I offend any churchey folks who may wonder by. Sally, feel free to delete any part that may offend anyone.


  22. We have guns. I don’t feel a need to explain why, how many, what kind and what we use them for, nor do we carrying them on our hip. To us, it’s no big deal. We’ve all been trained and some of us are certified instructors. We also aren’t homeless. We also made sure we could afford them and all the tools that go with them (guns are expensive). And by affording them, I mean that all our bills were paid, including and especially our gas, electric and rent. We would never, not once, buy a gun if we couldn’t pay rent and especially if we didn’t have a pot to piss in, even and especially a white bucket. Joe, you are such a insecure fool. We all see your insecurity. You show it so well. I pray you find your manhood and take care of your family, so you’re wife isn’t just scraping by. Help her out. Show your oldest son how to be a real dad.


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