Maggie, Just Visiting

Wake up, Maggie I think I got something to say to you
It’s late September and I really should be back at school
I know I keep you amused, but I feel I’m being used
Oh, Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more
You led me away from home
Just to save you from being alone
You stole my heart, and that’s what really hurts. . .

Maggie May, Rod Stewart

In her ridiculous whiny video today, Nicole suggests that probably somebody came over to the Blessed Little Pet Sematary and got Maggie and took her over to the neighbor’s house.  Because, you know, Maggie never, ever gets loose and she’d never go over there on her own.

April 19

This photo was taken on April 19, 2016 by Al Wilson at the neighbor’s house. The dog is quite clearly very much at home.

She goes over there every chance she gets.

Nobody shoots her.  Everyone just loves her and gives her attention.

Do I have to find more of these to make my point, Nicole?


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  1. Maggie is a smart girl. She knows where she can get a warm, comfortable place to lay down free of trash and white buckets. She knows where she can get love and attention. She knows where she can get a meal to fill her belly and some fresh water. Maggie is a good doggy. I sure hope Nicole doesn’t tie her up for her crime of wanting a decent life.

    Oh and Nicole, why would someone need to take Maggie from the Shitstead? I thought all your animals free ranged. #unschooling


  2. She looks so happy. Reminds me of a cute story I had read. The one with the dog who would wander to a neighbors home every day to lay down and nap. The neighbor did not know who the dog belonged to and attached a note to it’s collar one day before he headed home. The note described how the dog would arrive daily, sleep for awhile and then leave. The dog’s owner attached her own note the next day. In it she told the neighbor she had several children and that perhaps the dog was in need of a peaceful place to sleep.

    I do hope that the Nauglers won’t keep Maggie from visiting the neighbor. She seems to enjoy being there from what the pictures show. The neighbor doesn’t seem to mind either and treats her kindly obviously.


  3. That would be an amazing feat in light of all the people who are at the property all day long.

    So they come over, cut the tether/yank out the chain, haul her into the garage and then take her home. All without being seen by any of the residents OR without being recorded on all the cameras that Nicole implies are monitoring the property.

    You “record everything”, Nicole. Let’s see how it’s done.


  4. I’d be concerned about Maggie’s well-being at this point. Mrs Naugler seemed clueless on her video as to how or why Maggie would be at the neighbors… I betcha Maggie ends up on an even shorter leash – or chain – now.

    What happens when one of the kids wanders off (tries to escape)?! No wonder CPS still has the parents on a “leash.”


  5. The one Nicole should be chaining up is Jojo.
    Has any one figured out that the elderly neighbors were great and they got along until their daughter moved in with them?

    Nothing wrong with daughter moving in as that is what any good parent will do give their kid a helping hand when they need it.

    IMO the problem lies with the daughter and Nicole being about the same age and the daughter being attractive. Well we know 5 days a week Nicole is away from the homestead for many hours a day. In that time Jojo could wander too, not that the daughter would reciprocate cause she has standards way higher than Jojo. We also know that Jojo likes to make off color comments to and probably about women. I guess he may have made the wrong comment around Nicole and that infuriated her that her husband would have wandering eyes. So she sets out to make life living hell for the neighbors in hopes to chase away the daughter or scare her away. Now remember the daughter worked at the local little store and Jojo goes there often. He was even caught ogling a teenage girl there so would not be surprising that he would ogle over a female his age. Yes the Mr Sneed’s daughter is a pretty woman.

    We also know that Nicole like to make jabs about babies daddies. Funny comment coming from a woman that had how many kids before she got married! Nicole also knows that Jojo has babies mommies so she wants to make sure that he does not collect mommy number 3. Easy fix for that Jojo go get snipped. Never know you might find some hard up well used up woman that might want to reciprocate your advances or ogles.

    Al if Jojo does stray we do NOT want to see a picture of that. Hell if he were to flop on the floor to take a nap after his meal you might have to call Timothy the tow truck to get him up.

    Was a sunny sunny work day when Jojo snuck next door
    He ate his meal, fell asleep on the floor
    He could not get up and was really stuck
    But who saved poor Jojo Timothy The Tow Truck

    His belly was loaded down and he could not see his toy
    He was not hungry but there was no joy
    On the floor Jojo was stuck
    But who saved Jojo Timothy The Tow Truck

    Well the little truck he tugged and tugged and pulled with all his might
    Soon Jojo was on his way with the homestead in sight
    Now Jojo’s face was shining bright as he was defamed
    The little kids they danced around cause Pa was ashamed
    Around the trolley trucked around sure was good luck
    Now who saved Jojo Timothy The Tow Truck

    Who saved Jojo Timothy The Tow Truck
    Yeah who saved Jojo Timothy The Two Truck


  6. A clean place to lay and actual bowls to eat and drink out of. I guess my only question is how the neighbor get her to actually go back home to her “family”.


  7. Did she honestly just state that Maggie was at the neighbors place because “someone came and got her?” Did I hear that right??? And Ranger’s problems are the result of the family that adopted him and returned him when he was FIVE months old? She is nothing but a spectacle. The crocodile tears are just embarrassing.


  8. Did she honestly just state that Maggie was at the neighbors place because “someone came and got her?” Did I hear that right???

    She did. You did.


  9. Nicole this is for you. I am following you, not Sally. Sally just provides a safe place to express an opinion without you doxxing and harassing like you do on FB.
    If you don’t want to be called a liar and dishonest, don’t lie. No one came over and took Maggie, repeatedly. This is a bold faced lie, again. You are dishonest, and to boot don’t appreciate how really good your neighbor has been through all of this to generously allow Maggie this respite while you continue to malign him.
    You don’t understand why people follow your story and post about you? Because you are a liar, dishonest and try to hurt others. You are morally bankrupt. The crying with “I never hurt anyone”, is a plain lie. You hurt many people repeatedly, and intentionally, Sally for instance and Alex, and Lisa, and the ladies you trolled and ridiculed for the deaths of their children or parents, and the people you attempted to hurt at their workplaces and all the people who you defrauded of their hard earned money with your GFM scam. Does that not count, do they not count? You got outed for some more heinous behavior this week and that is all on you now, quit blaming others. You say you are a large proponent of personal responsibility, so take responsibility for your behavior and get some professional help. You are hurting others, including the animals your profess to care about. Get help now, you are going downhill faster and faster.


  10. Will there be more Rangers in the future? She has a male dog and female dog and chances that they’ve been snipped are zero. I also think that she will punish Maggie for letting the neighbors come get her from the homestead. I feel pity for any animal or child that has to be cared for by the “blessed and messed up one”.


  11. Well they are all now pictured at Walmart (I am guessing) for an “unschool field trip” adventure. My god. How sad is it when you have to drag the whole family to the mega-mart because it’s the only way you to prove you are trying to “school” them in anything. Maybe they are there to purchase more non-homestead available materials like bamboo to finish whatever project their one son is working on.


  12. Stating that someone from next door would have had to come and get Maggie is just covering her ass, since the Naugler’s are bound by court order to prevent their animals from wandering. And as much as N keeps her beady eyes on the neighbors place, she had to have seen Maggie traveling back and forth; after all, she documents everything. Too bad the kids can’t wander over for a good meal and a peaceful place.


  13. This looks like a beautiful, sweet dog who is obviously very accustomed to visiting and being welcomed at the neighbors. Nicole is over on BLH proclaiming that her dogs don’t run free anymore since goat court. She also has taken a partial quote from goodness knows where that states that as soon as she and Joe abandoned the property, the one dog was run over and the other shot. And of course the delusional supporters accept that information without questioning the obvious – why did Nicole and Joe abandon the property and their animals? Why didn’t they stay and use the $45,000 to build a proper home, fix up the septic, build animal housing etc. Of course we already know the answer to that – a hotel stay, room service and running water is much more comfortable than the shitstead. One person asks a question and is immediately verbally abused by Chuckie who is very angry tonight. Poor Chuckie.
    I watched Nicole’s woe is me video. It is astonishing how masterfully and easily she lies. She keeps insisting that CPS was involved because of the children not being registered for homeschooling and I think, in some twisted way, she really believes that. She continually forgets to mention the 3-sided shack that was supposed to be a home, the filth and trash, the unsafe conditions for children etc.
    I do think it’s unfortunate that people are writing fake reviews. On the one hand this is their only source of income and while she and JoJo could starve to death, the children will also suffer more than they already are. However on the other hand, she is one to talk about fake profiles who are abusive since she is the queen of this. What goes around, comes around I guess.
    She did tell the truth at one point though which completely shocked me. She admitted that they live in a garden shed on a “run down piece of property.” Exactly Nicole. It’s not a Blessed Little Homestead. It could be, but it takes organization and hard work. It also takes money. JoJo will need to get off his ass and actually get a job.
    I completely agree that it has to stop. Nicole it starts with you telling the truth. Stop lying. Tell your lazy husband to get a job. Get off social media. If it causes you so much pain, why do you insist on putting every part of your life on the internet? Make amends with all the people who you conned. Listen to people who have homestead experience and learn from them. Educate your children.
    It is really hard to believe those tears when you jump from woe is me, to that sovereign citizen crap. Sadly, I don’t think you are ready for a change.


  14. I’ve been at the place quite a few times. Most times Maggie has been in the garage.

    I told Ron it was the Naugler’s dog. He said this “yeah, I know, she comes over because she’s hungry. So I feed her. She’s a nice dog. Doesn’t cause any trouble. I kinda feel sorry for her”

    The neighbor that Nicole is trying desperately to paint as an assassin is feeding her hungry dog.

    When will people figure these assholes out?


  15. Lol@old time farm girl!!!

    If the next door neighbors don’t see Maggie anymore, we can assume she’s tied up. Apparently no one has ever noticed her missing, so she is going to spend hours tied to a tree with no human attention. That’s no life for a dog. This just chaps my hide!

    Nicole, don’t punish Maggie for your misdeeds.


  16. I just don’t understand how so many people are taken in by her. She should write fiction because the way she can spin tales might make her some money.
    Also Alex the “I hate that Joe got someone pregnant & can’t be reminded of him” stepson was once again thrown under the bus by her on the comments on the video.
    I feel so bad for him…


  17. nicky Nicky NICKY! I think Sally said she would NOT allow your business or kids to be attacked here. Which for the most part she has kept her word. BRAVO Sally for keeping this Blog Civil. 🙂 NICKY! When you go on a rant how a 5 month old puppy left your care trained (Coughcough yea right) then dumped on your dumpstead untrained and kills your livestock then demands your leghumpers to deal with the dog within a week on public face book or you would take matters in your own hand…………….WELL…………I think you yourself opened the door for everybody to head over to The Blessed Little Grooming Co INC page to tell you what they think about how you care for pets. I mean if you can do that at home WHICH we all know you can and DO then you opened the door for folks to tell you and your clients what they think about it all. NICKY! What happens on your own Face book blog or your Blog .com or even your BLGC is YOUR FAULT not Sally’s. Don’t you get how this shit works? Open Mouth Insert Foot. You yourself have brought all the hate to your very own business page NOT SALLY. Of course any advice I give will fall upon deaf ears cause you NEVER LISTEN, but damm girl all you have to do is SHUT UP. Stop opening your Mouth so you can INSERT your FOOT. Maybe THINK before you SPEAK. Your worst problem is your so PERFECT you never do anything wrong and most normal folks understand that in itself is a problem. I agree with everybody else if I can’t see a photo of the dog then I agree ranger is dead by your hand. Don’t give me this BULLSHIT you won’t put the new owner in trouble from trolls cause you KNOW its not true. IF you really did find this dog a home you would of taken picture after picture to PROVE SALLY WRONG just so you can BRAG about how PERFECT you ARE. No Pics means NO DOG period. You have a GREAT Day Nicky, sure hope you can live with yourself. 🙂


  18. That poor dog looks so filthy. Nicole’s probably going to murder her now for the crime of betraying her loyalty and wanting some clean water and shelter from the sun. I really hope they aren’t making the children do the wet work of “rehoming” (yeah right) their poor dogs. That’s the kinda thing that molds a child into a future serial killer.


  19. She has a male dog and female dog and chances that they’ve been snipped are zero.

    Maggie is spayed. They got her as an adult already spayed. That’s the only reason she is.


  20. taken a partial quote from goodness knows

    That quote is me, from here. There will be more for her to grab. Promise.


  21. I do think it’s unfortunate that people are writing fake reviews.

    I would suggest that nearly every review, positive and negative, on that page are fake. She does not get all in a wad about the fake positives, does she? At any rate, she asked for what she’s getting. I didn’t do it to her. Nobody did it to her. She did it herself.


  22. She posted a pic of Ranger and I just don’t understand why she wouldn’t include the date in it! Why not show a calendar or newspaper? his photo could have been from any time in the last year or from the old owners before they returned Ranger. And she will just reply with “see, I told you a photo wouldn’t make the trolls stop!!” if anyone says anything about that. So stupidly annoying.


  23. I’ve been following the saga of the Nauglers pretty much since the beginning in 2015, holding my breath about the CPS and criminal cases, etc., and so forth. Since this controversy with Ranger I’ve wondered about what role KY law enforcement would play. I know that the Nauglers are in a rural area and that KY is perhaps not as strict about these things but I do know there are cruelty to animals and animal neglect laws. Would the Nauglers have violated some of those?


  24. If I recall correctly, several months ago a groomer local to BLGC did a “bad” job grooming a dog. Too close and razor burn. I don’t know if it was the fault of the groomer or if the dog was matted. Regardless, the local groomers as well as N trashed the “bad” groomer on the interwebz. It was a pile-on. Not sure if they hit her business page, but my point is, what goes around comes around. N didn’t consider that woman’s livelihood. She just had to pile-on. Don’t cross animal lovers.


  25. I agree with Sally regarding the reviews. While I personally would never “review” a business I’ve never dealt with, I can’t help but read the reviews and crack up.

    Funny shit.

    I bear no serious malice towards these assholes. I just think that karma has caught up with them. To be clear, I think joe and Nicole are assholes, liars, spin doctors, and shitbags. Watching this whole debacle unfold is both mesmerizing and entertaining. It wouldn’t be, but given their behavior — it is.

    That’s pretty straight forward.

    I don’t agree with petty internet malicious reviews of her business. But, what did she expect?

    At this point, they’re beyond help. It’s truly a matter of time. They’re failures at everything. Everything.

    They’ve brought this shit on themselves.


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