Angel was killed, Nicole, by a man who doesn’t live very close to you.  She was shot on his property.  She was behaving aggressively toward small children who were present.  That is a fact. That is not a lie. It’s the truth no matter how often or loudly you deny it.

Your dog got to his property somehow.   Your dog was behaving aggressively because of food. She was hungry.  She had obviously not been fed.

You know, you’re the big Dog Whisperer.  You brag about your great insight into dog psychology.  Yet you allowed your own dogs to run free without any human supervision for weeks at a time and then became outraged when two of them died as a result of your neglect.  Since you’re so good at this, look up “food aggression.” That is what Angel was exhibiting.  She was threatening enough that the man involved felt he had no other choice but to shoot her.

The man did not know whose dog she was.  This was not a plot or a scheme or anything.  When you live out in the country and an aggressive dog comes onto your property and you have no idea who the owner is and the dog is wearing no collar or tags, you shoot it. We would.  Our neighbors would.

And nobody has said shit about your “family” in relation to all this. Your children had nothing whatever to do with it. It was you and Joe who abandoned those animals.

Look up “abandon.” You don’t seem to know what it means.  Keep your fucking animals on your own property and feed them.


18 thoughts on “Lying”

  1. Isn’t this the same dog who she stated was stolen by a critic? Someone who drove over 1500 miles for the sole purpose of stealing her? In the process another dog was struck and killed.

    Or at least that is an earlier version of the lie she tried to sell to the public. It’s sad that people still buy her brand of bull shit.

    Nicole and Joe are incredibly common.


  2. I keep waiting for her to have to lick the spoon she keeps stirring the shit pot with. Odds on next week we will be watching another rant about the county being unconstitutional. Predictable.


  3. WTF does Nicole mean by “won’t be tolerated?” What exactly does she presume to do about people calling out this ridiculous story she’s trying to sell? The mysterious “they” initially plotted to “kidnap” her worthless mixed breed dog, but instead came onto the property and shot it, and then made off with its dead carcass? But “they” also ran over another dog, and left that carcass behind so that the Nauglers could take it to a vet for a forensic examination? A dog that had probably never seen a vet in its entire life was taken to one for an autopsy?

    Nicole, if you want to be successful at controlling a narrative and gas lighting people who actually remember how a particular series of events unfolded, you need to come up with a plausible story. Hide your crazy, girl – you’ve got a court date coming up.


  4. Hey Nic, I find writing things down in a notebook and dating them very effective for remembering When did you leave the homestead and leave the dogs/animals alone without food? What time did you come back and check on them?
    Right now I’m mandated by an estate to keep track of my mileage and what ever I do for said estate, to be reimbursed when it settles. It’s a legal thing and I have to do it. EVery time i make a phone call I have to record how much time I spend.
    It’s rather easy, I have a desktop appointment book and I fill it in every day. So if you’re going to prevaricate (look it up) you’ll have backup to support you. It’s so easy I’m surprised you didn’t think of it yourself.

    OT: My husband was admitted to the hospital Sunday night with Afib and high sugars and BP. He’s very lightheaded and still out of breath. So far heart looks ok but they can’t get Afib stopped. He’s scared, I’m worried (since Mom had Afib when she died as well as other things) and my energy stock is getting depleted rapidly.


  5. My husband was admitted to the hospital Sunday night with Afib

    I am sorry to read this, BUT take a deep breath. Remember that your mother had “other things” as well as atrial fib. It’s usually not a cause of death. It’s the most common heart rhythm anomaly in the US, and it’s very treatable. He’s in a hospital so they can insure that he doesn’t get in trouble with side effects while they’re getting it under control. If you have to have heart trouble, atrial fib is probably one of the least horrible heart troubles to have. They usually get a handle on it in a few days and then it’s just a matter of tweaking medication now and then. Best wishes to you and to him. Having a family member hospitalized is exhausting.


  6. Amulbunny – I know this is scary stuff and I hope your husband stabilizes and this is a one-off. My dad has Afib off and on. We’re leery of the newer anticoagulants that can’t be reversed, so he’s on warfarin. He hasn’t needed an ablation and it’s been several years. It may be necessary in the future, but he’s doing okay.

    FINALLY something got through to him and he’s lost over 20 pounds in the last four months or so. That has also helped. He can continue to be a curmudgeonly irritating crank. Good thing he’s a fantastic cook. If the food were bad we wouldn’t stay at the table and continue arguments until the topic is laying on the ground, gasping in agony, waiting for the mercy shot or we’re done eating. Whatever comes first.


  7. I think because all this happened less than a month after Mom passed that I am in shell shock. I’ve just started clearing out her closets and packing up clothes and I don’t have any help. The sign goes up this week and I anticipate a sale within a month. Then the fun starts. The house will be scraped, dirt sells fast in beach towns. I have to wait for the trust to end before we see proceeds.
    They are tweaking meds for the Afib. And his sugar and everything else. He’s going to have to give up his green tea and that depresses him.
    But I am thankful he’s got good insurance and the staff is wonderful. He’s not at the same hospital that Mom was at, but it’s still a good one.


  8. We know that Nic doesn’t follow the law in having her own pets vaccinated. Hell, she probably doesn’t feed them. Just throws scraps of moldy pancakes their way. I doubt very much she even researched what vacs their horse needed each as the law states. I have three horses who never leave my property. But I follow the law to ensure their good health.
    But I do wonder if she is compliant with Kentucky law of animals brought into her shop to be groomed. Every time I have my dog groomed, (or boarded) I have to show what the state says pets need to be in an environment with other animals. You don’t want your beloved pet in close quarters like kennels where the dogs/cats waits until it’s their turn and being next to an unvaccinated cat/dog. If I were a new client and she didn’t ask me for my current, up-to-date vac record, I would walk out. But then she also doesn’t believe in vaccinating children…so I think I have my answer!

    On a side note-if I were a new client, her so-called dreads would have me running. If she doesn’t have the ability to care for her own hair/self, I wouldn’t trust her with my pup!

    Kentucky Law for Boarding/Grooming
    *All dogs must be up to date on DHLPP (distemper-parvo), kennel cough (bordetella), canine influenza (H3N2), and rabies vaccines.
    *All cats must be up to date on FVRCP (feline distemper), Fel-V (feline leukemia), and rabies vaccines.
    *Vaccines must have been given by a licensed veterinarian. You MUST HAVE A COPY of the vaccination history from the veterinarian that administered the vaccinations.


  9. There’s something very sadistic about Nicole.

    This post, about a long since dead dog….had little to do with the dog and everything to do with Nicole posturing “See? I can generate sympathy from my robot puppets. I can make them believe. I can control them.”

    Because if ya’ll will remember back a few years…Nicole was perfectly fine with “getting rid of the dogs” to solve their issues with bunnies, chickens and goats dying. Remember? Something about…I want to get rid of the dogs, but my family objects… Remember that?

    Nick isn’t attached to the dogs. If she were, she’d have boarded them when the kids were taken. Too much money? Oh hells no….remember that when the kids were taken they were about to open their first “salon” in Kentucky. They had a perfectly free place to put the dogs if they were willing to clean up after them. For that matter, the two of them could have picked up an air mattress and camped out at the “salon”, too, if they were terrified of being at “the homestead”. Instead, they opted to abandon their kid’s pets to starvation and put their feet up at a comfy motel….on their robot puppet’s dime.

    Nick’s post isn’t about missing and loving her years dead dog. It’s about exerting control. It’s about rebuilding her donation base. It’s about naked manipulation of a fanbase that’s slipping.

    There are plenty of big hearted idiots who will fall for it, too. They’ll give the Naugs their last buck.
    But would the Naugs ever in their wildest dreams return that favor? Not a chance.


  10. the crazy one thinks keeping a sidearm would protect her and her ilk from the evil govt. I guess she has no idea what one half ass pass with a Apache Helo would do. What a dick, and you to LB ,and to think your husband is a member or what was a member of the armed forces.


  11. A donation for Joe and Nicole Naugler is support for cruelty. Find a nice on-grid toilet to flush your money down instead. At least then it won’t be used to buy animals.


  12. Nicole is just ridiculous, but what’s worse is her gullible leghumpers. They actually believe that someone came on Nicole’s shitty little property, got scared of a chained up dog, shot it and took it’s dead body. Really?


  13. It’s very true that fools and their money are soon parted. Anyone still foolish enough to donate any of their money to Joe and Nicole Naugler probably doesn’t have much money to donate anyway. I imagine Joe and Nicole believe that if they can create the right circumstances, or play on people’s unquestioning sympathy, they’ll get another cash windfall. Hasn’t happened since the first time, and I think it’s unlikely to ever happen again. Going viral ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!


  14. The children were away for a short time and in that time two dogs were killed (who knows about all the other animals). Illustrates who is responsible for the animals around that dump.


  15. [ Admin: I’m leaving this alone. I think she might be baiting and I don’t want to take it.]


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