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  1. Wow, she really should use a different angle to film from. She needs to see a dentist, I mean, she needed to see a dentist a long time ago. I think her teeth are to far gone now, she needs to get them pulled out.

  2. They’re worried as hell about those evaluations huh? Also, Ms I KNOW MY RIGHTS! Do you also know that they couldn’t have taken Q in that day, because yanno warrant. They didn’t allow him to stay on the “property” because he didn’t break any laws or they were busy colluding. There’s an in person requirement, meaning in most cases the crime had to have been committed in the presence of the officer or an active warrant would have been needed to detain him. Hence, the charges coming later a grand jury was held and their evidence was presented and a true bill was returned, meaning their evidence was enough to proceed to trial.

  3. This is fucking hilarious!! *applause*

    My favorite one so far! Great job, Deb!
    I laughed so hard my dog actually got up and left the room, the little asshole.

    I loved Joe’s voice – lmao (I listen, I know you love him)

    lol too funny

  4. Jurdistiction; (noun), unschooling Naugler pseudo legalese spoken in rapid manic speech. Assumed to mean jurisdiction.

    Menacing Ewok; (proper noun), Joseph Naugler. Worships C3PO and wanted to eat Han Solo. Sits on excessive butt all day and has weed-induced revelations presumably from C3PO. Resorted to eating Hardee’s excessively in lieu of eating Han Solo. Watched Battle of Endor from car. Gets limited excercise by jumping out of bushes in front of vehicles traveling on public road by inhabited cesspool and forcing vehicle inhabitants to listen to bizarre philosophy. Philosophical menace easily assuaged with beer.

    I’m sorry, Joe looks like a darn Ewok in a baseball cap!

  5. “With a bucket…with a bucket… WITH A BUCKET” 😂😂😂
    Dat ugly cry tho 😖😭😖

  6. I am sure somewhere in Kentucky she could have her teeth pulled, there to far gone to be saved. I wonder if any of her kids have seen a dentist, It sad that her only claim to fae was to rot there kids teeth and minds.
    How did it happen that they went from living in somehng that looked like it had heat an hot water to living in a shack that I use to store lawnowers in, the stench has to be horrible with 11 kids and one on the way. Does the boy still work or have they wised up and moved out

  7. I wonder if Joe the prophet is going to take on Pudner, the CEO of Hardees/Burger King? Maybe he can get a petition on change.org to bring Hardee Pudner back to tehdonald’s cabinet.
    Sorry to politic-rant, but it WOULD give lardass something to do and maybe he could get some 50% off coupons for nachos or something?

  8. I think….this is the angle of which a dentist should be in. FOR FUCKSAKE YOUR TEETH! If I had actually eaten breakfast this morning the dry heaves that emitted from my body would have been breakfast for sure. DISGUSTING! OMG. I did not know her teeth were THIS bad, but leave it to NN to verify it.
    Joe’s teeth look fine though.
    Do us all a favor from now on and record with the camera facing some random shit pile like the last video or even joe is better than seeing that nasty mouth.

  9. I got a notice from the dentist this morning that the kids are due for dental cleanings. I grumbled about it because I’m tired of appointments but I don’t want my kids looking like Nicole. And it’s not just about looks, it’s also about the pain of dental issues. My teeth look great but it’s taken a lot of time and energy and I still have issues. Dental issues suck. Every time I get even the slightest illness they start to ache, I get grouchy. I’ve had horrible experiences with dentists but I still go. And I take the kids because dental hygiene is of utmost importance. And an older, pregnant woman should know that. Nicole pisses me off and I have lost most sympathy for her but I care about the kids, they need her in their lives, she needs to take care of herself. Invest some energy into dental care instead of blogging, vlogging and bitching.

  10. Deb, you’re hilarious and if I’m ever in your neck of the woods I’ll gladly buy you a beer or whatever girly drink you’d like. I am a beer drinker though. ❤

  11. Yea you do… But I’m the kid that moved into the neighborhood and now your doing drugs and having unprotected sex, I’m the bad influence, but oh so much fun!

  12. ElMacho, you and Sally are the cool kids. I could really use a bad influence, they’re the most fun!
    I saw Sally and Deb wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops!

  13. I will offer a thought here on a slightly more serious note. Nicole’s teeth are rotten and look about like they’re fixing to fall out. I am not too good on humans but I do know that on dogs and cats periodontal disease can readily cause the animal’s teeth to come out. It also can result in infection (abscesses) that can have cerebral effects and possibly kill the animal. I know that in spite of Nicole’s behavior she is still a human and not a dog or a cat. But if her teeth are not merely rotting but infected or abscessed along with being pregnant again could that have an effect on her mentally? I really do not want to get into the business of armchair cyber-diagnosis yet her appearance is of someone physically depleted and desperately needs medical, dental, and nutritional care.

    I really detest how the Nauglers have tried to bully, intimidate, take advantage of others, and act like entitled jerks everywhere they have gone but I do not take any particular pleasure in their misfortunes or ill health. I really wish they would grow up, be civil and handle their affairs without making a mess of everyone else’s affairs they come in contact with. And I wish they would put as much effort into their kids as they do into their internet fantasy world.

  14. periodontal disease

    Dental problems can lead to abscesses and abscesses can, in fact, be fatal. I have a friend whose grandson died from dental trouble.

    I don’t think it can cause emotional problems beyond what you might imagine with chronic pain.

  15. Remote Area Medical (headquarters in Knoxville) has been hosting clinics in east Tn. for several years. They are a wonderful organization providing medical, dental, and vision to anyone free of charge. People begin lining up the night before! On March 11 they having a dental clinic in Nashville. You don’t have to be a Tennessee resident. If Nicole was smart she would take advantage of this.
    Or perhaps she doesn’t want to be a whore of free dentistry.


    Check them out! Maybe some of you know someone who would want to utilize their services. They also have clinics in other states.

  16. Building on M’s post: https://ramusa.org/events/

    If she should find herself in the area when a clinic is being held. No clinics are scheduled in Kentucky this year (so far) but they have had them there before. Perhaps they will add locations.

    Joe could put his medical skills to good use. He may impress someone so much as a volunteer that he could land a job! Yes, I’m being sarcastic.


  17. About life insurance pretty sure she doesn’t. Many years ago in a large mom group a question was brought up about life insurance. I remember being stunned by the responses, hers included, about how insurance was a scam and all that. Sorry it’s been years so I don’t remember the exact quotes. But the gist was that very few members of this group had life insurance. It stood out in my mind because life insurance was something my husband and I bought when our first child was born. Hopefully it will never be used and since we bought it when we were young the rates are very low.

    I can’t imagine anything has changed since then. The whole idea of not having life insurance when you have such a large brood is unfathomable.

  18. The whole idea of not having life insurance when you have such a large brood is unfathomable.

    Oh, I would bet money the Nauglers don’t have any life insurance.

    When I was fundy, it was very much frowned upon. Having insurance meant that you didn’t “trust God.” At the Fundy Church From Hell, the pastor’s mother owned and ran the local Christian bookstore. One night it burned. Only extremely good firewalls and a very good fire department kept the fire from burning the adjacent businesses. The bookstore was almost a total loss.

    And you guessed it.

    Not a single bit of insurance. They rebuilt using “volunteer” (translated as “put pressure on people to help so that if they don’t they will feel very guilty) labor, but it still cost a fortune, way more than the insurance premiums would have.

  19. “It stood out in my mind because life insurance was something my husband and I bought when our first child was born. Hopefully it will never be used and since we bought it when we were young the rates are very low.”

    Dinah, we did the same. It’s term life insurance that will end when we’re just shy of retirement age but it means if one of us dies the other can pay off any debts, have additional money to set aside for whatever life throws at us and be comfortable. The kids get a portion of mine if I die first. Ditto for my 401K. Plus some money to two of my favorite charities.

    If you haven’t considered it yet, you may want to check into umbrella insurance too. I live in fear that if a horse does manage to get out and cause an accident we would lose everything when we were (rightfully) sued. Or if one of the kids (or either of us!) causes a catastrophic accident while driving one of our cars and someone is killed, or has life-long special needs due to a moment of carelessness/stupidity. I have $2 million on each of us and it sets me back less than $375/year. Believe me, that insurance policy made it a touch easier to sleep at night when the eldest was out and about on the roads.

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