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It’s not what we do individually that matters so much.  It’s not your special diet, your shunning of what you consider to be “junk” food, your pursuit of what you have self-defined as “healthy” food.

It’s what we do collectively, as a society.

Read it.

And while you’re at it, read the piece about the guy who died on the Dick Cavett show.

Now, I’m going to walk on the treadmill for a while.


2 thoughts on “Longevity”

  1. From within the article,

    That’s why we should all fight for other people’s health. Your decisions can affect when I die, and vice versa.
    Today, the greatest threat to your life span may be the Trump administration’s assault on public health and medical research. Dr. Robert Phalen, a new appointee to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Scientific Advisory Board, has said that he believes our air is “too clean.” Next year, we’re likely to see drastic cuts to mental-health research, oil-spill remediation and clean-water programs. The embattled Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may soon have to shut down a global disease detection and prevention program. That’s why I’ve added some new components to my diet-and-exercise routine this year: I’m calling Congress and donating to organizations that work for environmental justice.

    How I loathe Trump and his confederacy of dunces.

    We’re eating our seed corn when it comes to biomedical research. They aren’t pursuing it, or they aren’t pursuing it here and we’re going to feel the effects keenly within the next 10 years. Oh, it’s being felt now but not by the broader public. That will change.


  2. Public health and education are THE most important things to be concerned about. Education leads to the scientists, doctors, surgeons and health care professionals who make discoveries from climate/environmental studies to medicine, from which we all benefit. Public health ensures everyone, regardless of income, or where they work can access affordable and quality healthcare to keep them healthy and in some cases, keep them alive with a good quality of life.

    Trump is the definition of the movie “Idiocracy”. And he’s scary enough from over here, I can’t imagine how dreadful it must be over there.


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