Livestocks Get Loose

Joe has figured out how to make videos.  I think maybe he enjoyed doing the Little House on the Prairie thing, but he got a bigger kick out of displaying his righteous indignation at the county attorney’s office, so he’s going to fly a bit on his own.

Hey, Facebook world.

This is the HH, Homestead Husband. Um, our case, since May, 2015, has made us kind of the talk of the town and kind of popular. (1) I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Um, we’ve come across some great supporters. We’ve made some great and wonderful friends. Um, and we appreciate that and we are blessed beyond measures for that.

Today, I’m chimin’ in. I know it’s usually my wife. She likes to do these things. She likes to do her blogs and whatnot. Me, I’m more of a face-to-face kind of a guy. I, uh, I like to talk to people, I like to feel their energy, and you know, share in their testimony, and watch it and listen and share myself. (2)

Um, but I feel we’re at a point where, over the past 18 months, we’ve had a group of dedicated people, um, a local man by the name of Al Wilson, who, at the beginning, was sharing, uh, some rather, uh, you know, he was. . . Our lawyer, at the beginning, when the children were in custody, our lawyer recommended that we stay out of town and, uh, so we decided to stay at a hotel, um, and everybody that donated, those funds, that $40,000 knew exactly what they were for. They were to help us deal with the situation with our children.

Um, and we used it for that, and we stayed at a hotel.(3) And, um, Al Wilson and another gentleman, he’s a paramedic here in Breckinridge County, Jason Thompson, as well as a bunch of other people, I mean, we’ve got screen shots that are just, oh, thousands and hundreds of thousands of screen shots (4)documenting all this. . . But they were, they’d actually stalked us to the hotel and confirmed that we were there and, uh, shortly after that, we had dogs that, uh, you know, one of our dogs (5) got shot, and Al Wilson testified it was by a .357, and another dog got hit and was killed.

Um, but these people were very aggressive. I mean, um, to this day you can still see the aggression, so, um, we had kind of stayed out of town, uh, while we were dealing with it, and we got our kids back after eight weeks. I mean, in one of the most corrupt states in the union when it comes to family court and the bypass of your rights, we still got our children back. Now the case is still open, we’re still dealing with some things. Um, and that’ll be addressed, a lot of it can’t be addressed until the case is closed, uh, so we’re just basically enduring it. Um, but those issues will be addressed, and we will, uh, have an attorney, uh, request, uh, those transcripts, and we’ll show you, from day one, when it was that first Thursday, and Friday we had the Cabinet come up, we recorded it, now we recorded these things, we had the Cabinet come up to our little shitshack and testify that first Friday that everything was fine.

If the only concern she had is just she wanted a fence around our, our little, um, I guess where we burn our debris, uh, like a lot of farmers do around here.

Um, and we said, yeah, and then that Monday, of course, Alex, uh, popped into the situation, uh, and they did their, uh, their investigation, and the sheriff did his investigation, and the CPS did their investigation, and they, they got the original court records from New Hampshire from 15, whatever, 16, 17 years ago and found out there were never any allegations that, uh, uh, and so on and so forth, and, uh, they interviewed all our children and that following Monday, uh, both the sheriff and the CPS both testified that we weren’t breaking any laws, and we weren’t doing anything wrong, and that there was no reason why the children shouldn’t be returned. And, uh, CPS even went further, uh, and actually got into an argument with the Guardian Ad Litem about my children, about, you know, have you met them. Uh, they’re, you aren’t, you aren’t pushing my children around, you aren’t gonna get away with any of that. My children are very well-mannered, very well-spoken, and very confident.

Uh, we raise our children to know who they are. And, uh, to question everything, even us. If they have an issue, they have no problems, no qualms about telling us, and expressing themselves to us. (6) Uh, you know, but since then, you know, uh, there were some, we just went through a complication of things, they st- they did not – there was no lack of income, trust me. They, um, they spent a lot of money, uh, over those eight weeks that my children were in their custody to, um, they met with psychologists, they met with psychiatrists, they met with doctors, they met with educators, uh, and, uh, at no time on any of those records has the CPS, uh, has, anybody said that, uh, we’re unfit parents or something else should be done. Our children were returned to us after eight weeks, um, and, uh, custody was returned, and, uh, it’s just, you know, it’s just been kinda dragging on with, with, with junk and, like I said, we’ll get into that as, as we’re able to expose some of this stuff.

Um, and we’ve had [this part is a bit garbled due to technical interference I think] had a dedicated group of people stalking us, harassing us, and, and I’m not talking like stalking us. I mean, we’ve had, eh, like one of Nicole’s employers, a Patricia, uh, she, who she worked for out in Brandenburg, a, uh, we’ve had, um, these people, like Sally Davis, Lisa Luthi, uh, there were other people involved that came down. (7)

Now, eh, I’m gonna go ahead and skip here, because I wanna try to add context and perspective to this. But, uh, January 20, on the morning of January 20, our, uh, our horse had gotten loose. Just a horse. As a matter of fact, about a week ago, we had some Amish guys drive up, they had one of those guys that drive them around in a van, pull up and ask us, they also asked the neighbors, if we’d seen one of their horses. Uh, because it got loose. [stuttered a bit] They telled us where they lived and if we come acrossed it to go up there. Uh, because that’s what happens. Uh, livestocks get loose. (8) Uh, you know, it happens. Uh, it is no, um, it is no cause for anybody to be, uh, straight-up asshole about it. (9A) Uh, it is, uh, not a deliberate thing. Uh, these animals, uh, my animals did no damage, um, I believe that Ron Sneed took a picture of a pile of horse crap, um, you know, that’s fertilizer. Uh, you’re welcome, Ron. I’m not gonna charge you for the fertilizer.

But, you know, we lived here for years before May of 2015 and got along with our neighbors without one complaint, uh, without one issue. Uh, eh, eh, it just blows me away that it’s come to this but, uh, on, on January 20, a goat got loose and I usually send Q and A down to get it, and they’ll usually go to the property line (9B), you can kinda see it, Ron’s house right there, and you’ll see the tree line right here, and, uh, they’ll get, uh, just shake the little feed bucket, and if they need to, they’ll go across. Well, at the time, uh, Q was starting to head over to get the horse and Ron came out with his shotgun, loaded and ready to go, over, and he knows us. He knows that it was my child [garbled] Q, somebody who’s lived here, who’s never vandalized his stuff, never stole from him, uh, nothing of that.

Uh, I believe, uh, they tried to make a big deal about our composting system, but yet none of those, none of those allegations were ever substantiated. (10) None of them. There was no testing done, eh, cause there was nothing. There was no contamination of their property. But, uh, with those things it’ll show the pattern of hostility that we’re dealing with in this county, by the authorities and , and by these people.

And uh, but he goes over and Ron, uh, you know, steps in between him and the horse and threatens him with the gun, and uh, my son comes up, and tells me, uh, you know, “we have an issue,” so I come down here. I come right down here and I stand right on the property line, and I call Nicole and I tell her what’s going on. And she calls the state police, and, uh, I’m about, uh, I had dialed 911 and uh, and then Ron yells over “You can go ahead and let Q” and um, and the boys, cause he knows my boys by name, uh, come over, uh, and get the horse.

And while he’s standing there, Linda, uh, Sneed is in the background screaming her head off calling us, uh, all sorts of derogatory comments, racist slurs, uh, the slew of them, while my young children are standing here listening to it. Uh, I mean we’ve got a shop neighbor who has accused me of calling her, uh, uh, the “c” word, (11) and uh, you know, her Marine, her retired Marine husband threatened to kill me over it, uh, I mean, I have seen people call my wife, call us, call my children, talk in front of my children far worse than anything that I’ve ever even been accused of saying. Uh, and, uh, nobody’s gotten me in their face. (12) I have threatened to kill nobody.

And uh, but she was just screaming, uh, and it is. You can hear it in the other videos, like when she slammed her car into our car, you can hear her hostility. Um, but, Ron goes ahead and he allows my children to go over and get the horse and, uh, he yells over to me cause now I have a no-contact order. Uh, for the goats, when, uh, back in April of 2016, uh, we had to go court over the goats, and uh, I have a couple recorded conversations, now, I did record all of this, but back then I recorded a conversation of Ron saying it was okay and the county attorney still went after us and we went to court. He deferred it. It’s what they call “putting on the shelf.” And as long as you don’t get in trouble, or something, you’re not, um, looking at it but it’s just a goat-at-large charge. We’re not sure what the exact punishment’s gonna be, uh, but in that, um, Al Wilson and Lisa Luthi were in the courthouse. Uh, with Ron Sneed.

And Ron Sneed, on January 20, when I recorded him, and I’ll get to that, he told me he had never met them before. He had no idea who they were, before that. And, uh, that he was done being used by them because they call him up and try to get information and things like that but, he, uh, he yells over across the field, “hey” cause I can’t contact him.

Uh, but he doesn’t necessarily have a no-contact order around me. (13) So he yells over “Can I come talk to you.” And I, um, I just, you know, um, give him, you know, like I’m okay with it kind of a, kind of a thing and uh, I hit record. And uh, he knows I’m recording. He makes note of it as he’s walking over. Um, but the one thing, eh, in this recording, and we will release it, uh, we will, we will release it now that, um, now that things have been elevated, uh, to a very corrupt level, uh, he tells me that he has no problems with us. He has no problems with our children. He, he loves hearing our children laugh up here. That’s what he hears, is our children’s laughter up here. And that, uh, he’s fought, uh, you know, for thirty years, he fought in the Vietnam War and uh, just so everybody knows, ’cause there’s also a lot of smear campaign out there that we have no respect for soldiers and that I’ve actually called him a, uh, baby killer, (14) um, I have nothing but respect for my neighbor, and you can hear it in the recording, where Linda Sneed hit us, in late, uh, 2015, you can hear it in all the recordings as well as the recent one that I had with him. I’ve had nothing but respect for this man.

And up to this point, uh, we had been giving Linda Sneed a break because of the respect I have for Ron Sneed, who, who served his country under the pretext of fighting for liberty for thirty years. And, uh, he’s a wonderful man, I, I, uh, uh, besides being used by Al Wilson and, and whatever manipulation his daughter’s doing, uh, uh, he’s, he’s a great story-teller, uh, and my son, Jacob, had a real enjoyable time, uh, for the moments he did spend with him, uh, and it kinda broke my heart, uh, that, uh, it turned out like this, cause he was a decent neighbor, for so long. For, uh, at least two years, he was a very decent neighbor, uh, until, uh, Al Wilson got in touch with him.

And, uh, and of course, you know, it just, but um, in this conversation he goes on, he never once mentions a gun. He never once, uh, mentions my son’s aggression, or, or anything. Q is a very calm individual. Um, but he is 6’3”. And he’s a big boy. He’s about 175 pounds right now and he’s only si- he’s only sixteen. (15) Um, you know, but, um, but that’s what the recordings will show.

And it just breaks my heart that this is what’s going on. Um, my son is facing two misdemeanor charges, um, one disorderly conduct, I’m not sure what the first one is, it’s hard for me to read the writing, and the third one is a felony 1 endangerment, where he could be facing up to ten years prison. I mean, this is just ridiculous. All off of hearsay.

Now, I do want to add that, uh, these people, I took a picture, they had their phones, they had their smartphones out, cause they called the police, they took pictures of, uh, of my horse poop but not once did they take a picture of my son with a gun in his hand because he’s never had a gun in his hand. (16) We are not those kind of people. I believe, uh, Linda was flipping him off once, and it’s addressed in the conversation with Ron, and Q flipped em off, er, flipped her off back. And I, Q told me, and I told him that’s not who we are. We are not those people. (17)

And, um, because we’re not.

We’ve been accused of a lot of things that none of which has been substantiated. None of which. Um, I am going to do a few more of these live videos (18) cause my phone is about to die but I do want to just express that we are going to release this stuff, this is very pertinent stuff, there’s a lot of corruption going on, and a lot of things that we feel that need to be addressed and are gonna be addressed. We are not gonna be abused. We are not gonna be tromp-stamped on- stomped on. We’re not gonna just roll over and be quiet and take this. Can’t do it.

Uh, we, uh, we have too much to lose. We have too much love for our children, (19) and we have too much love for, for those who have, have died for our right to live and breathe as we see fit.

This is, this is unwarranted, uncalled for and it will be addressed.

Now, these people, Lisa, Sally, um, they’ve been stalking and harassing us, you can’t deny that, you can twist whatever you want, you can say whatever you want, you can twist that, oh, my wife giving somebody the finger in a picture is just instigating, we’re done. We’re fed up. It’s been 18 months of this.

I don’t know how, anybody else that can, that could have the patience we’ve displayed, uh, and like I’ve said, I’ll do more of these videos cause I think they’re, I would rather talk than type, but I do want to go further and express my love and my appreciation to the thousands and thousands, tens of thousands, of people who support us, who message us, who are inspired as we are inspired by so many as well. We ask that you guys keep vigilant and stay intuned and really understand the ramifications of our case. (20) The state came in and took –

  1. Uh, yeah, viral. Remember that, Joe?  You wanted it. You got it. Quit whining about it.
  2. Sure. Like you agreed to meet Al and have breakfast?
  3. Exactly what we’ve been saying for a year or more. You blew through some of the money living it up in a motel, eating out. You abandoned the shitshack the second your kids were no longer there. Was the A/C nice?
  4. And they are worth exactly nothing. I’ll explain why later in another piece.
  5. Abandon your animals and this shit happens.
  6. For anyone who might seriously buy into this bullshit, go look at Joe in this video and in the one at the courthouse. Watch him. Remember that he is on camera knowing this is going to be seen by a lot of people.  He’s on his best behavior.  Now, imagine that you’re his ten-year-old kid and he’s just lost his temper.  Imagine how he talks to his ten-year-old when he’s pissed off.
  7. Joe, you need to work on this. Coherent sentences help. What are you trying to say here?
  8. I promise, this is verbatim.
  9. Notice the use of the word “usually.”  This has been happening frequently, far more often than Nicole says. Like almost daily.  And it is a cause for concern when you live in the country.  If your donkeys get out, like ours did, you go get them. And then you fix the god-damned fence. They used to have outright wars over shit like this, and telling your neighbor you won’t charge him for the “fertilizer” isn’t cute, it’s arrogant and stupid.
  10. No, you just plead guilty and take bargains over and over again and you are never, ever guilty of anything.
  11. Joe, it’s pretty much your favorite word. We have no problem believing you did it.
  12. What do you call rampaging out in the road and stopping a moving vehicle and yelling at everyone?  Being neighborly?
  13. There is no “necessarily” about it. Ron has nothing against him at all. He made the complaint against you, dipshit, and you are the one who agreed to the waiver.
  14. You don’t, and I think you did.
  15. So the kid is tall. What’s the point here except to mention this as a veiled threat?  You refer to him as the Enforcer.  It’s really a bad idea, what you’re doing, Joe.
  16. Uh, yes, he has. Pictures, Joe. I think you didn’t mean what you said.
  17. Yes, you are “those people.” You are most definitely “those people.” You do it, and your kids, who are learning from you, imitate you.
  18. We can hardly wait.
  19. If you loved them,  you’d provide for them. You don’t, therefore you don’t.
  20. Okay, will do.

49 thoughts on “Livestocks Get Loose”

  1. Thank you for transcribing this, I was going to watch and then I saw the length of the video and said “nope!” Honestly, you are a saint in the most secular possible way. Ok. I’m going to read this now and comment later.


  2. How stupid can a man be? Did he just “out” his own son for 3 legal charges? With one being a felony? How stupid is a man who say it’s hard for him to read? Isn’t he the one unschooling those children? I can’t even use my southern drawl to say “bless his heart” because he is heartless.


  3. Thank you!
    I listen for the first few minutes until he got to the “popular” part. I started laughing. It reminded me of Trump!

    Great stuff.

    And Joe, I gave you money thinking it would put you back on your feet. Which I thought (stupid me) meant you getting a job. How utterly vile of you & your wife to say it isn’t worth you to work for 250 a week. Well, it is now not worth me working to support You.
    I am the type of person who would PAY out of my own pocket to get your wife’s teeth fixed. I actually researched dentists in your area. After I did some research on you & Nicole & saw the condition of the stuff that was given to you, I thought maybe not. And what really did it was the fireworks. You’re homeless. You bought fireworks.


  4. It looks like J and N are under pressure to revise history. I listened to the vlog and got the distinct impression that it was a futile attempt to brainwash or gaslight me. But what a hilariously poor effort.

    Sally is dead on here. As soon as Joe doesn’t get what he wants he does go from this sort of Jekyll character to his normal Hyde personality and will threaten people. He uses the c word and he records it for posterity on Facebook. But then he turns around and says he doesn’t refer to women in that term. Seriously, I think this demonstrates the level of contempt the Nauglers have for anyone who is not them to just bald face lie like this. Alas, I think this is why Joe and Nicole will never be able to get along with anyone else.


  5. Sally, thanks for this, it really was above and beyond the call of duty. However, there is disappointed because when listening to it, I failed to catch when Joe is going to release the recording of Mr. Sneed saying everything is fine and I thought surely it would be in the transcript.


  6. Sounds to me like the longer we have to wait to tell it all in a court of law, the closer he gets to talking himself into believing he never even called me the “C” word. It must be nice, to just minimize your culpability. I wish my daughter could un-see his hideous face snarling at me. I wish when she closed her eyes she was dreaming of gymnastics and dance class instead of being startled awake night after night reliving the fright he visited onto us that day. But, you know what really pisses me off and hurts more than anything? I wish (especially at ten years old!) she had never heard that word, I wish I wasn’t put in a position where I had to explain that vulgar word to my baby.
    He took part of her innocence away that day. It’s hard not to hate him. It really is. I struggle with it daily.


  7. He really is a stupid chucklehead. I actually snorted while watching that pathetic, pixelated live stream earlier… ugh, and the spittle flying from his bloated lips made me recoil in disgust. Vile.

    I honestly feel for anyone (all of you) who has actually been confronted by that nasty blob trying to pass himself off as a man.

    The blessed frenzy of the past few days has been… bizarre, sad, hilarious… a cacophony of adjectives.

    We’ve seen them do this frenetic dance before. They’ve honed their craft? Wonder what the big reveal will unearth. It’s coming.

    All the supporters- all 5 of them, sending prayers. Silly people, they don’t want prayers, they want money! Liars gonna lie, grifters gonna grift.

    Get a fucking clue, and a job. Every time I think they can’t get any more doltish, any more obtuse, any more fucking idiotic- bam – there it is.

    How’s that popularity working out for ya Mr. Gonna Go Viral?


  8. He really shouldn’t do more videos. That said absolutely nothing that made any sense. What he should do is produce the recordings he alleges to have if he really wants to be taken seriously. They post every other audio/video, why not these? Why are people not asking that? Well, I think some have urged them but they must think they can pacify these people “their following” with promises of doing so with jibberish. Nicole was very ready to share her video of her obviously waiting (yes it’s obvious) for Lisa to leave the Courtroom. She just apparantly didn’t expect the camera to be turned on her for once. I guess they feel as though, after that performance by Nicole, that Joe must be the more likeable/credible one now? I don’t know. That courthouse video sure showed how she was ready and waiting for Lisa and taunting her. Him having to pull her away. So I think they must think him the best candidate to do the videos. Her last one got very few views. But for them to have any credibility, they need to post their audio/video pertaining to the incidents he is trying to explain above. People know that is what they do. So it is logical for people to expect that and lack of providing it has to make their followers say “hmmm”. I would have just posted a video of “crickets”. I didn’t understand one thing. And if anyone else did, then they know a special language I’m not accustomed to.


  9. And thank you Sally. I don’t know how you do it. How many keyboards have you gone through? Joking. I would probably have thrown one or two out the window just trying to decipher this garb.


  10. Whenever Joe says ‘um’ or ‘uh’ a lie is sure to follow. Same thing for sentence fragments.

    Good grief Sally. You have more patience than I do, to transcribe this steaming load. 😉


  11. ” Um, my son is facing two misdemeanor charges, um, one disorderly conduct, I’m not sure what the first one is, it’s hard for me to read the writing, and the third one is a felony 1 endangerment, where he could be facing up to ten years prison.” Joe Naugler

    You aren’t going to say what one of the misdemeanor charges is because “it’s hard for you to read the writing?”
    BS. Tragic but BS.
    I think discussing this publicly is incredibly damaging to your son and all your kids and I really don’t want to know the details but really, “can’t read the writing” or maybe it’s a little too incriminating and you haven’t got the right spin figured out yet.

    I sure hope you can read this. You need to get legal counsel to help your son now, and both you and Nicole need to shut up and forget about trying to turn this into an internet grift. Are you too blind to see you are on the brink of losing everything?


  12. “All the supporters- all 5 of them, sending prayers. Silly people, they don’t want prayers, they want money!”

    I can’t begin to count the many times I have had the vision of Nicole screaming at the screen,”PRAYER! We don’t need your stupid prayers, Bitches…we need your money!”


  13. I really wish they would stop referring to their waste management problem as “composting.” I’ve studied the use of humanure and what the Ns do? It isn’t that.


  14. He’s so full of himself and he’s a con artist. He’s trying to sell you this story right now and thinks if he blabbers on long enough you will buy it. He’s the guy you run into in a store and won’t shut up talking about himself. You keep politely nodding and telling him you have to go and keeps following you around giving his “testimony” and you say nothing but politely nod and try to get away as fast as possible. He will then tell everyone how much you love him and his family, you just said so the other day in the store.


  15. This shit has been going on for a long, long time! If they want to live in this society, they must obey the Laws of the Land! Nicole and Jo want, and they try, IMO, to live as though NONE of our LAWS apply to THEM!!! They are teaching their children, they can do any FUCKING thing they want, and now one of those kid’s alleged actions, has brought him a possible FELONY CHARGE!!! Of course that type of allegation is going to get the attention of CPS! They have to do their job! When this goes to court, if he is found guilty of those charges, you might as well be ready to hand those kids over IMO All of this, and the possibility of Jo’s probation being revoked, and his ass ending up in jail to serve his remaining sentence. Hardin Co is known for jailing people who are in contempt, of their very lenient, imo, court orders! Just think, ALL of this could have been avoided, but she insist on pushing people’s button’s to the point, one of them (Jo) ends up with harassment charges, AND violating a restraining order? Damn IMO they go looking for trouble and by hell, they have found a shit ton of it now!! Now they are trying their best to do damage control, while at the same time, they are making troll pages, to continue their harassment of others! Spin!! Spin!! Spin!! WHAT’S NEXT???


  16. So the news interview backfired and now the world is going to pay. That’s all I see here. The narrative got away on them, the boy is likely to do some time in juvenile, Jabba is going to be in the big house and now what? Panic, blame, freak out, and still, STILL, no one believes its that goddamn Al, Lisa and that “fucking Sally’s blog” that’s responsible for all of this mess. Yup. The innocence really shows when they make these videos, doesn’t it? Rule number 1: you can’t unring a bell, Naugs. You can keep trying but I’m sure the amount of Facebook comments and outrage from your supporters isn’t going to have any impact on court rulings. And, no, you’re not going to “change the system” or “expose the corruption” with these tirades. You know why? Because contrary to your high opinion of yourselves, you really don’t fucking matter in the grand scheme of things. You really don’t matter to anyone but yourselves. To a lot of us here, you’re just a momentary side show.


  17. Off topic, but there is a question I have been dying to ask Nicole and Sally as well. You both have GOT to be getting thousands of blog hits. Why doesn’t Nicole monotize her blog?? She needs gas money right? She could drop Google Adsense right on the side of her website and blog and be getting paid by impressions. She could post her stupid rants and videos on her blog and use her Facebook following to drive more traffic to her site. People are use to seeing advertising everywhere these days. It’s a way for her to make a little extra money without begging for it. It’s stupid simple to do. It does not cost anyone a dime but could put “gas money” in her pocket.
    Sally, I know you don’t need the money, but you could do the same and donate any money you get from it to your charity. Put a disclaimer right on your blog that any money earned goes to the charity. I personally would not care if there were a few ads on your site. I would still come here and read it and I think everyone else would to. To me it’s just opportunity for you to do even more good and for Nicole to earn some extra income to support all those children. Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents for whatever it’s worth.
    P.S. I am on pins and needles waiting for shit to hit the fan. We all feel it coming. Something is definitely up. No clue what but the effort to spiny spin spin is happening for a reason and it ain’t even a full moon.
    P.P.S @Al and @Viv I enjoyed listening to you guys on the pod cast. You both come across as good, decent and genuine people. Wishing you the best.

    One more thing….. My best friends husband, whose name happens to be Joe is a dead ringer for Joe N. I mean, they could be long lost twins. There voices even sound the same. It’s creepy as F!


  18. Do they not “get” that by just coming forth with the truth might cause their followers to better respect them for doing so? If they continue to claim their complete innocence in all of it, their supporters are going to continue to drift away. Or just roll their eyes and say “we’ll pray for you”. They went to Church from what I’ve read. Haven’t they seen how everyone flocks to those who turn over a new leaf, ask forgiveness for their actions. I mean, even if they weren’t sincere- their followers wouldn’t know. They would just pat them on the back for being so brace for coming clean and forgive them and pray more. Probably hit that paypal button more. They could pull off the acting sincere part in my opy. After all, a great deal of their followers sound like devout Christians.


  19. Brave not brace. Love how my phone auto corrects. And it had to be my phone. ? Off topic, does anyone else think Nicole would stand a good chance of being a lifetime movie actress, except it wouldn’t be acting. The way those emotions can turn on a dime. Not the Valentine’s Day, mushy lifetime movies but- you know the other ones. They are already famous anyway.


  20. All of this is their “new angle”, that’s why they will keep this going. The my family is being harassed and stalked, this way any new supporters will be conned into giving them money, which is what they want really. They know they are not really in danger except from themselves!


  21. I’m just mulling here and don’t mean to step on toes but I suspect I will as I blunder about with this thought: do you think that the rise of what I think of “prosperity gospel” has made it easier for people like Joe and Nicole to ask for and be given so much money?


  22. ” She just apparantly didn’t expect the camera to be turned on her for once.”

    Nor did they expect Lisa to approach a LEO at the courthouse to ask that they be permitted to leave without further interaction. I bet that is what got Joe to grab Nicole and haul her off. Joe’s nowhere near as cunning as Nicole, but even he had to realize that getting caught up in a scene (or arrested) while IN a courthouse wouldn’t look good for HIM.


  23. Sally, I know you don’t need the money, but you could do the same and donate any money you get from it to your charity.

    I could. I considered it. I decided in the end that it was better to simply advertise the Ranch and let folks donate if they wish. Speaking of that, an easy way to donate to them endlessly is via Amazon Smile. It’s not much money that goes to them, but done over time it adds up. And I got a note from Tracy Powell the other day (she’s the contact person at the Ranch) telling me that they’ve gotten donations directly that were marked “because of Sally’s blog” or words to that effect. She and I did a little happy dance.


  24. Sally,
    I, too, thank you for transcribing the awful J video. What is with those two who are trying to convince everyone that they are the victims, yet they start a sentence, say um, start another sentence, say um, then jump to how awful someone is and they promise all this proof that is only proof to them. When N posted the video of her children being removed, it supported the sheriff and not her and certainly not J. The video outside of court doesn’t support her. It proves she waited on folks to come out so she could video them and agitate them. But their poor rhetorical skills are not what bothers me; I’m bothered by the “livestock gets out.”

    Yes, livestock gets out, but, usually, people who own livestock find the corruption in their fencing and they fix it. N and J, on the other hand, say the fence needs work but there are no attempts to work on that fence. They both know that there have been problems with their animals in the past and that the neighbors are not down with goats, chickens, dogs, etc. running amok. So, common sense would prevail: they got pissed about the goats; we had to go to court; Imma gonna keep this fence sound so the horse doesn’t get out and wonder onto the neighbors’ property. But the kicker is that they rationalize that livestock gets out so deal. She claims without pictures that she saw a horse out recently and stopped at the first house and it was home of the horse; likewise, she says an amish man came by looking for his horse. Her argument to support her negligence in animal upkeep is that other folks’ animals get out yet we are the only one who the neighbors report. It’s like saying, well, others steal from walmart and are not caught so it’s okay for me to steal. But the real problem with J and N’s arguments is that they try to support their claims, claims, by the way, that we are never really clear on, by attacking others. The horse got out but…..he had a gun….his daughter cursed at us….other’s horses get out. I believe their basic premise is that they are being singled out and held to different standards than other folks in the area. But, in trying to support their claim, they attack the character of the sheriff by posting his drinking problem, the character of another policemen who was asked to resign. They attack the character of those who accuse them. Here’s a good lesson for you Joe and you Nicole: when you practice the art of rhetoric, you must remove the fallacies. Look up argumentative fallacies and learn what weakens your argument. If the only proof you have for your argument is by using fallacies, you don’t have a leg to stand on. You cannot go to court and say, yes, our horse got out but you can look in the paper and see other folks’ horses get out; that will not help your case. You either prove that your horse doesn’t get out, which seems to be impossible, or you take pictures of the new fence with an apology to those involved. You don’t attack the victims…those whose land was trodden by the horse.

    Also, you might stop for a minute and think of what could happen. A few years ago, a young couple were driving down the highway and a very large horse bolted across the road and it reared up somehow its legs and body entered the windshield and killed the woman. The horse had to be shot and the owner of the horse faced some serious charges because the man had been reported over and over for the horse jumping the fence and getting into folks gardens, orchards, even onto the highway and the man did nothing to stop the problem. J and N ought to be happy that the horse hasn’t caused a wreck or worse and instead of seeing the neighbors’ fair complaints as a chance to show the police and the neighbors that they are compliant, they take the horse back to its sad little pen without improvements in care or improvements in the fence structure and then they attack the police, the complainants, the DA, the judge, the town’s folk….wow.


  25. I read this little diddy on Joe’s vlog and did the side-eye thing! Eulanda Hibler never disappoints with her off-the-wall comments! Oh, are a special kind of special!

    Eulanda Hibler · 0:35 So sick..I’m a parent against child abuse


  26. So NCN posted a pic;

    Sovereign Citizen crap. Nicole buys it all. She and Joe are on the Kane road.


  27. Does anyone know how much money YouTube pays for views.
    I know people who have hits in the millions can make millions.
    I am curious as to how much money they get for hits in the 1,000’s.
    I would rather read Sally’s post on a video then give them 2 cents for watching their videos.


  28. You can not use fencing that is meant to keep children in or out or an area for horse fencing.

    The fencing that was ordered be put up around the pond by CPS is not there any more. Also to note they moved the garden shed by the pond from the previous location that was close to the road and a good distance from the pond. WTF is CPS not on this? Maybe they have bigger fish to fry with the Nogs!

    Okay back to horse fencing. If you look at old media pictures/vidoes you will see the rolls of fencing they had (nothing more than thin wire child proofing/garden fencing). You look at the picture she put up of the horse you will see the same thin fencing only in a worse state and needing repair or replacement. You can not zip tie fencing together and expect it to stay together to corral a horse. Zip tying fencing for a horse is as stupid as zip tying a broken gun together then letting kids shoot it. Both activities show the stupidity of ignorant people.

    The horse is getting out cause of piss poor broken light weight fencing. The fencing also sags so much it would not take much effort for the horse to step over it.

    Again they gave not done research on how to care for the animal. They = the parents as they are the ones that legally own the horse and are responsible for it. So if anything devastating happens to the horse two living beings will pay the price for the ignorant stupidity lazy ass parents = the horse and the daughter.

    The parents need to teach daughter how to walk the fence line DAILY or more often since they are using shitty fencing and look for loose or broken spots. She needs to know how to repair them and NOT with zip ties. Using zip ties on fencing for horses is kind of like using a condom with the tip cut off for safe sex. They need to use livestock grade fencing and minimum 4 feet high. Also need adequate number of posts so they are not too far apart to keep fencing taunt and prevent sagging.

    Daughter A should sell her art work for new fencing screw the gas money.


  29. I don’t think they’re getting anything from their YouTube vids. They don’t have advertising on them (do they?) Like AdSense, it’s miniscule. You don’t make money unless you have scads of views. More than the Ns can conjure up.


  30. The fencing that was ordered be put up around the pond by CPS is not there any more.

    I think that is a moot issue now because they lived in a building with four walls. Typically, out in the country, ponds do not require fencing.


  31. I wonder if the Nag parents even realize how much easier their life would be if they had a good relationship with their neighbors…

    I’ve been sick since around Thanksgiving, but this week I’m really bad. I just have to hold on until Valentine’s Day, and the organ causing all the trouble will be removed. Thanks to my neighbors, my kids have had an awesome week and maintained their lessons despite me being useless. One neighbor took my middle son to and from school most of the week. The neighbor who teaches my homeschool kids Spanish kept my youngest for 3 days straight and gave him a Spanish immersion review of all his subjects. Another neighbor came over to supervise my oldest son while he used power tools and taught him a few new techniques. I didn’t have to worry about dinner most of the week because of all the soup people brought over. Hell, one neighbor brought me pot (not the neighbor I expected either) and I’m a bit upset that I declined. Stupid laws. 🙁

    How many neighbors would help them move for FREE if they were just nice? I lost track how how much gas I’ve used in exchange for pizza over the years.

    My oldest son has had 2 encounters with police due to them thinking he’s skipping school and very few people know they happened. He only got stopped and questioned, but it’s not right for any parent to publicize their kids’ legal issues. I have no idea what might be held against him later in life. I did bitch to a few friends IRL about how rude one of the cops were, but never online where it could be recorded forever. I highly doubt anyone could connect this post to my son, so it’s safe.


  32. He thinks we are stupid, better yet, he thinks he is smart.

    They are jokes. The faithful followers few. The rubber neckers just watch them crash and burn streaming on their cell phones. Welcome to the new world order of entertainment. Go viral. Become a laughing stock without realizing it. Think you’re special, because of a few likes on social media.


  33. Wait, are they really truly moving? And they don’t have money for gas, for this move? How are they proposing to pay rent/mortgage/camping fees on this new place, if they don’t have gas money? Come to that, I thought they didn’t even have a vehicle that would hold everybody anymore.

    And, yes. If they hadn’t promptly alienated their neighbors, then that list I keep posting of stuff they could have right now with only one change in their circumstances (if Joe could actually work, just not at a job) would be longer. Raise a pig on kitchen and garden scraps (this assumes a working garden) and trade meat for freezer space. Shoot their bag limit of deer, ditto. Trade firewood, because 20+ acres of trees hello, for lessons for the kids. Get the kids their first jobs working for the neighbors.


  34. Not to mention that blabbering on publicly about your kid’s trial could totally jeopardize the outcome.


  35. “Composting system” Joe? You shit in a bucket and then had your son carry your shit. The untreated crap then got dumped on the bare ground. How is that a system? You and Nicole referred everyone to the Humanure Handbook, but just dumping raw waste on the ground is a far cry from the system described in book. Not only was what you did horribly gross, but untreated human shit has a high likelihood of making people ill if it gets into surface, or ground water you moron!


  36. I’ve been pondering the purpose of this video. To try their son’s case in the court of public opinion? Not happening, and I suspect that their blathering has made things worse for Q. Maybe hide behind “they did it, too” in regards to loose animals? Nope, that is never a defense and J is on probation so he should know better. A beg a thon? Perhaps. But I think they are more likely to get donations if, for the love of God, they STOP with the stupid videos already! I know I can’t stand to watch them. Thanks, Sally, for taking one for the team and transcribing them!


  37. Looks like Jacob’s job to raise money for gas is to sell the wood stove and passenger van. Is this the van that was gifted to them?

    [Admin: I’m not comfortable linking to Jacob’s FB page. He’s not in this. He hasn’t participated since way back in the beginning, and even though he’s an adult, and I don’t mind using his name, I still don’t want to send people to his FB page. ]


  38. I too, like several others have mentioned, think the pot is boiling and something big and nasty is about to take place. Why else would Joe take the microphone from Nicole at this stage of the game? Does he feel she is misrepresenting the ole’ sted? Is she out of control? Are they watching support wane under Nicole’s control of the machine?

    More videos from Joe. Oh Joy. That ought to rake in some donations dollars.


  39. He says they have lived on the property for “years”. Where are the improvements? Have any trees been plant? Fruit, nut trees? Has he even managed the trees he has? Had either of them taken any extension courses? No. instead of making the land (as poor as it is) work for them, they are busy on FB, and making damn bows for dogs that nobody wants. Lazy asses.

    It is work having property. You’re always thinking & talking about improving it. We have a few rental houses & a cabin in the Russian River area, near our family ranch. We have redwoods & vineyards on both the cabin & ranch. We’ve have had a few years back in the day which were very rough financially. However, we listened to the folks around us. We found during the rough years we could sell a few trees to pay the taxes. It wasn’t easy picking out the trees, but it had to be done a few years in a row. We also have creeks & the river to deal with, along with ponds. We live in the Bay Area & go to the cabin & ranch every chance we get. Right now we are on our way home from checking on the flooding. All the way home (a two hour drive) we have been talking about the improvements we want to make. Plans that actually get done. I just don’t understand these two. They rather fight & battle on FB. We have 9 children & never, not once has CPS been called. Not once. Why is that Nicole?


  40. Maybe they already moved and Jacob is in charge of clearing off what they didn’t take? One of Nicole’s fans made a comment on BLH about how she was glad they had already moved so they would be safer. She later deleted that comment.

    I wish they would disappear from the public eye and take care of their family.


  41. Speaking of inappropriate waste management, grifting, and not knowing when to STFU, some of the Bundy Ranch/Malheur standoff fools have court on Monday.


  42. You mean the ones who valiantly defended the public’s right to use public lands by occupying public lands and denying the public the ability to use them? And messed around with valuable tribal artifacts that were being stored in climate controlled conditions? And dug poopholes on land that is being conserved primarily because the water table is so high that it makes excellent habitat for species of birds that were almost exterminated for the hat trade before the mean ol’ federal gummint stepped in and protected them from the invisible hand of the market?


  43. Not aiming this at you, BTW. I just remember watching it all unfold and thinking, “They’re pig-ignorant and proud of it and they feel confident in shoving themselves in where they’re not wanted because they have guns. Why is anybody giving these yahoos a platform to speak on? They’re just greedy bullies who don’t want to pay taxes.”


  44. Sovereign Citizen crap. Nicole buys it all. She and Joe are on the Kane road.

    Wait. So is that why she wouldn’t get her kids birth certificates? So the government couldn’t create corporations in their names, recognizable only by their use of capital letters? wtf. The crazy is strong in this one…

    So if she truly believes all this crap why don’t she talk about it on the homestead page. Worried she will alienate potential money bags?


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