Live Shit

Nope, I don’t have anything except my first reactions.

1.  First, no more kids, maybe, unless “God” wills it.  I hope “God” has something else to do than go around willing shit.

2. They’re gonna turn the shitstead into a trust.  Seriously. Joe said that with a straight face.  I wonder if that will be before or after they build some steps and learn to grow a teensy weensy garden.

3. Was Joe high?

4. In case Joe and Nicole don’t understand (and they clearly don’t understand), these are my opinions about their very public live broadcast which they invited the public to attend.

5. Holy fucking shit.

6. I’m quite sure that the family court in Breckinridge County will love to find out that Nicole is closing the Naugler case by simply refusing to participate any more. I suggest that she continue that tactic.

6. Holy, holy, fucking shit.

7. I know I’m not SheerLuck.  I hope that she decides to grace us with a summary because I can’t even.

8. Does Joe absolutely love being on camera or what?

9.  Did I say “holy fucking shit” yet?


66 thoughts on “Live Shit”

  1. I hope I can get through it. I didn’t listen live because I’m putting my music video together but from the looks of things it sounds like there is lots there to be spun SheerLuck style! 🙂


  2. “They’re gonna turn the shitstead into a trust.”

    Well, sounds like someone has finally figured out that they should be writing a will. As for transferring the property into a trust, they need to have the deed to the land.

    I wonder who they are going to find to be the trustee?

    The trustee of a trust makes all of the decisions for the trust and maintains complete control over all property placed in the trust. Control over living trust assets is accomplished by appointing yourself the “trustee”. You will also appoint a successor trustee, who, upon your demise, will distribute the property in your living trust as specified, without probate. The role of a successor trustee is to assume the duties of the trustee when a predetermined event such as incapacity, disability or death occurs. In the event of incapacity or disability, other documents such as a living will, health care proxy and power of attorney will be needed.

    Trustees have a lot of responsibilities to the trust and the parties. Better read up.


  3. Your commentary on today’s proceeding seems spot on to the reaction of many, if not most, viewers. Thank you for your brilliant summary, and I look forward to reading SheerLuck’s take on the madness.


  4. I wonder who they are going to find to be the trustee?

    The whole idea is so silly I burst out laughing. Who do they think they are kidding?


  5. I’m looking forward to the podcast tonight! Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to log into the chat room.

    Sheerluck, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!


  6. The whole entire thing was to say thank you to those who were easily conned and give it another go to see how much more they could milk out of their followers. Throw in a fake cry on the first couple attempts and some sniffling while the camera was on the prophet and maybe a few more hundred dollars for ????? Idk loss of work that she planned for but yet went back sooner than planned, gas money, medical bills that they may or may not have insurance for (depending on who you ask), or the real reason which would be to put the finishing touches on their sheds. Anybody who has been around these type of people can easily crack their bs.


  7. Oh hell! I wasn’t going to watch but reading your comments now I must go watch.

    A trust? More fucking plans that will never come to fruition. Oh and we have doctors to make sure no babies come. Joe just needs a little snip snip and a bag of frozen pees. I’m sure Nicole with her vast medical knowledge could find a video on how to do it at home.


  8. Geez, I’m almost sorry (not really) I spent the day out of the house with my family and missed all the fun. I’ll have to wait till I’m home to view it since I’m not wasting my limited cell data on naugler videos ( stuck in the back of the van with a sleeping kid on my shoulder atm).


  9. She is so very yellow. Is that a liver thing?

    Does she do that on purpose, putting only half of Joe in the frame?

    Opinion: Joe seemed stoned. Just laughing at bizarre and inappropriate times.

    Joe and Nicole, thanks. This “off for the summer teacher” appreciates the free entertainment you two provide to the public.


  10. #1. Shouldn’t they snip him on the homestead? I thought they took care of their own medical care. Child gets burned put a band-aid on it, kids are sick throw them outside on dirty blankets, no more kids simply whip it out on the table and start snipping. Just a thought for consistency’s sake.


  11. INTIMATE…….I hate that word now.

    Was he trying to keep from puking as he was talking? Did he have indigestion?


  12. Wow. N looks rough. J looks like a scalded cat. She’s clearly still pretty broken. The way they interact with each other has changed completely. They used to frame the videos differently. Almost like the whole thing was a fun game. I wonder how their marriage is holding up? Even a really great marriage suffers some when tragedy strikes. Their marriage never seemed like a partnership to begin with, so I can’t imagine it’s faring well now.

    Sad but inevitable.


  13. ” he looked alive” 0-o WHAT! “???? No, just no. She looks awful. They really dont seem too grieve stricken.


  14. Your take was still funny as hell, Sally. The last few minutes got really weird…a trust?…bwahaha!


  15. The video seems like an attempt to resurrect the gofundme and as well as simultaneously apologize for and justify its existence. The way they talk about it makes it clear that *they* started it, not their son.


  16. I listened to most of it, although I skipped a few bits here and there. I laughed when Joe was rambling on about the economy and money being right and that’s why they needed help with the gofundmes. You know what helps when money is tight? Working a fucking job. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t work. I understand staying home raising kids is a wonderful thing. But if my kids didn’t have fucking beds or we couldn’t provide their basic needs I’d get a job.

    So please stop the rambling about finances and the economy. You don’t do shit to improve your situation. So shut up.


  17. Damn, I missed all the fun. They can get condoms free at Planned Parenthood, that might be God’s will.
    Joe probably was stoned. He’s always stoned, isn’t he?
    What exactly, do they have to put in a trust? Do they have savings left over from the initial 45K, or did they blow it all? AFAIK you can’t put kids in a trust? I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, so I’ll leave that questions to my peers on this board who put up with contract law their first year and survived.
    I’m sure CPS will have a little input in their case. Do they really want to keep the lost children or not?


  18. Let’s see.

    Joe wants to set up a trust for the shitstead. With a board of directors. So that people can go there and learn.

    Joe loves nurses. So much so that he wants to send someone to nursing school.

    Trolls are bad.

    Nicole still despises the Sheriff and is still whining about their children being taken. No one in law enforcement will do anything for them. And they record everything.

    Taxes are bad (involuntary) but GFM is good (voluntary).

    The shop is now sustaining the ‘stead, but they appreciate the donations.

    They have a doctor. Actually referred to as “our doctor”.

    Joe likes weed.

    The CPS worker wants to be their friend. But can’t be for two years.

    Nicole tears up on cue.

    It is beyond ridiculous that the Judge in their family court case would suggest that Joe should be drug tested regularly, that the children should see a dentist, and that they should have an educational plan.

    Nicole is going to close their family court case. By not participating. She’s done.


  19. I’m sure Nicole with her vast medical knowledge could find a video on how to do it at home.

    Shit, all they need to find is a pig farmer. I bet he’d do it for $10.


  20. I wasnt going to watch this trainwreck but I am rethinking that decision….

    It’s one of their better efforts. And by better, I mean hilarious.


  21. They’re establishing a trust to sustain the homestead in perpetuity, so that, God forbid, no one ever acquires it and builds actual homes there. Never mind that just a few months ago they were desperately trying to move away from the homestead to escape the terror of their internet enemies. They’re also establishing a scholarship fund for student nurses, while simultaneously declaring formal education to be unnecessary for their own children.

    No mention, though, of stairs for the shed.

    I’m relieved to hear that the children are thriving, according to the cashier at the Dollar Tree. Nicole should have gotten her on record for the CPS case before she made up her “deadline” and refused to participate in it any longer. That’s going to go over beautifully with the court, I’m sure.


  22. So, they do realize that all they need to do is have the doctor summarize for the court that referrals were requested and denied for lack of “need”? Why always with the runaround? I realize that they are the King and Queen of “muh rights”, but for heaven’s sake, finish the case plan and be released! Methinks they doth protest too much, and there must be a ton more recommendations, etc. Sigh, same song different day. Notice how broken they seemed, until the subject of trolls came up? Lit her up, impassioned them both. Sometimes I wonder if they could rewind time, change some of their heinous behaviors and reactions to doubters and critics, they would. Watching this leads me to believe that no, they probably would ramp it up worse. I’ve never actually believed that they loved the attention that much, but Debra is correct in her publicity comment. These people, while surely grieving a lot, just can’t help themselves. If I hadn’t obsessively been following them since the beginning I wouldn’t realize from this video just how horrific they are. I do think she looks a bit defeated, however I feel that it is because of her choices. I’m beginning to understand the meaning of the long game comments I’ve seen posted. How is not working your case plan working for you Nichole?

    Side note, the empasis by child that he was paid all 53 cents was telling. I think Joe should have kept that to himself. Wow.


  23. She is so very yellow. Is that a liver thing?

    Yes.* I agree she looks incredibly unhealthy and has for a while.

    *not a nurse, nor do I play one on the internet. I have a genetic issue involving the liver and have to look out for yellowing.

    From around 28 minute mark:

    Nicole is still able to have children. Umm, all that down there is still in working order, we will not be having any more children…. If God throws one in there.

    What? Uterus’ aren’t baseball diamonds. Or any other sports arena.
    Around 33 minutes:

    Which leads us to the next topic, our family court case. As far as I’m concerned, I’m no longer participating in any of that stuff.

    Pretty sure court isn’t like elections. Participating is a given, unless you want to be held in contempt.
    Holy word salad batman! Profit’s jumps topics mid sentence. How can he claim to be a well spoken, I have to assume human being, when he can’t even finish a thought. This screams shy narcissist.* If indeed he is one, this is an incredibly unhealthy environment for anyone.

    *Not an official diagnosis. I am not a Psychiatrist, natural or otherwise. I’ve just had to deal with many cluster B persons in my life.

    There was also something about removing children from abusive homes is more abusive than the parent(s) actions. In the short term, that might be an argument. Long term, definitely not. It’s healthier for the child(ren) to be removed and given access to aid in order to form healthy boundaries.
    Sally, I hope this isn’t too snarky. Gin and tonic were required for getting through this diatribe of insanity.


  24. Nursing school? Board of directors?? Trust? Couldn’t get the CPS approved doctor to refer them to the CPS ordered specialist?

    I need to start day drinking, that was a hell of a video to watch my first day off the pain drugs.


  25. I wonder if they are stating they are putting the shitstead into a family trust so they are not listed as owners, thereby protecting it from being taken if they are sued. In a trust, Joe and Nicole do not personally own the land, the trust owns it.


  26. Joe can read sonograms. He has that skill. LOL. Hell, the Cleveland Clinic would probably routinely call him to consult if he wasn’t off-grid. A calling missed…

    When Joe went on the ramble about an outpouring of support from everyone….his thousands of friends…their extensive ties to the community….etc…etc…

    I couldn’t help but wonder why they were so dead broke that even with a GoFundMe…they had to send Nicole back to work dangerously early. I kinda doubt those many implied invisible donations were pouring in if they were shipping mom back to the dog wash at breakneck speed. There sure as hell weren’t many donations made publicly.

    Here’s the thing about the pot:

    Damned few people care if anyone smokes a little pot. What they care about, and are PISSED about….is when people smoke pot while they’re supposed to be educating and supervising ten kids. THAT’S the issue, Joe, you clueless joke. No one cares how “intimate” you want to be with your pot…as long as you’re not endangering and neglecting the kids…WHICH YOU ARE WHEN YOU ARE IMPAIRED DUMBASS.

    Also, pot’s a luxury. You don’t buy pot when you’re putting out your hand and begging other people to fork over their money and carry your ass, it’s clueless as to being vegetative.

    Bottom line…if they weren’t VERY worried about money, Nicole wouldn’t be working. She looks like she got hit by a truck. I find her an utterly repugnant twat….but I still would rather she not die from her own ignorance. Nicole….fuck working. Go home and rest. You’re going to hurt yourself and end up back in the hospital. Are you going to your follow up appointments? Are you eating iron rich foods and getting enough calcium? Are you getting the infections in your mouth treated and bad roots removed? You NEED to do this shit. You need to slow the fuck down and heal.

    And Joe? You pointless Motherfucker? If you have an ounce of decency, you’ll go have a vasectomy immediately.

    Older kids? If you don’t want your mother to die and leave you to care for all the little kids, the next time your dumb assed father climbs on her, whack him in the head with a 2 x 4 and whack his balls with a brick. Hard. He’s going to kill her.

    We know you’re aware of when they do it……and we’re so damned sorry you have to endure that.


  27. My takeaways:
    Nurses have to have a degree. They don’t learn on the job.
    Apparently JN has been getting high a lot more since they are requiring more drug testing.
    Intimate is now my least favorite word in the English language.
    And if NN could please learn the difference between Medicare & Medicaid that would be great.
    I guess it will be like libel & slander, the two words are interchangeable.


  28. There was also something about removing children from abusive homes is more abusive than the parent(s) actions. In the short term, that might be an argument.

    There really is evidence that suggests that children are better off left in neglectful and even abusive environments (unless there is a real threat to their lives – like being chained in a closet or something), that the trauma of being removed from their homes and going into foster care can be worse.

    How credible that evidence is, well, I don’t know. I’m not by any means qualified to know, but I do know that Nicole isn’t basing that claim on nothing.


  29. I wonder if they are stating they are putting the shitstead into a family trust

    No. They aren’t doing anything. They are just blathering.

    In order to put real estate in a trust, you have to actually hold the title to the real estate. They do not.

    And no, a revocable living trust does not protect the assets in it from lawsuits.


  30. What a great idea!
    Joe and Nicole are going to turn the BLH into a “trust” and teach people every thing they have learned about homesteading.

    I see classrooms set up by the pond.
    I could help with synopsis and hand outs, because of all the classes I’ve taught in my life…and are still teaching.

    Following classes will be offered and the only requirement will be notarized results from an accepted IQ test showing scores below 60.

    A tour of our gardening spots will be given by our head gardener.

    Buckets will be supplied and on sale after class.

    This class will include the fine art of sticking cans on limbs of bushes, the random placement of dirty white buckets, rusting wheel barrows, tires, nice bits of trash, sticks, building bricks. What ever we can find laying about. Cost of class will include supplies.

    This is a short class and can be fit in with our other classes if requested ahead of time.

    This class can be added onto the bicycle building class.
    Joe will be teaching this class as he has a degree from the internet.

    The rifle will then be shot.
    One lucky child will be allowed to shoot a pet goat in the head while another of the children holds the goat steady.
    The age limit on this class is from two years old to whatever.
    Safety will then be taught as children will learn to run drop and cover when ever gun shot is heard.

    Bring your own fishing line and dirty sleeping bags.

    Cooking with toads, turtles, old pet goats, and contents of dented cans.
    You will become proficient in using rusty dirty iron ware.
    You will learn to properly divide the pile of cooked stuff into 13 portions with one portion five time bigger than the other twelve (this will be included in the math section of our unschooling lessons)
    Photo op at end of class.

    Children will instruct on where to dump the white buckets

    How to be off grid while using cell phones, iPads, iPhones, and where to pick up the best signals.
    How to use a gas generator so that you can be off grid.
    Instruction will be given on where to get the best label free cans, best fast food, best grocery stores for semi-fresh stuff that didn’t grow in the garden.
    Where to get the cheapest bit of meat to add to dishes used in photo opportunities.

    Joe will demonstrate how to use moldy out of date books, Utube and movies.
    While parents are attending this class, the children will learn how to take care of each other and it is recommended they all attend the cooking class.
    Children will also learn to build a bicycle out of rusting bicycle parts.
    Bicycle safety and road rules will not be taught.
    A road trip to the local grocery store will be made by each child who actually builds a bike. Each child will transport one gallon of gasoline back to BLH before his or her certificate of accomplishment is signed.

    This class will be taught by the master Joe.
    It is designed to teach small children to suck up the pain when he elbows them and takes them to the ground.
    Attendee bows will be given at the end of class to each child who survives.

    How to kill a rabbit, chop off its paws and dye them for nifty key rings.
    Rabbit may be given to which ever dog that is still alive.

    Bring your own paper and pencil.
    Class will include..
    How to avoid bills by saying you don’t believe in government aide so that hard working people that you’ve” fallen in love with” can go suck.(very runalong class)
    How to pretend not to beg, by using paypal, go fundme… and accepting money from kind hearted people who are still in the dark as to what you really are.
    How to use you older children as slave labor in order to make more money and make it look like unschooling.
    A spread sheet will be handed out to illustrate how much the children are paid, and how much an adult being paid the going wage would make and the resulting savings by not hiring trained adult personnel. Another runalong class.
    Nicole’s technique of instant tears will be taught in another class next week
    How to use Bit Coin will not be taught.

    You will discover in this class how to beautify ponds with floating debris, and how to grow a good crop of suffocating algae by introducing feces and urine from the barely live stock and assorted childen. Small boys will be invited to pee in the pond and wade in to catch a slimy toad.

    there will be no photography class due as Nicole would have to share her trade secrets of proper angles, lighting and which photoshop type app is used.
    No cameras, phone or pads with cameras will be allowed on the Naugler property.

    CPS 101
    How to make good friends with the CPS inspector so she always gives good reports. It’s important to later say that on a video so her job is jeopardized…

    Class will be taught by the certified Naugler on the job nurses.












  31. Can we talk about how blasé they were about the judge ordering them to take the kids to the dentist? These are young children with cavities in baby teeth. A judge shouldn’t need to tell parents their kids need to go to the dentist. Just because something isn’t the law doesn’t mean a parent doesn’t need to do it. Just that little bit from Nicole screams neglect to me.

    And as for specialists, since the Nauglers claim they do not have insurance they should be able to schedule appointments with specialists. Specialists usually only need referrals for insurance purposes. If you are paying out of pocket, they’ll take you, you just need to pay them. We’ve seen the evidence of speech delays in at least one child. And no I am not an expert, I just have two children that had speech delays. We had years of speech therapy appointments.


  32. One last thing. This is for Nicole. I just want to make sure she is aware of what her children will need if they plan on attending college.

    They will need transcripts, yes you create them yourselves but we were also required to give proof that the children were legally homeschooled. That meant also giving them the paperwork from the state showing the child(ren) were legally homeschooled. I know folks that didn’t have that information and their children had to get GEDs before applying for college. It wasn’t an issue here.

    Then they will need to take the SAT or ACT or if they plan on doing community college they will need to take the accuplacer exams. If they go the community college route and take the accuplacer they will have to test into college level classes. If they cannot place into college level courses they will need to take remedial classes which will not count towards any degree or certificate.

    Colleges will not just take your word that your kids are brilliant. They will need actual proof. And knowing basic math won’t cut it.

    Oh and they will also need birth certificates and SS cards, plus picture ID.

    So it’s not just a simple thing to walk into a university or even a community college and have your kid take classes. I know Nicole likes to make it sound like it’s super easy for homeschoolers to get into college but they need the same proof that any other student needs. I’d hate for the kids to get their hopes up only to have them dashed when they realize it takes work to get into college.


  33. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly almost an hour! I don’t think I can do it.


  34. I’ve noticed both Joe and Nicole sort of bragging about Jacob’s job as a garbage collector being one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s honest work, and I give him big credit for doing a difficult and YES, very dangerous job.

    My problem lies with Joe and Nicole selling Unschooling as the most effective wonderful education system possible. I recall them saying, “Our children will be your children’s bosses.”

    What have the results been so far? A teen pregnancy and a young man doing extremely dangerous, difficult, offputting unskilled work. I can’t imagine coming home to a young wife and baby…with no shower or bath. It’s a process to even make a little hot water to wash up with in a pan.

    Trash odors are bad and they’re stubborn to get out. Of your clothes, your hair, your skin. You’ve got everything from decomposing flesh (spoiled meat), to diapers, to spoiled produce, to cat box clumps, to God knows what else.

    A high percentage of waste workers get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. They can contract it from working with so many sharp objects and human waste. Adult diapers, bloody nose tissues, feminine hygiene products, old bandages….can all be hepatitis risks if you happen to cut yourself that day. They get besieged with tissues from flu, rodent feces borne pathogens, and a host of other nasties. Jacob…for fuck’s sake…talk to your doctor about what you should be vaccinated against.

    Not only do oncoming cars routinely strike and sometimes kill trash collectors, the trash itself can fall back on you and hurt you, objects pop loose while being crushed, loose dogs can be a problem, unhappy wildlife still snacking when you arrive to take their meal. Bad weather just makes all of this worse. Working in the dark. Working on icy surfaces. Try standing exposed on the back of a garbage truck when it loses traction up an icy hill and starts to slide backward, or into traffic.

    It’s a young man’s job. By the time you’ve put in ten years or so, you’ve busted yourself up pretty good. Shoulder problems, hip problems, knee problems, back problems, hernias, foreign bodies in your eyes, crushed fingers, torn tendons and ligaments, years of breathing exhaust and scrubbing potentially toxic sludge off your skin at the end of the day starts to worry you. So you come to the end of your physical ability for the task…and what do you have as a back up? What else can you do but continue and bust yourself up even worse?

    You’d better like maggots and you’d better have a strong stomach. You go nose blind to how bad you smell, how bad your car smells for the drive home, how bad your clothes smell if they’ve had to sit in a bin for a couple days waiting to go to the laundry mat.

    It’s not an easy profession.

    While I understand the Naugs taking pride in Jacob’s willingness to care for his young family…….I can’t imagine being proud of having delivered him into such a tough dangerous life. I can’t imagine being proud of a teen pregnancy. While I don’t look down on the kids in any way, I feel like they could have had it so much easier if people gave them better advice. Why are these parents happy about inflicting this level of difficulty?

    At the end of the day, what’s wrong with getting an education, working hard for a degree, finding gainful employment, and approaching child rearing after you’ve established yourself and given your marriage time to mature? Join the military. Go to trade school. Something marketable that you can still do when your body starts to wear out.

    I believe in making the best of a tough situation….but why do everything possible to make your children’s futures hard and dangerous?

    I don’t get it. I never will.


  35. That video was difficult to get through – a study in the art of mansplaining…

    Also, for fuck’s sake:



  36. She looks very unwell and they both look stoned. Glad she’s taking the medication she was prescribed and hiding it from Joe. However, years of neglecting her health and her mouth are catching up with her. Excuse me, they caught up with her just over two weeks ago. What’s the matter, Jabba Joe? Your medical training failed your wife and child? You say you can read fetal EKG’s, well, that’s awesome. Exactly where are you going to get the equipment to monitor your wife and your future offspring?

    How is a fetal echocardiogram done?
    The test is typically performed by a specially trained ultrasound sonographer and the images are interpreted by a pediatric cardiologist who specializes in fetal congenital heart disease. Some maternal-fetal medicine specialists (perinatologist) also perform fetal echocardiograms. A limited evaluation of the fetal heart is possible during regular obstetric scanning and is appropriate for women at low risk. However, women who have one of the risk factors listed above should have a detailed fetal echocardiogram performed by a physician who is specially trained in fetal cardiac evaluation.

    Vasectomies are great, but sometime they fail. Orchiectomy is the only way to be certain. Please, do try this at home!

    Nurses are NOT trained “on the job”, Joe. They require someone to go get training at an accredited school, passing all relevant coursework and passing the relevant examination. Plus you need to be licensed by the state. <—– Read this carefully Joe. I don't care if your lips move while you do so.

    Nicole, no one made fun of your baby's death. Your critics are almost universally appalled that you were so arrogant and ignorant that you refused to heed all the warning signs that you were not looking well and in turn, your baby wasn't going to fare well.

    Dysfunction – The only consistent feature of all your dissatisfying relationships is you.

    Here's one just for Joe! More can be found at

    Get to Work – You aren't being paid to believe in the power of your dreams

    Joe, that means fixing things, starting and caring for a garden, putting up produce for future use, educating your family and getting a job that pays money to take some of the pressure off of your wife. Work nights.


  37. My internet connection is awful this morning so I was not able to watch much of the video . But going off these comments it would seem N and J have finally lost their last marble . First of all, No more babies unless God wills it ?
    First of all most would take the death of their infant as sign her reproductive days should be over at the age of 42 . And second she/they do realize in order to prevent pregnancy she needs to be and stay on some form of birth control until menopause right?

    Second , as far as her/them not participating in the family court case anymore , isn’t that grounds for removal if they still have an open case with the court/cps?
    These people truly never fail to amaze me


  38. Dawn A-F, I can’t seem to copy your original question as to who is most qualified to administer the Shitstead “trust”.

    First of all, the “Naugler Trust” is definitely an unintended, but humorous play on words. The words “Naugler” and “Trust” (used as a verb) do not belong in the same sentence, as they are an oxymoron. (Look it up, JoJo)

    As to trustees, I nominate Maggie. (The dog)


  39. Nicole does look like shit, Joe was typically high and full of shit. Nicole seemed to relish the, “snip snip” idea. Maybe she’s awakened to the reality of her mortality, finally. Then, GAG, JoJo throws in the ‘god’s will’ possibly of another pregnancy. Nicole, wake up, do you have a death wish?

    ‘The nurses treated them (him) with respect and compassion’. He was soooo surprised.

    Yes Joe, that IS the way of the real world. If you’d stop being such a dick to everyone and get a job you’d learn this. And PAY those very same highly formally educated professionals who saved Nicole’s life and apparently are still following her. Get over your high and mighty selves and get Medicaid. PAY all of those hard working people!!! They don’t want your pipe dream of a “scholarship”… SOMEDAY!. Pay them NOW.
    Joe really became animated when he talked about losing Nicole, “blood everywhere”. I bet that jarred him awake and scared him for a few moments. If Nicole died his weed smoking lazy days would be quickly halted, and forget the kids and “homestead”.
    Joe and Nicole: Now it’s your turn to return all of that good will and highly technical skill you were given, pay the medical bill, get Medicaid. Those people need to feed their families too.

    Joe, here’s a tip to get started on some community good will and reciprocity, NOW. Get on down to your local Red Cross with all your older kids, and DONATE your blood to help replace all that blood that “was everywhere”. No they don’t test for THC, just don’t walk in stinking high.


  40. After seeing the post about the hair bands the were making I was meaning to ask if their county had a Dollar Tree but they talked about going to one and answered my question. Thanks Joe and Nicole!


  41. We have three trusts. One for our cabin, one for our ranch and one for our grandchildrens education. We don’t have one on our primary residence or our rentals. Those we have set up differently (well, they are kind of in trust, but don’t have the same level of paperwork as the other three). We do did this for three reasons. 1st reason is we have nine kids. That is a lot of kids to have to deal with inheritance issues. 2nd, we did it for tax purposes. Not just estate taxes, but for every year property taxes on the cabin and the ranch. Property taxes are huge here in California. 3rd, to protect in the case of divorce.

    We have rotating board members every four years. Everything that is done to the properties must be logged. We do everything by ballot voting. We have a few lawyers. Since the ranch is over 100 years and my family settled the land it is considered a century property. We have to do lots of paperwork. We have vineyards (if you buy wine from CA chances are our grapes are in it), a redwood forest that we must keep track of how many trees we have and can’t cut them down without a lot of lawyers involved (before we did the trust we would mark trees for felling to the lumvber company so we could pay the taxes, just like my parents did).

    Had we not done this I don’t think that we could have kept these properties. I know for sure that our kids would have for sure, would have to sell everything on our death because of the huge taxes that would have caused.

    With how the naugs feel about the government and paperwork and the establishment I find it odd they would go this route. Over seeing of the trust on propteries and paperwork. Makes my head spin every April.

    We did a educational trust for all the grandkids we have and those to come. That is what I am most proud of.

    We have set out family up as a corporation. That has also been a life saver tax wise. I would suggest that the naugs do that, but they haven’t a pot to piss in. I wonder how they can afford to put their leased land (they don’t own it) into trust. Does the go find me money pay for this? Or will they YouTube it?


  42. Nurses only need on the job training? Boy, I feel like a dumbass for accruing $35,000 worth of debt to go to school. I am going to drive on down to Miami Valley and tell them that I decided I am done with school. As far as school is concerned, I am no longer participating. I should have a job in their ICU by 5:00 today I reckon.

    BTW Sally, since Joe loves nurses now, did you get a basket of flowers and a handwritten apology from them?


  43. I don’t think I can do it.

    That’s why we have SheerLuck. For those of us who simply can’t.


  44. It’s not an easy profession.

    Using the commmonly accepted definition of that word, it’s not a profession at all. It’s a job. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it requires no skills that you can’t learn in a matter of minutes.


  45. Well she looks like shit on the video and Jabba looks like he was on Meth.
    The Kids , where are the happy couple living now, are they in the old shitstead shack ?
    I hate to say it but Jabba leaving some of the clan alone during the day while momma bear scrubs dogs asses is a receipe for disaster. It would not suprise me to see a few of them play william tell with the taped up rifle, Do not be suprised to see the ME pull up in the mud soaked driveway
    How Al and company hold there anger with the likes of Charles the dick spouting his shit, All of them disgustig pigs


  46. One of the most consistently successful ways to raise funds is to work for those funds. You know, get a job.

    That whole show was…what can I say… delusion and selective memory (carefully omitting anything remotely negative) on display. It was reminiscent of the IPO court case when Mr. Bolus showed a sample of Nicole’s online behavior and, of course, it didn’t fit with the Naugler narrative and Nicole acted like a spoiled brat who got caught. Sympathy tears on cue and all. “How dare you show something that makes me look like a hypocritical spoiled brat?!? How dare you, Mr. Lawyer, not be as incompetent as me and make me look like a self-absorbed idiot?!?”

    Nicole is yellow and she has no eyebrows (or they are so thin they are invisible). She is truly sacrificing her body for her idiotic ideals. I may be a little different from most as I have no desire to save anyone who has been handed chance after chance and then kicked every benefactor in the face. If Nicole wants to destroy her body and mind with malnutrition, anxiety, and a paranoid internet addiction she can go ahead. Same thing for Joe or whatever name he makes up for himself to prey on fresh victims. I don’t care. I do care a heck of a lot more for their kids who had no choice in being born to these two self-absorbed idiots. All I can say is that some “trauma” now in being separated from their “parents” for a chance at life in the long run seems better than the limited future their parents are trying to impose on them. Maybe the kids want to have teeth later in their lives.

    Somehow I doubt that CPS or the courts are going to just go along with Nicole “being done” with their CPS case. Nicole, go ahead and do that. Please do. I am sure the courts are going to just say okay and completely understand. Further, I consider anything the Nauglers say that cannot be verified as a lie. That is the Naugler reputation. So when their minor son has zero charges now, show the documentation. The CPS case worker loves them and wants to be buddies? The documentation in the form of the ongoing case suggests otherwise. Somehow Joe’s fixation on intimacy, coupled with his criminal history, worries the heck out of me when he starts talking about cute little girls too.


  47. Couldn’t get the CPS approved doctor to refer them to the CPS ordered specialist?

    In the comments under the live feed Nicole expounds on this by stating that “I paid several hundred dollars for a heart exam for a non existent medical issue. I’m not chasing any more ghosts.”

    Good thinking, Nicole. Since one of your children was cleared for a potential heart condition, you are totally justified in denying all the rest of your children exams for any other conditions. And anyway, Joe can read ultrasounds, so who needs professionals? Certainly not self-sufficient “homesteaders!”


  48. I’m not chasing any more ghosts.”

    She didn’t have to pay a single penny for anything. All she has to do is apply for Medicaid and I will pay for it along with all the rest of the taxpayers in Kentucky. I have no mercy or pity on her.


  49. I’m not chasing any more ghosts.”

    She didn’t have to pay a single penny for anything. All she has to do is apply for Medicaid and I will pay for it along with all the rest of the taxpayers in Kentucky. I have no mercy or pity for her.


  50. “I paid several hundred dollars for a heart exam for a non existent medical issue. I’m not chasing any more ghosts.”

    So she says in one video that she is refusing to participate further in the CPS case against her because she has been unable to get the mandated referrals.

    And then she says on Facebook that it’s because she refuses to pay for the children’s medical care.

    Alrighty then Nicole.


  51. Thinking more about the video. Focusing on some of the more outrageous things said. Those were setting the shitstead up as a trust and having educational classes and starting a scholarship to send someone to nursing school. Is this all talk? I know they have loads and loads of plans that have never come to fruition. So I just have to wonder is this crazy talk to look like they are doing something or is this pure crazy talk? Is there somewhere in their brains where they think these things will really happen or are they just trying to put on a good show? At this point I don’t even know anymore.


  52. I don’t know if this is an appropriate topic to bring up or not, and I’ve been debating with myself. I’ve never watched any of their videos because I can’t stand to listen to that nonsense, but…they have all these children. I know they have no issues with home birth and everyone milling about. But I have a macabre curiosity about the privacy aspect of *making* all these babies and who is within viewing range. Nothing wrong with teaching your children about such things when you feel it’s appropriate, but this is something entirely different. Sorry to put that image in everyone’s minds, but I’m genuinely curious if that topic has ever been addressed. I apologize if this question is crossing the line in any way.


  53. But I have a macabre curiosity about the privacy aspect of *making* all these babies and who is within viewing range.

    Oh, yes, it has been discussed. LOL There are 10 children and two adults living in a space about the size of the average family room. The parents’ bed is front and center.


  54. Well, we paid several thousand dollars (out of more than a hundred thousand dollars billed–thank God for insurance) only to find out that our little son was not one cough away from death as had been feared. Does that mean that the money was wasted? No, Nicole, it means that instead of making up a story about why he was drooling blood and not eating and hoping it was the right one, we had facts in hand–and the best pediatric surgical team on the West Coast just down the hall in case the worst happened. We also got a prescription for antibiotics, from a doctor, to prevent another form of preventable death. And I will stop there because I am so, so angry at you.


  55. Oops, she did it again.

    The timing of the new shed purchase has been bugging me. At the beginning of the year, they were begging for gas money to move. The move didn’t happen because reasons. Six or so months later they are suddenly prosperous enough to afford a deluxe shed upgrade, plus “improvements”. On Sunday, the Blessed Mrs made a comment about spending more on the new shed than they had planned, which is more or less what she said about the purchase of the previous shed. The previous shed that was required by the GAL in order for the children to be returned (her words, not mine). I’m not a betting girl, but my money says someone said that the girls need their own bedroom. That someone could be the GAL or CPS worker, but her mention on Sunday of a letter from the Judge and her ire about the contents of the letter makes me think it came from the Court. Even and especially given her July 27 post on BLH on people needing space and sharing bedrooms, and her comment about not participating anymore in their family law case. GFM for medical bills or to pay for the new shed?


  56. @Laurel,

    So, feasibly and speculatively, they got the new and improved shed because the court said it was required? So, again speculating here, the GAL (the one that wants to be buddies with the Nauglers who Joe, not a year ago, was calling distasteful names) didn’t think that the adolescent girls should have to attend to their hygiene and dressing needs in front of all of their brothers? Hmm. Again, I speculate, maybe the GAL thought that the kids should be separated from the baby making by walls. Not saying that’s the case but it’s feasible.

    Surely the Nauglers never imagined that their amour would eventually cost over $50K in hospital bills. So now they are in an even more difficult position of having to pay for the shed-plus with Nicole’s income, grifting money, GFM, or child art with a $50K plus unanticipated hospital bill. They won’t pay the hospital bill. There may be consequences to that for the Nauglers. Will this shed get repo’d even with wall murals? If it did get repo’d and the court required this level of domicile for growing teens (boys and girls), hmm. Nauglers go on the run as Lezottes with no connection with anyone named Naugler? Okay, that was really speculative but, darn it, the Nauglers lie all of the time and seem to do everything with an underhanded motive. How can one not speculate?


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