The Lists. There are two lists.  One is a list of Naugler supporters that somebody put together. The other is what I think of as The List, a list of 55 critics put together by either Nicole or one of her supporters.

I know this is ridiculous. I am having trouble even bringing myself to writing about this because it’s so silly and childish. But Nicole has decided it’s important enough to talk about twice, once yesterday and then a Blessed Little Update today as she was waiting on the judge.

Here’s the timeline.

The List, the infamous list of 55 critics, appeared early on.

Here it is.

their list

Notice the date. Early July, 2015. More than one year ago. And please notice that my name is on The List. There was no Blessed Little Blog then, and there wouldn’t be for months (December 14, 2015).

This was also well before the infamous conversation I had with Joe Naugler on my Facebook page. That occurred on September 18, 2015.

I had made a very few (probably two or three) negative comments about the Nauglers on Facebook. Not on my own wall, but on other pages, and I think on one of the news sites.  And in each of those cases, unless I am mistaken, I didn’t talk so much about them as to them. Either Joe or Nicole were participating, and I said something to the effect that I thought the state did the right thing taking the kids and that it was wrong to subject children to that sort of treatment.

For that, I made The List. I was a Known Vocal Hater.

And The List was posted over and over and over again, on various supporter pages. It was everywhere there for a while.

Those of us whose names appear on The List got sort of tired of seeing The List. And lots of those people were harassed by Joe and Nicole pretty vigorously.  All that happened to me was that Joe came to my Facebook page and threatened me with a lawsuit. But I am retired. There is no employer anyone can call.  I don’t care what Joe says on my Facebook page. I’m not much fun to pick on because I simply don’t give a shit.

Others were not so lucky. Nicole admits that she called one woman’s employer attempting to get her fired.

None of these people had done anything more than I did to get their names on The List.

picture list


Here’s another one from November, 2015.  I didn’t make that one, sadly. Do notice who posted this one?  Nicole herself. She can’t pretend she didn’t have anything to do with this.

nicoles album

I ask you, who is aggressor here?

nicole again

At this point, she added 19 new photos to her little album. Nineteen new ones. That means there were more already there.

I ask you, who is the aggressor here?


We were dealing with this sort of comment.  It’s just one example. There were and still are lots of these. She has no evidence at all that anyone involved in any of this is on meth or any other illegal drug for that matter. But she tries to implicate everyone with the idea that it’s a “common theme” and we are all “so strung out.”

By December, as I’ve recounted before, I started the blog in an effort to counteract some of the mud-slinging and deal with facts rather than just random insults.

lisa profile picture

Lisa put up this image, as you can see, on February 20, as her profile picture. Do you know how big a profile picture is?  Teeny.

Here’s Lisa’s own account of this.


She published that list for one day. No one on that list was ever contacted, harassed, doxxed, nothing.  Nobody called their employers trying to get them fired.

The whole thing, in my personal opinion, was silly and a bit childish, but I also know how irritating The List had gotten. It was posted over and over again. Any family member of anyone on The List had become fair game, dead or alive.

But I think it’s sort of hilarious that Nicole says this:

personal page

She couldn’t have done that. She’d been blocked for months. She didn’t “find” anything anywhere unless she was poking around using a fake profile (which is highly likely).

And notice how she writes about this in the present tense.

But it’s pathetic that the trolls are targeting people who comment on BLH.

Like right now, today.  And her great example of this is something that is six months old, and stayed up for 24 hours and was simply an expression of irritation and frustration with The List, which was posted multiple times for months.

But she says the supporters are being “targeted.” How? A few of them say they have received PMs from critics.  One of those is the fake Charles Smyth; however, she has contacted her fair share of critics, so there’s a bit of reaping going on here, I think.

Besides which, how is a PM being “targeted”?  Who cares?  Were these PMs saying, “Stop commenting favorably about the Nauglers or else”?

Targeting is when they go after your family members, even dead ones, and call your employer, and publish your personal information, whatever they can find.

None of that was done to these people.


Let me explain this as simply as I can. When the Naugler story went viral, Joe and Nicole went into overdrive trying to silence anyone who was even slightly critical of them. They resorted to every trick they could think of. They were nasty about it and yes, aggressive.

They were not “standing up” to anyone. They were pro-actively seeking out and attacked anyone who disagreed with them, even in a case like mine, where my interest was just slight.

I say leave me alone and I will stop documenting.

I don’t give a rat’s ass, Nicole, whether you “document” or not.  Have at it. What I want you to do is stop misrepresenting who you are and what you are about and quit soliciting money from innocent, well-meaning people who get sucked in without knowing what is going on.

All of this is not about your family. All of this is about you and your dead-beat, lard-ass husband.

public comment

Your words, Nicole. Eat them. I hope they taste delicious.

Note: I did a bit of editing and added some stuff.  Sue me.





92 thoughts on “Lists”

  1. Thank you Sally.

    As many of you are aware I got attacked right out of the gate for making a few posts on the Breckinridge Sheriff’s fb page stating the sheriff had indeed followed the law. Not even personal or about the Nauglers. That was all it took. I deleted my fb page. Didn’t stop them. That was how they dragged me into the sordid tale. By late summer I had had enough and so created Blessed Little Trolls and their Minions as a form of documentation, revelation of truth, and as a way of teaching people that they don’t need to be afraid of online bullying, what it is like and how it is unacceptable. I called it “Granny School” after a photo they had published of me with the caption “come give granny a kiss”.

    Granny has lots of kisses to give those who deserve them, but granny also will school you on proper home training if necessary.


  2. I made the list along with my deceased infant being plastered all over their pages. So yeah, she can take that victim bullshit out to the nodoor “outhouse” and shove it straight up her crusty hemorrhoid plagued ass. Fuck her and the sloth she procreates excessively with. Idgaf how she “chooses” to live. If she’s “comfortable” begging from strangers to support her uneducated offspring, great. But the best thing she can do is keep my children out of her lunatic ass bullshit. Unlike them we don’t pimp our kids out for donations. The only money that goes to my PayPal is refunded from sales that were cancelled.


  3. I’m still waiting to see any screenshots proving actual harassment of the BO, her family, or any supporters. She says they have thousands. PM’s sent to her clients, even. Yet we haven’t seen them.


  4. I’m simply stating, for the record, that I’m proud I made the list. I’m reasonably intelligent and I could see through the bullshit and lies in less than 5 minutes after the original story hit local news.

    What would cause me to be ashamed is to be standing in line to kiss Joe or Nicole’s ass like the Blessed Little Leg-humpers.


  5. Oh don’t forget the fake profiles they made of many of the critics and sending friend request to their friends to get them to friend the page they made.

    Then they took those pages and smeared the critic. Some of the profiles had pictures of the critic’s children in them.

    The supporters were the ones that started the nasty stuff from the get go and pissed and moaned when they got their asses handed back to them.

    Nicole can document all she wants but she has to have something that is worthy of doing something about it. Thus far she has not hit the jackpot yet. Keep trying Nicole. Damn woman if you put as much time into being a even half way decent parent your kids would be as you see them = friendly, intelligent, social and gifted. But I guess it is hard for one to judge intelligence when they are not the smartest tool either.


  6. Nicole (and that gross individual she’s married to) cannot think of anything outside of her own intentions and actions. That is to say she accuses others of what she has done and continues to do (yet denies doing, of course). She’s so transparently autobiographical when she complains about people diminishing and interrupting her gravy train.


  7. Document this Nicole!!! You can’t see me and I can’t attach a picture here but guess what I’m doing with my middle finger!

    I’m so sick of her and her mindless supporters bullshit!


  8. Nicky is EASY to deal with if you understand her. When Nicky says yes she really means NO! When Nicky says This she really means THAT! 🙂 Easy Peasy!


  9. I liked Blessed Little Trolls & their Minions awhile back. I also participate on FJ (I missed the shit show – pun very intended – that broke out this weekend thank goodness). Awhile back, my cell phone recieved a phone call from a number in Kentucky. I called the number back. It was for a Chevron in the area. I asked who would have called me, and the person who answered the phone and spoke with me remembered the call – it was long distance, and they remembered who made it.

    It was one of the adults. The fake profile added a number of my friends, to get to my profile. The fake profile messaged many of my friends, asking for my number as they had gone to school with me and wanted to reconnect. Some well meaning (but really stupid soul) gave them my number.

    I thought that was the end of that. Then the only employer I had publicly listed on FB was called by a man, also from a Kentucky number. This person claimed that I am not who I say I am and they need to investigate me further. I am a fake and a troll, and they had better look into me if they don’t want the police coming. This person refused to give a name. Since I had recently provided that employer with a criminal record and child welfare check, from the local police, they ignored it.

    They are still harassing people. My name just isn’t on that list, and I don’t want backlash at FJ for sharing over here.


  10. I made the list of 55 c*&^% as we were referred to by the notorious Naugler mouthpiece, “Donny Cook.” Since all of my few posts were rather innocuous, I was surprised to have made the list. Apparently pointing out, in a neutral manner, the important legal differences between land contracts and conventional financing alone was enough to merit a spot on the list.

    On facebook, I use my real name and always have. As far as I know, the only things they did were to post my profile photo on one of their thug pages with an insipid commentary and to report profile photo for nudity.

    The funniest part of it all was that they were too fucking stupid to recognize that my profile photo was one of a relatively recent important historical figure who championed a cause I strongly support.


  11. As far as I know, the only things they did were to post my profile photo on one of their thug pages with an insipid commentary and to report profile photo for nudity.

    Oh, yes, I had a comment or two on my FB page reported for “nudity.” One was political, IIRC, and had no photo attached.


  12. I was actually shocked when I saw my face under the “cyber bully” caption…only thing I can come up with is that BLH was not happy that I stopped commenting on BLH and started “liking” comments and posts on BLTATM…and honestly, I cant even recall making many, if any negative comments..I do appreciate the page though and BLTATM posts some really interesting Historical information…other than that, I have not been harassed in any other way..I am sorry that many others have and especially disgusted that peoples deceased infants/children’s pictures were used as a bulling tactic..that sent me over the edge…I have locked down my FB since then and life goes on…I won’t make a fake account and I still have my face as my profile picture..


  13. “I’m still waiting to see any screenshots proving actual harassment of the BO, her family, or any supporters. She says they have thousands. PM’s sent to her clients, even. Yet we haven’t seen them.

    Bethannie- I’m convinced those screenshots are with pictures of their “compost” piles. She is her own worst enemy; endless photos pimping out her children, the dump they squat on and call home, the slaughter of her child’s pet goat and, weeds her children cooked over a third world rocket stove but alas no pictures proving harassment by the “trolls” or the compliance of their bathroom compost pile. Post them NN and prove to all the world how terribly mistreated you and your family are. Tick tock NN karma is zeroing in on you:)


  14. I am proud to say I am on the 55 list too.

    Like my dad use to say if they are talking about you then you are doing something right.


  15. Nicole needs to learn what bullying it. Long before this blog came to be, she was bullying the fuck out of people and doxing them and harassing their employers for doing as little as agreeing that the sheriff followed the law, and she tried getting people fired from their jobs for disagreeing with her. Whatever’s happening in town, she and Joe are doing bad enough things to have people scared shitless to get on their bad side. Yet when one woman is pushed to the point of starting a blog to counter Nicole’s claims, and a couple other people who know her put in their two cents, which I see as something like dogs backed into a corner enough to fight back, suddenly Nicole’s the one being bullied, even though no one is fucking with her livelihood, and there’s a firm ban on doing anything that could damage her business in any way, even though she has no problem doxing people and trying to get them fired. This blog is the result of people being pushed too many times and needing a release from it. Some people on FJ might agree with Nicole that this blog has become bullying, but they’re not the ones whose water supply may become too dangerous to drink and who have to deal with dangerous, volatile people who menace the entire town and people outside of town. Easy to say to “take the high road” and suck it up when it’s not your back yard. The one needing to get onto that high road is the one who is refusing to meet the basic human needs of children.

    On the topic of FJ for a minute, I think it’s hypocritical of them to call Sally a hypocrite for saying she won’t allow smack talk of the kids, then to repeat what Al’s daughter said, when they do the same. They say don’t talk about the Naugler kid at all, and that that entry should be deleted altogether to get their respect, because whichever boy it was can’t help not having a place to bathe, but they have no problem talking about how unfortunate-looking [Admin: edit to remove first name of minor child] Rodrigues, also a minor, is even though he can’t help it either. One can be changed with a shower, the other would need plastic surgery. Both kids are being raised by people who should’t be allowed to have pets, people who think homelessness by choice is acceptable (the Rods have a house, but still shove the kids into literal cages in an RV!), and beg for donations to supplement refusal to work by fat, lazy patriarchs. They shouldn’t say don’t talk about a kid who can’t help it if they’re going to talk about another kid who’d have to have plastic surgery. But yet Sally’s the bully, and them talking about [admin: minor child’s name removed] and asking who’d ever want to marry his self-conscious sister and insulting the way she looks in the makeup their mother has taught her she needs to slather on to be pretty is completely fine! They’ve also snarked pretty hard on how little the Naugler kids know, yet shame shame for saying that Al’s daughter thought one boy smelled bad. Sally’s the bully, and FJ is fine.

    The least bullying in all of this is Sally, someone who has been on the receiving end of Naugler-harassment and isn’t shutting up about it anymore. Nor should you, Sally. This blog is a counterweight to what Nicole’s doing, even if I don’t agree that the blessed little excursion didn’t have an ulterior motive behind it. This blog is still extremely mild compared to what Nicole does, and what FJ serves up.


  16. No one ever harassed me. A couple of comments here and there but that’s it.

    Thank you, Lori, for that. [Lori appears on the “supporter” list – the one Lisa had – not The List]


  17. I am on the 55 list as well. All I have ever done was express my concern for the children and my shock at the horrible behaviours of both Joe and Nicole. I personally believe educational neglect in itself should be enough to have the children removed. So, since I do not agree with neglecting your children and exploiting them for begging bucks, they dragged my deceased mother into all of this. Using her obituary to taunt me and demean her. It was quite shocking. All the harassment they put upon people just highlights how mentally ill Joe and Nicole are. If 11 innocent kids were not at risk, I could give a rats ass if the parents lived out their days at their dung heap of a homestead.


  18. Here’s my list.
    1. Supporter attacks (07-31-16)
    2. False allegations (07-30-16)
    3. The free range helicopter parent (07-25-16)
    4. Happy thoughts (07-25-16)
    5. The real abuse (07-24-16)
    6. Bethannie’s demands (07-24-16)
    7. Troublemakers everywhere (07-24-16)
    8. A fight I don’t want (07-22-16)
    9. I Don’t even know how to title this post (07-21-16)
    10. Bat shit crazy (07-19-16)
    11. BLGC How we got here, the long version (07-17-16)
    12. Oh Crap (06-15-16)
    13. Who are these people?! (04-23-16)

    Pretty strange reading for a “family” blog. Isn’t that what Nicole said, somewhere, that it’s a blog to post about her family?


  19. I’m on all their shit lists.

    They’re relatively convinced I’m their arch nemesis king troll. I’m not. I just see through their bullshit and call them on it . . . and I kinda doubt we’ll ever go fishing together.

    Lists are great. A “to-do” or “honey-do” list would be far more productive than a list of people that think they’re assholes. Truth is, they could probably use the local phone book for that one.

    Mr. and Mrs. Naugler, sorry you wasted a day in court. Hey, on a happy note . . . the building had flush toilets, running water, and air-conditioning 😉


  20. even if I don’t agree that the blessed little excursion didn’t have an ulterior motive behind it.

    Thank you, Kaylee, for the nice words. What I will say about the Blessed Little Excursion is that I did not, absolutely did not, drive all the way from our place to Breck County in order to ride past the Blessed Little Property. I had other reasons for being there. One of those other reasons had journeyed across most of the country to be there. And nobody was drunk. And Joe drank a beer.


  21. Lori wrote, “No one ever harassed me. A couple of comments here and there but that’s it.”

    The last conversation I had on BLH was with you and Valerie. I don’t even remember the content of the conversation now, but in a nutshell, you didn’t agree with something that Nicole was doing, that what she was doing was not helping anything. That’s all I can remember. The 3 of us commented back and forth. No anger, no ugly language, no threats, no nothing. It was simply because you two agreed with me – or had begun to appear to agree with me – and Nicole said, “Bye-bye” and banned me. Any comment that is not 100% supportive gets the axe. You’ve seen that. She says disagreeing with her is fine but when you do, you get banned, so what’s the point? Gets you on The List. 😉


  22. @Kaylee, I totally agree regarding FJ. One of the admins in particular is getting downright sanctimonious about what can and cannot be said about minor children. I find this extraordinarily amusing given that FJ is a message board named after, yes, a child who was a minor at the time of the board’s origin, and the sole purpose of said board was/is to make fun of…err…snark on said child’s family.

    Sally uses her real name here as do many others. At FJ, in general, they don’t. I actually understand the reasons for this because if any of you posted at Television Without Pity (where FJ began) or Survivor Sucks or any of those types of boards, well, back in the day it was called “drilling”, not “doxxing” and it was a blood sport. This is one of the reasons I don’t use my real name. But it’s a shame that it’s become a dogpile over there on Sally, whose life is laid bare here.

    I digress. I don’t much care for the sanctimonious admin calling the people who post here “leghumpers” in one of her screeds. For instance, I admit that tears sprang up, unbidden, when I read the quote about the Nog kid who smelled. I think it probably didn’t need to be said here. But I also read the vile and repulsive and repeated ranting from Nicole regarding Sally’s son. So, Sally was releasing tension after extreme cruelty by Nicole as well as mounting concern for her friend’s daughter? Holy shit, Sally’s human! And I e-like her though I have never and probably will never meet her. I guess I’m a fuckin’ leghumper after all.


  23. I quoted the daughter because it was germane to the story. It’s what she said to her father. Both he and she knew I was quoting her when I wrote the piece. I did not include that statement because I am angry with Nicole for what she said about Nathan, although I am angry with Nicole forever about what she said about Nathan. I included it because it was part of the story.

    And if I wrote it again, I would include it again.

    The fact is that with few exceptions, in most of the photos of the children that are posted by Nicole, they are filthy. Their skin is filthy. Their clothes are filthy. I’m sorry that bothers people but it’s true. Their surroundings are filthy. The ground is littered with trash. Nobody picks up anything (with the single exception of Nicole picking up a candy wrapper (or something similar) on her trek to the Blessed Shit Pile). They appear to just toss their trash wherever they happen to be standing.

    I don’t generally post those photos, in case nobody noticed, and if I absolutely must in order to make some other point, I crop the child out if I can or at least pixelate the face.

    And it remains a fact that if you Google the names of the Naugler children, you will not find this blog listed (with the single exception of the oldest because he commented here, and even then the blog appears way down on the page), but you will find Free Jinger as one of the first results. Often you’ll find it in spots #1 and #2. I hope that makes them proud, as they hide behind their little screen names and toss darts at real people.


  24. FJ is a message board named after, yes, a child who was a minor at the time of the board’s origin

    Great point. She certainly was. I wonder if having a whole message board named after her with the sole purpose of mocking and criticizing her upbringing was “soul-crushing”?


  25. They added me after the first fifty five.

    Then for some reason, I made the top of the “Naugler Shit List” along with Sally, Al, Bethany, Lisa and then little O’l me. For the life in me I can’t even fathom why I’m on the list. LMAO

    It kinda reminds me of the girl in that movie, where she is fucking up every back stage while the actors on stage just try to deal with the loud noises, and the commotion she is making. She is just ruining the whole play. The actors are finally at a lose for words, as the spotlight goes back and forth across the theater, then suddenly the lights go out altogether. Then everyone yells and screams as they are running for the exit doors. Then the little bitch hits the Fire Alarm and water began to pour down from the cycling.

    LMAO…That would be me…… 🙂

    Good Night folks, Ya’ll have a good one !!!


  26. Understood. I may not agree with everything, but I understand. And frankly, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it doesn’t matter what I think. It’s your blog and your call.


  27. I mostly lurk on FJ and think “sanctimonious” is the perfect word for the admins over there. My outsider’s viewpoint: Holy cow are they nasty to people they don’t like! And they definitely pick and choose who and which posts they want to call out for breaking the rules. Their talk of “board culture” just makes me giggle.

    Its funny to me that they got into such a tizzy about stating that one teen thought another teen smelled, when they discuss children’s families in never ending critical detail. Somehow I’m thinking that these children aren’t going to differentiate much between being called smelly on a blog, and having every detail of their lives and their parents actions endlessly scrutinized and criticized on an internet forum. Sorry FJ, your moral high ground is an imaginary one!


  28. The newest thread title on the Naugler thread sealed the no more FJ for me. I assume it is an absolute mean girl dig by that Buffy person at the local who admitted drunk posting. FJ couldn’t find the high ground at the top of Mt Everest.

    Thanks for the blog Sally. Concise, to the point, kindly administrated, one could even say tolerant, and great commenters too. The whole tamale.


  29. I am on The List. When I came upon the “viral” story of the Nauglers I started to read and read and then I read some more. I also listened to audio and looked at pictures. All this was done before I made any comments on BLH. You see, when you are a real deal “free thinker” this is what you do. Research. I don’t read titles and then have diarrhea of the mouth. I try my best to get all aspects. My research was all done with everything Nicole had provided on her blog and Facebook page. It probably took all of fifteen minutes to see the facade for what it really was. The proof was right there, the “woe is me” for not having money for this and that. The black and white picture of the hands holding change asking for donations-with a date from way before the story went viral. I said to myself, hold the fucking phone, why is this woman continuing to pop out kids that they can’t afford. Welfare or no welfare, that is not the point to me, they can’t afford to have all those kids so stop having them! This has been going on for years I thought, these people are cons. For me that was my clue on the selfish and narcissistic ways their brains operate. The audio of Nicole screaming like a unhinged dumb ass for the police to go ahead and just shoot her, in front of the 2 older boys! The audio of Joe telling the rest of the children, young impressionable minds, that the police where going to steal them if he didn’t turn them over. I was sick to my stomach and heartbroken for those children. Joe and Nicole did that to their children. I heard it. Nicole wants to blame the system for the kids being fucked up and untrustworthy? No. She did that to her babies. So, that is when I started to post my opinions. I admit, I have a whole bunch of em.

    I never made threats to Nicole and her family. I never threatened a supporter through a pm. I never took a picture from a supporters personal page of them and their family and posted it with derogatory hurtful words (of minors). I never contacted someone on a supporters friends list. I never threatened to call the police because of a supporters opinion. All of this was done to me. They can all go to Hell with gasoline pants on.
    I’m lucky to be with the other 54 on that list. There are so many intelligent, funny and friggin majestic peeps on that list…Nicole could only wish to keep the company I do.


  30. She banned me too. I made a comment on one of your pages and I guess she didn’t like it.
    I’ve been supportive of her from day one. A little more vocal in the beginning but slowed down when I realized this was never going to end. Arguing the same arguments over and over on the internet is not that fun for me after about 6 or 7 months, lol.


  31. “What I will say about the Blessed Little Excursion is that I did not, absolutely did not, drive all the way from our place to Breck County in order to ride past the Blessed Little Property. I had other reasons for being there.” – Sally

    Dear Sally, OF COURSE you didn’t! We all know this. You have proved yourself as a respected member of society, an intelligent lady and, again, extremely rational. You needn’t defend yourself to us here. We’re with YOU.

    As far as FJ goes, it’s a typical ‘message’ board. A few middle-aged women with more time than money are in ‘control’ and wield that control with an iron fist. I believe it makes them feel important. Whatever. They need to up their goals in life or even simply raise their standard of self esteem. Ignore them. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

    For the poster who said she likes to read there to catch up on the Rods, you only need to follow their personal blog to stay in the loop. No need to get updates at FJ.

    Again, Sally, thank you for the safe place to vent!


  32. oh my word! LMAO OH, the *hand wringing*, the pearl clutching, the absolute hyperbole of the FJ ‘mods’!! Get over yourselves! On the other hand, thanks for the giggles!
    Sally, we commenters are now your ‘leg humpers’ and you must have carpet burns from us! Bwahahahaha!
    And thanks for the info (above) about how FG shows up as the FIRST TWO results in a Google Naugler search! Icing on the cake.
    What a bunch of idiots. lol
    Keep on keeping it real, Sally. With your REAL NAME! *proud to be a BLB ‘leghumper’* (and groupie ;))


  33. First time poster, long time reader.
    I no longer read or post on FJ as I find them a little too sanctimonious for me and I never read the BLH because, well, it’s always full of shit, literally, but I always make time to visit Sally’s blog every day to keep myself up on the latest.
    ( Thanks for having me! )


  34. I didn’t make the list. But I did make an appearance on a SS that Nicole posted to her page. For simply commenting on another page. Basically agreeing with what the discussion was in regard. After noting my “appearance” on her page, I took the advice and secured my Facebook page.

    But I will not be bullied and harassed, for having a voice! All voices matter. What makes debate and opinions and a big part of social media.

    I’ve never commented or “liked” any of the Naugler pages, including Nicole’s pages nor BLH. Nor her blog. And I don’t appreciate making a SS appearance on her page.

    For what it’s worth, I wasn’t aware of doxing, socks, and all the other tactics on social media until I began following the Naug drama a year ago. For the learning, I give credit to Nicole and Company.


  35. I too, wondered if you would even bother to write about Nicole’s blog-post regarding the list she found on Lisa’s page. Indeed, it IS very silly!

    I wish she hadnt found this said list, because even if it is parodying her own infamous list of 55, it just perpetuates her wild claims. It does look bad. So does BLTATM, if only because no one understands the irony regarding the name – and the name sounds crude in nature. It is for this reason, I can understand why or how Nicole is able to sway her followers into believing her victim cries. Ugh, so repetitive in nature.

    I do respect Lisa, and her BLTATM page. And the former is only my opinion, in which I mean no harm whatsoever – on the contrary, I send my best wishes her way!

    As far as FreeJinger goes, the Administers certainly like to take advantage of their positions of authority. They do a fair amount of bullying themselves. Alas, they cannot help it… It is in our human nature, to do. The atmosphere over there, and the Administrator’s behavior, remind me of the Stanford Prison Experiment.


  36. And frankly, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it doesn’t matter what I think. It’s your blog and your call.

    But your opinion is valid and not only allowed here, but valued.


  37. @simply me: “You’re middle-aged women who need to get a life” (par.) is such a common putdown that it fits on a Bingo board. I wouldn’t use it, frankly. But they are definitely inconsistent in how they apply their own rules. (Disclosure: I used to post there. I lost my password and don’t post there anymore. I wanted to go back until this recent thing blew up.)


  38. I am going to post here in defense of FJ at the risk of an attack. FJ’s admins do what they do to keep the board from devolving into absolute chaos and discord. They have tried to create a place for intelligent discourse and to expose the dangers of fundamentalism and that includes sovereign citizens and fringe movements. The Naugler threads have been particularly and uncharacteristically nasty, largely due to the influx of “locals” who migrated there to somehow settle a personal score? And just the fact that the subject matter itself is absolutely TERRIBLE. Repeating that one teenager said that another teenager (let alone one in a horrific situation which no options for getting out…) smelled bad, added nothing to the narrative. So why say it? We all agree that NN is vile and has no boundaries so it’s easy to assume she would show the child the post, right? FJ does not allow attacks on minor children or for the children and young adults to be subjects of such vitriol. We concur that they have little to no control over certain aspects of their lives, therefore- hands off. The board’s namesake has never been criticized for her hygiene or sexual preferences, etc. but rather celebrated because of her spirit! We all had hopes that she would get out! I am not an admin, not even close, just a casual participant who enjoys the snark. If you don’t like it, don’t read there. It’s that simple.


  39. FJ does not allow attacks on minor children or for the children and young adults to be subjects of such vitriol.

    I participated on FJ just long enough to do a little reading outside the Naugler thread and didn’t like what I saw. Much of what is posted there about minor children would not be allowed here.

    Here’s an example that I think is marginal at best. The whole section surrounding this comment is like this,on and on and on discussing how weird the kids look, how their heads are too big for their bodies, how everyone is just certain that they are all being starved, ad nauseum. And you know how I found this? I Googled “free jinger rodrigues children skinny” and boom, I was there. I can’t find the one I was actually looking for right now, because I don’t remember the child’s name so I can’t search for it directly, but somebody posted a photograph of a teenaged girl and there was a huge discussion about how thin she was and how she disappeared into the sofa where she was sitting. No way would I allow that here, certainly not with a photograph. What did that photo and those remarks “add to the narrative”? Why say it?

    So please don’t tell me how Free Jinger is all about “not allowing attacks on minors” because I have seen the opposite.

    I do understand that being a moderator there would be a thankless, difficult task, but nobody put a gun to anyone’s head and forced them to do it. The site is quite obviously making money for someone. I also understand from experience that finding the line between “attacking a minor” and allowing free discussion is sometimes difficult and maybe even impossible. But that’s not what is going on here. What is happening is that somehow, for no apparent reason, the folks at FJ, led by a moderator, have decided that I am a “bully” but they are pure as the driven snow. And that “locals” are the problem, even though “locals” know far, far more about the Naugler situation than someone sitting behind a keyboard in Virginia or North Carolina pounding away. They make “local” sound like a dirty word, an unwelcome minority. It’s “locals” who understand the local law, who know what goes on at the courthouse, who have actually seen the Blessed Little Property (an eye-opening experience and one I am very glad I had), who have had actual encounters in real life with the Naugler adults, who actually have met, in some cases, Sheriff Pate. It’s “locals” who actually went to church with the Nauglers, who saw their behavior up close. And I call many of those “locals” my personal friends because of the Nauglers.

    However, I am not going to be drawn into a purity war. This is my blog. I am ultimately responsible for what I say here and for what I allow to be said. Free Jinger is responsible for Free Jinger. I care not one whit about their “forum culture” or their rules. They cannot and will not impose any of that on me.

    Nobody is going to be allowed to “attack” you here. You’re welcome anytime. Although I disagree with your remarks very much, I hope I’ve been polite about that. Your opinion is not just allowed, it’s valuable and I appreciate it even if I do not agree. I do agree, however, with one statement you made without reservation.

    If you don’t like it, don’t read there.

    Great idea. I totally agree. And the opposite also applies.


  40. I watched the whole FJ kerfuffle last weekend (a nice change of pace from all the Trump-related stuff!) and I thought people were generally over-hard on Sally. I might note that I’ve poked around on other fora there and, for example, all the Rodrigues kids look pretty normal to me, not “underfed” at all. I should note as well that I read a site called “Nourishing Days,” run by a fairly extreme IMO homesteading fundamentalist couple and their kids are often dirty and grubby. They get this way working really hard on their quite extensive garden and with their goats and chickens. I lived for awhile years ago in rural Mexico and the farm kids there were pretty dirty too from working. I have no serious beef with FJ but I did wonder how much some of the complainers (I extend this beyond the mods) were just not familiar with rural life. This is a bit of a ramble, I’ve been pondering these observations for a while. Keep up the good work, Sally!


  41. OMG. I was just thinking we are due for a Mother Earth breast feeding shot..she’s so predictable….and vile. I wonder how much cash she scams with a boob shot.


  42. @Ruviana: As with so much else, the Nauglers say one thing and do something quite different. The parents present themselves as a hard-working homesteading family, but I have lived near actual Alaskan homesteaders for much of my life and here’s what I never saw:

    *Trash on the ground. As I’m sure you know, it attracts animals and creates fire hazards.
    *Tools (tools!!! crystallized hard-earned money!) just dropped in the mud.
    *Dogs sleeping on the children’s clean (sic!) clothes and the parents thought it was OK.
    *Livestock allowed to wander freely through the kitchen.
    *Children with so little access to basic hygiene that they smelled, not only like sweat, not only like their homestead jobs, but like urine.

    Heck, I’ve walked through squatters’ camps that were better organized and cleaner than that.


  43. @Tarheel, I don’t think you will be “attacked” for your comments here (unlike what has been done to some of the “locals” over at FJ). However I think your post highlighted again the disdain that has been projected upon the folks who have actually had to deal with the Nauglers personally (i.e. the locals) over at FJ.

    I am perplexed by why it is unseemly for those whose real lives have been affected by the Nauglers to comment at FJ and elsewhere, but it is perfectly acceptable for those who are just trainwreck spectators to do so. Is it because the posts from the locals breaks down the fourth wall and forces people to acknowledge that they, too, are commenting on real people, not television characters?

    As a veteran mod from the old days of EZBoard/Yuku, I understand the job the mods and admins have to do. I will also paraphrase one of them and say they should just own it and stop acting like they are holding the fort at Mt. Morality. The dislike of Sally by one of the mods is transparent and has blown up the Naugler discussion over there. No, I don’t have to read over there but through the chaff there is some wheat, and some really fantastic posters. It’s free and I don’t have to register to read, so why not?

    Speaking of, I wanted to say hey to Paisley Moonbeam. I read her posts over at FJ and I rather enjoyed them.


  44. SheerLuck here, still reeling from Whatever That Was over on FJ.

    This is not meant to keep the drama alive; I only want to acknowledge that I caused some of it, although for what it’s worth I never did, and will not, weigh in on the Olfactory Details Debate.

    What I did do was push back against some moderation that was not at all moderate, and voice my objection to what sounded to me like bias against new members. No, I didn’t take it outside the thread, and I admit that was wrong, but I stand by my opinion that the standards for what was considered acceptable discussion seemed to be quite different for long-time members than for new ones, and I agree with Sally’s assessment that discrepancies also exist between the Nog threads and the others –

    Which I did read. Doug Philips, Bill Gothard/ATI, John Schraeder, Erika Shupe, The many Duggar generations, and more, but none of that should matter, because the knowledge of how little or much I’ve read or posted does not retroactively change the content of my posts.

    Sorry to run behind your banner, Sally, with this comment; feel free to take it down, modify it, whatever you will. Truthfully the reason I felt I needed to speak up here was to keep people from speculating which of your other posters with FJ issues might be me, although that is crediting myself with far too much importance! Far better if everyone’s moved on, myself included.

    I’m pretty sure some folks think I was a troll, but I was in earnest, and really didn’t fully grasp what was happening until the land mine exploded. I wish I could tell you that I just dusted myself off and said To Heck With Em…I’m still waiting to achieve that moment of clarity.


  45. Tarheel,

    Not trying to perpetuate or encourage what could quickly become drama and FJ material. But unlike (what I consider) the heavy-handed sanctimony, and subjective editing over on FJ — Sally’s blog allows free expression. Yes, she has rules, but I find them far more measured, intelligent, and realistic than the knee jerk reactions and admin editing over on FJ. No disrespect to all the admins over there. Some are very good. But some have marsupial aneurysms over minor and benign stuff. Then again, I don’t quite get the purpose of that forum so I may be speaking out of turn.

    Not sure what you meant by “locals trying to settle a score”? I did participate for a short time but found my comments being edited at the whim of the moderators, and for reasons that I personally found completely trivial. I chose to stop posting and offering actual facts.

    I think the whole mention of someone smelling rough has been spun into a something so histrionic and ridiculous that the original statement is no longer being taken at face value. If he smelled rough he smelled rough. That same daughter has told me I smell rough after a hard day of work.

    FreeJinger’s Naugler thread is full of assumptions, half-truths, what-if’s and lies. Many of the things said about the Nauglers are beyond belief. I say this in defense of the Nauglers. I know that sounds crazy, but some of the things said are undeserved. The facts are enough. FJ is a subjective free for all and has little or no credibility. I despise the Naugler parents, however, the things being posted over on FreeJinger are way over the top and for them to criticize this blog speaks volumes.

    This isn’t a hit on all FJ posters. Some have actual insight and ask viable questions. Some are hilarious and witty and obviously very intelligent. But it’s a snark board. That says it all. I believe FJ actually gives the Naugler’s claims of unfair treatment some credibility. I believe this blog sticks to the facts and provides enough evidence and editorial to remain interesting, objective, and realistic. FJ reminds me of a room of frustrated middle aged women that wish they were back in their sorority room giggling.

    I understand and respect your desire to defend FreeJinger. We all have opinions. Best thing any of us can do is follow your advice and not read or participate in something we don’t agree with.


  46. I pretty much grew up on a hard working farm. We worked hard and we played hard. We got dirty really dirty sometimes especially if we had cow poop wars (throwing handfuls of poop at each other – hey they say manure make things grow so we had to find out). We had to clean up outside with the garden hose clothes and body before we were even allowed to hit the porch on poop war days. Then when inside our clothing went into the washer as the wash room was inside the backdoor. Heaven forbid if we did not hit the shower to clean up before we made our appearance in the rest of the house especially at the dinner table. Yes we did look like Pigpen from Charlie Brown but we cleaned up.

    There were pictures of us on the dirty side. Not many as back in the day when cameras used film it was costly to take too many pictures. But those dirty side pictures we were working doing hard work like haying, cleaning the barn or worse yet the calf pens. Most pictures were taken of clean well dressed kids as that was how parents wanted others to see their kids vs always dirty.

    Being farm kids dirt did not bother us we were use to it. But we knew better than to ever show up at the table to eat dirty. Even lunch time we had to wash hands and face and if clothing was dirty change clothes. When the weather was nice we ate most lunches outside after washing up in the milk house sink in the barn – face and hands.

    In a home with 6+ kids as there were always cousins at the farm the home was spotless clean. It was that way due to changing out of dirty clothes and washing up before we entered the living quarters. Being poor is not an excuse for being dirty. Soap is not expensive but one has to put the effort forth to use it.

    As those at FJ if they have no clue what real country living is like on a farm then they should not be flinging shit about it. But they fling shit above and beyond being dirty.


  47. I didn’t make the first list of 55, but I was on the next one.

    I’m amused that someone used the word ‘complementary’ when they meant to write ‘complimentary’. I wonder which of the two educators in the Naugler household chose that word.

    “I wasn’t aware of doxing, socks, and all the other tactics on social media until I began following the Naug drama a year ago. For the learning, I give credit to Nicole and Company.”

    Neither did I until last year. I suppose they do deserve credit for it.


  48. I generally refrain from nitpicking grammar, usage and spelling errors because I have a learning-disabled child who struggles in spite of conscientious effort on her part.

    However, the Nauglers mangle the English language so pervasively that it is indicative of either a subpar education along with a flat out refusal to self-educate or possibly a learning disability.

    Nicole used word “elude” when I suppose she meant to type “allude.” “Allude” was not quite appropriate either since she was referring to a DIRECT reference, not an implied or indirect reference.

    The parents and their children could benefit from a strong basic writing program such as IEW, a penmanship course like Handwriting Without Tears and a spelling resource. It would be nice if one of her enthusiastic followers would provide the children with the educational resources, but who would guide them and oversee their progress? Sadly, no one.


  49. I need to add, I became part of the list, with my rl name. The reason was that I posted a few times on both pages, back in the day, about parents taking responsibility for minor children . Then the shtf, as preppers are won’t to state, the children were removed , she /Donny cook/ various leghunpers posted her list at that time, I sarcastically posted somewhere that I was disappointed not to be included. It took all of five minutes or less for me to be added.
    Then, the doxxing began. Even though by then, I had locked my Facebook down, Nicole or a rabid supported found a picture of one of my granddaughters in the hospital nursery (posted in a small etsy group I was apart of ( took some serious detective work). Another was a picture of me about a year l after, holding same baby after a long Thanksgiving dinner ( I was exhausted!?) I complained to Facebook, they were removed and then added over and over and over again.
    Later,my face book and some groups were hacked , the group’s where I had seldom posted, again about the nauglers lack of parental responsibility.
    Then I was banned on blh and ncn for calling donny cook ( a rabid and dangerous naug supported, an asshole..which he was , but oh so true!
    I’ve been blocked from posting on blh and ncn again for mentioning parental responsibility and serious lack of it on the part of the naugler parents.
    Never did I dozed, never did I copy naugler pictures, never did I diss their children.
    …and to add, many of the posters at FJ are what we call in my neck of the woods, Newport Bitches.
    Sorry for the long rant, but I’m not in any mood right now for the naugs and their psychotic shit.


  50. Lori,

    I hope this message finds you well. the conversations I had with you were polite, fun, and informative. as a woman who actually does all the things you say you do, you are incredible.

    Thank you for all the fun.


  51. Agreed with all comments re: FJ with the exception of Tarheel. I doubt Tarheel (if not a mod or a mod-humper) has read every post in the Naugler thread for the last few months.

    I was very appreciative when I began seeing locals show up on FJ. I followed the story from the beginning, and now we could hear real, inside, up close, personal details and experiences. No more speculating. Yay!

    Fast forward, and at this point, the locals have slowly migrated away, and so did I about a month ago.

    While I don’t agree with ALL the infractions that have been called out, what REALLY made me turn tail and run were the stomach-dropping comments to posters on the Naug thread. Mods behaving condescendingly, sanctimoniously, and NAME-CALLING (yep, that’s right – like spoiled children). These attacks would be totally unprovoked. The mods are supposedly people in a position of authority. Any type of authority commands a degree of respect. After 3 years, my respect went out the window. In some cases, “offenders” would apologize for the infraction in question and the beating continued by several more mods who would pile on after all had been resolved.

    Every single confrontation that has happened could’ve been dialed down several notches if the mods had just spoken to the “offender” as a fellow human being. Why they take the vile route they do is beyond me.

    I honestly don’t get it. I realize it’s a huge board, and there must be rules to enforce, and those who enforce them, or it would turn into chaos. But really, the “us vs. them” has physically made me ill at times. For those newer to FJ, I promise, I haven’t seen this behavior in the past like it is now in that thread.

    I had the feeling long ago (due to mod behavior) that they wanted the Naugler thread gone because it was too much work for them (that or the Naugs threatened a lawsuit). They’ve all but gotten their wish.

    Thank you Sally for your blog, and allowing me the opportunity to say something I’ve needed to say, tried to say, but was outnumbered.


  52. Tarheel wrote, “The Naugler threads have been particularly and uncharacteristically nasty, largely due to the influx of “locals” who migrated there to somehow settle a personal score?”

    I’ve been reading the Naugler thread(s) on FJ since their inception. With my very first comment on FJ, I was told (paraphrasing here) that it would be helpful if I’d actually read the threads before posting. What a welcome mat they laid out for me, a new poster. We all know that like the Shakers, when you prohibit the very thing that keeps you alive and growing, you guarantee your demise. If you’re not cultivating the membership, the membership will die by attrition. While I’m not really a “local” I do live in Kentucky and in a small county not unlike Breck County. I’m close enough the story was carried on my local news station. I have knowledge that other armchair warriors in other areas in the country do not have. I’ve not visited, period, since thread 14 and I don’t think I was caught up on it. I have no idea what happened over the weekend nor do I care to know, if the bits and pieces that are posted here mean anything. Plain and simple, if the admins are going to pick and choose what they allow and what they won’t, then they damn well better be consistent. They’re not.

    As for Sally and this blog and what they think of her/it, two words: fuck ’em. I don’t think Sally or any of the commenters here are going to lose any sleep over what FJ Admins think.

    Al wrote, “Not sure what you meant by “locals trying to settle a score”? I did participate for a short time but found my comments being edited at the whim of the moderators, and for reasons that I personally found completely trivial. I chose to stop posting and offering actual facts.”

    Their loss.

    Sally, thank you for the opportunity to express our opinions, to ask questions and to disagree without having to worry what will happen as the result of doing so. 99.999% of your readers agree.


  53. Never posted on FJ. I tend to ride alone and only interect with people i personally know or have come to trust. Stopped reading about the time they all but called the locals “hillbillies”.

    As to the Naugler experience, yup, learned all about fb security from personal heinous experiences. Even now I don’t have it down as I obviously didn’t understand that I needed to lock down each individual photo in my profile history file. Sorry again Lori.

    The name of my page is, unfortunate, in retrospect. I was spoiled by the intelligence and humor of the 55, and quite a few others. Never dawned on me that some people could be so thick. Even after all this time it fascinates me how such an obvious, not very clever, nor original, unattractive (not talking physical, but hey, not cute) couple could keep fooling so many people. It has shaken my faith in the inherent intelligent and good attributes of humans. That is quite a feat.


  54. Oh no, I don’t think you made a long drive planning to go take a look-see, but once there, surely it was tempting to drive by the shed, and a new baby is a perfect excuse. (Maybe it’s every region I’ve live in, but until babies are several months old, typically get-togethers to see new babies are small affairs, not a whole truck loaded with people and beer in a cooler.) If that’s the case, which I do believe, then it was wrong, but you know what? I would at least have considered it myself, though probably would have stayed behind because I don’t trust Joe to not pull a gun, and I’m worried they’ll eventually kill the kids in a psychotic rage or something. I bet a lot of the naysayers would have been racing for a spot in that truck.

    I only even mentioned it in my reply above because FJ thinks people who support this blog are leghumpers who think no wrong can be done, and it’s to underscore I hump no one’s leg just because I support a blog that is the truth as the author genuinely sees it, and there is no harm meant to kids, and Nicole’s job is protected. Nicole’s blog isn’t even her truth. It’s propaganda. But even with that, I’d tried encouraging her to and told her I have faith that she’s capable off rising out of this funk she and her family are in, and that I wish she could have a calm, relaxing vacation to get her bearings and destress. Her reply was, “You know you’re an idiot.” I don’t think she has faith in herself. She’s got some anchors holding her back.

    I’m not sure how you and Al and everyone can stand what Nicole’s doing, especially when she makes such horrid claims about your son. I don’t know if I could stop myself from planting her and Joe’s faces into the pavement. This blog is a milder release, and you deserve to have it. I’ll keep supporting it


  55. MyNameGoesHere,

    You bring up a great point about FJ, about how it was named after a minor for the purpose of snarking on her whole family. Her whole family, kids included, are still snarked on. What at the littler ones called? Howler monkeys?

    And if FJ’s so worried about the Naugler kids’ privacy, they should stop using the kids’ names. The names are banned here, but used all the time over there, and even if Sally deleted her post about the gas station, the FJ threads are full of people talking about it. I think it’s rich of them to chastise people who have to deal with the Naugers in real life, when they’re comfortable and safe from the Nauglers while Sally and Al and everyone else have to deal with them in person, and go to court dates, and may end up with unsafe water.

    Didn’t FJ have a bunch of pages talking about how saggy Nicole’s breasts are? And don’t they talk all the time about how smelly the kids must be, and what idiots they probably are, and other things? Yet they get onto Sally for repeating what a nervous teen said about another teen who was leering at her? Their own hands are unclean, and they aren’t in a spot to be getting onto Sally.


    FJ has summaries of the videos I can’t make myself get through.


  56. surely it was tempting to drive by the shed, and a new baby is a perfect excuse.

    Remember, I’d already been there once before. Nothing was new. It was after dark. What was I going to go see?

    It wasn’t a truck. There were two all-terrain farm vehicles. Not trucks. They don’t go very fast. And they don’t hold very many people.

    My husband was actually a little concerned when Joe came rampaging out into the road, and that’s why he was so adamant that I stay silent. I was not nearly as worried. Joe is a coward at heart.

    Thank you for being here.


  57. I am one of the original “55” as well as on the Cyber baddie list. This revered place in the pantheon of “trolls” was solely for me commenting on BLH back in May 2015:

    1) that the shack and environment were not safe for the children and
    2) that IMO Child Protective Services was obliged to remove them to investigate.
    3) That the children were removed legally.

    My comments were not flippant or impulsive. I arrived at this position as did JackLivinaShack (his comment further up).

    Vocal supporters, as well as fake profiles and pages, viciously pounced on me and BLH banned me very early. The Nauglers themselves or their squadron (under false names) sent me intimidating private messages, misogynistic insults, and made an implicit threat of violence. The harassment was intense and I walked away from this saga for a long time. Many other “critics” did, due to feeling threatened. Most never returned.

    Being a “hater” means this. I was and still am compassionate for the 11 children, and remain hopeful that they will find their own dreams and paths in life. A sound education will be the key to that . As to their parents, well, I am not a betting woman. Will they ever be self-reflective and see their part in creating their ongoing miseries? One can always hope for an epiphany.


  58. @andatje: I actually started putting together a list of public domain schoolbooks, with teachers’ manuals/answer keys, to post here in case the older kids might see it. Then I found out that besides their parents’ phones, which of course are under the parent’s control, the kids have one Kindle Fire. And public domain books downloaded via the Kindle Fire actually cost money unless the parents have sprung for the monthly premium service (I forget what it’s called). The only way for a book to be loaded onto the Kindle Fire without costing money is for somebody to e-mail the file directly to the Kindle’s email address. The likelihood that the kids have the premium service on that Kindle Fire is…not strong.

    I may post the booklist on my LJ anyway. Somebody might find it useful.


  59. I post at FJ and I really enjoy some of the regular posters. I have always been intrigued by the local posters in the Naugler thread, in fact I might have possibly driven Al nuts one night because I was really interested in how #poopgate might play out. I wil say that this is really different than anything else being discussed on FJ because it involves so many people that are actually included in a real life nightmare. I have always supported Sally and BLTATM. I will continue to do so. I am quite frankly impressed that the majority of the “local” players keeping their cool. It does bother me that we are really on the same side and it has come to Internet blows because I just picture Nicole cracking up.

    I will own up and say that some of my posts on FJ have been shoot from the hip because the N’s get a rise out of me.

    In the end I don’t have a horse in this race but I know that if I were a betting man, I would bet on those kids. They might be the most resilient people I don’t know to keep pushing on and on.


  60. The all-terrain vehicles weren’t even particularly souped-up. They were more like the little maintenance trucks you see on college or even high school campuses. Two seats in the front, a LITTLE bed in the back where you can put a few bales of hay or two trash cans, two kids and so on.

    Think glorified golf carts. That’s not many people to go visit the new baby and it took a real stretch of imagination for Joe to see rampaging hordes of barbarians at his gate. They were driving PAST their property to visit others.

    Yeah, it’s hard to see the N property after dark so what got Joe all worked up, anyway?


  61. But the blame where it needs to go…..

    I was not going to comment on this subject. But I would like to remind everyone that we all have the right to Freedom of Speech. But IMO, that does not mean it is morally right to talk about the children in such a manor as to humiliate them concerning their immediate need to accessible water, clean clothes or anything else. Their parents are the ones who have failed at providing their basic needs, even after large amounts of money was given to make the children’s lives better.

    Sally has a good set of rules in place on this blog concerning the children and the business. Personally, I have never posted a single comment on FJ. After reading there a couple of times I do not think anymore could be said. They’ve just about covered every opinion out there on this subject.
    However, I do think that both blogs are important. The unsuspecting public needs to know that if they donate money to this couple not a dime will be spent on making these children’s lives better. And there is hard evidence and proof of that.

    Additionally, I would like to point out that Sally had every right to be where ever she wanted and befriend whom ever she likes. Joe on the other hand had no right to stop anyone on a public roadway at night and act like he owned it.

    For me, Sally’s blog is like a public service in getting the word out about what lazy, scammers these folks are and cutting through the never ending BLH bullshit….and Sally does it very well.

    Keep up the good work Sally…your doing great !!!


  62. The unsuspecting public needs to know that if they donate money to this couple not a dime will be spent on making these children’s lives better. And there is hard evidence and proof of that.

    Well said. That’s why I’m here.


  63. FJ got very ugly and mean a long time ago, and the rampant posts and speculation about people was very nasty. The second Jinger Duggar announced she was courting, it had already been decided by FJ that he was abusive and controlling and RUN JINGER. It’s just awful. I can’t stand it and don’t read over there anymore, so I must have missed the latest crazy. But I’ve seen enough, to include picking apart every picture ever posted by anybody within the Duggar family, to only imagine how it went down.

    Sally and Al, I’m sorry you were treated poorly over there. I was there to read your posts but stopped visiting that site soon afterwards. They don’t listen to reason over there and I just can’t hang. However, I’m glad you’re blogging here and we still get to read what you have to say. Thanks for this, it’s definitely appreciated.


  64. Also a “55”‘er. Have had a few attempts at hacks, which fortunately were stopped early on, and several calls which were also dealt with swiftly. But I do not take their malicious efforts lightly either, as still occasionally something seems to come up. They are very nasty individuals and continue their efforts to silence non supporters.
    Also if the parents are not providing guidance, which they are not, the kids will be forced to learn many far more difficult lessons than personal hygiene from a much less forgiving public than found here as they mature. This is what happened recently and this will continue as the reality of Naugler unschooling unfolds. It is just the beginning as the older ones move into the real world.
    NN will wash and groom a dog, IF she’s paid, but neglects to teach hygiene and grooming to her own children. No one pays her for this, so unimportant to her, imo.


  65. “The unsuspecting public needs to know that if they donate money to this couple not a dime will be spent on making these children’s lives better. And there is hard evidence and proof of that.”

    Perhaps this should be the motto of the blog. For those who are new here and searching for answers.


  66. A few months ago, when I decided to check in and see what was going on with the “homestead”, I got a DM from someone I do not know. The message was a one liner and for a second I wasn’t sure what it was referring to. It was this, “Well, I guess you decided to be an A$$hole afterall. You are showing your true colors”!


  67. I want to interject something here.

    I suspect that at least some of this supposed harassment (on both sides) is not what it is thought to be.

    Let me explain what I mean. On my other blog, I have lately been getting messages and being stalked a bit by a totally crazy guy who has nothing to do with the subject matter or the blog itself. He has decided that I am an evil person and has pounced on me. In addition to sending me pretty terrible messages (they are light years more horrible than anything I’ve received on this blog), he has put up a couple of blogs and listed not only me but some other folks, our addresses, in some cases, phone numbers, you name it.

    He started a FB group to discuss how horrible I am. So far, he has six members: himself, two of his fakes, and three other people.

    When this first happened, I tried to stop his messages to me by simply doing a page on the blog and posting all of them publicly. That worked very briefly, but soon he was back with the blogs and the FB page and all that.

    So I am in ignore mode. I note what he’s doing (in case it escalates), but otherwise, I do nothing.

    What is interesting is that he has decided that I am the cause of every problem he has in his life. He got a PM from some fake “woman” who was clearly trolling and he has declared that I did it. His FB page was reported and he was placed in time out. He blames me for doing that. I am his current evil person and therefore it’s all me, even though it is not.

    Every week, I probably get five or six friend requests from obvious fakes. I have no idea why this happens, but it does. I ignore them. Sometimes I deny or delete them. But I don’t blame Nicole for them. Sometimes I get odd PMs from people who seem to have found my profile and who think I’m somebody else. So they blast away. Every now and then, I follow up on these, and often get a “Oh, gee, are you not the Sally Davis who went to Bloomington High School?” Well, no.

    Be careful about this. Everything weird that happens to any of us online, whether we are Naugler critics or supporters, is not due to the Nauglers or their henchmen, or overactive critics.


  68. “Be careful about this. Everything weird that happens to any of us online, whether we are Naugler critics or supporters, is not due to the Nauglers or their henchmen, or overactive critics.”

    So true. Sometimes odd stuff just happens. It seems to happen more frequently on Facebook but no platform is immune.


  69. “The unsuspecting public needs to know that if they donate money to this couple not a dime will be spent on making these children’s lives better. And there is hard evidence and proof of that.”

    — Just repeating in case anyone is skimming. This is why I personally appreciate the blog so much.
    That, and the Nauglers create or feed into unnecessary fear of social services, police, and child protection. Those systems are far from perfect but it does nobody any good to hide from them or hesitate to call when there is suspected abuse or mistreatment. In fact, that increases risk. Trauma and abuse occurs in secret.


  70. I’m not on the original 55 list. She has however, banned me and unbanned me multiple times. It think it hilarious. I’ve commented like 4 or 5 times, and only to point out the obvious. These kids though. ((Sigh)), I worry about those kids.


  71. magenta says:
    August 4, 2016 at 3:33 pm
    “The unsuspecting public needs to know that if they donate money to this couple not a dime will be spent on making these children’s lives better. And there is hard evidence and proof of that.”

    — Just repeating in case anyone is skimming. This is why I personally appreciate the blog so much.
    That, and the Nauglers create or feed into unnecessary fear of social services, police, and child protection. Those systems are far from perfect but it does nobody any good to hide from them or hesitate to call when there is suspected abuse or mistreatment. In fact, that increases risk. Trauma and abuse occurs in secret.

    Seconding and thirding this, this and this!


  72. Sally and Fellow Enlightens,
    I find it comforting to know that the Blessed (AKA as Nicole) remains consistent in what provokes her ire. For instance, she not only doesn’t like facts, but she also doesn’t like those folks who find facts or give facts. She would rather support her claims with her own ideas or what she wants to do rather than support them with proven facts. The Blessed likes to think she is special and smart and that she is doing things the right way; however, she is too lazy to really do the research needed for learning the regulations for going “off grid.” She admits that she had permits to apply for but the paper work was too much drama. Plus, I am pretty sure that she knows it’s just wrong to dump shit willy nilly on her land but when she tried to get Slug to build a correct shit house or build by code a humanure compost pile, he doesn’t seem to put forth the energy. Blessed and Slug then pile the responsibility of all the shit (metaphorically and, of course, literally) onto the children who are just not able to do it correctly. I mean, really, what kid wants to carry buckets of human waste up the side of a hill? Even having the children take on the responsibility of all the “doing-it-right” things, she just doesn’t have time with all the baby making and internet connecting and dog brushing and begging from the Blessings, her very loyal fans, to check on the kids to make sure they are doing it right.

    Even though the Blessed is an anti-intellectual, she likes to pose as an intellect, so she posts her little experiences and anecdotes on social media, sharing her life and experiences with the Blessings. She brags about her minimalists living, and she brags about Slug, AKA the baby daddy, staying home while she goes to work because isn’t that the coolest thing for faux hipsters to have mom support the family all by herself while the stay at home dad nurtures, teaches, and tends to the children? Of course, we all have determined that he doesn’t nurture, teach, or tend to the children.

    On those oft occasions where a critical thinker or two show up and tries to share knowledge with her or her little Blessings, she immediately circles the wagons because she cannot let Blessings know that she is really full of shit; that she isn’t living off the land but destroying it; that she is putting not only her neighbors but also her family at risk by throwing shit all over her property; and that her children are not being cared for but are like her animals, free range with little to no supervision or care. In order to succeed at damage control, she plays the victim and those really smart folk are the bullies. She twists our words as being mean and ugly and not words of truth. She takes the truths that we offer and uses them as excuses to bully us, even going so far as to interfere in our lives by interjecting herself at our jobs, slamming our families, trying to insert herself within our social network through our contacts, and rallying her little Blessings around her to support her bullying efforts.

    The truth about Blessed is she barely does enough to get by, and she works hard at beating the system because laws and regulations to her are stupid or a waste of time. So, it is no wonder that those of us who are severely blocked from the BLH FB and/or those who were put on the BLH list are critical thinkers who do research and analyze data. We are those people who read an article and recognize fallacious claims and bogus support, and we are the ones who share our findings. BTW, I was very shocked that I was not included on the list since I committed a large faux pas myself, which included providing scientific information related to composting humanure and the dangers of incorrect composting.
    BTW, Sally keep the information coming in because like we all have said, you provide a unique service that provides all of us with accurate information based in facts.


  73. Sally, the weird message thing is so true. For about a month on Facebook I kept getting friend requests from men in India. And messages I couldn’t read! I deleted every request, each day. My FB is locked down and has been for years. Finally I took the time to go into my settings and found my high school section was “open” and said I went to a very large school in India!! I have no idea how this happened, but I switched it back to “private high school”, and the friend requests ended!


  74. . BTW, I was very shocked that I was not included on the list since I committed a large faux pas myself, which included providing scientific information related to composting humanure and the dangers of incorrect composting.

    You were probably too late for inclusion. The List was compiled long before this blog came into existence and well before any of us realized they were dumping sewage, something that we would never have known if Nicole hadn’t chosen to brag about it.


  75. @Jeannie Waller: Apparently humanure composting is not covered by local regulations. The code only describes much bigger setups with more complex infrastructure.

    But–if they’d met the inspectors with an actual working humanure system, three stacks/boxes/chambers whatever you call them composting away inside a straw-bale barrier, a thermometer handy at all times for temperature checks, and most importantly no feces dumped on the ground, it might have been possible for them to get an exemption to the existing code.

    But that would have involved Mr. Naugler doing steady, consistent, and onerous work day after day. Based on his publicly attested performance so far, I can’t imagine him so much as picking out a catbox on a consistent basis.


  76. I haven’t spent too much time at FJ lately. The posts have been hypocritical at best. I Enjoy it here. I feel I can gave an intelligent conversation. Not into sites that bash other posters. The Nauglers,well..What can you do? When you get down to the nitty gritty, it’s a sad situation. Hubby made the statement there was no reason for people to be living that way. He is correct. They aren’t homesteading or living off grid. It’s surviving.
    It’s not fair to whatever animals they have left, to be exposed to the humanure piles either. Hell, my chickens live like kings compared to their animals (yes, my chickens are pets. The oldest ones are over 5 years old. No. They don’t come in my house, I have two dogs with very strong prey drives).
    Sally, thank you for keeping it classy here.


  77. Nicole, buy 10.00/mo. Adobe Photoshop editor, crop, edit, print, mount and frame your work. Oh yeah, sign it too. You can google YouTube and unschool yourself on this. Your boys can make simple gallery frames. Cover your shop window area and walls with your “gallery”. You have the space, so why not use it in an honest attempt at what you believe is your talent. There is a market for good artwork. Don’t overprice your work as an unknown artist.
    Go online and look up the hundreds of contests and enter your work. Sell your images on Pinterest. Do some animal or kid portraiture. Put your work out and see what sells.
    Start with a budget and a written plan and don’t exceed your budget and until you have sold your first piece limit your expenses accordingly. File for a biz lic and deduct your expenditures.
    I think after that you “may” have earned some merit to your demands. Maybe you’ll even find a new passion other than “blogging” for making some money, and far less stressful I’m sure.
    I know you dislike any advice, especially from a “troll” but I sincerely hope you try this and learn to be more self reliant and use what you believe is YOUR talent.


  78. So, I went down that rabbit hole over there at FJ, and I have to say that it isn’t organized and the majority of the comments are mean and without a purpose. I mean, you can go all over the net and find places to participate in conversations that have no real purpose. I prefer to make sure that the places that I participate have a function; you know, like here. The purpose is to educate, inform, relate, set the record straight, that kind of thing. When I read some of the post on FJ, there wasn’t a time when I was inspired to dig further or to respond as opposed to here where I am always motivated to contribute and to learn.

    Here we are led into conversations that range from compost to copyright and everything in between. We all see these varied topics through the lens of our knowledge and experiences but we also, or most of us, do research to make sure we are correct. That is why this blog beats the other blogs and boards hands down. Sally inspires truth.


  79. I rated an addition to her blog post. She posted screenshots taken from my private blocked profile that were acquired in summer 2015. They are hand written transcriptions of posts and comments of the blessed attack dog commenters, you know, as Nicole says her supporters and friends.

    Amanda who made a fake profile to stalk and harass those critical of the false Naugler narrative, because she just “had to”.

    Donny who was posting photos of his “gun grille”, sex talk and threats of road trips to my house. When he posted that screenshots that he took from my personal profile he boasted that even though my account was private and he was blocked he still got into the account. The writing is simply my message to him when he inevitably stalked my account later that day.

    Larisa is a special kind of snowflake. You should Google her comments online. Larisa not only wanted to shove a broomstick up a critics rear she also wanted to borrow the “gun”, her words transcribed.

    Janice liked to send threats of legal retribution. She didn’t know what she was talking about.

    The screenshots are all from summer 2015. Water under the bridge. I have my page now. Better yet we all have Sally’s amazing blog.


  80. Pretend like there is a leaning brick wall of Nauglerville and a BUNCH of baby brick walls it is leaning over as it gets ready to fall. All you Smart folks walk up to that brick wall and explain the ways of its error and to stand up straight or your baby brick walls are going to get hurt or die when you fall on them. HOW LONG will you stand there talking to that brick wall? Will it listen to you? Will it heed your warning and correct it’s ways? No the brick wall will just ban you and put you on the naughty list. You know the ole saying “Outof sight Outof Mind”

    Shes Making a List shes checking it twice shes going find out who’s naughty or nice. Nicky Naughler is hunting you down!

    Then comes Jones Smith the DAY Nicky went to Jail the ONLY thing Jones Smith wanted to know was them poor kids going to be ok? 🙁 Yes Jones Smith is a sock and KNEW how Nicky would act IF you even looked at her cross eyed. She would fall on you like a TON OF BRICKS coughcough. Not only on Jones Smith but ALL the family and friends of Jones Smith AND their Bosses.

    It did NOT take very long at all for Jones Smith to get banned from BLH and put on the Naughty list. 🙁 ANYWAYS to make a very LONG STORY Short after a few months of talking in public about Nicky on the Troll pages Jones Smith stopped making any kind of comments in public knowing full good and well the brick wall will not listen. Here comes the point LOL as funny as it is and goes to show how CRAZY Nicky can get sometimes when things don’t go her own very special way. You know beg for money get lots of money.

    Two or three months later all was well outside off Naughlerville then one day Jones Smith got notice to PROVE that was really Jones Smith LOL almost THREE MONTHS LATER without any public comments from Jones Smith and Nicky is still hounding the Naughty list just cause somebody stepped on her gravy train and felt she had to take it out on Everybody.

    IF Jones Smith seen you in Real Life and you brought up the name Nicky, Jones Smith would HAVE TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL. Nicky will HUNT YOU, YOU’RE FAMILY, FRIENDS AND WORK DOWN TO FIND YOU AND MESS YOU UP!

    RIP Jones Smith

    I always say BRAVO Sally you make my day.

    This time I would like to say BRAVO to all the commenters too! Its nice to see some people in the world really do care about others then JUST THEM SELF. Take notes Nicky PLEASE cause you really are CRAZY AND NEED HELP! FOR YOUR KIDS SAKE FIND IT.


  81. “Two or three months later all was well outside off Naughlerville then one day Jones Smith got notice to PROVE that was really Jones Smith LOL almost THREE MONTHS LATER without any public comments from Jones Smith and Nicky is still hounding the Naughty list just cause somebody stepped on her gravy train and felt she had to take it out on Everybody.”

    Yes, that was my experience too. Of course I am a real person and I have the paperwork to prove it (including a birth certificate, Nicole) so it was annoying but easily refuted.

    “Put your work out and see what sells.”

    @FB Refugee – I thought she was already in the business of selling the photos of the pets?


  82. @ Tekla, I saw that, and that could be a start if expanded upon as I believe those are used primarily as grooming advertisement. That market could be explored further if she attempted to capture in other settings the individual unique character of the animal, for just one example.
    I would also expand and explore other subjects of interest and display in a professional gallery style a limited portfolio of my work, especially considering her available storefront exposure. If she loves photography as she states, she should attempt to promote HER talent and interests.
    The major obstacle, imho, will be the ability to expose herself to critical review, however informal (nothing sells, openly listen to criticism of her work) and tailor her work accordingly.


  83. I didn’t even realize there were lists. When the kids were first taken I spoke out a bit. I had a little to contribute but I decided to distance myself from it all. I had distanced myself from her page before the kids were taken. Once the story hit the media I had a few friends who were outraged and wanted to help the family. I immediately tried to educate them and admittedly within the first few days I partook in some pages and drama I regret. For my own sanity I walked away.

    I was thrust back in because my words came back to haunt me. I own my words, I accept the consequences. Yes I was contacted via PM which was how I found out my words were out there. My Facebook page is very private so it’s hard for anyone to contact me, I thought I had everyone blocked but apparently some people enjoy creating names and pages and are able to get through restrictions. And now I’ve been sucked back in and am trying to catch up on what has happened in the past year. Honestly I am shocked. I am shocked by lists, I am shocked by the blog still being up and the pages still being up. I am amazed that the family is still being pimped out. I guess I expected Nicole to wise up and shut up, but she didn’t.

    Back to the lists, I didn’t make either. Which is fine. I know I am on her radar but I am not afraid of her. I don’t use my real name though. Sure maybe I am a chicken but I like my privacy.


  84. Dayummm? this is mind blowing. I wonder if Nicole will try to get me fired? Ya know, for chatting with y’all? Without her permission. Hmmm, guess I’ll have to wait n see. Wonder if, as she slithers around to read what I post, she really has a clear picture of who I am? Wonder if she knows what it feels like to have an alligator snapping turtle clamp on. Hmmm. So many questions. Thank you, all of you, for your candor. And thank you, Ms Davis, for allowing me to explore and express.
    Snapping turtles hurt. Like a bitch. Daddy used to call me turtle-turtle….he said I was like a double dose. ?


  85. Any idea why there was court again yesterday or today?

    It says she updated today while waiting for the judge?


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