Lisa the Lawyer Outta Louisville

Lisa the Lawyer Outta Louisville Troll is now on the auction block.

The fantastic LL, more of a centerpiece, or center of attention, depends who you talk to. She is pointing in an accusatory way at all guilty parties, but looking fabulous as her toenails are freshly painted.
She is 9″ tall, made with a piece of driftwood, dried flowers and polymer clay

ALL proceeds go right to the Kentucky Sheriffs Boys and Girls Ranch

8 thoughts on “Lisa the Lawyer Outta Louisville”

  1. Oh Lisa! You look so sweet. I almost get the impression that you’d be no help at all other than emotional support if the Nozzlers ever took me to court.

    BEAUTIFUL work Deb 🙂


  2. Lisa looks like she’s ready for the Kentucky Derby sporting a knee length hat popular this year with trolls who are known for their short stature.


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