Here are links to every article or forum or video or anything else we can find on the web that offers information, commentary, opinions, or news about the Naugler family.

We are including everything, no matter what viewpoint is expressed.



This is a forum. You can read about the Naugler saga for many hours.  The story has its own subsection here.





Another forum. Only one thread this time.

This is a forum for home schoolers who use classical material.


And yet another forum, this one very conservative, called “Free Republic.”

One thread , lots of comments.



And of all things, a forum about horses. One thread again, with many comments.



This is a web page, with links to various places, by Pace Ellsworth, the friend of the family who loaned Nicole money for her grooming business and who took over (from Joe Naugler, who started it) the GoFundMe campaign to raise money for them.



Speaking of GoFundMe. . .


Here’s a link to the original GFM campaign originated by Joe and taken over by Pace Ellsworth.



And yet another forum. The thread title to this one made me laugh.


Because, you know, the sheriff’s office and the child protective services folks in Breckinridge County, KENTUCKY, are so “progressive” and all that.




headline daily beast

The Daily Beast



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