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There is a comment that was made on several different blogs a year or so ago that is floating around, being produced as supposed proof that Cathy Harris’ stories of abduction, abuse, and physical injury are true. It has arisen yet again, this time over on the Truth Seeking 2nd Edition page on Facebook (now defunct), so I am going to address it here.

Here’s the text:

drrichardharris29@gmail.com Submitted on 2013/02/21 at 5:49 am

I’m in the position to write, I know Cathy Harris. I’ve known her a large portion of her life. She isn’t lying about what happened to her at the hands of that evil woman, Cleo. If anything, Cathy minimizes what she suffered on that farm.

Knowing that. I think Cathy was first used by the likes of Jocelyn Zichterman. Jocelyn was the one who convinced Cathy there was some grand conspiracy. Her adoptive pastor father had covered up the whole matter and allowed Cathy to suffer for years. It was ALL HIS FAULT, not Cleo’s fault, Cathy’s abductor. When Jocelyn Z. starting making claims that became more and more bazaar, Cathy, quietly tried to jump off Jocelyn’s crazy train. It was then, Jocelyn turned on Cathy and became meaner than a junk yard hound that hasn’t been fed for a week.

Then came this Camille Lewis and eventually Jeffrey Hoffman. They act like they’re Cathy’s friends. I wonder where they’ll be when Cathy has another nervous breakdown, or ends up hospitalized from depression and PTSD. Or worse yet, commits suicide…. I’ll tell you what I think will happen. Camille and Jeffrey (and the rest of this group of users, like this blog) will act as if they don’t know Cathy.

She is being used. They’ve convinced her to speak out. But none of them are really care about her, or really want to help her (or in my opinion any of the other victims they claim to care so much about..) Camille and Jeffrey will just move on and find their next poster child for their cause.

I don’t think it will do anyone any good to claim Cathy hasn’t been abused. She’s pretty shy about showing off her scars, (which is quite understandable,) but these types off allegations are only playing into the hands of those using her. All they have to do is convince Cathy to show GRACE the burn, whip, and other scars. Cathy doesn’t need to take her blouse off to show the whip marks on her back, all she would have to do is roll up her sleeves, or just lift her skirt a short distance, or even take off her shoes. Cathy is covered with *real* scars from her face to her toes. Literal scars from burns (Cleo caused third-degree burns over more than 50 % of her body), to whip marks, to knife wounds. Cathy of all people doesn’t need to be used by the likes of Camille Lewis and Jeffrey Hoffman. She’s suffered enough. It’s time you all do what they claim to what to do…. let her heal.

My, my. Oh, my. Proof. We have proof. This message, as I said, was posted in multiple places on or about the same day in 2013. In the case of the copy that was posted to the Facebook page, the sender is identified as “drrichardharris29@gmail.com.” This means that somebody created a gmail account using that name. The person may or may not have been Dr. Richard Harris, Cathy Harris’ adoptive father.

About the same day, the same message appeared on another blog, this time with the name “Concerned Pastor.” The IP address was from Hatboro, PA. Oh, my. That has to be Dr. Richard Harris, doesn’t it? It’s proof. Isn’t it?

Well, consider this :





Well, well, well. Here we have another message from dear old Dad. Or do we? How would we know? Both of these are floating about the internet, both claim to be from Dr. Richard Harris.

There are three possibilities here. Let’s consider them all.

Both messages are real.

I suppose that’s possible, but I think it’s highly unlikely. The writing is very different. In the first message, the supposed Dr. Harris insists that Cathy is fragile, might harm herself, was horribly abused and is being terribly used by various people. In the second email, he says that she needs to fend for herself.

The first message is written in a very disjointed fashion, using lots of clichés like “meaner than a junkyard dog” (where have you heard that line before, and is it really likely that an elderly pastor would have that easily roll off his keyboard?) Do you suppose he’d misuse the word “bazaar” when he meant “bizarre”? In the other email, the writing is deliberate and composed and far more educated. It’s much more like the letter of a father trying to explain a bit of tough love to a daughter.

One message is a fake. The other is real.

This is certainly possible. How would one go about determining which was which, though? Both messages use email addresses from online free email providers. Either one could be easily faked. The bottom email could be entirely faked from start to finish by somebody with enough computer skills to make a word processor document appear like a printed out email. But the top one could have been sent by anyone who happened to be located in/near Hatboro, PA. That means it was Richard Harris, for real, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t. Lots of people live in or near Hatboro, PA, including Cathy Harris.

Is it reasonable to believe that Richard Harris went to the trouble to hastily compose a sort of rant about Cathy, and then posted it to multiple obscure blogs on the internet, all on or about the same day, cutting and pasting the same message over and over again? Why would he do this and use the email address that supposed clearly identifies who he is and then say “Her adoptive pastor father had covered up…”? Why wouldn’t he have said “They accused ME of…” Of course, on at least one of the blogs involved, his email never appears and the only identification is the screen name “Concerned Pastor.”

Both messages are fake.

Obviously this is a possibility. After all, these stuff is circulating through a community of people who regularly engage in using fake identities, make fake blogs and fake Facebook pages, and then congregate in who knows how many secret groups whispering about each other endlessly. Almost nobody involved seems to think this sort of subterfuge and deception is even odd. It certainly isn’t considered immoral.

When faced with internet rumors, it’s a much better policy to examine all the evidence, and discard anything that cannot be fully vetted.

Amd most certainly, this is not what you do – insinuate that this completely unvetted, absolutely unproven, comment somehow indicates that the man who wrote it raped or otherwise abused Cathy Harris. Not if you have a shred of intellectual honesty. And this person, using a fake name, of course, implies over and over again that s/he is a lawyer.


Rather than wondering which message is real, it’s more reasonable to suppose that nothing, at least when it comes to this particular group of folks, is real.

…perception is reality to everybody. – Dan Keller

Uh. No. It’s not.



With this and a few others like it, I have confirmation that the second letter, the one via email, from Richard Harris is in fact authentic. Thanks.

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18 thoughts on “Letters From Dad”

  1. All of this is new to me, and I find it interesting in a car wreck sort of way. But I do have a request/suggestion. Could you possibly add when the blog post was originally written to the top or bottom of each posting? I’m just having trouble following the timeline, but from references to a year ago, and a letter dated 2013, I’m guessing this is not all current? Obviously it’s your blog and you can do whatever you prefer, but clearer dating would be helpful to anyone who comes into contact with this woman in the present or future and starts questioning her story of the day.


  2. Well, I’ve fallen down this rabbit hole. Sally, one thing I’m confused about is wasn’t Lou’s last name Canby? But then the long lost family are Canby’s too. Wonder how they feel about Uncle Lou being a pedophile child rapist.


  3. The only part of the first letter that doesn’t sound fake is the Jocelyn part.

    That was a freak show. I wonder what ever happened to her?


  4. Wonder how they feel about Uncle Lou being a pedophile child rapist.

    Very good question.


  5. Could you possibly add when the blog post was originally written to the top or bottom of each posting?

    I’ve tried to do that. If you look over to the left, there is a date. On the Letters From Dad post, it’s today’s date, which is obviously incorrect.

    Keep in mind that I am not transferring blog posts. I am transferring a static web site. I don’t have the date that I put up most of the pages. It never occurred to me to keep track of that at the time. So I’ve done some guessing, sometimes wild guessing.

    And I am going back and editing as I go and it’s a bit of a mess.

    In the end, I’ll have a menu with a page that summarizes the whole thing, along with chronological links.

    This is the most boring thing you can imagine doing, so I cannot spend much time each day doing it or I will go bananas. I try to do a little every day. There is no way for me to “publish” these pages without those of you who get notified of new postings getting notified. I apologize for that.

    Honestly, I considered just shit canning the whole thing, but there are still people affected by all this and I can’t bring myself to do it. This was the only solution I could come up with that was economically feasible.


  6. Cathy doesn’t need to take her blouse off to show the whip marks on her back, all she would have to do is roll up her sleeves, or just lift her skirt a short distance, or even take off her shoes. Cathy is covered with *real* scars from her face to her toes. Literal scars from burns (Cleo caused third-degree burns over more than 50 % of her body), to whip marks, to knife wounds.

    Funny that none of those scars were seen when she was reunited with the G. L. Canby’s family. Her sleeves pulled up when she raised her arms to hug people. Also, FACE to toes. I didn’t see anything on her face, neck or décolletage


  7. This is one of my favorite screen shots.

    See the teensy mark on Cathy’s neck there? Karen Wow-Wow Gullible Lee asks if it’s a burn scar. The admin (whether Cathy or not) replies oh yes it is. This was directed right at me, to show how stupid I am. At no point does Cathy interject a word.

    But there’s a huge problem.

    That’s a photo of Cathy in about the fourth grade, YEARS before the burn occurred.


  8. The “burn scar” looks like a wisp of hair to me.?

    It doesn’t matter what it is. The fact is that the photo precedes the event by years.


  9. Sally this whole story would make an excellent true crime story.
    So many people have been taken in by internet scammers. People that have faked cancer, abuse, child adoption and so much more.
    You have enough material for a very good book!


  10. The last I remember of Jocelyn was when her husband posted that she would no longer be online or posting.

    I knew she had a brain tumor and wondered if that accounted for how she turned on those she once promoted.

    I didn’t know her (or anyone else) involved in all of that, I think I got on the crazy train when she and her sister accused their pastor father and pastor brother of abuse on Sharper Iron. And while she had extreme swings in moods and later events showed that she was just as low down and manipulative as her father, I always had pity for her. She did seem like a victim, of something I’m not sure what, but she was one wounded lady.

    But then she just got meaner and meaner, and someone posted some of the contracts she’s made victims sign, WOW. Could not believe she did that, making merchandise out of them.

    What a time that was in IFB-land.

    I like a good dumpster fire and much as the next person and seeing some of those holier than thou preachers exposed was good, but sometimes the human cost seemed a little high. People went way off the deep-end into a kind of permanent mental place where creating false personas to attack other people seemed totally justified to them.

    I’m not a pro-BJU preson. Every BJU’er I knew always seemed pretentious, especially the preachers from there. But the thing about BJU, if you go there, you know what you’re getting into, right? Legalistic. Pretentious. Family run (at the time.) No church or board with much power to control the power hungry. Way more expensive than most. So I just never understood why anyone wanted to go there.

    Thanks for letting me ramble. Brings back a lot of memories.


  11. Sally this whole story would make an excellent true crime story.

    I think it’s been done, rather well, by Stieg Larsson. The first book was published in 2005. I wonder if Cathy read the series. There are parallels.


  12. Cleo’s first name is CLEOPATRA. Her surname was misspelled a few times.

    Peter W. Magsam married Salina Catherine Smith (1858 – 1932).

    In 1900, it was Magsum (her father, Peter W was born in Germany) and they had been married 15 years. Children: Edna Oct 1885, Clifford Warren/Warren Clifford born 10 Aug 1888, Robert S born Aug 1890, George A born 23 Jan 1895 and Cleo E born Aug 1897. Her father was a grocer. Whatever other shortcomings her parents had, they took education seriously – her siblings were in school.

    1910: P(eter) William MAGSOM is 55, an auctioneer and the family is living at 1211 Mifflin Street, Huntingdon, PA. Selina (sic) Magsom is 51. They have 5 children and all five are alive. Clifford is 21 and I can’t figure out his occupation, Robert is 19 (student), George is 15 (student) and Cleo is 12 (student).

    Edna is no longer living with her parents. She was wed 21 August 1907 to Edward Forrester in NYC.

    Robert died in 1918. Poor guy.

    In 1920 Cleo was still living with her mother, brother and sister-in-law and her surname was spelled Magson this time around. Her father was dead. Her brother George A. was 25, married to Rosa Scharnick (born in NJ. Her parents were born in Germany) age 22. Cleopatra E. is also age 22. George is a machinist at a steel mill. 2723 16th Street, Philadelphia is their address (Ward 38).

    Awww. They have a little boy later that year. George A Magsam, Jr. 28 Dec 1920 – 13 Dec 1997. I hope he had a good life.

    Also in 1920, Warren C. Magsowen (sic), age 32, is living with his wife Margaret and daughter Jasmine in Philadelphia. Margaret’s father was born in England, she is 22 yo. Jasmine is 4 yo.

    1930 Cleo is married to Culton H (sic) Smith. Her niece, Jasmine is living with them. I do believe he is Carlton Vance Smith and he’s a WWI veteran, dob 17 June 1899. He lists his father, Edward, as his nearest relative. I think he’s left-handed by the way he signs his name and the marked slant to the left. He was attending Ohio Northern University when he enlisted. They noted he was tall & slender, with brown hair and brown eyes.

    1930 census he was mistakenly identified as Clifford Warren Magsam. Divorced. Owns filling station in Smithfield Township, PA.

    WWII, he tried to enlist. He’s noted as being 5’9″, grey hair, 210 pounds, ruddy complexion. I don’t think they took him on, but I may be wrong. I didn’t really check it out thoroughly.

    Warren Clifford Magsam eventually remarried. Lilian C. (McClure) on the 4th of October 1934. She was born in PA 1899. At least one daughter, Carolyn F. Magsam in 1932 or so (married Harry A. Weko on June 20, 1953). I don’t know if Mrs. Vance Palmer of Oldbridge, NJ was his daughter with Margaret, Lilian or someone else entirely. He died 19 June 1960.

    1940: Jasmine is married to Charles Prough (age 34) and has a daughter Marlane (sic?) age 7. They live with his parents. Jasmine finished two years of high school. Charles went to high school for 3 years. He’s a plumber at Juniata College and earns $900/year. Jasmine’s father, Warren C. MAGSAM ,lives next door with his new wife (Lilian age 41) and daughter Carolyn (age 4). Warren Clifford/Clifford Warren finished college; Lilian made it to 8th grade. He also owns a service station and pulls in $1200/year. Darn good money in 1940.

    Revisiting 1930:
    702 Pennsylvania Avenue, Huntingdon, PA
    Frank Prough 54 yo married at age 28. Brakeman – Steam railroad (head of household)
    Rachel M 53 yo married at age 27 (wife)
    William B 25 yo spinner – silk mill (son)
    Charles L 24 yo plumber – house (son)
    Callie Fluke 79 widowed MIL

    I’m going to make a guess now.

    MARLANE PROUGH is SALINA SMITH’s (AKA Cathy S. Harris) biological mother (Marlane is Jasmine’s daughter). She would be 19 or 20 in 1963 and I can readily imagine her family insisting that she not keep the baby and asking Cleo if she would raise the girl. Cleo had taken Jasmine in (1930) after all when her parents’ union ended (death? divorce). A woman named Marlane Schlautman was born 6 August 1933, died 25 July 1980. Maybe she was Salina/Cathy’s biological mother?

    Jasmine later divorced Charles and stayed in Florida.

    Cleo’s second husband/lover was Gold Lewis Canby. If he is Cathy’s biological father, then she’s accusing him of incest. I doubt his extended family would welcome that news. I hope they ask her to get a DNA test.

    Cathy is busy setting up Dr. Richard Harris.

    Cathy Harris, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a survivor of alleged kidnapping, rape and human trafficking that took place spanning multiple decades and multiple states was reunited yesterday at 7:00 PM EST with surviving members of her biological family, after over four decades, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Her true name is Salina Canby.

    Ms. Harris’s biological family never ceased their search, despite the fact she went missing over four decades ago. The Canby family made trips up to a church in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where they claim they confronted the pastor concerning the whereabouts of Ms. Harris. The pastor allegedly told the Canbys that he didn’t know her whereabouts. Ms. Harris was living in the pastor’s basement at the time. He convinced Ms. Harris that no one cared about her and no one was looking for her. Ms. Harris alleges much mental, physical and sexual abuse occurred as a child during this time period.

    Justice For Cathy Harris (Justice For Salina Canby)


  13. I found a newspaper clipping regarding the pedestrian accident that killed Carlton V. Smith (Cleo’s husband). He was wearing dark clothes, was walking along the road, it was dark and he was struck by a car driven by J. D. Lindsey.

    Mr. Lindsey was not charged.

    Cleo’s father died in 1916 at his residence 1211 Mifflin Street – diabetes.

    Oddly enough there is conflicting information regarding his activities during the Civil War. His obituary gushed and glowed about his service. However, there was a newspaper article published in the Pittsburgh Daily Post, 27 Jan 1863 where he claimed exemption (alien) and discharge. He may have joined later. There is a private Peter Magron who joined 2 September 1864 and mustered out with Company, May 31, 1865. Sometimes you can’t tell if someone wrote ‘s’ or ‘r’ in cursive.

    Robert Magsam died 14 October 1918 – Spanish Flu

    Edna Ruth (Magsam) Kemp died 28 Dec 1955. Nothing was said about her first husband, maybe he died young. She was a graduate of Juniata College. Her second husband was Arthur Kemp.


  14. Great research. It doesn’t seem to have taken you that long. I wonder why Cathy Harris hasn’t appeared to apply herself to doing the same? Maybe it would interfere with her “stories?”


  15. “I plan not to interfere with your lives as little as possible.”

    Freudian slip?

    “…but the lady asked, ‘Are you neat?’ How was I supposed to answer that?”

    So she’s not tidy either.

    Dr. Christian Ogilvie? He’s now at University of Minnesota as of 2009. He was at University of Pennsylvania before that.


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