Left Out

I got a message this morning.  I feel so badly for this anonymous person that I’m going to put the message here.  She asks a lot of questions, but provides no way to answer them.

I really think she meant to make a real comment and just wrote it in the wrong place.

Seriously, if you write me this sort of stuff, address “you people” and not just me,  ask questions, and do it in such a way that I cannot reply, I am going to make it public.

By all means, and in fact using all your means, Nonya, donate to Nicole and Joe.  Have at it.  Make lots of purchases of crappy little bows.  Buy a whole boatload of them.

Nicole and Joe would be very happy.

Me? I think I’ll opt out. Instead, we donated to a real charity where we know the money goes directly to benefit the kids involved.  Nicole spins this by insisting that we are benefiting the Sheriff’s Association (the parent organization for the Ranch) because she doesn’t want people to know what the charity is, or even that it is a charity.  Take a look at it while you’re taking Nicole’s advice and checking out both sides of the story.


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  1. ” I don’t know why you are doing what you’re doing, frankly I don’t care….”. “…because how Nicole raises her family is her business”.

    I interpret to mean noname doesn’t care about whys and whats. Of either Nicole or critics. Just to call out a someone, everyone, whatever, as being childish bullies. Oh come on, noname, you don’t care either. Don’t assume, since you don’t care as stated, what concerns the parties you are addressing. Be that a someone, everyone, or whatever.

    If you feel better about yourself, donating, then do so. If you feel like you are helping, then donate food and clothes and make purchases from her business. I don’t care.

    See how easy this is, when we both frankly don’t care. Peace. Namaste. Have a nice day!


  2. We have supported Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler and their children with our state and federal tax dollars for over two years.

    We support the Naugler children with our laws, with our government sponsored and paid for with our tax dollars court, GAL, Department of Families, state social workers, and state funded foster families, doctors, therapists, evaluators, and any and all other services that have been provided on the tax payer dollar to the Naugler family.

    Since Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler pled to dependency in the child dependency, neglect, abuse case we will be funding them with our taxpayer dollars for an indeterminate amount of time. We doubt that the state will allow the children to go hungry or be homeless while under their supervision.

    We also support Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler with our tax dollars every time they appear in our court system on various criminal charges, code violations, or their extensive utilization and attempts to game the system. We support Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler wth our tax dollars every time LE is involved or the many calls to LE that the Nauglers indulge in. We are supporting their two oldest sons as they start to find themselves before our state court system for a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to, Temporary Emergency Protective Orders based on alleged domestic violence and charges of allegedly brandishing a gun against members of the community.

    Please define “you people” and please explain how anything “you people” have done will “financially ruin” them. We await your explanation with baited breath.


  3. There’s a reason that while those kids are in Nicole and joes care I would not buy them one thing. Because it would be destroyed very shortly with the way they take care of their property.

    There’s a reason that while those kids are in their care I would not donate a penny. Because it would not go to the kids.

    If the kids were taken away I would make a donation to buy them what they need. Or send them to camp or something.


  4. Giving the Nauglers donations of STUFF like clothes would go against their (well, Nicole’s) minimalist beliefs. Though if the items donated were something that could be sold for cash so that restaurant food for Joe could be purchased they might accept.


  5. I keep waiting for those damning videos. Al and Ron are in my opinion more trust worthy then those two damnliars


  6. How very brave of Nonya, (as in Nonya Bidness? Oh so clever). May I make a suggestion to our new friend? Go back through all these blogs. I believe the Blessed ones start around December ’15, or January ’16. Then go back and read Mrs. N’s blogs. Read them all. Take your time, we’ll wait. Then, by all means, come back and have a discussion. When you do, try a better name. Use a little imagination! You might surprise yourself.

    Oh wait! You don’t care!


  7. Maybe someone should send the Nauglers some sturdy fencing so Maggie doesn’t have to be sentenced to a life changed up. They didn’t even bother to take her chain off for the video. That sweet dog is being punished because she used to wander and get some food and love in the neighbor’s garage. How can Nicole claim to care about animal rights and mistreat her own dog like that?


  8. How can Nicole claim to care about animal rights and mistreat her own dog like that?

    It would be more accurate to say she should care about animal welfare, rather than animal rights. But she doesn’t give a shit. If one dies, she just gets another and neglects it too.


  9. Nicole doesn’t want donations she only wants money. She will sell everything for money TO buy crap so why should I give her anything? She got $45,000 and has nothing to show for it.


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