Land of the Free

Land of the Free

If there were ever nonsense, this is it.

love the wrong person

Ask Kim Davis how that claim is working out. We have some way to go, but we’re not where we were as a society when I was young.

grow the wrong plant


refuse to fund wars

We do not allow people in this society, this country, to pick and choose which taxes they want to pay or to designate where their tax dollars go.  We have a system where we freely elect our representatives.  And before you start with the whole “the elections are rigged” crap, I give you Barack Obama (who didn’t have a chance as far as I could see) and from the other side,  the situation with Donald Trump (who is a national embarrassment).

If it was all “rigged,” then the riggers are bonkers and don’t seem to be able to agree on anything.

Nicole and Joe Naugler do not pay any income taxes at all because they do not file. Therefore, they have no say whatever in anything, frankly, and should just STFU.

cut hair without government approval

I had to read this one twice to figure what in the hell it was talking about.  Licensing for hair dressers.  Yeah. If I go have my hair cut, or styled, or colored, you betcha that I want to know that the person doing that knows what the hell they are doing. They are putting crap on my body.

There are public health issues involved.  But Nicole doesn’t believe that health issues are even issues at all, so naturally this wouldn’t matter to her.

neglect to pay your rulers

As I said before, Nicole and Joe Naugler do not file income tax returns and therefore do not pay any taxes and therefore need to STFU.

They aren’t my “rulers.”  I pay taxes to my government, which consists of representatives that are elected by me and my fellow citizens.

sell unprocessed milk

Go read a little bit about pasteurization and why we have it for milk, and what it was like when we didn’t have it, and how many babies died annually from contaminated raw milk. Read about how unscrupulous people would put extenders in the milk, like chalk.

Then go milk a cow. I dare you.  Go do it.  Take a container with you (and not a plastic crappy old cup, but a nice clean stainless steel container).  Clean the cow’s udder.  Take all the time you want.  Be sure to get all the shit off her teats, because cows lie down in it regularly.  Then milk with your hands that may or may not be terribly clean at this point.  Or use a milking machine, and hope to hell it was properly cleaned and that there are no little crannies with bacteria pooled in them. And when you’re done, strain the milk carefully.

Now, test the bacteria count of the milk.  See how contaminated it is. Let it sit in the refrigerator for two days and then test it again.  Gasp.

Then pasteurize your milk if you’re smart.  Or, if you’re not, use the raw milk and gamble.  Just don’t gamble with my family.

collect rainfall on your own property

This depends entirely on where you live. In some dry, desert areas, rainfall is considered a public commodity and has to be shared.  This is not unique to the American desert.  It’s also the case in other countries where water is scarce.

But hey, Nicole, you can collect all the water you want on your own property in Kentucky. Why don’t you do that, instead of getting Joe to go steal it for you?

open a lemonade stand without government approval

Yeah, let’s make a big deal out of this. Children want to open a little lemonade stand to make some pocket money and big bad evil government says they can’t without licensing.  And this is terrible.

But it’s also generally fixable without much trouble.  Every article I could find about this ended with a pretty decent resolution to the problem.

You do realize that if the state didn’t have laws about shit like this, Nicole would have her children offering lemonade for sale out in front of their business regularly.  They’d make it in white plastic buckets. I’d rather have some raw milk than a glass of that stuff.

So that’s the great list of Things You Can’t Do and Isn’t It Terrible.

Try living in Saudi Arabia and then come back to me with your bitching.  Or better yet, trying actually voting, Nicole, instead of just whining about “why can’t I do anything I want no matter what anyone says.”




21 thoughts on “Land of the Free”

  1. Just another load of keyboard diarrhea that’s easy to share and makes her sound deep and educated to her sheeple.

    Sheeple- people who follow a different shepherd than you do.


  2. That meme or whatever you call it is the most ludicrous, ridiculous nonsense I’ve ever come across. Even for Nicole this is past stupid.

    If she and Joe are so persecuted they should just leave the US. God knows they are doing exactly nothing to contribute to or improve our society. I’ll gladly help them pack up and shove their Blessed Little Boat out into the ocean where they can live free.


  3. I remember a few years ago a legislator from Indiana wanted to eliminate licensing for hairstylist because the state had a shortage and hairstylist could just intern their way into a career according to his brilliant idea. What he didn’t realize was beauty supply stores only sell certain chemicals to licensed stylist for two reasons. The first is mixing the wrong chemicals can chemically burn someone severely and the second is hair styling chemicals can easily be used to make bombs. So if someone wanted to plot a terrorist attack they now had unlimited unchecked access to bomb making chemicals and the stores would have no basis to deny them the sale of a particular chemical because they could no longer use state licenses to ensure chemicals would not end up in the wrong hands. In less than a week the legislation was dead in the water. While cutting someone’s hair may not be a huge issue chemically burning their eyes that could lead to permanent blindness certainly is.


  4. Spot-on blog and comments.
    How grossly propagandized and insipid this meme is. Just one in a long, incessant tirade of ludicrous Don’t Tread On Me vitriol that would be better channeled towards positive action.
    Like bettering the Naugler homestead and the lives of their children.
    When was the last time anyone saw an actual photo of the homestead and its progress?


  5. The Nauglers do no vote, do not pay taxes, do nothing for their fellow man, other than provide sick entertainment. Why they have ‘followers’ is beyond me, although those ‘followers’ just might need the same kind of mental help the Nauglers need. They certainly won’t get it from following Nicole and her standards.


  6. I especially enjoyed the all-knowledgable Nicole sharing her thoughts about putting “crap” into our bodies as she pours the processed cheese sauce over her noodles (also processed). My God, what did we ever do without her sound advice on vaccinations?


  7. I see she already made a comment about “if you don’t like it, why don’t you leave the USA, because I don’t want to be a victim of the USA’s foreign policy”. Okay then. They weren’t born in Kentucky. Moved here after they’d already had a couple of kids, and according to Joe, a couple of run ins with CPS and vengeful neighbor’s. How about they move to Iowa or Arizona or one of those states their supporters and mouthpieces come from? Just a suggestion. I think they’d be much happier there among friends and fellow “thinkers”. Kentucky ended up not being as easy or accommodating as they expected. They’ve worn their welcome out in a lot of different communities in the state over the last few years. Maybe they and their friends can even stop suggesting to people that they move here, because they think we are push overs. What is it with all these out of state people taking advantage of their “rights” so they can move in as your neighbor and then try to take away your “rights”. I’ve had a stomach full of them. This used to be such a nice place.


  8. It’s amazing to me that the two people who don’t vote, don’t pay their taxes and don’t contribute in any way that I can see to improving the community around them (volunteering, for example: blood donations, reading to someone who can’t, etc.) feel compelled to criticize the rules that society currently has to deal with one another and to minimize harm to others.

    Doesn’t mean all the rules are good ones, but often if you look into WHY the laws were passed you can see that they often made some sense at the time. May need to be changed or done away with but if that is the case, someone who votes should petition for it.

    Or in the case of the 16, 17 and current 18 year old, go petition anyway as a nascent voter. The legislature generally has a lot of warm regard for young people who take the time to put together a proposal of some sort.

    I suspect that the family is far too familiar with the effects of unpasteurized milk that is gathered in a less than sanitary manner. After all, take a peek at the expired, dented, rusted cans of mystery food that Nicole referred to as part of her pantry.


  9. Do people who refuse to vaccinate their children against (any/all) diseases also refuse to get their mammalian pets vaccinated against rabies? Do they not believe that it prevents their pet from getting a BL4 disease, and potentially giving it to a family member?

    I do sometimes wonder if some people separate one from the other. After all, to license a dog or cat you have to provide proof of rabies.

    Rabies is an ugly way to die and it’s not pleasant to treat someone prophylactically for it either.


  10. They avoid getting the “welfare”. Nikki claims its because they are opposed to using funds extorted from the working class at the point of a gun. Not even touching that for right now.
    Do you want to know what I think the real reasons are?
    1. Getting state benefits requires proof of need.
    They would have to supply shit loads of documentation. Socials for all the kids, documentation of all thier bills, P&L statements for the business, titles and registration for any vehicles, bank statements…. You get the gist.
    2. Getting state benefits requires that the adults in the household prove they are working hard to improve their situation. Homestead hubby would need to get a job, prove he is looking for a job… Not going to happen. Probably can’t pass a piss test
    3. The caseworker is a mandatory reporter.
    4. There is a time limit for TANF, and foodstamps require all those pesky requirements be updated every 6 months.

    All that being said, I would sleep better knowing they were pulling in some foodstamps. It’s safer than the alleged begging on the side of the road, or GFM begging.

    But that’s work. It’s easier to just beg, because no one really expects a begger to improve their situation, or supply bank account info proving need.

    Now, speaking of extortion, when I see someone use an EBT card to purchase food, I know that for them to have it, they need it. Also. I know they have been offered other forms of help, including education and job training assistance. I am grateful that I am able to contribute, through my taxes, to making sure no one goes hungry while that family rides out what is most often a temporary need.
    The N’s don’t want that. They don’t want to be accountable to anyone.
    Jokes on them; they are accountable. To their children. Nothing I, nor anyone else, can say to them will change the reckoning they will have one day. 11 kids, someone’s going to rebel.
    It’s not going to be pretty when it happens.


  11. Ah yes . . .

    The Nauglers. The poster couple of American rights and constitutional freedoms.

    No wonder the rest of the world thinks many Americans are arrogant, clueless, selfish assholes.

    After listening to Joe’s manic interview with the Tennessee Attorney, I realized that they’ve watched the movie “Idiocracy” and seemed to think it was an instructional video.


  12. lalaloopsey stated, “Why they have ‘followers’ is beyond me,”. I would say, the followers of BLH page don’t get the dose of Nicole propaganda, with all these idiotic memes. Remember, those followers enjoy the page about “A faith driven unschooling off grid wilderness homesteading family of 13 people, pets and a few random farm animals living a back to basics minimalist life”. It would be interesting if Nicole were to mingle a meme such as this one, or the many others, and see if those followers would enjoy. And even a follower disagreeing and speaking opinion, if they would get deleted off the BLH page.

    One freedom she seems to overlook, the freedom to freeloading. These memes, imo, are jabs. Cuts to all the hard working people who contribute to our society as a whole. She is annoying that way. Just a nuisance.

    I agree Blessed Little Blogger, just STFU. Don’t like it, move away.


  13. I’m going to guess that what she meant by “love the wrong person” are homosexual couples who weren’t able to get married for far too long.

    I don’t know, Kim Davis still has her cushy $80K and increasing annually job but she still plays pretend at her job. I’m not impressed with someone who insists she’s been saved now that she’s on her 4th marriage with three different men (#4 is also #2) and so on. She’s not a good person and I really wish she WERE in jail. Fines can be paid by other people. Jail is only served by the individual.

    Joe and Nicole and perhaps several of their older children have at least some of the documentation to get a passport and get out. Nicole’s mother was in the military, so we know that her daughter has at least that much in her favour.

    Now, to become a citizen of another country would require work on their part and not just to pass the citizenship test. The adults would also have to have jobs that would support the family. GFM doesn’t count.

    Nicole pays for their cell phone service – she has discussed using a particular location or phone as an internet tether.

    Funny thing, tethers. They can secure you to a place but they can also be unhooked so you can leave. Or they can be used by someone to reel you in and bash you repeatedly in the nose. Given Nicole’s penchant for attaching herself to the internet for hours at a time, I’d say her tether is more about restraint than freedom.

    No, they wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of an EBT card because Joe would have to demonstrate he has or is seriously looking for a job and Nicole would have to be forthcoming about the business. Not to mention that they’re paying off any court-ordered debts, etc. Being held accountable isn’t their thing.

    Yeah, Pace and his wife ought to invite them out to Arizona to live with them. Although obtaining water for free would be a lot tougher. Joe would be particularly foolhardy to demand a gun to get what he wants. I’m surprised there weren’t immediate painful consequences to his doing it the first time.

    Yeah, 11 kids and who knows how many more to come. Someone is going to break with the parents and it’s quite likely to be very noisy and ugly.


  14. Color me confused, don’t they eat a lot of processed and canned foods?
    I remember also hearing that they were seen at the Golden Arches and Taco bell?
    I know that Joe frequented fast food a lot.

    I s’pose this is more baiting on her part. Sad sad sad sad sad.


  15. Is it just me or does anyone else notice how the Nauglers hate our ‘evil’ government and the laws of the land?

    That is until they decide to sue everyone who speaks out against them? Then the law becomes their BFF. Hypocrites.


  16. One thing I’ve noticed over on Mrs. Naugler’s Facebook page is the discussion regarding this blog. The sycophants and supporters are nearly as Facepalm inducing as she herself is. That’s an accomplishment. What cracks me up is that she picks and chooses from the comments and never the actual Blog. She then attributes random and anonymous snippets to the Blog itself. As if the commentators are the Blog. Aside from being intellectually dishonest and lazy, it’s also a vapid attempt to deflect.

    However, the more they snivel and attempt (pathetically) to discredit this site, the more activity, views, and traffic it gets (I would assume) The more people see it, the more people read it, the more credibility it gets. Michelle, Valerie, Nicole, Aaron, you folks should consider opening an advertising agency.

    I shall now put on my fur hat with the bright red star affixed to the visor, gather my selected works of Marx, Engels, and Lenin . . . and forge a brave new world. One of the workers and farmers. It’s what us commies do.

    Comrades Unite!

    But before I go out in the cold, I’m going to check my investments and do a little online trading. Just to keep things all Feng Shui.


  17. It’s the blind (ones being snookered), led by the disingenuous. It’s all phony. There is no genuine homesteading, off the grid, faith driven, homeschooling, back to basics minimalist. There is nothing genuine about Joe and Nicole. Yes, they are the type people that you hope to avoid. Like the saying, “don’t go borrowing trouble”.


  18. @Please “But before I go out in the cold, I’m going to check my investments and do a little online trading. Just to keep things all Feng Shui.”

    I’ll help out, I do dollar-cost averaging. This month hasn’t been much fun for my $, but certainly has helped with accumulating shares.

    Josie says:
    January 18, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    Is it just me or does anyone else notice how the Nauglers hate our ‘evil’ government and the laws of the land?

    That is until they decide to sue everyone who speaks out against them? Then the law becomes their BFF. Hypocrites.
    Yeah. Time and again. Laws, lawyers, police, etc. are bad – unless they want to file a lawsuit. Then they’re happy to have them available.

    I don’t suppose they ever thanked their lawyer who represented them with CPS. Bet they didn’t. That would be gracious; why start at 40.


  19. Please stated, “She then attributes random and anonymous snippets to the Blog itself. As if the commentators are the Blog. Aside from being intellectually dishonest and lazy, it’s also a vapid attempt to deflect.” Affirmative on that!

    And the other part of your comments, has me laughing!! I enjoy your wit….

    Comrades Unite!


  20. I would like to read clear and rational statements of what Nicole’s beliefs are on where our country and society should be headed, rather than memes and charts with ranges with others beliefs, followed by her comment, “discuss”.
    On FB rational questions are deleted, the poster banned or the poster is personally attacked and labeled as a “hater” or told , “it is none of your business”. If one truly believes in something, I would think you would be able to rationally discuss and defend your stance, and not summarily dismiss any question with taunts and name calling. If you are not simply adopting philosophies that are expedient or popular and you believe yourself to be intelligent and informed, please state and be willing to explain your positions. If you are true in your beliefs and not a coward and a hypocrite you should not be afraid of opposing views, it seems you would embrace chances to truly explain yourself even if others do not always agree. And if you want others to respect your views you should also respect their rights to express their opposition without personal attacks. Are you a lazy easily lead person, attempting to develop a cult family and following making this up as you go, or are you intelligent enough to explain and defend something you truly believe to be good and true? Good and true enough to give to eleven children you are responsible for bringing into this world and preparing for a good future life here in the USA, or elsewhere. What do you really stand for and are willing to stand up for Nicole Naugler?


  21. 6/11/16 My comment definately belongs in a conversation titled “Land of thd Free”

    I just wanted to note that a meme posted on nicole c. naugler page name calling voting in America and the 5 living Presidents is, to me, shamefully disrespectful. I understand that offense was intended. Offense taken.


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