Sometime on Thursday, May 11, in the morning, somebody using an obvious sock called “Kitty Meijer” posted some pretty horrible stuff on Nicole’s BLH Facebook page.

She appears to have removed those comments, but here’s a screen shot of a few of them.


Oddly enough, this sock sounds a whole lot like “Charles Smyth.”  It also sounds a bit like the messages that were sent to me via this blog in the early days.

You know, the whole silly, taunting, childish stuff.

Nicole replied to “Kitty.”


Notice how Nicole says “. . . thanks for all these comments” and that they “. . .prove” she’s right about “harassment and stalking.”

And then Charles, the sock who does the exact same thing “Kitty” did, chimes in with how it’s probably Al Wilson.

And Joe, who is “HH,” has to pontificate about Al a bit.

But that’s not enough for him.  He adds this gem at right around the same time.


So Joe (“HH”) declares that “Kitty” is a sock, something that anyone could see in just a second, and that the sock is a combined effort by all the pages, two groups, this blog and the podcast.  A combined effort, for which we were all paid.  Furthermore, we’ve hired specialists in Photoshop and all kinds of stuff.

And this, this, is the result of all that combined effort and money.



And that’s all that is mentioned about this for several hours.

Then Nicole posts this.


This is from Nicole’s BLH blog. This is what it looks like when a comment is awaiting moderation.

The comment is made by somebody with a screen name of “Kitty de Kuthoer.”  And if you look carefully at the email address given, the first part of that long-ass shit is “kittymeijer.”

What a coincidence.

The message is, of course, awful.  It’s right up there with calling somebody’s dead child a “dead junkie” and telling some blogger that you’re probably going to “punch” her and her husband in the face.

I repeat.  This message is completely awful and totally unacceptable.


And she got the reaction she was looking for.

“Press charges.”

These people are so stupid.  You can’t press charges because somebody sends you a message on a blog (where you solicit comments) and tells you that they hope you die and advises you to kill yourself.  Nothing in that message is a threat.  It’s just horrible, but it’s not threatening. What it says is “Nicole, I don’t like you.”

But notice what she includes in that screen shot?  See what I have highlighted?

That’s the person’s IP address.

I grabbed it. When I did, I felt sure it was a proxy and thus useless. (Dunno what that is?  Go read the link above.)

But then I punched that IP address into the search engine on this blog’s comments to see if that person had ever commented here.

And I hit pay dirt.

That person, the person who told Nicole to kill herself, has commented on this blog several times.

She has never said anything that violated any of my rules. She’s never been rude. She sounds totally normal.  Doesn’t even sound like the same person, frankly.

But the IP address is identical, and the person commenting on this blog did so over a period of more than six months.  That means that the computer being used kept the same IP address for that period of time.

Okay, then.

I considered what might be going on here.  I thought about it.  And I considered the possibility that two different people frequent the same public wi-fi connection (you know, like Starbucks) and hence have the same IP address even though they are not related, both of them having enough interest in the Nauglers in Kentucky, USA to read this blog and comment on Nicole’s blog.  I scrapped that idea.

I tried to come up with any way to explain why the person who reasonably commented here flew off the handle and wrote something that nasty to Nicole.

I have one very plausible, if slightly convoluted, explanation which I will not discuss at this point, but no proof.

So I finally decided to just ask her.


As you can see, I wrote this yesterday evening, about 24 hours ago. I used the email address she gave on this blog when she commented (it was always the same one, and it had the appearance of being genuine).  And then I waited to see if it bounced (it would bounce if it was fake).

It did not bounce.

So, I decided to give this person 24 hours to respond to me, because the IP address is not American.  I assumed there might be significant time zone differences and I waited.

I got no answer.

So I’m just going to move ahead.

First off, this person has done nothing untoward here on this blog.  I have zero control over what anyone does, with the single exception of controlling who comments here and what they say.

I am not the internet police.

For that reason, I don’t think I owe Nicole anything, and that includes the identity of this person. I think I know her real name. I feel fairly certain I have an authentic email address.  If she threatens to kill Nicole, I might consider contacting Sheriff Pate with that information, but until then, I have no obligation to reveal any of her personal information, not even the screen name she used here.

WordPress blogs have a handy feature, one which Nicole is very familiar with.  If you get an obnoxious jerk trying to comment, you can block their IP address and that stops them (from that computer). I would suggest that Nicole do that.

I am going to do that here.

I am going to do it (block this person) not because she ever did anything wrong here. She didn’t. I’m going to block her because I cannot even begin to condone what she said on Nicole’s blog.  I’m going to block her because this is what Nicole should do with Charles Smyth but refuses to do because she “likes” Charles, or probably more likely, finds Charles useful.

If there is a reasonable explanation for all this, I’m open to hearing it.  In the meantime, the ban hammer is falling.


From “Kitty” (not the screen name she uses here):


Okay, here’s the deal. I’m responding this way because I still, in spite of all this, want to protect this person’s identity.  She has done nothing that I find offensive here on this blog.

I received no email.  I’m not saying that “Kitty” didn’t send one. I’m saying that I never received it.

I directed FB to the comments nic and chuck made, they decided not to block my account on that (I.e. exactly similar comments made to me).

I find that rather astonishing, frankly.  Facebook didn’t care that “Kitty” is an obvious fake?

But beyond that, it doesn’t matter to me what “Charles” or Nicole had to say to “Kitty.”  As small children, I think most of us learned the hard way that “he started it” didn’t work very well as a defense when it came to awful behavior.

“Charles” is often dreadful.  Nicole happily allows “Charles” to be dreadful and makes no attempt to do anything about it.

I am not Nicole.

I am also not the internet police, as I think I mentioned before.

That’s why “Kitty” will remain anonymous here.  She’s done nothing offensive here.  But she will not be allowed to comment here further.

I didn’t do anything to prevent her from seeing this blog. Why would I do that?  I don’t care if she reads here. I don’t care who reads here. I control comments, not readers.

I do appreciate “Kitty” confirming that she is, in fact, the person who wrote the comment on Nicole’s blog and she is the person behind that fake FB profile.


39 thoughts on “Kitty”

  1. She showed her true colors. As much as I may disagree or dislike someone, I would never spew hate like that. That is just uncalled for. Kudos for taking a stand against that kind of behavior.


  2. I love a good detective story!
    Great for job following the clues and putting your foot down.
    Shows you are a good and decent human being.
    The whole Kitty rant is bizarre. I honestly though the Naugs were pulling the puppet strings on this one.


  3. Thanks Sally. I think that most of us find those comments even worse than what “Charles” spews. I didn’t know that was possible.


  4. Ok, that’s all just INTERESTING!

    Good on your for doing the right thing.

    This is off topic, but something I have been wondering as of late: (after I spent a sleepless night reading this blog, thank you, it was great!) But who pays for Joe’s weed?

    He talks about being a pot smoker and not being able to get a clean drug test to get his kids back. But he doesn’t have a job.

    So where does he get the cash to buy the drug?

    I enjoy your blog. After my night of reading almost everything I could find here I feel like I know Frances.


  5. Interesting that this person is apparently posting from a static IP. Aren’t most residential internet accounts dynamic IP?

    Those comments were disgusting, unhelpful, and unnecessary, and I can totally see why you’d ban anyone who’d post like that and not respond to email asking them about it.

    And I still haven’t learned the secret gang handshake. Is it because I’ve failed to pay my dues? /s


  6. Thank you for your honesty. That is something I really respect about you Sally, you show your true colors time and time again and they are beautiful.


  7. I agree that kind of behavior is uncalled for.

    Kuddos to you for using the ban hammer.


  8. The reason I dislike the Nauglers is that they have been every bit as they are now for many years and no one could or would say a word unless it actively supported the Naugler narrative. Then they burst wide open going viral and went after anyone who had anything less than glowing to say about them in an almost militarized fashion. That being said, even though the Nauglers behave in a most uncivilized manner, I have no desire to emulate their lack of civility. I also believe they are fully deserving of their non-profane sobriquets, but I really do not want them to have anything terrible happen to them in any measure. I would far prefer that they begin and proceed to grow up and act like adults. They are the sole authors of their poverty and inability to function in society or in isolation, regardless of their accusations of nearly every person with which they have had contact. Regardless of how low the Nauglers descend in their provocations, let them hold, and some day perhaps even abandon, the corner on the market of internet intrigues and harassment. I am not holding my breath but one can imagine.


  9. I honestly though the Naugs were pulling the puppet strings on this one.

    I have not ruled that possibility out.


  10. Very weird situation. Sounded very much like Charles to me, too. Perhaps his private attacks inspired this this caliber of crudeness? (purely a guess)

    Ultimately, though, I think you did the right thing, Sally.

    The civil facts support our position. This kind of Naugler behavior is unnecessary, and diminishes our position.


  11. I concur! A little mind boggling for sure! Thanks Sally for the details on this sitch! “Kitty” is playing games it seems. People can do and say outrages things on the Internet, when they think they’re anonymous.


  12. who pays for Joe’s weed?

    According to Joe, even though he loves pot, he is not partaking at present because it is illegal and he’s a law-abiding person.


    Nicole insists that her income from the dog grooming business supplies all their needs.

    Make of that whatever you will.

    Frances has lots of groupies. She’s a famous cow. She is also a bit bratty.


  13. I gave the address to my tech friend at google. He said it’s a host. I asked what that means & he said it’s like what it implies. A host is someone or something that holds, has people over, etc. to their place. In other words, the person using that IP is not in Amsterdam, but in a sense renting or using a IP from there (it’s big business there). He said to think of it as a sort of money laundering, only it’s not money, it’s a computer trail. Not exactly how he put it, but I got the idea.
    People play ping pong with their ips all the time. His partner said it would be more believeable if the IP address was here in the US. And that people can use the same host IP address over & over. In fact you can think you are communicating with someone in Amsterdam and in reality they could be in the same bed with you on their lap top or iPhone and you wouldn’t know.


  14. This post needs a “wow” or “shocked” button. Part absolute disgust. Yes, there are people I don’t like, but I could never wish death on an unborn child. I don’t agree with most of what Nicole posts, but I don’t wish death on her, Prophet Croc, and most definitely not their innocent children. I have buried one of my children, and that is a pain I could never wish on my worst enemy.

    As far as IP addresses and using a proxy go, not my bag of tricks. It isn’t something I’ve ever felt the need learn and understand. Everytime I ever visited Nicole’s old blog, the one with the visitor tracker location or whatever it’s called, it always showed me as a local. I always thought it was a bit weird because it didn’t show up as my town, but one of the neighboring towns.


  15. I speak a bit of Dutch, and word-names like “de kuthoer” and “-iseenkutwijf” are pretty funny, but they can give the game away. (I still wonder if the Nauglers are paying someone overseas to post crap. I mean, they seem to think that anyone responding on their blogs with common sense are part of some sort of mafia, so…”


  16. Wow, when you think the shit can’t get any deeper…
    I hate it when people tell other people to kill themselves, it really makes me angry.
    I wasn’t too sure kitty wasn’t related to Charles, that whole transaction was odd to say the least.
    Thank you Sally, this is why I respect your writing.


  17. Nicole and “Charles” have said much worse but that doesn’t make it ok to say what this kitty said . I thought it was a convoluted effort to show how awful is trolls are and thus open the supporters pockets.


  18. The person who wrote those nasty comments, clearly has a screw loose…
    I admire you’re attempting to track them down Sally.


  19. Unlike Nicole, Sally has a conscience. “Kitty’s” remarks on Facebook (and her comments awaiting moderation on the blog) were abhorrent. Thank you Sally for taking a stand that Nicole has, by design, never done.

    Nicole very deliberately allowed Kitty’s verbal diarrhea on Facebook rather than ban her. One wonders why. In 2015 I commented once on BLH that the homestead looked unsafe for their children, and I got the boot. Banned from commenting on BLH, to this day. And yet, she allows her “supporters” to spout all manner of vicious and outright threatening remarks about critics.

    The idea that Nicole/her dilettantes invented “Kitty” to serve their own purposes is not at all implausible.


  20. My god those comments are disgusting! Absolutely appalling. I do not like Nicole or Joe at all, and I feel the way they are bringing up their children is dreadful, but I would never say such revolting things to them, or anyone else, for that matter.

    Some of the commenters on this side of the fence do go a little far in my opinion, just two or three I’ve seen, and I really hope this wasn’t one of them, although I suspect it may be.

    Congratulations Kitty, you foul mouthed fool. Your idiocy has given Nicole evidence to show the leg jumpers how dreadful we all supposedly are, because although I am certain she knows we aren’t all as vicious as you, she can now lump your revolting self in a group with us and call us all “the trolls”. Well done, not.


  21. Every time I decide that I am going to leave this rabbit hole, something new shows up to drag me back down!
    There is no need for anyone to be posting things like that – if it is someone who is just being plain old nasty then I am glad that they are being banned from here. If it is one of the Nauglers or their “friends” – then they are just fuelling the apparent need for any attention either positive or negative.
    I have noticed a change in the way they are doing things at the moment. They appear to be trying to emulate the other family that is going live etc (sorry – can’t recall their names … Schwarbs or something like that?).

    My head is spinning from all the IP stuff you have posted – I made the mistake of clicking your links before having coffee! 🙂


  22. It’s funny that she says the trolls get paid. Sally, you are just a wonderful person. After the stuff she said about you, here you are taking a neutral stance against some nasty comments. We don’t want someone like that around. I would like to think we aren’t mean people. But stand for something that just isn’t right.


  23. The new beagle puppy for Miss. O distresses me.

    The Naugs are not set up for a beagle and this will end very badly. Beagles are not Pyrenees. They’re not going to hang out around the property and be content playing with the kids and guarding the land. Oh hells no. Beagles follow smells. They REALLY follow smells. You can scream “Come!” until you lose your voice and pass out….if a beagle smells something he/she is interested in (which is almost always) they won’t even hear you….they have to know where the smell goes.

    And yes, they will leave your yard, and your neighborhood….and your county…to follow the smell.

    Good fences make good beagles. Beagles are also escape artists. The Naugs are clueless about fences that you know….actually contain animals…. and clueless about respecting their neighbors.

    This pup will likely be very sweet and Miss O. will love it…until it gets into a distant neighbor’s chickens and gets shot, or kills her pet bunny….you know, bunny hunting, what beagles have been bred to do! (that said, I have to wonder if the new puppy is a replacement pet…ugh)

    A beagle is one of the worst breeds they could have chosen for their situation, and their neighbor problems. What the hell is wrong with Nicole’s head? Does she WANT her children’s lives to be full of tragedy and loss?

    These people don’t just lack foresight…they apparently defy it. And no amount of bad consequences seems to make an impression.

    Those poor kids.


  24. Im just guessing, but are you sure about this?Cause I have used an IP change address to block out my IP before, and you can make your IP cme from another country if you want.. but yes too coincidental. I dont wish death on any human, I do do wish for people to be taken care of.. thats all I ever want out of this, but it doesnt seem likely.


  25. Cause I have used an IP change address to block out my IP before, and you can make your IP cme from another country if you want.

    Try doing that (using a proxy) and have the same IP address show up for nine straight months.


  26. I lived in Maryland and we had a high deck that overlooked a field of tall grass.
    One morning I heard the “ahhhhooooo” call of a beagle tracking something. I looked out the kitchen window to see the head of a beagle popping up in various spots like a whack a mole.
    Off to the side, running along on the dirt road running parallel to the field was this beagle’s owner screaming for his dog to “come!”.
    I grabbed my cup of coffee and went out to watch.
    I nearly fell over the deck railing laughing as the rabbit the beagle was chasing crossed the dirt road, the dog came out sniffed around and dived back into the field, tracking the opposite direction of the running rabbit.

    The Nauglers are in for it.?


  27. It is possible to have it show up for months, years. People pay for it.

    I have a paid proxy. It does not show the same IP address every time I use it.

    But let’s assume that exists.

    So what?

    The same person had the same IP address for close to a year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a proxy or not. It’s the same person. That’s the point.


  28. When my husband was going through basic training the kids and I were living with my parents, to include out beagle at the time. I was getting ready to to take my son to kindergarten. I told the kids to out dog outside to use the bathroom. A couple minutes later my kids came to me and said the gate was open and the dog was gone. Looked all over for him. My dad was so devastated cause he thought he closed the gate. Next morning at Sun rise he was back, and stank like he got into some trash.


  29. Very interesting…
    So, when you ban an IP address can they still read your blog? Or does it only block them from commenting on your blog posts?
    I thought for sure it was Nicole and family, “documenting the harassment” so all their supporters could see what they deal with.
    One more thing Sally, you forgot to send me last week’s paycheck for “trolling.” If you can’t pay me on time, I’m going to have to provide my services to another marketed blog. ?


  30. So, when you ban an IP address can they still read your blog?

    Nope. They can’t even see it.

    One more thing Sally, you forgot to send me last week’s paycheck for “trolling.” If you can’t pay me on time, I’m going to have to provide my services to another marketed blog. ?

    I’ll check on that with the accounting office. 🙂


  31. I have a beagle mix. Boy can her fat a** run when she’s onto something. She just recently settled down and she’s nearly 8 now. You can’t tie them up like a great prynese either, they simply slip the chain and if you use a choke chain collar you’re a horrible human being. I love my beagle mix but she loves bunnies and garbage more.


  32. I wish you’d out who that person is, at least the screen name. No matter how much you hate an adult, don’t wish death on a baby. That doesn’t excuse the rest, but the baby is the innocent in this. Anyone hoping a baby or child dies like that adult should be outed.


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