I could almost, almost feel for Nicole here. She reads this bullshit stuff and believes all of it and so she’s “upset.”

Here’s the article.

medical kidnap

Notice the source?  Sigh.  Fear-mongering at its worst.  A site that every parent who ever had a run-in with CPS frequents regularly, because they are all (or at least this is way it appears to me) innocent.  And CPS is evil. Always evil.

And they steal babies. You know, babies born to 14-year-old rape victims who are brave and all pro-life and decide to go ahead and have the baby. Because CPS is just evil like that and hates children.  Or wants to sell children.  Or something.

Well, maybe not.

I spent about five minutes (really, about five minutes) looking around for a site that was saying something about this that wasn’t a lunatic site, and found this.


Of course, this is Snopes, and so George Soros, so we can’t believe it either.  Or can we?

Read it and see for yourself.


And my thanks to a sharp-eyed, super-Googler reader who found this. The grandmother decided to Naugler a bit, and started a GoFundMe.  It is now gone, conveniently (and good riddance – GoFundMe is just online begging). They have raised five of their grandchildren, and two of them had babies the same week.  I don’t know if the second grandchild who gave birth was a minor, but it’s for certain the first one was.

If I were CPS, I might be checking into this situation too.

If Nicole would get off these fringy silly conspiracy-theorist pages and quit immersing herself in one side of things, she might not be so upset.

And maybe then she could go back to being upset with the health department. They are real.



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  1. I did a bit of reading on this.
    3 girls that live with with the grandparents given custody by DHS as it is called there have come up pregnant all having babies with in weeks of each other.

    Some are saying the 14 year old boyfriend is the father of the baby and the grandparents allowed them to have sex not reporting it.

    DHS removed the mother and her twin brother from the care of the grandparents. The mother is suppose to be with her baby now.

    The grandmother also had a GFM and it was taken down. She had it up prior to this girl having her baby as she was fighting to get custody of her other two great grandchildren.

    This is surely a messed up affair.

    This upsets Nicole well it should and she should remember that her kids got taken once and they can be taken again so step up to the plate and take care of them. Both Nicole and Joe need to do much more than they are doing now.


  2. I wish that parents of removed kids, or guardians, or whoever lost custody, could tell CPS they can discuss the case. I really wish CPS could speak in situations like this, and being able to get parental permission would help. If permission is withheld, then there goes any chance that someone making these outrageous claims might be believed. I don’t doubt that CPS removes kids who they really shouldn’t be removing, but solely because someone was raped doesn’t sound remotely legit.

    The Snopes article says the mother and her twin brother were removed as well, which makes me think that, if the 14-year-old twins and a newborn were taken into custody separately, it might be because of a situation in the home and no available foster home that can take a teen or two and newborn. No matter the reason, if a young mother and her baby were separated through no fault of the mother’s, that’s sad, but when the mother is just 14, there are reasons and situations I can think of where this might have to happen.

    I want to hug that girl in the pictures.


  3. Farm Girl’s comment wasn’t visible when I was reading (I opened the window before the time stamp), but she touches on one of my suspicions, that someone else in the home could be the baby’s father or have been involved somehow in the conception. 3 young girls having babies within weeks of each other in the same home is, in my harsh opinion, good reason for DHS to get involved and find out WTF is going on.

    Alabama’s age of consent for sex is 16, unless you’re married. She’s old enough to marry in that fucked-up state, but she’s not married.


  4. These people are not telling everyone that the sex between the two was consensual . It wasn’t rape. What they also aren’t telling people that there is a registered sex offender living in the home.


  5. These people are not telling everyone that the sex between the two was consensual . It wasn’t rape.

    Technically, if a 14-year-old girl is pregnant, it’s statutory rape. A minor child cannot consent.


  6. I posts about this yesterday on The Shack. It got my attention because it is very close to where I grew up. I spent a long time today and yesterday researching and messaging people. This is what I could gather: the 14 yr old was dating a boy and they were caught having sex in the church by members , consensual sex. The pastor told the grandparents who didn’t care until she came up pregnant then hey cried rape. The other sister who just had a baby had that baby taken away too . The grandparents were harboring a sex offender in their home. DHR ( what AL calls child protective services) was already involved and had an order for the hospital to call upon the baby being born. Now this part is just speculation on my part but I am thinking that the Grandparents were told that the sex offender needs to move out by a certain date or they will remove the minor children and the rand parents decided to call DHRs bluff only it want a bluff . I’m also wondering if possibly someone in the family is molesting girls because it is being reported theta DHR took DNA from the boyfriend and the baby. I have also seen people on both sides of the issue say that he boyfriend was at the hospital . Now if he was really a rapist they would have gotten someone involved and had him removed . It angers me that this poor young mother is being used to further someone else’s agenda of hate against social services . I have also seen an article and posts with the social workers full names and addresses and phone numbers encouraging people to harass them and encouraging people to harass the hospital. Plus they have been calling the Govenor . The blind supporters and sympathizers in this case remind me of the Ns and their supporters right down to the doxxing!!! I am furious that this scared young girl is being used by people who don’t care a thing in the world about her and the baby but only justifying their hate for child services!!! This story has been shared so many times by friends of mine in the area and I keep messaging and posting it to tell them to read up more. Plus I think medical kidnap is a pro child abuse site!!!! They were the main supporter of that lady who killed her baby by putting salt in either his Iv or feeding tube. She had a blog for him. I think it was Super G. Some of the non supporters used it as an example last year when people said the naugler kids couldn’t be abused because they looked so happy and someone posted pictures of super G saying he looked happy too and his mom killed him not long after that picture was taken. Sorry y’all if this is rambling and doesn’t make sense! I have a huge kidney stone causing a blockage that I am on really strong pain meds for! My head is swimming! I’m in the way to be admitted now and they are going to remove this stone Monday because it is to big to pass .


  7. I cannot stand ‘Medical Kidnap’ I first became aware of the site after Justina Pelletier. One of the articles that was up when first made my way other there was about a condition I have, Ehlers Danlos. They were attempting to protect parents who were obviously abusing their child by having a quack of a doctor state he has ‘Ehlers Danlos’ and rickets and so many other conditions.
    When I called them out and said it’s dangerous to use EDS in this manner I got blocked. There have been cases of OI/EDS of parents being wrongful accused of abuse but according to them every child that gets taken away for physical abuse has EDS. This is a dangerous thought, and using a disorder that is already misunderstood to coat abuse is sickening.
    It seems that all the parents that have there children wrongfully taken away are conservative christian families. Medical Kidnap is okay with parents who give their children lemon juice for meningitis, they are a special kind of stupid.


  8. They horns that are blowing for all of this have posted that the rapist has been arrested.

    I think that this girl is being used too by these people who scream medical kidnap and the grandparents are allowing it to help cover up what is going on there.

    There is much more to this story and I too wish that in cases like this that the true facts could be given with out names to protect the kids.

    I was almost 23 when I had my first one and was care giver of my sister 8 years younger than myself. Also babysit for all my cousins even the family that had 6 kids. So I was experienced with kids and babies. But when you have to give full time care to a baby it is a big task. There were times that I had to call on others for advice and help with mine the first few months. IMO not one that most 14 year old girls are capable of doing.

    2 babies a week apart and then another one a month later something is not right. JMO


  9. This is where doing a research paper in school,finding evidence would have and would help the kids. Science to prove theories would help ,and proper internet research. Real schooling wins.


  10. Sally, a 14-year-old there can consent only if married. It’s pretty fucked up. You aren’t mature enough to consent to sex until 16, but can be married at 14 and consent to sex. It’s disgusting.

    Extremely sick, the girl is unmarried, so no sex with her is legal.

    Jahaza, any idea how old the boyfriend may be? Her age? Older? Extremely Sick said he may have just turned 18? So he was 17, and she was 14 or 13. Even if he’s not the father, he is a statutory rapist. People do go to jail for that.

    Hopefully the stone can be broken up without any major surgery. Stones are worse that unmedicated childbirth by a factor of five hundred.


  11. There was a case near me, in Kentucky, of “medical kidnap.” Mom had all 3 kids taken away, after she’d driven for an hour and a half away from the closest hospital to have her baby seen. Long story short, she threatened to blow up the courthouse while sitting in the courthouse. 2 oldest kids live with their dad, and haven’t been sick once since doing so. Baby is still in foster care, and also not sick anymore. Things that make you go hmm.


  12. What I saw was the boyfriend was 19.

    What parent/guardian lets a girl that age date a 19 year old?

    That is just asking for trouble.


  13. I am a social worker. When I am working with a mom whose kids appear at risk due to some sort of disclosure on the mom’s part, I generally have good luck with having the mom call CPS with my support. CPS can help connect patents to resources to support their kids. What they want to see is that the parents are doing what they can to keep their kids safe, cared for appropriately etc. A proactive call on the parents’ part is generally a great thing.

    I have been working to support parents as a social worker for years now. Many of them have CPS involvement before they come to me. CPS has lots of problems. Lots. There are a few reasons I didn’t go that route in my own career, not the least if which are the profound faults in the system. But it’s what we have. And generally the people working in that system have the best intentions–they want kids to be cared for. If we go about our lives with our priorities straight and look for solutions rather than problems (see: naugler adults going to the licensing office) we find those solutions and people enjoy working with us.


  14. CPS has lots of problems. Lots. There are a few reasons I didn’t go that route in my own career, not the least if which are the profound faults in the system.

    You would have more credibility if you weren’t anonymous. Commenting on a blog using a fake name, well, I take what you say with a very large grain of salt.

    Could any of us find an actual, real, credible story where somebody wasn’t treated exactly fairly by any governmental agency? (Or any private business for that matter?) Of course we could.

    Is every person whose children have ever been removed by CPS totally innocent? No, not by a long shot. Does CPS steal children (especially pretty white young children) so the state can “sell” them to make a profit? You have to be kidding.

    I spent my working career as a nurse working in both ICUs and Recovery Rooms. Was the “system” perfect? Of course it wasn’t. Were mistakes made? You betcha. Can I relate some horror stories? Of course I can. But overall, we all run there if we need those services. We don’t do our own brain surgery. Well, all of us but the Nauglers.


  15. I don’t expect a huge amount of credibility in this venue for the very reason you’ve mentioned and it doesn’t concern me at all. I’m just chatting really.

    One of the main problems with CPS is that it is grossly underfunded. I have colleagues in that field and I see how overworked and underpaid they are. I know people who have amazing, innovative ideas for bringing about much needed change and there is no chance their ideas will get off the ground in our current political climate. Political will seems to be lacking when it comes to caring for the most vulnerable among us.

    It is frustrating enough working as a social worker in a society that undervalues caring professions. Doing it within a system like CPS would be doubly so. Burnout is a real thing.

    And I don’t buy for one second any sort of bizarre “selling white babies” conspiracy theories. Lol


  16. This case, like the Naugler’s case has more to the story. The mother herself stated “I have been fighting CPS for 21 years “. It seems the children were removed from her custody and given to the grandparents . This being said, as an outsider looking in, it appears this family has a long history of some type of dysfunction that required intervention.


  17. One of the main problems with CPS is that it is grossly underfunded.

    And that is completely believable. 🙂


  18. My whole purpose in talking about this case wasn’t that the case itself is so compelling, or that I really need to delve into all the details. What I was trying to show is how readily and easily Nicole allows herself to be caught up in conspiracy theories. These almost always come from FB pages or web sites that are questionable at the very best and completely bonkers at the worst. Rarely does she bother to check with anything in the main stream.

    She sees the main stream media as questionable and these loony fringe folks as reliable.

    She also has deeply-set preconceived notions about these stories and needs nothing more than a sensational headline that supports her very narrow view.


  19. Aw, come on. Nicole said she was gonna research. You know like gonna build a water catchment sytem or gonna build a cabin or gonna reveal all the government corruption.

    Nicole and Joe are gonna their lives away. Gonna their kids childhoods.

    Her kids are gonna be whatever they wanna be. I wonder the eldest is pretty much a man. What does he want to be and when are they gonna let him.


  20. It’s like David’s cousin who keeps posting crazy crap that “fits” with his beliefs. I usually just ignore it all but a couple days ago he shared the story about “this Muslim” who (I didn’t pay attention) but he raped and murdered and only received a short sentance. What I was trying to figure out was how I knew “this Muslim” in a purple turban. Then I figured out it was one of the teachers off Harry potter in costume for the movie. The amount of crap people share without even really looking at it just because it fits is crazy.


  21. Crystal, I’ve seen various postings about Professor Quirrel by people claiming he’s a Muslim who did this or that. I don’t know whether to laugh or rage.


  22. Well spoken, BLB. “She also has deeply-set preconceived notions about these stories and needs nothing more than a sensational headline that supports her very narrow view.”


  23. Okay, what people are missing in this story is that the children were all placed with the grandparents through DHR. That means that, legally, the grandparents agreed when they took the children that they were the caregivers, but that legal guardianship of the children belonged to DHR, making the grandparents essentially contracted service providers. The grandparents haven’t adopted the twins.

    DHR does not need a warrant or anything because these are not the grandparents kids. This is a ‘relative placement’- a home that DHR has placed the children in. DHR can change a child’s placement for any reason they deem necessary. They don’t owe the relative placement an explanation. They do not need a warrant. All they have to do is file change of placement notification with the judge.

    I personally feel that not investigating a foster home where three teenage girls became pregnant within a matter of weeks is worth a DHR investigation. I also think, if the church told the grandparents about the sexual activity and they later claimed rape, then they violated DHR policy by not reporting the rape as soon as it was reported to them by the church.

    CPS hates changing placements more than anything on earth. They don’t do it for funsies. They placed the young mom and her baby together as soon as they could. They aren’t the bad guys here.


  24. I’m sorry. I meant to say that not investigating a home where teenagers are becoming pregnant willy nilly would be negligence.


  25. That sounds a whole lot more likely. Could you imagine how angry the twins mother may have been if both daughters got pregnant and the rape wasn’t reported?


  26. Former Caseworker, why are foster kids moved around so often? When nearly 20% of kids in foster care report moving more than 10 times, I think there needs to be more reason that no reason needed. Those kids’ lives are already ripped apart at the seams. I don’t believe that every time a kid is moved, it’s because the kid is a problem.

    My citation for that stat is


  27. 88 percent said the system had treated them somewhat or very well.

    I don’t know the answer to your question, Kaylee (and of course, you didn’t ask me, I know), but I thought this was sort of amazing. That’s a much higher figure than I would have expected.


  28. I wonder if Nicole realizes she’s defending a retired police officer and his wife. If this is new s to her, will it change her support? Ditto for the other people who are absolutely convinced that there is something more sinister going on than figuring out who raped the 14 yo and why the grandparents didn’t report it to the police.


  29. Whenever a 501c3 throws its hat into the ring, it’s always a good idea to scrutinize them closely. They may be the best thing since sliced bread with guacamole on top or maybe not.

    National Center for Youth Law CA 2014 990 33 $6,249,636.00 94-2506933

    Foundation Finder has their 990’s publicly available if anyone wants to comb through them. I don’t feel up to wading through 33 pages (2014) or in the years prior at the moment.


  30. As a foster parent, I know a few reasons kids have been moved.

    Sometime, there are no foster homes available to take the kids in the same town where they have been living. So the child is placed in a different town and loses all of his friends and has to change schools. Sometimes there is no foster home available in the same county. So the child is placed in another county. Foster parents or social workers end up driving the child long distances to have visits with the parents. So if a foster home becomes available closer to the parents and the child’s old home, the child is moved.

    Sometimes children are moved because a home becomes available that can allow the siblings to be reunited when they have been living in separate foster homes.

    If a child has been placed in “overfill” (because there is nowhere for them to go), they are moved from an over crowed foster home when a spot becomes available for them somewhere less crowded.

    Foster parents can’t take the children with them when they move to another county or state.
    I was once asked two weeks before Christmas to take in two “overfill” children because their foster parents had a new job in another state and needed to pack and move.

    Sometimes, foster parents have a hard time saying “no” to new children when a social worker calls with a sad story. It can be so heartbreaking. But after a few weeks, the foster parent realizes that they have taken on too much (for example: single foster mom with six kids, age four and under ).

    You can’t just look at a child and know what kind of foster home will be best for them. It may take a few months before the child relaxes enough to show true behaviors. It may take awhile before the foster parent realizes that the new child needs to be the only child, or the youngest child, or in a home with no pets, or in a home with no adult males, etc.

    There aren’t enough Native American foster homes. If a child is placed in a non-native home, they will be moved when the tribe has a home available.

    And sometimes, an older child doesn’t like where they are living. They can request to live in a home with no little children, or a home that is of the same religion/no religion.

    When a new sibling is born, the courts want to keep siblings together and may move the foster child to home that can take the new sibling too.

    And yes, behavior. Sometimes a new child will have such big problems that they are a constant danger to other children in the home.

    Nicole posted a few comments that made it seem the youth shelter where her teen boys were placed was not a nice place. Teens are placed in youth shelters if they are considered difficult or a flight risk. They are moved to a less restrictive foster home if there is one available and the teen seems ready to live with less restriction.


  31. Bea answered the question really well. I don’t know that I could add anything she didn’t already say.


  32. Check out today’s posts. Already not reading the whole cop story. Guy was driving on revoked license stroke or not he should not have been driving.

    Also blh instagram shows more chipped floor with a small one going across. Dirty stuff all over the floor.


  33. Also blh instagram shows more chipped floor with a small one going across.

    It’s interesting to me that she doesn’t even seem to notice that the floor is destroyed.


  34. Yes, this jumped out at me too. But she’s taken pictures of perfectly good tools lying around in the mud and goats standing in kitchens before and seemed surprised when people commented on it. Her version of normal is…off.


  35. This family reminds me so much of the Hendersons who also used social media to exploit their “cause”. They were also a mishmash of convenient religions, used conspiracy theories to justify their inaction, and turned every little bit of government intervention into a giant fight. And probably most importantly, they also espoused the chilling belief that children are the property of the parents.
    Eventually they lost parental rights entirely if I recall correctly. It’s scary how the internet can bolster anyone’s nutty cause.


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