Kid Playing Video

Sunday morning bitching.

The video shows a little kid pushing a bike around.

Alright, I decided to. . . I was typing up something and decided I might as well just do a video cause it’s easier, I think, and, um, you can watch [child] play in the woods while I do it.

I wanted to, um, just update on a few things, address a few things.

The, uh, I have been extremely busy with everything I’ve got going on. Um, the business has been super busy. We’ve had other issues, um, the court dates finally have quieted down, thankfully, and um, we, uh, are right now focusing on the move still, so that’s kept us busy. Um, I’m like 19 weeks pregnant, I think, is what it is, and I am completely exhausted, so, um, I’m gonna try to get extra sleep, but that’s been a work. [Calls to child] You got it, [child’s name]? He’s having a hard time with that bike. It doesn’t move the way he wants it to.

But anyways, I wanted to clarify to not only the people supporting us, but the people that are harassing us. I’m not involved in any harassment. If you feel you’re being harassed by me, um, you might want to find out what exactly is going on, because I’m not harassing you. Trust me, I don’t have the time, the energy or the care to worry about what you people are doing, unless it directly affecting me. So, unless you’re in my face, following me around, making accusations against my family that are causing criminal matters, I really don’t care what you’re doing, so I’m not gonna waste my time.

I don’t know if you people are antagonizing each other, so you guys can have these podcasts and have people listening and get in on all the drama, I’m not sure what you’re up to, but I am no part of it.

Um, regarding Mr. Al Wilson, who’s so terribly upset that I keep bringing his name into it – Al, this is directly to you. If you don’t want your name dragged into my life, quit asking people about me. Quit digging into things. I talked to three people this week, three people in the past week or so, that have said that you have inquired with them about their relationship with us. So, if you don’t want to be dragged into it, quit putting yourself in the middle of it and see how that works out.

Second of, uh, I guess third, um, the next-door neighbors at the business are completely fanatical with this whole thing. I clarified in my video that day that I took the video on December 22, the six-second video, I clarified in my response to that day, I clarified in videos later, I never tried to do anything to Vivian. I never, since then, have not done anything to Vivian. She somehow thinks that I have attacked her and done things to her which I have not and there’s no evidence that we have.

[Child yelling]: Mom, look!

[To child] What?

[Child]: Wook at dese waacks.

[To child] Look at these rocks. Are you gonna climb on them?

[Pans to show a pile of broken up concrete]

[Child]: No.

I went over there, we went over there, my husband and I went over there because as Vivian has verified. . .

[Child yelling again, incomprehensible]

[To child] Yeah, that’s a log. You wanna climb on that?

. . .verified that we never had an issue with her, so we saw no problem in walking over to try to explain things to her. She immediately yelled at us, which she verified, when she opened the door, she told us what to do, and it led into an argument, because we were trying to explain ourselves. At that point, we walked off. We were there for maybe a minute. Maybe a minute. We walked off. And then her husband threatens us. Then he’s gone so far as to just last week followed us into our own county to an appointment that we had at the courthouse.

So, I’m not sure how they are trying to turn this around, that we are harassing them. I have nothing to do with them. I’m too busy at my shop to be concerned with what’s going on outside of my shop. I don’t care. I have security cameras in case anybody encroaches upon me. Other than that, I honestly don’t have time to worry about what you people are doing or not doing, so long as it doesn’t involve me.

Lisa and Sally, go back to your lives. Find a new hobby. Do something. But don’t involve yourself in mine to the point that you guys are having emotional breakdowns. It doesn’t make any sense. My children are affected by your actions whether you want to believe it or not. They are. They feel the effects of the stress of people stalking by our homes. They aren’t ignorant. They know that you guys drive by to try and take pictures. They’ve seen the pictures online as much as you want to try to pretend that you’re somehow blocked them from this, they’re not. They’re directly involved. Everything you do affects them. And if you continue this, after we move, there’s gonna be some serious legal consequences, because we are filing lawsuits against you people for this harassment and the stalking. And it’s not legal what you’re doing, I don’t care if you try to excuse it as public figures or whatever it is that you’re trying to do to justify your actions, you need to stop. Because this little boy doesn’t need to have to worry about strange cars driving by his house. He doesn’t have to worry about people trying to make his siblings afraid to walk outside the business, even, when they come to my shop, because yes, it is a family business. I have children and they come to work with me sometimes.

And some. . . like, last Wednesday we were there doing weekly cleaning. The kids help out , we buy them pizza for lunch, we have fun, whatnot. It’s just ridiculous that you people just can’t leave us alone, that you have to actually drive by and take pictures of my kids at my business. That was just the most insane thing.

Um, as far as everything else goes, um, there’s a lot of rumors flying, a lot of false accusations, people are saying, oh, we haven’t done anything, we’re just posting the truth. Posting things like my husband being a child molester. Posting false accusations like, there’s one, um, I got some screen shots, I was going to do it this morning, I was trying to keep it all straight. There was one saying that my husband was accused of beating his mom and his brother. That is not even anywheres remotely true and, um, I’m not even sure where that came from, but, um, I suppose I’ll have to remedy those gossips later.

Um, there’s other accusations of criminal activity and just bullying, and people like just, oh, your neighbors, you had problems with your neighbors for years. We haven’t and it’s things like that that just escalate into people justifying intimidating my family and it’s really just, it’s exhausting, but, um, I try not to focus on it but this morning, I was just reading over some things that were sent to me and I felt I had to address that in addition to some of the activities that have been happening around my, my family and home this past week.

Um, I don’t know when these people will stop. I’m not even sure what their goal is at this point. I think they’re just amusing themselves with the bullying and they somehow feed off of it in some sick, twisted way. Um, that’s fine if they wanna get online and have these podcasts and whatnot. Have at it, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s fine, you guys. If that’s what you choose to do with yourselves, but, um, just leave the direct activities to my family out of it. Um, if you guys want to sit and talk about me twenty-four seven, which it seems that you’ve actually been doing, um, just don’t drive by my houses, don’t drive by my business, don’t take pictures of my kids, don’t contact my clients, don’t try to destroy my home or my business and we’ll be all right. Keep to yourself.

And, um, we will be updating like I said, um, we talked about doing an auction, I don’t think we’re going to do that this time. Um, we just haven’t had time to focus on it, we’ve had too many other things going on and the children want to kind of work on projects in a different manner, they’ve, they’ve changed their minds. Um, sadly, part of it has to do with the attacks that were done against, um, my family, including my daughter and the, um, the threats of copyright stuff. My daughter’s kind of upset about that because some of her stuff is copied, but she wasn’t selling it. Some of her stuff is original and now she doesn’t really want to do anything so, thank you to the trolls for intimidating my daughter from doing artwork sales. [Laughs] It’s just completely disgusting, but, um, anyways, we’ll get past that.

We’ll end with [child].

The rest of the video is just the kid.

Emotional breakdown?  Bless your heart, Nicole.

Here’s the deal.  You threatened to sue me. You’ve done this several times. But then you list my offenses and I’ve never done any of them.

First, you cannot be seriously considering suing me because I rode (I wasn’t driving, nor was I drinking) down a public road. I did that twice (once when you weren’t even there, and you wouldn’t have known the difference had I not told you about it and the other time when your lardass husband walked in front our vehicle and stopped us).

Second, for the eleventy-jillionth time, I never have photographed you, your shitty land, your shitty garden shed, or your shitty children.  Never.

Third, I have never been near your shitty business. I would have to use Google Maps to even find it, if I wanted to, which I don’t. But it, too, is located on a public road. I have a perfect right to go there if I want to.

Fourth, I have no idea who your clients might be, and have no interest in talking with them, ever.

Fifth, I have expressly and repeatedly stopped people from making comments about your shitty business, about any guesses as to its success or failure or about your ability to wash dog butts.

You complain that somebody (not me) repeated a rumor that Joe beat up his mother and brother when he was a teenager. You complain that somebody (not me)  called Joe a child molester when he was actually accused of exactly that by his oldest son.  You really have a lot of nerve, Nicole.  Do you really want to meet me in court when I produce this?

This whole little video reminds me a lot of Sean Spicer doing a press conference. Or Kellyanne Conway doing one of her “news” interviews.

The bit about Al. Al did not talk with several people in the last week and ask them about the Nauglers.  He simply didn’t. Maybe in the last 18 months.

The stuff about Vivian. If there was ever a sanitized, disinfected version of what happened at Viv’s shop, that was it. But we’ll let the court decide.

And I will repeat what I’ve said forever. Nicole, your children have no access to what’s online unless you point it out to them. You were, in fact, proposing to offer  your daughter’s traced drawings for sale. You back-pedaled furiously when you realized it was copied, but that’s what you were doing.  And I want to point out that you’re extremely fixated on copyright issues, but then get all bent when it’s pointed back at you.

But anyway, thanks for giving me a statement that everything online is fine.  I already knew that, but still, it’s nice to have it in your own voice.



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  1. Uhh, they have 2 hearings in two separate courthouses in two separate counties in the next two weeks.

    If anything, the legal issues are mounting, not minimized in any way.


  2. Sally on my end there are two sentences written in red and underlined. One takes you to your confession blog about the love letters, and then the sentence right after that is in red and underlined. I click on the second sentence and it tells me that I have to log in with word press to view it.


  3. Wow, her video now has a scenic view. She must not have brushed her hair this morning and she didn’t want anyone to notice.


  4. How would a two year old be afraid of people driving past his house?

    Why would he be afraid of people (gasp, oh the horror) taking pictures of them and posting them online?

    Doesn’t Nicole realize that anyone with a brain cells sees that Nicole and Joe are the ones damaging their children intentionally for drama?

    Do the Naugler parents also include the two year old in discussions of how they will pay the land payment or afford food? Cause he needs to be worrying about that, he is two now ya know.


  5. Geez, couldn’t she have pointed that camera somewhere else other than her half assed rock pile?


  6. Sally on my end there are two sentences written in red and underlined. One takes you to your confession blog about the love letters, and then the sentence right after that is in red and underlined. I click on the second sentence and it tells me that I have to log in with word press to view it.

    Oh, the LINKS. Gotcha. Error on my part. It’s now fixed. Sorry, I totally misunderstood.


  7. Nicole, As I stated before, there was no reason for you to walk over to Viv’s shop and explain. She asked you to mind your business. Failing that, there was definitely no reason for Joe to go over to the shop with you. The video was posted by you and the conversation on Facebook was between you and Viv. You needed to work this out with Viv on your own.
    As far as clarifying, all I read were justifications by you to post the video. Your posts were all about your problems which were never Viv’s problems.

    I see Sally already addressed many of my other thoughts to include lumping Lisa and Sally into ‘they’ and ‘you people’. When making posts or videos, you need to provide clarification on ‘they’ and ‘you people’ and ensure that you don’t include specific people who are not part of ‘they’ and ‘you people’.


  8. I made time to listen to Naugler Nation. Bravo! I must get a nap for the next one & break out the Redds Apple Ale! I didn’t know where to put this, I know NN would block me if I use Facebook.
    Nicole, your house is on a public road, your business is too. When you buy me a car, pay my insurance & gas you can tell me where I can drive. Until then, stop being a bully.


  9. She is already using the woe is me I am pregnant card. Well fuck off Nicole, you got yourself knocked with your 12th baby you stupid cow. Suck it up. How I wish that wretch was not bringing another baby into the horror story that is the Naugler shit stead.


  10. Except for the beginning and end with the adorable little boy, this video could be called ‘ Nicole Explains Things to a Poor Helpless Cinder Block. ‘



  11. I listened to the podcast from this morning that talked about this video and more. The child that did the drawing is over the age of 13 and has her own FB page/account. I would, given how social media is, assume that any child 13 or over has access to FB, internet, and sees everything. Remember the min age requirement for FB is 13.


  12. I about died when Nicole asked the little fella if he was going to climb on the rocks. That is a demo pile, not a fucking playground. SMDH. She has zero sense. Zero. And the bike doesn’t work the way he wants, because it’s broken. The back wheel wasn’t turning.
    I actually laughed when she got to complaining about Eric going to the Breckinridge courthouse. Nicole, the court room is a public place. Public. That means anyone can go. And Eric is smart to go, because it’s a good idea for him to know what bullshit you two are up too.
    You lied and lied and lied throughout this video. It would appear your “supporters” are starting to understand this. Few pitiful comments.
    So the auction isn’t happening? What a surprise. There was never going to be any auction. You were hoping that by posting a need to have an auction, some sucker would start a GoFundMe for you again. That train has left the station.


  13. “Then he’s gone so far as to just last week followed us into our own county to an appointment that we had at the courthouse.”

    Wait, do people need the N’s permission to even enter Breck County now? Stop, you’re hurting me!!!


  14. Nicole said, “Posting false accusations like, there’s one… There was one saying that my husband was accused of beating his mom and his brother.”

    I know that Nicole’s reading comprehension is extremely poor but there’s just no excuse for this remark. Saying there was a rumor that Joe was accused of beating his mom and his brother is absolutely not the same thing as saying Joe beat his mom and brother. You are some kind of stupid. How you can get away with #unschooling is beyond me, you’re not smart enough to do #anykindofschooling your kids.

    Then Sally wrote, “You were, in fact, proposing to offer  your daughter’s traced drawings for sale. You back-pedaled furiously when you realized it was copied.”

    I rarely disagree with you, Sally, but I think you’re wrong. I believe Nicole back-pedaled ONLY when she got caught because she *knew* the tracings were just that, traced images. She knew it but given the level of the deceit her humpers allow her to get away with, either because they feel sorry for her and her kids, OR, like her, they’re not too bright, either, she thought she could get away with it. It backfired, Nicole, because your “trolls” aren’t stupid like your leg-humpers. If you bothered to get your child real art instruction to learn method and technique, to learn the proper tools to use, to purchase actual art supplies so she could develop her fledgling talent, this would never have happened. If you weren’t trying to pimp her “art” out for money, this would never have happened. Don’t blame the “trolls”, this is entirely your fault. YOURS and JOE’S. Yours alone.

    We will continue to call you out on your scams, schemes and appeals for money, with “thousands” of followers, “if each of you would just send $1, it would help so much!” From those “thousands” of people who actually work for the money you are begging them to give you. You, with a husband who is too fucking lazy to hit anything other than your floppy va-jay-jay, asking other people to give you their hard-earned money. You disgust me.


  15. I would, given how social media is, assume that any child 13 or over has access to FB, internet, and sees everything.

    And your point is? What difference does that make? I don’t “see everything” on Facebook just because I am on Facebook. Furthermore, it’s one thing to have a FB page. It’s another thing to have access to a device that connects to the internet along with the WiFi or data package so you can do that.

    Exactly how much time do you suppose the Naugler children have online daily?


  16. followed us into our own county

    She makes it sound like Eric was following their van to the courthouse. He wasn’t, of course.


  17. I rarely disagree with you, Sally, but I think you’re wrong. I believe Nicole back-pedaled ONLY when she got caught because she *knew* the tracings were just that, traced images.

    That may be. I have no way of knowing if she knew it from the start or if she was informed of it by other people.


  18. No auction? Donations must be rolling in again. Wasn’t that the point of the fake auction announcement?



  19. Viv has a wonderful shop. It is neat and clean. Her offerings are reasonably priced and very unique. I went to her shop last week with my other half and shopped to my hearts content. She is more than a shop keeper. She is friendly and kind. I loved my time there and intend to come back as a regular customer. The only really weird thing that happened was when the Naugler van drove right past her shop door and window pausing as a rather large, plump and hairy man held up a phone as if he were recording us as we stood inside having a nice conversation with Viv and Eric. We had been talking about many cool things, none of which included the Nauglers and then boom…there they were. We al noticed it and my husband went to the door. Then we all laughed at them.


  20. I’m sure Nichole and Joe thought the mere mention of an auction for the children’s art work would get the donations flowing. Imagine the frustration of getting nothing except a few “good luck”s and questions about when they are moving. About that supposed move: are they or aren’t they? If the only hold up is gas money, surely the patriarch could get off his substantial duff and work for a few days to get that needed money. He has had jobs before, and no one should be too proud to work for minimum wage, especially for the good of your family. To put the entire burden of earning an income on your pregnant wife is not right. I think her dwindling supporters realize Joe isn’t pulling his weight, but don’t say anything, knowing that’s a touchy subject.


  21. “Then he’s gone so far as to just last week followed us into our own county to an appointment that we had at the courthouse.”

    An ‘appointment’? Are you fucking kidding me? An appointment like they were going to see someone to prepare their taxes, maybe? Or to be at the bank to apply for a home loan? Maybe to have professional photos taken? But no, it was an appointment at the courthouse. At the courthouse?

    Tell the truth, Nicole, ***Joe was in court AGAIN*** and you had to have your ass there, too because you don’t trust him to do it right! (BTW, doing it right would be to not have to be there at all but neither of you know how to do that, do you? Like maybe staying out of trouble, maybe?)

    The only *appointment* you had was in COURT.

    *Sally, I did sound arrogant, didn’t I? Sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just thinking about my own kids. They went to public school while I worked a fulltime job but I still knew what they could and couldn’t do, did and didn’t do. I just assumed that Nicole ALSO knew what her kids who didn’t attend any school of any kind could and couldn’t do. Especially jammed 11-12 deep in a 14′ x 20′ garden shed. My apologies.


  22. Hey Nic,
    If you want the trolls to leave you and your kids alone, shut up and stop giving them things to talk about.
    You won’t do that though will you? It’s like a drug for you. If you don’t have attention, good or bad, you get jittery. Keep working on that really controversial stuff. It gets the biggest reactions.


  23. Jeez, I’m sorry you and Lisa are having emotional breakdowns. *cough* Projection, much, Nicole? *cough* Anyway, what I’m wondering is, where is Jacob and Faith’s cabin-shed? Is it gone with them or is it still being used by the family? Just curious. The rest of her recording is absolute bullshit, blather, warning, blather, blah. I don’t care. I just want to see what happens after ALL off the court dates she says has “quieted down”.


  24. Who know exactly how much time or how much access the kids have daily … but I assume they, like my children when I share things about them, check it out when they get a chance. Much of the comments were on BHL page. It also wouldn’t take much to find other things. A simple Google search or even FB search of their last name pulls things up.

    The only point was that I assume any child over the age of 13 will have access to FB and can see things directly for themselves without mom having to tell them anything.


  25. Why am I not shocked the little ones know enough about their “issues” to be afraid? Now, my 4-year-old isn’t kept completely out of the loop on family business, but it’s kept to the bare minimum. For instance, he knows about my health issues. He has a basic idea of what is wrong with me and how my medicines and treatments work. He has just enough knowledge to help him understand, but not enough to scare him. He also understands that since daddy has to miss a few days of work, he won’t be getting/having any expensive toys or outings this month.

    My oldest son is much more in the know simply because he will sluth around until he gets the full picture. He’s also shown he can bring good ideas to the table when we’re figuring stuff out. He really helped come up with some good stuff for my post-op plan.

    Nicole needs to realize that whenever you post something online, you WILL be judged. If you want to go viral, it’s not all GFMs and sunshine. I got a bunch of negative comments on my FB this morning after my younger boys left saying that I was officially off duty. Then I got even more flack when my oldest son talked about this week being a trial run to see how well he can take care of himself with minimal parental involvement. Basically, this just means I’m not going to nag him about doing his chores and eatting right and see how he does without being reminded. He’s not being left home alone or anything crazy. But the way people reacted, it seemed like I’m ditching my oldest son all alone and running off to Disney World. That’s the reaction to someone not posting pictures of child neglect and not posting about my family’s legal trouble. Is she really shocked people aren’t all sunshine and roses to her?

    Sorry if this post is a mess. I’m very medicated at the moment and I’m sure I’ll cringe when I re-read this post in the morning. Just under 30 hours until the problem organ gets evicted!


  26. Who know exactly how much time or how much access the kids have daily

    Take a wild guess. There are several children who are old enough to want access. Nicole and Joe are glued to their phones, so the kids don’t get much access to them. They have one Kindle Fire which they share when/if they have WiFi or tether to a phone. Nicole seems to have another tablet, so perhaps they get to use it. They have no internet access at the Shitstead without tethering to a phone. They may or may not have WiFi at the shop.

    I suspect that the majority of those kids’ FB accounts weren’t even started by the kids at all, but are done by Nicole in order to use them as backups for when she gets put in timeout.

    And IF the child were to do a Google search of her last name, she would find so much stuff it would take her a month to read it all. What she cannot do, because I am fanatical about it, is search for her whole name and find this blog.

    So, you’re implying that she could go online for her allotted five minutes (or hour) and do a Google search of her last name, find this blog and BAM, hit right on the page written about her drawings? I think the odds of that happening without her mother giving her a heads up are pretty much abysmal. And in this case, I assume that the child was told about the whole thing by her mother.


  27. No, I’m only speaking in regards to finding what people had to say about her pictures. That could have been done within 5 minutes and limited access. Even if the comments are not directly on the BLH page all she has to do is follow the shares …. it really wouldn’t take much to find it. She truly good have seen, the potential is there, what people were saying about her pictures without mom telling her. Look at BLH page, follow shares, etc.

    I mention the Google search and FB search because it can be done. I know you have not used her or any of the kids names … well the oldest you have now … but all the rest you have not. Which is a good thing and I’m glad you haven’t. It will help theme in the future with job hunting, employment.

    After all its becoming a common practice for potential employers to google/FB search people. So leaving the kids names out of it is good. It will help them in the long run.

    Anyway my main point was to critique how it’s possible and the potential is there, given the child’s age, that she saw exactly what people were saying about art without mommy telling her. That everything is either right there on the BLH page or by simply following the share links.

    Do I think it harmed the child like Nicole said. Doubtful. Maybe some pride. Maybe some shocked that people were quick to point out that it was a traced and copied item.

    IF the child has hesitation about selling her art work that’s a good thing. That means she has a conscience and at least, despite her parents, a good moral and ethical compass. At least for now. She should be sure that any and all work she wants to sell is a true original and not some copy of someone else’s work.

    Like I said the main point is the child has the potential to see with her own eyes what others were saying about her art work. She would just have to look at the BLH page and if not on the page itself just follow the share link. Very easy.

    I would assume any child 13 or older would have access to do that … even with limited access. All they have to do is look on their parents pages read there and follow the share links.


  28. Also, the assumption is that the only ones with phones are the Mr. and Mrs. It’s clear from watching their live Q and A that the oldest has his own access separate from the parents. I can only HOPE that as much time as the Mr. and Mrs spend together at the shop and all the children are home alone that they, at least one of them, have a phone for ER situations. And even if that’s not the artist’s phone — maybe one of the other siblings has it — that potential is there.

    I know everything as a cost, but phone plans — can be cheap — even with data, texting, etc. I don’t pretend to know what the Naugler spend on phones, but I know several providers have plans that have unlimited everything for 4 to 5 phones for $100 a month.


  29. Chicken shit
    Nicole seems to remind us often about the chickens/roosters. I spent my childhood on a farm and I learned to garden. I remember having animals but they were tended by my dad. As an adult I seem to ask more questions about animals. Chickens I have been told will eat anything. They are actually good for cow farmers because they spread shit & like to dig in it. Given the number of white buckets on that place, does anyone feel like the chickens have more of a purpose? Roosters aren’t fit for much, they lay no eggs and aren’t frying hens. I guess she could kill them for dumplings but it would be up to the children to spread the shit.


  30. I would assume any child 13 or older would have access to do that … even with limited access. All they have to do is look on their parents pages read there and follow the share links

    And the assumption has to be made that the child involved is so interested in what people are saying on her mom’s page and what her mom is posting that BLH is her
    go to” site with her limited access. Why would that be? Why wouldn’t she be doing teenage things on FB and the internet instead of scrutinizing her mom’s boring page?

    Her mother informed her that the “trolls” had said evil nasty things about her beautiful drawings. I know she did. You know she did. Joe and Nicole blame the “trolls” for everything and they do so in front of their children, endlessly.


  31. The Nauglers have an old account with Bluegrass (somebody correct me if I’m getting this wrong), grandfathered into an unlimited data plan.

    Dave and I have smartphones. In fact, mine just died and I had to take the plunge and get a brandy new phone. I’m frugal, putting it mildly, and I looked all over and never saw anything resembling “unlimited everything” for $100/month for multiple phones. Oh, I know you can find ads touting it, but when you look into it, it’s not what it seems. And “unlimited data” doesn’t mean unlimited. Over a certain usage, you get throttled. We used to have satellite internet and spent most of our life throttled. It’s like having dialup. Do you think for one single second that Nicole Naugler is gonna have a plan where she allows her kids to use up her data and she ends up throttled for half the month? This woman eats data like my cow eats alfalfa hay. Remember, this is the daughter who spent all her money on a horse.

    But I’m tired of arguing this point.

    If you want to believe that the daughter has her very own cell phone with unlimited data and spends half her life on it, diligently reading everything nasty said about her family, then that is, of course, your right. I don’t.


  32. So she is outside with her child/children, and one of them keeps calling to her, trying to engage her. Nicole responds but only in simple sentences but very little other engagement. She needs to make this video because they are so public and their public needs to be updated. The kids are unschooled and, it seems, un-parented. Let them play on broken concrete blocks, let them yell Mommy look, let them learn to ride their bikes…I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I need to convince those folks who are making me look bad to sort of you know do a truce. I’ll be happy; you be happy. I am not coming after you; now can you stop coming after me. Poor NicNaug doesn’t realize that convincing her admiring public that she is a good parent shouldn’t be done while choosing to post on FB a recording made while she ignores her children. Also, if she were really serious about not flaming the fire, would she have descended back into naming names and denying already proven claims…hell to the no.

    Yesterday, my granddaughter and I were working some very seasoned cow manure into the freshly plowed ground that will be our garden. I must admit, I did plant some onions and garlic. But during the garden work, we talked and talked and when my daughter joined us and we began talking, my granddaughter needed to make sure we were still including her so she would say, look at this fat worm…or can I give the chickens some bread…we had a picnic in our back yard. Good parenting will always put the child’s validation first…put down your phone and look at your child for more than a second. Holy batshitcrazy woman.


  33. I get excited when my neighbors daughter flies here for a visit. I share all I can so she enjoys her time with family. I share meals, my strawberry bed & WiFi. I gave her the password 2 years ago. Is it possible NN could share WiFi at the shop with someone else? I use my smart phone on my own WiFi and AT&T tried to bill me for it. According to them, I went over my data. After some conversations I was credited for the overage.


  34. I truly doubt the teenage daughter would go searching for negative things being said about her family online. I am certain Nicole rants and moans about it enough. Teenage girls don’t go looking for crap like that online. They look at memes, look up funny videos, chat with their friends and I am sure in her case she is looking up horse stuff.

    Of course this is all just my humble opinion which is backed up by my house full of teenagers.


  35. I wasn’t quite sure where to post this and I am way behind in reading all the comments. Today or maybe yesterday Nicole was bitching about people harassing her son at his job. I am so confused. Who is harassing her son at his job, I thought he was no longer there, did he get a new job and was there a call sent out to harass him or is this all part of her imagination?


  36. is this all part of her imagination?

    Completely her imagination, as far as I know. I know of no one “harassing” anyone at their job, and certainly not bothering Jacob.


  37. So far I know of she can’t get Internet access from any of the businesses there. There is no available WiFi that pops up on my cell phone. If it does they are locked and a password is needed.


  38. Personally, I think Nicole does all of the awful stuff she spends so much time accusing Al, Sally, Lisa, Viv and Eric of. But that’s not good for online grifting so she says everyone else does this garbage. Joe stalks, Joe drives by peoples’ residences and businesses, heck he even parks in those places to intimidate. Nicole and Joe go on online rampages cyberstalking people with obituaries and commentary of dead relatives. Joe is the one who gets into it with other people threatening to kick their biblical donkeys. Nicole and mostly Joe like to call women degrading names. They both like to throw their weight around if given any chance. Nicole likes to make up idiotic and worthless rules about who can drive on public roads and go to court houses. Nicole is the one who likes to shove cameras in peoples’ faces. These are things done by the Nauglers, not to the Nauglers. It takes some nerve to go do this junk to people and then turn around and accuse one’s victims of doing it.


  39. My children do their own thing on FB and social media. I am sure they have more access then others, simply because we are “on grid” and they have devices that have access to our WiFi. I being a good parent known mostly what they are up to and what they do.

    I happen to blog and write about my kids and have shared their activities. My children often will check out my pages … just because they want to see what people are saying about them or their activities.

    It is not unreasonable to assume nor is it unusual for a teen as young 13 to be checking out her mom’s pages to see what people are saying about her.

    Its safe to bet that the teen, the artist is clearly a teen, knew her mom posted images of her art work. It’s safe to assume the teen, would do what any other normal teen would do … check out what people had to say about her or her art work. She would do that by going to mom’s page. From there she would see the comments and can follow the shares.

    It’s normal for teens to check out what people are saying about them or things they did when it’s shared.


  40. And I’m not saying the daughter is reading very nasty comment about her family. I’m saying it’s not unreasonable to believe the teen could have read and saw the comments about her images all on her own without mom’s help or input.

    Mom share said images. Daughter is aware and decides to check out what people had to say about the images. All the daughter would have to do is scroll mom’s page for the images. Read the comments there and from their follow the shares of those images. It doesn’t take much.

    A normal teen is not going to care much about what has to say, but they sure in heck are going to care what others are going to have to say about their work, etc.

    As I said I happen to write and share about my kids. Majority of the time my kids do not care and do spend their time doing other things, but they do time to time will tell me what they read on my page because they want to see what others had to say about THEM. This is especially true when I share something particular about my teen has done.


  41. I asked my teenage daughter about the whole horse tracing picture. I’ll start by saying most of my kids are far more private about their lives. I shared more when they were younger but now I only post pictures or say things about them with their permission. So that’s where my daughter is coming from. She said she would be mortified if I shared a tracing she did, especially if I didn’t include a disclaimer that it was a copy of someone else’s work. My children do draw. They have sketch books that they regularly draw in as part of our homeschooling. Sketching is good for hand eye coordination and it’s a great way to relax. They are not artists though, they are just kids who craft from time to time. I do have a few pieces up on the walls and some sculptures on the mantel. I don’t believe I’ve ever shared anything they’ve drawn with anyone other than the teacher who reviews their school work annually.

    And yes my kids check out and comment on my Facebook page which is why I wouldn’t want them to ever be humiliated by what is on there. We banter back and forth on our pages. It’s all good fun. I have an older son who posts crap on Facebook that often makes me shake my head. His friends regularly tag me. But we keep private shit private. I guess I’m just old fashion that way.


  42. I had a lot to say about Nicole’s video but Sally’s comments in the “Walk of Shame” podcast echo a lot of my sentiments. I do disagree with Sally’s opinion about the level of Joe’s influence in the family dynamic – I think the Naugler Family “philosophy” (yes, that’s not the most precise word but I lack a better one at the moment) orignates with Joe, not Nicole. I have my weird reasons why but I’ll save that topic for another day.

    But I had the same reaction as Sally regarding all the stuff about the auction and Nicole’s misleading post about her daughter’s horse drawings and this subsequent attempt to claim the “trolls” have somehow shamed her daughter out of selling her artwork – Yes, that one doesn’t even make it out of the gate, and Nicole’s more general claim that her kids are living in fear is negated over and over again by her own posts. Check out this one for one of the latest examples:

    Yes, it’s ghosts, not trolls, that are feared, and I can’t argue with the boy’s logic, since the odds of seeing a ghost versus those of seeing a troll wandering the BLH woods are exactly the same.

    I am sure whatever the kids know about their parents’ interactions with the online world is exactly what their parents want them to see and make sure they see.

    I do wonder how Nicole and Joe spin all their in-person interactions that their children are witnessing. I hope against hope that the “you’re being kidnapped” lecture isn’t a typical example.

    In fact, there’s about another thousand words I could type about how I wonder what kind of trust is possible between any two Nauglers with the track record of spinning, weaseling, and flat-out lying modeled by Nicole and Joe. Nothing holds water….[insert lack of running water joke here]. But seriously, how does one know what to believe when your parents, who are also your teachers, and also your only role models, are such constant pants-on-fire lying liars?

    And in the Petty-Nanny-State department: What the hell, Nicole? Did you really just let your kid put his entire face into a dark tree stump twice after said kid reported there was a snake in it? Hang up and parent! /end Petty Nanny-State rant.


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