This is actually sort of silly, but I don’t feel very well (I am recovering from Cruise Crud quite nicely, but it’s slow), and it made me laugh.


The phrase “bunch of loons” refers to anyone who is critical of Nicole’s fabulous lifestyle.  One of “us” is equivalent to Israel Keyes.

And who was Israel Keyes?  In case you don’t remember, or barely remember:

Israel Keyes
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Israel Keyes was a pretty notorious serial killer who committed suicide in prison.

So “Charles” is saying that “he” thinks that Nicole’s critics are harboring a serial killer. We’re losing our “souls.”  (Sorry, Charlie, but I’m an atheist. We don’t have souls the first place.)

“Charles,” however, didn’t really think through “his” analogy.


An afterthought:

“Charles” is sort of fixated on serial killers.  “He” likes this sort of thing:




8 thoughts on “Keyes”

  1. I, sheltered human that I am, didn’t know who Keyes was. So I googled it (don’t cha’ love it when a noun becomes a verb). A simple Google search, Charles, one simple Google search.

    Poor Charles, wrong analogy is right, Sally. But when you think of Joe and Nicole, he just might be the “brains” of the Homeshed debacle.


  2. Interesting. ‘Charles’ seems to have caught the *never fully read the info* that he and the Mrs. post. Is there a vaccination for that? Was Keyes circumcised without his permission and that turned him into a questionable human being? Does the crazy brother k know about him? So many questions — that will never be answered. Ah, well, wonder how the poop clean up is going? Another question. So much D grade entertainment. Step it up naugies!


  3. They are enamored with the concept of serial killers. It has been an ongoing theme among the self proclaimed Blessed Ones. As well as, lots of photos of the children shooting guns.

    The adults are bullies, they think that all this is ever so clever, instead of just looking pathetic as they do, IMHO.

    It does trouble me that they pimp the kids out in their attempts to bully, but I have faith that the children are smart enough not to be pawns and shields for their parents crazed ideology in real life.


  4. Our local newspaper has an announcement of “Poolapalooza”, the grand opening of the city’s public swimming pools this weekend.

    Of course, I initially read it as “Poopapalooza”, and thought it was a disrespectful article about you-know-who’s current issues. Not so…but that festive title does have a certain resonance. As well as relevance.


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